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Before - Legends The Unforseen Future/ teen Obi-Wan's Misadventures in the military.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jodiwent, Feb 21, 2000.

  1. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    It wasn't long before Master Jinn arrived. At the same time two other officers were dragging in the girl's attacker. They had to hold him up.

    "You!" The man pointed towards Obi-Wan with his cuffed hands. "You'll be sorry little jedi, sorry you ever tangled with me. I know where to find that girl again, and I know where to find you"

    The officers dragged off the ranting criminal. Qui-Gon looked at Obi-Wan, just what had his apprentice gotten himself involved in? The man was huge.

    "You did that?" Qui-Gon asked. "To him?"

    "Yes Master."

    "You know your in serious trouble."

    "Excuse me, Master Jedi." The offcer who had driven to the hospital interupted. "Sir, I know that you jedi have your own rules, but if you'd seen the little girl that fiend attacked, you would have done the same. He has a record that would reach the lower levels from here. In my oppinion the boy did the right thing."

    "And I thank you for your oppinion." Qui-Gon politely nodded. "He's in trouble for more than this."

    At that time one of the med-techs who had admited the girl braught over a man and woman from the treatment area. It was the girl's parents who had been franticly looking for her, They had arrived on another level and had seen her briefly.

    They couldn't stay in the treatment area, so they asked to see the jedi who had saved their daughter. Qui-Gon stood back unseen, he recognized them.

    "Thank you Jedi." They repeated with gratitude towards Obi-Wan. "Thank you."

    Obi-Wan bowed to them, but knew he was going to have a lot to explaining to do back at the temple. As Obi-Wan was being thanked the officer tryed to soften up QUi-Gon again.

    "Master Jedi, there has been a rash of child slayings in this area. We believe it was that man. If your young jedi hadn't come across them, we'd be looking for a body tomorrow."

    "I understand." Qui-Gon nodded. "Obi-Wan we must be going." He called and walked off.

    "I must go." Obi-Wan told the girl's parents, bowing and following Qui-Gon.

    "A thousand blessings of the force go with you young jedi." They called after him.

    'I'm going to need all thousand of them.' He thought to himself.

    The ride back to the temple was silent. Qui-Gon didn't know what to think. He felt that the force had guided Obi-Wan to save the girl. the only real thing he was truly upset at was that Obi-Wan left the temple without telling anyone. He knew that his padawan's strange behavior of the last two days was because of Kasan's medling.

    The officer was right, if he had seen the man attacking the little girl, he would have found it hard to just restrain the fiend. The jedi master was more concerned with how easily Obi-Wan let the words of others hurt him.

    He knew if it was anyone but a jedi speeking the words, Obi-Wan wouldn't give it a second thought. Because it was said by jedi, the boy took it to heart.

    "Go to your chambers and reflect on the last few days. Wait there untill your called for."

    Before going to yoda, Qui-Gon made another stop at Kasan's. "There is something we need to discus with Master Yoda." He tryed to be diplomatic

    "I will not go unless summoned by Master Yoda." Kasan said smugly.

    "Your behavior is not fitting your rank."

    "I did not ask to teach the boy."

    "I know all about what you've been teaching, and it's not battle tactics." Qui-Gon snapped. "As far as I'm concerned, the only thing your fit to teach is a snake how to slither. Dougan desreves better than your nonsense."

    "I'm sure you'd like to repeat that in front of the council." Kasan bluffed.

    "Anytime." Qui-Gon turned on his heals and went to speek of Obi-Wan's punishment with Master Yoda. He told Yoda of the events of the last few days. "I don't know if I should intervene in or if this is Obi-Wan will have to over come himself."

    "Still at an age when affected by others his emotions are." Yoda said. "Control them he must. A man the boy wants to become. Wants to do what is right, but overdoes it. A great deal of passion this one has. Like his master. Speek to him I will, an idea I have."

    "Thank you for taking the time, I know how busy you are."
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    Mar 16, 2000
    Just outta curiosity...

    Though it's not up at the TFN theater, this fan film's trailer can be found @
    And that said... has anyone seen it? Anybody got any thoughts or opinions? Or even snacks? I'm hungry.

