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Beyond - Legends The Surge of Darkness, Book 1: Dark Rising

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    The Surge of Darkness

    Book 1: Dark Rising


    On the far, far outer rim of the galaxy, awkwardly placed, alone in space, not near anything… Not making a sound, no heartbeat, lifeless… Except for one, one dark soul treading across the miles and miles of scorched rock surface, sun beating down, identity unknown, exhausted…

    The soul alone, no family, no friends, emotionless, heartless, exhausted…

    Clad in slashed rags and a bantha hide vest… exhausted. The journey across the barren wasteland of nothingness was a long and hard one… Drenched in sweat, stench horrific… But somehow he knew it was worth it… He knew he would find exactly what he was looking for… And he knew he would find it soon…

    He arms were feeling heavy at this point, and it was a burden just to walk… His vision was blurred by the heat waves that shivered on the horizon… Losing consciousness, exhausted… No he had to keep moving, had to reach his goal, had to do what he came to do, his month wait would not end in vein…

    And then he saw what he had been waiting for… Another soul, another body, another person… It was time… All of the exhaustion he was feeling was gone; the burden had been lifted off his shoulders… Just at the sight of this other person he felt like a new person... born anew… He sighed heavily, and then charged…

    Using all his strength to dash across the terrain toward the other body, which was also approaching him… This was it, the moment he had been waiting for… It was time to give it all he had… life or death… He knew he had the power to do it, but could he bring himself to do it…

    Then the ultimate clash happened, as the two souls got within teen feet of each other they wielded their lightsabers, both red, blades of the Sith… And the sheer power that both felt with the blades collided was something out of the ordinary… It wasn’t good vs. evil, it was evil vs. evil, both striving to become the apprentice, but only one would survive… There was no other way…

    And the battled continued, the power felt in the first collision was doubled in the next clash of blades, and tripled in the third… and so on so forth… It was a flurry of light as the two souls swung the blades back and forth, each blocking the others attack… stalemate… But one would prevail; it would just take time…

    And that time came, when one soul lost his blade, it escaped from his grasp after being shoved away by the force… And he had no time to pull it back, because immediately after losing his blade, his opponent’s blade was thrusts into his stomach… Grinding his innards into mush… And then he felt it, his opponent’s hand entering the wound, and he could feel the pain beating through his whole body… This wasn’t normal, it was inhumane, but he knew he would have done it if given the chance… Then it happened, one soul used all the power of the force he had, and it flowed through his left hand inside his opponent’s stomach, and exploded him, disintegrating him, ending his existence, there was nothing left… He had won… He was the apprentice now…
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    Intense start! Curious which characters were fighting here.
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    Sep 8, 2012
    Title: The Surge of Darkness: Dark Rising (Book 1)

    Author: The_Nerf_Herder

    Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

    Timeframe: 55 A.B.Y (Alternate Universe, forget about what happened in NJO, Dark Nest, and LOTF. Forget all of that, act like it never happened)

    Summary: The galaxy has seen a time of peace with the Galactic Alliance and the rebuilt Jedi Order keeping things in order. But things turn south quick, because a ship carrying Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Solo, and Anakin Solo. Is attacked and blown up, killing the five (before the story starts). This puts Jacen Solo in charge of the Jedi Order, and left with the duty of discovering who killed his family members. Plus when he feels a great disturbance in the force, he knows dark days are coming…

    Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, and don’t mean to infringe on copyright. I’m writing this for fun.

    Main Character List


    Jacen Solo, Grand Master Jedi (Human, male) **Nakita’s husband**

    Jaina Solo, Jedi Master (Human, female) **Trett’s wife**

    Ben Skywalker, Jedi Master (Human, male)

    Chewbacca, Ben Skywalker’s best friend (Wookie, male)

    C-3P0, Protocol Droid

    R2-D2, Astromech Droid

    Lando Calrissian, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance (Human, male)

    Zana Raynar, Galactic Alliance Chief of State (Bothan, female)

    Wedge Antilles, Galactic Alliance Defense Force Admiral (Human, male)

    Syal Antilles, Galactic Alliance Pilot (Human, female)

    Nakita Wesline, Jedi Master (Human, female) **Jacen’s wife**

    Trett Blanda, Jedi Master (Human, male) **Jaina’s husband**

    Myri Antilles, Smuggler (Human, female) **Caan’s love interest**

    Caan Tridon, Smuggler (Human male) **Myri’s love interest**

    Auna Sein, Galactic Alliance Senator from Falleen


    Lord Nolus, Sith Lord and Overlord of the Federation of Separatist Planets (Human, male)

