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Library The Road to Episode XI: The Hidden Temple

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Sinrebirth , Sep 2, 2021.

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    The New Cast

    Ahsoka Tano
    played by @Corellian_Outrider
    Asteria Magnus played by @TheSilentInfluence
    Eeth Sazen played by @CosmoHender
    Jesse Durronplayed by@Adalia-Durron
    Julee Rouser played by @JediMasterAnne
    Natasi Daalaplayed by@Lady Belligerent
    Remus played by @darthbernael
    Sorah Nordany played by @Narancia
    Talon played by CosmoHender
    Tiberius Covax played by @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    Tiberionel 'Tiber' Ordwgal played by darthbernael
    William Aima played by @Shadowsun
    Zara 'Z' Ordwgal played by Adalia-Durron
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    Name: Sorah Nordany
    Age: 79
    Personal Effects:

    Laser eye- (limited energy)
    Computerized brain
    Sensory eye
    Personal Ship:


    The exact genetic makeup of Sorah Nordany is a bit of a conundrum. All that is known for sure is that the most dominant genes that flow through her blood are Chiss, but her mutations remain unexplained.

    As there are no known Chiss with red hairs and yellow eyes, it is suspected that she may be of Anzat ancestry. If true, it is unknown by how many generations; some historians claim that she might have been the spawn of Volfe Karkko when he was freed from his stasis on Kiffex by Aalya Secura.

    The abductions of denizens support this during his consolidation of power, one of which is known to have been a female Chiss merchant. However, it is unknown how she might've survived during this encounter as afterward; the Galatic census records her as being deceased despite a lack of a corpse ever being found.

    Once Sorah was born in 29 BBY, she was sold to the custody of the Seyugi Dervishes, a force-based organization specializing in assassination for monetary gain. Once Sorah was taken into this group, the elders found that she had immense potential and could be one of the best assassins this organization ever had.

    As a result, the elders augmented her with sensory robotics and a laser eye along with extraordinarily harsher tasks than they would give to their other recruits, as few as they may be.

    Sorah continued on this path of murder and greed for a very long time as it was the only thing she's ever known. However, as time went on, the organization was eventually discovered and contacted by the First Order.

    After lengthy discussions, the Seyugi Dervishes were sent along with the Knights of Ren to find and kill all the Jedi, something the Seyugi always dreamed of being a part of.

    The initiative was successful; the Jedi order had been purged, and Sorah managed to kill a few notable Jedi; Raltharan, Avinoam Arelis, and Ohali Soroc.

    Sorah took many prizes from these conquests; lightsabers, books, and Holocrons.

    After her adventures with Kev-Mas Colcha and Eleanor, Sorah was seduced by the darkness on Korriban and fell, finding her place within the One Sith.
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    Name: Julee Rouser
    Age: 19 (b. 32 ABY)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Force: No
    Slender, average height, fair complexion. Long brown hair--usually has a few streaks of bright, unnatural color, which changes on a fairly regular basis. Blue eyes. Dresses casual but nice. Likes to wear her father's old Panama hats.
    Equipment: Credit chips, comlink, datapad. Probably a weapon or two her parents don't know about. Can pilot her dad's Baudo-class yacht, Fortuna.
    Julee Anne Rouser, named for both of her grandmothers, is the only daughter of Pascale and Feyna Rouser, both retired New Republic Intelligence operatives. Her father was also an archaeologist and historian, and Julee grew up on stories of his exploits, of her mother's time in the Rebellion, their shared missions in NRI, and the Yuuzhan Vong War. These days, Feyna takes art classes at a local university, and Pascale either offers advice as a consultant for archaeological digs, or writing his experiences for his archives.
    Julee was raised on Naboo, and up until the Jamming, her family liked to travel when she wasn't in school. But thanks to the jammer (and perhaps her parents just getting older), her teen years have been spent pent up on Naboo, and she's become restless as she enters adulthood.
    Julee is sweet, outgoing, and artistic, with a touch of her father's fierce temper. Her closest friend is her schoolmate/neighbor, Tiberius Covax; she has known him for as long as she can remember.
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    GM Approved, thank you @JediMasterAnne and @Sinrebirth :D


    Name: Tiberius Covax

    Age: 19

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Naboo

    Force Sensitivity: N

    Personal Effects: Wears mostly casual wear, comlink, datapad


    Tiberius Corvax was born on Naboo. His mother worked as an artist and his father in the construction sector. The parents worked hard so Tiberius could hopefully enjoy and have a good life.

