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Fantasy CLOSED The Saga of the Ryujin

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Aug 30, 2020.

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    Rebecca Dragon

    A primal roar left her as the balde dug deep into Rogers chest. A spirt of crimson from the wound splashed across her face, and finally the fire started to cool. Removing her sword she watched at the body fell. Turning the blade in her hands, the point faced down, a final killing stroke. His final words reached her and her mind understood what was said but, her blood demanded his blood. Plunging her sword into his chest through where his heart should be. Her knees buckled and her head hung low her lips near his ear.

    "I will."

    Pressing her hand to the wound she felt the warm blood on her bare hand. She quickly rose to her feet covering her face with the blood of Roger the Red. With a shout that would make a dragon shutter she faced the enemy and lept with wild abandon. Free from her armor she moved like water crashing into the battle lines like a wave of steel and violence. Her off hand shot out striking a foe with a closed fist breaking ribs and nearly caving in a man's chest. Seems she picked up more than one thing from Dominus. She wasn't sure where she was going but she felt herself pulled towards her allies, to stand with them in the final fight.

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    A fun combo with Elden Lord @Shadowsun


    IC: Spark of Ignis

    The Grand Battle of Othos

    His gaze contemplated Malum and his needles- all one thousand of them. How grand. How clever. So, he timed his next move, waited until the needles had been launched and were almost upon him- and in that split second. He did split, he flashed!! Teleported!

    A fiery image of himself remained, bright and incandescent, to melt the needles in the heat of his fury, even as they struck him. The other three would appeared at either side of Malum, and one behind. These three would attack in concert, simultaneously, each performing a move demonstrated before. 'Heart Strike', 'Stomach Slicer', 'Crown Splitter'.

    Of the four, which was the real Ignis? Certainly all four were as deadly as the real one. Now who was testing whom?

    Malum tilting his head in curiosity. He had spoken and read at length of the fighting style of Ignis of the Evening Star but this was not it. It was close, indeed, but not what Malum was expecting from the old tales. Perhaps the spirit of the young man whose body Ignis was borrowing had imprinted itself in a way shifting the fighting style of the Primordial Being.

    Malum melted once more into the ground below him, the four clones of Ignis left in the eerie quiet as the earth reverberated quietly with energy.

    "For a human you certainly take after the Snow Elves, have my offspring really lost their spines so?" spoke all four in unison.

    A form of Malum arose, wind sweeping across his face, a smirk carefully placed upon it. The wind revealing two pointed ears.


    "I suppose that makes sense, I always did take more after my mother, my brother Hector took after my father, though he would not dare to admit it,"

    Malum made no movement to attack Ignis, his smile sobering as he stood there alone. Ignis would feel no activated magical seal or mark set by Malum such a hastily made one would have been detectable by one such as he. There was a pause.

    "Has the Father of all Humans slowed in millennia he has slumbered as Zikki, King of the Goblins?" inquired Malum. Ignis' eyes would flicker with a controlled rage.

    Ignis would take a single step, and the ground itself would begin to sizzle and crack, then melt. Lava would begin to spread and cover the area they stood upon, the air would begin to shimmer. The Incandescent Spear would rise, then multiply above Ignis, hanging in mid air, ready to rain down on his command. With his fingers, he would snap, causing a tremendous detonation, meant to instantly incinerate his opponent, even as his eyes charged and blazed.

    Should Malum still stand, dual beams of ocular fire were sure to cut him down to bits, just as easily as they would sunder the side of a mountain.

    The rock that had formed the false Malum fell asunder under the ocular fire of Ignis. A passing murmur then forming as a being formed out of the earth behind Ignis. Malum had pressed for a few more seconds to summon his greatest creation.

    His Golem.


    Tall it stood at eight feet, towering with pulsating purpose as lightning crackled between the fingers of the machine. Malum himself reformed opposite to the Golem, and yet close to Ignis. A wide sweep of his empty hand as a sharp metal sword ratcheted together from hilt to tip in a matter of moments to cleave at the side of Ignis. In that same moment the golem released its crackle of purple energy in a galvanic blast of sundering proportions. Of course the other three clones remained... ready to pounce on the twin pair in a moment.


    The Golem's galvanic attack would be met by Ignis' own summons. A 'magical capacitor of sorts', one he would use to keep himself filled as long as the Golem provided him with its power- but that would not be for long. The rain of incandescent spears would fall down like meteoric flashes, intent of disintegrating Malum's construct in a single strike. It wasn't trying to evade, or move. Besides, what earthly matter could withstand lances from the sun itself?

    As for Ignis himself, he would engage Malum, who had so generously appeared so close.

    The incandescent ground, a riverbed of lava, had been set, to test Malum's 'disappearing act'.

    One clone would move with blurring speed, to attempt a restraining hold from behind the armored man by bringing its arms around Malum's and pinning his arms back. A second would come from the side, to wrap its arms around his armored legs and lock them in place in an embrace.

    A gesture from Ignis, to instantly immolate the creature inside his own armor and melt it to slag in the process.

    The Golem of Malum would become speared by the immolating flashes. Its form becoming spilt as it fell to the ground. The clones would bind the figure in place as another formed behind Ignis, just out the edge of his lava bed. Thin needles attempted to pierce through him only to be absorbed in fire. A hand of the Golem, reforming in its resiliency, uncaring for the lava grabbed at Ignis' ankles pulling him down into the earth with immense strength.

    The clones that had come to bind the false Malum would find it expand in earth and lightning, binding them as they dragged deep beneath the earth, they form becoming dispelled.

    The true Malum stood, cautious in his thought, as he leapt out tendrils of lightning, seeking to bind Ignis further.

    Ignis' form allowed itself to be dragged down, almost as if testing the Golem's strength and resilience. The lava bed followed after him, like a molten drill seeking to skewer the Golem, for he himself would be unaffected by this effect. Ignis then simply teleported himself from the creature's grip and was once again standing calmly on the surface, his eyes roving over Malum, his outstretched hand reforming his Spear unto his fingers.


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    Jun 23, 2018

    She readied herself. Kaynus, one of her own, the obnoxious and attractive young one, with the future as bright as his draconic form, needed her. For his future, she would summon the last of her energy.

