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Saga The visit, MMM challenge (Master Fay) with fanart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    The visit
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Clone wars
    Characters: Master Fay and OC’s
    Genre: MMM challenge; hot and steamy mush
    Summary: Master Fay is home and observed by her brother and his students.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the mouse.

    The visit

    Down in a ravine on the planet of Moniron, shielded in the woods, was a home of a leader of the Dunai elder. It was more than three centuries old. It was a large house situated near a pond where a big waterfall made splashing sounds. Birds were singing and their sound and the sound of the waterfall could be heard in one of the rooms where the builder was sitting at the polished wooden table. He was waiting and wondering what kept his students from coming.

    He was Jasir Ere-Dun and sported unlike 90% of his species slightly pointed ears. They were an inheritance from his mother. A painting of her with his two year old sister Fay, who had even more prominent pointed ears giving her an ancient look, was gracing the wall in the main living room. And Jasir had often explained to visitors about the Dunai elder of the ancient past when more were sporting the elegant ears. Bioluminescent patterns were now entirely gone. They had come from their ancestors the Sheir-irel, a space-faring species that had discovered Moniron thousands of years ago.

    Ten year old Jasir had lost his parents when his village was destroyed by an earthquake. His sister Fay – just turned two – was one of the survivors and rescued by the Jedi. Master Yoda had been there – guided by the Force – and had asked permission from Ghari Adin and Jasir’s uncle Jesin Er-Mun to take the child to be trained as a Jedi.

    Jasir had been taken to Ghari Adin’s house to be raised as a leader of the Dunai elder like his father had been. Shortly before his education was complete he had – on his journeys to find new herbs and medicines with Ghari – discovered the place to build his new home. Ghari had been the one to help him. Students arrived, helped with the house and were educated by Jasir. They became leaders, senators and guards.

    Jasir gazed outside. There at the far end of the meadow near the pond was a red and white Jedi-starfighter. His sister Fay had come to visit him. And what she was doing there at the big waterfall was keeping his students from coming. It brought a smile on his face and he walked to the window. ‘Young men!’

    There – among the twittering of the birds and the splashing sounds of the waterfall were the flustered comments from the men.

    “Let me see Chocim.”

    “Aww that water is obscuring my view.”

    “She has tattoos on her face. Does she have them elsewhere too?”

    “In those places?”

    “Huh yeah. I have seen a girl once with tattoos there.”

    “She is gorgeous.”

    “She is a Jedi knight boys and you know.”

    “Jerid, don’t spoil the fun. She is lovely. The pouring water is enhancing her beauty.”

    “Kizan, she was 301 when I was born.”

    “Can one of you youngsters give me a towel?”

    “I will.”

    Jasir saw the beginning of more mischief. Kizan, Chocim, Rasin and Malik were all running towards where towels were folded and resting on one of the rocks surrounding the pond. Jerid followed in a more relaxed pace after picking up a bundle of clothes.

    “Give it to me.”

    A towel sailed in the pond.

    “Now it’s wet.”

    Jasir saw the four students jumping in the pond, wanting to retrieve the towel and beginning a water-fight.

    “Chocim it’s not a fruit to be washed before giving.”

    “There are more towels.”

    “There is ah… don’t dunk me.”

    Jasir laughed when he saw his sister diving beyond the waterfall and starting to swim towards the boys.

    Like a Sheir-irel she rose from the water, droplets cascading down her body and commented with glee in her musical voice “I am waiting. Are you done with playing your little boys play?”



    “No Rasin”

    “Malik don’t”

    “Master Fay, your towel.”

    “And your clothes.”

    Jasir had to wait longer for his students.


    It was late in the afternoon when the sun was colouring the water in the pond golden and giving a rainbow sheen to the waterfall when Jasir was walking to the guestroom where his sister stayed. She wasn’t there. And he knew. He rushed to a fresher, wetted a cloth and ran outside to where his sister was sprawled down in the garden. He knelt beside her and bathed her face with a wet cloth.

    Fluttering eyelids revealed sad glistening eyes.

    Jasir helped his sister to stand. “You have fainted. Something terrible must have happened or will happen.”

    “I am needed to save millions. I will leave my home-world and I don’t know if I ever come back. A Jedi-healer will come in a few years time, guard him well.” And without turning back to her brother she headed to her Jedi-starfighter, boarded it and had it soaring away in the sunset.

    Jasir heard soft footsteps.

    “Hey she is gone.”

    “Your fault Chocim.”

    “Kizan, I tried to save the towel.”

    “You started the fight.”

    “And she joined us.”

    “And now she is gone back to…”

    “Save the future,” Jasir turned. “Come, I will tell you about the master who took her to become a Jedi-knight.”


    Days later Jasir was gazing at the blooming Nephril bush with the pure white flowers. He had been here in that same spot when he felt his sister becoming one with the Force. Now he saw his students coming. He had more to tell about his sister and her sacrifice to save the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi when she gave him her strength to escape from Queyta.

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    Nice teasing and love to read more of Fey's selfless choice @};- LOL "Elegant ears" oh baby. [face_laugh] Yes, they are. :*
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    Nice post. I like the drawing. Is that watercolor?
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  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Spock ears;)[face_thinking]

    It is a watercolor and before that I had made an acrylic of the two characters.

    It's here