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Saga The SONIM threat a Siri-Wan adventure with fanart completed

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    Aug 21, 2006
    The SONIM threat a Siri-Wan adventure for the Nano competition
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Clone wars shortly before the mission to Azure
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, OC’s
    Genre: HC
    Summary: Siri wants to celebrate her birthday with Obi-Wan alone but a mission leads to a stubborn visitor of the Jedi and a most remarkable birthday party for her.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the Mouse
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    Aug 21, 2006
    The SONIM threat

    Chapter 1

    1 welona


    Jedi temple
    Garden of a thousand fountains.
    The garden of a thousand fountains was eerily quiet. Only leaves, making dappled patterns on the grass and paths, were rustling in the artificial wind. The artificial sun was setting and giving the trees and bushes and waterfalls and fountains a yellow glow.

    The Jedi high council had ended a session – mainly about where and when to deploy troops – one hour ago. High council members attending the session as holograms had returned to their missions.

    One of their members had – after visiting the famous Jedi cook Serinka in his restaurant for a quick meal – sauntered towards the garden of a thousand fountains.

    He was Obi-Wan. He remembered. Seven days and he would celebrate Siri’s birthday if Republic command didn’t send her or him away with troops to fight another battle. But being on the Jedi high council he could try – or do as Master Yoda always reminded him – to be in the Jedi temple on that day. Obi-Wan’s last birthday – his 37th – was held in captivity. He had been tortured by Asajj Ventress in the dungeons on Ratatak. Master Yoda sure would approve. The little master saw the pure love between the two Jedi and the bond formed after the horrible events on Jabiim and Ratatak. Siri had been in a way responsible for his full recovery. Midi-chlorians – asleep, no hibernating and quite unresponsive – had been healed. Healers – among them Kaagi Adin and Aaqu Maerhin – were still wondering why and how the midis started to behave again.

    Obi-Wan still had dreams about what had been done to him by Asajj Ventress. He knew why. He wanted to lead her to redemption. He had heard about her upbringing on Ratatak. He had seen the statue of Ky Narec, a Jedi – presumed lost – who had a great influence on the child. He had felt her anguish when he had taken the lightsaber from Ky Narec. That was after escaping with Alpha. During his captivity he had felt the insecurity of Asajj Ventress when she was torturing him. A Sith-mask had been conquered by him. Pure and unconditional love had been responsible for that. Inside Asajj he had discovered a spark of good, of light and a very frightened little girl. Going to find her would have to wait. He didn’t know where Asajj Ventress or her master Count Dooku was. Dreams, haunting dreams about Asajj Ventress; he coped with them as they came. Siri mostly was there – if not in person she was brushing his mind – when he woke after such a dream. Or she managed to meet him in one of the meditation places he favoured since his childhood.

    The war had aged him. The ginger hair at his temples was showing grey. Fine lines of worry were now marring his handsome face. Siri teased him endlessly with those greying temples and the occasionally grey hairs in his Nerf-fur. Beards and moustaches were invariably called Nerf-fur by Siri. And he had argued with her since he had begun to grow the Nerf-fur. ‘It makes me more adult. Look at those civilians,’ was his comment when he saw members of the Jedi temple fire-department on an exercise. Siri had replied that firefighters always spotted Nerf-fur under their noses.

    A small smile appeared on the worried face when he saw a little furry rodent sitting on its haunches and with twitching hairs. “Hello Luciano.” He remembered Siri calling the rodent by that name unaware that the real Luciano was in hearing distance with his mates from the Jedi temple fire-department and having an exercise in the garden. Sure Luciano Robi had appeared, had seen the rodent and had called his mates – all sporting Nerf-fur – and had begun a ‘who resembles the rodent the most’ competition. Luciano won with his brown moustache.

    Thanks to Siri Tachi; she had seen Luciano’s moustache before and commented on all the Nerf-fur and had the firefighters laughing.

    Obi-Wan sat down to meditate and saw the rodent resuming what he or she had been doing; eating from the succulent leaves. He put his comlink on a patch of grass.

    Jedi temple
    Serinka’s restaurant
    One of the places that had very frequent visitors from the inhabitants of the Jedi temple was Serinka’s restaurant. It was one of the many restaurants situated in the basement of the great building and was known as refectory room 102B before Serinka became one of the cooks after his knighting ceremony 135 years ago. His fame for making nice dishes and sharing his recipes had one Jedi Master pasting a sign on the door with ‘Serinka’s restaurant’ in bold lettering and the restaurant was known as that ever since. Even the take away diners that many Jedi Knights and padawans preferred were put in boxes decorated with elegant lettering ‘Serinka’s meals.’

    All Jedi – living for the past one hundred and fifty five years in the temple – had met Serinka in the restaurant.
    Serinka was a native from Serindan and a yellow skinned large humanoid with yellow hair and intense green eyes. 161 years ago he had been given by his parents to the Jedi as a baby and he had very early in his initiate days shown a great affinity for the restaurant business. Serinka had ended up as a toddler in the restaurant after some duct-crawling and landing on the kitchen table near a large bowl with batter, had begun to sample that batter with delight showing on his face and was introduced to the cooks. He had been an apprentice to a cook.
    He loved Master Yoda’s stew when he had to visit the Master after creating some mischief with his fellow initiates and he improved the stew and made it palatable for most humans.

    And he was infamous for his pancakes. The Jedi temple fire department was a frequent visitor of his kitchen when another of the pancakes ended in the ventilation duct above his oven after he tried to flip it like he had seen the cooks doing in the other restaurants.

    He had raised a padawan Drew Erolin – a nutritionist in the healers’ ward and teacher – who had become one with the Force almost a year ago.

    Serinka had a smile on his face. He had provided a nice late afternoon meal for a very tired high council member. That member – Obi-Wan Kenobi – had taken the last fruit pie from the counter.

    Remembering something from very long ago Serinka reached for his bowl after putting bread in the oven. “It’s time to make new fruit-pies for the Jedi coming this evening and fresh fruit from Master Ekiway’s garden will be nice to add. And I will surprise master Kenobi tomorrow. He surprised a grieving Master Jinn who had returned without his padawan Xanatos all those years back. And I helped Obi-Wan to make that fresh fruit pie when he discovered a worm in the fruit.”

    Jedi temple
    Fire station
    The Jedi temple was like a small city. And like a small city it had the usual departments like a security office and a fire station.

    The fire station was a small one with three teams of six civilians manning that station in 24 hour shifts. Their engine – called that by her crews – was a hover cart that could take them everywhere using the fast elevators and broad corridors. The engine was equipped with BA gear, hoses to couple to the hydrants that were present everywhere in the building, a pump and various tools for extrication work. Even dive-gear was stored in the fire-house but that was used mostly for fun in one of the swimming pools or for incidents when the fire station was called to assist elsewhere. For incidents outside the temple an airspeeder could be used.

    Most alerts came from the restaurants or the Jedi making something in their kitchen unit. Training rooms got their visits as well when Jedi were sparring with their lightsabers and got a bit of floor, wall or even the ceiling scarred and setting of the fire-alert.

    Some Jedi were notorious for the chiefs of the fire station.

    Anakin Skywalker and his destruction of training remotes had the fire station emptying, rushing to the alert and eyeing the fight with awe, even more when he was busy with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Serinka’s restaurant – somewhere in the bowels of the Jedi temple – was visited frequently when that master tried to make pancakes.

    And Master Yoda had firefighters visiting his apartment. He usually had extinguished the fire in his stew before the firefighters arrived but arrive they did and often enjoyed a plate of that stew.

    Secretly Master Yoda was pleased to see that some beings loved his stew. It was a well known visit for misbehaving initiates, padawans and knights. ‘Visit me you do.’ And when the victim entered Yoda’s apartment he or she or it had to eat some of the stew with sometimes disastrous results. Yoda had discovered that some species were quite allergic to his stew.

    Fire chief Tad Henny was doffing his fatigues and placing his boots with scrunched down trousers in his locker and grinned when he saw his friend Jedi knight Jeki Eki – a member of the Jedi Intel department – removing the piece of scrap from the workbench. It was now bent open and showing the regular marks made by a lightsaber.

    The Dorophin humanoid Jeki Eki,
    sporting a long grey beard and bushy hair with lots of grey at the temples surrounding a gentle wrinkled face with smiling dark eyes was very pleased. With help from Tad Henny he had been able to discover the interesting thing in this particular piece of scrap. It had been a container.

    Tad Henny had met Jeki Eki during his second tour of duty in the Jedi temple fire station and had become friends immediately. Both had a love for mechanical things and tinkering with those things. And there was Luciano Robi – a young human born on Alderaan – who loved that work too. It suited the trio that the fire station was quite near the Intelligence department where Jedi master Jika Bale ruled.

    “Thank you Tad and greetings to your wife and kids,” Jeki Eki shuffled away. With friends he used only the given names. Despite his advanced age, his mind was clear and he refused to go to the ‘Old folk’s home’ as that part in the Jedi temple was called – or the entire temple by certain Jedi – where the old and frail got the loving care of nurses and droids. He easily avoided a young firefighter coming in as the last one with his mates. All were sporting wet hair and had been to the swimming pool.

    “You had success Jeki Eki,” Luciano Robi stated when he saw the face of the old Dorophin.

    “Yes Luciano,” Jeki Eki grinned. “Tad and I could see what was wrong with this piece. Been swimming? I missed you when I came in to get Tad’s help. And L’lacielo is asking when you come to visit us again. He has some old parts you might be interested in.”

    “I will come to you during my next shift and,” Luciano started.

    Beep beep. Automatic alert room 102 B. Beep beep. Automatic alert room 102 B.

    “Serinka and his pancakes again,” Luciano rushed inside the fire station towards his fatigues.

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    [face_laugh] They're used to the fiery pancakes. ;) :p Woot on Obi's reflections. Nice to give a summary "back story" as a refresher on details =D=
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    Thank you Jade_eyes
    Next Siri and her reflections and the two Jedi investigators L'lacielo Sageon and Jeki Eki (with fanart) and two new OC's

    Chapter 2

    1 welona


    Jedi temple
    Intelligence department
    Workplace of L'lacielo Sageon
    The workplace of Jedi master L’lacielo Sageon was located in the first floor of the department that had four more in the top of the Jedi temple near the hangars where all kind of transports were available. A disorganised cluttered disaster of odds and ends and pieces was a mild way to describe the workplace of that master.

    L’lacielo Sageon – an older man with
    thin white hair and friendly face – didn’t mind. He knew where every piece – to the last nut and bolt – was and could produce it when his co-worker Jeki Eki had ideas for that piece.

    The two loved to design the most outrageous mechanical things aiding their fellow Jedi during their missions.

    L'lacielo Sageon was busy repairing a speeder bike that could be controlled with a remote control and remembered another bike – a swoop bike – with that kind of control that was now part of the rubble in a remote desert on Korriban. Siri Tachi had used that swoop bike – called Es P seven zero one – on a mission and had lost it after a meeting with a Jek-hound and a flying armoured menace. Obi-Wan had come to her rescue in the decrepid looking transport named Stellar express Jay Ee Es seven zero zero, another Jeki Eki and Sageon design and had almost destroyed that on his way back to the temple with an injured Siri and being injured himself. Another Jek-hound was responsible for that injury and had the Jedi loosing consciousness during the approach to Coruscant. Anakin came to the rescue with a Sageon speeder and had the transport landing safe in the Jedi temple. The speeder was guided home too. All thanks to the remote controls.

    “And my meeting in the Jedi high council was hilarious,” Jeki Eki grinned when he appeared in the door leading to that workplace. The speeder had given him the same memories. “Master Sageon, with friend Tad Henny I have deciphered this and know where it was produced. It has the scorch markings similar to those made by a lightsaber. And what interests me even more is that the piece has some remains of plast and this little sign.”

    L’lacielo Sageon became very interested when he heard the formal use of names and saw the hairy hands indicating those marks on the piece of metal found by Jeki Eki somewhere in a scrap yard. The old Jedi was responsible for getting old useable bits and pieces to Sageon’s workplace. “Where did it originate?”

    “The Dacho district and precisely the Glyvos factory,” Jeki Eki answered. “You know the Dacho district is the Works as it is called by most beings. I have been researching our files in the archives after braving the disapproving stares of Master Jocasta Nu when I smudged with my hair her desk. The Glyvos factory produced before it closed these containers to store hazardous materials. But I have found lightsaber marks too and have found no Jedi involvement with that factory at all. So the why of the lightsaber marks eludes me. A visit to Tad Henny confirmed that the piece was a former container of sorts and has lightsaber marks on the inside. The bottom of the container was burned out. I don’t know why they wanted to destroy it but that little biohazard mark can have had something to do with it. We know that the CIS have deployed bio-weapons on the Sonim colony. This container could have been one of the extras. And we know that Dooku has been involved with the Sonim disaster. We were only able to save a third of the colony with antibiotics provided by us after searching the archives for data after the bombs had spread their bacteria. We even have named them the Sonim-bacteria.”

    ‘Jeki Eki is always very precise. That’s a trait that has rubbed off on him by working long ago with Chenbi Junno. I met that master when I was an initiate and got very interested in his work. And I became an assistant in that department and got very precise too.’ L’lacielo – thoughts passing his mind – asked “could the lightsaber marks have been made by friends from former Jedi master Dooku? Asajj Ventress is trained by him.”