    Darth Azrail, Sith apprentice to Lord Nolus

    Gagoon Nii, Executive Overlord of the Federation of Separatist Planets (Ithorian, male)

    Klye Koon, Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter leader of the Brotherhood (Kal Dor, male)

    Hak, member of the Brotherhood (Twi’Lek, male)

    Scheer the Hutt, Ancestor of Jabba the Hutt, Tatooine Crime Lord supporter of the Brotherhood (Hutt, male)



    The Galactic Alliance (or GA)

    The Jedi Order


    The Sith

    The Federation of Separatist Planets (or FSP)

    **This was just some information on The Surge of Darkness Series. Chapter one will be up soon**
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    This sounds really interesting. You killed the main cast! :eek: Grabbed my attention instantly. Looking forward to where you're going with this. :)
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    Chapter 1

    It was no surprise to Jacen Solo that two goverments could co-exist peacefully in the galaxy. But never could he have imagined that the co-existence would bring the death of his family members so suddenly. For ten years the Galactic Alliance and the Federation of Separatist Planets had always expressed their dislike for each other, but their discrepancies never escalated to anything extreme, until a few months ago. Jacen tried hard to not remember it, and for a while tried to convince himself it was all a dream and that the unthinkable horror had not happened. He didn’t want to believe it... he didn’t want to carry the burden.

    The minute he was informed he fell to his knees and wept, there was no way to keep calm composure when he heard members of his immediate family had died. Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara… gone. Mom and dad… gone. Brother Anakin… gone. Not only had they died, but they were assassinated. Assassinated by members of the FSP Guard, what seemed like a simple vacation to Naboo, took a turn for the worse.

    Without warning Luke, Mara, Han, Leia, and Anakin were surprised attacked by the FSP on Naboo when entering the atmosphere. Little did they know the Naboo had secretly defected to the FSP. So when King Hustan of Naboo received word from Luke that he and his family were making a visit to the planet, the plan needed no extra planning… everything was set in stone. Death was inevitable…

    And immediately Jacen was instated as the new Grand Master of the Jedi Order, as military action by the Order and the GA was needed. A civil war had been sparked, peace time was over, the era of death and bloodshed had been ushered in by the one horrific act of the FSP. And from the day of his family member’s death he vowed to destroy the FSP. It was his goal in life, it consumed him, it was him… He had his wife and children, his brother, and cousin to think of… No longer could he be lackadaisical about anything… This was war… This was life…

    Galactic Alliance Capitol Building, Coruscant

    The Supreme Commander of the GA, Lando Calrissian stood in the large auditorium in the GA Capitol Building. The auditorium had four entrances, the floor slanted downward and rows of seats were set up in a circular manner on the slant. And in the center of the ring of seats a stage. The stage which Lando stood on. His shoulders broad, and posture straight, his eyes evaluating his audience, members of the GA senate, indifferent political officials, and the press, the wretched press.

    He wondered what they would say about his speech. In all reality it didn’t matter, because as far as the senate went they had already voted on the issue he was about to address. Then the many governors and chairman’s of other GA planets had no official say in the situation, as they only dealt with day to day affairs of their home planets. The only people he had to really worry about were the press, who would distort every word he spoke, just to pass an FSP agenda. The press should be considered terrorist and persecuted for their acts against the GA.

    But the time to suspense fully stare at his audience had ended, he now had to speak. He swallowed hard and began.

    “Yesterday the Galactic Alliance senate as well as members of the Jedi Order met here in the Capitol. The issue at hand how to approach the FSP, and there terrorist action against the GA, and a decision was made. After much discussion and dispute, a vote was taken.” Lando paused, anticipating the side conversations in the crowd that were to spawn from what he was about to say. “The ballads entered passed the motion to go to war against the FSP.”

    And Lando was right, despite that most people who began to speak were using hushed tones, the noise was still loud considering the amount of people in the auditorium.

    “Quiet, please quiet.” Lando raised his hand to silence the crowd and they complied. “As far as official specifications of our military actions, nothing is official. I met with the Chief of State, Zana Raynar earlier today. And we discussed potential plans, and may be pursuing one which entails sending GA Defense Forces to the planet of Naboo, and trying to regain that planet from the FSP.” Lando paused. “At this point I have nothing further to say on the matter, thank you.”

    At that the audience knew they were dismissed and the slowly dispersed from the building. Lando kept his position on the auditorium stage, smiling and waving to people as they left. And before too long he and only one other person were left in the auditorium, a cloaked figure. Someone he didn’t see when he originally searched the faces of the crowd before his speech. The cloaked figure approached the stage from one of the entrances into the auditorium, and removed his hood.