    When he was a toddler a family moved in next door, the Rouser family and his parents decided as good neighbours to introduce themselves to the new arrivals. It was were Tiberius was introduced to Julee, the Rousers daughter.

    And it was from there that their friendship grew.

    Through childhood and through to their teens their friendship grew. Tiberius thought of Julee as his best friend and all throughout their school years they were inseparable. Tiberius often came around the Rouser house and Julee to his.

    Tiberius as he grew older had no idea what to do with his life, his parents were always working but that as he reached his late teens going into adulthood he wanted to maybe travel with Julee, especially since he had heard Pascale and Feyna's stories of travelling the galaxy.

    Unfortunately the jamming put those dreams on hold. But he hopes to one day leave Naboo with Julee, go and explore the galaxy, to maybe find a purpose for himself.

    And hopefully keep the bond that he and Julee share alive and well.
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    OOC You guys put so much more into your CS's but here are mine.


    Character Sheet

    Name: Zara Ordwgal - Callsign 'Z'
    Age: 35 standard years
    Species: Twi'lek
    Skin: Lavender with blue highlights
    Eye: cobalt blue
    Weight: Never ask anyone that, its rude :p

    Image/Description: At 167cm tall. Her skin is a mix of a soft lavender and a shimmery blue with spots on her lekku, keen blue eyes. She speaks Basic with a smattering of Twi'lek, which often confuses people. She's shapely with full lips.

    Starfighter of Choice: T70

    Personal Effects: She carries a blaster - DH 17.

    Personal Bio: Raised on Bakura from the age of 2, Zara is named after one of the women her mother served with during the Rebellion, Zara is adopted. She was raised in wealth by the the Prince Regent and his wife, but told the truth about the Rebellion, and the subsequent situation re the First Order. She is intelligent and clever. Both her parents were Rebels and her mother flew X Wings so she learned to fly at a very young age. Zara was never comfortable staying home and studying like her sister and brothers. Not overly social she kept to herself much of the time. Her time in high school was short-lived and unpleasant as she was the 'stand out' Twi'lek in a mostly human area of the planet. At 18, much to her mother’s horror, she joined the Resistance and as a pilot met Poe Dameron, when she attracted his attention due to her flying abilities. She's a little cocky, but she is strong willed. She won't give much attitude or smart mouth but she will snipe sarcastically and won't take crap from anyone. Good with her hands, she tweaks her ship often having learned about how they run early. She's passionate about freedom and more about charity work, spending her spare time making orphans lives better knowing she'd been 'one of the lucky ones'

    Whilst serving under Poe she was called to a briefing for an elite group where she met Tiber Ordwgal. He caught her eye and she felt the attraction from the moment she laid eyes on him, which surprised her as she'd not really noticed men at all. First mission he got close, her stomach rolled and somehow she promised a kiss if he made it back from the very dangerous assignment, and he did. Six months later the war was over and they married. Taking up positions with his uncle they shared their time between his home on Lexrul and her home on Bakura for their jobs as Military consultants.

    6 years into their marriage, after being told they’d not be able to have Children, Zara fell pregnant. Amethyst was born, Amy for short. Their only child who resembles her mother and has her fathers’ eyes and ears. She is showing signs of being a scary combination of both parents and loving flying.

    Married 15 years now and Amy is 9.

    Tiber still flies regularly but Zara keeps her skills up in a SIM mostly these days as she’s resumed her Royal Duties and charity work.