    Just outta curiosity, don't mind me...

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    Mar 13, 2000
    I liked it! Looks very intresting although the fight sequence looks like it's happening in a meat locker! I guess it's just because you can see the Dark Jedi's breath.

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    Nov 9, 1999
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    Don't forget, March 24 at 8pm EST / 5pm PST, we will have a chat with the creators/actors of Way of the Force.

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    Dec 17, 1999
    AHHHHHHHHHHH!! You leave us there??? Oh please write more!! What are the Jatu?? Tell us about Master Yoda and Obi-Wan's birth! And are things at the academy??

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  7. Jaya Solo

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    Jul 12, 1999
    Wow. This is a great story. I can't spell either. Write some more soon!
  8. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    This was originaly four different storys.

    The things you want to know about are in my next story. oooh nooo.

    My spelling gets worse when I'm half asleep, some are type-o's.

    The Jatu are yet anouther one of those off shoot groups, like the ones Luke keeps finding in novels, but I made this one up.

    Things are brewing at the academy, back there soon.

    Above Qui-Gon there were few people that young Kenobi had a natural respect for. Master Yoda was one. In turn no one seemed to underatand Obi-Wan as well as the small yet powerfull jedi. It seemed to him that before he had become Qui-Gon's apprentice it had always been Yoda he hd looked to as a guide.

    Even when Qui-Gon didn't want to take on a new apprentice, it was Yoda who pushed the master to consider Obi-Wan. When he had been in so many fights as an initiate, it was Yoda who kept him from being kicked out of the temple untill it was no longer avoidable.

    When Obi-Wan turned his back on the jedi, it was Yoda who talked Qui-Gon into going back for him. When he looked back, his earliest memories were of Yoda trying to teach him something. So when Master Yoda arrived at his chambers, Obi-Wan wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad sign.

    "Am I in trouble?" Obi-Wan asked. "Again?"

    "What think you?"

    "I sholud be, but..."

    "Maybe a little in trouble you are." Yoda told him. "Other things more important."

    "Other things?"

    "Not yourself you have been, why?" Obi-Wan was silent, he wasn't sure how to answer. "Everything about you I know. Nothing you can hide from me."

    "That is true Master Yoda. You know more about me than I do." Obi-Wan said. "To know half of something is confusing."

    "Especally when not supposed to know any of it, are you. That you are jedi is all need you to know." Yoda looked Obi-Wan in the eyes and asked. "Troubles you what?"

    "I heard Master Kasan say..." Obi-Wan started to say, he turned away. "That I had, tainted blood. What does that mean?"

    "Means extra meditations Kasan will be doing, on proper behavior for a master jedi."

    "And Chugi, he knew something about me that made him not want to be my friend anymore."

    "Unfortunate that is." Yoda said. "Bothers you something more? More than their actions it would take to create the anger and confusion I sence in you."

    "I had a vision." Obi-Wan looked back at Yoda. "I saw a jedi killed, and a woman who gave you a baby covered in blood. I know it's symbolic, but some how it's real."

    "Real it is." Yoda sighed. "Forget it you must, untill you are ready for it."

    "But I saw it now."

    "When a knight you are, tell you I will."

    "That's a long time from now."

    "What know you of long time?" Yoda joked. It did seem silly to be saying ten or more years was a long time ot a being who was over a eight-hundred and fifty years old. "These things, distract a jedi they should not. Speek with yur master I will on mare training on this."


    "What and?"

    "That's all, extra training, no punishment duty?"

    "For that not. As for your adventure in monument plaza... Glad I am, stopped that man you did, but know too far you went."

    "I know."

    "Drew your saber you did?"

    Yes Master."

    "Use it you did not?"

    "No Master."

    "Why not?"

    "I was angry, if I killed him then it would not have been to save the girl, but for my own reasons."

    "Stopped yourself, a good sign that is." Yoda said. "Did not stop you from more times than necessary hitting him though?"

    Obi-Wan nodded then asked. "Master Yoda, I didn't know then but that man has killed other children before... He is evil right?"

