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Social ~The RPF Sunny Beach Vacation~ (Open to All)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master
    The Bar

    After doldrums enjoying the soft warmth of alcoholism, the Master felt his chin tugged up. He didn't move it, as that would be to obvious.

    "Oh." He tapped the bar for attention. "One more for the road."

    He inclined his hood down as if a hat, saluting Aryan and Rouser. "A pleasure, as ever." Of course, this was the first time they had met, for them, anyway.

    The Master clutched his drink and starting look for the others as he strode off.

    TAG: @HanSolo29, @Jerjerrod-Lennox
  2. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    IC: Corran Horn
    Location: Out on the water

    It has been a lazy warm afternoon. Sun was shining, the wind was cooling and the water a lovely turquoise blue. Enjoying the warm from the water, Corran decided that surf skiing was something he would love to do again, if only to have Mirax experience it as well.

    When he had gotten to the on water bungalow, there had been a note to say she had to drop something off for a 'skipper'. It surely shouldn't have taken as long as it has been but whatever the hold up was, it better be worth it.

    The waves were gently rocking the ski and he rested the paddle on his lap. Closing his eyes as he felt the easing up and down motions. His left leg hanging off the side and swishing the water.

    Something felt... strange.

    He opened his eyes. Blinking against the glare and squinting his eyes, he glanced to the shore and to then the open ocean. Apart from some of the fishing boats, nothing on the surface to be concerned about. He stretched out into the Force and narrowed his focus to the marine life below. Ot was teeming with life but nothing there to be concerned about. Looking up to the sky, he thought he saw some tiny flashes against the blue…

    There must be something more to it but how to find out? Glancing to the fishing boats, he paddled over to the nearest one. Once he was near, Corran waved to the crew.

    "Hi guys!" He called out. "Good day for fishing?"

    "It will be. Just placing the traps." One of them answered back and held up their hands to show distance. "Large shellfish."

    "That's nice." Corran flashed a smile. "I'm sure they will be quite tasty afterwards. Permission to come aboard? I overestimated how far I have left to paddle."

    There was laughter and a rope was tossed over to him. "Come aboard. We can tow your board back to shore."

    Catching the rope, Corran tied off the end and then swum over to the boat. A hand helped pull him aboard.

    "Just a few more traps to drop off and tend to. Are you trying out for the surf ski trials next week?"

    "Yeah." Corran shrugged and nodded. "Something like that." He half turned and pointed over to the horizon. "Do you usually see flashes like that in the sky?"

    "Flashes in the sky? You mean the planetary shield?" The fisherman pulled out electobinoculars from the side pouch and glanced over. "Probably training exercises from the Imperial Installation. We keep clear of them, they keep clear of us."

    Corran held out his hand to have a look and looked up over to where to saw the flashes. The lens was half crusted over from the salt air though he managed to make out silhouettes of smaller crafts doing manoeuvres in the sky. Increasing the magnification and everything just went out of focus. Flashes of light, lasers… Dogfighting? It was hard to tell if it was mock combat manoeuvres or an actual skirmish. He wiped the end of the electrobinoculars on his arm and lift them back to his face again.

    Corran frowned and looked higher up to where the shield gate was. There was distortions from the shield. He could make out the distinct angular shapes of two Imperial destroyers beyond the blue… opposing crafts in an assortment of shapes… One was distinctly Mon Cala design with curves. There was something familiar about the placement of ships, about this engagement, he could not place why.

    "Ah… do you have a means to contact the shore?"

    "Whatever for? Whatever they do is none of our business if we leave them alone."

    "It looks suspiciously like a battle is starting up out up there." Corran handed back the binoculars.

    "Ah, don't worry mate. The shield protects us all. They be gone in no time."

    Corran shook his head. There was nothing reassuring about all this and that tingling feeling, the raised hairs at the back of his neck… "Do you have comms?"

    "Alright. Give me a moment. If it makes that that frown go upside down then be my guest."

    Once the comms was handed over, Corran adjusted the frequency to Mirax's comm channel. It was taking longer to get an answer. "Come on, come on…" He muttered under his breath. He was starting to feel concerned until finally he heard the click on the line. "Mirax, Corran. Are you alright? There's something going on up there-"

    "Nice of you to point that out. But this isn't Mirax." The voice on the other end interrupted him and was not one he was expecting. It was a male with a deep Corellian accent. "Captain Terrik sends her apologies, Corran… was it? She will be detained for a little while longer."

    "Is that so?" Corran tried to hold back the snark from his tone. "Who, may I ask, am I speaking to?"

    There was a rich, warmhearted chuckle on the other end.

    "Captain Wystari of the Valkyria. I believe we need to talk."

    TAG: Captain Wystari
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ori Shreddies, The 'Lewis Hamilton' suite, RPF Holiday Village
    Location: Scarif

    Naked, apart from a single thin white bedsheet drawn over to cover herself strategically, Ori paused Operation Snow Angel, and lifted one knee in the air as a thought suddenly occured to her.

    She ought to have a colleague, more of an acquaintance, on-world, at the Imperial installation.

    Ensign Burkheart had been aboard the Darkest Night just little more than 24 standard hours, then kicked off by Commodore Englewood, her late superior.

    Scuttlebutt was that Burkheart had ended up here, and never been happier.

    "Wish you were here!" Had been the general tone of his message to all those who had known him...and now she was!

    Rolling over onto her tummy, Shreddies had reached over the side of the bed, down past the part of the car that a certain community would recognise as the barge boards, to the discarded clothing on the floor holding her comlink.

    One hand marched around the jacket, till her fingers could grasp the C1 model, bring it up to her, so that she could roll onto her back, and try calling her former friend.

    "Hey, Burkheart!" She smiled broadly at the ceiling when the familiar voice finally answered, after her counterpart at the Scarif Base had tracked the man down. "This is Ori Shreddies from the Darkest Night bridge crew. How are you doing?"

    "I'm doing fine. Yeah, I remember you. Are you calling from the 'Night?"

    "I'm actually on Scarif-"

    "No way!"

    "Yes way. RPF Holiday Village, down the beach from your base." She didn't yet realise that she was on a separate island. "Just arrived and checked in."