    “Hmm yes,” Jeki Eki paused and rushed as fast as his old legs could carry him towards one of the work benches, sat down on his haunches and produced a box from under that workbench. The box was opened and a scanning device was plugged in a power socket. “Opening the container on the work bench in the fire house with the ‘jaws of life’ has those marks now accessible.”

    Hmmmhmm hmmm mmmhhh stts pssst hmmm vvvfiiit.


    With an amused smile on his wrinkled face L’lacielo waited for the Dorophin Jedi to complete his scanning of the now easily accessible piece. Jeki Eki had been in a bad mood when tools in his workplace didn’t reveal the innards and had stomped of to the fire station. ‘They have extrication tools that will reveal what’s there.’

    “Sith like, yes blue, white, green and yellow Adegan crystals leave a different residual pattern on the metal. Only the purple crystal Master Windu prefers comes near but that’s to be expected with his Vaapad style hugging the Dark side of the Force. It is made by an artificial red crystal. You can see it in the changes here and here in the metal. Sith like yes.”

    “That’s a long way to describe Sith like. I will report this to Jika Bale …”

    “You can go to the high council directly,” Jeki Eki interrupted, extricated a datapad from an inner pocket of his brown robe and dropped that in L’lacielo’s hand. “You will find everything here. Glyvos has two buildings – the north and the south tower – connected by bridges on the top floor. The lower floors of the south tower are frequently used by the homeless to get cover when the weather department decides to create rain or a storm. The weather is nice today. The north tower has been closed down since Glyvos abandoned the factory. This discovery may lead us to one of the places of the Sith where they teach their apprentices.”

    “Or it’s a trap planned by Dooku,” L’lacielo mused with a twinkle in his eyes. “He is one of those Sith. But you have a point and our spring-the-Sith-trap Jedi is home and has been all day in the council room. Jika saw him there when he had to deliver reports.”

    “Give him one of our transports and he will return without having to visit the healers to patch him together,” Jeki Eki laughed. “Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is a wrecking disaster. He almost destroyed Jay Ee Es seven zero zero coming here after that mission to Korriban.”

    “And he must be teaching his padawan Anakin Skywalker to do the same. In the last three months I have seen Anakin coming in twelve times with his Artoo to give that droid a new appendage. Anakin knows where to get the stuff after his work for me. A wrecking pair indeed,” L’lacielo headed to the exit and turned “come with me. Maybe they will need your advice. And the two of us can convince Kenobi to take one of our transports. Airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven is available.

    “Yes,” Jeki Eki followed with a big grin on his face. He had been to the high council room after the Korriban and Jay Ee Es seven zero zero disaster and had found that a very entertaining experience giving some council members ideas to make a discussion about finances and resources less boring.

    Residential wing
    Apartment Siri Tachi
    Siri was in her apartment and she remembered. She was looking at a calendar. It had been a gift from Obi-Wan a week after he was released by the medical department – populated by prodding and prying healers in his opinion but that was Kenobi and his aversion to all things medical – after his ordeal on Ratatak. Seven days and she hoped that Obi-Wan would be there to celebrate her birthday.

    They had vowed to celebrate birthdays each year since coming back from that meeting under the waterfall on Varanko. That the first birthday celebration had to wait after the memorable events on Naboo and her undercover mission for the Jedi being Zora the pirate under Krayn was now remembered fondly.

    The meeting under the waterfall had been memorable. With both masters occupied by the Wanarian senator and their gentle hosts the Ceitans and Varankonin she and Obi-Wan had followed the advice of a young Ceitan to discover the beauties of the waterfall. They had to wait for the Wanarian military transport that would take the senator and her three aides home. Another Ceitan group had been responsible for the safety of the other three real Wanarian families.

    Siri began to grin. Wanarians and their strict rules had been fun for her. She and her master Adi Gallia had been able and required to don rather cumbersome but beautiful outfits with their lightsabers hidden in the hanging tassels of a belt – swinging quite hilarious according to Obi-Wan – between the legs. She had teased Obi-Wan with his underwear; child’s underwear with the popular heroes from the holonet. But he had teased her back when she had to reveal her pink and metal underwear when they were boarded by pirates wanting the senator and all the Wanarians as their prey. That capture had to be avoided at all costs and had led to the Jedi involvement in protecting the Wanarian senator. It had resulted in a damaged transport, an order to board the escape-pods, again some fighting with the pirates with Qui-Gon Jinn being knocked unconscious by an aide of the Wanarian senator when he started to flood the escape-pod and a rescue by Ceitans. Qui-Gon had just been following his padawan’s orders to flood the escape-pod after that padawan had flooded his quite crowded pod at the orders from the Ceitan navigators
    Van Jobam and Bul Doran. Kaaiio Waffhiin and Dhaan Wiissiiiff had of course agreed fully, as well as Captain Wahhltther Luuhcce. All Varankonin knew about the caves where the Jedi and their charges could find a refuge. Even Dunai elder Tim Dereika had agreed when he sensed as the first the approaching Ceitan rescue crews.

    Siri smiled. With Van Jara, Van Jokam, Van Dohon and more Vans and an equally large group of Buls, Gans and Hans meeting them it had been quite confusing until a Ceitan – Van Varankina – explained that surnames came first and that she was head of the Van clan and that the Han, Bul and Gan clan had participated in the rescue and had their homes in caves nearby. Master Jinn had been confused when he woke up seeing a Van Jokam with his wife Van Jorai and child Van Doran. And arriving back at the Jedi-temple the confusion fun continued when Master Jinn told a concerned Master Maerhin – who had rushed to the hangar because he had a sense when something was wrong with Kenobi or Jinn – about meeting Vans. Master Jinn had to stay in the favorite Jinn-Kenobi room number nine in the surgery wing of the healers’ ward. That had Obi-Wan helping his master to escape from the healers’ ward.

    Siri had helped of course pointing Obi-Wan to the hidden entrance to the crawl ducts behind one of the waterfalls in the garden of a thousand fountains. And there they had vowed to celebrate birthdays after helping Qui-Gon Jinn to escape from the healers’ ward.

    Siri liked the Varankonin and Ceitans. She was sure that one of the Ceitans – the same Ceitan who had pointed to the beauty of the waterfall – had sensed her being with Obi-Wan hidden behind the veil of the waterfall and expressing her pure love. She had seen his iridescent patterns indicating great joy. Those patterns had been the same when that Ceitan – Van Doran – met his girlfriend Van Jora. She had heard from the matriarch of the Van clan – Van Varankina – that Ceitans formed a soul bond when they met the right one.

    ‘Yes I share a soul bond with Obi-Wan, sealed when he was recovering from his captivity on Ratatak. And it was done there.’ Siri gazed at her bed with the rumpled covers and resumed what she had wanted to do; going to the kitchen and making tea and putting a pizza in her oven.

    Jedi Council Spire

    High council room
    “Master Sageon, Master Jeki Eki unexpected visit this is,” Yoda said with a soft voice. He was the only high council member remaining in the room after the session and had meditated there in the light of the fading sun. It highlighted his old features painting the few wisps of white hair a golden yellow and his wrinkled skin a tender shade of green. He had aged since the war had begun. He felt the death of each Jedi. And deaths of civilians and soldiers took a toll on him too.

    “Jeki Eki had found this piece,” Master L’lacielo Sageon began.

    Yoda listened, hummed a bit and hopped on his hoverpad. “To the situation room follow me you do.” And he sped away to the elevator.

    Jeki Eki and Sageon were able to catch up with him and entered the elevator at the same time.

    In that elevator Yoda began to com the required Jedi for the mission.

    Apartment Master Yorana Kowal and padawan Lanei Setiquiyak
    “Powercells check, comlink check, bactapatches added to my medpouch,” padawan Lanei Setiquiyak – a large 16 year old blonde human girl with intense sky blue eyes – was getting ready for the new deployment on one of the Jedi-cruisers to the outer rim with her master and the clone troopers. “Lightsaber is…”

    “Padawan,” Jedi knight Yorana Kowal – her master and a dark blonde beauty with mesmerizing green eyes - interrupted. “We have to report to the situation room immediately.”

    “No more preparation for Karatak?” Lanei put her lightsaber on her belt. “The Vipero, our Jedi cruiser is ready to go. Captain Nerfchops is ready.”

    “Captain Nerfchops,” Yorana laughed when her padawan used that nickname. Captain Hiram Kiro had earned his nickname after a march that had his team hungry and him ordering twenty plates with Nerfchops and not bothering if the team members liked them or not. “Don’t call him that in front of his men. We can resume those preparations soon.” She hurried out of the apartment with Lanei following her. “We have to team up with Kenobi and Tachi.”

    “With you as the leader,” Lanei grinned when she caught up with her master and saw what was on the comlink.

    Garden of a thousand fountains
    It was as if he had begun his meditation minutes ago but opening his eyes Obi-Wan saw that more time must have passed. The patch of succulent leaves was gone, the rodent too and a comlink – put carefully on the grass before beginning the meditation – was trying to buzz a circle in the grass. Trying; Obi-Wan snatched the thing up and stood up in one fluid movement and hurried towards the exit of the garden. He had only a short way to go to the situation room and grinned when he saw that he could choose his partner. ‘Siri will like it.’ And he used his comlink with a mischievous smile on his face using the features of a text only message.

    Apartment Siri Tachi
    That was not the boiling kettle. Siri had put a pizza in the oven, had programmed the oven and was preparing her tea-pot when a high chirping sound had her reaching for the offending comlink.

    One look at the thing had her turning down the stove and rushing towards the situation room with a muttered ‘Kenobi; this has to be urgent or you will pay for my missed dinner.’ She didn’t like cold pizza.

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    Enjoyed Siri's reflections but too bad she has to miss dinner -- :p Like Yorana and Lanei =D= :) Their names are very pretty, like they are ;)

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    And so another adventure begins...
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    Missing dinner will lead to more;)
    Yes with a lot of Siri and Obi fun and some reflections. Your stories 'What the heart hides' and 'Truths of the heart' were my inspiration.

    Now the new chapter with new OC's and fanart

    Chapter 3

    1 welona
    Jedi temple
    Situation room
    Obi-Wan Kenobi had been the first to arrive in the situation room and he had greeted the clone captain nicknamed Sitrep.

    Captain Sitrep was more or less a permanent resident of the situation room after earning a reputation to be very precise with his accounts and getting the situations as soon as possible to show on the large map of the galaxy. He was of a special batch of clones bred and educated just to do this work and had mates with names like ‘maps’ and ‘files’ who were as proficient as him.

    Captain Sitrep had told him to wait for the masters Yoda, Jeki Eki and Sageon. And when he asked who the other members of the team were Sitrep had answered Siri Tachi, and a master padawan team.

    That had Obi-Wan studying the deployment of the various troops with interest for the overall deployment and looking up when the light footfall of running small feet indicated new arrivals. ‘Siri! Has she been near the room already?’ No Siri but he recognised the old master and her young charge immediately.

    Jedi knight Master Yorana Kowal was an age mate of Qui-Gon Jinn and with 72 years looking young for her age with her dark blonde hair showing no grey at all.

    Obi-Wan had been in the temple four years ago to participate in the tournament when she took Lanei Setiquiyak to become her padawan. It had been remarkable. Padawan Skywalker reminded him all the tournaments coming after that one that he had been defeated by the more aggressive negotiations coming from Master Yorana Kowal. She had been taunting him constantly with words during their duel.

    Yorana Kowal had defeated him with ease using the Niman style for lightsaber combat. She was a master at aggressive negotiations and unarmed combat too, quite aloof and cool and expecting her padawan to follow her in every aspect. Yorana loved the new rules.

    New rules had come into the Jedi temple with the clone soldiers from Kamino and their teachers, the Mandalorian training sergeants recruited by Jango Fett. Mandalorian based combat became the standard for educating her padawan.

    Yorana Kowal and her apprentice Lanei Setiquiyak were the next to enter the situation room and head to the map display.

    Padawan Lanei Setiquiyak startled a bit when she saw who was present and was studying the map. ‘He doesn’t bite.’ That was her master through the bond. A brief smile passed her features. Master Kowal had told her about a little accident where a very young toddler Kenobi had bitten her when she tried to give him his milk bottle back. But her gaze from Kenobi to her master’s hand betrayed her.

    “I don’t bite,” Obi-Wan laughed. He had fun, even more when Kowal coloured slightly but that changed to an amused smile when Siri Tachi swept in.

    “He can bite,” Siri grinned. “I can assure you. He is famous for his biting words when he tries to…”

    “No try Jedi Tachi,” master Yoda came in on his hoverpad and had that bumping slightly against Siri’s leg before heading to the middle of the room where Setiquiyak and her master Kowal were quite interested in the map displaying their next assignment after this short interruption. Karatak was highlighted in red indicating that a priority mission was about to begin.

    “Tachi and Kenobi again,” Jeki Eki was the next to enter the room with L’lacielo Sageon.

    “And we will provide them with a special transport,” L’lacielo added.

    “And you can – after Tachi gets us in trouble – guide us home,” Obi-Wan whispered only for Jeki Eki and Siri to hear. “She can fly but it’s always a bit reckless.”

    Siri patted Obi-Wan on his back with a mischievous smile on her face. “I will hurry back because it’s you paying for my dinner. My pizza will be spoiled if this mission takes more than one hour and a half.”

    “Jeki Eki wait for my signal,” Obi-Wan voiced.

    Jeki Eki nodded his hairy head. He had a transport with remote control ready for the mission. Airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven had those features and some more.