    "Evil, young one?" Yoda's ears went up. "Know you, that is a word that is a word that your point of view it depends. Evil what he did yes. Underneith the evil is still a man."

    "It still doesn't make me understand."

    "Not yet. Part of your punishment duty, a leason teach you it might."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Sence you and your master a week you are here for, and Kasan's class you do not wish to continue I beleive... Some where elce you will spend the time."

    "Where master?"

    "To work with unfortunate beings
  9. Knight Obi Wan

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    Dec 17, 1999
    It must be maddening for poor Obi-Wan to be refused the knowledge of why there seem to be prejudices against him. To him, he's the same as everyone else. He doesn't know why he should be treated differently...he SHOULDN'T be treated differently, but he doesn't know why some of the Masters are.
  10. HealerLeona

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    Jan 18, 2000
    Wonderful bonding jodiwent, left me with warm fuzzies. ( I love warm, fuzzies)
  11. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    We're having an interesting St. Patrick's Day north of Boston. Yesterday it was 71* F, today it is below freezing and snowing!
    Watching 'Last Crusade' Go Indy Go!

    Obi-Wan wasnt sure what to tell Arden. He knew that even if he asked Kasan would not see his friend. He would deny the evident. He would not claim the boy as his son. Obi-Wan had to ask Arden if he really needed to meet his father. If he said yes he would speek to Kasan, at least he could say he had done that much.

    Obi-Wan felt odd telling Arden that the man that was his father was not all that a jedi should be, and that it was likely he would be rejected by Kasan.

    "My Uncle will clober me but I feel like I need to meet him." Arden told Obi-Wan. "All my life I've been told he was no good by my Uncles. Now your not making him sound any better. Still I want to see for myself."

    "Maybe it would be better if I didn't tell him who you were at first then you could at least meet him." Obi-Wan schemed. "I know he won't listen to me. I'm not sure if he'd listen to Qui-Gon either."

    "Could we go tomorrow?"

    "If that is what you want."

    What Obi-Wan was planning may have not been the best way to go about it. He was right, it was the only way Arden would ever see the man that was his father. So the next day, Obi-Wan took Arden to the temple and the two kept crossing Master Kasan's path.

    They said nothing, waiting for the right moment. Kasan however beat them to the punch. "Just what are you up to Obi-Wan kenobi?"

    "um... This is a friend of mine from the academy." Obi-Wan spoke out. "His name is Arden. He wanted to meet you."

    "And why would a young man who is not a jedi want to meet me?"

    "I was hoping you would see why... and I wouldn't have to tell you."

    "What trick is this?"

    "It's not a trick. We could just as easily have gone through the council."

    "Is that a threat boy?"


    "Young man." Kasan turned to Arden. "I don't know why Kenobi has put you up to this, but I have nothing to say to you." He walked away.

    "Obi-Wan didn't put me up to anything. You know who I am." Arden called after him. "I know you do."

    "I do not, and if you do not leave, I will call the temple security and it will be Obi-Wan who is in trouble with the council."

    The two young friends stood silent as Kasan walked away in denial.

    "Do you want to go to some one higher?" Obi-Wan asked Arden.

    "No," Arden said with a heavy heart. "I've seen enough. He's not worth the fight."

    "I'm sorry it did not go well."

    "You did all you could." Arden said still he too wished it had gone differently. Over all he was very mature about the situation.

    Months passed. The cadets studied and learnded and their skills improved. In the begining of the sixth month of their training the commanders told the cadets there was to be a race in the tenth and last month, just before they graduated.

    The one who won that race would be given a chance to take a flight with one of the 'real' squadrons of the republic's defence forces. The ships they would be flying were, Verpine Vipers.

    Obi-Wan was not alone in wanting to be the one to take such a flight. He wanted it bad. He was determined to be the one to get it. It was not often that Obi-Wan wanted anything that much. It was not very jedi like. He would have four months to think about it. His desire to win that race only grew.

    One day in that sixth month the vision he had had before, about Cadet Ringe returned. He was going to learn how sometimes a vision could be incomplete. What he had seen in store for the luckless young woman was only a part of the unfolding events that would follow.