    Name: Jesse Durron
    Age 20
    Son of Adalia and Kyp Durron.
    Force sensitive and overly strong with due to his parents.
    Height – 182cm (5’97”)
    Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, broad shoulders, fit.

    Raised on a cocoa plantation on Akrian, home schooled and trained by his father (a former Jedi), Jesse had two strong Force users as parents and began to show signs of his abilities at a very young age, much to his mother horror. He would often move things around and push his sister using his abilities till his father told him and showed him the correct usage of the Force.

    A quiet child, who spent a lot of his time attempting to copy his father despite his mothers’ protests, just wanted to be a Jedi, but how, even his father said he wasn't one anymore. He has already built his lightsaber and its deep emerald green without his parents approval. As a teen he became the quiet one, the one always watching and taking note of what was going on around him. He watches and comments when needed too unlike his younger sister who was and is an incessant talker and considered a tornado. Intelligent and reserved, he is not to be ignored as he is a lot more talented than most believe and is trained correctly. With no Jedi Order to be part of, he keeps what he can do and what he is, very quiet and close to his chest, keeping his weapon hidden and wearing casual clothes.

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    OOC: Both GM Approved!

    Name: Tiberionel Ordwgal Callsign Tiber
    Age: 39
    Species: Lexrul Human, slightly longer lifespan


    Eye Color: Green with black flecks and black bands around the iris
    Hair/Fur: Mid length brown hair and long brown lashes
    Skin Color: Olive tan

    Starfighter of Choice: T70 X-wing


    Personal Effects: Survival gear, flight suit and helmet, pair of blasters and a blaster rifle, and the clothes in his rucksack and on his back.

    Personal Bio:

    Tiber, the grandnephew of Feral Ordwgal, grew up on his grandfather’s stories of his uncle. From an early age he heard them as he seemed to have many of the same characteristics as that noteworthy. His flying skills were almost on par with what Feral had demonstrated in his early life.

    When he was 15 he received a mysterious grant to attend the planetary defense force academy. Upon arrival, he found that he’d been placed in the flight program and when he traced back the source of the grant, plain clothed men who reeked of the military and the Republic appeared at his dorm and told him to not question where the money had come from. Understanding the severity immediately he agreed and dove into his studies.

    He graduated near the top of his class and chose star fighters as the path he wished to follow. He immediately fell in love with the T70 X-wing when he first flew it and the R2 unit that came with his craft he dubbed Bones II after the astromech Feral used. He flew for a pair of years before he became involved with more and more Black Ops missions.

    And that was when he met Poe Dameron. Having assisted the man before, when he was called upon again he immediately set everything else to the side and flew to the rendezvous point to meet the others. Whilst involved in the mission he found himself growing close to one of his fellow pilots, Zara Chrischa. After the mission, Poe kept them together and they grew even closer, as he discovered she was his One. 6 months later the war was over and they had married. His uncle, Finnefrael Ordwgal, having been party to all their mission reports, offered them both positions in his company, basically a private military company. For about ten years they shared their time between his home on Lexrul and her home on Bakura for their jobs as Military consultants.

    6 years into their marriage, after being told they’d not be able to have Children, Zara fell pregnant. Amethyst was born, Amy for short. Their only child who resembles her mother and has her fathers’ eyes and ears. At this point, when they make the hard decision to return to assisting the galaxy and saving it from darkness, they have been married for 15 years and Amy is 9. Since ‘retiring’ from Finnefrael’s company Tiber still flies regularly as the liaison between the Bakuran government and that company but Zara keeps her skills up in a SIM mostly these days as she’s resumed her Royal Duties.

    Name: Codenamed Remus
    True name unknown
    Sex: Female
    Age: 48
    Species: Nagai
    Homeworld: Saijo
    Height: 1.8m
    Weight: 68kg

    Physical Attributes/Appearance: Tall, thin, pale skin, black hair, and grey eyes. Stronger than she appear, extremely fast, intelligent, telepathic.

    Clothing: Dark grey to black electromesh combat suit,light, dark grey armor over it, grey cloak as needed.