    “Mission we have for you,” Master Yoda began. “Master Kowal leading you she will to the Glyvos factory” and he began to tell more with Jeki Eki and L’lacielo Sageon adding the details.

    Jedi temple
    Fire station
    “No more bread or even meals from Serinka today for the Jedi,” Tad Henny mused. “Or he must be able to clean his kitchen and oven before they arrive.”

    “Yup he wanted to make fresh fruit pie, headed to Ekiway in the garden to get fruit and forgot the bread in the oven. And that got him bread burned to a crisp,” Luciano Robi was putting his used BA-gear on the workbench. And he heard the laughter coming from his mates.

    “Your moustache has sprouted a twin.”

    “Dratted masks,” Luciano stomped with fatigue-trousers hanging half-way to the mirror and saw the black smudges on his face. He began to wipe them with a cloth and mumbled “where are the yellow masks of the previous supplier? They were showing when a mask was dirty and could be cleaned with ease. I have seen them in the healers’ ward. They were used for patients undergoing bacta-treatment.”

    “I don’t know,” Tad Henny grumbled. “But maybe I can file a complaint to District chief Sebeler’s office. This station is under his formal command.”

    “Do it chief and you will have a lucky crew and no funny remarks coming from the Jedi,” Luciano began to laugh. Moustaches had been always a reason for comments coming from initiates, padawans and masters alike.

    “What’s that Luciano laughing because of a dirty face?” That came from one of the firefighters.

    “I am remembering a rodent with a moustache getting my name after a competition whose moustache resembled the rodent’s.”

    “Yours of course,” Buck patted Luciano on his back.

    Coruscant University Med Centre

    Coruscant University Med Centre was one of the large hospitals situated in the Senate district. It was famous galaxy wide and had students coming from all planets to get their grades.

    A group of eight firefighters – men and women – recognisable as such by the dark blue shirts they wore with ‘FIRE’ and their unit number 902 in white on the back was in the restaurant near the emergency entrance.

    Two months, it had been two months for Ivano Arvedai since he visited the Coruscant University Med Centre and now he saw it again. He remembered clearly why he was invited for the celebration of twenty years of Coruscant donor.

    He could save with his team – Chief Calistro leading the seven members of Senate district fire-department number nine, green shift, units nine zero two and nine zero two rescue – the files and equipment of John Vanrood – the professor and founder of the program – two days before that party and got an invitation.

    Yes Ivano had been very interested in the work of the professor. How he longed for that knowledge to become known on his home planet Moniron. He had seen the devastating illness leukaemia too close for him to be comfortable. Jihan Eled-Non, a best friend attending with him kindergarten and all the schools that followed up to the firefighter school in Monir, had died. He had been with the man – a Dunai elder like him – when he died. He had accompanied the professor to his office and had asked him if he could accompany him one day to Moniron to teach the doctors in Monir or give him the reports. ‘You can accompany me after the war and when it is safe for me to fly my transport to Moniron and through that engine hating nebula,’ was what John Vanrood had replied after hearing from Ivano about the planet. Somehow he felt that he could tell the professor about his home planet Moniron.

    Ivano was with his mates having a dinner break in one of the restaurants of the University, also something gained after that saving the files and equipment of the professor visit. John Vanrood had given Ivano a free pass-key for the restaurant near the emergency entrance for medevacs and rescue ships and had accompanied him to show how it worked. ‘We are government, you are and the financial things will end up on the large republic heap,’ was what Vanrood had said when Chief Calistro had objected for only a moment.

    It had taken two months to come back.

    Ivano had left the counter with a fruit-pie and caf where a servant had cast admiring looks at his posture. Close cropped brown hair framed a friendly face with gentle brown eyes. A well muscled torso and arms filled that blue shirt. He was coming to the table where his mates had taken a seat.

    “And the ladder.”

    “Ah yes it does have those things aboard but it is a fire-ship with more useable things like hoverpads and grapplers.”

    “Ivano you had a ladder in Alladea.”

    Ivano nodded to the speaker – Greg Budianski – with a big smile on his face and twinkling brown eyes when he heard the discussion between Coruscant born Katleen Fafard and the Budianski twins. The boys loved to discuss the ‘ladders’ with Katleen.

    “He had,” Pilot – driver – Katleen Fafard grinned “Farm boys!” She resumed eating her stew. For her the discussion had ended when she had parked the rescue engine with call sign nine zero two on one of the emergency pads reserved for air rescue vehicles. It was called invariably an engine by the ‘farmboy’ and ‘farmgirl’ firefighters coming from more rural planets but it resembled a small fire-ship, like the ones used by the departments near the spaceports. The ‘engine’ had a pump aboard to boost when attached to one of the hydrants with hoses the water transport to where the attack crew hooked up their portable hoses. And it had the various rescue tools aboard for traffic accidents, hazmat work and EMT work.

    “We know Coruscant city girl,” Naboo farmboy Greg Budianski quipped and reached for his plate filled to the brim with vegetables and a steak. He had with help from his twin brother Steven – same food preferences – parked the much larger fire-ship with arials and hoverpads – called a ‘ladder’ by those farmboys – next to the engine. It had the same call sign with the word ‘rescue’ added. It had the big rescue equipment aboard and more hoses.

    Chief Calistro’s team had seen two members leaving and two new ones coming with one being a rookie fresh out of the school.

    Senate district fire-department number nine was assigned to the emergencies taking place in those parts of the senate district close to the Works and took them frequently to those Works also known by the official designation as the Dacho District.

    Big fires in the Dacho District, which was close to the Senate District and next to the Fobosi District, had them quite busy. Were they the result of the neglect of supreme chancellor Palpatine? The man wasn’t interested in the plans of a development bureau interested in the Works as the decrepit area was called. Sure he had given orders to build a new surgical reconstruction centre quite near those districts and had given it his name the ‘Chancellor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center.’ It served the needs of the victims of the war. And it was putting the supreme chancellor – even the mere title chancellor wasn’t enough for the man – even more in the picture as a man craving for absolute power.

    ‘Palpatine is a dictator waiting for a moment to get rid of the republic’ was what Ivano called it. He kept those thoughts for himself hidden behind his shields. He had seen the man once from a distance and didn’t like what he felt at all. As a Dunai elder he could sense that. And he had been taught since infancy to shield.

    Ivano grinned when he saw Chief Calistro wiping some cream from his long blonde moustache. That moustache was the pride and glory of Chief Calistro, carefully maintained and keeping with the for the Coruscant fire-departments current rules. The long points didn’t interfere with the full face masks of the BA-equipment but got smudged sometimes.

    ‘That cream was easy to remove.’ Ivano knew about the masks all coming from the same Coruscant company and kept under maintenance by that company. He often sported black smudges on his cheeks and in his brown moustache. They were of a different kind of material than he was used to on Moniron and Alderaan – where he had stayed twenty nine years before moving to Coruscant now almost three years ago. ‘Next time I am able to contact Erdin Felaron on Moniron or Chief Ammer on Alderaan I will ask for the formula for the detergent to clean our masks. What they are using here is keeping them dirty, sticky and icky.’

    “Dirty thoughts?”

    Ivano looked up from his fruit-pie towards the speaker and replied “just seeing you cleaning your moustache has me remembering our dirty, icky, sticky black masks.”

    “I see,” Chief Calistro grinned. “You want to contact your former chief but you know.”

    “Dratted war,” Ivano grumbled and resumed eating his pie. And he wondered again if Chief Calistro was a sensitive with the power of the engwa eiaala, symbionts that lived in every being. But no; that couldn’t be. He had met Chief Calistro when he applied for a job at the Coruscant fire-department and had lowered his shields for a moment and felt no shields at all from the man. He had told him about his previous jobs on Moniron and Alderaan and had kept his age and ancestry a secret. He had given two years as a rookie in Noranan on Moniron, five years as a full crewmember of Noranan firehouse number two and the twenty nine years with the Alladea fire-department as his experience. That had him celebrating 35 years half a year ago and colleagues commenting on his young looks and asking when he would be retiring. He had replied that he would be retiring in two or more years. He was fifty nine for the records in Coruscant, 270 years less than his real age of 329. Physicals taken every year were no problem for Ivano. He had only met medical droids doing the prodding and poking and putting him on a treadmill until he had scored the required points for a human of his age. And the endurance test was done by him with ease.

    Chief Calistro had once commented on the medical tag he wore and that stated that he was quite allergic to Bacta, Kolto and whatever gooey substance that floated in those tanks he had seen during emergencies in the various hospitals. Ivano had replied that he was the unlucky human having to endure the long way of healing. He always kept a canister with rolled up synthrubber blue gloves in his fatigues. They came to good use when he donned them before applying a bacta-patch to an injury. He knew that all Dunai elder were allergic. As a child – going after some mishap at the playground with his teacher to a human doctor – he had discovered that when the doctor applied a bacta patch and had him squirming on the table. The doctor had said that all children reacted that way and had advised the teacher to bring Ivano to his home. The teacher did just that and the result was Ivano in his bed asleep after getting some tea from his mother. A little abrasion became a big painful rash and had to be treated for weeks with bandages. And the result was that young Ivano got an aversion for doctors and usually could make his stay in a hospital a short one arguing with the doctor until the doctor decided that the patient was better off in his own bed and at home. Not always. The hazards of his work had him ending up in hospitals for longer times. And those times were trying for Ivano and the doctors.

    “Let that war remain there.” That came from Dean Rivas, a grey haired man with bronzed skin. He had pushed his empty plate away and was leafing through a magazine and saw the destruction on one of the planets in the middle rim described quite vividly by the reporter.

    “My folks live there.” That was Terry Chanin, the second woman on their shift and a new addition since two days.

    “And yours?” rookie Roland Kadecek – the other addition and a big imposing man with an imposing moustache matching his red hair – stopped inhaling his second helping of fruit salad with a voracity that had the others always commenting until they discovered the strength the rookie possessed. That strength had saved him too when – coming to the station after his first big real fire – his mates had been planning a prank. Rookie Kadecek had caught the balancing bucket with water in his arms without spilling a single drop and had deposited it on the table with ‘who is the first to empty it there without spilling a drop.’ Chief Calistro had won with spilling only two drops. Roland Kadecek was now a full member of the team after only a week of being a rookie.

    “They live in the Varakino district on Naboo,” two firefighters – the ladder boys Steven and Greg Budiansky – replied with one voice. “And that’s where we learned that a rescue vehicle is a ladder.”

    ‘I am from nowhere,’ Ivano thought. And in a way that was true. To go to Moniron he had to program at least four hyperspace jumps for the non-military craft he could purchase. And one of those jumps would have him in the middle of nowhere up the ecliptic of the galaxy. He stood up to get a second cup of caf. And sipping from that caf he remembered his mentor Erdin Felaron. ‘Caf Ivano; you will like the stuff and it will lead you to solutions if you are investigating the cause of a fire.’ Investigating; he had done that in the small town of Alladea on Alderaan and had begun a study to become a fire investigator but here on Coruscant he was just one of the crew fighting whatever came on his way. To become a Coruscant fire investigator he had to have connections and he lacked those.

    Caf on Coruscant just kept him alert. And the stuff served here in the University was real good.

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    Very nice update. =D= I always enjoy your conversations between the characters - much bantering, etc. :D

    Those titles of fics by Valairy sound fantastically yummy. I will tackle them once the truncating issue is resolved. Want the mush in full and unabridged fashion LOL @};-
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    Those stories are touching and a very nice read.
    A lot of bantering will follow in this story with the action staring now

    Droid heaven and a trap?

    Chapter 4

    1 welona

    Jedi airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven
    A non descript transport – seen everywhere on Coruscant and recognised as an airtaxi, hauler or whatever – was headed in the setting sun towards the Works.

    “There, that’s the factory,” Lanei Setiquiyak grinned. She recognised the building immediately from the presentation and was with her master Yorana Kowal in the back seat of the transport piloted by Siri Tachi. She was pleased that her master would be leading the mission.

    Glyvos was with the two towers connected by a bridge a nice looking building, built on a plaza. Under that plaza were older buildings with many floors and some rooted in the bedrock of the planet.

    Obi-Wan was in the co-pilot seat and hanging on. He didn’t mind not being the leading man of the mission. Kowal was with her years of experience and many difficult missions guided to a successful end the right one to lead this quick search and bring the evidence home mission. ‘Tachi you are almost as bad as Anakin. Did you listen to him when he came back bragging about his reckless flying and trying to return with a green master? I can send a message to Jeki Eki you know.’

    “Hang on Kenobi,” Siri grinned when she picked up his thoughts. “We are almost there and I can park the transport on the roof of the north building. We have two buildings and about seven floors in each building to search. And with the north tower closed it will be the most likely place to hide something Sithly.”

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Fourth floor north building
    “Droids,” Obi-Wan grinned when he swept his activated lightsaber through the head of a droid. “Every floor we go it’s droids making the going tough and the aggressive negotiations absent. Anakin should be here to enjoy the droid heaven. But he had some R and R coming and left.”

    “Yup, we land, we proceed down the stairs to the first floor without trouble and there they are to make our life quite interesting,” Siri quipped. “You are the great negotiator and should argue with them.”

    “Droids don’t negotiate but are Trouble with a capital T,” Master Kowal stated. “There are a lot of them. Sageon called it a quick retrieval mission.”

    “And who had pushed their activate button on the first floor?” Lanei Setiquiyak brushed against the bond with her master. She could display her skills against the standard insect-like droids that popped out of every nook and cranny on every floor and was having a great time.