    Esenma ran to a position underneath the battling Kaynus and Solis. She raised her arms with open palms to the sky and her aura expanded to cover the battlefield. This would likely be the last that she could offer for the day, she knew, so she planned on making it large and dramatic. The thought brought a smile to her face. Wind wrapped itself around her, layer upon twisting layer, to the point where Esenma could barely be distinguished from the twisters that encompassed her body. Each layer could independently tear the flesh from underneath a warrior's armor, but together made Esenma's body a cyclonic torpedo.

    "Encircle me, Caelum. Embrace me Exalos. Yoru Wind Yoru."

    In all direction around her the earth started to whistle as wind began to surge upwards, taking with it chunks of earth. Hot wind that rose in a stream of force.


    Then she was gone, only a crater and a loud crack in the air.

    She rose, with blinding speed towards Solis. Her fist extended towards his underbelly. He would not be faster than her and he would not be stronger. She was putting the last of her energy into an impact that Solis, if he lived, would spend the rest of his days remembering...

    Remembering that the future was not his or his King's; It belonged to the next generation!

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    AND ABOVE....

    A sneer of cold steel looked down on the ascending Zalzabar and his creation. The heat from the beast’s lightning combined with the burning smoke that rose from the path of destruction it carved through the city.

    The flames reflected off of the Witchking’s helmet.

    As the cloud he rode upon continued to rise through the skies, more clouds began to gather around him. They were but pebbles that turned to boulders that combined into a tall, ominous smoke structure that wrapped its trails around The Witchking as if to welcome him home.


    His body became submerged in smoke, with only the helmet remaining visible to Zalzabar. Out of the smoke, a hand gripped the helmet, ripping it off Derius’ head and disappearing into the smoke.

    His eyes returned to their normal hue as sweat lined his brow. He looked down on Zalzabar.

    Cassius.” He spoke softly.

    “Zalzabar, it has been a long time since we have spoken. I wish to speak to you once more… now, before I withdraw.”

    Taran's scream continued as it's red lightning sparked down onto Derius' construct, a thundering force of a thousand suns immolating the being before it even realized what was happening. Taran came down to bind Derius, sweat lining his brow.

    Zalzabar came up with his wings of twin lightning; his own sweat mirroring Derius'. As he looked up at Taran, its presence in this world fading along with Zalzabar's Will.

    "Speak Derius, before I end you,"

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    Crux of Fate

    "It would seem your prized pupil has fallen to a dark power, Master Namekian," spoke the Orc, his eyes lingering intently on the tea cup.

    The inner garden of the Dragon Monastery was serene, seemingly an impossible contrast to the scorched earth that groaned in Athas hundred of miles away.

    Master Namekian was silent, his face impossible to read as it always was. His back was turned to the other Orc, his eyes wandering far off into the distance.

    Umar's eyes lifted from the teacup and toward his teacher.

    "If Othos falls Malum's eye will surely turn here, will it not? To what we have guarded here for centuries, that is if he is able to prize that it is here from Anaxagore's mind,"

    The silence stood for a moment.

    "He does not know, Anaxagore his duty compelled him to journey outward before he learned our deepest secrets," responded Master Namekian.

    He stepped down, and turned back towards Umar, his arms folded as he looked into the tea. The reflection showing the dueling Malum and Ignis. A faint gust of wind breezed through, the sound of Monks training carried softly in the wind.

    "How do you think they will fair Master?" spoke Umar, his dispassionate eyes flickering up.

    "I cannot say, the three in armor that serve Malum I have no knowledge of, and their strength seems considerable..." the Orc paused for a moment, his hand brought to his chin in thought.

    "Make preparations for a journey, Umar, if Othos falls we must urge King Hector to prepare for an Invasion from Taetus and Haugun," Umar gave a deep bow, his right hand placed lightly above his chest.

    "It shall be done Master,"

    As strong as Esenma was she could not be unaffected by the full blast of an Elder Ryujin. Before she even began to form her whirling, swirling armor August had already sent his Earth-Fire-Water-Wind at her. Slamming into her with a thunderous force. Sending Esenma out of her intended path and slamming into one of the nearby buildings.

    Bruised yes, but not out of the fight.

    It had happened rather quickly, as Solis now floated in the air, transformed back into his human state, his hand holding Kaynus, his head fell back limp. His mind wavering in its consciousness.

    "You disappoint me Son, all these friends of yours have grown remarkably and what do you to show for it?" He paused, his eyes beneath his helm pressing in towards Kaynus. "That same pathetic form you captured for an instant as a child? And to think you are of my blood, such a waste." His eyes wandered up towards Taran. A sharp snap of his wrist as he thrust the body of Kaynus to the ground. Falling some fifty feet or so as the body laid still and broken.

    His eyes turned to August with a scan toward Esenma. In a corner the roar of Cretaus could be heard as he saw Kaynus fall to the sky. He leapt from his hiding place, his hands held up as a unseen, unfelt wave permeated through the air, making contact with on of August's head. The head began to wither, growing old and sickly as it then began skeletal and fell to the ground disconnected from the others. The boy, the successor of Tempus, then arose as he brandished his sword toward the beast in a fool hardy manner, a back handed roar as he was knocked aside down to the streets below.

    I saw you! I don't know from where or even when you were, but you were there! Watching! But if you don't get your asses down here right now, there won't be much more to watch, will there? We might win - and I'm sure some of you won't want that - but what if, worse, you're keeping your powder dry for another day - And there isn't another day!"

    So rang the words of Arc, out towards the uncaring sky.


    "Today is a strange day young one," spoke a deep voice behind Arc.

    "To think that both Aur and Arian would give their blessings this day, now that is quite a rare thing,"

    As Arc would naturally turn around he would see a tall, large wolf-man. He was clad in a thick, strong armor, a fur cloak of some non-wolf animal hung down his back. An enormous sword held in his right hand.

    "Come now don't be so surprised Arc, did you think that Ryujin were the only beings of transformation in this world? You've seen today that's not true,"

    The Wolf-Man's eyes shone with a friendly serenity.

    "Your prayers have been answered, Arc from Beyond the Void, though not in a way you'll like," The Wolf-Man paused. "You get to choose one person to save one or one person to die. Someone's that still alive mind you," He spoke it so casually as if he had just asked Arc what he wanted for dinner. The Wolf-Man seemed to smile, for whatever reason having taken a liking to this Arc.

    "Come on now, if I stay here too long the Three will get very angry,"

    Before the blood of Roger even grew cold Rebecca would see them. Several dozen feet away from her, the dueling Malum and Ignis. Malum was easy enough to identify, one that moved as he did with the kind of dark, pointed armor was only of Haugunite make. The other... Anaxagore? A fire something at least and they would appear to have at least a passing resemblance to the Grey Paladin.