    "How long are you there for?"

    "Not sure yet." She admitted. She didn't want to say that a golden token had teleported her here, and sound like a crazy person.

    Ori frowned as she heard a loud alarm moo-whoo in the background at Burkheart's end.

    "Ah, dammit. I gotta go. It's probably a drill. Director Krennic arrived in the last half hour." Burkheart sounded regretful. "
    I've got your comm code; I'll try and call later."

    "Copy that. Ori out."

    As she thumbed the comlink off, and sighed, there was a momentary flash above her head, heralded a tied-together bundle materialising in mid-air, thumping onto the mattress a safe distance from her head. Another card read that this was courtesy of I-5, that a potential vacation-ending situation had been detected, and that if she pressed the button on the vortex manipulator it would take her to someone at the resort, who was looking for company.


    Ori showered quickly, rubbing her blonde hair dry with the hotel towel.

    The supplied outfit was a loose white A-line minidress with ruffled short sleeves, and a wide hem that wafted around her hips with the slightest breeze. There were ruffled white ankle socks, and a cute pair of navy blue t-bar shoes, with a spray of raindrop shapes cut into the area covering the toes.

    The blue went with both the vortex manipulator, which seemed to be a variety of wrist-communicator; and the handbag that she had her blaster, comlink and cred chips in.

    Checking herself in the mirror, Ori depressed the button on the wrist-device, the suite fading around her, to be replaced by the flashing lights and audible plinks and warbles of a busy casino.

    Swaying slightly from the site-to-site transport, Ori found that the closest being to her, was another femme, in a shimmering gold-beaded sheath from a well-known designer. This must be the person seeking company.

    "Hello there." Ori greeted with a grin. "Ori Shreddies. Are you enjoying your stay?"

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  4. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Melvina Calrissian
    The Casino

    Mel was having a run of luck. A ridiculous run of luck. She’d paused automatically at the top of the stairs of the casino, so the paps could get their shots, only there were no paps. No cute guys her age. And no old folks. She was used to seeing groups of retirees in every casino she'd ever been, but no. The place was practically empty. Where is everybody?

    There was only a small group of players at the sabacc tables, and she tried to avoid those, anyway. Dad’s reputation meant that the name “Calrissian” was not usually welcomed. The other tables would be better. The rollo wheel seemed like a good start, and it was a simple game. She sashayed to the table and placed a small stack of chits on number seven. It was generally a popular number throughout the galaxy, but as Mel was the youngest of seven sisters, it had special significance for her. “Lucky Seven,” said Mel with a smile.

    The little yellow croupier behind the wheel had a black wig, slicked down in the middle, and a well combed moustache that had to be fake. He croupier winked and pointed at her, as the bartender had earlier. “Hey, hubba hubba,” he said. He spun the wheel, and punched the anti-grav control that caused the ball to hover and bounce above the whirling numbers. “Finale tout!”

    Mel held her breath, eyes alight, as she waited for the wheel to come to a stop and the anti-grav to disengage. Rollo wheels were the worst odds in a casino, but they were fun and easy. And Mel didn’t have much cash with her anyway.

    The ball bounced once, twice, then dropped into the slot. “Septa!” shouted the croupier. He winked at Mel, and pushed a pile of chips towards her, her winnings.

    “Uh…let it ride,” she said.

    “Hey, hubba hubba!” he said, starting the wheel up again. Another small yellow employee appeared at her side, and offered her a glass of sparkili wine. Mel accepted it with a smile, then looked back at the wheel.

    “Septa! Hubba hubba!” shouted the croupier. A small army of yellow staff had appeared around her. They all cheered. This was definitely getting weird.

    “Let it ride,” said Mel. Twice was statistically unlikely, three times in a row was definitely foul play. She left her bets on number seven for ten straight games and won them all. The yellow staff gazed at her adoringly. Definitely time to retreat. She tipped the croupier a hundred credits and flashed him a wink. The little being’s eyes widened, then rolled back in his head as he fell to the floor in a swoon.

    Mel cashed in the chits, thinking hard. She and her sisters were used to getting gifts. The General’s daughters were frequently invited to holovid premieres, gallery shows, restaurant and club openings, even birthday parties…in exchange for a small consideration, of course, and there were often additional gifts that went with this. Five years ago, none of them would have dreamed of accepting.

    But then Daddy made that disastrous deal with Hondo Ohnaka –really, after all these years he should have known better!—with the expected consequences. And if it weren’t for those token payments for public appearances, the family would never be able to stay afloat, much less get back on their feet. The invite to this resort hadn’t mentioned anything about payment, it had been rather vague. Val and Azra had dismissed it out of hand, feeling that it was shady. Mel had read the word 'beach' and needed no further persuasion. Now she wondered if the winnings from the casino could possibly be a compensation for showing up? Or was something else going on?

    As she stood there, pondering this, a young woman approached. Slim and athletic, she wore a floaty white mini-dress with very cute navy T-straps. The white ankle socks did rather ruin the outfit and made her ankles seem thick, but Mel didn’t know her well enough to offer a gentle suggestion to ditch them.

    “Hello there," said the woman smiling. "Ori Shreddies. Are you enjoying your stay?"

    “So far so good, though it's quieter than I'd expected” said Mel, thinking of the massive infusion in her bank account. “Mel Calrissian,” she added. "So, Ms. Shreddies, did you get that strange invitation too?"

    TAG: @Sith-I-5, Anyone
  5. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @Adalia-Durron for providing Amber for this post.

    Guestbook Entry
    Name: Mirax Terrik
    RPG: The Last Stand

    Guestbook Entry
    Name: Cassell Wystari
    RPG: Star Wars: Black Sheep

    Guestbook Entry - Adalia_Durron
    Name: Amber Tehanis
    RPG: Star Wars: Black Sheep

    IC Captain Mirax Terrik-Horn, Captain Cassell Wystari + Flight Officer Amber Tehanis
    Location: Corellian YT-2000 Valkyria - Scarif

    "We cannot leave now. Not without Corran." Mirax followed after Captain Wystari through the hallway of the Valkyria, a Corellian YT-2000 light freighter. "Besides, the planetary shields are still up."