    “Jacen, what a pleasant surprise.” Lando smiled as Solo removed his hood and revealed his identity.

    “If you don’t mind I would like to speak with you.” Jacen’s voice seemed concerned.

    “Of course, let us go to my office. It’s safer to speak there.” Lando said as he glanced around the room, almost as if he had something to worry about. He then led Jacen out of the auditorium.

    Lando’s Office

    Lando had a big smile on his face as he sat across from Jacen Solo in the relaxation area of his office. It was in a corner of the room, complete with a few datapads sitting on a table. The rest of the office was completed with a balcony looking over Coruscant, a large and neatly situated desk, and then a shelf full of datapads and files. It was a generic office, but decent in size and neat nonetheless.

    “I remember this one time me and Han.” Lando began a story but was cut off by Jacen.

    “With all due respect Lando; I’m not here to discuss stories about my father. “ Jacen spoke in a slightly disturbed tone, a tone that Lando had been hearing from the Jedi more offend since the incident on Naboo. “I’m much more concerned about what the Jedi Order’s place is in this plan you and Zana are devising.”

    “Well we might have something for you.” Lando voice was condescending.

    “And what might this something be?”

    “Well the GA has intel that there is a serious threat to the GA involved in the Lanzano crime syndicate, and they might be linked to the FSP. At this point we won’t know much until we have some investigation done.”

    “So you want me to assign some Jedi to investigation detail?” Jacen asked.

    “Correct, Brunt city to be exact. The underworld of crime there is dangerous and only getting worse. We have learned that there is a clan of smugglers and bounty hunters called The Brotherhood forming and rising in numbers, and supposedly they have ties with the FSP, and will be doing their dirty work.” Lando stated.

    “What sort of dirty work.” Jacen looked curious, all though he knew exactly what Lando was going to say, in fact he knew most of what Lando was going to say before he said it this whole conversation, the force was a useful tool.

    “Hijacking GA cargo ships and things of that manner. But what were most worried about are political assassinations.”

    “When does the Order need to begin this assignment?” Jacen continued with the questions.

    “As soon as possible, we would like to learn more about the Brotherhood before anything serious happens.” Lando concluded.

    “Very well, I have a family friend who lives on Lanzano and happens to be a smuggler. I assume if this clan does exist, she will know about them.” Jacen rose form his seat as did Lando, the two shook hands. “May the force be with you Lando.” And on that note Solo left the office.

    Ben Skywalker’s chambers, Jedi Temple on Coruscant

    Ben sat in the center of his chambers, legs crossed, arms rested across them, he was admist a deep meditation session. His chambers looked like all the other in the Jedi Temple. There was a bed and next to it a table cluttered with personal items, then in one corner of the room an office area with a computer system.

    Ben seemed very peaceful, but his breathing started to increase. So much that it was noisy and actually echoing through his chambers. And his freckled face was turning pale, and eventually a shade of green. He then opened his eyes suddenly and let out a blood curdling scream. And let out a huge sigh of relief. What he had just felt was disturbing… like nothing he had ever felt before.

    It was a disturbance in the force… but unlike any other he had felt…

    Somewhere in the galaxy something had just happened. Someone was murdered in a gross manner. The force was used in a terrible, terrible way… and Ben felt it. He felt the pain of the victim, as if he was dying himself… but he was unharmed. It was awful and Ben never want to experience anything like it. But he knew for some reason he felt it, and he knew he must tell someone about it. And the first named that popped in his mind, was Jacen…

    Jedi Council Chamber

    Jacen Solo and Ben sat alone in the round circle of seats of the Jedi Council Chambers. It was silent, neither spoke for minutes… but then Ben’s blank stare transformed to worry.

    “It was… not right…” Ben’s voice trailed off.

    “I felt it to, I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Jacen replied.

    “But why us? Why were we affected by it?” Ben questioned.

    “I don’t know, and maybe we are not the only ones. Something like this could affect almost any force sensitive…”

    “What do you think it means.” At this point Ben’s level of concern seemed to double.

    “Something bad… something really, really bad… unfortunately I felt nothing more from it. No clues as to exactly what bad things rest in the future of the Jedi, or the entire galaxy for that matter.” Jacen’s voice was also filled with concern.

    Ben was speechless…

    “But try to put those thoughts aside, as we have more immediate issues to tend to.”

    “Like what?” Jacen’s cousin asked.

    “Well I have a mission for you.” Jacen stated.

    “Just me?” Ben raised his eyebrows.