    “Lanei,” master Kowal deflected another fired bolt from a droid back and had it sparkling before it joined the droid mess. “I did trip the trip wire on purpose. I had to show you that this is just a search every floor and destroy the droid exercise before we head to Captain Nerfchops, our soldiers and our next assignment. Karatak will give us aggressive negotiations with the two insect species that inhabit that system.” For the master this scrapping the droids was just a useful training exercise for her and for her padawan.

    “Droidchops,” Lanei grinned when she severed arms and legs from another droid. Even her master was now using the nickname Nerfchops.

    “But we didn’t find out what they were protecting on this floor and the three floors down,” Obi-Wan had a droid flying in the air. “I still didn’t see any of the containers as indicated by Jeki Eki.” He wondered why the droids had activated as soon as Master Kowal stepped out of the elevator on the first floor. Was it a trap after all? But he didn’t worry at all. Siri was fighting at his side. With her he could spring this trap too.

    “This is the last,” Siri pushed a short circuited droid with a neat hole in the middle of its carapace towards a stack of bins. “Maybe the next floor has them and we have the entire south tower to search.”

    Bins cracked and the inevitable happened. Oil started to leak from the bin and ignited.

    Belching smoke and roaring flames made the floor soon a dungeon of the dark side. A fire extinguishing system began to pour water.

    Beeweep beeweep, a fire-alert started to add more noise to the exploding bins.

    “We are done here and let’s go before the smoke gets us,” Master Kowal stated.

    “Master Tachi has a love for firefighters,” Lanei hurried after her master.

    “She does and prefers them with ginger coloured hair,” Obi-Wan voiced only for Siri to hear when he followed her.

    “Firefighter Kenobi extinguish the fire droids,” Siri turned her head with smiling eyes. “They are behind you.”

    “Where did they come from?” Obi-Wan turned on his heels and whipped his lightsaber through the carapaces of two droids with flame-throwers that were about to begin to ignite the rest of the bins with oil. This was getting ugly with now a deliberate attempt to set the building ablaze and evidence – if it was there – destroyed.

    “Born from the ashes of those,” Siri grinned and had another droid flying back to the burning rubble. “The fire spawned fire-starters.”

    Public transport
    District chief Chuck Sebeler was quite annoyed. This morning he had found his airspeeder with an empty power unit thanks to his wife going shopping and not plugging the thing in the power-socket after that shopping. He had to take the public transport to his work at Senate District fire department one zero one, the main fire department of the Senate district that had also the Jedi fire station under its command. The pilot had just announced that the transport had to take a detour. And that detour was leading first to a stop in the Dacho District at
    terminal sixty five. The public transport was on approach when a brief red glow accompanied by lightning caught Sebeler’s attention. He looked better, saw windows displaying now an orange glow and took out his comlink. He recognised the factory immediately. ‘Glyvos!’

    Glyvos was quite near
    the LiMerge Power building, a large tower in the centre of The Works. Glyvos factory had given more trouble in the years before it was closed. Former owners had machines not working properly and setting the place afire. That had happened a few times with each time a new owner buying the factory. The name Glyvos remained. Each time the fire-department had been able to save the structure of the building, making it profitable to save and redecorate it. The last time had been three years ago shortly after Sebeler was promoted to district chief and replacing Eastman. He had led the investigations to determine what had caused the fire. Owner and workers had come back to pack valuable things and left. And the owner had sold the factory to a company unknown who had obviously closed it after only a month of running the factory because he had seen the reports coming in from the police officials that Glyvos south was being used by tramps to sleep there when the weather went whacko. It had obviously an unguarded door unlike the north building. So what was causing the fire in the north tower? He intended to find out.
    “District chief Sebeler. I am here at the Works. Glyvos factory north building has a fire on the fourth floor.”

    “Copy that district chief. Automatic alert now coming in too.”

    ‘Never disconnected of course,’ District chief Sebeler mused. ‘The workers and staff leave the factory, let it rot and no; they don’t pay attention to the fact that there is a working fire alert that needs to be disbanded. The fire suppressing system will be active too. And I have seen a zillion plans passing my desk for new development of the Works and no, not one is finished as of yet. I hope the war ends soon and the Works becomes again a work area with nice buildings to work in. For that to become possible we don’t want burned down buildings like Glyvos with a history of fires.’ He decided to board an automated airtaxi to direct the crews at the Glyvos incident. But he had to wait a few more minutes before the public transport docked at the Dacho district terminal sixty five.

    Senate district fire-department number nine
    Unit nine zero two and nine zero two rescue
    Green shift

    Ivano Arvedai was doffing his fatigue trousers and boots after hanging his jacket on his assigned place number 1 in unit nine, zero, two. They had returned minutes ago from their very welcome early dinner at the Coruscant University Med Centre restaurant. He was the last to leave the cabin of the engine.

    Pilot – called driver by her crew – Katleen Fafard was powering down the repulsorlifts and reaching to the com.

    Usually it was the chief using the com to give the signal to central dispatch that the engine was back on its base but Chief Calistro had urgent business elsewhere.

    Katleen grinned. She had seen him rushing to the fresher.

    “He did devour three large cups of caf,” Ivano laughed. “And look what…”

    The com started to blare.

    Dacho district unit four two six respond.
    “That’s not us,” Dean Rivas grinned. “We will be able to go home. Our shift ends in half an hour. And the chief will be able to store that in his fridge for blue and yellow shift,” and he pointed to the stacks of boxes with delicacies from the restaurant of the university. “They don’t have a pass key like Ivano.”

    “No and the chief arguing with and complimenting the cook has blue and yellow shift now with home deliveries from us,” Katleen began to lift the boxes on a cart. “I like it that Chief Calistro is a lover of high cuisine. And this one with the chocolate cake is for my family. I got it when I praised the cook and will take it home.”

    ‘Home,’ Ivano thought. ‘For me it is a bunk in this building. I am a simple firefighter wanting to see some planets before going back to my home in Noranan. Going with that group of humans to Alderaan and joining the Alladea fire-house gave me insight in fighting factory fires and I enjoyed the beauty of that planet and saw the prosperity. And Coruscant is a totally new experience for me. But not too long; it’s too artificial for me.’

    When coming to Coruscant and entering the services of the Coruscant fire department Ivano had told that he had to search for a place to sleep until he had something more permanent. He had been given the choice to get a room in a nearby hotel or in the building of fire- department number nine. He had accepted the last and had made the little room with bed and fresher his home. He had never searched for another apartment. The room was cheap and that way he could put almost all his earned credits on a deposit. He would need them when he had to return to Moniron where he owned a nice cottage in Noranan, carefully kept by his mentor Erdin Felaron. An old transport or passage on a freighter or transport would cost him those credits.

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Sixth and seventh floor
    Lanei Setiquiyak and her master had made short work of the few droids on the sixth floor and the droids on the seventh of the north tower of the Glyvos factory and were now headed to the roof.

    Lanei heard them first. Sirens indicated approaching fireships. “Master Tachi will have her firefighters.”

    “Great,” master Kowal muttered “now we have civilians to protect from the droids. Come; let’s hurry to the south tower. If there are any droids left on the roof here they will be there to follow us and that way the firefighters will not be disturbed that much by flying blaster bolts.”

    “And Tachi and Kenobi,” Lanei cut a droid in half.

    “They will come to the same conclusion,” master Kowal cut the other droid and sped towards the stairs leading to the roof.

    But more droids stood in their way and blaster-fire was soon lighting the entire seventh floor.

    And a flame throwing droid had Lanei uttering “it’s a set-this-factory-ablaze-and-destroy-the-evidence trap.”

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    Gripping action and nice banter. =D= =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    And a flame throwing droid had Lanei uttering “it’s a set-this-factory-ablaze-and-destroy-the-evidence trap.”
    Nicely said!!!
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    More action and a cliffie (the first;))
    It is and you will see

    Chapter 5

    1 welona

    Senate district fire-department number nine
    Unit nine zero two
    Green shift
    After visiting the fresher Chief Calistro had secured all the boxes in ‘his’ fridge. It was ‘his’ fridge because he was usually the one to cook for his shift, enjoying the oh’s and ah’s immensely when he tried another delicacy after getting the recipe from a famous restaurant or developing one of his own. He had a reputation among the cooks of those restaurants and exchanged recipes regularly. Securing the boxes had taken only a little bit of time with the entire crew helping him. Cooled canned drinks – about to be getting warm – were now standing on a shelf with a note for blue and yellow shift that boxes with delicacies from the university were to be their meals. He was sipping from a drink when his sharp ears picked up a sound. It was the activating PA-system again after it had given more messages about the Glyvos factory through the building.

    Senate unit nine zero two respond.

    Senate unit nine zero two rescue respond.

    Assistance required Glyvos factory Dacho District.
    That was blaring through the entire station.

    “That’s us and double time,” Steven Budianski grinned when he sped with his twin Greg to the ‘ladder’ unit.

    “My kids will miss me,” Katleen Fafard hurried to her place at the controls and began to don her fatigues. “But they will love it when mom comes home with an exciting story. And Jaime will ‘love’ my smoky odour.”

    “And your love,” Dean Rivas quipped. “And I will miss the slam ball event.”

    “It will be recorded and repeated by the holo-news,” Terry Chanin said.

    “Recorded and repeated,” Dean grumbled “I will miss the real event. I had tickets to go there with my wife.”

    Chief Calistro hurried to his engine and grinned when he was passed by Roland and no surprise at all by Ivano. That man had carried a box to the fridge before retiring to his bunk but seemed to have a sense when something was happening.

    “I was tidying my bunk and about to bring the sheets and my dirty clothes to the laundry,” Ivano laughed. “Now I hope this emergency will have me continue that soon or I will have to put the old sheets back.”

    “You were going to bunk early?” Roland donned his boots and guided the trousers up.

    “Yup,” Ivano had his fatigues ready and reached for his BA-tank and mask. “Two days ago I have found a nice real book in an antiques shop and I was going to read that.”

    “Senate unit nine, zero, two out to Glyvos factory Dacho District,” Chief Calistro spoke into his com.

    Report to the incident commander unit nine, zero, two.

    The chief sighed. With an incident commander on scene the fire must be a big one. “Copy that. Calistro out.”

    That was for Katleen Fafard the signal to activate the repulsorlifts and drive and she guided unit nine, zero, two from the hangar with unit nine, zero, two, rescue and the Budianski twins following for the short flight to the Glyvos factory. With the alert coming to their unit a pre-programmed flight-path had been added to the navigation computer in the engine. Traffic was diverted to give the emergency units a free path to the incident.

    Ivano reached for the thermal imaging cam. His BA-gear was ready, the PA alert of the gear activated and his comlink – secure in a breast-pocket – was linked to the headset.

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Roof north building
    “Will the south building have the same kind of trouble?” Lanei Setiquiyak followed her master on the roof and towards the top bridge that was one of the bridges that connected the two buildings. And in doing that she passed their transport that was remarkably undisturbed by anything fired at it.

    “We have to search that too. We didn’t find the containers in the north building. That building must have been a trap for us with the flame throwing droids.”

    “Masters Tachi and Kenobi are still having fun with the droids,” Lanei grinned when her master stepped on the covered bridge.

    “Remains,” master Kowal stated. “I am sure they will follow soon. And with the firefighters putting out the fire the flame throwers will be out of action soon.”

    “Or destroyed by Kenobi and Tachi,” Lanei followed her master. But she saw the fire-ships using water with added fire-retardants that would interact directly with the droids.

    Unit nine zero two
    Green shift

    Chief Calistro had an excellent view when his pilot swooped with the engine over the lower buildings quite near the Glyvos factory. The north tower was engulfed in smoke. Fireships from other stations were pouring water and fire-retardant on the roof. A battle would be won. And he heard over the com a haughty voice telling him what to do.

    It ended with “Unit nine zero two and unit nine zero two rescue deploy at south tower.”

    “Copy that,” Chief Calistro replied with a neutral voice and closed the com. And he turned in his seat and grinned “you have heard master Sebeler and know what to do.”

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Roof north building
    “There,” Obi-Wan grinned “Es Jay Ee zero one seven is not affected at all by droids, blasters and whatever the fire-ships are throwing at those droids. And my lightsaber is…”

    “Immunized against water,” Siri quipped. “Your change in design sure helps in making scrap of those droids,”

    “It did work on Kamino and on Jabiim,” Obi-Wan laughed and had the last of the flame thrower droids skittering towards the edge of the roof where a fire-ship was pouring water and retardant on the fire that was making it’s way to the roof. “Let’s head to the other tower.” He could mention Jabiim again without fear of seeing hideous memories. Asajj Ventress and the captivity on Ratatak were now past him – dreams about what had been done to him not that much bothering him anymore – with only – if he would meet her again – a wish to lead her back to the light. There was a spark of good hidden deep inside Asajj Ventress. His midi-chlorians were restored. Siri fighting next to him and now running with him across the large roof to the bridge was responsible. A bond of pure love – a bond of the soul – was formed. The two Jedi fought as one. The Force was guiding them.

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Roof south building
    Droids were pouring from an opening in the roof as soon as the first Jedi – master Kowal – put her foot on a tile that was connected to an activate mechanism for a container with droids.