    There was a metallic looking thing too, appearing to be on the side of Malum. She would see as twin beings would teleport almost as if in tandem, moving and striking each pressing to find the others weakness. Malum was faster, Ignis being a shard of his shadow.

    Malum would raise his hand forward as earth began to form within it, firing down onto the a thirty foot radius around Ignis. Even if he formed into fire to 'teleport' he would be struck and smothered by the moving rocks.

    The golem moved in tandem to strike with a great steel sword formed from it's own arm.

    There was one saving grace Rebecca had in this moment.

    She had no magic.

    Which meant her flickering, blood stained soul would be drowned out by the wild magic crackling in the battlefield. Ryujin always did rely heavily on this perception...

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    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    Now's the time

    As Delsanra sat, gathering her energies, she cast a healing spell on herself. If nothing else, it would make her feel better, as she sat still and silent, watching the battle around her. The Ryujin she had attacked had managed to knock the blade from her hand. It did not matter. The blade was simply a tool for the spell. But with Esenma's attacks, she had done real damage to the man. Delsanra could easily attack him bare-handed if needed. But she held plenty of daggers about if needed.

    As she continued to draw within herself more, her sharp eyes watch as the one she had attacked, his armor suddenly burst apart, not one but four heads now appearing as he circled upwards. He was not that large, but the aura of an Elder radiated from him. Suddenly the four heads turned toward Esenma and all four heads spew out various elements towards her.

    A flicker of movement and Delsanra saw Cretaus moving about. She was glad to see him. He appeared to be attempting to get closer to the four-headed creature. She also saw Esenma, Ne'jin'tar, and Zalzabar suddenly get hit by strong wind and smoke. Smoke?

    Delsanra suddenly gritted her teeth again. Powerful, ancient magic was being unleashed close by. It took all she could, to keep her focus on the area around her, instead of looking for the source of such magics. It was like having a supernova go off in the back of one's mind. A wild scream broke out someplace. Possibly Rebecca. Her mind was in a flurry as she tried to process several problems at once. As the locals began to leave, there were fewer people near them now. And she realized that she was sensing a few things she had not noticed before. But what it meant, however, she was not sure.

    Another wild blast of magic around her, and she snorted hard. As her head snapped up, she saw two things. She saw as Kaynus fell unconscious from the sky. And she saw and heard the roar of Cretaus who had lept from his hiding spot, hands up. Suddenly, one of the 4 heads began to wither and die. As Delsanra's eyes went wide, as she watched as he then arose as he brandished his sword toward the beast in a foolhardy manner, a backhanded roar as he was knocked aside down to the streets below.

    Delsanra sprang into action. Within 2 steps, she changed into her Ryujin form, growing to the fullest size she could muster, as she quickly flew to catch Creatus. With a sweeping movement, she then went up and turned.

    "I will get you close." Her tail flicked and gently touched him. "In case you fall, you can float down." She grinned. "Just don't miss." She narrowed her eyes as she chose her target. In her claw, she carried an item. As she sped in a spiral path toward the target, Delsanra was casting a spell. She would hold it till the last moment. Whatever Cretaus planned to do, she knew it would be spectacular. The temperatures began to drop as she called to cold to her. The clouds began to swirl, offering cover as snow began to fall.

    She had an idea. As she moved with Creatus, if she got a chance, and August opens his mouth to breathe, he was going to get a mouthful. And if she came within striking range, her claws would do the job the dagger could not.

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    OOC: A tiny combo with the great and powerful GM and with his permission

    Delsanra & Creatus

    The Elder Ryujin was writhing in pain, he did not understand how this pathetic boy was capable of such magic. Worse still was that his superior healing factor did little to aid in the process of rejuvenating his head. With a flap of his large wings he moved to find Esenma, buried in the heap of rubble.

    Cretaus gave a simple nod, normally he would have gone bright red from just being this close to Delsanra. But now the only thoughts in his mind where to bring an end to this four-headed beast.

    The Ryujin's three remaining heads were primed to bellow into Esenma, only to sense the large form of Delsanra and the spell she was preparing with a turn of his head he moved to begin his blast toward her. As they drew close, Cretaus leaped out, barreling down towards the Elder Dragon. In a moment he flashed in and out of existence, skipping through time as he reappeared underneath the dragon. His sword plunged deep into it's chest by the heart, causing the triad of maws to grow wider in pain.

    In that same moment Delsanra chucked her 'gift' right into the open maws of the beast. She had been trying to decide how to get rid of the frozen bag of holding. Without being able to properly seal the bag, Zalzabar had stated it would only be a matter of time before he would free himself. And she did NOT want to still be holding on to the bag when that happened. What better place to be free of it. She could always purchase another bag. And perhaps she could be rid of both.

    She then slammed into August, ranking him with her claws as the spell bloodburn went off. She then spun away, looking for Cretaus as she steered clear of any possible breath attacks from the remaining heads, her shields surrounding her.

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    IC: Ne'jin'tar
    Battlefield .

    "Ne'jin'tar continue to heal the wounded and get Tempus back on his feet as soon as possible. Esenma, Kaynus is going to need a hand with this so called "Herald of the Morning Sun". Cretaus, give back up to Delsanra, be cautious it seems he can use Fire, Earth, Wind and Water natures." Zalzy have spazy eyes flicker with words, hands shock as lift as well. Ne'jin'tar no sure that healthy.

    Still, Ne'jin'tar in Ryujin form draw free water to Ne'jin'tar. Ne'jin'tar breath as Ne'jin'tar find one train little warrior Ne'jin'tar give cane to. Ne'jin'tar hope cane serve little one well.

    Ne'jin'tar find old teacher. Ne'jin'tar gather water around body. Leave hole airhole.

    "Battle not finished. Sleep when dead, or die lead others." Ne'jin'tar speak reproach to lazy teacher. Ne'jin'tar maw crack open wide as Ne'jin'tar make sure line of 'good' warriors behind Tempus. "This might sting." Ne'jin'tar paused, tilt head. "Ne'jin'tar lie. This hurt. Much."

    Ne'jin'tar then blast turgid torrent of healing water breath. Ne'jin'tar try with Ne'jin'tar teacher once before. Ne'jin'tar told most rather live injury than heal that way. Ne'jin'tar hear feel like fat water needles stitch rough through body. Ne'jin'tar no understand this, these warriors? What pain? Life. All life. All needed.