    Strengths and Abilities: Appears like tall, thin, timid being that gives her the edge that belies her speed, combat skills, intelligence, as well as her telepathy.

    Weapons: pair of ST-W48 blaster rifles, thermal detonators, 6 razor sharp stilettos

    [​IMG]Equipment: Heavily encrypted comm unit to communicate directly with the Society and others. Other gear needed for operations they may encounter, caches set up across Eriadu and other planets.


    Occupation/Title: Sniper/Commando

    Personality: She is a cold and often distant being. She used to be a part of a team, never working alone, but her brother disappeared. Unless the discussion is about her mission she does not usually chat with anyone.


    As a child, Remus was inseparable from her brother Romulus. Everything came to a head when Remus was 5 and Romulus 9. A small Tof flotilla had managed to sneak through the ships guarding the planet and laid waste to a good portion of the Southern continent. They had been out in one of the more remote areas, away from their families when the explosions and destruction began. By the time they made it back, they could see the town had been leveled. Still they tried to find their parents, but in the end all they found were their bodies.

    And then a ship flashed down from orbit, torpedos and turrets blazing, leaving the Tof troops and landing craft strewn around the rubble of the town. When the ship landed, a solitary figure descended. It moved through the town, destroying any remaining Tof troops before it approached the pair. Unsure of what the intruder wanted, yet still children of warriors they took up whatever sturdy debris they found and attempted to attack the figure. However, it was even faster than they and within moments they stood, empty handed before it.

    It took them aboard it’s ship where they discovered it was the only living thing on the ship. Over time they discovered the being was named Bernael and he had been travelling through the area and had stopped because he’d seen the destruction being done upon their homeworld. He’d been too late to save their families but he did save them. Over the course of the next few years they spent the time learning all they could from him, in the process bonding to him as though he were the head of their Caste Circle. By the time they were ready to enter normal society they had been molded into a fearsome pair of troubleshooters.

    He had delivered them into the Inner Core and they knew he could not continue training them as his mission needed his focus, and they were prepared to assist in times when he needed such. Over the next several years they made a, very quietly known, name for themselves, to the point that several smaller star nations within the galactic governments saw them as deniable troubleshooters. In that time too, they came in contact with the Society and learned there were others that had been saved by Bernael as they had.

    In recent years they had been further afield than the Inner Core and most recently had been training special operations troops on Eriadu before they received a message from a Society contact there, requesting their assistance. They answered the call and saved the politicians that Bernael desired saved. That mission accomplished, they followed their ‘father’ in what needed doing to save the galaxy.

    Many dangers they faced, many troubles but then a day came when peace was achieved. Remus and her brother travelled with Bernael for a time but eventually they needed to return to their own lives. A couple years of peace passed but Romulus grew distant, even in the telepathic bond they shared. One day she returned to their home and he was gone. Since then, she has been scouring the galaxy to find her brother, to rescue him if he was in distress, or to save him if he had fallen. It has been many years, many false trails, but she never gave up hope, she could feel, at the edges of their bond, that he lived and she would find him.
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    GM Approved

    William Aima
    Age: 55

    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Force Sensitivity: Yes
    Personal Effects: A picture of himself, his wife and son, his robes, a few books.
    Personal Weapon: Lightsaber


    It was at a young age that William discovered his sensitivity to the Force. He was one of the first among Luke Skywalker's initial crop of new Jedi. He proved to be an astute albeit quiet student, training intensely and with dedication in pursuit of the Jedi arts. Eight years of training... until he became of age and decided to leave. It was not a decision of spite or anger... but one of introspection and realization that the Jedi path was not one for him.

    He would spend the next few years journeying through the galaxy, living a life of adventure and recklessness, but he would always maintain his further pursuits in the Force, training himself further. That is until he met the love of his life, settling down and having a son. During the time of the conflict of First Order and Resistance, he would abstain from it. Despite his quiet support for the Resistance his attention and focus were squarely on that of his wife and son. Keeping them safe above all else.