    It happened that that day Croe asked Obi-Wan if he could help him bring a bid for their family business to a contractor on the other side of the planet. It seemed urgent.

    "They moved up the submission time." Croe told Obi-Wan. "And your the fastest flyer I know... I'd neaver get there in time."

    Obi-Wan could not refuse his friends plee for help. Their family really needed this job. The prob
  12. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    Double posts again.

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    Jul 12, 1999
    Yay! We're back to the original plot. Keep going.
  14. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    I have to laugh. They actually edited out the name for the place where the pilot sits in a plane. Tee Hee. I don't know any other name for it. Maybe the rooster pit?

    It did not take long for officals from the Alderaanian embassy to arrive at the academy. They found the other Alderaani cadets and went to the med-unit . The head offical, who had been the one at the reception, was reeming the four of them up one side and down the other.

    "The four of you are supposed to be watching out for him." He berated them. "Now I find out that none of you were even with him?"

    "That may have been what saved him." Ringe replied. "I don't think any of us could have done what the jedi did."

    "You can't use that for an excuse young lady." He steped closer to Ringe.

    "Well, why don't we just have the med-droid attach us to the prince and then he'll never have to take any risks." Ringe was especally flipant.

    "Why you little..." The offical raised his hand to slap her.

    "SIR!" Obi-Wan who had gone unnoticed yelled to get his attention.

    "And just who the force is this A'jisa?"

    "That's Ben, Father." Ringe said. "The jedi. Don't you remember

    Father? This was Ringe's father, and she had a first name. Ambassador Ringe turned to Obi-Wan and changed his tone.

    "Yes, the jedi." The Ambassador said. "Thank you for all you have done, uhm.. Ben is it?"

    "Acctually..." Obi-Wan started to correct him, but bowed instead. "A jedi is always ready to be of service."

    "You see A'jisa," Ambassador ringe turned back to his daughter. "some young people can be polite." He'd be singing a different tune a short while after.

    Ambassador Ringe turned to Commander Vaniss, the head of the academy who was there as well. "I think we better move that O'Daki person as soon as posible." They all started to leave.

    'O'Daki?' Obi-Wan thought. He hadn't yet heard that it was Croe that had been accused.
    "What has O'Daki got to do with this?"

    "Oh, don't you know?" Wardeen said with delite. "Your litte street rat friend is the one who worked on Bail's ship this morning."

    'no, no, no.' Obi-Wan thought to himself. 'This is not happening.'

    Commander Vannis called ahead to have guards bring Croe O'Daki to the Alderaanian's transport. Obi-Wan not sure of what was going on followed. When they reached the docking bay. four guards were walking croe towards the transport. He suddenly looked very small next to the four guards. When he saw the ship, he started to resist.

    "Stop!" Obi-Wan yelled as they tryed to drag Croe on board. "You've got the wrong person."

    "How do you know that?" Commander Vannis asked. "Are you part of this as well cadet?"

    "Sir, this is the one who saved cadet Organa." Lt. Spears said. "Remember the jedi?"

    "Please let him go." Obi-Wan appealed.

    "Yhea let me go." Croe added.

    They kept walking.

    <Let him go.> Kenobi tryed to influence them.

    "Don't even try that." Spears advised. "This is a matter for security cadet."

    They kept walking. Obi-Wan ran in front of the group.

    "I'm sorry sir, but I am a jedi first." Obi-Wan insisted. "As a representative of the republic, I'm telling you, Croe O'Daki is not the saboteur."

    "What, if your a friend of a jedi," Wardeen sneered, "you can get away with anything."

    "You stay out of it." Obi-Wan said to Wardeen. He turned to the Ambassador. "He's not the one."

    "The evidence points to him." The Ambassacor said. "Unless or untill there is any other evidence, he's going to stand trial on Alderaan. If you have anythng to say you can say it at the trial."

    "Alderaan? Your not taking him to Alderaan."

    "Yes we are... An attempt on the life of one of the royal houses is a serious charge."

    "I'm telling you, it's not him. Furthermore, he is a citizen of the republic and a resident of Coruscant. Why isn't the trial to be here?"