    "All due respect, Captain Terrik, we haven't much time." Cassell Wystari paused at the junction point and gave an apologetic look. "If my memory serves me well, the shield will go down. Once it does, then we have a small window of opportunity before we can escape."

    Looking down the turret Amber frowned, they were not leaving without her friends. Putting her feet either side of the ladder she slid down to the half way point and jumped on to the deck. "Cassell? Ianna and Jeen?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

    "Ianna and Jeen? But aren't they… " Cassell frowned as he looked between Mirax and Amber. "Confound it! Yes, of course!" He shook his head and started pacing back and forth. "We need to get them back-"

    "and Corran." Mirax interrupted sternly and crossed her arms.

    "Of course, Master Horn included." He added and looked to Amber. "Do you know where our wayward colleagues have went to?"

    Amber shook her head, her long red hair bouncing in its large barrel curls around her shoulders. "No, but I imagine they'd be near the resort," she stopped and thought for a moment. "Give me a second." She closed her eyes and tried to 'find' her friends. "Pool?" she whispered before opening her green eyes wide. "They're by the pool!!"

    "The pool?" Cassell furrowed his brow.

    "It's at the resort. Not far from here." Mirax answered before he could ask further. "Our bungalows are at the lagoon the other side."

    "Then one of us must go to get them, spread the word we are pulling out. I can position the Valkyria between those distances…"

    "No problem." Amber said, "get me there and I will find them," she stopped and frowned, "Wait, if you're here, who's flying this crate?"

    "Hollymander." Cassell answered with a half smirk. "Rather him than the droid. I best fill him in on where to drop us off and where to park."

    Amber glanced at the cockpit, internally her heart jumped, she'd not seen in a while, and wondered why. "Oh, …" she glanced to the door way "I can do it if you like?" Any excuse would do.

    "Sure, be my guest." Cassell stepped aside for Amber to pass and caught Mirax's amused expression. He arched his brow in question and she smirked and shook her head.

    TAG: MacKenzie Hollymander, Amber Tehanis
  6. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Guestbook Entry
    Name: Major MacKenzie Hollymander
    RPG: Star Wars: Black Sheep

    IC Flight Officer Amber Tehanis - Major MacKenzie Hollymander, Cassell Wystari, Mirax Terrik-Horn
    Cockpit - Valkyria - Skariff

    She bit her lip and ran toward the cockpit stopping in the doorway, knowing there was little time for her silly thoughts and emotions, but she couldn't help herself. Creeping up behind him she put her hand on his shoulder and leaned in, "Hey Fox." she breathed.

    The ship had it quirks, and some were interesting and others, rather complicated, but he'd taken the challenge a lot better than he'd expected to do so. Bringing the ship around he was about to open the internal comm to ask Cassell where to next when someone put their hand on her shoulder. It startled him slightly and he spun quickly to look, just as she spoke. He turned back to watch where he was going, his adrenaline pumping a little faster at her presence. "err, Hey? Um..." he didn't know what to say, his voice gone.

    She leaned closer, "We need to swoop to the resort, get low enough for us to get off and get our friends out." She leaned over his shoulder and pointed. "Over there, and then...." she leaned her arm across the back of his neck as she pointed across his chest. "Over there, near the water Bungalows, there is a space, put here down there, and be ready to go when we get there to meet you," she turned to him "OK?"

    He thought his heart could be seen outside his chest, of course he was wrong. "Ok...." was all he could get out.

    Amber smiled, she could feel his emotions and it was clear her attraction was not alone. This was her chance, and she decided to take it. As she pulled back she turned and pressed her lips against his cheek. "See you soon." She stepped back before turning and running toward the others.

    He'd been holding his breath, not even realising it and once she was gone, he let it out. She'd kissed him. He struggled to concentrate as he lowered the craft near where she'd pointed, it shuddered as his ability to focus was altered. "Get it together." he murmured.

    Amber ran back to Cassell and the new woman she had not been introduced to yet. "He knows where to go." The ship lowered, shuddering, even wobbling a little. She glanced back and smiled, "Sorry about that." Truth was, she wasn't sorry at all.

    "Not to worry." Cassell answered, too much at stake to care about the paint job for now.

    Mirax finished with the com."The resort is aware, however they handle it is up to them." She didn't give a confident look to Cassell and regarded Amber. "We'll get your friends, are you ready for this? Once that ramp lowers, off we go."

    Pulling the hair tie off, Amber twisted her hair around and around till it was in a bun, and wrapped the tie around it. "I'm ready." she said with determination, the scan had told her where they were, and now she just needed to get them to the landing site calmly.

    "Good." Mirax flashed an assuring smile to Amber then looked to Cassell. "Two of my friends are here too, I need to warn them too."

    Cassell nodded and waved for the two to follow him to the boarding ramp. "I'll come with you. Many hands make light work."

    He hit the control to lower the ramp. The wind blew in as the canopy moved down below, flashes of stark white against the deep green jungle as they passed over the buildings of resort.

    Cassell hit the intercom to the cockpit. "Drop us around here and move on." He looked to Amber and Mirax. "Ready to hit the ground running?"

    "Ready." Amber called over the sound of the wind. She had to find Ianna and Jeen and get them off this planet before history happened.

    @The Real Kyp Durron @Corellian_Outrider
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Although I have created a way to get my own character out of dodge, from all this thing with the Valkyria, I am getting the distinct impression that the game will not be beaming people back to their origins.


    IC: Ori Shreddies, Casino

    The other femme gave her outfit the once over, which Ori had not been expecting in a civilian environment.

    She endured it without comment.

    "So far so good, though it's quieter than I'd expected" The fellow guest eventually said, looking slightly distracted. "Mel Calrissian."

    The Centrality officer's eyebrows shot up, recognising that surname.

    "So, Ms. Shreddies, did you get that strange invitation too?"

    "Yes, I got it at work, and actually suspected it might be a booby trap of some type, with me wanting to press a button." She narrowed her eyes at the other. "Tell me, are you any relation to the 'Calrissian' who ran the blockade at the Starcave of Thonboka?"