    “I was going to allow you to choose a partner for it.” Jacen shot back.

    “Well regardless that I don’t know any details yet, if Fullor Lunakka will go with I’ll take him. Me and him get along quite well, and were trained together.”

    “Very well… You and him will be going to Brunt city on Lanzano. There you will meet with Myri Antilles at the Brunt Spaceport. With her you will retrieve information on a smuggler clan called the Brotherhood…”

    “The Brotherhood?” Ben asked.

    “We don’t know much about them, but they may be linked to the FSP. Making them an enemy of the GA, therefore an enemy of the Jedi to.” Jacen paused, “I will speak to Fullor soon, and as long as he agrees to go with you, then the two of you can leave.”

    Jacen and been rose and Jacen motioned for Ben to leave the chambers. And he did make his way to the door, but stopped when it slid open, and turned back toward his cousin.

    “What about Chewbacca?” Ben asked.

    “What about him?” Jacen countered.

    “May he tag along?”

    “What would an adventure be without Chewbacca?” Jacen smiled, giving confirmation to his cousin.

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    That's sad so many of his family dead. You are an intense writer though. Hope to see more.
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    Promising start! Can't wait to see where you go with this. Very bold move to kill off that many characters from the get-go.
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    Excellent beginning. Looking forward to reading more. Keep up the great work.

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    Chapter 2 coming up now :)
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    UHHHH format sucks
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    Having troubles getting the format right on here
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    Chapter 2

    Brunt City, Lanzano

    Brunt City’s Slums… the home of some of the galaxy’s biggest low life, sleezly, dirt bags. Brunt City was set up much like Galactic City on Coruscant, and many other planets in the core. It had different sectors; each sector had an official name, then a nickname created by people in that sector. For example, on a map the Slums of Brunt city was listed as Sector 3-TD, but everyone called it the Slums.

    The Slums appearance held up to its name to in appearance. The buildings were much smaller and poorly built compared to the skyscrapers you would see in the other sectors of Brunt city. The shops had very few options for a buyer’s market, the apartment complexes were run down and many actually abandoned and condemned by the government. It was sad… especially if you were a kid growing up in the Slums.

    But worrying about the environment was not something Ben Skywalker needed to be focused on. He was to dock in the Brunt city spaceport where Myri Antilles would meet him, Fullor Lunakka, and Chewbacca. Then they would proceed to discuss the matter at hand.

    Ben piloted the Thunder quickly through the busy airways, ducking and dodging through other craft like a soldier getting to places of cover from attackers. The Thunder was an YV-100 light freighter made by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It was 46. Meters long, equipped with a class 3 hyperdrive, plenty of cargo space, and space that was modified into living quarters.

    It was unusual for the Jedi to be flying a ship like this, because most commonly they traveled in the Eta-5 starfighter. But since they were in the Slums of Brunt city, Lanzano, a place where possible alliances of the FSP were stationed. They needed to conceal their identities and not look conspicuous. That is also why they were clothed in typical smuggler fashion, instead of Jedi robes. Ben wore a black vest, with a blue long sleeve undershirt below the vest, black pants, and black boots. And Fuller the Rodian Jedi was dressed similar.

    Fuller and Ben were trained together since from the beginning of their Jedi studies. Jacen, Ben’s cousin who was also his master. Was very good friends with Fuller’s master Plonka Rataw. So when it was obvious that the two would be trained around each other. Plus when Jacen would go on missions, Plonka would accompying him, and vice versa. And for experience the apprentices of both masters would tag along. They grew up together and were very good friends.

    There it is Brunk city spaceport!” Ben exclaimed at first sight of the junky spaceport. The exterior of the structure was steel, but with the looks of it, it appeared to have experienced a war right by it due to the mass amount of laser burns and scorches on it.

    Jacen said Myri would be in docking bay 12.” Ben told Fuller.

    “There!” Fuller pointed to the area. “There’s docking bay 12.”

    Ben flew the Thunder into the entrance and to his surprise the bay was empty and surprisingly compared to the outside, which was fine. That way he wouldn’t have any trouble finding a space to land the ship. Which he did quite easily, then the two Jedi and the Wookie left the chip. As they walked across the floor and their footsteps rang through the bay, Ben could feel his lightsaber rattling in one of the deep pockets of his pants. He then remembered what they had brought for weapons. Fuller had his lightsaber of course and he was also carrying a thermal detonator. And Chewbacca, well Chewbacca didn’t have anything, but if he needed to rough someone up with his fist he would have no problem.

