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Story [The West Wing] Dynasty (Vignettes in the Mav-and-Bri-verse)

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Man-Flu 2
    Timeframe:Autumn 2037
    Characters:Elvie/Rose, Matt/Helen
    A/N:I had no idea where this was going, but I just needed some Elvie in my life. It was fun but I had no idea where/how to end it, but it’s all just filler for “Man-Flu 3”.

    Every push of his wheelchair felt like his arms were going to fall off. His shoulder and other muscles and joints ached, but he could deal with that. That was nothing particularly unusual. It was his clogged up sinuses, nasal congestion, and sore throat that had sent him home early. He worked as Chief of Staff to the Houston City Attorney, but his boss had sent him home, telling him “For once, Elvie, you are being useless. So go home and get better.” He was also freezing and shivering; he wasn’t sure if that was his flu, his temperature regulating issues, or the fact that it was mid-November (mid-November in Houston… but still).

    Elvie Santos finally reached the front door of his and his fiancée’s condo, unlocked it, and stripped off his grey suit jacket and green tie as soon as he got it the door. He seemed to recall some plans for wedding planning stuff tonight; though it felt like every day he and Rose had to work hours on wedding stuff after coming home from their jobs. Their wedding was just over a month away, so the end was in sight, but so much work still had to be done. But today, he just tired and sick.

    He finally reached the living room and grey sectional. He knew he should probably nap in bed, but the bedroom was just too far away for his throbbing head, so he bent down and took off his black dress shoes then transferred onto the couch (which was so soft and comfortable). He grabbed the quilt off the back of the couch and haphazardly covered himself. He promptly fell asleep.

    * * *

    Elvie didn’t wake when Rose came home, arms full of documents and her briefcase. Nor did he wake when she huffed at seeing his jacket and tie thrown on the entrance table.

    He, however, did wake when Rose kneed his shoulder as she walked by. “Get up! Our parents are going to be here any minute and Katherine will be here in a hour!” Katherine was their wedding planner. Rose continued to yell at him as she wandered into their office. “How long have you been home?” she continued to berate him when she came out, this time her arms were empty and her blazer had been discarded. She now just wore black wide-legged suit pants and a purple button down top.

    “Uh, hello to you too, sweetheart,” Elvie groaned, wiping the sleep from his eyes. He checked his phone, “Like two hours?”

    “You got home early and didn’t clean up?” Now she was clearly angry. “You knew we had this wedding planning session this evening and that I wasn’t going to get back till later.” She stocked into the living room - barefoot - and picked up his shoes and the briefcase-bag. “Why the hell haven’t you done anything?” She continued busying around.

    “Because I’m not feeling well,” he said, weakly, a twinge of whine entering his voice.

    She ignored him. “Thank God, my dad is bringing us dinner. I think this is going to be a long night and I just had a horrible day at work.”

    “Rose? You want to talk about it?” he asked.

    “No! I want you to get up! Help me set the table for dinner.” She stormed out of the living room and into the kitchen.

    Elvie wanted to pout. She normally sat down and talked with him after a bad day at work. He knew her job could be emotionally draining, particularly when she had asylum cases. But she always gave him a little extra love when he wasn’t feeling well. He knew she was just tired and stressed out. He pulled himself up into a sitting position and he suddenly felt lightheaded. “Rose? Oh Lord, Rose! Help!” He fell back, but thankfully he fell back onto the couch.

    “Elvie?” she shouted, rushing back, finally showing some concern. “What’s wrong? Oh, God, is it a pressure sore?”

    “No, but I’m siiiiccck,” he whined. “I’m dying. I think this might be it.”

    She took deep breaths and knelt at knelt at his side, taking his hand. “Elvie? It’s going to be okay. What’s wrong? Do we need to go to the hospital?”

    And then he realized she had not seen him in “whiny-Santos-man-flu” mode (that’s what his mother called it) ever before. He had held it in until now. Maybe he had taken it too far. But he also kinda liked that she was giving him attention. “No,” he signed. “It’s just the flu, but I feel horrible. I think we should just cancel tonight and cuddle because I need body heat.”

    She let out a deep breath. “So it just a man flu?”

    He nodded.

    “Great,” she sarcastically said, getting up and continuing to tidy up. “Just one more thing I have to deal with.”

    “I’ll get up. I’ll help, just give me a minute,” he said, pulling himself up. He let out a hacking cough as he did so. While he was resting, leaning forward, the front door opened and Rose’s parents entered.

    Rose’s parents - Angelo and Mary Joy - were in their mid-50’s and both quite short. Where Rosamie got her 5’9” frame from, no one knew. Mary Joy carried a casserole dish. “I made chicken and vegetable lasagna.”

    Rose greeted both of her parents with a kiss on both cheeks. “Thanks for making dinner, Mom. I’m just swamped at work trying to get ahead in all my work, and now Elvie’s sick.”

    “Oh, no,” Angelo said, sitting behind Elvie and rubbing his back. Both Rose’s parents adored Elvie. Possibly because they just wanted their daughters to marry nice people, and Elvie had the added bonuses of being Catholic, a lawyer, and retired Air Force Lieutenant. There were far worse people their daughter could be marrying. “Do you want some soup? I can go back to the restaurant and get you some. We have your favourite on special today: clam chowder.”

    “No, Dad,” Rosamie said from the kitchen as she and her mother set the table. “He’s fine. We are eating then Katherine is going too be here and we are planning the reception tonight.”

    Elvie looked back at Angelo. “She’s cranky,” he whispered. “Thanks though.” A few minutes later, the door opened again and Elvie’s parents entered. “Mommy! Daddy! I’m siiiiiccckk,” he declared before they could say their hellos.

    “I’ve never been less attracted to you,” Rose mumbled as she walked by to give Helen and Matt a hug and kiss hello.

    “Yeah, I know, because everyone else got a kiss,” Elvie grumbled. But he smiled as soon as his dad picked up his legs, sat down next to him on the couch, gave him a kiss on top of his head, and began rubbing his arms. “Hi, Dad.”

    Matt chuckled and sighed. “Elvie gets a bit whiny when he gets sick and. It’s all my fault,” he explained, mostly to Angelo. “When he was little, all he wanted to do when he was sick was cuddle with me. I’d try, but I had so much to do, I just couldn’t. I would have to leave him with Helen or my sister and he’d cry and it just broke my heart. So, when my second term was up and we moved back to Houston, whenever he would get sick, I would just give him whatever he wanted.”

    “You spoiled him,” Helen deadpanned.

    Angelo nodded. “Rose is acting all tough and annoyed but I spoiled the girls too, especially when they got sick. One time, Rosie was like six, I had to fly over to the Philippines when my uncle passed. I had gone just by myself and was gone for two weeks and three of the girls - Rosie, Jacinta, and Dalia - got the stomach flu while I was gone and were still sick when I got back. They were so whiny and all they wanted to do was cuddle.”

    “So Rose should cuddle me,” Elvie said before hacking another cough.

    “We’ll see how productive we are tonight,” Rose said. “Now, can we please eat?”

    * * *

    After dinner, the family sat around the cleared dinner table with their wedding planner going over reception plans, specifically the dinner. They were trying to finalize the menu for 423 guests, create a seating chart, AND pick out table settings to match the reception decorations. Elvie was miserable. He did care about his wedding and wanted to be involved - he wanted it to be a memorable event and he wanted to celebrate his and Rose’s love, but he couldn’t give a crap about centrepieces right now. His head throbbed with pressure, his sinuses were so clogged up that he could barely think and his throat burned. Anxiety began to distract him: he should probably take some cold-meds tonight, which would knock him out, which would mean he couldn’t wake up to change his positions throughout the night. Which meant he would have to ask Rose.

    Rose was much nicer now that she was fed. Elvie loved his fiancée, but she got incredibly hangry. She was now holding his hand and rubbing his back every time he coughed. Elvie looked at his beautiful fiancée. “No,” she was saying, rubbing her temples. “I prefer the potted evergreen centrepieces. They are cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.”

    “Rose,” Helen Santos sighed. “Please stop looking at prices. We are paying for everything.”

    Elvie winced. This was going to be another awkward argument. Rose’s parents didn’t quite understand howrich former presidents were (between his dad’s life-time salary, bestselling books, and speaking deals - not to mention his mom’s income - Elvie knew he his parents could pay). Rose’s parents wanted to contribute equally too, but they weren’t the side of the family that had to worry about Secret Service numbers and security needs for the venues.

    No. He wasn’t going to add to Rose’s LONG LIST of things to do.

    “Elvie? What do you think?” his mother asked.

    “I try not to,” he grumbled.

    “Elv,” Rose glared at him. “Please have an opinion on our wedding,” she ground out, clearly annoyed by having to make all the decisions by herself.

    “What was the question?”

    “Elvie!” Rose was clearly angry. She let out a breath as he hacked a cough. “Maybe we should just call it a night? Elvie’s clearly not with us right now. Dad, can you take the menu and finalize it, and Helen and I can take half the guest list each and create the seating chart? That should put us on schedule to meet again the day after tomorrow and draw up the itinerary for the three weeks leading up to the day.”

    Elvie kissed her on the cheek. He always did at the mention of their wedding day. This was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And they were to be wed on his parents’ 46thwedding anniversary. Everything about it made him grin.

    * * *

    The next day, Elvie called into work sick as he was even more pathetic in the morning. He had opted not to take flu-meds the previous night, but after Rosamie left (with strict instructions for him not to do anything and just rest and get better so that he could be a productive human), he loaded himself up. He watched daytime TV lounging in his recliner, in a drug induced haze. It reminded him of when he had been first injured: the boredom, feeling useless. He wanted Rose. He ended up just drugging himself further and transferring back into the unmade bed. Elvie was so miserable that he was just going to risk the pressure sores. He promptly fell to sleep.

    He woke several hours later. Sunlight no longer streamed through the window over the dresser, but light came from under the door from the hallway. Footsteps and the din of the TV could be heard. Rose was home?

    He was so excited, but also felt pressure from his bladder (he had drank a LOT of tea and juice today - as evidenced by the plethora of half-empty mugs and cups on his nightstand. He grabbed onto the heavy oak nightstand to do begin his transfer and started dragging himself out of the cocoon of blankets. He was past the point of no return when he realized his wheelchair had been moved. How had it gotten across the room? His arms began to hurt and his shoulder burned.

    It was then when a coughing fit wracked his lungs. He tried to hold himself up through it, but his arms was his downfall. And down he fell, tumbling to the hardwood floor, faceplanting; somehow tipping the nightstand, not so hard to take it with him, but just so far as to spill the porcine cup of lemon tea he had made hours ago, along with all the cups of juice. He yelled in pain as he landed on the floor, covered in tea and orange juice. In the commotion, his atrophied pelvis muscles betrayed him, causing him to wet himself through his sweat pants.

    Rose bounded through he door, running, clearing the bed in one leap. “Oh, God, Love.” She froze when she got to his side. “Are you burned? Are you cut?” She jumped up, running to the bathroom before he could answer.

    He began swearing and sobbing uncontrollably. He didn’t want her help. He was grateful, but he just wanted her to go back to whatever she had been doing and he could deal with the mess he had made. He didn’t want to add to her list of things to do. Even after 4 years of being disabled, some days just sucked.

    She quickly returned with a cold washcloth and began wiping his exposed skin while she hushed his apologies.

    “I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry.” He couldn’t even look her in the eye. He tried to take the cloth from her. “I can do it. I can clean it up.”

    She wiped him off, peeling off his t-shirt, sweatpants and urine drenched briefs, checking his skin for injuries. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Are you hurt?”

    He shook his head and began coughing some more. He was buck naked, wet, and in his fiancee’s arms, but this wasn’t a situation he wanted to be in. He felt so ashamed. He never felt embarrassed around her, but right now he did. “Go. Just go. I’ll clean this up.”

    “Elvie? Did I do something wrong? Why are you mad at me?” she wasn’t angry, simply concerned.

    “Nothing,” he breathed. He gently closed his eyes and rested his head against her. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the fact that I’m sick and stupid. I’m mad because making more work for you when you are already have so much to do and I’m mad that somehow left my wheelchair across the room. I don’t want you to resent me.”

    “Elvie,” she sighed, running her fingers through his hair. “I will never think caring for you as work, and I will never resent the fact that sometimes you need help. Both of those things are part of every relationship, they just look a little different for us. I’m about to vow to love you in sickness and health, because I do love you, even when you’re being sick, stupid, and whiny. Besides, I’m the one who was stupid. When I came in here earlier, I must have forgot to put your wheelchair back when I left. Sorry.” She got up and pushed his wheelchair over to him.

    “You were in here earlier?” he asked as she knelt down again. She rolled him onto her back, using her whole body to lift him into his wheelchair.

    Rose nodded, walking along side as pushed himself into the master bathroom. “When I came home and you weren’t whining at me, I came into check on you and made sure you were still breathing. I rolled you over and you were just so pathetic and adorable.”

    He simply smiled up at her. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”
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    Daawww..... [face_love] I really needed that!
    I love whiney Elvie! Though I'm sure I wouldn't love it if I was Rose. ;)

    I was feeling so sorry for Elvie here, that is pretty miserable! I should have known better, especially because you mentioned Man-flu... :p

    Oh man, I so feel this! I'm still 2.5 months away and we're probably in good shape, but I still feel like there's so much to do!

    And this is where I said.. "Oh no, Rose! You are going to feel so bad!!" because I was still totally feeling bad for Elvie.

    Aaaannddd this is where I rolled my eyes at him! He's just a man!
    But I also laughed pretty hard.

    Awww... YAY! We meet Rose's parents! And I love the detail about them being short!


    Again, I'm feeling this, even with a lot fewer people! Though decorations we're done with, thank goodness!!

    Yep, I feel this too! I get totally hangry! This is the Mav relates to the Santoses review! :p

    [face_love][face_love] That's so sweet! I love it!

    :eek: And now I'm back to wanting to wrap Elvie up and give him a hug! Even if he wasn't sick, that would be terrible. Being sick on top of it just makes things all that much worse. :(

    :( I know that's got to be a very real fear, but it makes me sad to see Elvie say it, that it has to be a fear. But Rose's answer was great!!

    I loved this so much! I can't wait to see what Man-Flu 3 (Revenge of the Man-Flu???) brings!
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    I wrote this in my hotel when I was away and just needed some Elvie. I just love these guys... particularly whiny Elvie :p

    To be fair, I HATE being sick in the heat. At least in colder weather you can eat soup and cuddle under blankets, in warm climates/in the summer, your just sick and sweaty.

    Lol! I bet. I've been involved in some pretty low-budget weddings where we've basically had to do everything and there was a lot of things cut out for price (like catering/food altogether) and there were still spreadsheets with tasks. Not sure if it's easier to go low-budget, make your friends do all the work (thus hating you for months) or spend a bit more money, have to deal with ALL THE ELEMENTS, but have paid help.

    No, you really shouldn't feel bad, he's just a whiney butt :p

    He is such a man! And he's Elvie so he's so OVERDRAMATIC!