    She didn't know what she could do about it, even if the woman said 'yes'. The golden ticket legends always claimed that there was an unwritten rule of the locations being neutral ground.

    Ori looked up at the roar of starship ion engines passing close overhead, vibrating the liquid in people's glasses, including a fresh Dipao Dacquiri that one of the little fellows had turned up beside her knee with his tray raised.

    "Babadum!" It greeted, to get her attention.

    She looked back round and daintily lowered herself with knees together, enough to pluck the flute from the tray. "Thank you."

    As she straightened beside Mel, she wondered if that close-flying vessel was her friend from the nearby base.

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  8. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    OOC I don't think so to be honest @Sith-I-5 - @Corellian_Outrider has only told me 'WE' need to get out but there is a good chance we 'ALL' need to get out as I suspect a large space station is about to appear in orbit.......and we all know what happens next. ;)
  9. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    OOC Mel is going to think this is the worst Galactic War re-enactment ever.

    IC: Mel Calrissian
    The Casino

    Mel pursed her lips. Ms. Shreddies could have a point. One was always getting messages from people claiming to be the True Prince of Alderaan, who had access to the planetary accounts and if you would just allow him to use your bank account to transfer it... There could well be more going on here then simply an effort to have influencers bring attention to what was, frankly, an under-visited resort. Granted, the attack on the Imperial base thirty years ago had done a number on the place. In fact, Mel was astonished to find it in such good condition, she'd have assumed the atmosphere would be toast, with nearly a quarter of the planet torn away, much like the dead world of Jakku.

    But Ms. Shreddies had another question. "Tell me, are you any relation to the 'Calrissian' who ran the blockade at the Starcave of Thonboka?"

    Mel could only shrug. "Maybe? Dad did a lot of stuff during the war, I don't think he's told us half of it. Probably doesn't want to put ideas in our heads. So what do you do, Ms. Shreddies? Are you here for the whole week?"
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  10. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Once the shield goes down, Tarkin is coming to town.
    Special thanks to @Adalia-Durron for providing Adalia Durron for this post…

    ~IC~ Captain Mirax Terrik-Horn, Captain Cassell Wystari + Colonel Adalia Durron
    Location: Resort - Scarif

    They hit the ground running and split off as the Valkyria lifted up and careened out of the area. Amber went in the direction of the pool to warn Ianna and Jeen, while Mirax and Cassell sought out Mirax's friend.

    "Who am I looking for?" Cassell kept pace with her as they head in the direction of the main buildings.

    "Adalia," Mirax said back. "Think of your Amber's doppelgänger but older."

    "Ah…" Cassell breathed. "Of course it would be another fiery red-haired maiden."

    "Do I detect your voice wavering, Captain?" Mirax glanced over her shoulder. "Or more of a fancy?"

    "Its more that trouble is never far behind the ones who cross my path." Cassell pointed to the casino. "Would she be in there?"

    "That description could be given to just about anyone in our line of work, regardless of hair colour." Mirax shook her head. "She doesn't gamble… not in that sense. The receptionist at the lobby should be of help."

    They main doors whooshed open and they entered inside. The cool of the air-conditioning greeted them and was a welcome relief to the humidity outside. They looked left and right as they moved across the open space, searching for signs of the X-Wing pilot in the lobby. Cassell slowed his pace as his gaze focused on the connecting restaurant and giftshop while Mirax marched over to the receptionist.

    He furrowed his brow as he saw someone leave the restaurant. The brief look he had matched Mirax's description. It did kinda look like Amber.

    "Captain Terrik." Cassell called out to Mirax.

    Mirax turned away from the receptionist and saw where Cassell was pointing. It was her! Without waiting for Cassell to catch up, she dashed after Adalia and followed her deeper into the building. "Adalia! Wait up."

    Before she was approached, Adalia felt the woman near and turned to her asking to 'wait up'. "Mirax?" She glanced around. "What's going on?" She sensed the woman had an urgency about her. "What do you need?" She offered.

    "We have to leave." Mirax slowed down and felt Cassell slid to a halt beside her. "The Empire is here-"

    "The Alliance is here," Cassell corrected. "We're on an Imperial owned planet."

    "Really? Not now!" Mirax shook her head. "There is a battle out there that won't end well for the surface."

    Adalia frowned as she looked at the man with Mirax. "Who are you?" She gave her head a shake, "Doesn't matter, we need to get off world, got it. Need a ride? Got the Dawn here." she said calmly, she began to walk indicating for them to follow. "What planet are we on?" That particular detail had managed to escape her notice in the luxury around her.

    Mirax was about to say it was a long story when Cassell's voice answered instead.

    "Captain Cassell Wystari of the Valkyria." Cassell gave a grand bow to Adalia. "At your service. We're on Scarif…" He straightened up. "…and I believe we're in the wrong place at the wrong time."

    Adalia spun back to face them. "Scarif? Are you kriffin' serious??" She turned to Mirax. "Not 'THAT' wrong time I hope?" Her green eyes slightly wide. She sensed no danger, but maybe that was to do with the obvious time travel they'd been through.

    "The planetary shields are still up… but who knows how long that will last." Cassell answered then remarked to Mirax. "You're right, they could be sisters from different times."

    "What are you talking about?" Adalia asked.

    "I know an Amber Tehanis."

    "My cousin? Yeah, we look alike thanks to Gma."

    "Right… So we need to act now." Mirax added.

    "I had at least thought the Resort would have given the warning once the fighters made it through the shield gate." Cassell muttered and looked to where the receptionist was then back to the two. "I be a quick moment."

    "I had to tell you before we pull out. Captain Wystari has offered us a ride, he's parked not far if the Dawn is too far…" Mirax flashed a tight smile. She could hear Cassell arguing with the Receptionist to put the venue on alert. "Corran knows and is coming in from the water so I hope we all are in sync."

    "Dawn's real close, you know how precious I am about her." Adalia grinned. "We can get out on her easily and maybe take a few kriffin' Imps with us." She said with a wink. "See you on the other side Mirax, and .....Captain!" she turned and ran toward the bungalow she and Kyp were sharing, they had to move.

    "Until then." Mirax called back.