    That is until a few years after the Battle of Exegol, where the remnants of the First Order attacked the planet Will had set up his quiet life. He and his wife managed to escape the ungodly massacre that ensued but their son was not so fortunate. Will's wife believed him to be dead, slaughtered in the chaos of the moment. But Will never gave up hope that his son was still alive, he could feel it. Their hidden connection in the Force. His wife eventually died, the grief too much for her.

    Little did William know that his son would devolve into Vicrul Ren.

    And then he felt it... years after the disappearance of his son, a pang of pain through his heart as he felt the true death of his son.

    With no one left William vowed to not let the darkness of this Order consume the galaxy. The Order that had stolen his son. He had stood idly by once, he would not do so again.
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    OOC: GM Approved

    Name: Eeth Sazen

    Age: 34 (born 16 ABY)

    Species: Zabrak

    Gender: Male

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Skin Color: Tan

    Homeworld: Lothal

    Force Sensitivity: Y

    Personal Effects: Basic survival gear, comlink, casual clothing, datapad, credits

    Personal Weapons: Blaster pistol, lightsaber (blue blade)


    The story of Eeth Sazen began long before his birth. Specifically, it began with the birth of his mother five years after the the fall of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Empire. Eeth's grandfather was Eeth Koth, a former Zabrak Jedi Master who had been forced to step down from the Council and leave the Order during the Clone Wars. Becoming a priest in the Church of the Ganthic Enlightenment, Koth eventually had a daughter with a Zabrak woman named Mira. But mere minutes after the birth of his child, Koth was confronted by Darth Vader and his Inquisitors. Though Koth fought to protect his family, he was soon slain and his daughter taken from her mother so that she could raised to become another Inquisitor or other agent of the dark side.

    Eeth's mother never had a proper name, only a codename - Shadow. And her future would have almost certainly been a dark one... if it hadn't been for Barriss Offee. After the battle of Endor and the first death of Emperor Palpatine, Barriss briefly became an anonymous intelligent agent for the New Republic and tried to save as many young Force sensitives from the Empire's "Project Harvester" as she could. One of the young Force sensitives that Barriss had saved was Shadow, who Barriss then reunited with the birth family that she didn't remember. It wasn't easy for Shadow to adjust to a normal life with her mother and grandfather, especially because of her upbringing in the Empire. But it did work out in the end and despite being taught in the ways of the Force during her childhood, Shadow rejected her lessons and chose not to develop her abilities any further. She was happier that way, eventually finding a husband and having a son with him.

    Despite never knowing him, Shadow decided to name her son after the father who had died trying to protect her. Eeth was raised on Lothal, one of the first planets to actually successfully liberate itself from the Empire in the days before the Battle of Yavin. Growing up on Lothal in the era of the New Republic, Eeth was fascinated by the stories of Lothal's heroes and by the elusive loth-wolves that also called the planet home. Wolf even got the image of the loth-wolf tattooed onto him at one point. Like his namesake, Eeth began to show signs of Force sensitivity. While he wanted to develop his potential, his mother refused to teach him because of her own bad experiences with the dark side of the Force. Though Shadow preferred not to speak of that unpleasant part of her past, she did still speak highly of the Force user who had saved her from "Project Harvester" many years before and made Eeth wonder who was this mysterious woman that had rescued her mother so long ago.

    Eeth never pursued formal training in the Force. He never even left Lothal, which he formed a deeper connection with as he got older. Unfortunately, when he was only eighteen Lothal found itself under occupation by the First Order after remaining free for over three decades. Not wanting another occupation like the one that the Empire once had on their world, the people of Lothal rose up against the First Order and were in open rebellion against it around the time of Palpatine's second death at Exegol. Eeth himself was involved in the fight against the First Order, inspired by both the previous heroes of Lothal and the woman that had saved his mother. But the next nine years was not easy for the inhabitants of Lothal. Like the rest of the galaxy, they struggled under the communication blackout.