    Chewie let out a typical Wookie roar, there form of communicating. Ben learned Wookie while growing up around so Chewbacca so he knew exactly what was said. “Don’t worry Chewie, Myri well be in the bay waiting room.” Ben reassured his friend.

    “I still don’t get how you can speak his language!” Fuller chuckled, and Chewbacca heard him and responded with a roar.

    The three reached a door that slid open when they stood in front of it. It led into the bay waiting room which had multiple computer consoles, datapads with local news files on them, then nice looking cushioned chairs. In two of the chairs sat Myri Antilles, her black hair was pulled back and tied up, and she was wearing typical Lanzano civilian dress, a green tunic and grey pants, but of course at her hip was a holster and a blaster, and then an unfamiliar man. Short blue hair, his chin was chiseled, and his shoulders broad, he was decently tall and quite muscular, definitely not someone you would want to get in a fight with. He too was also wearing a green tunic and grey pants.

    Myri and the man with her rose from their seats and approached Ben. Ben and Myri embraced, as they were close friends. Myri being the daughter of Wedge Antilles, a hero in the Rebel Alliance days, and now a decorated Admiral in the GA. Wedge was a close friend of Ben’s dad, and Uncle Han. But they hadn’t seen each other in years.

    “Nice to see you again kid.” She smiled at Ben.

    “Kid?” Ben grinned, “Were a little bit older since the last time we saw each other.”

    “Well this is my friend Caan Tridon. Caan this is Ben Skywalker, Jedi Master.” Myri said and Caan and Ben shook hands. “And you are?” Myri politely asked Fuller.

    “My name is Fuller Lunakka; it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Fuller answered a hand shake gesture from Caan.

    Chewbacca then glanced at the group and let out a cry which almost sounded like he was sad. Myri acknowledged it, “Of course I almost forgot! Caan this is Chewbacca the Wookie!” Chewbacca cried again in approval then nearly ripped off Caan’s hand when they greeted each other.

    “Quite a grip you got there buddy.” He exclaimed while feeling the pain throb threw his hand. The others laughed.

    Solo Apartment, Jedi Temple on Coruscant

    Jacen Solo sat in casual clothes on a sofa in the sitting area of his apartment in the Jedi Temple. His wife, Nakita Wesline curled up next to him, her head on his chest, and her long, flowing blonde hair brushing against his chin. They watched their children Bail, who was ten and named after Lei’s adopted father. And Nick, who was only three. Bail was in the early stages of his Jedi training and didn’t know much. But he was able to exert the slightest force push to his little brother, which would knock Nick on his bottom. This would result in everyone laughing, Jacen and Nakita included. Then Nick would get up chase Bail around, until Bail pushed him back down.

    Be looked down into his wife’s beautiful blue eyes, then smiled. But it wasn’t a genuine smile. It was merely just a ploy, and Jacen hoped his wife wouldn’t question him about it. But she knew exactly what was up, she could feel it. Sometimes with the force it felt like the two were connected, and they could hear each other’s thoughts.

    “What’s wrong?” Nakita asked her voice so soft and sweet.

    Jacen sighed, “Nothing.” He looked away from his wife in an attempt to hide the truth that he was evading.

    “I felt something in the force…”

    “And?” His wife questioned and straightened up, and was no longer leaning against her husband.

    “It was something dark, Ben felt it to. I saw something.” Jacen spoke oddly, talking about what he felt bothered him, and he knew it bothered Ben to.

    “What did you see?”

    “A horrible image, a man destroying an enemy… In the most terrible way, and he was using the force to do so…”

    “Who was he? Do you think he could be a Sith?” His wife eyes widened in fear.

    “I don’t know… But that is all…” Jacen once again was trying to distract his wife.

    “That is not all, I know there is more!” She insisted, “Your leaving soon aren’t you?”

    “Unfortunately yes.” Jacen answered, then he began to think of his children as he continued to watch them. He knew the mission he was going to embark on was going to be dangerous, and he feared a future for his children without him… they could not live that way, not at this young age.

    “Is it with the Galactic Alliance isn’t it?” Nakita asked, but her husband stayed silent. “It is!” She seemed frustrated. “You know, I don’t even know why the Jedi get involved with their affairs.”

    “Nakita you’re a Jedi, you know your duties and the duties of the entire order. Were peace keepers and will abide to that in any situation where good people need help.”

    “Good people? We’re talking about a civil war! Brethren killing brethren!” Her voice was raised, and her children were alarmed by this.

    “I can’t have this argument with you! Not before I leave!” Jacen tried to end the verbal battle.

    “Fine, where are you off to?”