    Cassell flashed a smile. "Message delivered. We best get back. I hope Amber had no trouble."

    TAG: Amber
  11. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Ianna Mcear, Jeen Talgana, Amber Tehanis
    The Resort pool. - Thank you @galactic-vagabond422

    The ramp dropped low and pushing against the uproar of the Valkyrias' engines she dove forward and jump down into a crouch position before getting her bearings for a hand full of seconds. Coming up she broke into a full run toward the pool deck, brushing past occupants who looked confused by the freighters presence in the resort. Rounding the last garden area she was relieved when she saw she'd reached the area already. Scanning the lounges and tables she searched for Jeen and Ianna. Her green eyes scanned and he tried to 'feel' them, and using that technique she found them and Ianna was immensely happy. She found them with her eyes and walked quickly toward them trying not to attract attention.

    Ianna was laying happily on one of the lounges kicking her feet, the warm sun played across her making her feel warm, the drinks she had making her feel even warmer. She gave a happy smile to Jeen reaching out to take his hand smile deepening. This was all so perfect, the warm sun the peaceful surroundings. Looking in the distance she saw Amber making her way toward them. The young woman began waving like a mad woman.

    "Hey Amber, I didn't know you were here too!"

    Jeen frowned at Ianna's words and turned from her to see his pilot in a body suit coming to ward them at speed. "Amber?" he questioned quietly.

    She reached them both and leaned down and spoke under her breath. "I don't want to alarm you but you need to come with me, and right now." She glanced at the sky, "This is not just any resort planet, this is Skariff and things are going to get hot here really soon. Like really hot." she hissed.

    Jeen knew his history, it was recent history and he was sure his heart stopped beating for a moment. "Are you saying it's That moment in time?" he asked almost terrified of the answer.

    Amber nodded.

    The smile slowly faded from Ianna, her face turning a little pale, " mean..." Though she wasn't the brightest, she knew of the moment in time they were talking about. She held Jeen's hand tighter feeling a little cheated, that fate was taking away her perfect moment with him, robbing her of time. She didn't protest though part of her did. She got up with a smile slipping into her flip-flops and pulling her jersey over her head.

    "Ok, where's our exit?"

    Jeen glanced at Amber and then watched Ianna go pale. He knew, everyone in the rebellion knew. He stood. "Lead the way." he said holding Ianna's hand a little tighter. They had to get out of here, they had things to do!

    Amber glanced down the beach. "Follow me and walk fast till we get past the bar then, we run." She turned and led the way.

    Ianna nodded and followed behind, they turned the corner and they broke out into a run, the sand and her footwear weren't making it easy to keep up. She was falling behind, but worked twice as hard to try and keep up. In her haste her toes caught on the sand sending her tumbling.

    Jeen had begun to drag her and when she fell he went down with her. Turning he crawled back to her. "You ok sweets?" He asked with deep concern as he put his hand on her back.

    Amber skidded to a stop. "Get up, run, we don't have time for this!" She looked up, it wasn't there yet, but it was coming, she could feel it.

    "I'm fine," she said with a smile, the pain made easy by his hand on her back. Her panting breaths and red face told of her exertion it trying to keep up. She got up brushing a bit of the sand off her taking Jeen's hand again she moved to run with him, but again she was slower than them, and slower than they needed to be to escape the fate of this planet.

    Amber saw she was struggling, this would not do and with her height and Jeen's she had a solution. Doubling back she stopped them and wrapped her arm around Ianna's waist. "Come on Jeen, piece of cake!"

    He let go of her hand and did as Amber had. "Let's do this!"

    They both broke into a run, almost lifting the shorter woman off the ground as they went.

    Ianna looked embarrassed Jeen and Amber lifting her up and carrying her. Though she didn't mind too much, their lives were in the balance they couldn't take the time for her to catch up. "Thanks," she said looking away.

    Despite the situation, Jeen was relishing the opportunity to have his arm around her, and hers around him. If they got out of this, he'd made a decision, he planned to hold her fully, the right way and with any luck, kiss her.

    Amber could see the Valkyria in the clearing, she smiled, it hadn't landed but was hovering only a metre from the ground. Clearly someone had gotten control again, she wondered if she could change that again? Maybe not here, maybe when they get out of here?

    Ianna smiled seeing the Valkyria hovering in the air that was their ride. She held Jeen a little tighter looking up at him ginning from ear to ear. Despite the imminent demise of the planet, she was happy, she had her friends and they were almost safe, she would get her time with Jeen.

    Rounding the ship she saw the ramp, it hung a little lower but not low enough. She released Ianna, "Stay put." she said panting before running to the front of the craft. She looked up and put her hands up and out flat before pushing them down. Indicating to the pilot to lower the ship further, reflections off the cockpit hid the reaction, but a few seconds later the craft got lower. Amber grinned and ran back. "Let's get on board and strap in, I think this might be a rough ride!"

    Ianna squeezed Jeen just a little before rushing up the ramp and finding a seat next to him and strapping in. Her hand held tightly to his, though she was smiling there was still a bit of fear in her, knowing the fate of this planet, knowing they didn't have time, it worried her. What also worried her was the other people and if they could escape this horrible fate. Her grip tightened a little more.

    Jeen sat down and put his belt on before making the bold move of putting his arms around her. "We're gonna be fine, Cassell will get us clear." He said confidently.

    Amber smiled but said nothing.

    It was almost natural for her to put her head against his shoulder to feel his arm around her. It was comforting in a time she needed it. "yeah...we'll be fine." She smiled getting as close as she could to him.
  12. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Adalia Tehanis, Kyp Durron
    The Resort

    Adalia broke into a run, time was of the essence if they were to beat history here. She burst through the door and looked around to find him, he was here, she knew that.

    Standing in the refresher he frowned as she burst through the front door. Turning he headed out to greet her as he could sense her urgency and it wasn't to be there. She wanted to be somewhere else. Coming to the door way he stopped. "Where are we going?"

    She spun to him. "Off world. We're on Scarif, and yes, it's that day in history." she explained as she strode past him into the room and began to stuff her gear into her bag.

