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Before - Legends The Unforseen Future/ teen Obi-Wan's Misadventures in the military.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jodiwent, Feb 21, 2000.

  1. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    The Unforseen Future or The Jedi Padawan's guide to win friends and influenceing people.

    I've been working on two longer fanfictions for a while. I was going to put them on my home page untill I found out I could post it here. So I'm posting one here.

    please excuse anything that resembles spelling. (It's been fixed some... see what sleep deprivation can do.)

    This was written not knowing if the jedi could be in the military directly or not.
    The first time Obi-wan Kenobi met Bail Organa of Alderaan was when he was around the age of seventeen. He had been the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn for four years. Around that time Master Jinn got an idea in his head that he felt could not let pass. He insisted that his apprentice go to the flight training center... at the republic's military academy. Jedi just didn't do that. Qui-Gon had to argue with the council to allow it.

    "He already knows how to fly..." Master Windu said. "What would be the point?"

    Qui-Gon some how convinced tham with the argument that it wasn't about the flight or tech training, it was about getting to know the young men and women who would one day be the lesders of the republic. As Qui-Gon's apprentice one day Kenobi would take his place and work closely with the senate and the supreme Chancellor. In his meditations he saw a time when his padawan was grown and would have to work together with these people in a time when the republic would face an unknown crisis. Master Yoda searched the force, he too felt a faint ripple that in years to come a great crisis would engulf the republic... He was not convinced this was the way to deal with it.

    "These people." Master Yoda said. "Influence Obi-Wan they will."

    "I hope..." Master Jinn answered "Obi-Wan will influence them."

    "A few leasons the young one will learn." Yoda chuckled, sencing the challange it would be. He asked the others to make an exception and alow Obi-Wan to take the training. Even if it didn't help it couldn't hurt.

    "What do the commanders at the academy think about it?" Master Windu sencebly asked. "Will they allow it?"

    "I've spoken to commander Vannis." Qui-Gon said, indicating he thought it a forgone conclusion that they would go along with him. "He understands that as a Jedi Obi-Wan can not be in the civil-military, and that I want him to have the exsperience. He will alow it this time."

    And you feel that your padawan, " another questioned. "is ready for such an exsperience ?"

    "I believe so." Qui-Gon said in his typical confidence. The council reluctantly agreed.

    When Qui-Gon Jinn told Obi-Wan Kanobi of his plan, the younger jedi wanted to protest, but he could see how much it was what his master wanted. He already knew how to fly... He senced there was some thing elce behind the shceme.

    "The training will last around ten months." The master told his padawan. "You'll find out what you need to, when you go there."

    "What about our missions?"

    "I've arranged that my duties will keep me at the temple or at the senate." Then Obi-Wan knew how much Qui-Gon wanted him to do this. They were neaver there for more that a week. "You'll need to go over there and find out what will be required of you and when your classes will be." His Master handed Obi-Wan an information card that he was to take to the induction center at the achademy.


    "Now...Go, go,go." Qui-Gon laughed as he shooed his padawan off.

    The republic's military academy was far from the jedi temple. The young jedi took an air taxi to get there. It was a crowded place. Most people were in te various uniforms of lthe different branches. Some wore civilian clothes and carried baggage. Obi-Wan in his robes stuck out, but most payed him no heed. He went to a terminal and entered the information card Qui-Gon had given him.

    "You cadet," the terminal spoke."report to the induction center, here." A map appeared on the screen flashing the indicated place. Kenobi took back the card and made his way to th
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    Dec 14, 1998
    Other than some spelling problems (not bad, but a spellcheck would be nice), spiffy!
  3. Jane Jinn

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    Jan 12, 2000
    A good, original idea! I like the part about "stop bowing, please." Keep going!
  4. The Butler

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    Oct 18, 1999
    Interesting concept. I'm surprised Kenobi's padawan braid was spared.
    Antilles? Is this the Captain Antilles that originally owned C-3PO and R2D2?
  5. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000

    Flight Benobi!!!!