    But the hold of the First Order did not last forever and in the aftermath of Coruscant's liberation Lothal was able to talk to the rest of the galaxy again. News of what happened on Coruscant spread quickly, including the appearance of a Mirialan woman who had fought with lightsabers alongside the Resistance. When Eeth's mother saw what the woman looked like, she recognized the woman as the Force user who had once saved her and was surprised that she was still alive. Eeth was surprised as well, but saw it as an opportunity that he could not pass up on. He realized that the galaxy needed heroes now more than ever and Eeth wanted to be one of those heroes, also believing that the Mirialan woman, Barriss, would be able to show him how to develop his Force sensitivity. So he left Lothal for the first time, his mother deciding not to stop him. Eeth eventually tracked Barriss down and when he asked her to train him, she initially refused because she didn't see herself as a Jedi. But when Eeth explained to Barriss who he was and why he sought out her in particular, Barriss agreed to teach him in the ways of the Force. Especially since she hoped that doing so would help Eeth avoid the mistakes of those who came before him, including herself.

    In the years since meeting Barriss, Eeth has even been given his own lightsaber. Said lightsaber had once belonged to Palpatine himself, but after it came into her possession Barriss had healed the crystal and she handed it over to Eeth so that he could give the lightsaber new life. Eeth still follows Barriss, hoping that she could show him the way to doing good in the galaxy.
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    Name: Asteria Magnus
    Age: Sixteen
    Species: Mirilian
    Homeworld: Mirial
    Affiliation: Mandalore, Jedi Order
    Force Sensitivity: Yes.
    Personal Effects: Asteria has a set of Mandalorian armour that she wears into battle and also a few trinkets given to her my her new family.
    Personal Starship (if any): N/A
    Personal Weapon: Her lightsaber (pictured above)
    Bio: Although Asteria is still a Padawan by Jedi standards, she is considered an adult by Mandalorian custom and creed. She was adopted by Eleanor Magnus shortly before the battle that took place on Courscant, and soon gained two more parents in Kaz and Amaria, Eleanor's husband and wife respectively.

    Asteria has grown into both a capable Jedi and Mandalorian, although she struggles with trust sometimes, she tries to see the good in all people. She is also one of the most gifted Jedi combat wise, thanks to her upbringing bit is also prone to being somewhat rash. One day, Asteria hope's to become Mand'alor like her mother, despite the doubt at the back of her mind that she might not be good enough.
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    Name: Talon

    Age: 28 (born 22 ABY)

    Species: Twi'lek

    Gender: Female

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Skin Color: Red

    Homeworld: Ryloth

    Force Sensitivity: Y

    Personal Effects/Weapons: Credits, various outfits meant to catch the eye, blaster pistol, fast-acting poisons, various blades (including concealed ones), smoke bombs, comlink

    Ship: Personal Luxury Yacht 3000


    The woman now known only as Talon was born into a life of slavery, like many other Twi'leks. Her earliest memories were far from pleasant and one of the first lessons learned by Talon as a young girl was how to hate. Hate for those who sold her off like an object, hate for those who desired her as a possession, hate for those who put her through demanding physical labor, and hate for those who would beat her at the slightest provocation. Her anger and hate was all that she had after her family died when Talon was still just a child. Her anger and hate was all that kept her alive.

    Talon's luck started to change after she was made the domestic servant of a wealthy household. The masters of the house were patronizing and condescending toward her, but Talon realized that she could use that to her advantage. Talon learned how to manipulate people, using their assumptions and expectations about Twi'leks against them. By playing the part of the "good slave girl" her loyalty was never doubted and she even learned how to read during this time since her owners pitied the "poor alien child" who did everything that she was asked and never complained. They believed that they were being kind to Talon in their own way, but Talon hated them regardless. Slave owners were still slave owners in her mind.

    Eventually, Talon was able to make her escape after some careful planning and a lot of patience. She never looked back. While being homeless wasn't ideal, she still preferred it over being enslaved. As she tried to survive on her own, Talon crossed paths with an older con man who saw potential in her. He took Talon under his wing and with his guidance Talon became even more skilled at manipulating and playing other people to get what she wanted out of them. While she did start to feel comfortable around the con man who had been mentoring her, that all came to an end when she realized that he was planning on betraying her after he had learned there was a reward for a runaway Twi'lek slave girl. In order to stop him from turning her in and sending her back to the life she had escaped from, Talon murdered the con man. It was her first kill.