    "That day?" he asked watching her. Kyp's historic education had been somewhat lacking. In fact thinking back his entire basic education had been wanting. Growing up in a Spice Mine can do that to you.

    She grabbed his bag and threw it at him. "THAT DAY!! The day the Rebellion stole the plans, the day they showed how far the Empire would go!" she explained finishing with her clothes and heading to the refresher.

    He was still confused and had no idea what she was referring to. He could clearly see and feel she meant what she was saying and duly began to put his own clothes into the bag. "When are we going?" he asked cautiously continuing to pack.

    She came out and dumped stuff into her bag. "NOW!" She turned to him. "You don't know, do you?" she asked incredulously.

    He didn't want to admit it. He had no choice, giving his head a shake.

    "Today is the day the Death Star fired up Scarif and blew up an Imperial Base in an attempt to stop the Rebellion stealing the plans for the kriffin thing!" She explained as fast and simply as she could.

    "The Death Star, here?"

    She nodded.

    "We gotta get off this rock!" He finished stuffing clothes whilst wondering why he'd not sense this.

    "Must the be the time / space continuum thing" she said from the door almost reading his thoughts, "Nothing makes sense."

    "Must be." he said closing his bag. "Let's go"

  13. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ori Shreddies
    Location: Casino

    The fellow guest had nothing to hide, and was refreshingly open: "Maybe? Dad did a lot of stuff during the war, I don't think he's told us half of it."

    The Centrality officer furrowed her eyebrows slightly, consciously suppressing most of the frown that wanted to cross her face. War? What war?

    It was fortunate that her career had not relied on a stellar result in her History exams, however she was certain that she would not have missed a war.

    The sparkly-gowned femme continued with something about ideas in heads, then asked, "So what do you do, Ms. Shreddies?"

    "Me? I'm a working girl, Ms Calrissian. Centrality Navy. Sensor operator."

    That was who she was. In herself. The Imperial Star Destroyer, and her working on it, was purely a way of getting home. Did you identify as starliner crew, simply because it was getting you from A to B?

    "Are you here for the whole week?"

    "If I can." Ori hedged. "This is my first time getting one of these invites, but I have heard a lot about them; about Time passing at different rates for different people. Often times, people say that their fellow attendees seem to freeze on the spot, one by one." Ori smiled at Mel and chuckled nervously. Hearing herself say that, scared her a bit. "Ha, I wish I had remembered that bit before I got all excited and accepted the invite."

    A staff-member's voice gabbled something over the public address, then all around the casino, Minion eyes widened, behind thick lenses if they had them; then their owners either nipped off to get, or reached down for, yellow or white hard hats, of the sort that you would see on a building site.

    Ori nudged Mel in the arm, and gestured with her glass, ahead of them to the sight. "Hey, what do you think that is about?"

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  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master

    Nobody had a good grasp of history. Some of them hadn't been alive... some of them hadn't been around... one had been in an oubliette at the time.

    Hissing, he downed his drink and threw it to the ground. He looked at the bar, which was somewhat away but still in sight. "Aryan, Rouser! DEATH STAR. RUN."

    He shouted down the beach. "BERNAEL, RENN, HELINITH! DEATH STAR!!! RUNNNN!"

    Then he kicked the sunbed before him, because the occupant was asleep, and he knew that she slept deep when in an alcohol coma. "Oi! Belligerent. DEATH STAR. RUN."

    "Does it matter how I know your names? No, it doesn't." He gestured towards the dock. "We. Need. To. Go."

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  15. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Darth Bernael and Renn Turon
    leaving Scarif

    Bernael stood up from his stool at the yelling from the dark figure. The voice was familiar but now was not the time to discuss that. He checked his wrist pad, the shields were down, and with a tap on it's command screen he headed out of the bar. As he passed Renn he turned to the Neti, "Are you coming tree?" Looking at Helinith perched on Renn's arm still. "You're welcome to come along, at least until we get out of the system." He stepped out of the bar, knowing Renn would join him, as he often did.

    Seeing the dark figure headed toward the docks he raised his voice slightly, "Why are you attempting to steal a craft to flee? Transport is already here." As he finished, he leapt into the air, and as his arc reached its peak he reached out. In the instant before his hand closed a ship appeared and his hand grasped the stanchion of the open ramp. The Fury settled toward the sands as he headed toward the hatch.

    Renn just laughed as he saw the vampire leap, he'd seen him do the same thing on multiple occasions. "Show off, drama queen, vampire!" he let loose before he headed toward the ramp. He looked at Helinith, "As the vampire said, craziness, you're welcome to join us, otherwise hope you make it offworld." He set her down gently and headed toward the Fury before him. he reached the ramp; looking back to his friend while calling over his shoulder, "Hey vampire, how'd you get your ship here, isn't it parked up somewhere right now?"

    A tight grin passed over Bernael's face behind the mask, "Yes it was, but it doesn't like to be too far away, like a faithful Krayt Dragon."

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  16. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Mel Calrissian

    Mel had never heard of the Centrality Navy, and wasn't sure where it operated. Some type of local militia, maybe. It was what Ori said next that puzzled her. "This is my first time getting one of these invites, but I have heard a lot about them; about Time passing at different rates for different people. Often times, people say that their fellow attendees seem to freeze on the spot, one by one. Ha, I wish I had remembered that bit before I got all excited and accepted the invite."

    Time passing at different rates...? People freezing on the spot? What on Socorro was that supposed to mean?
    Before she could say anything, a stream of gibberish came out over the loudspeakers. The little yellow staff began to run around putting on helmets and jabbering in excitement. Ori looked around. "Hey, what do you think that is about?"

    "It doesn't look good," said Mel. They wouldn't be about to start construction on something, would they? She reached out and grabbed one of the little beings by its sleeve. "Hey, little friend, what's going on?"

    The creature's eyes were wide. "Comma Mortsta! Gon' BOOM! BamBOOM!" it said. "Wegogo!"

    Mel looked at Ori. "I have no idea what he just said. But it doesn't sound good, either."