    Ne'jin'tar make all live, cost no matter.

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    IC: Arc
    Oh ****

    This was the issue with Gods, deities, powerful aliens, and the various supernatural, otherworldly and un-Regnum-ly entities.

    They intervened under the auspices of disinterest, exacted a cost for their activities, and then sod off back to where or whenever, affected an air of calculating disdain for the mortal that had piqued their domain.

    Frankly, Arc loathed the entire arrangement.

    Which undoubtedly the Wolf-Ryujin would know.

    And would not care.

    As long as Arc was outwardly polite, if not reverent.

    But he couldn't discount the truth of the matter.

    "Come now don't be so surprised Arc, did you think that Ryujin were the only beings of transformation in this world? You've seen today that's not true,"

    Wolf-Man's eyes were almost friendly.

    "Your prayers have been answered, Arc from Beyond the Void, though not in a way you'll like,"

    Here it comes.

    "You get to choose one person to save or one person to die. Someone's that still alive mind you,"

    Arc blanched.

    "Come on now, if I stay here too long the Three will get very angry,"

    And we wouldn't want that.

    Arc twitched; he really should be more grateful.

    "I appreciate that, sir," he managed to believe what he said. An opportunity was what it was. His hand lifted, ready to point.

    Esenma, Ne'jin'tar, and Zalzabar... Ne'jin'tar, Tempus, Kaynus... Creatus, Delsanra... Rebecca... Ignis... Taran... Derius...

    This was it.

    But what did he want, here and now? Peace? Order? Triumph? To Save? To Kill?

    To break all wheels?

    To buy himself a modicum of quiet?

    It didn’t feel like he had much choice now. It as black and white; kill or save. Dark or Light.

    "Kill Malum.”

    He sniffed.

    "If you need to exact a cost, take me."

    Arc rotated his hands, summoning what little he had left to muster. He'd used a lot of himself, damaged his soul, no doubt.

    But it needed to be done.

    He would save his friends, save the damn world if he had to. Save them from monsters and war and Fate.

    He wished it, and threw his entire self into a negation attack upon Zalzabar.

    So died all Gods.

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    (OOC: Thanks to @Shadowsun @greyjedi125 who collaborated on this post.)
    IC: Ignis, Rebecca Dragon

    It was over, the monster was dead, slain by her cursed blood. Her eyes darted around looking for some place she could be of use. Her eyes fell on Malum, and his silver shadow battering a being that had flashes of resemblances to Anaxagore. It wasn't perfectly him but, it was good enough and Malum wanted him dead, that was a plus. Moving with superhuman speed borne by her blood she interposed herself between the metal man and the Grey Paladin. She had her blade up blocking the strike meant for the other man.

    "Finish this Pretty Boy!" she called out her face covered in both hers and Rodger's blood.

    Ignis body was coiled to respond to any threat in a flash of power. The Fire Spear alight as it was held in both muscular arms. It deigned to look over its own shoulder at the 'Bloody Woman'- which in turned caused him to huff- wether in amusement or disdain was impossible to tell. He certainly did not need defending, yet it was also true that Malum was still 'standing' despite his repeated attacks. More to the point, the woman had actually managed to 'block' an attack from his armored opponent without faltering.

    All this transpired in a blink of an eye, as Ignis reacted at the opportunity. The Fire Spear was thrust forward as it burst with a wreath of bristling fire, aimed at Malum's armpit- and his head.

    The flash of fire from Ignis immolated the rock destined for him as he moved to strike Malum. His eyes shifted for a fraction of a second towards the unexpected newcomer with a mild look of surprise. His attention distracted for just a moment as spear of Ignis plunged up through his armpit, a flash of metal as Malum's other hand came up. Sparks of fragmented metal rang through the air as blood trickled down Malum's side. The spear plunged all the way up through his shoulder, pinning his free hand against his cheek that had been brought up in defense.

    His fingers wrapped round the tip as he skin began to sear. His eyes flickered toward Ignis, Malum's face resolving back to a grim malice as the rock below Ignis coiled round his ankles like a whip pulling him into the earth before shooting him up into the air. His spear ripped out of his hands.

    No doubt he would be back within a moment. Malum stood, in no notice of Rebecca as the Golem shifted down with it's weight, moving the sword in a crude but powerful strike toward the warrior. The Haugunite King breaking the tip of the spear as he then pulled out bottom half, chucking it to the side.

    "One arm will have to do," he muttered to himself as he noted the severed connections in his arm his other hand placed against it as he ripped off his arm, throwing it to the side, lightning crackling against the open wound to cauterize it as he looked up at the heavens for the returning Ignis.

    This new version of Anaxagore seemed unconcerned with her presence, barely even noticed her. It seemed she was an insignificant part of this fight, given the way Malum simply ignored her. At the very least she had the attention of the golem, it was a start. With slow but clearly powerful movements the metal man lifted his sword. Taking advantage of her increased mobility, lacking any armor on her upper body, she moved out of the way. Grabbing hold of her blade she halfsworded her blade and tried to jam her blade into the wrist trying to limit his flexibility.

    Rebecca's blade fit neatly into the moving wrist, grinding against the metal as the Golem struggled to move. Its sheer force pushing forward toward Rebecca with a strength exceeding that of Roger's. A bounding mountain sliding across the broken earth, it's dead eyes fixated on it's singular purpose. It's other hand, coming round for a death grip, seeking to grab whatever it could find.

    Rebecca quickly ducked out of the way of the hand she didn't feel like having the life squeezed out of her but she couldn't very well let this monster keep going. Seeing what happened with his wrist she tried the same trick. With a single hand on her blade, and the other holding onto the metal shoulder of the beast she rammed her sword into the back of the knee shoving it as deep as she could to bring the man down...maybe then she could find a way to stop it permanently.

    High above in the air, Ignis huffed. His hair fluttered all about as he turned in mid-air, and angled himself towards Malum. His hand flexed, frustration pouring into his veins at the weakness of this spark of his soul. His mind thinking of the frightful words he had overheard through Anaxagore's ears. The fears of this Zalzabar and Kenrinth... the fears that were this 'Malum Dragonson'.

    Would their fears withstand the might of a falling meteor?