    After ensuring her freedom, Talon got onto the first ship that was heading off-world and started traveling the galaxy. She joined crews from all walks of life during this time, using them and the planets that they visited to acquire new skills. This included hand-to-hand combat and the many ways that there are to kill someone. Once she was knowledgeable enough, Talon knew just how to put her talents to use. Because even after all this time, Talon still had her hate and anger. She had never forgiven, nor had she forgotten. So since she was now able to do so, Talon intended to get her revenge. As a way to reflect on how she was now a dangerous predator instead of just a helpless slave, she took the name Talon.

    And so Talon began her killing spree against the galaxy, targeting those who either sold or owned slaves and murdering them while usually just conning and stealing from those who didn't. Most of the time she got close to her victims by pretending to be exactly the Twi'lek woman that they wanted to be, using it as a mask to hide her disgust and hatred for those that she killed. The more that she killed as she tried to satisfy her hatred, the further she also fell to the dark side. Talon was Force-sensitive, though she lacked any formal training. Her use of the Force was subtle and most of the time she didn't even realize that she was using the Force. But her connection with the dark side did grow over time, as did her dissatisfaction with what she was doing. Killing these slavers did not do anything to give Talon any closure or feeling of purpose like she had hoped, but she kept killing since at that point it was all that she knew how to do. In order to keep up the façade that she had constructed, Talon even purchased her own yacht so that she could better blend in with the galaxy's elite. She continues her hunt, not just for more to kill but also for a purpose in a galaxy that she had been conditioned to hate from birth.
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    Sinrebirth Approved!

    Name: Ahsoka Tano
    Born: 36 BBY
    Gender: Female
    Species: Togruta
    Homeworld: Shili
    Skin: Burnt Orange. White markings. White Montrals and lekku with blue stripes.
    Eye: Azure
    Height: 189 cm
    Personality: Kind and compassionate.

    Personal Effects:
    • Decorative Headdress
    • White staff
    • Lightsaber: Silver Blade, curved hilt
    • Shoto Lightsaber: Silver Blade, curved hilt

    Brief History:

    “Lady Tano? Ahsoka Tano? I suppose there is an air of mystery surrounding her. Some say she is a mystic, a shaman, a priestess, a teacher, a warrior, a Jedi... dare I say? a ‘fulcrum’? Hmmm. As one who was blessed enough to get to know her for a period of time, I’d like to consider her a friend. Whichever you wish to call her, it matters not. I think it is more accurate to say that she is, in fact, a survivor.

    The Clone Wars, The Galactic Civil War and the Second Galactic Civil War. She has participated in her own way. Whether as an active participant on the front lines, to directing information to those whom need it from the sidelines... no matter what, she is always active in helping those in need. I like to believe she had a hand in shaping the destiny of others around her for the better.

    Where is she now? I cannot say. Is it that I won’t? Which ever you wish to believe but when she wants to make her presence known, she will.” - Hera Syndulla
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    Name: Natasi Daala

    Age: 70? She’s managed to erase any documented history of her exact year of birth.
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Irmenu
    Affiliation: Maw Irregular Fleet
    Force Sensitivity: .No.
    Personal Effects:
    Personal Starship (if any): The ISD II Chimaera and it’s fleet
    Personal Weapon: Blaster pistols, a hold out vibroblade if she absolutely needs it.
    After a failed marriage, young Daala applied and was accepted to the Imperial Naval Academy at Carida. She thrived there and would have gained promotions, but was often passed over because she was female. Rather than being dismayed, she fought thought menial assignments until she her work came to the attention of Moff Tarkin.
    He recognized her capabilities and removed her from Carida and placed her under his command.