    “Another trip the wire accident master,” Lanei began with a smile on her face but that smile disappeared soon when she saw what these new droids were throwing towards them. “They will weaken the roof-structure. And look there are some containers of the type shown by Jeki Eki.” She jumped high when a detonator made scrap of a part of the roof and was able to split another detonator in two useless parts. “We have reached the goal of our mission. Now a grab and run back to our transport and we are done here.”

    “First we have to destroy those flame thrower droids,” Master Kowal grumbled. “I hope we can save some canisters before the flames destroy them.”

    Floor seven south building
    Ivano Arvedai had seen it before on Alderaan but not with this intensity. The burning north tower of the building was becoming a mess with all the water being poured on it from the fire-ships, named trucks and ‘ladder’ units. It could have been worse. A call for help had come very rapidly from an unknown source, identified soon as Master Sebeler whoever that might be. The first unit on scene had the fire on the roof of the north building to fight. Now since a few minutes there was noise coming from the south building too. Was another unit coming on scene and being deployed on the roof of south tower? Had the fire leaped towards the south tower?

    The ratchet and noise on the roof indicated that they were quite busy.

    With what Ivano didn’t know. He heard strange sounds. ‘Electrical discharges? Is there some faulty power unit involved? Is someone using a blaster? Are my colleagues from the new unit in the middle of this war? Or had they retreated? Is this some unknown disaster? Is the roof a storage-place for explosives?’

    Other units were deployed on the north building and Senate district fire-department number nine, unit nine zero two had floor seven, one floor beneath the roof of the south building as its target. That floor had a landing platform big enough for the engine and ladder and had several entrances. Search for victims and set up a water screen if the fire jumps from the north building was their command. Team two – Dean Rivas and Terry Chanin – had the task to search for a hydrant after helping Katleen. Team one – Ivano and Roland – had to do a quick search for life-forms. The two on the ‘ladder’ were busy setting up a platform that reached to the bridge between the two buildings.

    Ivano had heard all coming through the com when he was readying the thermal imaging cam and didn’t know who master Sebeler was. He was with Roland Kadecek following him towards where he saw the lights of their engine and rescue vehicle. They were in the cavernous main hall of floor seven and only ten metres from the exit. The thermal imaging cam had shown him no victims present on the floor they had to search. That lack of victims changed the next moment.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Yes another cliffie in the next chapter where Ivano meets Jedi and doesn't know what they are.
    the CPR is based on the new rules used by us.


    Chapter 6

    1 welona
    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Big explosions and more sounds of something Ivano Arvedai didn’t know came now from the roof but had him scared and his mate as well. He looked up and saw the cracks appearing in the ceiling fifteen metres above his head. Embers of burning material were falling down. Pointing the thermal imaging cam at the roof he saw high temperatures, enough to melt metal. He had to find cover under the strongest structure of the building and soon. That was what his mentor Erdin Felaron had always ingrained in his students. ‘Get to a door or elevator or the core. They are built of duracrete and will remain standing when a building collapses.’ Ivano had seen a stairwell and elevator during his sweep of the floor shortly after coming through the door. “Elevator shaft,” he yelled and he was just in time to duck under a duracrete support beam near that elevator shaft with Roland following him when a large part of the ceiling came falling down peppering the floor with bits and pieces and larger chunks.

    Almost in time; Ivano felt a sharp pain in his right foot and thigh. But adrenaline rushing through his body had him soon coping with that and forgetting it entirely when he turned his attention to the screeching sounds that remained. Was the building stable or would it collapse entirely? He had seen that before.

    The screeching sound of metal was accompanied by another sound.

    “Master, help me master, master help me master.”

    That sound was coming from a frightened girl shrieking ‘help me master’ at the top of her lungs.

    Ivano saw two women – dressed in beige and brown – perched on that rubble from the ceiling with one trapped – the shrieking girl – and another swaying a green beam. ‘What’s that?’

    Something flying beige with brown boots, followed by another something flying beige with the same sort of boots dropped fifteen metres down, no floated and landed on those boots near the girl. Ivano saw more beams – blue this time – with amazing properties.

    The beams were cutting through the metal. The metal was glowing and turning red and orange.

    “Strange rescuers,” Ivano – injury now totally forgotten – rushed towards the four.

    “They are Jedi and using their lightsabers.” Ivano heard that softly and spoken with awe by Roland who was following him.

    Ivano had never met Jedi before. And lightsabers; were that those cutting blue and green beams? They seemed like a sort of new extrication tool he had never heard about. And they were making that humming sound of a short-circuiting electrical cable.

    “We can help you if needed,” Roland began with the same awe in his voice and stopped when he was pushed away by one of the beige beings. A blaster-bolt passed where he would have been with his head.

    “There are droids on Staps Kenobi.” That came from one of the blue beam wielding humans. “And for a variation on the theme they don’t have flame throwers like we have seen on the roof.”

    “It is a Jedi trap.”

    “OWWW” The girl gave one more anguished cry.

    Sizzling electric sparks flew every which where when a power-cable added for a short time its mayhem before a lightsaber cut through it.

    ‘No need for electrical shielded cutters with those beam thingies. Amazing!’ Ivano had felt the push too because his ribs at the right side were now hurting a bit. But that hurt was also forgotten. ‘Was that the man I met at the party talking to the professor?’ He was almost sure that he recognised one of the two beige beings. ‘What did they use to push me away?’ He had been pushed under what appeared as a piece of roof rubble and heard a hissing sound, more hissing sounds to be precise accompanied by zinging and screeching and of course the sound of the dratted blasters. He poked his head around the protecting piece and was awed. He saw the blue and green beams – lightsabers Ivano and you have met that Jedi before never knowing what a Jedi was – making scrap material of droids, blasters and the floating hover-platforms some droids used. ‘Staps Ivano.’ Blasterbolts were re-directed and none came close to where he was hiding and where the unresponsive girl was now almost freed by the cutting green beam. ‘Hey those extrication tools are useful to keep blasterbolts away.’

    “Continue the search and secure at least one of the containers on the roof. I can help my padawan.” That came from the green beam wielding woman.

    “Kenobi follow me!”

    “Yes general Tachi and don’t lead me into a trap.”

    “You are the one to spring the trap.”

    ‘Even in the middle of trouble and action they are making fun.’ Ivano saw two beige and brown humans – they are Jedi – making a huge leap towards that part of the ceiling that was still intact. ‘They return to what they have been doing there. Are they Dunai elder? They have the same powers as my race. They pushed me without touching me. Are they forming a pair? I felt a connection between the two. They must have a bond of the soul.’ That went very quickly through his mind. ‘I have to shield. I did when I saw the supreme chancellor and when I met that group on Alderaan. Are they of the same group that I met on Alderaan when I was going to Coruscant? Yeah but that was a Zabrak, an older human, clearly not a Dunai or Dunai elder and a young boy shielding whatever he was. And that Master Maerhin I met at the celebration was a Dunai or Dunai elder.’ And he heard very faintly “it is a trap. They have droidekas too.” before more loud noise – blasters and cannons firing and the now welcome sound of lightsabers – had more conversation unintelligible. He took a deep breath and started to cough “blasted mask.” He longed now even more for the positive pressure mask used on Moniron and Alderaan. Neutral pressure masks as used here on Coruscant required a perfect seal between mask, face and helmet. And this mask – that would have him with black smudges because of the sloppy maintenance – had leaks. Smoke inhalation would have him at the fire department medical section and arguing with the medic until he was sent home.

    “We have to get out,” Roland muttered. “My air is almost depleted. Dratted leaking mask.”

    “Lanei, padawan respond to me. Please open your eyes. I am here for you Lanei.”

    Ivano heard the very faint plea of the woman and headed towards her. He knew that Roland was following. With the droids now scrap and the remaining nasties being taken care of by the two Jedi on the roof he could get out of the protective cover of the roof rubble.

    “Nice work Tachi.”

    “Now let’s see what’s here. Look something fishy has been going on here.”

    “As in Dooku?”

    “Could be. He is usually the guy to set traps for us.”

    “We have to hurry.”

    That came from the upper floor. And that casual conversation made it safe for Ivano and Roland to continue to the two women. Blasters and nasties were gone. They were saved by the Jedi but ten metres to the exit had become twenty metres with the Jedi push. And the place was now riddled with droid-parts and smouldering remains adding smoke to the place.

    Ivano knelt down next to the woman and her charge. He observed the woman. Dark blonde hair was smudged with soot and a handsome face had mesmerizing green eyes showing intense sadness and pain. Was she trying to support her friend? There was a kind of bond between the two. ‘That bond is almost the same as I had with my mentor Erdin Felaron when he was teaching me.’

    Breath came in short gasps. Without a mask she was almost suffocating. The girl was even worse. A face was covered in blisters. Were there shallow breaths? Did he see a heaving chest? Those would be signs that she was alive but barely. What had hit the girl? He even felt that she had a few dead engwa eiaala. He knew he had to take action immediately. Air was being depleted soon with the leaking masks and he didn’t want Roland and him joining the two women. “Roland; take that woman and head to the exit as soon as possible. I will follow with the girl.”

    He saw Roland take the woman in a firemans grip. For the man with his immense strength it was easy and he saw him even beginning to take big steps. ‘There sure will be fresh air with all the rescue workers in their medevacs coming on scene.’

    Ivano – coughing badly – felt no pulse at all when he touched the jugular artery with his gloved hand. And a brief use of his powers confirmed it. ‘She has a cardiac arrest.’ He took the girl in his arms and started to stumble after Roland. He had to make it and he knew how and began to tap into his Dunai elder strength. It would have him tired for many days to come but he had to.

    ‘It has something to do with killing little symbionts Ivano.’ That was what Erdin Felaron – his mentor on Moniron – had told him when he was tired and visiting Erdin in the hospital. ‘Be glad you have only a few dead engwa eiaala or you would have joined me in this room with the nasty green Midillamin stuff chasing the dead symbionts out of your body and leaving you quite nauseous.’

    He was near the exit when he heard Roland coughing and wheezing badly. ‘The man is indeed fast.’ He had made the right decision. All four would get out of the building.

    “Direct that medevac here.” That was a woman’s slightly wheezing voice.

    ‘She has a remarkable recovery rate.’ Ivano heard sirens and a repulsorlift engine coming nearer.

    “Let me help you with her.” That was one of the medics Ivano had met before during a traffic accident. And he had seen him and his pilot in the restaurant of the university today. ‘We will again end up there and if I have Professor Vanrood as the doctor treating me I can convince him quite easy that I have just a light smoke inhalation.’
    “I will be alright. I can take care of my padawan. Help the man who rescued me. Ah there she is.” That was the same woman, voice clearly improving.

    ‘Were Jedi immunized against smoke inhalation and toxic products?’ Ivano took the last steps to the open door.

    A soft sound of someone jumping into something was picked up by his sharp hearing.

    “Cardiac arrest,” Ivano yelled when he stumbled through the door and onto the platform. He saw a medic busy with helping Roland to remove his mask and giving him oxygen from a mask attached to a bottle. The woman was nowhere to be seen. ‘She must be there.’

    A bright yellow medevac with sign C U M C stating that it was from the university was hovering at the side with the large door open and inviting him to put his charge – totally unresponsive and dead if he didn’t begin to give her CPR soon – on the stretcher that could accommodate even the biggest Hutt. He took the four steps needed to reach that stretcher, placed the girl and knelt down on the stretcher straddling the girl. This way he could stay on the stretcher if needed. ‘This is easy with a Hutt-sized hover stretcher.’ He removed his fire-resistant gloves, reached to the clamps and ripped the mask from his face and had that dangling before his chest. He saw bloodied hands reaching to the face of the girl and cupping one hand against the lower jaw. ‘She is here and recovered. Immunized indeed,’ Ivano moved and placed his hands on the chest of the girl.

    “Get us to the Jedi temple. I can help the firefighter to save my padawan. Tell them we are doing CPR. They will guide you to the hangar near the halls of healing.”

    Ivano heard that coming with a clear commanding voice when he began CPR counting softly “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    The woman gave two breaths.

    ‘Trained in first aid too,’ Ivano thought when he continued with the CPR and felt a rib breaking. He didn’t mind. Ribs were always breaking and of no concern. He had to maintain the CPR for the short or not short duration of the flight towards the Jedi temple and the hall of healing where ever that was situated. He could do it with his stamina and powers and he felt a power not unlike his own coming from the Jedi woman. Was he to meet more of the strange beings in that temple of theirs? ‘I hope they won’t ask me to join them. Master and Padawan; probably some teacher student relation.’

    The next minutes passed for Ivano in a blur. A headache started to manifest itself. The smoke inhalation and something that must have collided with his chest was the cause for that. He maintained the same rhythm of one hundred pushes a minute.

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    “Kenobi follow me!”

    “Yes general Tachi and don’t lead me into a trap.” Obi-Wan landed with an elegant leap again on the floor he had deserted only minutes ago when Master Yorana Kowal and her padawan Lanei Setiquiyak fell down with half of the floor because the blaster fire and the intense lightsaber wielding to destroy droids had weakened the structure. And the detonator throwing droids had added considerably to the destruction. A contingent of droids had been following soon after that to get rid of the Jedi scum that was reducing their ranks.

    “You are the one to spring the trap,” Siri quipped and whipped her lightsaber through the appendage of an insect-like standard seperatist droid.