    This is interesting! Hey, don't feel bad about the spelling. We all have are days!

  6. Lady Fyre

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    Feb 17, 2000
    Great idea! Keep working with it!
  7. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    Obi-Wan was still in shock that he was going to be stuck there for at least a month. In a barrack with twenty-four others. At the temple he'd had his own chambers since he was six. He'd slept in some odd places on some of his jedi missions, but to live in close quaters with that many unquiet minds. He didn't like it, but he knew there was nothing he could do. Leaving was not an option he'd conciter. He resigned himself to his predicament in jedi fashion. He knew he only had a few credits left in his belt, the rest was at the temple. One thing that worried him was, what was he going to do with his saber? He figured he'd wear it untill someone told him otherwise.

    Just like the other new cadets Obi-Wan began filling out the information-board that had been given to him. Many of the questions he had no answers for. He was finished before most. He was curious about the others that he would be living with for the next ten months. He concentrated on the three alderaani he had come in with. The tall one called Organa, Obi-Wan knew that name. His jedi training required that he know the royal families of each system and the current senators of the republic. By Organa's age, Obi-Wan figured it must be the prince. He was here? The muscular one, Antilles, that was the name of one of Alderaan's senators. Was he his son? The other one, Wardeen, there was a mining family of that name. A very powerful family in a republic where powerful families were kept in check. These were the sons of the men and women that Qui-Gon had to deal with in the senate. The women must have been from the same background. More cadets arrived over the next few hours, some non-human. When everyone was there and appeared to finished with their forms the Lt. called them to attention.

    Those in the know lined up at the feet of their beds, those who weren't figured it out soon enough. The Lt. followed by a droid went down the line reading the info-boards and handed them to the droid. He stopped and spoke to each of the cadets as he did this. If anything was out of place he'd tell them to fix it. Oddly the Lt. seemed like an easy going man. Would he be when the training began? When the Lt. got to Obi-Wan, even before looking at the board, seeing the light saber hanging from the jedi's belt said, "Loose the weapon." He looked at the name patch, "Benobi, at least for the first month." Obi-Wan took it off reluctantly stowing it as the Lt. looked at his data-board. Obi-Wan didn't have a chance to correct the mispronunciation of his name.

    "Wait a minute." The Lt. continued, "Benobi you didn't fill half of this out, and your name is wrong it says Kenobi. Can you explain this?"

    "Sir," Obi-Wan was bowing again, "I don't have answers for half of those questions, and my name IS Kenobi. The uniform's wrong."

    The Lt, scratched his head, "Your supposed to be officer material, and you've got a blank down for where you went to school?"

    "Well, the jedi temple is not exactly a school."

    "Your a jedi alright, so d**n literal. Just put down the jedi temple, and try to put some answer that's close enough for the other questions. I'll be back."

    The Lt. continued back up the other side of the line. Obi-Wan wrote down the closest answer to the questions. One question worried him, parents. he was suposed to write their names, he didn't know them. He didn't want to explain it. Everyone knew jedi were taken when they were infants. He wondered if Master Jinn would approve, but he decieded to put down under parents, Qui-Gon Jinn's name. In the four years that he had been Master Jinn's apprentice that was how Obi-Wan saw him. The Lt. returned and took the board and added it to the others that the droid was carrying. The Lt. spoke to the cadets.

    "Gentlemen, I am flight Lt. Spears, I am your direct commanding officer. It will be my job to see that your N.C.O.s train you well and that you are capable of being in this flight. Flight B has a reputation to uphold. It is the republic's elite fighter squadron. Most of you come from rulling classes of
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    Oct 30, 1999

  9. The Butler

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    Oct 18, 1999
    What kind of a master is Qui-Gon? Dumping your padawan in the military? Tsk, tsk.

    This pretty good, jodiwent. I have only one word of advice, which you'll probably get from someone else: leave a blank between paragraphs. It's clearer that way.