    I wish these guys would pop up more, and this originally was going to be more about the wedding planning process, but the vignette was already getting LONG.

    I love their exchanges! Rose just doesn't put up with him!

    Lol! I want to eventually revisit the production that was Rose and Elvie's wedding, but the muse just does not like writing weddings. (Spoiler alert... except maybe not - I've been trying to write Leo and Marc's wedding and I have it pictured in my mind... except every time I try to write it, my muse just goes "I WANT JJ MUSH AND TO TORTURE ELVIE!!!" and, well, the muse gets what it wants).

    Oh, yeah, I get sooooo hangry!

    It is so sweet. As soon as I realized I had both Matt/Helen and Elvie/Rose marry at the end of the year, I just had to!

    Yeah... poor guy. I'm really mean to him.

    Yeah... it's very real and I don't think it ever really goes away. At least for me it hasn't (as much as my friends slap me upside the head when the fear creeps up).

    Bahahaaha! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Part of me wants to write a "man-flu 4" with multiple men with the flu.
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    I'm having a bad day, so even though I know you are away, I'm posting this (then I am going to buy season 2 and watch it).

    Title: Man-Flu 3 (Revenge of the Man-Flu!)

    Timeframe: January 2044 (while Leo is Mayor and Elvie is a congressman)

    Characters: Leo/Marc, Elvie/Rose

    A/N: So, I know very little of how the US Congress works, so if I have messed up something… I don’t really care. Sorkin took liberties, so I can too.

    Marc padded into the darkened living room, yawning. His hair was wet from his shower. His husband was lounging in sweats, his feet up on the coffee table, lit by the flickering TV. “That’s still going on?” Marc asked, tired, looking to the TV. C-SPAN was on, covering the US House of Representatives. More specifically, covering Congressman Santo’s now 8 hour long speech. Technically, filibusters in congress weren’t allowed, however, there were (questionable) methods of stalling votes, mainly incredibly long speeches on the topic being debated. Elvie sat in his wheelchair, systematically listing benefits for increases in childhood disease research, to a mostly empty Congress. The other representatives were probably back in their offices, but Elvie was probably waiting until they would leave to go home for the weekend.

    Leo looked up and nodded. “It is just brilliant. He’s really just annoying the hell out of the Republicans. They are probably going to pass it just to shut him up.”

    Marc rolled his eyes. He loved Elvie, and totally supported his cause, but there was only so much C-SPAN Marc could stay awake for. “Is he doing alright? His voice sounds hoarse and he’s kinda pale.” Marc looked closer. Elvie did not look good at all. He was sweating through his navy suite and his hands were shaking as he held his tablet.

    “Well, the guy has been talking for eight hours.” Leo then paused as the Speaker of the House (in an extremely exasperated tone) told Elvie they would reconvene the issue and vote Monday morning. Elvie nodded, then looked off camera. An aide came and began pushing Elvie’s wheelchair, which was an extremely rare sight. Other than when he was first injured, or his wife was making him do something, Elvie never had anyone push his wheelchair. “But, yeah, he’s looking kinda sick. Maybe I’ll call him tomorrow.” Leo turned off the TV and got up.

    Marc kissed Leo. “If you ever do anything so stupid as to talk for 8 hour straight and make yourself sick, I’m not taking care of you.”

    “Yup, sure,” Leo said, grasping Marc’s hand as they started up the stairs. “I’ve heard that one before.”

    “Are you getting snarky with me, Mr. Mayor?”

    “I am,” Leo asserted as they reached the landing. “What are you going to do about it?” Leo bit his bottom lip in anticipation.

    “I have a couple ideas,” Marc growled into Leo’s neck as they pushed each-other towards the bedroom.

    * * *

    Leo had forgotten to call Elvie, which made him feel really bad about the call he received from Rosamie Santos Monday evening. He and Marc were just beginning to make dinner and discussing their days when Leo’s phone rang. He frowned at the ID. Santos’ wife?


    “Leo? It’s Rosamie Santos.”

    “Rose? How are you?” Leo knew Rosamie lived in Houston while Elvie split his time between DC and Texas. It was actually kinda odd; though he and Elvie lived in the same city now - well, at least some of the time - he and Elvie actually rarely saw each-other. They both just worked too much.

    “I’m good… actually, no, I’m not. I haven’t heard from Elvie since Saturday morning and he was really not feeling well. He’s not answering his phone and I’m starting to get reallyworried. I’m hoping his phone is just lost but this just isn’t like him. I hate to bug you, but you guys and your mom are the only people I know in DC. Can you go check on him? See if he’s okay? I mean, I can call his office in the morning to send someone over to the apartment but if he’s hurt, he probably won’t let them in, let alone check him for injuries.”

    Leo sighed. Yeah, that sounded like prideful Elvie. “Of course. I will head over there now and force my way in. I’ll call you - or have him call you - once we figure out the problem.”

    “Thank you so much, Leo. The code for the building is 8320 and the code for the apartment is 6294. Oh, Lord, why did I wait this long? I thought he just might be working and just too focused on this bill… but if he fell….” She held back a sob.

    “It’s okay, Rose. We both know the man is too independent and stubborn at times. I’ll find out what is up. He probably just dropped his phone or something. He’s okay.”

    Marc looked at Leo as he hung up his phone. “Elvie’s missing,” Leo said, gathering his wallet and keys. “He hasn’t called Rose in almost three days. I’m going to go check his apartment….”

    Marc was already getting his navy blue winter jacket.

    * * *

    Elvie was woken prematurely from his cold-medicine haze when he heard his apartment door open. “Sean? Sean?” with a hoarse voice, he called for his intern - the poor kid Elvie had scared into getting him his meals, tea, medicine and work documents - as evidenced by the take-out containers on his nightstand and folders across his bed - and NOT telling his wife how sick he was. Sean was the only face Elvie had seen in God knows how many days. Elvie’s aching torso was wracked with a coughing fit. “You better have tea with you!” He tried to sit up.

    Of all people to poke their head into Elvie’s bedroom, Leo Lyman appeared. “So, you’re not dead.” Even after months of not seeing each other, Leo could just casually walk into Elvie’s bedroom without any formalities. It was a great friendship.

    “No, but apparently I’m hallucinating,” Elvie said, falling back to his pillows.

    Leo entered the room and stood over Elvie’s body. “Hi.”


    “Your wife sent me. She’s worried about you.”

    Elvie furrowed his brow, then grabbed one of the crumpled tissues beside his pillow to wipe his nose. He whined, “What the hell does she want? I called her yesterday morning.”

    Leo grabbed the bottle of cough-syrup from among the many cups on the nightstand. “How much of this crap are you downing? Because you’re either hallucinating or blacking out and missing days.”


    “It’s Monday evening.”

    “What?” Elvie looked confused until realization hit him. He sat up began gathering folders and binders. “No, no, no. I have to get to my office. Did they vote on the bill?”

    Leo put a stabilizing hand at Elvie’s back. “They did and it passed without you. Now, Marc heard your order and is making you a cup of tea, and I think it might be a good idea if we make you a real meal,” Leo said, eyeing all the take-out containers. “And, perhaps since we are here, can we help you into a bath?”

    “No, no, I got it from here. Thanks though.”

    It was clear Elvie needed more than a wake-up call. He kinda smelled. “Well, at least call your wife. She’s probably ready to call the cops.”

    Elvie groaned and picked up his phone. He tried to turn it on. “It’s dead,” he sighed.

    Leo dug his phone out of his pocket. “No wonder.” He held his phone. “If I let you use this, will you let me give you a bath.”


    “And soup.”

    “Fine.” Elvie held up his hand and took the phone. He dialled his wife as Leo began to tidy up the folders and take-out containers.


    “Hi. It’s your handsome husband.”

    “You’re going to be my late husband once I’m through with you! Leo-Vincente what the hell?”

    Leo winced, clearly hearing Rose, though she wasn’t on speaker phone.

    “That’s not going to be hard. I’m sick. I drugged myself up, my phone died and somehow I lost track of how much I was sleeping. I’m sorry.”

    “Have you been changing positions?”there was urgency in her voice. “How often? You know I saw that stupid stunt of your’s and not once did you shift or even lift pressure off you butt.”

    “Rose, I’m taking care of myself. Can we please not argue over Leo’s phone when he’s in the room and can hear us?”

    “Leo can hear me? Leo! Check Elvie’s butt for pressure sores for me please? I swear this will be the last thing I ask of you.

    Leo approached the bed.

    “No,” Elvie coughed. “This is where I draw the line. You are not looking at my ass.” He drew the covers around himself. He returned to speaking to Rose. “Can we end this conversation? I’m alive. I’ll call you back once my phone charges and I get rid of Leo.”

    There was a moment of silence.“Okay. I trust you enough to know you will take care of yourself. I love you.”

    “Love you too.” Elvie sighed as he hung up and set Leo’s phone down. “Lord, she knows how to get me to do that which I do not want to do. Do you mind checking me?”

    “I’m here to help however you need me. Is everything okay?” Leo asked, resting a hand on Elvie’s shoulder.

    Elvie shook his head. “No. Marriage isn’t exactly great right now.”

    Leo nodded as sat on the edge of the bed. He briefly looked at Marc who was now standing in the doorway. He stayed, with a mug of tea, unnoticed. Leo spoke. “Want to talk about it? It can’t be easy living in two different states. I don’t know what I’d do without being able to kiss Marc everyday.”

    Elvie shrugged. “No, it probably isn’t helping that she can’t be distracted by helping me and I can’t be distracted by her.” He wiped his nose with a handkerchief. “No one but our parents know this, but five months ago we fertilized her since… you know… things aren’t exactly reliable down there,” he said, gesturing to his neither regions. “We both want kids so much. But after that whole ordeal, she miscarried about two months ago; that’s why I left town suddenly just before the December break. Rose and I are both just messes right now. We were just about to tell everyone we were expecting when we lost our little girl.”

    “Elvie, I’m so sorry,” Leo said, pulling Elvie into a hug. “I don’t know what to say.”

    Elvie shook his head. “It’s been a difficult grieving process, having it happen so close to Christmas and our anniversary. How do you grieve for a baby you never got to tell people about, let alone hold her? And am I even allowed to grieve?”

    “Of course you are.” Leo rubbed Elvie’s back as he coughed. “I’m here - and Marc’s is too - if you need to talk, or cry, or just sit with you. Whenever.”

    “Thanks. It’s just nice to talk about it with someone.” He sighed. “Can you plug in my phone? I need to call Rose back.”

    “Yeah.” Leo took the phone, handed it to Marc, and took the tea from him, giving it to Elvie. “Why don’t we get your feeling a bit better, that way you can call Rose back and set her mind at ease. Let’s be able to tell her you are getting better and that cute butt of your’s is pressure sore free.”

    Elvie sipped the tea and nodded. He set it down on the nightstand. “I’m too sick to come up with some witty response to make this less awkward. Which is sad because I have a great ass and two gay men in my bedroom.” With Leo’s help, Elvie rolled over on his stomach and pulled down his pyjama pants and boxers.

    “Oh, dear, god,” Marc gasped.

    Leo turned to his husband. “Call a hospital. Let them know we are bringing the congressman in.”

    “What?” Elvie asked, trying to turn to see. “What’s wrong?”

    “You have a pressure sore,” Leo said softly.

    “Okay, that’s fine. I’ll just dress it after my shower.”

    “No, it isn’t fine. I’m not a doctor but I think it might be infected.”

    “It probably explains the fever,” Marc said gently. “Should I call GW or Walter Reed?”

    “Neither, please,” Elvie whined, burying his face in his pillow.

    “Or should I call your wife… or worse, my mother,” Leo threatened.

    Elvie sighed, he knew when he was defeated. He couldn’t have Donna Lyman hold his hand in a hospital again. It would just break his heart. “This is not the conversation I wanted you two to have about my ass. But, if you’re going to drag me in, might as well call Reed. Tell them it’s me and what is going on and they’ll likely have a bed for me. And can I please have a shower and that soup before we go?” He was now whining. And he did not care.

    * * *

    “This is just embarrassing,” Elvie whined. He was lying across the backseat of the Lyman’s SUV, head on a pillow on Leo’s lap. His sweat pants were pulled down, allowing the sore to get some air. Marc was driving and had Elvie’s wheelchair and a packed bag in the back.

    “Can you image the headlines if the press saw this?” Marc laughed. “Congressman gives Mayor road-.”

    Okay,” Leo interrupted his husband. “Let’s just get to the hospital in one piece, without getting pulled over.”

    * * *

    A few hours later - it was actually quite late - the Lymans had gone home but had said that they would come by in the next few days to visit Elvie now that he was laid up in a hospital bed. He had been given antibiotics and fluids and was back in a haze. Nursing aids had just rolled over from his stomach to his side and he knew he should get to sleep before they came in again to reposition him in two hours, but his worry kept him up.

    He had tried to call Rose after getting all settled, but she never picked up. Was she mad at him? She had every right to be. What really worried him was the idea of her crying in the bathroom, like he had found her so many times since the miscarriage. If it wasn’t so late and such of a drive, he’d call his parents to go check up on her.

    He opened his eyes to see the light from the hallway streaming through the crack between the door and the doorframe grow bigger until a figure stepped through. He couldn’t see her features, but he knew. She had her hair up and a large tote bag over her shoulder.

    He mustered his energy in hopes of making her laugh. He croaked out, “Am… am I dead? Because you must be an angel.”

    “Oh, Lord,” she groaned, a hint of an Texas accent colouring the expression. She only did that when she was tired.

    “Rose? Rose? Is that the love of my life? My Rose? Have you come to hold my hand as my spirit returns to God?”

    Rose made her way to his bedside, put her bag and her purse on the floor and dragged over a chair. Before she sat, she took his hand and kissed it. “Of course I’m here. Leo called me while Marc was loading you in the car. I got on the first flight out here.”

    “That rat. Leo was always a goody-goody.”

    “Someone had to come, listen to you whine.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes. Leaning over him, she gently peeled back the blanket and the dressing. “Oh, dear Lord, that’s bad.”

    “I’m really starting to get tired of people looking at my butt and people saying that. I thought my butt was cute.”

    “It is cute, but that thingisn’t.” She gently touched it and hissed. “Oh, Elvie. It looks so painful.”

    “Well, thankfully, I can’t feel it. Kinda what landed me here in the first place.”

    She gave him an unamused look, covering it back up, before sitting at his side.

    “I’m glad you’re here, Rose. How long are you going to be here?”

    “I have my laptop and I don’t have any court dates coming up, so I can work from here for a couple weeks, till you get back on your butt.”

    He smiled. Taking her hand, he kissed it. “You should go back to the apartment. Get some rest. You are probably so tired from the flight.”

    She intertwined their fingers and kissed the back of his hand, on top of an IV sticking in it. “But I came all this way to see you.”

    “If you’re here to help me out, the doctors will probably let me go home tomorrow if the fever goes down. Then I can drive you insane with my whining.”

    “Oh Lord,” she laughed. She laughed for what seemed like the first time in weeks.