    “Naboo, me and many other Jedi will be joining Admiral Antilles fleet and will attempt to take back
    the planet.”
    “What about their king?” She asked curiously.

    “Hustan will decide his own fate, if he chooses to surrender, he will only be taken into custody and have a fair trial. However if he resists, well…”

    “I lived there once you know!” She spoke angrily.

    “Well it’s not like you were born there, and none of your family lives there either!” Jacen shot back.

    “Well I know there is no stopping you… But I love you, and I wish you good luck on your journey.” She smiled, and all the tension that had risen between the two during the discussion had faded, love was a powerful thing, and Jacen would not let a war take that from him. He smiled and kissed his wife.

    The Gial, Chommell Sector

    Wedge Antilles stood dressed in a proper uniform of a GA Admiral on the bridge of the Imperious class Star Destroyer that was named after the late Gial Ackbar (Admiral Ackbar). His hands folded behind his back, spine straight, peering out of the triangular viewport into space. They were in the Chommell Sector, and Naboo was in his line of vision. That was his point of interest, his target. Out of the planets in the Chommell Sector, Naboo decided to give in and join sides with the FSP… There mistake.

    A very big mistake in fact. King Hustan had to of known the GA was planning to attack, but would he be concerned about it right now. It was a festival day on Naboo; everybody was celebrating the anniversary of Hustan’s crowning. Would they expect this attack, or would it be a complete and utter destruction? Would Hustan surrender, or would he be foolish and die for pride? So many questions filled Wedge’s mind, and none of them would be answered until the assault actually began.

    He almost felt sorry. Naboo was such a beautiful planet, beautiful architecture, serene waterfalls, fields, and cliffs. It was a shame, but all sorrow he felt was waived due to his duties at hand. He was a Admiral in the GA, and his mission wasn’t to feel sorry for the victims of his actions… No he was to go in and conquer… Conquer Naboo and bring them back to the GA. That was his mission and he would not fail at it, he was determined, as all Admirals should be…

    But Wedge wasn’t just any normal Admiral. He had a vast reputation unlike most of his fellow Admirals. Wedge was a hero in the Galactic Civil War, a decorated pilot of the Rebel Alliance. He was a war hero, but despite having to live up to such a reputation, despite that so many people held him in a high esteem. None of it affected him, he wasn’t arrogant, he was humble, despite constantly being bothered by people everywhere he went. The question, “Aren’t you Wedge Antilles?” Was a question that Wedge herd numerous times, and quite frankly didn’t care to hear.

    “Orders Admirals Antilles?” Wedge’s right hand man Zema, a Bothan, asked as he stepped up next to Wedge.

    But for a moment Wedge didn’t answer, his family still on his mind. But this was no time for fearing death…

    This was a time for battle…

    “Excuse me?” Wedge replied with a question.

    “I asked for orders to send out sir.” The Bothan said.

    “I want ground troops on Naboo in their designated area asap. Also get all squadrons in the air. Operation take over is a go!” Wedge smiled, the plan had begun.
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    Hmm...interesting fic. Most people wouldn't off the main cast like that...but it takes some guts to do so. Looking forward to more.

    (too busy to say more right now)
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    Thanks everyone! Glad you all like it! And I know it is a bold move by killling off the cast like that, but it's really supposed to feul Jacen, Jaina, and Ben somewhat he is going to be having some other issues which will be revealed before to long!!!!!!!!!
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    A lot of people have wanted a situation similiar to this for years, where the Big 3 hand the reins of the galaxy over to a new generation. It's just sad that they plus Mara and Anakin were killed in such a way. It will be interesting to see where you take this and you're off to a solid start.
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    New chapter soon
  17. The_Nerf_Herder

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    After chapter 3 everyone the chapters will be longer and better!
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    Chapter 3

    Theed, Naboo
    Laser blast soared past the edge of the building that Jacen and Jaina were pressed up against, along with a few fellow Jedi, as well as GA soldiers. And across the street against another building were more GA soldiers, and then further down the street, closer to the FSP forces, were more GA soldiers.

    “Having fun yet?” Jaina shouted to Jacen.

    “Just getting started!” Jacen smiled then stepped out from behind the building.

    Lasers floured at Jacen as he cockily walked down the brick street of Theed. Nearing the breath taking Royal Palace. Jacen began to swing his blade in a circular motion, causing it to like a light show in a Coruscant club. But the tactic was very commonly used by Jedi and was very effective. He was deflecting all of the blast fired at him back at the shooters. Some merely just wounded them, but others were critical hits and those fell victim to their own shots, ironic.