    "Because it is. We already have the extradition orders."

    "It's not legal."

    "It doesn't matter."

    "Then I regret you leave me no choice." Obi-Wan said as he reached for his light saber, and igntied it. He hoped they didn't know it was only a traini
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    Jul 12, 1999
    Great as always!
  16. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    I cant believe what I just did. I accidently erased everything I typed in to post. I've been typing for hours!

    will re-do tomorrow.

    Scully : "Who do you think rigged the fighter?"

    Mulder : "The aliens."

    Scully : "With you it's always the aliens. By the way, do you think I'd look good with a light saber in my hand?"

    TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
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    Jan 12, 2000
    I'm looking forward to the next post! I love this story, the complexity of it all, the emotions, everything. Please keep on!
  18. HealerLeona

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    Jan 18, 2000
    Ok, I've got my suspicions about who the real saboteur is, but I think I'll wait for more story.
  19. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    Now as long as my note book doesn't hit the esc key again the story is on!
    The three went into the outer office, the commander's staff was startled to see te jedi, even though they had been informed of the situation.

    "Hello Master Jinn." The staff officer said opening the hatch door to the inner office. "Commander Vannis is exspecting you." They went in and the door shut behind them.

    "Ah Qui-Gon." Commander Vannis greeted Master Jinn as a friend. "When you said you wanted your apprentice to train here, I knew it would be interesting. Just not this interesting." He took a long look at the two cadets. "What do you think about this situation?"

    "I have more than a strong beleif," Qui-Gon began, "that there is a Saboteur loose here, but it is not Cadet O'Daki. I believe he has a strong alibi and, no real motive."

    "You suspect one of the Alderaanians?"

    "Possibly. I'm sure who ever it is they will make a mistake and reveal themselves." Qui-Gon paused. "The reason I'm here now is to find out where the best place for Cadet O'Daki. He has been released to me and my apprentice's custody. I don't think he needs to be locked up, but for his own protection he needs to be watched. I thought Obi-Wan should continue to guard him, but he can't do that here."

    "Do you want to take him out of this class?"

    "I don't think I have any other choice. How long can he be away before it would be too late to continue?"

    "A week at most."

    "And Cadet O'daki, if he's found inocent will he be allowed to contiue?"

    "Of course, maybe not till next years class."

    "I will accompany Cadet O'Daki to get his personal belongings." Qui-Gon said. "Obi-Wan, go and get your things and meet us outside."

    Obi-Wan obeyed with a heavy heart. "Yes Master."

    The young jedi made his way quickly to the barrack ares. He would have to go past the Alderaanians to get his things. He could feel the distain and anger directed at him, not only from Wardeen and Antilles, but most of the others in flight B. It was as if what he had done earlier ment nothing. Organa was not there.

    The cadets who were neutral on the incident now viewed Obi-Wan with the awed fear most people had for the jedi. the saber had sent a message, 'Don't mess with this one.'

    "Well look who's back." Wardeen couldn't resist. He and Antilles, who up untill then liked the jedi, blocked the way to his bunk. In loyalty to their prince they pretended as if thy weren't blocking the way.

    "Please move."

    "Did you hear something?" Wardeen asked.

    "Nope." Antilles answered.

    "Please move."

    They didn't budge. Obi-Wan had little patients now, but he resisted the temptation to move them with the force. He walked over Antilles' bunk to get to his storage bin. The two Alderaaninans turned. Obi-Wan felt as if their eyes were boring into his back. He grabed his things and walked back over the bunk, and left.

    Behind him he heared the same coment he had heared at the temple four years earlier: "Knew you wouldn't make it."

    Inwardly kenobi laughed. That statement hed been wrong then, he had a feeling it was wrong now. He'd be back. As he turned out of the door and into the coridor he came face to face with Organa. Obi-Wan didn't feel the same anger he'd felt from the others. The feeling was still cool.

    "I don't understand you." The prince said calmly. "You save my life and then you defend my attacker."

    "A jedi is sworn to defend all of the republic's citizens. They have the wrong man." Obi-Wan warned. "Watch your back."