    “Rose! Rose! Come help me off my stomach!” he mimicked his own whining.

    “You’re going to be like a beached whale for like a week. Screaming, Rose! Make me some tea!” she mocked him, continuing to laugh.

    “Rose! Come give me some cuddles.”

    She leaned forward and kissed him. “Okay,” she said, climbing into bed with him. She wrapped her arm around his torso and he sighed contently.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    I've been in an alert avalanche from Forum Feud and I completely missed it about this!

    Now please excuse me while I try not to quote the whole damn thing!

    That's my philosophy!

    And leave it to Elvie to talk about something for 8 hours despite it hurting him. But I love that Leo was watching too!

    [face_love] They are just so damn cute I can't stand it! I love that Marc likes calling Leo by his titles!

    I understand this. My brother and I both lived in Boston for 4 years and I swear I've seen him more since I moved to NYC. Sometimes living close is even harder, and we didn't have the excuse of helping to run governments.

    I can't imagine being Rose, being so far away and knowing that your husband is sick and not being able to get ahold of him. But I love that she feels comfortable enough to call Leo to go and check on him.

    [face_laugh] I'm sure Elvie doesn't NOT pay that kid enough money!

    [face_laugh] This whole exchange between them was making me crack up. I was sitting here on the couch just rolling! The negotiating was so good!

    I love that Leo doesn't think anything of it. Rose asks, he knows it's important, so he's just going to do it. Of course, they've had several situations where Leo's had to help Elvie out in what would be an embarrassing situation, but it could still be awkward, but Leo doesn't let it.

    And the whole thing about Elvie's cute butt and Marc and Leo seeing it, I adored it! I really was laughing so hard!

    =(( Oh no! :( Being apart is hard anyway, but then having to go through that... I just can't imagine. And then for Elvie to question if he's even allowed to grieve. I understand where the thought comes from, but it makes me so sad for them.

    [face_rofl][face_rofl] And here's where I about spit my drink everywhere!

    There were just so many lines I loved, it really was a struggle not to quote them all!

    This was so snarky and fun, and I loved it sooooo much! It was quite the Revenge of the Man-Flu!
    *Starts chanting* Man-Flu 4! Man-Flu-4!

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    Feb 25, 2010
    That's kinda what I figured. If you want me to wait till forum feud is over before I update again, just let me know. I'm mostly just updating when I need a break from life.

    Hahaha. It's okay.

    Yeah. I had the chance to take a US Government class the last year of my undergrad. Part of me is disappointed that I didn't do it because I know it would have increased my knowledge and my enjoyment of both the show and writing these fics.... but the course was during/after the 2016 election and I don't think my brain could have handled that.

    But I was really disappointed that Elvie couldn't do a filibuster, because I figured he totally would. But I got around it. I just adored the image of Leo watching it and just knowing "that's my guy".

    They are so adorable and I love it!!!!!! :* They are just so in love and it fills me with joy. And I think Leo like it when Marc calls him by his titles too :p

    Yeah, I can totally see it. Heck, during the school year, I can go weeks without seeing my housemates [face_laugh]

    Yeah, I felt so bad for Rose, but she knows how to get what she wants done.

    Considering he's an intern, no the poor kid does not get paid enough (but thankfully he wasn't the one Rose asked to check for pressure sores [face_rofl])

    Thanks. I had so much fun writing it. They are both just stubborn in their own ways and politicians on top of it.

    Yeah, Leo just wants to help his friend feel better, even if Elvie doesn't want to be in that situation. And of course
    Elvie deflects and deals with it with a joke.

    I'm so mean, but I had this as a head-canon for awhile. It breaks my heart.

    Thanks. I had a lot of fun writing this, particularly the final scene with Rose and Elvie

    [face_laugh] I might have some ideas [face_whistling] And it might not be entirely "Family Friendly" (it involves Elvie whining for body heat :p). But my muse is currently preoccupied by baby fluff and SO MUCH CUTENESS.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Victory
    Timeframe: 2014; 2036
    Characters: Josh/Donna, Matt/Helen, Leo/Marc Johnson, Elvie/Rose.
    This was actually written awhile ago (like last year) as Marc’s and Elvie’s first meeting, but I never really liked that part of it, so I kinda tossed it to the side (and then I wrote Weekend at Elvie’s), and I always intended on editing it so I could post it, but never did… until now.

    Josh knew this job was going to kill him, but it was all going to be worth it. It was President Matt Santos’ last 6 months in office; Sam Seaborn was off running for Governor of California, so Josh was back as Chief of Staff. But the stress was worth it for moments like these.

    Josh walked into the oval office. He didn’t even try to hide his grin. He knew he wouldn’t be able to anyways.

    The president looked up from behind the Resolute desk raised his eyebrow.

    “5 to 4, Sir,” was all Josh had to say.

    Santos leaned back in his large chair and grinned. “Yes,” he whispered in relief, pumping his fist once. “Yes.”

    Josh began to exclaim, holding his fists in the air as he made his way to his office, “Victory is ours, victory is ours!”

    It wasn’t a sports score (though it could have been with Josh and Matt). It was a Supreme Court ruling.

    Marriage equality had been fought for and won.

    * * *

    22 years later…

    “Are you seriously stressed about this?” Leo asked as he glanced over at his fiancé next to him in the car. They were on their way to dinner with Leo’s parents. Also at the dinner would be the Santos family - or at least those who would be attending Marc and Leo’s wedding in a week: Matt, Helen, Elvie and his fiancée, Rosamie dela Cruz. Miranda and Peter had both sent their regards with gifts, but both had a brood of children and didn’t want to travel with them.

    “They are the Santoses!

    “Oh come on! They are irrelevant. You’ve met Elvie! And Abbey Bartlet. Not to mention all the Seaborns! I’m including former and current presidents in that.” Leo had introduced Marc to his extended “family” over the years, both those who had been (or currently were) in the spotlight of running a country, and the “normal” side of his family. The Matt and Helen Santos would be the last introduction for Marc. Leo didn’t want it to happen at the wedding so he had organized this dinner. For the most part, those who had been invited to the wedding were people who knew and meant a lot to both Leo and Marc - both had wanted to keep the wedding small - but the Santoses were the special exception. Helen and Matt were kinda like Leo’s aunt and uncle who had moved away. They meant a lot to Leo, especially being Elvie’s parents, but geography and busy lives got in the way of them being close. Which was why Leo was so glad he was getting to spend an evening with them.

    “You ambushed Sam and Ainsley on me,” Marc said, accusatorially. “I’m looking forward to seeing Elvie again. And Abbey doesn’t count because she’s the love of my life.”

    Leo chuckled. Marc called his Momma Abbey “the love of his life” because she just adored him and he adored her. Much like Leo calling her “sexy lady”, it made an old woman very happy. “Matt and Helen aren’t scary. They are going to love you like everyone else does.”

    Marc sighed. “It’s just that… Matthew Santos got me though a really rough time.”

    “Huh?” Leo asked. “We talking about the same person? Elvie’s dad?”

    “Yeah. You know when I came out as gay… everyone around me took awhile to get used to the idea… or outright rejected me.”

    Leo took this moment to gently rub Marc’s thigh in comfort. Leo knew Marc hadn’t been as fortunate as him in terms of a large, loving, supportive family.

    “And I just needed an ally,” Marc continued. “I was 16 years old and I didn’t want to reach out to anyone, but even if I didn’t know them personally, and they didn’t know me, I just needed to be reminded that there were good people in the world who supported people like me. And I knew Matthew Santos had been president when same-sex marriage was legalized, so that is where I started. One of his first executive orders was the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask: Don’t Tell’. He was the first sitting president to vocally support gay rights, even when it wasn’t popular. I know you look up to your Grandpa Jed, but he just didn’t do what Matthew Santos did.”

    “My Pa also had to deal with Republican Congresses and Senates all 8 years. Tio Matt was able to get a lot more done. But I understand little 16-year-old Marc’s brain,” Leo teased, trying to make ease his own heart of the idea of Marc’s past trials. “Matt was able to stand up for the 20.”


    Who among the 80 will stand up for the 20? It’s something my Grandpa Jed used to lecture me and Elvie about. Elvie and I really were children of privilege. Sure Elv is half Latino, but we were both healthy boys from quite well-off families. I don’t think Pa ever would have imagined that I would come out as bi - not that it would have been a problem for him - or that Elvie would become disabled.” Leo shook his head. “Anyways, Grandpa Jed used to tell us of the 80/20 principle of economics. Basically 80% of products come from 20% of producers. But, he had a different take on the rule. That we needed to be the few in 80% - the majority: those who are heterosexual, abled-bodied, cisgendered, above the poverty line - to stand up for those who don’t fit in those categories. Of course we ended up in those categories; but now I know that us in the 20 really need that one person in the 80 to make all the difference. I had many, but I’m glad my Tio Matt was that person for you.”

    Marc smiled. “Yeah, he really was. I knew I was only three when Santos did it, but during a really dark time when I needed to be reminded of the good in the world, I looked him up and saw the video of him running around the White House with a huge pride flag, that was just everything to me.”

    “Wow, Marc, I wish you would have told me this before.”

    “Why?” Marc asked. “Please don’t tell me it’s going to be one of those ‘never meet your heroes’ things.”

    “Oh, no, not at all. He’s extremely kind,” Leo assured him. “I just would have organized this meeting way sooner if I had known.” Leo parked the car. “And I wouldn’t have invited my dad.”

    “Why, Leo? Why must your father ruin everything?” Marc grumbled as they got out. They held hands as they entered the restaurant and went to the private room, passing two secret service agents.

    There sat 6 figures at an 8 person table. In the middle, Donna Lyman and Helen Santos were both looking at - who Leo assumed to be - Rosamie’s phone. “Oh, I love the dresses and blazers for the groomsmaids,” Donna was exclaiming. “Miranda, Josie, and Imogene are all going to look amazing.”

    Josh Lyman and Matt Santos, sitting across from each other, were arguing. But not about politics or anything of any importance. “No! They need to trade that useless goalie of their’s. He does nothing but take over 10 percent of the salary cap!” Matt was saying.

    Josh replied in a huff. “But he is the best goalie in the NHL.”

    “That’s good, but if they can’t make any goals, whats the point! It’s like watching warm-up.”

    Elvie Santos, who was sitting at the end of the chaos was the first to notice the couple’s entrance, grinned. “Get out while you still can!”

    Everyone then looked and smiled. Donna was the first one up to hug Leo and Marc.

    “Okay, Mom, let’s first do introductions,” Leo said, taking off his jacket and putting it on the back of his chair. He pulled Marc’s chair - across from Rosamie and beside his mother - out and made him sit. Leo sat on the end, across from Elvie. “Everyone, this is Marc, the love of my life and the reason why we are all here tonight.”

    Marc grinned, first turning to Elvie. “Hey, Elvie! How are you?”

    Leo interrupted. “Hey! I’m doing introductions here.”

    Elvie sneered at Leo. “Marc and I have a past, you know. We will always share those moments in that outhouse in Colorado. I’m amazing, thank you for asking, Marc.” He the introduced his fiancée. “Marc, Leo, this is the love of mylife, Rosamie. Rose, this is Leo and Marc. Leo’s probably going to make bad jokes about us, but I assure you that they are meant to be at my expense.”

    Rose shook Marc’s and then Leo’s hand. To Marc she said, “It’s nice to meet someone normal on this trip, Marc.”

    “We visited Sam and Ainsley earlier today,” Elvie explained.

    “Ah,” Marc said. “I completely understand what you are feeling, Rose.”

    Leo went on. “And this is Helen. She’s about as bad of an influence as Grandmama Abbey, but worse, because she’s Polish-Canadian.”

    “Practically communist, right Leo?” Helen asked, shaking Marc’s hand.

    “Right,” Leo laughed. “And, finally, you know this guy.”

    “Stop, please don’t, Leo,” Marc begged, elbowing Leo in the ribs.

    “Oh please don’t stroke Dad’s ego,” Elvie groaned.

    “Marc, your not nervous to meet Matt, are you?” Josh asked. “I don’t know who to be disparaging to. I’m torn.”

    “There’s a first,” Donna muttered.

    Matt shook his head as he stood up and extended his hand. “Hello Marc, I’m Matt.”

    “Hello, Sir,” Marc said, shaking Matt’s hand.

    There was a chorus of, “Oh, don’t call him that,” from Elvie, Rose, Helen, and Josh.

    Leo then moved and held Marc’s hand under the table. “We were just talking on the way over about the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage when you were president,” Leo explained.

    Matt leaned back in his chair and smiled at Josh. “That was a good day.”

    Josh returned the smile then glanced at Leo and Marc. “One of our greatest victories.” Josh beamed for a moment, then returned to being himself. “You know, Marc, I helped put three of the deciding votes on the Supreme Court for that ruling. Matt only put one on there. Really, you should be calling me Sir.”

    “Never going to happen, Dad,” Marc said.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Not at all! It just means I'm going to be a bit slower than normal... and that's saying something because you know I'm slow anyway! But I always want to read!

    Yeeessss... to both! :D

    Haha... this never gets old! I didn't know what it was for yet, but once I did, it made it even better because I know that Josh was really excited about not just the win, but what the win means.

    [face_love]:* That just made me so happy when I read it. I knew it would happen at some point, but it was perfect!

    Poor Leo just doesn't understand! He's live his whole life around these people, they don't impress him the way they would most people. And even if Marc didn't have a bigger reason to be nervous, it would still be reasonable that he would be. But that's part of what makes Leo, Leo. And we love him anyway.

    I love this! It's so lovely that they wanted people who meant something to both of them. And even though Marc never met Matt and Helen until now, once we learn what Matt meant to teenage Marc, it works on an even better level.

    "She the love of my life" LOVE it! And I know Abbey does too!

    [face_love] Oh Marc! This is just so sweet and lovely. That he had such a crappy time, but had someone to look to and now he's getting to not only meet him, but be a part of his family.

    This was such a beautiful thing from Leo, that he took that to heart and really thinks about it. I absolutely loved this whole part.

    Hahaha... I can totally see this and it cracks me up!

    The symmetry of the first part where they were definitely not talking about sports, with arguing over sports here was fantastic!


    This sweet moment between Matt and Josh, remembering a time they really made a difference is so sweet! Aaaannndd then Josh is right back to Josh! But Marc calling him dad... [face_love][face_love]

    And I just have to tell you, dp just asked me "Are you writing a West Wing fic with Bri again?" I said I was commenting on a WW fic you wrote and he said, "I knew it. You only smile and type like that when you are."

    So that should tell you how much I loved this and (how much I love all of this!)
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Good, because I adore writing these. They are just so fun, mostly because these characters we've created are fun, but also because I love the short story aspect.
    Hahaha. I've got some ideas for "Man-Flu 4" (but I have a different PM chapter I'm working on ;) ). And there's quite a bit of baby and JJ mush on the way, but this upcoming fic came to me in the past few days and I wanted to get it written and posted before it became irrelevant since this is for the Underrepresented Index.
    I just love this moment in the series (it is just SOOOO Josh) and I knew I had to use it for this victory, because, of course, this is a really personal victory for him in several ways.