    Jaina then appeared behind Jacen.

    “Oh decided to join me?” Jacen smirked at his twin sister.

    Well I decided I couldn’t let you get all the glory!” Jaina returned the smirk.

    She also began batting away blaster fire, and the FSP forces began retreating backward like a bantha herd being chased by Sand People on Tatooine. Some attempted to go to another street, cut back around, and flank the GA, but they were cut off, as the GA already executed a flank maneuver.

    “You’re sitting ducks, cease fire now and live!” Jacen shouted at the leading officer of the few FSP soldiers left. The person was wearing a helmet, as all FSP forces did. Their uniforms were very similar to the Clones from the Clone Wars. While the GA dressed similar to the Rebels from the Galactic Civil War. The officer just shook their head.

    “Suit yourself.” Jacen said to himself. He used the force and charged toward the short line of FSP soldiers with a burst of speed. On his way charging he reached his right hand out, and flung one of the soldiers into one of the smaller buildings on the street using the force. Another one he flung toward Jaina, and Jaina cut the soldier in half while the person was soaring through the air. Now only four soldiers were left.

    Jacen came to a halt right in front of the four soldiers, Jaina was by his side. One of the soldiers drew a vibroblade, but Jacen quickly sliced the soldiers arm holding the blade, then stabbed him in the chest. Another soldier swung a punch at Jacen, but Jacen ducked, and kicked the soldier toward Jaina, who sliced his stomach then chest. Jaina then rolled past on of the two soldiers left and stabbed them in the back. And Jacen then decapitated the officer who resisted his order.

    Jacen nodded at Jaina in approval as the rest of their comrades approached them. They now stood before the majestic Royal Palace of Naboo. Inside was King Hustan. The man responsible for the death of Jacen’s, Jaina’s, and Ben’s family members. Jacen hoped that Hustan would refuse to surrender, just so he could have the pleasure of ending the sorry life of the man who caused him so much pain…
    Solo reached into a pocket of his tunic and pulled out a comm link that he pressed to his lips. “J-Solo to command, enemy forces have been compromised. Entering the Royal Palace.” His heart was racing…. This was it. He shoved the device back onto his pocket then led his comrades into the palace.

    Club Caplucca, Brunt City, Lanzano
    Ben Skywalker sat in a booth next to Fuller Lunakka, and Chewbacca. Across the table before him were Myri Antilles and Caan Tridon. The club they were in was one giant sleaze hole. Full of dirty, sweaty, and disgusting bounty hunters, and smugglers. The dancers on the stage were unattractive, and many of the women were overweight.

    The drinks were cheap, and Ben wasn’t surprised why by the taste of them. But for some reason something was holding Ben to the club, despite his extreme urge to leave the horrid place, he felt like he needed to stay. There was a confrontation that was going to happen in the club that would mean something.

    “So what did you say the name of that clan was?” Caan asked.

    “The Brotherhood!” Fuller said over the loud noises of the club, music blaring, singing, and laughing.
    Ben wasn’t even paying to the conversation that his friends were having. He could not get the feeling out of his head, something was going to happen, and something was going to happen real soon.

    “Ben.” Myri said, no response, “Ben.” Her voice was louder this time, still no response. “Ben!” She urged. Ben snapped out of his daze and turned to look at Myri. “Did you hear what I said?” She asked.

    “No… uh… no, what?” Jacen spoke confused.

    “I just said that I have heard of The Brotherhood.”

    “And?” Jacen asked.

    “There definitely growing, and if you want to get close to them this is the place to do it. I guarantee nearly ten people in this club are a part of it.” Myri spoke confident about her prediction.

    “Have you heard anything about them having alliances with the FSP?” Fuller questioned.

    “I’m not sure? Have you Caan?” Myri looked at her friend.

    “I can’t say I have, but I bet with a little investigation, we could discover something!” And just as Caan finished that sentence something happened.

    The inhabitants of the club began to shriek, and run frantically around. The source of their fear, a person wearing a black robe, with a red cloth mask covering the bottom half of their face, but it stilled showed their bright yellow eyes. The person was wielding a red lightsaber, and Ben knew that was the presence he was feeling. And the feelings he felt during his vision flooded back into him. Whoever the person before him was, they were also in his vision.

    “Get outside, and stay there, me and Fuller will handle this!” Ben shouted at Myri, Caan, and Chewbacca.

    Ben then turned his attention to the saber wielding figure. The people had all cleared out of the bar unharmed, so the figure was obviously here just to do ill things to Fuller and Ben. The two Jedi drew there blades, Ben’s green and Fuller’s purple. They looked at each other and nodded, then approached their enemy.

