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    Greetings, Starfighter!

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    [hl=black]SFAF Forum Threads[/hl]
    -[link=]SFAF Social Thread[/link]
    -[link=]Banner Submission Thread[/link]

    [hl=black]General Genre & Technology Threads[/hl]
    -[link=]3D TV Sets[/link]
    -[link=]Adaptations: The Books and Comics That We Want Turned Into Movies[/link]
    -[link=]Anime Suggestions[/link]
    -[link=]The Golden Years: Fantasy Films of the 70s & 80s[/link]
    -[link=]Hollywood is Finally Doing Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films Right[/link]
    -[link=]How Much Has CGI Helped?[/link]
    -[link=]Kamikaze Attacks in Sci-Fi Film & TV[/link]
    -[link=]Movies- how would you have done them differently?[/link]
    -[link=]Syfy wants a new space opera series to replace BSG and Farscape[/link]
    -[link=]Who are your favorite (Non-Star Wars) ROBOTS?[/link]
    -[link=]What was that movie?[/link]
    -[link=]What Was the Last Movie/Show You Watched?[/link]
    -[link=]Worst Moments in TV & Movie Fantasy History[/link]

    -[link=]28 Months Later[/link]

    -[link=]Alice in Wonderland (Burton)[/link]
    -[link=]Alien Resurrection[/link]
    -[link=]Aliens vs Predator[/link]
    -[link=]Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (General Discussion)[/link]
    -[link=]Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Episode By Episode & Reviews)[/link]
    -[link=]Angel (Episode By Episode)[/link]
    -[link=]Avatar (James Cameron)[/link]
    -[link=]Avatar: The Last Airbender[/link]
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