    It makes me so happy that Josh was able to be a part of it!

    Yeah... Leo is just a little dense a times when it comes to this (but we love him for it) because this is just what he grew up with, but Marc's nerves are totally understandable!

    HA! I didn't realize this, but it totally does work and I love it!

    I want to write an Abbey and Marc fic, just because I think they'd be adorable in teasing Leo together, but I can't think of any sort of plot.
    I hate that he had such a crappy time, but I love his journey to now being a part of this big, crazy crew.
    The 80/20 was in the season 3(?) Episode "Red Mass" and I just adored the idea of Bartlet passing it down to the boys (and Josie).
    I could have sworn Obama did this, but maybe I was thinking abut Trudeau. Either way, I love the idea of Matt and Josh doing this.
    They are just so retired at this point and I love it because they deserve it.
    Oh Rose and Marc were just destined to be allies from the start!


    BAHAHAHAAHA! I LOVE IT! That is so cute. I love that you loved this, and all of these, because I have soooo much writing these as they pop into my head.

    Oh, and I may have taken do's and I's breakfast feud and incorporated it into a fic.
  10. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Just Dad
    2046; Early 2055 (shortly after the Inauguration)
    Characters:Elvie/Rose, Mattie, Em, Ella


    Whenever Mattie started to cry, Elvie wanted to cry. How a 2-day-old baby could make a 35-year-old US Congressman - an Air Force veteran - break down weeping, Elvie did not know. It probably had something to do with the sleep deprivation. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to get out of bed, but he knew he had to get moving before Rose got up.

    Elvie was determined to have an active role in his newborn’s care.

    “I got him,” Elvie murmured into the darkness, throwing the blankets and sheets off of his body.

    His wife shifted in bed beside him. “You sure? I kinda got to get up to feed him,” she said, sitting up with just as much effort as her husband - her labour and delivery had not gone well; she was still healing from tears. Rose turned on the light. “Or are you going to breast-feed him?”

    “No,” Elvie grunted, putting a fist in his black cushion and transferring into his wheelchair. He hooked his hands behind his knees and lifted his feet onto his footplate. “This is just what dads do,” he said, grabbing the pushrims and pushing himself across the hardwood floor. “Though I still disagree with your mother. I think we should co-sleep. Or at least have him a basinet in the room.”

    Rose rubbed her temples. “Please don’t bring my mother up at 2 in the morning.”

    Elvie knew better than to press the issue. He left their bedroom and palmed open the door to the next bedroom, palming on the light. The room was soft blues, greens, and browns and decorated with woodland creatures. There was a rocking chair, a change table, and a desk, which Elvie could roll up to and use as a change table. His son - Matthew Vincente Santos II - was wailing in his crib, bought for him by his maternal grandparents. Rose’s parents had insisted on buying the crib, feeling rather inadequate since Elvie’s parents had bought pretty much everything else.

    “Hola mi bebé,” Elvie cooed in Spanish through the bars. He and Rose were raising their children bilingually, just as they were. “¿Cómo está mi pequeño Mattie?” Elvie then realized that this had been the first time he had seen his son in his crib, having just got home from the hospital the previous evening.

    Mattie just cried and screamed, his little limbs flailing. Well… okay… not so little. Mattie was a chunky kid - he had been born 9 days overdue at a healthy 9 pounds and 24 inches long (Elvie felt soooo badly for Rose after the delivery).

    “Yeah,” Elvie sighed, now in English. “Let’s get you out of that prison cell and snuggling with Mommy and Daddy.” He first got the black baby sling and slipped it over his head and one arm so that he could safely transport the baby back to Rose. He then fiddled with the latch on the crib and lowered the side. His heart then stopped when he realized the side did not lower enough for him. He was a fairly lanky guy and had good reach, but there was no way he could reach over and get his baby without hurting Mattie.

    Elvie restrained himself from cursing in front of his infant. He knewthere was a reason he was hesitant about Rose’s parents buying them a crib before he had a chance to try it out. But of course he had been away in DC for much of the “baby prep”. It was a beautiful dark oak crib but he hated it for the fact that he couldn’t get at his son.

    “Okay,” Elvie heaved. There was a solution to this. Maybe… if he put the sling in the crib, got the baby in it by putting his hands through the slats, then grabbed on to the sling….

    No. His shoulders slumped. He knew the safest way to get his son. He knew the solution.

    “Rose!” he called. “I’m sorry, Beautiful. I can’t get the baby out of the crib.”

    He heard her call back, “Yeah… yeah. Coming.”

    Elvie grabbed a pacifier off of the desk and then stuck both his hands through the slats. He gave the baby the pacifier, then just rubbed Mattie’s head and belly to calm him down. “Daddy is sorry he can’t get you, but Mommy is on her way.” Rose entered and Elvie turned around. “I’m so sorry. I can’t reach over to get him.” He was trying not to cry, but failing miserably.

    “Yeah,” she nodded. “The solution to this is that we are ignoring my mom and co-sleeping.” She picked Mattie up, placed him in Elvie’s arms, then pushed Elvie back to their bedroom.

    * * *


    Elvie knew he was going to get the question eventually.

    He was in his standing frame at his standing desk. The benefits of 30 minutes a day in a standing frame for a paraplegic were numerous, including circulation benefits and bone health, of course it also helped him maintain muscles he used when in his exoskeleton. He had not maintained his standing ritual much during the campaign: he had barely had time to eat during those months, let alone travel around with a large frame. But now that the transition between the two governments were over, his family moved to DC, and he had been sworn in as Vice President of the United States, he was trying to get back into the routine. Sure it was a bit of a ordeal getting into the frame, but once in it, being in a standing position did make him feel better. He liked being able to kiss Rose while standing.

    Okay, he just liked kissing Rose.

    Unfortunately, she was out this Saturday afternoon (something about helping Marc Lyman with “First Gentleman” stuff), so Elvie was standing at his desk in their new living room, reading, and watching their three children. Ella, who was not yet 5, was at the coffee table, drawing on huge pieces of paper. Mattie, who was almost 9, and Em, 7, were chasing each other around the main floor of Number One Observatory Circle, shooting each other with Nerf guns.

    Mattie sped past, nearly running into a bookshelf.

    “Careful!” Elvie shouted. “Someone’s going to break something historical and valuable, lose an eye, or end up in a wheelchair and I’m going to laugh at you while you’re explaining it to your mother!”

    Em wizzed by. “Yeah, sure, whatever, Dad,” he said, shooting his father with a foam bullet in the process.

    “That was a cheap shot, Em!” Elvie yelled, not particularly upset. “You know I’m going to get you back when I get down from here!”

    “Daddy?” Ella said, standing up. She was so adorable with her dark brown hair in two long braids. She had jeans and a purple striped long sleeve shirt on. “I’m hungry.”

    “Well, hello there, ‘Hungry’. I thought I named you Donnatella. I know we call you Ella all the time, but I'm fairly certain your name isn't-”

    “Da-ad,” Ella groaned. “That’s not funny.”

    “Sure it is! I’m hilarious.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Okay, hello there, ‘Hilarious.’ Can I get a snack?”

    Elvie laughed. He looked at his watch - there were still several hours before dinner. “Yeah, sure. Get something out of the snack drawer.” Ella grinned and started running off towards the kitchen. “Get me a pack of raisins!”

    He went back to his reading, but was only able to read another two sentences. There was a crash in the kitchen, followed by screaming and crying. He could hear both Ella’s and Mattie’s cries.

    “Daddy’s coming!” he tried to assure them as he tried to get out of his standing frame as quickly at possible, which wasn’t that quick. First he had to hit a switch that lowered the frame into a sitting position. Of course the hydraulics were excruciatingly slow as his kids continued to cry. Elvie’s heart broke knowing an abled bodied father would have been able to get to them right away. Once he was back in a seated position, he had to unclip all the padded belts and unclamp his legs. He transferred into his wheelchair and hurried into the kitchen.

    There, Ella and Mattie sat on the tile floor, clutching there heads and crying. Em was offering both their bother and sister tissues and hugging their sister, asking her, “Please don’t cry.”

    Elvie had been subjected to two older siblings. He had a fair guess as to what had happened. Ella had probably been kneeling at the snack drawer, picking something out when Mattie had run into her - literally - kneeing her in the head, and tripping over her. There was no blood and everyone was still conscious, so Elvie wasn’t too concerned.

    “Alright,” Elvie said, getting two ice-packs out of the freezer. “Put that on your noggins,” he told Ella and Mattie. He inspected Mattie quickly (he wasn’t really crying anymore) before lifting his youngest child up into his lap. She looked fine as well, probably just startled. “Let Daddy smooch you better,” he said, kissing her temple. He then turned to his sons. “Now, Matthew, Em, apologize to Ella.”


    “Sorry, Ella.”

    “Now,” Elvie said. “You two can either go to your bedrooms and think about environment-appropriate play behaviour, or you guys can cuddle on the couch with Ella and I while we eat snacks and watch a movie of her choosing.”

    The boys picked the second option.

    “Can you guys make some popcorn and carry the snacks for me, please?” Elvie asked as he got some various snacks out of the drawer. Ella was still clutching onto him, making doing the task by himself difficult.

    After preparing the snacks, they made their way back to the living room and all climbed onto the large, comfortable, sectional. Ella climbed back into Elvie’s lap.

    “Dad?” Em asked as they got a stack of quilts, handmade by their grandma, out of a large basket. They handed one to their father and one to their brother. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something. I was asked this at our new school by some of the kids and I didn’t know the answer.”

    “You can ask me anything, Em,” Elvie encouraged. “What did they ask you?”

    “They were just curious as to why you use a wheelchair. I knew you got hurt, but I’ve never really been curious how. You’re just my dad and I’ve never really thought about it,” Em replied.

    “Daddy got hurt?” Ella asked, looking up at Elvie with worried eyes.

    Elvie didn’t lie. He knew it was time for this conversation, it was better for his kids to find out from him, the complete truth, before they heard or read some misconstrued version.

    “Yeah, Sweetie, I did, but it was a long time ago.” He stoked her hair, then looked at his oldest son. “Do you know?”

    Mattie looked down. “Kinda, I looked you up on Wikipedia one day awhile ago. There weren’t very many details, and then I found out GRANDMA HELEN IS CANADIAN and that just took me down a whole different rabbit hole. I liked reading about Papa. He was more interesting than you.”

    “Thanks, kid,” Elvie grumbled.

    “Wait,” Em said. “If Grandma Helen is Canadian and both Mom’s parents were born in the Philippines, are we even American?”

    “Kid,” Elvie deadpanned. “Your grandfather was President. I was nearly born in the White House. Not to mention the fact that I just became Vice President. You three,” he told to his children, “are as American as Great Uncle Sam.”

    “So what happened?” Em asked.

    “Yes, what happened, Mattie?” Elvie asked. “Why am I less interesting than your grandfather?”

    “Someone’s salty,” Mattie laughed. “There wasn’t much, but I read your page back before Uncle Leo dragged you off. It just said you were in the Air Force and there was a mechanical malfunction. There was a whole lot of words and stuff I didn’t understand and I just got bored.”

    “Which is why I want to talk to you guys about this, if that’s okay with you. So you guys can understand what happened, not get bored, and know I’m okay now.”

    Both boys nodded. Ella snuggled her dad close, snuggling into the navy blue sweater he was wearing. Elvie knew to keep this brief, but to keep the dialogue open. “Well, you guys know that before I met your mom, I was in the Air Force. I was a pilot, like your Papa. One day I was ordered to test out a new experimental fighter jet. There was something wrong with the computer and I crashed.”

    Ella gasped. “Were you okay?”

    It broke his heart to crush her hopeful eyes. “No, I wasn’t okay at the time. I had to go to the hospital and stay there for awhile. But it was okay, because Grandma and Papa came and gave me smooches when I needed them.” He kissed her forehead.

    “And you broke your back, right?” Mattie asked.

    “Sorta, I severed my spinal cord, which runs up your back and delivers messages to and from your brain and body,” he said, putting his hand on Em’s head and shaking it. “They were able to give treatments to give me some feeling back, but I still can’t move from my legs. And because I injured so much else in the crash, like my pelvis and my shoulder, that I can’t really use my exoskeleton for that long. So I use my wheelchair.”

    “But your okay now?” Ella asked. “You’re all better and it doesn’t hurt no-more?”

    Elvie just smiled. To her, Em, and Mattie, he wasn’t a Spinal Chord Injury patient, or a wheelchair user. He was just dad.

    “Yes, my love, Daddy is all better.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Hahahaha... yeesss!!! :D

    Daww... I think a infant can bring anyone to tears. For something so tiny, they are so exhausting!

    Ouch! Poor Rose!! But I just love chunky little babies... they are just so cute!!

    :( I imagine that is so devastating, to just want to pick up your crying kid, but knowing you can't do it safely. I'm sure Rose's parents just wanted to contribute and to help, nut sometimes trying to help makes things worse.

    =(( Can I just hold him now?!

    Hahaha... nothing wrong with just wanting to kiss your wife! But I love that he admits it, if only to himself.

    I love that the 'explain it to your mother' is the real threat he's making there! It cracked me up!

    [face_rofl] Literally LOL. She's a quick one, and Elvie has his hands full there! Nothing like getting a taste of your own medicine from your kids.

    This is so going to be me as a parent. Arterial bleeding? Unconsciousness? Bones sticking out of skin? No. You're fine. :p

    [face_laugh] GRANDMA HELEN IS CANADIAN! LOL. Also that he got bored reading about his own father. But I guess Matt probably is a bit more interesting up to that point.

    I love how Elvie explains it all to them in a way that isn't scary and is appropriate for all of their ages. It makes perfect sense that even the older kids didn't really know what had happened because they don't think about it. He's dad, and that's the way he is.

    I love seeing daddy-Elvie! He's such a good dad! He's still himself, not a completely different person like some people are around their kids, but also, just dad. [face_love]
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    Yeah, I don't think Elvie's exhaustion is a unique plight here. They are so tiny and cute, but so much work.
    I felt so bad for Rose as soon as I wrote this. But my cousin had a 10 pound baby, but she was soooo adorable!
    Yeah. Elvie could have probably gotten him in case of an emergency, but of course he doesn't want to hurt the poor kid. And, yeah, her parents just wanted to contribute and feel like they were helping out, and sometimes you just have to accept gifts as to not offend people, but it does put you in an awkward position when you can't use up.
    Yeah. I was particularly mean to him in that scene.
    He's just still so in love and it's adorable.
    Telling mom was alway my dad's ultimate threat. Most kids, I think, got the "don't make me call your father!"; we got "don't make me call your mother!"
    I love the idea of Elvie meeting his match in Ella, just like Josh met his match in Abi. Lesson of this entire fic: your snark will come back to haunt you in the form of your kids.