    Ignis became ablaze, his aura flaring out, once, twice, thrice. He became a roaring fireball that ignited the very air before him. He locked-on to Malum as he fell from the sky, intending to crater the man and everything around him- then finally turn him into so much ash.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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    Jun 26, 2017

    Cretaus in a moment of precognition would leap away from the screaming, roaring August Bile. His quick pace bounded toward the flying Delsanra slipping but ultimately grabbing onto one of her claws. It was in this same moment that an August exploded, black tendrils of Void-Space ripping through blood and bone as Ulfric shredded back into reality. It would lash out whipping and turning as some tendrils scored against Cretaus and Delsanra's Draconic legs. Flashes of intense pain taking them both as they rode away. A face of shadow laughed within the network of darkness as it emerged from the corpse of August Bile.


    Arc would recognize that image.

    "Kill Malum. If you need to exact a cost, take me."

    The Wolf-Man smiled; well, it would seem that way to Arc as he gave a nod of his head. But it was then marred in shock as in the slowness of time the Wolf would see Arc ready himself to attack his comrade. The one that had taught him the Secret of the Elder Ryujin. Though perhaps one could not be surprised at such a thing. As Arc felt his mind and body spilt once more at the seams his vision growing dark before in a flash his vision grew clear, his magic dissipated as the Wolf-Man stood tall over them a hand placed on their shoulder.

    "So, it would seem I was mistaken to see anything in you, Arc, Void-Born," The hand squeezed as the sword came up and through Arc's body plunging deep into him.

    "I have no special love for this Malum or Zalzabar, but to see one given such a gift as you were and then only to turn and attack their comrade..." The sword twisted and turned as Arc now lay in two separate pieces on the floor.

    "One could easily think you had a Deathwish this day Arc," As the light of Arc's eyes dimmed once more.

    "But it matters not, you hate what you perceive me to be and there is nothing I can do to change that hatred nor are you deserving of such a thing," There was a mix of sadness and disappointment in the voice of the Wolf.

    The Wolf-Man began to fade.

    "Goodbye, Arc,"

    . . .

    If Helen could see Ne'jin'tar spring from person to person healing them with his magic in the manner in which he did. Tempus coughed in pain as his eyes awoke, he crumbled his way up, looking up his body taking a moment to adjust. At that time Ne'jin'tar would come across a peculiar locket, it had been near the sight in where he and strange Mirkin had been dueling. Its chain was broken and on top was a strange symbol of a fish circling itself.

    That was not what was strange. What would strike Ne'jin'tar is that his mother once owned an identically looking locket. He would in a bygone age play with it as a baby, grasping it in his small fingers. If he were to pick it up and try to open it he would it sealed, the latch seemingly jammed. He would be distracted within a moment however as something would catch his attention, his eyes snapping up from a reaction from Tempus.

    "By the Three... no... Zalzabar..."

    . . .

    The golem's mass would prove a hindrance as the deft Rebecca would see the large metal beast fall. His attack a moment prying merely glancing across Rebecca's arm, it would leave a nasty bruise but nothing more. His body lay flat on the ground, already beginning to move up. Despite her movements and taking it down it otherwise seemed unharmed by her attacks, 'killing' it would prove a troublesome issue. One complicated by another factor as she would begin to feel the heat against her skinl, out of the corner of her eye she would see Ignis barrel down towards the three of them. A meteor of pure fire hurtling with an apocalyptic fury with nowhere to run or hide.

    Malum's eyes grew in awe but not shock, marveling at the power of this mere shard of Ignis. A voice would then ring in the twin ears of Ignis and Anaxagore.

    "Be still my love, this man is not your foe,"

    Ice would then protrude itself from the back of Malum, forming into the shape of a person as Ignis then realized where that ice from earlier had come from. His assumption had been that this Malum was an ice mage, but no... that had not been it.

    Some distance away, within the city walls, Delsanra would feel a pang in her heart. Was it guilt? Or a sense of homecoming? Of a Queen once promised now having returned?

    The figure's details began to finalize taking shape as she stood tall and proud in front of Malum, her thin skeletal fingers outstretched before her. An emminet bone crown sat upon her head, her lips poised as she spoke soft words.


    Gelida, First Queen of the Snow Elves

    The second part of Sapientis stood before the falling meteor, no mere shard. She never had been locked away within the void, trying to leak out in pieces to rebuild themself. No - long had she slumbered under the earth, deep below Xan. Until she had awoken, it was this, after all, what had begun the whole saga to begin, why Zalzabar had sent out his invitations in the first place.

    And now she stood, ice breathing into the space before her, open wide and fast. Moving quicker and stronger, the crystal was pure and perfect as it consumed Ignis. Steam spat in all directions as he fell to earth. Her ice reformed effortlessly to guide him to her open arms, taking him in at a quiet embrace. His face and hair were now that of Anaxagore's, his mind deep asleep and battered.

    Her head turned to Malum.

    "Go... finish this,"

    . . .

    Delsanra, Esenma, Tempus, Ne'jin'tar, and Cretaus would all see it. Zalzabar's head cast down, blank falling down and out of a black cloud formed by Derius. He had been stabbed in the back and that wound was now infested with the black ichor of Derius. Beyond that his face was in shades of deep red and black. Bruises and blood formed on his face. His healing slowed and failing as he continued to fall. A blast of deep purple lightning forming in the sky below him, a gothic armored man catching Zalzabar. Malum Dragonson. One of his arms was lacking in metal, freshly reformed courtesy of his previous dueling foe.

    Ulfric's tendrils ceased their erratic movement, the entire city seemingly growing still and quiet as Malum floated holding Zalzabar in his arms. His voice was soft but pierced the air, so clear that all those would hear him for miles around as if he were whispering in their ears as he was to Zalzabar's. The eyes of Zalzabar half opened in strain as they looked up to Malum's pain filled with them as Malum's impassive face stared back at him.

    "You fought valiantly Father," spoke Malum softly. His eyes hovered in a moment as Zalzabar closed his own, and breathed quietly. "I'm sorry," it sounded not directed at Malum though he would mistake it as such.

    "Save your apologies for Mother when you see her," It would be at this moment that Zalzabar feared his comrades would wish to throw themselves at Malum, assail him in multiple ways, and attempt to pry Zalzabar away from him. They would die if they did.

    "Thank you Derius, thank you for saving this moment for me. One I have waited so long for," It was at this moment that Zalzabar pushed himself away from Malum, coughing blood up as he tried to cast a spell. A thousand years ran in Zalzabar's heart and mind. A thousand pains and a thousand prides. Lightning began to eek out on the edges of his body, before within an instant a shard of metal pierced through the heart of Zalzabar Dragonson.