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  17. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Adalia Tehanis, Kyp Durron
    Private Hangar - Skarif

    Adalia tossed her bag across the common area of the Crystal Dawn, it slammed into the wall under the bench seat but she didn't acknowledge that as she ran to the cockpit. Throwing herself into the pilots seat she began bringing the engines on line and setting a launch sequence. "Scan for the planetary shields, we can't go till it goes down!" she snapped.

    He'd been on her heels, throwing his own bag with a little more control as it landed on top of the seat. He was now in the co-pilots seat, taking orders apparently. He would normally give her attitude regarding that, but it was clear he was out of his depth with this situation. Not knowing the history of this particular battle made him the vulnerable one. "On it."

    Adalia put her hands on the control yoke she reached down to the repulser lever and pulled back, the craft lifted. "Not asking permission to leave, frack 'em for putting us here." She growled. She turned the Nubian craft 180 degrees, before reaching down pulling the purple crafts nose skyward. "Hang on." she warned before pushing the foot accelerator down.

    He was used to her style of flying and did not hang on. Scanning told him the shields were still up. "Still got shields, no Death Star as yet." he reported. He had no idea how the planetary shields were going to come down, so he asked. "Who takes them down?" An honest question.

    Adalia wanted to snort insultingly for a moment but she knew his education on such things had been lacking. "The Rebellion is up there, they are trying to break through." The Time/Space was doing her head in, Wedge was up there, Leia and others she knew......but younger versions of them. She gave her head a shake to clear the confusing thoughts. "A Y wing is about to take down the bridge of a Star Destroyer, and a Ramming corvette is about to push that downed SD into another SD.........they are both about to crash through the Sheild gates and generator." It was the best and fastest way to describe the mess that was about to be made. "But that will only get the plans of the Death Star off world as the damn thing is going to appear and blow the base and every living thing off the face of the kriffin' planet!" She explained as clearly as she could considering their situation. Something caught her eye to the left and a glance confirmed her worst fears. "Holy Kriffin' hell." she snarled. "SHEILDS????" she snapped loudly.

    He could feel her stress, her fear. He looked the same direction and had to be honest with himself. He'd never seen one. Reading about and hearing about them did not do it justice. Jedi, especially Masters, were not supposed to feel fear, death was a part of life. But he had a thread of fear run through him, knowing everything below them was about to die. Through the Force he felt a trickle of fear from the surface, it was starting. Looking to his readouts he spoke evenly to control his emotions. "Shields are down."

    She spun to glance at him, his features were grey and solemn, controlled and she could feel his pain. He was feeling an awful lot more than he was letting on and she knew it was painful for him. "Course set, as soon as we are clear, punching it." she focused back on the looming stratosphere, "It's history love, please remember that, you and I can't change it." she spoke in a softer tone, the blue was graying out, they'd be jumping out in 30 seconds or less.

    She was right. He knew she was right. It didn't stop the rotten feeling churning in his gut. He gave a single nod. "I know." His breathing had increased. "Just get us out of here please?" he spoke in a tone that was riddled with emotions yet controlled. He closed his eyes, hundreds, no thousands of innocents were already dying. It was only going to get worse.

    Adalia swallowed hard, she couldn't feel what he could, but she knew it was getting to him, and glanced at her controls. Five, four, three, two......the cockpit darkened as they entered space and she duly pulled the hyperdrive lever back toward her having set the co ordinates. Starlines formed and she sat letting out a long sigh, blowing her cheeks out in relief. Being at a moment in history had become a painful and not as exciting as one would have thought. She turned to him. "You gonna be ok?"

    He gave a slow nod. "I will be, excuse me" He got up and left. He needed space.

    Adalia didn't follow, she knew him well enough to know to leave him alone now. She'd check in on him later but for now she had hyperspace to watch.

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  18. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ori Shreddies, Resort Casino
    Location: Scarif

    The junior officer was amazed when Mel just grabbed one of the diminutive beings by the sleeve, and asked it point blank, what the hell was going on.

    Why didn't I think of that?

    She knew why. It was because such uncouth actions were beneath the members of the galaxy's officer core. Common soldiers, stormtroopers, some civilians like young woman next to her, could just grab a passing sentient and make demands.

    But not the senior classes that earned officer commissions with the Centrality and the Empire.

    "Comma Mortsta! Gon' BOOM!" The little yellow staff-person was gesticulating, bringing both three-fingered palms together as if in prayer, then pulling them slowly apart. "BamBooM!"

    "Something's going to blow up." She interpreted aloud, although 'aloud' is subjective. This was a murmur.


    Shreddies narrowed her eyes at the being, then looked up and around at vague sounds of commotion from areas beyond the casino's walls, and semi-solid boundaries; then Mel giving her view, claimed her attention: "I have no idea what he just said. But it didn't sound too good, either."

    "No, it didn't, did it?" Ori greed. "I caught bits of it. 'Mort' generally means 'death' in a lot of languages, though I am not sure about the 'comma' or 'sta' bits." The blonde woman looked pensive, taking a sip from her flute, running her tongue through the tasty drink for a second, then swallowing so she could speak. "Combine his slow-motion impression of a band-camp youngling playing the cymbals, with the 'BamBoom', and I think something is going to blow up. And from the way that he is pulling out of his sleeve-" She waved the glass down to the being trying to extricate itself from Calrissian's grasp, "-it sounds like something close by. Perhaps you should let him go-"

    Death Star! Runnn!" Echoed softly from the direction of the beach.

    "Did you hear that?" The sensor operator turned towards the soft cry, unable to see anything more the wall facing the beach, and the borders of the glase-less windows, shining white with reflected sunlight. "Death Star. Run."

    The public address echoed loudly across the resort: Att-attention. Att-attention. The-the De-death Star has cleared the-the planet. Or-or is ab-about to-to at any-ny r-rate. Ev-evacuate. Th-this is n-not a drill.

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  19. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Mel Calrissian

    "Death Star?" Mel couldn't believe what she was hearing. She walked towards the doors leading to the patio and looked out. Three old T-65 X-wings streaked past. "Awright, y'all know this is just a re-enactment, right? Both of the Death Stars were destroyed during the War!" She shook her head in disgust, then grabbed another of the little people by the sleeve. They'd better hope General Antilles never found out about this.