    Yeah, that's what we got and we're all still alive :p
    The moment Mattie discovered he was descendant from awesome Canadians :p

    I looked up a couple "average" Governors on Wikipedia and the info could be actually quite sparse other than their positions on topics. Presidents, however, are much more interesting.
    Yeah, this is just their family and they just never really think about it.
    Thanks! I loved writing Daddy-Elvie and I really hope another plot bunny will bite with him and his kids. He's still just so Elvie... just in dad-mode.
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    Timeframe:Early 2010 (mid January? I suck at math)

    Characters:Josh/Donna, Matt/Helen, Elvie

    AN:This is pretty much mindless fluff and I don’t care because I love it. I wanted to write Josh with baby Elvie and was inspired by Studio 60.

    “Josh, what’re you reading?”

    Josh, who was in bed in his boxers and an old grey t-shirt, looked up from his book for a moment. His wife’s beauty stunned him into a moment of silence. Donna was 16 weeks pregnant and her baby bump was beginning to become apparent, even under her pink nightgown. Her face was freshly washed and her blonde hair pulled back with her thick headband. “I… uh….”

    “It better not be for work. You know how I feel about work in bed,” she said, sliding into bed.

    “Yeah, you distract me from it with sex. Which is a great way to punish me,” he said before kissing her.

    She rolled her eyes before lifting the book he had set down:Pregnancy for the Partner: Everything Dads Need to Know about Pregnancy, Childbirth and Having a Newborn. “Josh,” she smiled.

    He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t even look her in the eye, let alone return her smile. He was so anxious. He put the book on his nightstand, then simply reached and rested his hand protectively on her stomach.

    Her hand joined his. “You’re going to be a wonderful Dad.”

    “No, Donna, I’m not…. I have no idea…. I have no idea what I’m doing. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve held a baby - and I can still name them both: Molly and Huck Ziegler. I’m not like you, I didn’t have little brothers and little cousins; I didn’t babysit for money in middle school. I don’t know how to change a diaper and I’m probably not going to have time to go to your prenatal classes with you. So I have to read it all.”

    “I know,” she said. “I’m planning on telling my instructor I don’t know who the father is and all my options are deadbeats anyways.”

    “What? Is that what you want people to think of me? Is that what you think of my parenting skills?”

    “Josh,” she interrupted him by pressing a finger to his mouth. “I’m kidding. You’re going to be a wonderful father, simply because you want to be one. And we can solve your ineptitude. You can learn. You can practice.”

    “Practice? Like what? Have me carry around a sack of flour like all the girls used to have to do in home economics? Man I didn’t know sexism in the 70s would come back to bite mein the ass.” He shifted their bodies and pillows so that he was spooning her, her head rested on his arm. “Or, don’t they have those electronic babies that pee? I remember being a thing the Republicans were having an issue with when we were doing to education reform.”

    “No,” she chuckled. “Though I’d pay to see you carry a doll around the West Wing. No; I have a even better plan. Our bosses just had a real baby.”

    Josh gulped.

    “The President and First Lady are looking for babysitters so they can have date nights again and not overwork Maria.” Maria was the President’s sister and nanny to his children. “I’ll tell Mrs. Santos we’re willing.”

    * * *

    That Friday evening, Josh and Donna stayed at work late. They had a quick dinner in the mess before going up to the Residence. It was oddly quiet until the First Lady emerged from the Presidential bedroom in a dark blue evening gown, looking tired and defeated. “We have a problem,” she said. Josh got antsy. Was Elvie sick? Was he and Donna excused for the evening. As nervous as he was about Donna finding out just how clueless he was at caring for a baby (and he reallydidn’t want to drop the child dubbed “America’s baby”), he actually had been kinda looking forward to looking after Elvie for the evening. According to the President, the kid was remarkably calm (most of the time). But Josh rolled his eyes as soon as he heard the issue. “Libby Lassiter just died.”

    “That old bat finally kicked the bucket?” Josh deadpanned. Libby Lassiter had been a former First Lady and not a friend to the current administration.

    “Josh!” Donna exclaimed, glaring at her husband.

    The President then emerged from his bedroom in his tuxedo. His bow-tie was untied, he had a yellow receiving blanket thrown over his shoulder and he held his snoozing two-month-old to his chest. Elvie had the cutest little long-sleeve striped onesie and baby-blue overalls on. His short, wispy black hair stood up in all directions. “That’s what I said. I fail to see the problem, but if you want to cancel our date to the Chinese Opera tonight, I’m not complaining. Josh and I can watch the hockey game.”

    The First Lady rolled her eyes. “It’s going to be a few hours before this hits the 10pm news on this coast and I want to have a proper statement ready, especially given my uneasy relationship with the woman.”

    “She called you a slut during that whole thong thing,” her husband pointed out.

    “And I’m rising above to be the better woman.”

    “She’s dead.”

    “So I get the final say.”

    “Yeah, that’s rising above,” Josh mumbled.

    Helen shook her head. “Plus if you two take care of Elvie, Donna and I can spend the evening getting the ball rolling on the funeral so we can have the rest off the weekend off. You fine with that?”

    Donna nodded. “I’ll meet you in the office.” She then turned and kissed Josh’s cheek. “Sorry.”

    “Yeah, okay,” Josh grumbled. “You two just go off to work like you always do and leave us here with the baby.”

    “Yeah, like I also don’t have a baby,” Donna said, sarcastically, patting her stomach, then Josh’s cheek.

    “Why don’t you take Elvie into the East Sitting room,” the president said, expertly wrapping Elvie in the blanket and then handing him off to Josh. “You can still get some baby practice in. And I’ll get changed and grab us some beer.” The president looked way too happy about the change of plans.

    Josh awkwardly held the baby in his arms, frozen, trying not to move, but also making sure he was supporting the head. He had never held a baby while standing. “Yes… sir.”

    Slowly, concentrating too hard on walking and supporting the baby’s head, Josh entered the sitting room and gently sat in one of the leather reclining chairs. He was a bit disappointed to not be spending the evening with Donna, but just holding Elvie as his little mouth fell open in his sleep made Josh so excited to have his own child in his arms. “You warm enough, Elvie? Eh? You are just the chillest little buddy.” Just as Josh began to relax, feeling confident that he could actually care for a baby, Elvie’s big brown eyes opened, stared at Josh for a second, then began to wail. “Oh, oh! What’s wrong? Uhhh…” Josh looked around for any sort of pacifier or toy.

    “He’s just hungry,” the president said as he entered the sitting room, now dressed in jeans and a grey hoodie. He carried two bottles of beer, and a baby bottle. “Helen pumped so that you and Donna could feed him. You wanna try?”

    “Yeah, sure,” Josh said, taking the bottle. “What do I do?”

    “Put the nipple where he’s screaming. He’s pretty good at the rest.” Josh did as he was told.

    After a bit, Matt taught Josh how to burp a baby… and clean up spit-up. Josh, with a fresh stain on his dress-shirt, got the joy of cuddling with a “milk-drunk” Elvie. His little fingers clutched around anything Josh gave him, mainly Josh’s fingers as he held Elvie to his chest.

    “He’ll love you forever now that you’ve fed him.”

    “Will he just fall asleep?” Josh asked.

    “Yeah, he’s pretty good at just falling asleep by himself.”

    “Soundssimple. Fatherhood sounds like a breeze.”

    Matt laughed. “Yeah, dare you to say that in a few months. Heck, I dare you to say that to Donna now.” Matt sighed and smoothed Elvie’s hair with no results. “We kinda lucked out with Elvie, he’s been the best baby out of our three. Sometimes we have to rock him or sing to him, but he’ll let anyone hold him. Peter was our worse by far. Only way we could get him to sleep was walks around the neighbourhood. If you think presidential campaigns are exhausting, wait till you have a colicky baby.”

    After awhile, and another period of the hockey game, Elvie was lounging in Josh’s arms while Matt gave him all sorts of fatherly advice. Then the phone rag. Matt answered. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Let me put on a shirt and tie and I’ll be down.” He put down the phone. “Press team wants me to make a statement regarding Libby Lassiter’s passing. Bi-partisan mourning and everything.”

    “You are the champion of bi-partisanship,” Josh mocked. “Want me to come with you and look over the statement?”

    “No, that was actually Lou on the phone. I trust she has something you’ll find disgusting written up about Libby. Besides, someone has to look after the baby.”

    Josh was about to object, when he realized Elvie was sound asleep. Yeah, he got this.

    * * *

    Josh got cocky. He was holding Elvie with one arm and had a beer bottle with the other. He felt like an uncle. An uncle who couldn’t wait to be a dad. He was lounging on the recliner (shoes off) and watching the game

    Elvie then woke and started softly grunting. He shut one eye and one side of his upper lip lifted.

    “What’s up bud?” Josh asked, sitting up. The kid didn’t appear to be on any sort of distress, he was just making noises.

    “Auntie Donna?” Peter Santos - the 14 year old eldest child of Matt and Helen - entered the room, looking around. Josh had kinda forgotten about the eldest two kids. Was he supposed to be looking after them as well? “Oh,” Peter said as soon as he saw Josh. “I thought Donna was going to be in the Residence tonight.”

    “She was but something came up and your parents had to cancel their date. They all should be down in the First Lady’s Suite. What do you need?”

    “Oh, I’m just going to ask if I can have some friends come over so we can play D&D in the basement.”

    “Yeah, better ask your parents. Your dad shouldn’t be too busy.”

    Peter nodded. “Thanks.”

    “Um, is your sister around?” Josh asked, just to make sure.

    “No, she’s at a sleepover, so you just have poo-pants to worry about,” he said, gesturing to Elvie. “And by the looks of him, he’s about to have literal poo pants.”


    “That’s Elvie’s poopin’ face,” Peter declared. “Have fun!” he said before racing out.

    Josh looked down at Elvie, who now had both eyes clenched shut, mouth wide open, tongue sticking out, and hands in fists.

    “Oh,you would, wouldn’t you. I think… I think I got set up with you. Yeah, yeah, Donna, your mom, and dad all planned this.” As Josh grumbled, Elvie’s face relaxed momentarily before he started to cry. The smell then hit Josh. “Ah, kay. Guess I gotta do this,” Josh said, getting up and making his way to the East Room. He knew Elvie had a nursery set up in the President’s suite - Josh had seen that little set up with a basinet, change table, and rocking chair, but he was curious what was in the baby’s actual bedroom at this point. “It’s a good thing I’ve been reading all these books. You know, my procedural law professor in my first year at Harvard was useless. He was so damn old, he missed half the lectures and was never at his office hours. I basically had to teach myself.”

    Josh opened the door to the room and turned on the light. The bedroom was decorated in an underwater theme, complete with a fish and octopus mural. The lack of furniture was unsurprising, just a solid oak crib, change table, dresser, two reclining rocking chairs, bookshelf, and a play area with a pile of baby toys on a big foam mat. Josh put Elvie on the change table, thankful that it appeared as if all the things he would need were in arms reach. He even spotted some little sleepers in a basket on one of the change table’s lower shelves.

    “Ah, kay. First thing we do is undress you.” Josh said as he fiddled with the fastenings on Elvie’s overalls. “Why don’t we also get you in your jammies while we are here, then when your mommy and daddy can cuddle with you when they get back… and I don’t have to wrestle you back into this.” Josh discarded the overalls and unsnapped the onesie, only to discover Elvie’s diaper had leaked all over his back. The books he had read had called this a “blow-out”. Thankfully, the books had suggested pulling the onesie down the body as to not get the offensive matter in the baby’s hair. Josh was surprised with how well it worked. He was also surprised by the pungent smell. The books did not prepare him for the sight or the smell.

    Gagging, Josh got rid of the offensive diaper. He spotted some wipes. Elvie screamed and flailed as Josh tried to roll him over or sit him up so Josh could clean Elvie’s back while also supporting his head. “Okay. I know, I know, I feel the same way about this entire situation, bu t we are going to do this, we aren’t going to be traumatized for the rest of our lives and… OH MY GOD!”

    Josh had Elvie on his back, wiping up the last of the mess on his bottom, when Elvie began to pee. It was like a fountain. The kid got some height. Josh too busy trying to grab something to absorb the flow. “Please no, please no, please GOD no, please no - WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME!? Please stop peeing!”

    “He’s christening you.”

    Josh whipped around to see Donna. “I… uhh. He’s….”

    Donna didn’t move from her spot, leaning, arms folded, against the doorframe. “You expecting a reply from him? Because he’ll tell you the exact same thing: he’s welcoming you to fatherhood. Either that, or it’s because he has no bladder control.”



    “Please help me. He had a blow-out. There was poo everywhere.” Josh began wiping up the pee.

    She waltzed to him. “Seems like you got it all under control.”

    “He’s screaming at the top of his lungs.”

    Donna began tickling Elvie’s cheeks and his belly. “He’s probably cold and wants his pyjamas on!” She began to coo. “Jam-jams? Do you want your jam-jams on? Do you wanna cuddle with Auntie Donna after Uncle Joshie puts a diaper on you.”

    Josh was already diapering the child. “Am I doing this right? It isn’t too tight?”

    “Looks fine,” Donna shrugged. She leaned down to look at the selection of footed pyjamas, all soft, and all so colourful.

    “No, Donna, I wanna pick out his pyjamas,” Josh whined. “I’m doing all the hard work here.”

    Donna stood up and glared at him as she rubbed her stomach.

    He ignored her. “Make sure he doesn’t roll off or anything.” He crouched down and looked at all the sleepers - some were pastel, other were patterned and bright. He selected a blue long sleeve one with bright green dragons. “He’s going to look so cute in this!”

    Donna just smiled.

    “Where’s the President and First Lady?” Josh asked as he gently wrestled with limbs.

    “We discovered Mrs. Lassiter was extremely detailed with her funeral plans. Which is nice because it means, while there’s a lot of work, there’s no decisions to really make. So after their statements, I told the President and First Lady to enjoy being childless for a while. I think they were going to go grab burgers. So we get to cuddle with this cutie!” Donna cooed, picking up the baby and holding him close. She gave him his pacifier and Elvie immediately ceased his screams and he began sucking intently, his eyes open wide.

    “Oh, yeah, sure,” Josh huffed. “I do all the hard work, but you get the rewards?”

    “Rewards?” she asked.


    “Do you want baby cuddles, Josh?”

    “No! I want him to love me… I mean… like. I just want a baby to like me.”

    Donna let out a small, but affectionate, sigh, then passed him Elvie. “He adores you,” she said, pressing a kiss to Josh’s mouth. Elvie just snuggled into Josh’s neck.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    YAYYYYY!! More baby stories!!

    I love how Josh is stunned by her beauty in these moments. She's of course beautiful in anything, but after getting ready for bed, that's when you know someone truly thinks you are.

    HA! That might just encourage him!

    I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way, but for Josh who always has to be in control, it's probably all that much more terrifying. But I love that he's reading books to try and prepare himself.

    [face_laugh] Oh man, that line cracked me up! That would be so funny to imagine Josh doing that or the doll walking around The White House! But of course, always the practical one, Donna has a much better idea!