    The last thing his comrades would see would be his body sliding down the metal spike connected to Malum's gauntlet, Zalzabar's final breath released as lightning began to wrap around those left defending the city. And in the next moment... they were gone.

    FINAL TAG: @greyjedi125 @Ktala @The Jedi in the Pumas @Mitth_Fisto @galactic-vagabond422 @Sinrebirth

    Pumas you can put up that combo ;)

    Note: For clarification, all players have been teleported away. To where you do not know. Final actions they wish to take before that point they may do so and I will resolve them in the next, final update.
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    Jun 26, 2017
    1/6 - Loreth, The Hidden Depth

    The young, often impetuous, Wood Elf stood before the Forest Throne. The Council of the Woodland Wise gathered around her as imposing specters.

    "What of it Taella?" paused the Elven King, Miirphys Elyon, his eyes dispassionate and firm, gazing deeply like pools of the seas upon the Elfling.

    "Your grace... if this Malum conquers Othos he will seek to come down here with his forces. Wishing to make contact with Noxtoten,"

    There was an awkward, stunned silence at the mention of this name. Mirrphys responded:

    "You know better than to mention that name here," he paused, his hand brought to his chin. "And who tells you this?"

    "Lord Zalzabar," she responded with conviction. An awkward silence breezed over the council, though Taella could not place why.

    "Zalzabar?" The old Elven King paused, his hand brought up to his lips in thought. "t is not the place of Elves to interfere with the lives of the Dying. And the last time a major Elven House came to the aid of Zalzabar Dragonson... well..." There was a quiet somber nod from the rest of the council.

    Taella's face grew wide in confusion, the words repeated on her lips softly.

    "Zalzabar D-Dragonson?"

    "Yes. Though the Civil War of Zafir may have faded from the memory of the Dying it has not faded from the memory of the Elves. Zalzabar Dragonson, Son of Mir Dragonson, Father of Magnus and Hector Dragonson," Miirphys spoke this with a measured calm, his effortless deep voice piercing the air as his eyes did so in rhyme.

    "We will not send aid to the Betrayer of Elves," spoke the Elf King.


    "My decision is final,"

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Two parts of a cloak fell to the ground and drifted...

  14. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    2/6 - The Xan Desert

    The desert was quiet. The still, eerie noise of the sun beating down on charred dirt below. The dry tufts of grass were the only signs of anything growing within the harsh desert. A small herd of Philacha were grazing in the quiet space, their thick armored plates reflecting neatly in the warm sun.


    This monotonous silence was broken, spooking the Philacha, by the thunderous sound of hooves. Twin sides of the flat plain crying out in pain as hordes began to arise from the horizon, their screams and war cry piercing the air.

    Then there was a shift, a turn along the desert floor as they all felt the ground pulsate. The vibrations grew faster, their steeds growing scared as they struggled for control, the ground cracked in two as a great chasm emerged from beneath them all, consuming them all.

    The Pit was vast, two hundred feet across in length, unmelting ice crowning the edge of the great ring. Its crystalline structure sublime in every way as the two Orcs looked down into the very depths of the black pit. The larger of the two orcs had a massive blade in his hands, blue war paint covered his skin, and his eyes were filled with scorn looking down to the depths of the pit.

    "Xoth'ug'wajin want to know... Ur'wa go," spoke the larger orc named 'Ur'wa', neither orc had ever quite seen anything like this. The other, Kri'ar, picked up a nearby rock and threw it into the pit, no sound could be heard. "Dirty magic, Kri'ar no like. Kri'ar think magic of South Xan,"

    "Too up north," responded the other. His glare continued to gaze at the shifting sands.

    "We go, no safe,"

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    Jun 26, 2017
    3/6 - Zafir, The High Palace

    The King's eyes would wander from his advisors, and go on at length on concerns of rebellions, the Fae and the Lizardmen were proving troublesome once more, as they always were. Not to mention the lengthy 'war' they were still engaged in with the Lizardmen of the Great Jungle. The threat of internal collapse had never been higher during Hector Dragonson's long reign than it had been now.

    Hector Dragonson, First Born of Zalzabar Dragonson
    His eyes would wander to the small green garden just beyond the window of the council room. His three children were playing within the grassy grounds, small sparks of electricity would leap between them as they sparked one another harmlessly. A soft smile fell upon his lips as he watched, and then...

    A pain pricked his heart, small and forgettable at first but then growing to a great roaring somber sadness within him. His eyes dipped, a conflict of emotions going through his being as his head turned to view his advisors.

    "Yes, the garrison increase along our southern ridge can have the increase it is asking for from the crown but only two thousand men not the ten thousand they are asking for, now forgive me councilors but there are other matters that require my attention,"

    With a nod and a deep bow each of them left, leaving the small space empty as Hector sat there alone. He sat for several moments before standing up and walking to the book stand within the room, his fingers running across their spines until he found a small journal. The front was pressed with the mark of House Dragonson, opening it up he looked at the first page.

    These are the writings and musings of Zalzabar Dragonson from 2862 AZ to 3020 AZ entrusted to his Son Hector may it serve him well.
    His eyes stood still reading the line over and over again, his eyes unsure if they wanted to water or inflame in rage.

    "I would have liked to at least say goodbye you old bastard..." he spoke softly with a touch of fondness as he then closed the book and placed it back on. It seemed there would be a new threat to the west.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    The Final Post

    Ne'jin'tar see many things, many bodies. Ne'jin'tar stop, need breath - a moment. Ne'jin'tar see locket, odd locket. Wrong locket. Locket no be there, but locket was there. This where Ne'jin'tar defeat enemy, Ne'jin'tar wash away bits. Locket chain broke. What wrong was top of locket. Ne'jin'tar knew that symbol of a fish circling itself. Ne'jin'tar knew it, one place.

    Ne'jin'tar mother had same locket. Ne'jin'tar play with when Ne'jin'tar little desert chub. Ne'jin'tar shrink back to Ne'tar, body and mind. Trembling hand lift locket. The latch seem jammed. Or was Ne'jin'tar as Ne'tar not strong enough? Ne'jin'tar hold of Ne'jin'tar! Ne'jin'tar got this. Then bad patient get Ne'jin'tar attention.

    "By the Three... no... Zalzabar..." Little Warrior's Teacher say.

    . . .

    Ne'jin'tar look up. Ne'jin'tar no have words for what Ne'jin'tar see!

