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Saga Things (a collection of short stories), AUs

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Delight, Aug 9, 2014.

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    This is meant to be a collection of random vignettes that make their way around the writer's block every so often. I'll let the stories take the lead... I honesty have no idea where they come from and where they will bring this writer.

    Obligatory disclaimer: Great George & Mickey owns all

    Story 1: "Collective Loss"
    It was a terrible day when we realised that the Jedi Knights, all of us, stopped being able to use the Force.

    It was as though all of us had gone blind, deaf and mute all at the same time. Our attachment to the Force, our feelings, our calm and peace and all of it, just fell sideways and went dead.

    Of course, we panicked in the Jedi way - quietly, with dignity. We looked at each other with quiet alarm, and called our Masters via personal comm, Masters who honestly had no idea what was happening either.

    Ten minutes after that moment, I was - ordered to do so by Master Windu via personal comm - politely but firmly escorting our non Jedi-readers out of the Jedi public library. Twenty five minutes later, all of us, and I mean every single Jedi, Initiate, Padawan, Knight, Healer, Researcher, Trainer, Cook, Carer, Master, were crammed into the Auditorium.

    There was a feeling in the air, and that feeling felt like fear. Panic. Anger. But mostly fear. The sort of feeling that we had when the very foundation of our world was torn apart.

    Avalanches of whispers were flooding the auditorium. Knight Gonville whispered to me, "Padawans Redclift, BArt and Sorn were lightsaber training when the Force went out. They weren't fast enough to avoid the blades." Ouch.

    It seemed like the pre-training crèche babies have it easiest - they were already giggling away in their play, their carers wearing false smiles. The rest of us, well...

    Master Yoda was, assuringly, at the head of the stage. He still had his 'robes for politics' on, so he must had only just returned from the senate. Bereft of the Force, it amazed me that he could still appear so calm and collected. The Council, at least those on planet, was with him on stage, sitting in their usual places on the bench behind the podium.

    He knew, and all of us knew, that it was his duty to calm us. I didn't envy him. Except, of course, he didn't have the chance to speak before Master Windu's momentous discovery there and then, on stage, in a last-minute, one-last-act-of-desperation, fall-off-the-bench sort of way.

    One that, in a way, kept the Jedi Order together in this time of crisis.

    I'm sorry. I misspoke. It wasn't that we had lost out ability to touch and use the Force. What Master Windu discovered then was that we Jedi had lost the ability to touch and use the Light Side of the Force.
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    Fascinating =D= ;) Very. The use of "I" makes everything more intense. :cool:
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    w00t, another random ficlet thread for the win!

    Oh ho ho, interesting. The entire Jedi Order suddenly able to access only the Dark Side? Yikes. I like the uniqueness of this set-up.
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