  10. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    (I'm not sure why but my paragraph indentations aren't showing up.)
    The Lt. left. The cadets were free for the night. Many of the small groups immediately bolted. A few talked among themselves. Obi-Wan wondered how he was going to get his things he might need from the temple. Public com-links, where had he seen com-links? He went out to where he had seen a communication center. Everyone elce had the same idea. Not just his flight, but all of the new cadets lined up. It would be hours before any of the public com-links would be free.

    The jedi's stomach growled. It was eight p.m. now, he hadn't eaten since five p.m. the day before. It was not the longest he'd ever gone with out eating, but he wanted something. He wondered around getting the lay out of the training center. He noticed that almost everyone traveled in groups. People from the same planet sticking together. There were no other jedi for Obi-Wan to stick with. He finally found and area where food could be baught.

    He looked at the prices. 'Oh no.' He thought. A drink alone cost two datataries, He only had ten. He looked at the two, five credit, chips in his hand. He'd get a drink. When he saw how small it was his eyes rolled. He got to where the credits were scanned.

    "Big spender, huh?" The cadet running the scanner joked. Obi-Wan just shrugged. He continued looking around at the other cadets.

    In a strange way it was interesting to see all the different young beings from all parts of the republic. Everyone wore the same uniforms, but each was different in a way that the jedi of different speices were not. Obi-Wan sat to consume the protein drink, surrounded by hundereds of other people, but the jedi felt very alone. A group of four humans made its way to the table Obi-wan had tryed to hide behind. Their uniforms indicated 'Tech B' as their unit.

    "Man, can you believe those prices." one moaned. "We'll be broke before our last pay gets here."

    "You'd think we payed enough to get in this place that they'd feed us." Thier conversation went on like that.

    "I wonder if there's a cheeper place?"

    After a while, all at once it seemed, the four young men looked at Obi-Wan sipping his drink at the far end of the table.

    "Flight B?" one said raising an eye brow to the others, as if they knew what flight B was. They slid down towards Obi-Wan.

    "Heay, Pal." one said. "You couldn't loan us lowly techs a few creits..."

    "I'm sorry." Obi-Wan said with an open manner. "I don't have enough to get myself anything more than this tonight."

    Their faces dropped in disappointment. "Your in flight B," another asked, "right?"

    "Yes I'm in flight B."

    "And you don't have ANY extra credits you could loan out?"

    "Actually, I only have eight left."

    "Eight-hundred? Oh man, can' you..."

    "...Not eight-hundred, EIGHT. Obi-Wan clarified. "I suppose I could loan you six, that would be a credit and a half each."

    "Don't even joke like that."

    "I'm not joking." Obi-Wan insisted. "I don't know why you think I'm joking." Then he turned out his pockets and belt to show he did indeed only have eight credits.

    "Oh man pal."One remarked." Your in worse shape than us."

    "Thanks, but you keep those." another said. "You'll need it more than we do."

    "Your in fligh B?" a third one asked again.

    "Yes," Obi-Wan said flustered. "Why do you keep asking me that?"

    "Well, mostly the aristocrats are in that flight... How'd you get in it?"

    Obi-wan didn't really want to get into why a jedi was at the academy, again, but he was feeling that these four were friendly enough to answer.

    "It really happened fast. I didn't have time to bring anything with me. I didn't know we couldn't leave here for a month."

    "Oh, you've got more at home?" It peaked their interest again.

    "Around thirty I guess."

    The group choked on their laughter. "Just where are you from?"

    "Here on Coruscant."

    "We're from here too." "What quadrant are you from?"

    "I'm not
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    Oct 24, 1999
    Hey all! this is natasha. boris is off contemplating the mysteries of the universe. (i honor my quantum mechanics teachers--bow. i honor the heisenburg uncertainty principle--bow. my grades have taught me my place in the universe--bow.) this is a great fanfic! really cool idea--it's going to be interesting to see how the organa/kenobi story develops. write faster.

    got to go write research paper....


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    Hey, this is REALLY great! It also explains how Obi Wan got to know Bail Organa and how he came to be a Jedi General. VERY cool!!