    "Yhea right." Organa said unbelieving, as he went on his way.

    Further down the coridor Obi-Wan ran into the Corellians.

    "Your leaving?" They questioned. "Why? Your not letting those arrogant pi$$es run you out?"

    "No, that's not it." Obi-Wan told them sadly. "I have to be responcible for Croe untill he goes to court."

    At least someone stood up to them." Fu-Ahn commented. "Even if he's th one, they had no right to try and take him off Coruscant." Correlians were used to being accused of things even if they hadn't done them. So they knew the laws well. "w
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    jodiwent, the suspense is killing me. i'm hoping that that "just taking a break" means there will be multiple story posts tonight--pretty please? (beseeching look)



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    "You got any cards or games?" Croe asked.

    "No cards, games I got rid of a lon time ago." Obi-Wan answered. "I have a music player."

    "What chips have you got?"

    Obi-Wan went to look through his music chips." Probably nothing you'd really like."

    "How do you know?"

    "I don't I guess."

    Croe took a chip out of his pocket."Try this, it's the latest."

    "I wouldn't know." Obi-Wan admited as he put the chip in. It was a hard driving electronic music that most people their age listened to. I t was different but the young jedi liked it. "It's got a sonic drive to it."

    "Cool huh?" Croe said. "It should be louder."


    Croe nodded to the beat. Obi-Wan turned it up. Not long after there came a knock at the door. It was a few of Obi-Wan's cohorts, who's chambers were in the same area.

    "That sounds awsum." One said. "Where did you get that?"

    "It's my friend's."

    The four other padawans listened intently. More showed up. Some tryed to intone to the fast paced music. Knights and Masters passing neer wondered just what the ruccas coming from Padawan Kenobi's chambers was. It sounded like music, but so loud. There were some chants that used sonic drive as their basis, but not as loud.

    Some of the padawans that had gathered in Obi-Wan's chambers were supposed to be in the practice hall at the end of the coridor. the master who was running the class went to search for them. She didn't have to go far to fine them. When she peered therough the open door, she sent a wave in the force to get their attention. All but Croe looked to the door.

    Obi-wan jumped up and shut the music off. "Master Tana." He bowed. "I'm sorry if we disturbed your class."

    "On the contrary Padawan Kenobi." Master Tana said. "You have given a good leason. the ones who are supposed to be down the hall should learn not to be distracted or sidetracked." The ones who were late for class ran out of the room and to the practice hall.

    "You useually disturb us with Camassi death chants. This is truely inventive. I may ask you for a coppy of that to see if they can concentrate with that playing." The Master continued. "It reminds me of a swarm of engines, one neaver knows when you may have to fight with such a racket." She made her point and gracefully exited.

    The other padawans left to tend to the tasks they had been distrackted from.

    "Your sure," Obi-Wan asked again. "you don't want to get out of here?" He was hoping for a different answer than before.

    "Could I make a call?" Croe asked.

    "Sure, let's go. there's a holo-com-link down the hall." Obi-Wan showed his friend where it was. Croe looked at it trying to find where to put the credit chip. "You won't need that here."

    Croe called his home. Obi-Wan stayed back so his friend could talk privately. In the middle of the conversation another padawan, a girl the same age as Obi-Wan walked over.

    "Heay Kenobi."

    "Heay Zai."

    "You got yourself in for it this time." the young woman teased.

    When did you get back?" Obi-Wan asked.


    Next to Bant Errin, Shu-Sen Zai was one of Obi-Wan's closest 'buddies.' She was the Padawan of Qui-Gon's former master. The two padawans had more than a slight friendly rivalry between themselves.

    "Is that the assassin?"

    "Leave him out of it."

    "What. who said I was up to anything?"

    "Be nice."

    "I'm always nice." Shu-Sen grinned.

    Obi-Wan thought of all the practicle jokes she had pulled on him over the last four years. Nice was not a word that jumped to the top of his list to discribe his friend.
    Mischevious did.