    Okay, that may be the hottest description I've ever read. =P~=P~[face_tee_hee]

    Oh how I love Helen!
    This is a good life lesson, just wait them out and if they die before you, you get the last word! :p

    This also made me laugh out loud. How matter of fact Matt is about it all. Of course, he's a pro at this and probably thinks Josh being so insecure about it all is hilarious.

    :oops: Why would you say that Josh! But of course he lucks out with Leo coming first. I think if it had been Abi and Noah, that would have been it. And only due to Abi! :p

    Hahaha... oh poor Josh! And I love that Peter runs away.

    Oh that's a good tip! I didn't know that one, and probably wouldn't have thought about it until I got poop in hair. *files away for the future*

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] That one I did know! You gotta cover it, Josh!
    His reaction was priceless, and of course how Donna says he's been christened

    Dawww.... [face_love] I love that he wanted to pick them out! Even if Donna took offence to the hard work, it was still a cute thing.

    I loved this so much!! Josh is adorbs when he's worried like this, and of course BABY ELVIE!! [face_love]
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Josh has got it baddd - he's still so smitten, even if they are married at this point
    True, it probably does!
    Yeah, I'm sure no one has a clue what they are doing with their first kid, but Josh is just Josh so he probably feels it more.
    As soon as I saw that episode of Studio 60 with the fake baby, I imagined Josh walking around the Oval Office with a doll. Of course no one would say anything about it :p Josh would just be terrifying.
    =P~ Yeah. That's why I wrote it.
    I just love Helen and just how petty she can be. And, yeah, just wait till they die and you get the last word.
    Oh yeah, but we both know Matt was probably the same way when his first kid came around.
    Josh tempted the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing... and got repaid with Abi :p
    My friend's baby has a signature "pooping face" we have all learned to recognize... and pass back to him once the baby makes it.
    I actually learned this not that long ago - that's why the neck hole of baby onesies are so weird, it isn't only for their big heads when they are newborns, but also so you can pull them down their bodies.
    Yeah. Twin brothers. Do I have to say more?

    I love writing Josh and babies!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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    Title: The Best Gifts
    Characters:Leo/Marc, Donna, JJ, Miri
    A/N:This was written for MMM challenge:

    Write a story in which a character (or characters) plans something special for another character (or characters).

    No knowledge of TWW is really needed to understand this mush. This is fairly plotless and I had no idea where it was going or where to end it, BUT IT’S SO CUTE AND MUSHY THAT I DON’T CARE.

    The White House residence was oddly quiet. Marc had been the First Gentleman for almost six months now but he suddenly realized he had never been in the residence at 10:45 on a Monday morning. It was odd not having screaming kids or his husband with his entourage around. JJ was in his last week of kindergarten and Miri was in her last day of preschool before their summer breaks. Leo, of course, was in the West Wing. Marc was only here, briefly, on a mission.

    “Donna?” Marc called.

    “In here, hun,” Donna called from the East Sitting Room. Marc quickly made his way to her. His 82-year-old mother-in-law was sitting in a chair, reading on her tablet. She had a lovely green dress on and a grey sweater. She looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and a youthful mirth in her eye. “Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to some DNC event? Something about a lunch for the Women of Minnesota?”

    Marc rolled his eyes. He hated how gendered his job as FirstGentleman was. “Yeah, yeah, I’m on my way now. Why I do these things, I do not know. Can you do me a favour before picking the kids up?”

    “Miri’s out early since it’s her last day, but I can take her with me. Unless I have to go to the adult store for you… again,” she said with a grin. “I will do many things for you Marc, but I will not explain to my four-year old grandbaby what her daddies do with—”

    “I’m not asking you to,” he said, interrupting her. “I just want to get Leo something special for Father’s day - not that kind of special, Donna,” he said to her giggling. “And you can pick up JJ up too, then both he and Miri can pick something out for him too.” He sighed, sitting on the edge of the couch next to her. “I just want to make this Father’s Day special for him. He’s working so hard and he’s missing the kids so much.”

    “Why don’t we go up to Camp David for the weekend?” Donna suggested. “Just the family for the weekend. The Secret Service will give you all space and the kids love it.”

    Marc nodded. “Yeah. Good idea. I’ll talk with people about arranging that. Now gifts. I want to get Leo….”

    * * *

    Lunch time was Donna’s quiet meal. In the mornings she had to get her grandbabies up, fed, and off to school; and the First Gentleman and the President of the United States off to work. In the evenings, she listened to everyone’s days as they ate. Breakfast was hectic, and dinner was family time, just like when Leo was a kid.

    Lunch was the only meal Donna wasn’t at risk of getting milk spilled on her, and she took advantage of it, often making herself something nice. Today was penne in pesto with fresh tomatoes and basil. She was enjoying the quiet in the Residence Kitchen when she swore up and down that she heard her late husband screaming (well, if Josh was going to haunt somewhere, it would be the White House).

    “No… I’m not… look… it’s not stupid; they’re stupid,” There was a deep sigh. “Do they know who I am? I’m notgoing to let this go. Why should privateschools get a percentage of public funding? Is that why parents pay? And what’s so wrong with public school? I went to pubic school! Hang on, I have a private meeting.” The doors opened four members of the Secret Service entered, followed by her son, President Leo Lyman. “Hey, Mom,” he said leaning down to kiss her before joining her at the table. He stole a cherry tomato off her plate with his fingers and ate it.

    “I didn’t know I had a lunch date.”

    He sighed. “I wish. I have a meeting with the Attorney General which started about 30 minutes ago, but I’m making him wait a bit longer.”

    She gave him a disappointed look. “Leo, I taught you better than that.”

    “See, youdid, but Dad just canceled out everything.”

    She laughed and gently reached up to pat his cheek. Josh taught his children so well.

    He took her hand and squeezed it. “I came up here because I have something to ask. Father’s day is coming up and I want to do something special for Marc. He’s been just so amazing with everything and taking care of the kids.”

    “Why don’t we go up to Camp David, just the family?”

    Leo smiled warmly. “I remember when Uncle Sam was president. We’d go up there with Dad and everyone for the entire weekend… have BBQs and swim.”

    “Your dad absolutely loved those weekends. His favourite part was when you and the twins would climb into bed with us on Sunday morning. He’d open his gifts, but his favourite part was all the cuddles.”

    “Can we do that for Marc?” Leo asked. “Do you mind picking him up something, then on Father’s day bringing JJ and Miri into the room?”

    “Of course!” Donna said. “Do you want me to go to the adult store?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

    “No! Gah! Mom!” Leo exclaimed. He then handed her a large envelope. “I got this for him. Can you go get it framed, please?”

    * * *

    That Friday evening Marc, Leo, Donna, JJ, and Miri headed off for a private weekend at Camp David. Leo, of course, still had his daily briefings and a few hours of work on Saturday afternoon, but for the most part, the family was able to spent time together. They went for a hike in the morning, Marc and the kids watched a movie in the afternoon, then they all went swimming in the evening.

    Needless to say, Marc and Leo laid down an exhausted Miri and JJ that night, and barely had time for themselves before they flopped into their own bed in the main cabin.

    Sunday morning Marc woke feeling well-rested. Leo was still asleep, so Marc slipped out of the bed, padded to the bathroom to use it and to brush his teeth. He then crawled back into the bed, got under the covers, and snuggled up to Leo’s warm body, feeling the smooth skin under the old, grey “Harvard” sweat-shirt Leo was wearing.

    Leo smiled and gently chuckled, but his eyes didn’t open. “Better not start something you can’t finish there, Mr. Lyman.”

    “I always finish what I start, Mr. Lyman,” Marc taunted.

    Leo opened his eyes and looked up. “Not when your children are going to come bounding through those doors any minute to snuggle with us.”

    “Why did we have those things again?” Marc joked.

    “Because I knew you’d be cute with our baby in your arms,” Leo said, reaching up to poke Marc in the nose. He sighed. “I remember that first time you held JJ… like actually held him… after he was all measured and cleaned up and wrapped in his first quilt. You just looked down at him with so much unconditional love and devotion to this tiny baby.Ourbaby,” Leo sighed once again. “I love our children with every fibre of my being. It’s hard on me, you know, not being there for them as much as I’d like.”

    Marc laid back down and kissed Leo’s temple. “I know, but you are doing all thisto give our children, and so many other children, a better future.”

    “And I can do that, because I know you are giving JJ and Miri a warm, nurturing childhood, full of love.”

    “You give them that too. They know you love them and spend as much time with them as you can.”

    Before they could continue their mush, they heard the door handle flap twice, followed by, “Gramma? Are you coming Gramma?” JJ then came tumbling in with a gift bag, he looked around nervously, then broke into a wide grin as soon as he saw that his parents were awake. He had his glasses on and was wearing his R2D2 pyjamas. “Happy Father’s Day!” he proclaimed.

    Both Marc and Leo smiled, sat up, and leaned against the headboard and each other.

    “Come here,” Leo said, reaching his arms out.

    JJ put the bag on the bed, then climbed into his Abba’s arms. While Leo was giving JJ kisses, Marc looked up to see his mother-in-law entering, carrying their younger child on her hip. “I tried waking her,” Donna said. “But she just wasn’t having it. I think think the hike and the swimming really tuckered her out.”

    Marc rushed out of bed to take her. “Well you should have called one of us. She’s getting to big for you to be carrying her,” he said, taking Miri from Donna.

    “You calling me old?” Donna challenged, setting herself down in a rocking leather recliner beside the bed.

    “Never,” Marc replied, kissing her cheek, then kissing Miri as he got back into bed. Miri was wearing blue pyjamas with sheep on them. “Miri? You going to give Daddy and Abba kisses good morning for Father’s Day?”

    Miri opened her eyes a crack, but then buried her face in Marc’s shirt.

    Leo chuckled as he held JJ on his lap resting his chin gently on his son’s head. “Snuggles will do too.”

    “You should open your presents now!” JJ sounded so excited, grabbing the gift bag containing two cards and four wrapped gifts.

    “Why don’t we ask for some breakfast first?” Leo said, reaching for the phone. The family rarely took advantage of their private chef, cook staff, and the fact that they could get any meal delivered to their bedside in about 20 minutes, even here at Camp David, but sometimes it was nice on occasion so Leo could spend more time with Marc. “What does everyone want?”

    “Waffles!” JJ exclaimed.

    Leo knew the choice was alright with everyone else. He picked up the phone and dialled a number. “Hello, to who am I speaking to?… Rachel? Hello Rachel. Could you please send four servings of waffles to the master bedroom of Aspen Lodge?” Aspen was the Presidential cabin. “With some fruit, coffee, and chocolate milk.” He then looked at his mother. “You want anything, Mom?”

    “Just some tea, Leo.”

    “And a cup of earl grey tea…. Thank you, Rachel.” Leo then hung up the call.

    “You should open your presents now!” JJ bounced. “You’re going to love them!”

    “Alright, alright,” Leo chuckled. He then reached over and grazed Miri’s cheek with his knuckles. “Mirmir? Are you going to give Abba and Daddy presents?”

    Miri opened her eyes again and sat up with Marc’s help. “You gotta open the cards first,” she yawned, now awake but still nuzzled against Marc.

    JJ dug in the gift bag and presented two cards, both had drawings by Miri on them; Marc’s had a bear and Leo had a lion. Inside had poems by JJ. Marc read his out loud first.

    “Daddy Lyman, we love you,

    That fact couldn’t be more true,

    For all the songs you sing,

    For all the kisses you bring,

    We are Miri and JJ,

    Because you love us every day.

    Love JJ and Miri.”

    Marc broke out into a huge grin. “I love you guys so much!” he said hugging both Miri and JJ at once.

    Leo was already trying to hold back tears. He started failing as soon as he began to read his.

    Abba Lyman, we love you,

    In everything you do,

    For all the hugs you give,

    For the snuggles, we live,

    We are JJ and Miri,

    Because you love us in glee.

    Love Miri and JJ.”

    JJ looked up at his Abba, worried. He saw the tears running down Leo’s cheeks. “Do you not like it? Because I put a line in it like Yoda would talk. I thought you’d think that was funny.”

    “I love it,” Leo assured him, holding him close. “I love it and you guys so much that this is going right on my desk. I’m crying because I’m so proud and I so love my two little babies.”

    “But we aren’t babies anymore!” Miri chimed in.

    “Ohhh,” Leo chucked, remembering a time when his father said this to him and the twins. “You will alwaysbe my babies.” He dipped JJ back, pulled up his shirt, and blew on his belly.

    JJ roared in laughter. “Open your presents!”

    “Okay!” Leo laughed. “Give me and Daddy presents.”

    “These are what Miri and I picked out,” JJ said, handing his fathers two wrapped packages. Both were cylinders.

    Both Leo and Marc unwrapped travel mugs with pictures of Miri and JJ on them.

    “Aww!” Marc sighed. “I love it. Now no one in the office will steal my travel mug!”

    “Open them!” Miri ordered.

    Inside were t-shirts. Marc’s was green and read: Best Daddy in the Land. It had a Triforce on it since Marc was Legend Of Zelda nerd. Leo’s was black and said:Best Abba in the Galaxyand had an outline of Darth Vader’s mask.

    Leo got really excited. “Ohhh! I can’t wait to wear it.”

    “Now open your presents from each other!” Miri said. “We helped Grandma pick them up!”

    Leo told Marc, as he handed him his gift, “Thank you for giving me two of the most amazing little lives. You know I can never repay you for waiting… and for making my heart and life - and bed - so full.”

    Marc kissed Leo - to Miri’s and JJ’s “Icky!”. Marc cupped Leo’s cheek. “Thank you for giving me my family and for coming on the incredible journey of fatherhood with me. There’s no one I could ever imagine at my side.”

    Marc opened his gift first. It was a framed, hand-drawn blueprint of the Boston Light lighthouse. The paper seemed to be stained with time.

    Marc gasped. “Leo! It’s beautiful. The details are exquisite!”

    “It’s one of the original drawings. Do you like it?”

    Marc nodded. “I love it Leo.”

    “Open yours before you get all mushy!” JJ ordered, presenting his abba with a bigger box. “Daddy gave Grandma some instructions, but she let us pick out a couple for you.”

    Leo unwrapped the box and instantly knew what it was by the smell. He opened the box and was surrounded by classic LUSH smell. There were a number of bath bombs, bubbles bars, massage bars and lotions. Leo loved LUSH bath products. A nice scented bath, possibly with colours, glitter, or bubbles helped ease stress away so he could get a full night’s sleep. Sometimes Marc would use a massage bar on him in bed, as a special treat to soothe aching muscles. Marc teased Leo about his love for extravagant baths but liked to slip in with his husband on occasion (Leo reallyenjoyed those baths). Leo looked at Marc with a grin. “I love it! You know exactly what I need.”

    “There’s even a new bath bomb in there that’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac,” Marc whispered.

    Leo nuzzled Marc’s neck.

    “What’s afod-dd-disi-iac?” JJ asked.

    Donna and Marc laughed. Leo blushed.

    “Sounds like a fish,” Miri said, wrinkling her nose.