    Royal Palace, Naboo
    The Royal Palace was beautiful, high ceilings, endless amount of corridors leading to different rooms and even more corridors. It was enormous to say the least. Jacen was charging down one of the corridors with his group of fellow Jedi, and GA soldiers when he suddenly stopped and dropped to his knees. Pain was erupting through his veins. He glanced to his right and he saw his sister, she was also on her knees wincing in pain. It was a disturbance in the force. But no other of the Jedi were hurt, only Jaina and Jacen. The pain slowly faded, and the two slowly rose to their feet.

    “Ben…” Jaina shot Jacen a worried look.

    “There’s no time to worry about it, we must move on. We will deal with that later.” Jacen replied, but the rest of their team looked at them in confusion. “Let’s move, no questions asked!” He began to charge on, but despite that he told Jaina not worry about their cousin, he was. He knew something was going on.

    Club Caplucca, Brunt City, Lanzano
    The opponent was very skilled with a lightsaber, and was blocking every attack by Ben and Fuller. Not to mention the sheer power of the force Ben could feel radiating off the figure, and he was sure that Fuller felt it to. The figure with a wave of his hand launched a table at Fuller. Fuller swung his saber and cut the table in half as it approached him, and the two pieces fell to the ground. Fuller then dove forward toward the figure, and did a summersault and landed in front of his opponent as Ben continued to do battle.

    Lunakka swung hard at the person, but he just ducked a thrust from Skywalker, and while bent down blocked the slash from Fuller. The person then got a look in his eyes that both Ben and Fuller noticed. His eyes showed alarm, like he needed to get away from the two Jedi and soon.

    So he swung low at Fuller’s calf, and grazed it, causing Lunakka to fall to one knee from the burn on his leg. The man then kicked Fuller in the face, and the Jedi fell flat on the floor. The man then shoved Ben back with the force, and Ben appeared like he was going to charge back at his opponent. But his opponent had a plan, he reached out his left hand toward the stone wall behind Ben. The stone began to crack and crumble, revealing the outside world of Brunt City. Then he pulled a large chunk of the wall toward Skywalker and it hit him in the back of the head. Knocking him unconscious. The man then left the club through a back door.

    Royal Palace, Naboo
    Jacen and his team had fought FSP forces through multiple of the long corridors and then they finally reached the door that led in to the throne room of the palace, where they would find King Hustan, most likely guarded by a large number of FSP forces, and probably multiple personal guards. Jacen expected the door to be locked but when a young human GA soldier went to the control panel, and pressed open, the door slid right open. But what was inside was not what they had expected.

    The throne room was empty. Despite the large, jewelry studded chair, and other tables set up for committee meetings most likely. But besides that, the room was empty.

    “No! No! No! No! No!” Jacen shouted.

    “Calm, the best thing we can do now is just to get ahold of control and get a transport off this planet.” Jaina tried encouraging her brother. The rest of the team stayed quiet, in fear of upsetting Jacen.

    “But that would mean our mission was a failure! Without Hustan we don’t control Naboo!” Jacen replied angrily.

    It is worth staying here and risk our lives more then we already have.”

    “Your right.” Jacen breathed deeply, “Your right, message control, say we need a transport outside of the Royal Palace asap!” Jacen ordered he wanted to be calm about the situation, but his arms were shaking, shaking in fury.

    Club Caplucca, Brunt City, Lanzano
    Ben’s eyes slowly opened and he realized where he was. In club Caplucca… His head was throbbing in pain. Above him stood Myri, Caan, Chewbacca, and Fuller. They looked happy that he was awake.

    “Ouch!” He exclaimed.

    Myri chuckled, “Be still, that bump on the back of your head is not pretty.” Myri said.

    No I have to get up!” Ben insisted and he tried to stand, but got dizzy and fell back down. His head was spinning.

    “I said be still, and I meant it.” Myri said.

    “Well what do we do now?” Caan asked.

    Just then an unknown voice appeared, “You will be taken under custody of the Brunt City Security.”
    The group turned toward the front entrance of the club. In the doorway stood the man who was speaking, a Twi’Lek, dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit. Then on both sides of him two other human men, both also dressed in the bright orange jumpsuits.

    “Who are you?” Myri shot the man a confused look.

    “My name is Hak, third highest ranking officer in the Brunt City Security Force. And you all
    are under arrest."
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    I got a little confused in this chapter. You've got a typo one of the Brunt City scenes and have Jacen talking to Myri, so I thought that I'd missed something. Anyway, not a bad start.