    "Hey, baby," she said, flashing a smile, "could you put my luggage on to my ship? Lady Luck, LP 7? Thanks, sweetie!"

    The little creature's eyes widened, and he whimpered, "Ooo, hubba hubba!" and charged away, shouting, "Dave! Kevin! Fritz!"

    With a few taps on her commpad, Mel initiated the start-up sequence, and looked over at Ms. Shreddies. "So, girlfriend, you need a ride? I can drop you somewhere."

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  20. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Corran Horn and Mirax Terrik-Horn
    Location: Shoreline

    Corran watched as a pair of X-Wings flew overhead, running interception on a flight of TIE Strikers.

    They were running out of time mused as he paddled the surf ski. The fishing crew dropped him off close to shore but they ignored his warnings, citing that they leave them along and they'll leave them. The surf helped with the approach to the shoreline.

    He didn't have comms, how would he track down Mirax? As the hull skidded on the sand, Corran jumped out and dragged the board further up and dropped it along with the paddle.

    He took a moment to get his bearings... he could sense another Force sensitive nearby, the urgency of their emotions... actively seeking his? He frowned. The presence was getting closer.

    He heard the roar of the engines as a Corellian freighter shot out from over the tree line and swung around above the water. He saw the boarding ramp was lowered and a figure holding on at the edge, Mirax.

    The craft came closer and hovered above. With assistance from the Force, he leapt up and onto the boarding ramp and was pulled inside.

    Together they made their way inside and felt the ramp shudder and ascended back into place.

    A tight embrace and kiss.

    "So much for our vacation." Corran murmured.

    "I know… but there's always next time." Mirax responded and lead him down the corridor to the main hold.

    "I take it this is Captain Wystari's ship?" Corran glanced about. Somewhere aboard was that Force user.

    "Mmhmmm." Mirax nodded.

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  21. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis
    On board The Valkyria

    She'd pulled her legs up and had her arms wrapped around them, resting her head on her knees. She felt, wrong, for want of a better description. It was like the background feeling she got when in battle, but she was distracted from it then and it was less imposing. Now, with no real distraction, she was feeling it deep in her soul. Beings were dying, and some horrifically, she felt ill and the lives blinking out not too far away were becoming overwhelming with nothing else to concentrate on.

    She stared at the deck, not even listening to those around her just trying to stop from screaming. She wanted it to stop. Then there was a light, a glow even. It was getting closer, like it was really close. She raised her head and looked to the woman she'd seen earlier and she was in the embrace of a man. The man was the light, a soft glow in her mind. She stared at him, he seemed to be the good in this nightmare.

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  22. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ianna Mcear

    Ianna remained huddled next to Jeen as much as she could holding onto his hand. She never wanted to let go. Looking to the beach her stomach sank...all those people, they had to know something was coming, but, there was nothing to be done about it now, they did what they could hadn't they. The young woman threw those thoughts out of her mind. This was always going to happen, this planet's destruction, these people have already died. That thought didn't make it any easier. What did was having him by her side, Jeen she brushed her shoulder against him looking up with a smile as another couple embraced and kissed in front of them. She thought about Jeen and her like that..though she would have to get on her tippy-toes just to reach him. Looking forward she saw Amber, her friend all curled up. Not knowing what else to do she gave her the biggest smile she could. They made it through this, they would make it through more.

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  23. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic MacKenzie Hollymander
    Cockpit Valkyria

    He'd lowered the craft at Amber's signal. He understood her immediately and wondered if there was some sort of connection between them. Listening he'd heard more people boarding but till Cassell was there, he had no intentions of leaving. This was 'Skippers' ship, and till he said 'Take us out' or 'I'm taking over', they were staying put. It then occurred to him the man maybe injured. He opened an internal Comm knowing at least one occupant was back there.

    "Vixen, have we got Skipper?"

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  24. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Ic Amber Tehanis
    On board Valkyria

    She'd considered getting up and introducing herself to the man when a familiar voice came over the internal systems. Cassell was there, it was up to him to answer the call, so she stood. Cassell brushed past toward the cockpit and she crossed the deck with her hand extended, this man was drawing her in.

    "Amber Tehanis, aka Vixen." she said introducing herself to the couple.

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  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Chief Warrant Officer Ori Shreddies, Scarif Resort Casino
    Location: Scarif

    "Death Star?" Mel sounded like she didn't believe what she was hearing, however, the Centrality officer had the sense that the woman recognised the term. Still, she wasn't evacuating, and perhaps subconsciously, the blonde spacer had decided to follow her companion's lead.

    She followed as Calrissian sashayed purposefully towards the patio, and stepped out beside her to see three of those new X-Wings streak past.

    Wow, impressive-looking ships, she thought. She was glad her navy did not have to go up against those.

    "Awright, y'all know this is just a re-enactment, right?"

    Ori, meanwhile was staring at the clear blue sky above the tower that marked out the presence of the Imperial research facility. "I didn't know Scarif had a moon." She squinted, trying to see more detail on the out-of-focus white sphere. There was something, about it.

    "Both of the Death Stars were destroyed during the War!"

    Death Stars? Shreddies rubbed her biceps and stepped back a pace, as a chill wind washed in from the ocean, flapping her dress around her bottom; she had to shove a hand down fast to stop the front fluttering up too high. Exhaling in relief at the close call, she glanced around as Mel purred at another of the little people.

    "Hey, baby, could you put my luggage on to my ship? Lady Luck, LP 7? Thanks, sweetie!"

    She could feel her hair prickle as it stood up. Well, now that Mel was taking this seriously...

    The little creature's eyes widened, and he whimpered, "Ooo, hubba hubba!" and charged away, shouting, "Dave! Kevin! Fritz!"

    With a few taps on her commpad, Mel looked over at Ms. Shreddies. "So, girlfriend, you need a ride? I can drop you somewhere."

    Shreddies stared wide-eyed at her, stunned by her generosity. "Uh, yes please! How about we get safely offworld first, and then worry about where I need to go." She didn't want to burden the offer with citing that she wanted to go back to Centrality space, and she didn't even know how far from, or near to it, Scarif was. She had never even heard of the place before the invitation had appeared on the chair that she had just gotten up from.

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