    “Nice work Tachi,” Obi-Wan retorted when that appendage – blaster still firing – had him jumping up and landing – almost – on the droideka that was unfolding. That droideka was the first of a batch of ten now being disgorged from a big transport container. “It is a trap. They have droidekas too.” He made short work of that first droideka. Unfolding and without shields the things could be disabled rather easy. And he grinned when he saw and felt Siri concentrating. ‘Do or don’t there is no try,’ flashed briefly through his mind and he began to add his powers. Transport container and droideka’s began to slide towards the edge of the roof. One more push and the bunch disappeared to join the rubble five floors down where he had spotted no living beings at all. The resulting explosion brought a small smile on his face. And the hug Siri gave him was reason to make that smile a big one when he looked into her sky blue eyes, full of mischief.

    “Now let’s see what’s here. Look something fishy has been going on here.” Siri disentangled and headed to the place that had been the reason to come to the Glyvos factory in the first place thanks to the intelligence gathered by Jeki Eki and L’lacielo Sageon.

    “As in Dooku,” Obi-Wan had a questioning look on his face.

    “Could be,” Siri pointed to pieces of scrap not her work or Obi-Wan’s work. “He is usually the guy to set traps for us.”

    “We have to hurry,” Obi-Wan urged. He saw the bridge getting cracks and picked up one of the pieces that had survived the flame throwing droids and began to run towards the bridge that connected the buildings. Their airspeeder was on the roof of the north building. He pressed the button on the remote control that was secured on his belt.

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    “Now let’s see what’s here. Look something fishy has been going on here.” Siri disentangled and headed to the place that had been the reason to come to the Glyvos factory in the first place thanks to the intelligence gathered by Jeki Eki and L’lacielo Sageon.

    “As in Dooku,” Obi-Wan had a questioning look on his face.

    “Could be,” Siri pointed to pieces of scrap not her work or Obi-Wan’s work. “He is usually the guy to set traps for us.”

    “We have to hurry,” Obi-Wan urged. He saw the bridge getting cracks and picked up one of the pieces that had survived the flame throwing droids and began to run towards the bridge that connected the buildings. Their airspeeder was on the roof of the north building. He pressed the button on the remote control that was secured on his belt.


    Oooh Dookuu. Blimey! [face_nail_biting]
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    And now a Christmas cliffie
    Dooku is trouble and now this and introducing the Jedi healer Alco Bel Kais

    [face_nail_biting][face_worried] Chapter 7

    1 welona
    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Roof and Jedi airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven
    “Pick up the pieces and go,” Siri had two pieces in her hands when she followed him towards the north building. “Our speeder has survived the battle and probably the deluge from those fireships. We don’t have to face the techs and Jeki Eki.”

    “Yup with my wrecking everything reputation but you know what Jeki Eki told us about the shields this transport has,” Obi-Wan spurted over the bridge, evaded cracks and the pouring water from the fireships.

    “He forgot personal shields,” Siri was getting soaked.

    “I will turn up the heater,” Obi-Wan shook his head with water flying everywhere and jumped in the passenger seat after throwing his piece in the back-seat. The remote had been used to open the canopy and lower the shields. “Get her home Miss Tachi.” The button that would have Jeki Eki or L’lacielo Sageon in control remained untouched.

    “With your dislike of flying,” Siri dumped the pieces in the back-seat, activated the shields and closed the canopy with a push at the lever next to the controls. “I will do again the flying. This is captain Tachi. Fasten your seatbelt and there is the bag if you are …”

    “Siri just fly and don’t point to things that aren’t there,” Obi-Wan quipped. “I will use the remote again if you don’t just fly. Follow the yellow bird with Setiquiyak and Kowal. If there are remains of biological agents on the plast and metal that dropped down, she can be in danger. And those firefighters can be in danger too if they have a scratch.”

    “Not if our archives have the bio-bugs listed and their anti-dote too,” Siri gave a mischievous smile when she mentioned archives and took the airspeeder zooming away. “If it is the Sonim bug you can ask Nu for the antidote.”

    “That will be your mission,” Obi-Wan retorted. “Nu just won’t admit me to the archives anymore after I had enough disastrous thingies going on in the archives to give the master archivist a permanent aversion to my presence. I did find Kamino and wrecked the main frame.”

    “She won’t admit me either,” Siri stated. “My visit with healer Adin was rather memorable for her. And I am sure you remember our ride to the archives. And with us delivering that” and she turned towards the backseat with her head. Hands on controls followed that movement.

    “Siri!” Obi-Wan shouted when he saw the airspeeder beginning to make a sharp turn back towards the factory. His hand reached for the remote.

    “That,” Siri continued with a grin when she guided the controls to their former position. “Metal will be delivered to Masters Sageon and Jeki Eki. And I will ask them if they can visit the archives.”

    Airspeeder of District Chief Sebeler
    “What was that?”

    “I don’t know but it was coming from the north tower and is now following the medevac.”

    “We will see when we start our investigation.”

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    “Cardiac arrest,” blaring through the general com-system of the surgery wing had the healer on ER duty coming out of the office immediately.

    That healer was Jedi knight Enga Mariss, an attractive human woman with red hair and intense green eyes. She had begun her duty almost one hour ago and urged with a clear but soft and pleasant voice “bring the crash-cart. Follow me to hangar seven.” And running towards that hangar she began to direct the Jedi at temple dispatch to give the approaching medevac the highest priority and direct it to hangar seven.

    Surgery wing ready room
    A team was always standing by in the ready room of OT one.

    Nurses Jaya Pravo and Karen Ornum were engaged in a card game with nurse Tirin Sjiir. All three were Jedi knights and had chosen the path of the healer after showing affinity to that field. The fourth member was reading.

    Cardiac arrest

    Jedihealer Alco Bel Kais – the big white haired man was always called Bony by his colleagues because of his towering size of 2.08 meter and gangly thin legs and arms – looked up, knew that he wasn’t needed and resumed what he was doing and that was reading a report from his colleague shown on his datapad. That colleague Ben Barani was doing a tour of duty in the New Holstice hospital. Ben had left with his padawan Errik Chaloa and colleagues Mirin-Dor and T’el-Orma before the war began to set up a new hospital on New Holstice.

    Alco had studied to become an orthopedic surgeon after displaying only some Force powers in the healing arts. He was a Corellian Jedi and had come back to the temple a year ago and would be returning in twelve days to Corellia. Like his Corellian colleague Hanjo Tavar he had opted for a stay on Corellia after his knighting. And like more Corellian Jedi he was getting married. He had met the love of his life Larana Hovar – a nurse working at the Coruscant University Med Centre – during a visit to a congress at the university.
    She going to Corellia after getting a job in the country hospital of Cor Sanol was for him the main reason to go back. Cor Sanol was close to where his parents lived on a farm and he intended to get a job too. It would be a nice change after the work in the hospital in Coronet City

    He was already dressed in greens as a member of the emergency team. Greens looked always funny on him with lower legs and arms always visible. Unlike most Corellians Alco was big and he contributed that to his grandmother, an immigrant to Corellia and marrying Arco Bel Kais, a Corellian Jedi.

    Jedi airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven
    Somewhere between Glyvos and the Jedi temple some transports were not following the requested lanes.

    “Siri what you are doing is suicide,” Obi-Wan muttered when his daring companion had the airspeeder – under control but he severely doubted that – zooming around an airtaxi that appeared suddenly in their path. It had been diverting the medevac that with flashing lights was clearly showing that it was on an emergency mission. “Now we are headed back to the Works and Glyvos.”

    “No we are headed back to the temple,” Siri grinned. “And don’t touch that. We are following the medevac and will arrive just a little bit later if.” And she guided the airspeeder to a halt when a large commuter transport crossed their lane.

    “I see,” Obi-Wan crossed his arms and gave her a look that he had once given to Anakin after another remarkable speeder chase. “We will arrive just a little bit later and early enough to search for bio-bug repellent.” And he had heard some rumbling noises in the back of the airspeeder. The pieces were in the speeder but must have ended up somewhere else.

    Jedi temple
    Hangar seven and elevator and corridors leading to the healers’ ward.
    “Hangar three one is ready to receive you.”

    “Copy that.”

    Head now beginning to hurt somewhat serious Ivano felt the soft bump of the medevac touching down, heard the door opening and saw two 2-1B droids appearing.

    “Two one Bie halt. That man is doing great work. Let him and guide the stretcher to the elevator.”

    Ivano looked briefly up and saw a beige clad woman with red hair – flame red hair worthy for a firefighter and a beauty if he would show her picture to his mates – directing those two 2-1B droids. Yellow and grey metal – the floor and sides of the medevac – made place for the grey and black and shining silver of a hangar deck. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    Two breaths and the woman said “thanks the Force you are here Healer Mariss. I know my padawan will make it. And I don’t want to hear the complaints about your cold hands from her.”

    “Nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    Two breaths.

    “You want to take her to Vokara Che or that healer will grab her from my care after I have given her the first care. I know your padawan loves the care of droids and Vokara Che.”

    “Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    Two breaths. “She does and having her there as soon as possible will ease my mind too. Lanei is an escape artist and doesn’t like healers at all.”

    “Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    Two breaths. “She discovers always a reason to extricate herself from the healer’s care. Droids don’t argue.”

    That was said with a relieved sigh and had Ivano with a brief smile on his face and forgetting his now thumping head for a while. He was deeply tapping into his Dunai elder strength keeping shields up and maintaining a rhythm of thirty counts and one hundred pushes a minute. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    Two breaths and Ivano continued his rhythm. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.” A hangar deck floor was replaced by a floor of an elevator.

    “Nine, ten.”

    No breath followed.

    “Airway scope. Tube. Bag.”

    Ivano saw the red head busy with almost impossible speed. ‘She has the power too.’ A 2-1B-droid began squeezing the bag in a regular rhythm. Now he could maintain his rhythm without interruptions. But he continued his counting. Opening grey, intricately ornamented doors of the elevator revealed beige walls with more beautiful patterns and a floor with marble inlaid with mosaics. ‘It’s indeed a temple and wow even greenery and statues, candles and fountains.’

    “IV unit. Wipe. Needle.” That was the red head again and a soft whirring and squishing followed.

    Ivano felt everywhere when they passed one of the beige clad beings the now familiar power and kept his shields up.

    - - -

    Jedi master healer Aaqu Maerhin – a Dunai male with raven black hair shot with some grey strands and kind green brown eyes – was on his way to the exit of the healers’ ward. His shift had ended with a small procedure in OT two and he was looking forward to a nice evening watching a holomovie with Kaagi Adin, his colleague healer during that procedure, his friend and his ‘brother.’ Kaagi and he had both been the padawans and ‘sons’ of Master Glinis Ra-Ond with Kaagi joining the family when he was found by Aaqu and his master on Moniron.

    “Good night Aaqu.”

    “Good night Vin,” Aaqu greeted the receptionist of the surgery wing and walked through the double doors. He was halfway to the door leading to the residential wing when he heard noise and soft counting.

    “Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

    And he stepped aside when he saw a large stretcher passing him. He looked back and saw a beige and black clad man with all kinds of gear attached to him on top doing CPR and his colleague Enga Mariss squeezing the bag. Two 2-1B droids were guiding the stretcher. A Jedi with a smudged appearance and smoky odour was following.

    He resumed his way and slipped. And looking down he saw what had caused that slipping and he hurried back. There was more on that stretcher besides an injured girl. Someone must be bleeding and quite badly.

    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    Unit nine zero two
    “Get in the truck Roland,” Chief Joe Calistro urged but with a gentle voice. “With Ivano gone with that medevac and you with a little case of smoke inhalation we are finished here.”

    “It’s not bad,” Roland whispered and stepped into the main cabin. “The medic took great care of me and the oxygen was real nice to get rid of the cough.”

    “But you are relieved just like the rest of us,” Chief Calistro took his seat next to his pilot. He had contacted Master Sebeler informing that he was short one crewmember and had one with smoke inhalation and had been ordered to return to the station. The fire in the north building was under control. ‘And Unit nine four six will retrieve what you have deployed and take care of the remaining burning rubble if it is there’ was what Sebeler had told him.

    “We are one man short,” Dean Rivas followed his mate Terry Chanin. “Chief, do you know where that medevac was going? I saw it leaving when we headed back to our truck to get the hoses coupled to the hydrant near the entrance.”

    “No idea. I was with Chief Ameno of unit seven four six at the north side of the landing platform to get knowledge about what we were about to face and returned when I heard Katleen activating my com,” Chief Calistro replied. “There were I think Jedi involved.”

    “There were sure Jedi involved,” Roland had now smiling eyes and was eager to tell more. “I saw them jumping down and using their lightsabers. We were going to help the Jedi woman with her trapped apprentice when two Jedi joined us and pushed us under the rubble when a bunch of droids followed the Jedi and started to rip the place apart with their blasters. The Jedi man sure saved me. They made scrap out of those droids in seconds and disappeared jumping back on the roof. I heard some more blaster fire and soon it was silent. Ivano ordered me to take the woman Jedi and he took a barely conscious girl and followed me to the exit. The woman was alright by the time I was outside and I put her down. I met a medic and he helped me. The woman jumped in the medevac. Ivano came out carrying the girl and yelling about a cardiac arrest and boarded the medevac.”

    “Ivano will get a ride with the medevac pilot to our station after delivering his charge to a hospital,” Steven Budianski poked his head inside the cabin. “I heard Greg talking to the medic and asking the medic to accompany us to the base. We can go home too. Our ladder is complete. With the roof collapsed and no one there, there isn’t that much anymore to do. I contacted Sebeler and he dismissed us.”

    “Follow us,” Chief Calistro grinned. “And don’t lead that medic to the fridge.”