    Ne'jin'tar remember pre-battle plan. Ne'jin'tar wonder if come to pass.

    Ne'jin'tar squeeze locket as see many sparks.

    Ne'jin'tar earn Jin today as any Orc accept. Ne'jin'tar killed. Ne'jin'tar saved. Ne'jin'tar . . .survived.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Neither Heir Nor Protector


    The Fire had gone out, leaving behind only Darkness

    And in the wake of Darkness, there was only Death and Ice

    The broken body of the warrior tasted only failure, while the mind sundered under resounding defeat

    Betrayal most foul was the recompense of trust, finally extinguishing foolish innocence and useless naivety

    The King was dead. The City had fallen. What hope was there then, for the Kingdom, naked and hopeless in the face of undeterred Evil

    Revel ye in your mounds of corpses, carouse and make merry, in your fields of skulls

    Oh, but to die, to sleep, perchance to dream

    Nay, there would be no such solace found, neither within nor without

    Consigned is the mind, imprisoned to fore'er know failure

    Mourn not this present age, for it died in a flash of Lightning, Long Live the King!

    Mourn for those still living, weep deeply for their souls

    The Long Winter has Finally come. Hark! A Crown of Dead Bones

    Bid thee Farewell…

    To Light

    Remember not…

    To Hope
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    Jun 26, 2017
    4/6 - Mezar, Deep Below

    The depths of the mountains had always been a hidden place to Zafir. Even when they established contact and began to deepen their alliance with the Snow Elves of Mezar, not a human soul had ever seen the internal core of Mezar. Well, except once, though that was a unique circumstance.

    It was within this hidden space that a small group of Elves convene. The population of the Elves had dwindled in recent times, far beyond what Zafir had suspected. It was of a matter related to this, or perhaps to the ever-growing problem of the Lizardfolk, that they had gathered to discuss. They being the Snow Council, though not all were present in this moment. Though akin to Delsanra thousands of miles away they would all feel the pulse in the same moment, a deep knowing within their hearts.

    Adalaide, Fifth Queen of the Snow Elves
    "So the Mother has taken another move," spoke one of the councilors.

    Eldrin, Master of Shadows
    They rest of them sat of silence, none of them speaking the obvious of what they all shared in their collective minds. Their faces cast down in deep, troublesome thought.

    Zeda, Princess of Mezar
    "A great war will sweep over the world..." spoke Adalaide, her face calm and impassive.

    Vasilis, Lore Master
    "To bend the knee to Gelida or to join with Zafir. In either case our people are now in the greatest peril since our forebearers rebelled against the Three," she continued her eyes growing soft in thought.

    Lin, Champion of Mezar
    They continued to sit and would continue to do so for many days. Such was the way of Elves, but evermore so of the Snow Elves, deliberate, cautious, and ever diligent in their work.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    5/6 - The Red Devil

    The blood grew excited and warm, its will and desire shifting and expanding as death repaid its debt. A shrill cry from thousands of leagues echoed away as the eyes of King William Elwarin glimmered down to what had been wrought.

    "It is done sir, we have eliminated the erroneous blood that had defiled all previous subjects, what remains now is one complete and true to your will and more vastly, more importantly, one that can transform into a true Ryujin," spoke a mage, a group of them gathered on the stone raised platform that looked over the pit below. Elwarin's demeaning eyes gazed down to the being below.


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    Delsanra ...
    A Chapter closes

    Delsanra cupped her claws so that she would not lose Cretaus, as she wheeled away from the one they had just attacked. And not a moment too soon as Ulfric exploded from the body of the other, forming once again. They barely managed to get away, but an intense wave of pain stuck her, as she managed not to move away fast enough. She hoped she had shielded Cretaus from the most of it.

    She shifted slightly as she spun around, moving back towards the others when suddenly she felt something she could not explain or understand. But she felt that it was something deep and of importance. Something within her stirred, in a way she had never felt before. But it felt lie she should know. And then she caught sight of something that would forever haunt her.


    was no more.

    And then Malum's near words made her felt as if she had suddenly frozen...

    "You fought valiantly Father."


    Zalzabar murmured something and then spoke one last time. "Thank you Derius, thank you for saving this moment for me. One I have waited so long for." Suddenly Zalzabar began to sparkle with lighting, and before anyone could react to Zalzabar being stabbed in the back, Delsanra felt the type of magic she recognized so well. As the sparkle of lighting surrounded her, she let out a roar. Confusion, pain, and sorrow all seemed to cover her as her mind tried to make sense of what had just happened as she felt the touch of teleportation magic.

    And now?...
  21. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Moments before....Zalzabar and Derius

    Derius’ face began to deteriorate; pieces of flesh dissipating and flowing away in wisps of smoke, uncovering a bits of the skull underneath.

    It would seem odd that the skull continued to speak and not in Derius’ voice.

    “End me? I have no plans to die on the battlefield for another man’s dreams, yet alone your son’s.”

    The words became little more than a whisper as Derius' aura began to fade; Not in the semblance of the last effects of a Dying man’s will, no…

    “Does it not strike you as odd that I brought no other forces with me than a handful of mages and my aide? Malum was confident in his military force and his Winter Court and… here we are. You’ve decimated his force and are on the precipice of victory.”

    Zalzabar's eyes looked vaguely towards the numerous bodies of Derius' forces that he had illuminated with his lightning, his eyes returning to Derius. A moment of sadness passed over him.

    "This fight is far from over until, not until my Son is put to rest,"

    Zalzabar paused.

    "It did not have to be like this Derius, this maddening pursuit of yours will only bring ruin to Taetus by the hands of those that oppose you or that of Sapientis. He cares not for mortals no matter whatever lies he may have fed you,"

    The skull’s eye sockets contained a dim green hue that flared at the mention of Taetus.

    “Malum… Ignis…. Sapientis… Even you, Zalzabar. You all do not know what it is to not be ryujin. You seek to empathize or control those that have always been treated as lesser.”

    “We are of like minds, Zalzabar: I did not wish for it to be this way either, but we are what we are. I am the reckoning of this world and all that seek to control it; be they men, gods, or ryujin.”

    The skull cracked and turned to the side, it’s eyeholes focused on the altercation between August, Solis, and Zalzabar’s group.

    “You should go and save them. Othos will be lost, either today or the next.”

    Zalzabar's aura faded for a moment, the tendrils of Taran fading as he began to cough. Blood trickling at a corner of his mouth as his eyes focused on Derius. Taran's aura dwindled as the dust began to rise up from the ground in a swirling display.