    During the time she served under Tarkin, she rose in rank on duty, and off duty she became his lover. Daala ventually earned the rank of Admiral under Tarkin, the rank was bestowed outside the naval hierarchy, he knew that they would never grant a female that title.

    Tarkin wasn’t the only man she’d been with to advance her career during her younger years, and that could have led to his decision to place her in charge of his secret Maw Installation. It was an important assignment, and she was in charge with the top scientists in the galaxy. But, it wasn’t lost on her that she was tucked out of sight.

    She had a difficult time after Tarkin’s death, but after some set backs she again found her footing and expanded her military.

    Later she launched a carefully planned attack to murder a large group of Imperial remnant Warlords, when they preferred to argue rather than negotiate. She had the plan in place for such an occasion, and had protective masks for herself and Gilad Pellaeon when the chamber filled with poisonous gas. With the elimination of those Warlords, she set about building her own Empire.

    It was a process she repeated many times.

    “Natasi Daala has been an erratic officer, a laser cannon with a malfunctioning actuator if you will, since she was an ensign in the Imperial Navy, and her recent actions bear out this diagnosis. Of course she is a hero—she has fought all her enemies, real and imagined, with bravery and ferocity. But she needs to be held, and cured, before ever being allowed to take up any sort of command again. The Alliance was foolish to elevate her to a position of power.”

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    Name: Skirrin Cloudstride
    Age: 20
    Species: Zabrak
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Independent
    Force Sensitivity: Y
    Personal Effects: Slicer-Math Droid named Teach X, Custom backpack battle droid named Seeks, custom comlink, custom datapad, mechanic tools
    Personal Starship: None
    Personal Weapon: Heavy blaster pistol and vibroshiv
    Bio: She was born on Coruscant, but has no memory of the planet beyond the faces of her parents. They were killed for being part of the Resistance Cell that Dol Khan led in a raid of a Coruscant Loyalist warehouse. She barely remembers their faces. But she does remember the Kubaz Dol Khan. He became her keeper; her caretaker. But the life of Resistance is no life for a child, said Dol Khan, though he did not mean it. Skirrin's parents told Dol Khan their most guarded secret. He was their best friend, the one who recruited them into the Resistance. So, they shared with him that Skirrin was like the Jedi of old: She was Force-Sensitive. Powerfully so, by their estimation.

    With this information, Dol Khan knew that the life of Skirrin could not be lived on Coruscant and he could not leave the planet that he vowed to liberate. Something had to give. He escaped with Skirrin into the night sky of Coruscant 10 years ago with a plot that she never was completely privy to. She has had suspicions, but has never uncovered truly why Dol Khan did what he did. When the news of a new Jedi spread through the galaxy, the Resistance had gained a New Hope, but while others saw Rey Skywalker as the one who would end the First Order, Dol Khan knew he had to have a contingency. He'd seen this before, with Luke Skywalker: One lone Jedi, protecting the galaxy, but had vanished when the galaxy needed him the most. He could not rely on one Jedi. So he planned to create one.

    With Skirrin, he absconded with no trace, making sure to cover even the shadows of the remnants of his tracks, to the junkworld of Lotho Minor. Her caretakers would be a series of droids he programmed with the sole purpose of helping her survive. Her trainers would be the collected videos from the archives of Jedi and Sith teachings. The lessons were altered by Dol Khan enough that Skirrin would not know why she was being taught what she was being taught. He trained her personally on how to slice and hack and manipulate the flows of information and technology to her whim; the world of Lotho Minor would become her plaything as she grew up. And as soon as she grew comfortable with her life with Dol Khan, he disappeared; only checking on her with the vaguest of messages through the use of their shared salvaged droids.

    Skirrin has been raised to be Dol Khan's ultimate contingency. He knows that the life he lives is a dangerous one and he refuses to allow Skririn to grow up in a galaxy as dark as the one that took her parents. In his eyes, she will be his greatest contribution to the liberation. Skirrin does not know about the grand plan that Dol Khan has for her, but as the galaxy's war continues to heat up, Skirrin will have to decide for herself what her place in the galaxy will be.
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