    “No chief,” Steven roared with laughter and headed to his twin and the medic in the ‘ladder’ unit. One of the fridges in the station was now filled to the brim with delicacies the chief had gotten from the university. They were reserved for ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ shift.

    “Take us back,” Chief Calistro ordered.
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    Ooh, a cliffie indeed! :eek:

    And AzureAngel2 -- love your "blimey" -- [face_laugh] I say that all the time and I'm from the U.S. [face_mischief] [:D] !!!
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    [face_love]Well, I am German, live in the Netherlands and watch to much BBC!!! [face_laugh]
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    For me it's U.S. words and kriff and another cliffie coming and with fanart:eek:
    And those HBO series

    Notes: the LUCAS is a real device used in our ambulances and hospitals. I have seen it at work.
    The PA-alert too and it’s noisy;)

    Chapter 8

    1 welona
    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    “This way healer Enga. Prep room five is ready.”

    “Thanks Vin.”

    “You can come in too master Kowal.”

    “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.” A soft whoosh and Ivano Arvedai felt the stretcher coming to a stop.

    “Get the Lucas here. We have a C A.”

    “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.” A device appeared in Ivano’s vision. A plate was guided under the chest. He had recognised immediately the device being made by the Lomara medical factory and called LUCAS, shorthand for Lomara Universal Cardiac Arrest Support. He had used portable battery powered ones in Alladea and here on Coruscant. He saw the long hose snaking to a wall mounted compressor. He heard lots of moving feet and swishing clothes.

    “Eight, nine, ten.”

    “Move your hands now Ivano Arvedai.”

    ‘Cold hands indeed.’ Ivano felt a tap on his hands coming from a synthrubber gloved hand. He did move his hands and saw the plunger like device placed where his hands had been. The plunger started a steady rhythm accompanied by a swooshing sound. It worked on compressed air. ‘She must have seen my name on my fatigues.’ Clothes were cut away and patches were slapped on the chest of the girl. ‘I need to get down from the stretcher.’

    A door opened again and Ivano saw one of the beige clad Jedi entering.


    “Can someone help me?” Ivano looked up.

    “Aaqu, you’re back. Help Ivano Arvedai from the stretcher. I need to work on the girl.”

    “I will take care of him.” That came from the new arrival. It was a soft and pleasant voice.

    “What’s up?” That was a new arrival clad in greens.

    “I can do that myself.” Ivano stated with a soft voice when he felt two strong hands under his armpits and saw the stretcher with the patient moving. No; he was moving. He began to guide his feet to the floor.

    “Look at that. He is circulating all over the place.” That was a different voice coming from the man clad in greens.

    “Hubert, we have two patients. Get Ivano Arvedai on a stretcher. He is bleeding from his right thigh.”

    ‘Circulating? Bleeding?’ Ivano felt the heavy thumping in his head. ‘Are these guys now helping me or not. He has a familiar voice. I think I have met him but hey I have seen more beige and browns here.’ And he heard an increasing beeping sound assaulting his ears.

    “Get clear.” That was the redhead.

    ‘Ah defib.’ Ivano felt himself lifted by the strong hands and two more.

    “Hubert get him in prep room one immediately. I will alert Kaagi. We will treat him in OT one. And I will alert Bony.”

    ‘Bony? Is something wrong with my bones?’ Ivano felt the stretcher under his buttocks and heard something connecting with a loud thud.

    “Get that BA-gear and that cam away Shirin.”

    “Doing that Aaqu.”

    Another hand – a woman’s – was fumbling with the straps of his BA-gear and attached thermal imaging cam. He hadn’t noticed that he was still wearing that at all. “Hey don’t damage my gear. I can remove that myself.” Ivano was surprised when he tried to move his hands towards the straps. Hands were lacking strength. Even his lungs were having trouble to get air in. ‘Had some rubble met and messed with my ribs?’ A mask was un-coupled from the hose. Straps came loose and a tank and straps were removed. He heard a soft thunk. The tank was now somewhere on the ground.

    “Kaagi Adin prep…”

    Beeweep beeweep. A PA – a personal alert device attached to the straps that could lead rescuers to a trapped or unconscious firefighter – began to blare the first warning notes. Ivano’s moving body had kept it silent but now it added its screeching sound to the soft sounds of medical equipment and a beginning message.

    “…Kais OT…”

    Beeweep beeweep beeeeeeep beeeeep.

    His mask and helmet were removed by the same hands. He felt the hard surface of a stretcher – human sized – under his head and back when he was gently guided down by the men that had taken him from the Hutt sized stretcher.

    Beeweep beeweep beeeeeeep beeeeep.

    “I can silence that,” Ivano started to rise.

    “Shirin can. Ivano Arvedai; stay down. Hubert; keep him on the stretcher.”

    Ivano felt hands on his shoulders holding him down.

    Beeeeep shhhhhhisssshhh.

    He heard someone taking care of the BA-gear and silencing it and saw now moving lights.

    “We have a normal rhythm.” That was the redhead again but now coming from a distance.

    Scrub room OT two
    Jedi master healer Kaagi Adin – a Dunai elder male – had been the anaesthetist in OT two and had transferred the care of his patient to the nurse on duty after guiding her to the post anaesthesia care unit. He was in one of the cubicles to take a shower. He had just doffed his blue smudged gear when his pager started to blare. He grabbed it from the stool, took one look at it and hurried to the scrub-room of OT one clad only in a towel that was lifted with the Force and wrapped around his body and on bare feet. If Aaqu needed him it was serious.

    Prep room one
    ‘She has made it,’ Ivano surmised. He heard doors opening, saw a large non blinding light and felt the stretcher coming to a stop. ‘Do I want to stay here?’ He didn’t feel any injury and blood? That blood staining the fatigues on his right leg could have come from the girl. She had bruises and blisters. He saw some blood on his hands too. ‘Yup with a cardiac arrest she had to have injuries.’ He started to rise again “I have to take a ride back with the medevac.” Now he was surprised by his weak wheezing voice. “It’s probably nothing and will be treated by our doctor at the department. Maybe some bruised bones. And I must be tired yes. That will be gone after some caf and rest.”

    “You are severely injured.”

    That didn’t register at all. Ivano was more interested in the speaker and saw now who had guided him on the stretcher. It was a man with a kind face framed with long raven-black and grey hair, black beard and moustache with some grey in it and with green brown eyes. And yes he had those beige clothes and brown boots. He had met the man at the celebration. ‘Master Maerhin? He is a Dunai elder like me and drafted into the services of the Jedi. Is this the way to get me into their clutches? Are they influencing me?’ He protested very faintly “I don’t want to stay here.”

    “You have to stay here. I have alerted my colleague and friend too. He will come with his famous air-show and…”

    “There is no way you are going to keep me here,” Ivano interrupted with a now barely heard whisper and started to sway his left leg over the side of the stretcher and down. His right leg somehow refused to follow his commands. ‘Were they using a power to keep that leg from moving? And the colleague that was coming! Would he or she be using that power too?’

    “We have to treat your leg.” He felt master Maerhin’s hands pushing him down again.

    “Ah there he is. I have a stubborn firefighter here.”

    “Stubborn? No one called me a stubborn firefighter before. I just want to leave the place after a cup of caf and some air to treat the wheezing.” Ivano stayed down. ‘Maybe that new guy has some air for me.’

    “I am here with my air-show.”

    ‘Air and a show.’ That was a different voice and somehow kind and soothing. “It’s nothing,” Ivano wheezed and saw a black mask and other – blue gloved – hands appearing in his vision and holding that mask against his face. And he started to sit up again and inhaled gratefully a few breaths of clean air and pushed the mask away shaking his head. He mumbled a bit refreshed by the oxygen “just a few minutes of rest, a cup of caf and I will be alright.”

    “Hold him down Aaqu. I have never seen one not liking my air-show.”

    “Air-show? What’s this?” Ivano felt again the surface of the stretcher against his back and saw a man dressed in haphazardly donned greens – obviously just out of a shower because there were wet marks all over the greens – with silver grey eyes framed by a green cap and face mask – he had those blue gloved hands – reaching for the black mask and guiding that again to his face.

    “Keep it there Aaqu. I have the IV set.” Two pink hands replaced the blue ones.

    ‘Air-show! IV! Ah yes in getting me under.’ Ivano finally understood what they were trying to do. He was going into surgery, emergency surgery at that because no one was removing his fatigues. That green guy that had hurried to come to him was the anaesthetist. He felt a hand starting to grab his left hand and swung that hand wildly using what power that was still with him.

    “Oww. He doesn’t like my air-show and must be afraid of needles.”

    “Sorry. I don’t want to go into surgery,” Ivano felt a mask dropping away and hands on his arm and hands on the other arm. And he felt something else.

    “Hubert and I have his arms.”

    Ivano gave up his resistance. Four strong hands and some use of the familiar power had him now pinned down on the stretcher. And yes there was some pain in his right leg that refused any cooperation to get moving. Was that leg bleeding? And why was breathing this difficult? And why was his power not enough to get up and leave the place? Were his shields failing? He felt a band around his wrist being pulled tight, felt a wipe on his left hand, a sharp prick, a cold fluid entering his vein and some sticky tape being applied.

    “IV in and running. Analgesic in. Connecting Prop-A.”

    “Get a unit of A-blood. We will take care of you and…”

    ‘Draft me into your services and have me using one of those nice blue beams,’ Ivano thought he did say but he wasn’t sure when he drifted down into oblivion.

    Senate district fire-department number nine
    Unit nine zero two
    “Blue shift is grumbling a bit,” Chief Calistro put down the com in unit nine zero two with a grin on his face when he saw four crewmembers coming towards the unit to get their gear at the assigned places. “They have missed a big fire. But” and that was continued by him in a more neutral voice “they are complete and we are missing Ivano.”

    “Ivano will be treated for smoke inhalation too and will sure come back soon,” Katleen Fafard stepped down from her place and headed to the changing room. She began to doff her gear after halting before her locker. “Master Sebeler is calling it a success. He managed to save the north tower. And the south tower had no more works for the fire-department after those Jedi made short work of the droids. Unit nine four six has given our missing hoses to supplies.”

    “Buildings saved but for how long?” Chief Calistro had followed her and saw his crew busy. BA-tanks were changed and fatigues were put in lockers.

    Roland Kadecek had his mask disconnected from the BA-tank. “I had a light case of smoke inhalation thanks to this dratted mask. Ivano was muttering about his mask too when he followed me with the Jedi girl. And see,” he turned to a mirror and pointed with his index finger to the black smudges. “The mask was dirty, icky and sticky. I am decorated with rubber make up.”

    “Dirty yes,” Chief Calistro saw his visage with the moustache sporting black pieces in the blonde hair and his forehead with a large black stripe. “I will fill in again a form in triplicate and send it to command. Give me those masks and I will write something. It’s enough.”

    “Yes chief,” Greg Budianski grumbled. “This time we have only two cases of mild smoke inhalation and dirty faces but this neglect can lead to disaster.”

    “Tell command that we are not immunized against smoke and toxic gases,” Steven Budianski added with a grin. He remembered one of his first fires with Ivano. The man had asked a civilian coming too close to where he had been standing at the nozzle if he was immunized against toxic gases. The civilian had paled and hurried back. “Here is my mask.” He turned to the man standing next to him and more interested in his comlink that he was holding against his ear and began “Dean your mask...”

    Dean Rivas shouted “yes, you are coming here.” He had contacted his wife immediately after getting his stuff in his locker. “Oh my. We will be able to see almost the entire game.” Jacket and trousers were doffed in a hurry and Dean ran towards the shower, mask now dangling before his chest and smudging his blue shirt.

    “I will get that mask before it’s showered clean,” Greg ran after Dean. The man had a reputation of jumping into the shower first and doffing whatever he was still wearing there and sometimes starting a wet clothes fight with his mates. Greg had heard those stories on the first day of his duty at the station and had of course experienced a wet clothes fight after coming back from the sports hour.

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward Surgery wing
    Prep room five
    “We have her back,” Enga Mariss gave a relieved smile. She began to remove the LUCAS and waited for a nurse to give her a scanner. Passing that device over the chest and face of the padawan she hummed contently. “Padawan Setiquiyak has a few dead midi-chlorians. She is lucky because with a few dead ones no Midillamin treatment is necessary. Now a nice long soak in the bacta here and she will be alright. She has only blisters and some abrasions and bruises on her face and two broken ribs. I will remove the breathing tube after the soak. 2-1B prepare…”

    “2-1B; take her now to Vokara Che,” Master Kowal ordered immediately. She had stayed in the prep-room to support her padawan with the Force. She had wiped her hands on a cloth after one of the 2-1B’s saw the blood.

    “I am the doctor here but yes a 2-1B can,” Enga Mariss huffed a bit. She was baffled by the interruption and order from the master but eyed her with a neutral gaze for a while before she turned to the two 2-1B droids. “And take that stretcher as soon as possible back to the medevac after Vokara Che has admitted padawan Setiquiyak in her cold and uncaring droid-ward and has used her bone-knitters and Force healing on her.”

    “Thanks Master Mariss,” Master Kowal began to head to the exit.

    The 2-1B droids followed with the stretcher. One was squeezing the breathing bag. And being droids the two 2-1B droids began to glide with a high speed. Master Kowal had to run to keep up with them.