    "Perhaps you are right..." spoke Zalzabar, his voice quite, strained. "But I will not allow you to see it," Taran swirled back into Zalzabar, his hair glowing a bright blue white once more as his sword of lightning crackled in his hand, his sword coming down to strike at the neck of Derius, Witch King of Taetus.

    A chill rang down Zalzabar's spine. A fear that he battled through and held firm as his blood coursed with lightning.

    The lightning strike severed the head of the corpse and the light faded completely.

    Schneider watched from afar and patted his head rhythmically. His tattoo ignited and his will grew to supply the arrival of Cassius and Derius, the summoner supreme bringing the Witchking with him back to the battlefield.

    Derius leered at Zalzabar. “You should’ve retreated when I offered you the chance.”

    Schneider raised a hand towards Zalzabar, the pressure of gravity rapidly increasing around the lord of lightning. A pink sword of wind materialized behind Zalzabar and pierced the back of Zalzabar.

    Zalzabar's eyes narrowed in frustration as he felt the air grow thick and heavy, his body moving in a sluggish moment as began to turn.

    A gasp of pained breath as Derius would see the edge of the wind sword protrude through Zalzabar's chest.

    The blue white hair of Zalzabar's hair flickering back to its natural black as he grunted in frustration. A tendril of lightning flicked out in a moment of impulse swatting Schneider away but not otherwise harming him as Zalzabar breathed heavy in pain. The swirling winds of the sword only aggravating the pain as he moved to dispel it. His eyes looked toward Derius, his hair ragged...a lingering thought in the back of his mind that the wound was not healing pushed to the side as he teleported aside Derius. He swung his galvanic sword in a fast movement for a normal human, but pathetically slow for the Elder Ryujin.

    Derius reacted to the movements without conscious thought. One smoke-clouded hand went to grab Zalzabar’s wrist to stop his swing before an ejection of wind from Derius’ forearm separated the appendage from his body.

    The Dark Elf dashed closer to Zalzabar, but avoided touching the man directly. There was a moment where they locked eyes before Derius shouted:

    “Vol Brum: Ex Pans!”

    His left hand was open towards Zalzabar’s open wound and spewed Derius’ toxic, thick smoke directly into the Elder’s wound before engulfing both of them.


    There was a heartache that came with witnessing Zalzabar be killed by his own son.

    The loss of her friend.

    At the hands of a son.

    While her own son likely sought to do the same to her.

    As her body coursed with lightning, Esenma beaten and battered face had a single tear rolling down the side of her face.

    Oh Zalzy, my dear.... Heat up the teapot for me and open a good book. They're ready. I promise they're ready and they will set this world right...

    Schneider largely ignored the murder of Zalzabar by Malum. The arrival of powerful entities had pulled his attention. His typical, characteristic grin had lessened for a moment.

    Derius watched Malum kill his father, but like Schneider it was not the only thing on his mind. He'd mourn Zalzabar later.

    "Cassius, send word to Zomo to prepare the fleet."

    Schneider leaned in next to his King once Cassius disappeared.

    "You're closer than you've ever been before, Derius. Will all of this be worth it?" He asked in his own voice; a voice that Schneider had not used in decades.

    Derius eyes flared a sickly green flare. Schneider knew the answer without asking.

  22. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Rebecca Dragon
    The final act of the Dragon

    She could feel the metal monster trying to move, trying to get up. That could not be allowed. Scrambling even as the heat grew on her skin her hands found steel and metal from broken weapons and armor. A broken sword was slammed into the other knee, an axe with a snapped shaft was chopped into the elbow taking several tries to do so. A dagger, still whole was driven into the other arm. Her plan was to completely immobilize the monster then deal with the rest. With all the joints she could get at jammed she took up a mace and started pounding.

    Again and again the borrowed weapon fell on the metal monster. The rest of the world fell away the battle of magic and the death of the father by the son's hand didn't matter to her. The battle was there's wasn't it? They had all the pieces, they had all the power. She had a monster at her mercy and it would fall.

    The mace broke the head shattering against the frame of the living mountain. Undeterred she took up a halberd from the ground stabbing the point of it into the gaps she'd made or already existed. It would die it had to. That weapon too snapped leaving only one option. Her sword which was currently stuck in the beast's right knee.

    She took the risk taking up the Dragon's Talon and trying to punch through the armor with brute strength something she had in spades. The sturdy blade made of the finest metal chipped away almost getting to the neck.

    "Die you Bast…" She didn't get to finish her challenge…at least to her target.

    She was quickly taken away from the battle, sent to some far off place she didn't recognize. Anger rose in her, fury at being denied this kill.

    "What happened?" She growled face covered in blood. "The battle was ours was it not." Her hands gripped hard around the blade. "How did we lose? Why?" Her mind was confused and angry and no answers were being given…what was she to do next?

    With a shout that could be heard for miles she let the frustration out, the anger, the pain of loss.

    She'd killed Roger, she'd stopped the monster, why had they lost? How did they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    It didn't make sense. Not to her.

    "Where is Othos from here, we are not done…"
  23. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The End

    The sky wept. The seas simmered. The Earth quaked. The Three could feel the pain of the world, and do naught but watch.

    For the World had now passed into a Dark Age.

    The Kingdom of Regnum stood in Haugun's wake, waiting for their own harrowing.

    And yet there was that elusive glimmer...

    The one placed forward from Zalzabar unto his friends as his eyes matched that Esenma, with eyes slowly losing their life as the her vision then faded.

    Careened and moved forward.

    Bent and moved backward.

    Confused and dying.

    The spell was without focus.

    Without clarity.

    It was the last hope of a dying man imparted onto the million souls it had whisked away.

    But whereunto would they be transferred?

    To fate. For fate had divined a new course for them all.

    Soon their eyes would awaken.

    Rebecca and Dominus in a gladden field surrounded by a handful of city folk...

    Anaxagore and Delsanra within a grand moving city, far removed from that of Othos itself....

    Esenma and Ne'jin'tar surrounded by a dark and vibrant wood...

    And Arc... gone, mayhaps...

    Such was the... The Fall of the Ryujin.



    No responses, that would be handled in a potential next game. (More on that in the OOC thread)

    @greyjedi125 @galactic-vagabond422 @Sinrebirth @The Jedi in the Pumas @Ktala @Mitth_Fisto