    "So what's it like," Zaize contiued. "out inthe real world." This was a sly way of saying 'Oh you've got it tough, ten months on Coruscant.' She and her master the cathar Aji Mekata took many missions inthe far reaches of the galaxsy. It was their speciality.

    "Other than all this trouble. It's alright." Obi-Wan said. "How's it out in the boonies?"

    "Fine as ever. Heay your friend's kinda cute."

    'Not another one.' Obi-Wan thought to himself. He knew she was joking but still... "He's engaged."

    "Oh well." zaize snickered. She had about as much interest in
  22. Jane Jinn

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    Is this Zaize Obi-Wan's soul mate, then? I like her! I like the way she mischievously moves his braid with the Force, and spits off the roof! And the way that Obi-Wan feels possessive when it becomes apparant that Croe and she get on well together. Carry on the good work!
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    That night niether of the two friends got much sleep. Croe was of course worried about going before the court. Obi-Wan was worried for his friend as well. He couldn't imagine Croe locked up. He thought of someone he had met when he had t do punishment duty at one of the prisons.

    It was after he had beat up a man who had been attacking a little girl. Master Yoda had arranged it all. He told The Padawan where to go and that he should leave his light saber at the temple. It would not be allowed in the prison.

    Obi-Wan was slightly intimidated about going there, even if he was just going to help out the volunteers who visited the prisoners. The idea of any place where beings were locked up didn't thrill him. Even if it was criminals. He hoped he would be able to be calm. He also didn't like the idea of being in contact with such people that needed to be locked up.

    Prisons on Curuscant were not crule dark places of doom like on some other planets, but a prison is a prison. Obi-Wan was attached to one of the regular volunteers and they went through the security check. He followed to an area that seemed to be for recreation.

    "This is the group you will be helping." The volunteer said. Obi-Wan looked through the glass. He sighed and wondered what these people were like. The volunteer led him in. "We have someone who will help you with your letters this week." The volunteer told the prisoners. "So if you wish them read see this young man."

    Even though they could tell he was a jedi, Obi-Wan was instantly popular as they took letters out of their pocketts and lined up to have them read. Some of the letters were touching tales of family unable to journey to see them. Some were rude. One in perticular.

    As the young jedi read what one prisoner's girl friend wrote to him, his voice cracked and he turned red with embarassment.

    "Come on Jakk, don't torture the boy anymore." One of the older prisoners chuckled. "You know what sheltered lives jedi live."

    "Sooo Ma'abe, he'e's gettin' an ed'ucation." The one called Jakk grined a toothless grin. "I'll i'magine the r'est j'edi."

    Obi-Wan was relieved that he didnt have to read the rest. "S'ee h'ere sh'e is." Jakk flashed a static holo of his scantly clad girl friend.

    "Whoa..." The young jedi unconsciously let slip out.

    "S'ee, a l'ad's a l'ad, j'edi or n'ot." The prisoners laughed, "O.'K. E'nough l'ookin', t'hat's my g'irl."

    "Of course..."

    Anouther prisoner's wife wrote of their children's growth. More were from 'bussiness' partners on the outside, telling of the great 'deals' they had found.
    So the first day went.

    The last letter Obi-Wan read was for a young man, who had waited patietly. Obi-Wan was suprised because the prisoner called Pai was close to his own age. Maybe a few years older, but much younger than the other prisoners.

    The letter was from Pai's parents. Obi-Wan was suprised to see it had come from Bestine. "Your a long way from home." He comented.

    "Yhea, I was suposed to be earning money." Pai sighed, "Coruscant the planet of opportunity." He said in avoice mocking a holo-net commercial. "Instead..."

    The two boy's didn't need to speek, the fact of where they were was obvious. As Obi-Wan read the letter he was again reminded of how glad he was a jedi, and the advantages he had. Pai's parents wrote of the hardship on their distant colony.

    At the end of the day, although not ready to be friends with any of them, the young jedi saw that not all of the prisoners were monsters, or that much different than other people... except that they had commited crimes that landed them in prison.

    That night at meditation Obi-Wan couldn't help thinking of Pai. He didn't belong there it seemed. he was too young to be in such a place. Kenobi knew however Pai must be a serious criminal, he was in prison after all.