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    Hey, yeah I'm beginning to like this story(not that I didn't before )

    More soon?

  14. Alli-Wan

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    Very, very interesting. A great idea! Keep going! Awaiting more!
  15. HealerLeona

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    Jan 18, 2000
    Totally original and very inventive. I'm enjoying this greatly. Post. Post.
  16. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    (sorry I type slooow) and have short time on computer.
    Early in the morning the cadets awoke to the lights going on and off repeatedly. It was Lt. Spears.

    "Wake up Gentlemen." He yelled out. "You have one hour to get yourselves down to the obsticle corse. If you don't embarass yourselves there the second half of the day you will be going to hanger B, to see what you think you know about flying."

    Some of the cadets were eager and quickly dressed and went again to the dining area. Antilles was one of these. Others were taking their time, anxoius, going over the flight manuels again.

    Obi-Wan was awake but didnt get up right away. He was rarely late for anything, but didn't rush either. A half an hour later he got up,dressed, and repeated the ritual of the unifing circle.

    Instead of rushing off he once again knelt and meditated for a few minutes. Before he opened his eyes he knew that most of the others were gone. He knew some one was close by, but was suprised when he opened them to see Wardeen stairing at him.

    "Is all that praying suposed to impress us?" The Alderaanian asked with a steady gaze. "You don't belong here jedi."

    "You're entitled to your oppinion." Was Obi-Wan's reply. He wouldn't be drawn into a fight. He had out grown that. "By the way it's not praying. It's meditating. Maybe tonight I'll show you praying." He laughed to himself.

    "Cocky aren't you. Underneath all that polite shyness." Wardeen sneered "Listen, this flight has a long tradition. It takes conections to get here."

    "I didn't know I was so well conected."

    "It doesn't need someone like you slumming around those 'techs' either."

    "Those techs are the people who are going to be responcable for seeing to it that your craft doesn't loose and engine."

    "You shouldn't be seen with them."

    "You should honor their work."

    "Their work has nothing to do with sitting with them, you should't..."

    "Lisen friend, " it was a jedi warning, "don't tell me who I should or shouldn't talk to, shouldn't sit with, or should be seen with.

    You'll end up shoulding all over yourself."

    Obi-Wan departed. The N.C.O. at the door, who had returned to gather the slow pokes tryed to hold back a laugh. "Let's go ten minutes left."

    Wardeen could not believe his ears. How dare anyone speek to him like that. He'd show the jedi in the tests. No one but Antilles was faster than him, not even the prince. The jedi couldn't be all everyone thought them to be. The conceited young man was in for a suprise.

    The academy's obsticle course was on a ten mile balcony, on the top of one of the bulidings. There were two five mile courses. Flight and tech group A were on one. Flight and tech group B would take the other. The support crew cadets were in a different kind of obsticle course, one for rhe brain. The other groups C and D were in ground classes, they'd be there later.

    "The obsticle course needs no explination." Flight Lt. Spears adressd the cadets. Now the whole flight Men and Women were present. "You'll go in groups of five. Line up according to your bunk numbers. You should not hold back anything. If you have extra skills you should us them." This was said more for the benifit of the non-human cadets, but skills are skills. "Cadets one to five on the line."

    They lined up, the N.C.O. had a speed timer and yelled "GO!" The two human and three non-human beings made their way through the obsticle course. When they were a quater of the way, the next group was sent. There was one mantis type being who practically flew over the obsticles. Some of the aliens could haul a**.

    The group with Obi-Wan had the three Alderaanian men and a Gran. They lined up. Wardeen was just waiting to show up the jedi. When the N.C.O. said 'go' they were all very fast.

    Antilles took the lead, with the Gran on his heals. Next was Obi-Wan and Organa. Dead last was Wardeen. When they reached the first wall the jedi suprised them all by not climbing it but sumersaulting c
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    Hey! This is a very interesting fanfic! I like! You communicate the feeling of a military atmosphere so well...I wonder if you've had first-hand experience? <grins>

    A few suggestions:

    Put a space between all breaks- including dialogue. It makes it easier to read.