    “Why would Abba put a fish in his tub?” JJ asked, rhetorically.

    Leo gasped. “We should go fishing today!” He wanted to sit on the bank of the lake with Marc and their kids, but also to get off the topic.

    “Maybe we’ll catch some aphrodisiacs,” Marc teased, poking Leo in the ribs.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Aw, this is cute! I don't know the characters well, but I always love a good story about kids doing special stuff for their parents and choosing presents for them, and these are fantastic presents all around, from the photo travel mugs and the poems (which are gifts too, since they're personalized to each of the dads) to the Boston Lighthouse blueprint. Plus LUSH products as an added bonus! I smiled at Leo's belly blow on JJ, because the Findshusband still does that to the Findsboy. :p And Donna's sweet and understatedly snarky presence in the background as mother-in-law and grandma holds it all together. Thanks for sharing this adorable family portrait, which is so much in the spirit of MMM! =D=
  18. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    As soon as I saw this I knew I was going to love it! Marc and Leo with JJ and Miri are the best at mush!

    Poor Marc, but he deals with is so well! That's gotta be really annoying, though.

    Bahahaha..... I need this backstory in my life!
    And of course Donna will never let it go!

    Dawwww.... [face_love] Marc is so sweet! And I love that he goes to Donna for help. He could probably send a staff member or someone, but he trusts that not only will Donna do it, but that she'll get it right.

    I love that you added these details! I know we both have wanted to use Donna more in this time period but haven't a whole lot. These are perfect details for her!

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] Yep! If Josh was going to haunt something, it would definitely be there! But I love that Leo sounded so much like his dad in that moment.

    [face_laugh] I'm sure that's 100% true!

    This is so sweet, that they both wanted to do the same thing for each other! And I love that Donna jus suggests going to Camp David to both of them and doesn't give anything aways.

    Daddy!Josh cuteness strikes again, even if he isn't actually there. This memory makes me so happy!

    :* Relationship goals! They are just so supportive and loving of each other!

    Eeeeeee!!!! The kids are just so adorbs. JJ in his PJs being all excited, and Miri still being sleepy and just wanting to snuggle.

    I just loved their poems! So sweet!! And of course Leo's reaction and JJs reaction to it was so sweet!

    Yeeessss! I adore that Marc got him bath bombs! It's so perfect for Leo and his love of baths! Leo's gift to Marc was equally as perfect for Marc!


    THIS is what mush is all about. This feeling! I loved it and am just so happy now!!
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    Hopefully it wasn't too confusing! Normally I do write small primers if I'm writing anything TWW for challenges, or I add a bit more explanation in the text, but the mush totally just took over with this one! My dad used to pick me up and blow on my belly, so the image of Leo doing this to JJ just makes me so happy and smile. And Donna is just known for holding things all together (as grandmas do).

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    They are! The muse really doesn't come up with much for all 4 of these guys together (plus Donna) but as soon as the idea started to churn, I knew it was perfect for MMM because they are so good at getting the mushy feelings going
    Oh Marc, I feel so bad for him, but he gets to be married to Leo... so not that bad, plus he has Rose.
    Yeah, I'm not sure what the back story is, but its probably hysterical.

    Sometimes you just need that personal touch, which Donna of course brings no matter what, but especially when her kids (which includes Marc) are considered. And when you want something done right... send Donna!

    Yes! I was so happy to finally come up with a story that really featured Donna and got to show her life as First Mother. Thank you.
    Yeah, but I just had this image of Leo going full Josh and Donna over hearing it and getting to momentarily live in the past and it just warmed my heart (and cracked me up).
    I actually had this conversation with my mother the other day [face_laugh] I was blasting Metallica in my car while I was waiting for her and she was not impressed.
    Donna just knows what's best.
    Yeah, I love that Josh still gets his cute moments, even if he's gone. I love that it's still a mushy and adorable moment, even if it is just a memory.
    They are so freaking cute! As soon as I started to write this, Miri just wanted to be dopey and sleepy and just want cuddles.
    Thanks. I just wanted to overload the kid cuteness!
    Who doesn't love baths? Especially when they are joined by someone like Marc ;)
    Thanks. I just love MMM so much and just wanted some total unapologetic mush.

    Actually, the next few weeks are quite mushy (and I'm soooooooooo excited!!!). Wish I had some angst to break this up. Oh well, I'm sure the angst train will come back at full force.
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    Title: JJ (Part 2)
    January 2055
    Characters:JJ, Leo/Marc
    A/N:I tried to write this from a “little kid’s POV” which was fun.

    JJ was scared. He’d been scared for so many months now, and this new bedroom was so very big and dark. Lights streamed through the windows, creating frightening shadows both inside his bedroom and on the trees outside. JJ tried to fall asleep, closing his eyes tightly and wrapping himself in the big blankets on his new huge bed. But secretly he didn’t want to fall asleep. He was afraid of having nightmares. But Daddy and Abba had put him to bed (what seemed like) hours ago and he was going to be in so much trouble if they found out he was still awake after night-night (not that much trouble, but JJ hated disappointing Abba and Daddy).

    He liked his new room, he really did; he had his own desk, computer, train table for all his wood trains, and most importantly, a huge bookcase and a big bean bag chair, and everything was in his favourite colour: green. But he missed his old room at his old house. It was a lot warmer there too. And there weren’t any strangers walking around like there were here. JJ knew his Abba was now President and needed help to do his job, but JJ did miss their old house where he could run around or run outside or run into Abba’s and Daddy’s room whenever he wanted.

    This was only JJ’s second night here in his new room. He and his family had moved into the White House yesterday after his Abba had become President (in the scariest thing JJ had ever been a part of; there had been so many people!). Last night there had been a big party in the basement of the White House with cake and pizza (and strict instructions from his Auntie Josie and Tío Elvie not to tell his parents about the ball pit and big bouncy castle, now that he was part of their super secret ‘President’s kids club’). JJ had gotten to play with his sister and their friends - Mattie, Em, and Ella (JJ really liked Ella) while his Abba, Daddy, and Grandma Donna had been at some big, fancy dance. Last night Grandma had come back early and he and Miri had gotten to snuggle with her and fall asleep in her bed.

    Suddenly, there was a noise outside, a gate slamming? Maybe? Hopefully.

    JJ began to whimper, trying his hardest not to cry. Grabbing his stuffed lion by the tail and his blankie, he mustered up the courage to leave his bedroom. He hopped off his bed, opened his door… and ran into a pair of legs. He looked up to see a stranger in a black suit. He was a big man with very broad shoulders. JJ knew the man was a Secret Service Agent and JJ knew, from the multiple talks he had with his Abba, that the Secret Service Agents were there to protect him from strangers, but JJ had never met this agent before so that made him a stranger.

    “Josiah Joshua? Where are you going?” The man asked.

    JJ huffed in a deep breath. No one ever called him by his full name, only when things were really serious or when he was in trouble or in danger. He didn’t know what to do. Was he in trouble? Was he allowed to leave his room and wander the White House at night? He didn’t want to be in trouble.

    Then, he heard his Daddy laugh. It was a full, joyous sound and JJ ran down the hallway to it. His short legs hurried across the cold, wood floor. He should have put on slippers, but at least he had his comfy, lime green, fuzzy fleece pyjamas on. He recognized the double doors that led to his Abba’s and Daddy’s room… but there were two figures outside. He didn’t know who they were because he forgot his glasses.

    Oh no. His daddy and Abba were going to be so disappointed that he forgot his glasses. He wasn’t supposed to be wandering without them.

    One figure leaned over to the other. “Do we open the doors for him?”

    “We aren’t supposed to open the doors at all unless there’s a code… but he’s their son.”

    For no particular reason, other than he couldn’t just run into Daddy’s and Abba’s room and snuggle with them in their bed, he began to cry. He just ran back into his room, dived under his desk, and put his blankie over his head. Oh, this was so bad. He was going to be in so much trouble with the agents. And if they told Daddy and Abba, they were going to be mad at him. Would he be able to continue living here with Abba, or would he have to move out? He just cried more and more and began to hiccup. He just wanted to be a good boy so that Abba and Daddy would still love him and pay attention to him.

    He heard soft footsteps and then the light in his room turned on.

    “Do you see him, Marc?” that was Abba

    “There,” his daddy replied. They didn’t sound mad.

    JJ peeked out from under the blanket to see socked feet. One pair of legs wore pyjama pants and the other wore sweatpants. Abba and Daddy were in their snuggling night-night clothes. Both kneeled down and looked at him with concern.

    “What’s wrong, bubs?” his daddy asked, climbing under the desk and pulling him into his lap.

    JJ just cried, clutching onto his daddy, smelling his warm, cotton t-shirt. JJ felt his Abba rub his back. “Why don’t we go for a bit of a walk? I know something that’ll make him smile.” Abba left momentarily, retrieved JJ’s glasses, wiped JJ’s eyes, then put the small, round frames on JJ’s face, rubbing him behind his ears. “Let’s get a smile back on that adorable face, and then you can tell us what’s got you so upset, and maybe we can come up with a solution.”

    They weren’t mad and he didn’t have to tell them right away. JJ looked at his Abba and nodded. Abba smiled, the corners of his eyes wrinkling. He held out his arms and JJ launched himself into them. Abba held him close. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” he said as he stood up. “I know it has been a very scary past few days for you.”

    Daddy was now up from under the desk. He put Blankie over JJ. “You’ve been so brave, but it’s okay to cry. It’s been a very long past few days, hasn’t it?” Daddy then looked at Abba as they began to walk through the Residence. “Where we going?”

    “Oh, just somewhere Josie and I used to sneak off to on our sleepovers.” He then chuckled. “Though I guess I don’t exactly have to sneak off to the mess now.”

    “No, Sweetheart, you really don’t,” Daddy laughed. “Should I wake Miri?”

    Abba looked up at Daddy. “If she’s asleep, do you really think waking her is a good idea?”

    Daddy chuckled. “No, probably not.”

    “She’s so crabby if you wake her,” JJ commented. He loved his sister, he loved that he always had someone to play with, but it was also nice to have Abba and Daddy to himself occasionally.

    “I’ll tell Grandma to keep an ear out for her.”

    * * *

    JJ just smiled as his Abba carried him into an elevator and down two levels. They navigated through dark hallways and he was amazed that Abba knew exactly where to go. Abba and Daddy were talking to him about his day.

    “Was there any part of your day you really liked?” Daddy asked.

    “I… I liked that we all got to have breakfast and dinner together,” JJ replied.

    “I did too. We are going to try to do that as often as we can,” Abba said.

    JJ then looked around. “Are we in a restaurant?”

    “Kinda. We are in the White House mess. It’s a place were people who work here can come and have food, and we can order from here when we don’t want to make dinner. Your Grandpa Josh used to bring me down here sometimes and we’d eat and talk.”

    JJ sighed in contentment. They then entered a really big kitchen and his abba put him on the counter. “Marc, find some bowls and spoons.” He then opened a big freezer and hauled out two big, white, buckets. They were almost as big as him!

    “What’s that?” JJ asked.

    Abba grinned. “The best vanilla and rocky-road ice-cream in the whole world! Your Auntie Josie and I used to sneak down here and eat right out of the bucket.” Daddy began scooping a little bit in each bowl. “You can have a little bit if you promise to brush your teeth again after.”

    JJ nodded. “I promise,” he said, reaching out his little hands for the bowl.

    “So,” Daddy said after a bit. He was swirling his ice-cream around his bowl. “What’s got you so upset?”

    “And how can we fix it?” Abba added.

    “Well, uh, I couldn’t fall asleep after you put me to night-night. I’m sorry. The lights outside are really bright and scary.”

    “That’s okay,” Daddy said. “That’s easy to fix. I’ll just get you some black-out curtains.”

    “And a night-light?” JJ asked, “Like the one I had at home… well, the old home. I liked the blue light,” he sniffled.

    “Of course,” Abba said, gently hugging JJ.

    “I’ll ask the ushers tomorrow if your night-light is in one of the packed boxes,” Marc said gently rubbing JJ’s cheek with his knuckles. “If not, we’ll get you one. What else happened, Bubs? The agents said you came looking for us.”

    “I was scared. There was a scary noise, and I wanted cuddles so I left my room to try to find you.” He looked at Daddy and Abba and they didn’t seem mad. “But there was an agent outside my door and outside you guys’ doors and I didn’t know if I was allowed in.”

    “Of course you were allowed in,” both Abba and Daddy said together. Abba continued, “You are always allowed to come in our bedroom for cuddles. And even if we aren’t in there, if you need a spot where you feel love and comfort, you can of course go to Grandma, but you can also go into our room.”

    JJ smiled.

    Abba then leaned down to be at eye level with JJ. “I know all this stuff… the White House, the new room, and the agents… is a lot, but I love you and I really love the fact that you are talking to us. My little boy is just so brave. Is there anything else you want to talk to us about?”

    “Uhh… how do I know the difference between a Secret Service agent and a stranger?”

    “That’s a very good question, JJ,” Daddy said, looking at Abba.

    “Well, we are going to try to make sure you know as many of the Secret Service agents as you can remember, especially those who will be around you lots,” Abba answered.

    “Like Mike, Alex, Jackie, and Irene. I like them lots.” JJ said with a nod. “But there are so many. And I don’t like it when they call me Josiah Joshua.” He pouted, crossing his arms. “I don’t like it when anybody but Grandma calls me Josiah Joshua. Only she’s allowed.”

    Daddy chuckled. “We know. We will tell them. Maybe that’s a way you can tell the agents apart from strangers. And maybe we can come up with a secret password they have to say to you if you need to make sure.”

    JJ thought about it. “Ice cream. The password should be ice-cream!”

    * * *

    JJ was very tired by the time Abba and Daddy washed him up, carried him back up to their bedroom, and brushed his teeth. He was now lying in the middle of their bed. Abba was reading his book, but had one arm around JJ. JJ was inspecting Abba’s hand - the lines, the fine hair, his ring. He clutched onto Abba’s thumb.

    “What you doing, J?” Daddy asked, climbing into bed. He had just came out of the bathroom.

    “Feeling safe so the nightmares don’t come,” JJ mumbled before a yawn.

    “Oh, JJ,” Abba sighed, enveloping JJ in his arms. “You are always safe. No matter where you are, you are safe because we love you and will anything for a JJ sandwich. Come on, Marc. JJ sandwich time.” A JJ sandwich was when Abba and Daddy hugged him at the same time.

    “How ‘bout a…” Daddy grabbed the duvet and sheets and wrapped all three of them up. He held both JJ and Abba close. “JJ burrito!”

    JJ smiled. Daddy and Abba knew to stay like that until he fell asleep.
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    I just have the biggest, stupid smile on my face. This just makes me soooo happy! Not that JJ is scared, but just how mushy it is!

    Oh JJ! Disappointment is always worse than being in trouble,but they won't be either! (And I'm starting right off the bat with talking to the characters! LOL)

    It's always so scary to go to a new place with the new noises and shadows. Even as an adult it can be unsettling, so I imagine for a child it's even more so! But at the White House with all of the people and the changes that are happening, I just can't imagine!