    “Droid care,” Enga scowled when she saw the door closing. ‘Master Kowal and padawan Setiquiyak have never preferred to come to us after master healer Vokara Che had become head of the new halls of healing. And I am glad Kowal didn’t influence master Jinn that much or he and Obi-Wan would be the residents of that hall too. No; Kenobi loves my cold hands too much when I have to treat him after Anakin has him again in trouble.’ That thought brought a smile on her face. Obi-Wan liked her professional skill and the bickering and bantering when she treated him. She had one more thing to do and that was going to the office to do the ‘paper’ work. The first thing she did was contacting the hangar. A brief conversation with the hangar technician followed and ended with “yes tell them that the Hutt sized stretcher will be delivered soon by a droid.” That done she looked at the status-board that displayed the use of the various treatment rooms and OT’s and muttered “Kaagi Adin and Aaqu Maerhin doing double time again. I hope I won’t find the two of you asleep in changing cubicles in the scrub room.” That she used their full names instead of the given names was a sign of great agitation.

    Prep room one
    Kaagi was fast when he saw confused eyes rolling away. He inserted the airway scope immediately and felt Aaqu giving him the tube. With a possibility of a full stomach there was the risk of aspiration. He was relieved when he saw the clean airway and inserted the tube with ease and secured it with the seal. A breathing bag was next in his hands and he connected it. He was squeezing that when Aaqu had a scanning device passing over the leg for the first brief examination. “You don’t want to join the Jedi but don’t you worry.”

    “You felt that too?” Aaqu looked up briefly and felt a mind at work.

    “Yes, loosing consciousness he had his shields dropping.” Kaagi gave a nod to Aaqu. He began to guide the stretcher towards the opening doors of OT one with Hubert helping him. Speed was of the essence to save the leg. And he didn’t mind if there were some dirty clothes and boots still on the man.

    “Bony will have his work too,” Aaqu grumbled. “See you in the OT” and he spurted away to the scrub room.

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    Great update. =D= Such wonderful capable healers. @};- :)
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    They are but are coming to more trouble
    A new chapter with Obi-Wan art and some fun for him and Siri
    And ending in a;)

    Chapter 9

    1 welona

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward Surgery wing
    Scrub room
    OT one handled the emergencies and had a ready room where two nurses were always and sometimes three and a healer were present.

    Aaqu had seen Kaagi disappearing with his patient in the OT after Hubert opened the door and remained in the prep-room. And he had felt something from his friend.

    He entered a changing cubicle and doffed his brown boots, beige tunics and trousers. He took a brief shower and opened a clearplast package with greens and clogs. Ready in his surgeon’s gear he headed to the sink to begin his scrubbing.

    “What do we have?” Alco Bel Kais came in from the ready room and joined Aaqu at the sink.

    “A man with a broken right foot and some big lacerations on his thigh,” Aaqu – not being a little one either – looked up to the towering man. “And maybe he has broken ribs.”

    “Who is with him as sleep doctor?”

    “Kaagi,” Aaqu answered with a grin on his face. “The firefighter was fighting and didn’t like Kaagi’s air-show at all. We had quite a challenge putting him under. He displayed considerable Force power and had shields up to the last moment when he lost consciousness. He sure didn’t want to stay here at all. He was thinking that we will draft him into our services.”

    “You can sense that,” Alco shook his head. He lacked that power. “He never met Jedi?”

    “I met him and his colleagues two months ago at a celebration in Coruscant University Med Centre. And he was standing next to Master Kenobi.”

    “And none made an impression I suppose,” Alco grinned. “We will transport him after the surgery to that university hospital. That’s the closest hospital to take care of his needs.”

    Aaqu just nodded. He knew that Kaagi had other ideas. Alco Bel Kais would find out and wouldn’t be difficult to persuade. He had opted to do all his work in the familiar healers’ ward after one day in the house of healing and a meeting with Vokara Che, the chief of all the healers.

    Senate district fire-department number nine
    Unit nine zero two
    Chief Calistro was sipping from his first cup of caf after coming back. He had to wait for news from the central district. His crew had left and he was sitting in the office reserved for the chief of the shift. The chief of blue shift was changing his bedding after listening to Calistro’s report about the previous evening, night and day.

    Blue shift had taken over.

    Dean Rivas had boarded the speeder of his wife with a very relieved smile because he could still see the next part of the slam ball event. She had come to the fire department.

    Katleen Fafard was no doubt entertaining her kids and husband with her vivid description of the incident.

    Roland Kadecek had been the last to leave after getting the assurance from chief Calistro that he would be the first to hear about what had happened to Ivano.

    Chief Calistro had to write his report but decided that this could wait after he had news from Ivano.

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    OT one
    A blue gloved hand moved for a moment to a cheek. Behind the green mask a bruise was forming. Even with his diminishing strength the firefighter had been able to hit the Jedi master. Kaagi was now sitting on a stool and observing his sedated patient. ‘You were quite a stubborn one to be put under and I don’t know why. Are you afraid that we will keep you here? Jedi don’t draft adults into their services. I was a child – an orphan and two years of age – when I was found by the Jedi. Most initiates are younger than two when they are given to the Jedi.’

    Kaagi Adin gave a soft sigh when he saw his two colleagues – surgeons Alco Bel Kais and Aaqu Maerhin coming in and beginning their work.

    Nurses Jaya Pravo and Karen Ornum had been cutting away the fatigues and underwear. The remains were now on the floor in a clearplast bag in a corner of the room. The nurses had continued their preparation of the patient by swabbing every part of the skin with sterilex before applying various patches for monitoring the heart, a pulse-Ox sleeve on a finger and a BP cuff. Next was the work of covering most of the patient with green sheets and placing a table near the head-end over the chest. A green sheet was draped over that table and fastened to two poles.

    Kaagi was now in a tent-like structure, separating him from what would be soon a sterile environment after the last remaining clothes and boot were removed and a leg was swabbed with sterilex. He could concentrate on the vitals of his patient. A second bag with A-blood – artificial blood – was on the pole and ready to use if he got the signal.

    Alco Bel Kais would be the leading surgeon in the reconstruction of the right foot still encased in the firefighter boot. A scan had already revealed the damage done to the foot and the thigh. Ribs were bruised but not broken. Lungs showed smoke inhalation. A detailed picture of the patient was now visible on the large monitor. A cam would be recording the entire procedure.


    Aaqu was removing the remaining part of the fatigues trouser to reveal the bloodied thigh. “No arterial blood.”


    Kaagi heard the soft sound of a pump. A tourniquet was being applied around the lower leg just beneath the knee. It was necessary for the event that there was a large bleeder before the boot was cut away.


    Kaagi heard soft sawing sounds and righted himself to peek over the green rim of the sheet.

    A firefighter boot was being cut carefully away. The damage done to the ankle by the pieces of metal coming from the roof became now visible.

    “There,” Alco grumbled “that was a twisted piece of metal. No wonder it screwed its way through the synth-rubber. And yes it could avoid the durasteel plating now not protecting that foot at all. The government gives bad boots. Poor guy. He will have to search for a new job after a long recovery period.”

    Kaagi heard a clincking sound and saw a bloodied piece of metal on the tray standing just before his nose. And it somehow intrigued him to the extreme when it was joined by another piece still embedded in the remains of the boot. That had a piece of plast attached and a little mark. “Keep those pieces for Jeki Eki after giving them a full biological scan.”

    “They won’t be going anywhere,” nurse Pravo said.

    “He is lucky,” Aaqu sighed. “This piece missed the main artery but damaged the muscles and scraped the femur.”

    It was another piece with strange markings or not.

    Kaagi had seen those markings before. They must have been made by a lightsaber.

    “Swab the leg with sterilex.”

    Kaagi saw Jaya Pravo administering a large amount of the cleaning fluid. ‘Will that keep the infection at bay?’ He was unsure about that.

    Jedi temple
    Jedi airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven
    Obi-Wan Kenobi saw the medevac lifting off and disappearing and said nothing about it.

    Siri did after landing the airspeeder to one of the assigned places and said “they have brought Kowal and Setiquiyak home and are now headed home too I think.” She knew about the almost inevitable reply of friend Kenobi and yes there it was.

    “Ah yes and with Kowal or Setiquiyak injured our master of the droids Vokara Che will be busy.”

    “Or your cold hands friend Enga Mariss,” Siri tickled Obi-Wan playfully on his arm. “Her territory is closer to the hangar. And being on duty she must have commed temple dispatch to direct the medevac here even before Vokara Che had time to react.”

    “That will have Kowal arguing with Enga until she has her padawan at the Halls of healing and droids. Let’s get this analyzed,” Obi-Wan reached over the back of his seat to the back seat and had to bend down. The pieces had ended up on the floor and were wedged between the fastenings of the front seats. He reached with his hands and had his feet lifting.

    Siri started to laugh when she saw Obi-Wan upended like that.

    “Tachi,” Obi-Wan coloured slightly red after his search and finding of the pieces and extricating them. He began to right himself. “It was your disastrous flying that had the pieces there. Don’t ever listen to my padawan Anakin anymore. His flying techniques are undesirable.”

    “But he saves your butt with his flying,” Siri quipped and patted the Jedi on that part. It was too inviting to resist.

    Butt patting had an unexpected effect.

    Obi-Wan dropped the pieces and had to search and pick them up anew grumbling “he looses uh … them. And I don’t” and he swung his upended legs and flipped with an elegant leap high and landed next to the airspeeder.

    Siri followed with an even higher jump – impressed by his acrobatics – had only eyes and thoughts for Obi-Wan and landed almost on a man shuffling into the hangar.

    “Masters Kenobi and Tachi, I see you have the pieces and kept airspeeder Es Jay Ee zero one seven in one piece.”

    “We have and her piloting skills,” Obi-Wan began. He had seen Jeki Eki coming in.

    “Were essential for getting us home safe and in one piece,” Siri interrupted.

    “But I have saved the pieces and her landings need some more practice,” Obi-Wan grinned and gave the pieces to the old Jedi and continued in a more serious voice “Padawan Setiquiyak was injured and maybe she has wounds caused by some metal coming from pieces like these. She was trapped and freed by her master.”

    “I will visit master Jocasta Nu after examining them,” Jeki Eki said with a mischievous smile on his old face. “I know Nu doesn’t like archive disasters” and he shuffled away.

    “That leaves me with one unfinished affair,” Siri grabbed Obi-Wan by his arm. “In involving me in this piece delivering mission you have ruined my pizza and have to pay for my dinner.”

    “At Serinka’s it’s a free dinner and he will whip up a piezaa,” Obi-Wan accented with a twist on the word pizza and began to guide her towards the elevator. And for those moments his thoughts were only for the woman and the nice meal – droid-fighting had made him hungry – they would be sharing.

    Serinka’s restaurant
    “It’s closed,” Obi-Wan stopped before the entrance of the restaurant. He had – like Siri – visited his apartment for a shower and a change of clothes and was as Siri had commented when he came out in a clean set of clothes ‘dressed for dinner.’
    “Closed?” Siri swept through the entrance after a glance at the sign. “I have never seen it closed and want to know why.”

    “Interested in something burned,” Obi-Wan sniffed but followed Siri anyway. “Hair smells smoky. Mine is smoky and she did see fire and wants more.” He knew about the numerous pancake- and fruit-pie disasters and a smile appeared on his face making him feel young again. Serinka had that effect on most Jedi.

    Obi-Wan inhaled the smoky odour, stood still and felt the years falling away. He was again that three year young initiate wanting to make a fruit pie for a grieving master Jinn who had returned without his padawan Xanatos. He had wanted to make that with fresh fruit and Serinka had guided him to the garden near the childrens’ farm where Master Ekiway ruled. ‘We got the fruit and I discovered a wriggling worm. And bringing the worm back to the garden had our fruit-pie burned but still appreciated as a gift by Master Jinn.’ He sniffed again when he sauntered towards the counter where Siri was with head and torso almost in the kitchen.

    He resisted the urge to pat Siri on her butt and put his head and torso besides Siri and saw.

    Serinka was on his haunches and cleaning his oven. A piece of blackened bread in a scorched metal bread form was on the floor.

    That metal bread form had Obi-Wan landing in the present. “I pushed two firefighters away. Did they help Kowal and Setiquiyak? We have to go to the healers’ ward to see if Kowal and Setiquiyak are alright.”

    “After I whip up a meal for the two of you,” Serinka stood up with one fluid movement of his older legs. He was past middle age for a Serindian but kept himself in a great condition. “The healers will be busy for a while. Take a seat and I will make a nice stew.”

    “With a talking fish,” Siri had gleaming eyes. She sensed no disturbance.

    “Not that,” Serinka grinned. “It was a two man show with Turin Rhina and me. You know that talking fish, pizza’s and pies were a speciality from Turin after getting an education from teacher Eunice Kiriani. Turin never did those shows anymore after Eunice passed away.”

    “Make it a piezzaa filled with stew,” Obi-Wan laughed and had to explain some more before Serinka began to prepare the meal. He too had sensed no disturbance in the Force. The healers could wait.

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    “Make it a piezzaa filled with stew,” Obi-Wan laughed and had to explain some more before Serinka began to prepare the meal. He too had sensed no disturbance in the Force. The healers could wait.

    Some of your updates make me so disbelievingly hungry! =P~
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] I see Obi-Wan has an irresistible rump [face_laugh] Do like pizza - with lots of pepperone and cheese, etc. Stuffed crust ones are the best. :D
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    Nice update and last of the year (we still have 1/2 hour to go).
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