    The next day the young jedi wrote the prisoners' replys. they joked with Obi-Wan and he was seeing their 'human' side. The idea of someone as young as Pai being there still disturbed him. On the third day there wasn't too much for him to do. He had an idea.

    "Does any
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    Sorry, I didn't notice until recently that all the threads are being slowly relocated here. Anyway, I DO like seeing Obi-Wan's growing up process and Yoda's philosophizing. Up!
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    The morning of the ariegnment was quiet. Qui-Gon and Obi-wan took Croe to the court where they would see if there was enough evidence to set a trial or not enough and he could go free.

    The closer it got to the time of the ariegnment both Croe and Obi-Wan were thinking about when they should tell the truth about where they had been. Croe would lhave to tell the law councelor that had been asigned to him.

    "I urge you to tell the judge up front." The councelor told Croe. Croe still disagerred, he would not get his cousins in trouble. They had to wait hours before it was his turn to face the judge.

    Croe was relieved to see his cousins, and one of his uncles there in support. Also missing from the academy today were the Alderaanians accompanied by Ambassidor Ringe.

    Obi-Wan noticed but didn't dwell on the fact that A'jisa Ringe and Wardeen sat at opposet ends of the group. He assumed it was because her father was there.

    Once they started and Croe was sitting with his counelor, Obi-Wan was free to talk to Qui-Gon in private.

    "Master, there's something that's been bothering me." Kenobi said.

    "We'll deal with the speeder after this." Qui-Gon thought he ment the stolen vehicle was bothering Obi-Wan.

    "No, it's something elce."

    "I see, what?"

    "I had a vision and in it I saw someone in danger, but it wasn't Bail Organa." Obi-Wan told his master. "Shouldn't I have forseen this?"

    "You know that the future is always in motion. If you see something in the unifying force you need to pay attention to the living force to see if it has not changed." Qui-Gon was always ready to point out obi-Wan's weekness of not being in tune with the living force. "look at what is right in front of you before you look at the vision."

    Obi-Wan took Qui-Gon's advice as the evidence was presented to the court. Most of it was circumstantial, but because of the added wieght of assassanation and sabotge, every little thing had to be concittered. It did not look good for Croe, especially when he refused to say where he really was at the time.

    "Maybe you should tell them now." Obi-Wan leaned forward to sugest. Croe still thought he could get out of this without telling.

    As he leaned back, Obi-Wan noticed that Ringe and Wardeen had dissapeared from the room. Again something nawed at him. She was in danger. He excused himself to Qui-Gon, and slipped out into the hall. He followed his instincts and took a lift to a higher level.

    At the same time, something that had been said in the court room kept repeating itself. 'Ship number six.' They kept asking Croe if he always worked on ship number six. That was the number of the sabotoged fighter. They accused Croe of taking money from someone to assassanate the Heir to the House of Organa. "...and you knew that when the Prince climbed into ship nuber six he'd be killed."

    'Wait a minute.' Obi-Wan thought to himself as he rode in the lift. 'Organa neaver flew in ship number six... except that afternoon.' He then instantly knew that there had been an intended murder but not an assassanation. The intended target had not been political but personal. The intended target was not Bail Organa... It was A'jisa Ringe. That afternoon Bail had taken her ship. He had been so distracted that it neaver occured to him before.

    Obi-Wan ignighted his saber as he rushed out of the lift knowing he'd find Ringe and Wardeen on that levil. He called out to Qui-Gon to get up there fast. He ran onto a balcony where he had senced their presences.

    To his suprise he saw Ringe holding a blaster on Wardeen. She stood neer the edge but she was clearly in charge of the sittuation.

    "Put the blaster down." Obi-Wan told her. He'll get what he deserves in the court."

    "Your probaly relieved that your friend will go free." Ringe said. "But I have no intention of letting him go anywhere but strait to he!!s."

    "If you kill him, you'll be the one who's locked up."

    "I don't care jedi. As soon as I kill him I'm jumping."

    "Why? Don't..."

    "On our planet jedi, there is no place for a woman who has a child without the benifit of marrage. Or a man wh