    [face_love] I love that they are reaching out to the kids as fellow President's kids! I mean of course they would, but this is just so perfect that they have a super secret club and club house!

    Oh this just broke my heart! He was so scared and he grabbed his lion and his blankie and then more scary things happened!

    This was so cute, that he heard his daddy's laugh and ran towards it! [face_love]

    I completely understand the thought. You've been told not to do something by the President (or his people), but at the same time, it's his kid. That would be a hard one to know because on the one hand I'd say of course open it for the kid, but on the other hand there are probably parents who wouldn't want that and they don't know the Lyman's well enough yet.

    =((=(( The would he have to move out part killed me. But little kids totally think this way, so I could see it being a thought he'd have.

    They are such good dads! :* And Ice cream always makes things better! And to top it all off, Leo gets to share something he did with his dad most kids would never get to experience. That really makes it even more beautiful!

    This comment falls under the such good dads comment, but I had to specifically quote this because I love that they offer their bedroom as a spot for him to feel closer to them even when they aren't there is just so perfect!

    That's such a good idea! JJ probably won't be anywhere without them (though Leo knows you can get away from them) if nothing else, it makes JJ feel better to know for sure who is who!

    This was 100% adorbs! @};-
  22. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yeah, I understand. It is pretty freakin cute, even though he is scared, we know Leo and Marc will always make it better.
    Lol! JJ is just such a good kid, he just doesn't want either. And it's okay that you are taking to the characters; they talk to me all the time (... I'm not crazy....).
    Yeah, totally, I hate sleeping in new/different places (even hotels), so I can't imagine trying to sleep in a place like the White House, especially as a scared little kid. Poor Marc and Leo probably had JJ in their bed a lot!

    Hahaha. I had this idea of all the President's kids (from the Bartlet sister's down to JJ and Miri) getting together throughout the years for a holiday party and just all the shenanigans they would get in (IE Elvie getting Imogene drunk and JJ and Miri getting invited, but not Leo) but other holiday ficlets took over last year. Maybe this year.
    I'm so mean to this poor kid. My muse just loves picking on him. I'm sorry JJ.
    My muse picks on him because he's so freakin adorable!
    Thanks. This was the internal conflict I was hoping to portray. We know Marc and Leo of course want to know whenever their kids need them, but for the agents, Leo's the new boss they really don't know yet, plus probably not being used to doing the job with little kid. You logically know this is their kid and he's clearly upset and wants his parents, buuuut you also don't want to barge in on the President.
    He just gets so worked up and it is so heartbreaking. My cousin works with toddlers and says something in regards to their tantrums but it totally fits when writing young kids and this reminds me of it: remember that toddlers only have 3/4/5 years of life experience (and even less when you factor in how few memories they have), for them acting like something (like not getting a toy, moving to a new house, etc) is the worst thing they have experienced makes sense, because it is the worst thing they have ever gone through.
    They are such good dads, it warms my heart. And I love that Leo can show his kids the experiences he got as a child.

    And ice cream makes everything better!

    As a kid, I loved going into my mom's bedroom. It was just so her and I felt so safe. And Leo and Marc know JJ just wants to feel safe.

    Yeah, I really hope JJ never feels like he's in a situation away from the safety of Marc, Leo, Donna, or some other adult he knows and trusts, but he's a cautious (and smart!) kid.

    Thanks so much for reading. I just love how all these characters can be so freaking adorable and so much fun to write!
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    Title: Ready For this
    December 2037
    A/N:My muse just does not like writing wedding ceremonies (as your fic next week will make apparent), so this is a mushy pre-wedding fic. Hope you enjoy!

    Cinque Fiori Italian Restaurant was closed for the evening, yet it was packed for this special event: the rehearsal dinner for one of the owners’ - Angelo’s and Mary Joy’s - flowers: their Rose. Rosamie dela Cruz would become Mrs. Rosamie Santos tomorrow afternoon, so of course her parents had to host her rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where she had practically grown up.

    It was mainly family and the wedding party in attendance at the rehearsal dinner, but still the place was filled with nearly 100 guests. All of Rose’s aunts, uncles, and cousins were here, many from the Philippines who had arrived in the past few days. Of course, Elvie had a strong representation here as well, which included his 28 cousins; two former US Presidents (one being his dad so he really did not count); current President Ainsley Hayes; Uncle Josh and Aunt Donna, plus his gang of oldest friends Leo and Josie, their younger siblings, and significant others.

    Toasts had been given, three full courses had been eaten, and even the agenda for tomorrow had gone over. People were now mingling.

    Elvie struggled to make his way through the room, both because people kept getting in his way (even when he was at his own rehearsal dinner, people forgot to look down for him) and because he kept getting stopped for hugs. After he had given a big hug to his Uncle Josh and Aunt Donna, he spotted her. She was wearing a white lace dress that came down just past her knees with cap sleeves. Her black hair was down straight and she was wearing bright red heels.

    Rose was giving last minute instruction to her bridesmaids and Elvie was soooo glad that they had hired a wedding planner with a whole team of decorators so tonight and tomorrow Elvie and Rose could just focus on themselves and enjoying their special day. Elvie was also insanely glad that he was a man and tomorrow did not involve hair appointments or make up (his two grooms maids, Josie and his sister Miranda, were going to go off by themselves).

    Elvie grinned as he snuck up on his fiancée. He debated putting his face in her butt, but didn’t want to embarrass her in front of her more conservative family and get put in the dog house the night before their wedding, so he simply put his arms around her waist and pulled her down into his lap.

    She laughed, twisting her torso so she could hook her arm around his neck. “Hi,” she said, rubbing their noses together.

    “Come with me,” he said, rolling towards the patio (NOW people got out his way). She got up to open the door for him and they emerged out into the quiet, cold, December night. She gasped as she saw the single table set up with candles, a pot of tea, and a few cookies. Soft music played.

    “With all the craziness over the past few days, and how insane tomorrow is going to be. I thought we could have one last date as boyfriend and girlfriend,” he said, taking off his black blazer. He was wearing a dark navy button down shirt.

    She leaned down to kiss him. “You are always going to be my boyfriend,” she said, looking him in his deep brown eyes.

    “I know.” He smiled as he draped his blazer over her shoulders so she wouldn’t get cold. “And you are always going to be my hot girlfriend, which is exactly why I wanted to take you out for some tea. We haven’t gone on a date in ages and I wanted to show you that even though our lives as husband and wives might get hectic, that I will always make time to date you.”

    She kissed him again. “Thank you.” She then sat down and he rolled to her side. “You're not going to get cold without your jacket?” she asked. “I know how you hate getting cold, and I don’t want you to end up with a man-flufor our honeymoon.”

    He rolled his eyes, but took her hand and kissed it. He continued to hold her hand as he poured them both a cup of tea. “I’m fine. You’re the one wearing a dress. Besides, do you honestly think we are going to be out here long enough? I’m surprised no one has come out and interrupted us yet.”

    She laughed as she poured the cream, resting her head on his shoulder. “Is it too late to just elope?”

    He checked the time on his phone. “Cutting it a bit close, but we could get a flight to Vegas and be married by sunrise. And get disowned by our entire family.”

    She laughed as they both took a sip of tea. “Though I still still love the idea of getting married just as the sun rises.”

    “I know,” he said, rubbing her back. They had both wanted a small, intimate wedding, focused on each other, but that just was never going to happen, so they had gone with the huge “once in a lifetime” party for their families and friends. They were getting an “American Royalty” wedding, and it had been quite a bit of work, but if tonight was any indication, it was going to go smoothly and be a blast. “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay. I’m also super happy to see my Lola and Lolo and I’m glad we made the trip worth it for them and everyone else.”

    “Yeah,” he smiled. It has been… interesting to finally meet Rose’s grandparents and all her relatives who lived in the Philippines. “I’m glad I could meet everyone.”

    “Plus, after lunch on Sunday, we can tell everyone to shove off… at least till Christmas Eve.”

    He sighed at the thought of how much more busy this week was going to become. Of course tonight had been their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then tomorrow was the BIG day, then Sunday, both families were going to go to mass, and then have a lunch at his parents’ place and open all of their wedding gifts. Thenthey had two days to themselves before Christmas Eve, and a whole bunch of festivities surrounding the holidays (a lot of people were just sticking around). However, as soon as December 27th rolled around, they were going to their honeymoon in a private resort in Hawaii. Plus neither were working in the few days in-between everything.

    “Then, when we get to Hawaii, we can just lay in bed in our cabana… naked.”

    She laughed. “That’s the only thing getting you through this week, isn’t it?”

    “Uh, yeah,” he said as if it were the most obvious thing. “The thought of you naked the only thing that gets me through most weeks!”

    She rolled her eyes. They ate the cookies and held hands and went over all their plans for their honeymoon. Then the door then opened. The sound of the party got louder and they both sighed.

    “There they are!” They turned around to see her older sister, Jacinta, and his older brother, Peter, invading.

    “Alright you two! Enough mushy mushy!” Jacinta declared.

    “No!” Elvie whined, wrapping his arms around Rose. “Don’t take her away from me!”

    “Yes,” Peter said, tipping back Elvie’s wheelchair and shaking him. “Time for your last night as a free man!”

    Rose huffed up. “No! No alcohol. You already gave him his bachelor party and he was in pain for a week afterwards.”

    “It wasn’t that bad,” Peter started defending himself.

    “You took him ATV-ing out in the middle of no where! He fell off and nearly broke his back!”

    “I don’t remember it being that bad,” Elvie said, defending his brother.

    Rose glared back. “You were so drunk and high. They took you to the hospital and you ended up bawling because you were having flashbacks. Thank the Lord Leo Lyman was there and had sense enough to call me!”

    Elvie vaguely remembered that. He remembered holding Marc Lymans hand.

    “Yeah, so we never got to finish his bachelor party,” Peter grinned. “Relax, Rose, we’re just going to go to Mom’s and Dad’s, drink a few beers, and play some board games.”

    “And we are going to gather up all the female cousins and have a spa night and a huge slumber party,” Jacinta said. “So say your goodbyes.”

    Rose leaned in close to Elvie. “Last chance to run away with me.”

    He laughed, putting his hands on her arm. “Last chance to run away fromme.”

    “Never,” she said, holding his face and kissing him passionately. “I love you.”

    He kissed her again. “I love you too. See you at the alter,” he said as his brother began pulling him away.

    * * *

    Elvie sat in his parents’ family room, on the large couch, playing Joking Hazard (a Cards Against Humanity type game with comics) with his grooms-men and women. The ten members of his bridal party were: Peter (his best man), Miranda (his best woman), Leo Lyman, Josie Seaborn, Gabe Demont (his best friend from middle and high school), Rylan Dayton (his buddy from his time at the Air Force Academy), and five of his cousins because Rose had so many bridesmaids that Elvie ended up just asking random cousins he had been kinda close to because he needed more bodies. He asked his dad to be his best man, and while honoured, Matt had ended up suggesting Peter. Matt wanted to experience Elvie’s wedding just as the father of the groom (though he still had a huge role) and wanted Elvie to be tortured at the hands of his older brother.

    During a break, when a couple of people were up getting refills of their drinks (Elvie was being smart and slowly slipping on a scotch), Elvie reached into his pocket (he had changed into sweatpants) and began texting Rose.

    “What are you doing?” Josie asked.

    “Texting Rose,” Elvie said as if it was obvious.

    “No!” she said, snatching the phone out of his hand.

    “What? Give me my phone back!”

    “No, you can’t go texting your fiancée the night before your wedding. You have to save all your mush for tomorrow,” Josie said, as if she was the authority on this.

    “That’s just stupid - Leo was texting Marc.”

    Leo held up his hands as if he were innocent.

    “That’s because he’s already an old married man and poor Marc is in a hotel room with all his in-laws. Let Rose have one final night without you. Leo,” she ordered. “Help me find a place to hide Elvie’s phone.”

    “Well that’s not going to be hard,” Leo said, getting up. “Just put it somewhere he can’t reach it.”

    “GUYS!” Elvie whined. “Give me back my phone! Or at least text Rose and tell her that you are taking it away from me.”

    “Fine, fine,” Leo murmured, beginning to type. “Don’t tell Marc, but I am so going to be the push-over when we have kids.”

    “Tell her that I love her and that I can’t wait to be her husband.”

    “Oh, you got it bad for her,” Leo laughed.
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    That's a great point!
    I've never liked it when people get upset at kids for being upset over what they think is a small thing. Their feelings are real no matter how silly adults might think they are. I mean, kids can totally manipulate and have to learn boundaries, but when they are legitimately upset about something, laughing or yelling at them isn't okay. Hell, I sometimes still get irrationally upset about stupid things. I know it's stupid, and irrational, but feelings aren't always rational.

    This was just what I needed tonight!! [face_love]

    Awww... I love it! We are kinda doing something similar. It's at an Italian restaurant that dp's dad always loved doing family dinners at.

    I love how you wrote this! Of course I knew who she was, but it was almost like falling in love all over again as he sees her, with that empassis.

    Ugh, yes. Be very glad Elvie. I just learned today I have to start earlier than I anticipated because the photographer wants to start earlier. I am NOT a morning person and I wasn't thinking about that when we decided to have an 11:30am wedding. (Also, I'm doing my own hair because it was too early for people. Hopefully it turns out decent!)

    This is the sweetest thing ever!! :* Goals!!

    And then it gets even better!! [face_love] That's is the perfect way to think of it and I love it!

    [face_laugh] I was thinking that just today!!

    Well you gotta have something! :D
    Cake. Cake is what is getting me through the week. I said even if it were to fall on the ground (why did I tempt the wrath!!), I'd grab a fork and get down there with it, dress and all, and eat it off the floor! :p

    [face_laugh] Oh man!! This doesn't surprise me in the slightest, but man it cracked me up! And I love how it's always Marc that ends up with Elvie!

    Dawwww.... [face_love]

    Yep, this was just what I needed!! Thank you!!
  25. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I totally agree. And yeah, sometimes I get irrationally upset about stupid stuff too.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
    That is so beautiful!
    Thanks. He might be smarmy and snarky... especially to her, but he probably feels like he's falling in love with her every time she sees him.
    Ugh. That's unfortunate you had to get up so early, but from you looked so lovely! And yeah, when I was a bridesmaid we did get our hair professionally done (thank goodness!) but we did do our own make up and we had to do mine before I got my hair done, because people had to sit on me to get close to my eyes.

    My sister had a friend who got married at like 7AM - they did a whole ceremony then had a brunch reception (which was waaaay cheaper than your traditional reception) and I love that idea... except I'm not a morning person and the bride had to get up at like 3AM to do all her hair and make up herself.
    They are totally relationship goals!
    Marriage should not be the end of having fun dating the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    Bahaha! Cake. Cake is a good reason. I hope it lived up to all expectations (and I really hope it didn't fall!).
    I now really want to write Elvie's bachelor party! I think it is going to be a part of my NANO. I love Marc and how he is just there for Elvie!
    Your welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed!