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Beyond - Legends The Rise of The Republic: Shards of the Empire

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by The_Nerf_Herder, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. The_Nerf_Herder

    The_Nerf_Herder Jedi Youngling

    Sep 8, 2012
    Hey here is a new fan fiction from me!!!!

    Author: Me!!!
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/Rommance
    Timeline: 2 Years After ROTJ
    Storyline: The Imperial Remnant Alliance has been on the run from the Galactic Alliance for the past two years. They have avoided all military conflict with the GA and completely desserted the objective to destroy the new form of democracy that the GA instated into the Galaxy. But when an un-expected attack on Admiral Ackbar's fleet causes suspiscion within the GA negotiations are set and an adventure begins!!!!
  2. The_Nerf_Herder

    The_Nerf_Herder Jedi Youngling

    Sep 8, 2012

    The doors slid open and Luke Skywalker stepped into the briefing room of the Galactic Alliance Headquarters on Coruscant. The headquarters was the old Republic Senate Building. The briefing room had no viewports. The walls were made of cold steel. The floor was covered in an expensive Corellian rug. And there was a circular table lined with high backed chairs. And in the center of the table there was a hologram device built in.

    Luke searched the faces of the room, attempting to prevent his groggy eyes from closing. He saw Chief of State Mon Mothma, her red hair kept in a short manner. Her chief advisor Cal Omas, hair slightly greying from the last time Luke saw the man. Admiral Wedge Antilles, the man had a smirk on his face at first sight of Skywalker. And his brother in-law General Han Solo, who looked quite irritated by the calling of this meeting. Han was never one was conferences; he just wanted to bust in and take action right away.

    “It is grand that you could join us General Skywalker, welcome.”

    Luke nodded toward Mon after her greeting. He took that as a request to take a seat and he didn’t hesitate to do so. He moved further into the briefing room and the doors slid shut behind him. Luke found a seat in one of the cushioned chairs next to Han. The former smuggler turned General glanced at his brother in-law.

    “Looking tired there kid.”

    Han smirked and spoke in a hushed tone. Luke smiled at Han calling him kid. He had done that to Luke ever since they met on Tatooine that fateful day. The adventures the two had together truly brought them close together, and neither of them were afraid to admit they loved each other likes brothers.

    “Don’t remind me. Did I miss anything?” Luke replied.

    “Not yet.” Han answered.

    Mon Mothma cleared her throat regaining the attention of everyone in the room, and cutting Han and Luke off from continuing their conversation. Mon seemed slightly bothered, and she hardly ever seemed like that. That meant only one thing to Luke, something was wrong and that was never a good sign.

    “Thank you all for coming here at this early, early hour.” Mon paused as she nodded toward everyone in the room. “I have called you here due to a very pressing matter. We are all aware of the Imperial Remnant Alliance; they have never proven to be a threat. And we have had them on the run since the death of the Emperor. But things have changed I’m afraid.”

    Mon was correct, the IRA were hardly a threat. They were what were left of the Empire. And ever since The Death Star was destroyed the IRA had proven to be scared. They avoided all military conflict with the GA and were on the brink of being destroyed. But if something has changed, then that meant the IRA were growing stronger.

    “We received word earlier that the IRA had attacked Admiral Ackbar’s fleet in the Chommell sector. They nearly destroyed the whole fleet, we lost many lives, and Admiral Ackbar is in critical condition on Naboo.”

    Luke’s eyes widen and he saw everyone else look shocked also. This attack was unexpected and quite devastating. Admiral Ackbar and his fleet were some of the best warriors in the GA. The pilots they had were very skilled and promising. And to know that the Admiral was severely injured was angering, but Luke pushed the thoughts of hate away. Knowing hate led to a dark path.

    “That is awful!” Wedge exclaimed. “We need to get the Admiral transported here to Coruscant, he deserves top notch care!”

    Mon Mothma went to speak but Cal Omas interjected himself into the conversation. “My office is working on that as we speak. We hope to have the Admiral here in a few days where the best specialist well handles his case.”

    “I know the news of the Admiral’s condition is quite disturbing, however we must deal with this situation properly and efficiently.” Mothma took charge again.

    Han got an excited look on his face. “Then let us deal with it properly and efficient! Let’s send in all of our fleets to wherever the hell the IRA is and thoroughly kick their!”

    “General!” Mothma slammed her fist against the table. “Control your outburst or I shall have you escorted out. Now you are thinking irrationally. Sending in all of our fleets would be foolish and reckless. It would only result in the loss of more lives!”

    “She’s right Han. I think the best route is to send in an ambassador of some kind. Get in contact with Admiral Pellaeon of the IRA. Try and civilly discuss the matter.”

    Luke listened to Wedge’s remark and liked the idea. It would be wise to speak with Pellaeon who was the Supreme Commander of the IRA forces. But after Antilles had made his comment Cal and Mon began to quietly whisper to each other.

    “Care to enlighten us on what you are speaking about?” Luke questioned.

    “My apologies.” Mon said. “We can confirm that Admiral Pellaeon is no longer the in charge of the IRA.”

    “What?” Wedge asked loudly, surprise filling his eyes.

    “If I may madam.” Cal said to Mothma, the Chief of Staff nodded to Omas and allowed him to take the floor. “My office has received intelligence that Gilad Pellaeon is no longer commanding the IRA forces.”

    “Then who is?” Han asked, this time he was speaking respectfully.

    Cal reached into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a small remote device. He pressed a button on it and from the hologram device in the table an image appeared of a human man. He had trimmed black hair and brown eyes. His face was thin and his features pinched. He looks very arrogant and cocky.

    “This is Cane Carrde, the new Supreme Commander of the IRA. Gilad Pellaeon stepped down for unknown reasons.”

    Cane Carrde? The name resonated in Luke’s thoughts and it sounded familiar but he didn’t know the man. In fact from the looks on the others faces, no one knew who this Cane Carrde was.

    “I have never heard of him ever in my life!” Wedge exclaimed.

    “Exactly what we thought, I’m afraid we have no information on him. No birth records, medical records, nothing. We’re not even sure he was a part of the Empire before the Death Star was destroyed.” Cal stated.

    “Then let us learn more about him! If someone is going to go and be a beacon of negotiation it should be me.” Luke said proudly.

    "And if you go I’m going with you kid!” Han patted Luke on the back.

    “Very well I will contact the IRA and set up the meeting. If this Cane accepts, then Luke and Han will meet with him and hopefully settle our disputes. Or at least figure out where this conflict is headed.” And with that statement Mon Mothma had adjourned the meeting.

    Han glanced at his brother in-law with a smirk. “Here we go again kid!”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Like this timeframe - very much. ;) Love also Han and Luke being in the middle of things. :) Tag please when you update.

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    Jun 12, 2002
    I wholeheatedly agree with jade, love this post rotj remnant conflict and want more :D
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    Feb 24, 2007
    I like the time frame too and I love the friendship between Luke and Han! This is a wonderful start you have here- I can't wait to see where you take it. Please tag me when you update too! :)
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