    Don't abbreviate things like Lieutenant.

    Type up the section you want to post on a word processor first, so you can catch most of the spelling mistakes, then copy and paste it in. That should help.

    Great story! It's very original!!

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    Oct 18, 1999
    Up! This is a VERY original stor...oops, everyone's said that before at least twice. So, instead, I'll just ask for a new post. Please?
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    hey cool story
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    This is a good story. I like it.
  21. jodiwent

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    The tech group was a fast bunch, especially some of the aliens. The O'Daki cousins were fast, strong and adgile. Thier times were amoung the fastest of the day. When they were all done, the Lt. adressed them again.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I think this year flight group and tech group B are starting off very well. This afternoon we'll see if you continue to do so. Follow the N.C.O.s, they'll take you to the sonic-showers so you'll be prsentable again. You'll have an hour before the tech cadets need to get to the hangar, and the flight cadets need to get to the command support room. After that we'll see what you think you know about flying."

    Wishing to correct his name, once again, Obi-Wan tryed to get his commanders attention. "Sir?"

    "Not now Benobi, I'll answer your questions later." Spears was looking at his data-board. "Get with the rest of the flight."

    Obi-Wan knew he couldn't discuss it now, so the cadet caught up with the others.

    The N.C.O.s led them to an area where there was a line of what they called sonic showers. The way they worked was, one steped into the tube and for five minutes were zapped with sound waves of a frequency that got rid of dirt, germs even dead cells, off you and your clothes all at one time.

    There were some beings that it was not good for, but none of the cadets were of those speices. The temple did not have them... It didn't occure to Obi-Wan why they didn't. As he got closer to the time to get in, someting nagged at him.

    His mind said there was no problem, his gut was sounding an alarm. He read the waring list of beings who shouldn't use it. Unconsciously he read the name 'sonic-microb-remover.'

    He was almost having a phobic reaction to going inside one of the tubes. No one elce was having a problem. He went againct his gut feelings and stepped into one. The first two minutes Obi-Wan felt alright. His clothes dryed and he did feel as if the dirt was dropping from his skin. Then the sound wave changed to a deeper skin level and the jedi felt a feeling he had neaver before. It was one he'd neaver want to repeat.

    His whole body, not phisically but in the force was in intence pain. It was a cellular pain. He passed out.

    When Kenobi came to he was in the med-lab.

    "Well Benobi we were wondering if you were going to rejoin us." It was Spears who spoke. "They don't know what happened. You scan as normal on all the read outs."

    "Sir?" Obi-Wan said looking up. "My name is not Benobi, it's Kenobi."

    "Cadet you've got other things to worrie about. Do you have any idea what might have happened? Your not Cloistrophobic are you?"

    "No sir."

    "There is no reason for a sonic-microb-remover should knock out a human."

    It suddenly dawned on Obi-wan, 'microbe.' "Oh no," he sat up and asked, "Can I see the cellular scan?" The med tech put the scan on a screen.

    "You understand that?" the Lt asked.

    "Yes sir, but what I'm looking for isn't on here."

    "What are you looking for?"

    "It's a jedi thing."


    "The only way I can explain it, is that jedi have a lot of a cirtain microbe. They didn't like the sound and sent me a message. I'm quite alright now."

    "You were out cold." Spears comented. "If there's any question, I don't want you in the air today."

    "I'm fine."

    "You sure? Enough to fly?"

    "Pardon me and I'll make sure."

    Obi-Wan then concentrated on a medical insrument across the room. It flew past the Lt.'s head and into the jedi's hand. He put it down.

    "I'm sure." he hopped off the table and went on his way leaving the others shaking their heads in disbelief.

    Kenobi was sure, and he now knew why there were no sonic showers in the temple. The midi-cloriants couln't handle the sound wave. He was glad it wasn't something permanent. He'd neaver been warned, he wondered if the masters knew about this.

    What Obi-Wan didn't know was that on the other side of the planet his master had felt the disturbance, and for a moment felt something seriously wrong had happened
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    Feb 11, 2000
    I'm glad peole are liking this.

    Sorry about the spelling and type-o's I'll go back and fix it later. I'm more interested in telling the story. So I kind of rush and let things pass. I have no clue how to do that paste thing, but thanks for the advice.

    I seem to be writing while every one's replying and so don't get the suggestions untill after I've posted.
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    Yeah, this is really cool!

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    this is great!! post. post. i want to see if the sonic shower has any after-effects.


    p.s. i usually just lurk in the fanfic forum. here i've posted twice! c'mon, post and put me out of my misery. tongue.gif
  25. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    The support cadets kept track of the two flights as the others looked on. Above the academy was a small area of air space restricted to all other trafic. The exercise was a simple dog fight. Unfortunetly for flight B, flight A wiped them off the scanners. As soon as a kill returned to the hangar the ships were rechecked by the techs. It wasn't long before the second group of ten was sent out. They worked together to bring down one of the flight A ships, but still got the crap kicked out of them.

    "This is not happening." One of the flight B cadets moaned. "They are as good as everyone says."

    "That's why your here training." Lt. Spears said. "In ten months you WILL be as good."

    The third group fared no better, except cadet Lo-Lang mannaged to elude them for quite a long time after the others had been shot down. Eventually they caught him.

    The last group was the one Obi-Wan belonged to.

    "We've got to work together." Organa said. "That's how any of their's have been killed."

    The others nodded in agreement. All five of the Alderaaninans could fly, not as well as spacers, but very close. The three Grans slightly better. The other female human was a good pilot, but she was trying to get a kill on her own and went down fast. Obi-Wan, who had flown quite a bit, would once again suprise everyone.

    The nine flight B pilots were able to get five kills, not without loosing all but one of the Grans, Antilles, and Obi-Wan. Those three took down one more, but Antilles and the Gran were taken out.

    The remaining flight A cadets tryed to trap Kenobi, but the jedi was able to pull an inside loop, ending up behind one of his pursuers and took them out. There were still three others. They were not long on attempting to triangulate how to take down the last fo fligh B.

    They didn't know, however, that the cadet flying that ship was using the force to predict where they would be. The jedi evaded their efforts over and over. Methodicaly he took out two of them. This opened up an opportunity for the third and last of flight A to get a bead on Obi-Wan and go for the kill.

    "Your killed Kenobi." The support crew transmitted. "Go back to the hangar."

    As he flew back Obi-Wan was already rethinking how he could have gotten out of the situation. When everyone was back in the hangar Lt. Spears called the groups together.

    "All of you learned something today." Their flight commander told them. "Your not as ready as you all thought you were. That's why your here. As I said before, you will learn to work together as a unit. All of you pilots, techs, and control support, you have to work together."

    "You pilots need to drill untill you can do the formations in your sleep. Starting tomorrow and every day untill you leave here your days will go like this. 5am tech will check the crafts, support will plan the drills. 7 to 9 the pilots will exicute the drills.

    You will have an hour of free time then two hours of classes. then you will hve another hour of free time and four more hours of drills and two hours of classes.

    After that your free untill lights out at ten. I sugest you use that free time to study or get extra sleep. This is your last afternoon of freedom. Find out what classes your in in the data banks.

    If any of you want to analyze today's exercise it can be found in the data banks as well. That's all for today ladies and gentlemen you are dismissed."

    The dejected flight B went their seperate ways. A few of the pilots wantd to see their analysis then and there. Obi-Wan was amoung them. Each of them sat at a data terminal watching the record of the exercise. Kenobi noticed that seven of the kills, including himself, were downed by the same pilot, a cadet Fu-Ahn. The attack always came from underneath. That was one thing he'd remember for the next time.

    The jedi watched it a few more times hoping to find a weekness in flight A's techniques. As he reviewed the dog fight he felt the presence of four more people coming into the control room. He took no