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Beyond - Legends Time Spent in Paradise L/M - Update - 10/01 (Completed)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by EmeraldJediFire, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I don't know why I didn't think about doing this, but I saw that a friend of mine posts here and on, so I'm going to try this out.

    I am known as GravityNeko on, so that's the author name I will be using here as well since I don't want to confuse anyone.

    Author: GravityNeko (EmeraldJediFire)

    Summary: Luke and Mara's honeymoon and the events included therein.

    Mara stepped out onto the cobblestone landing pad and issued a breath of wonder. "Oh, Luke, it's beautiful."

    She looked out over the picturesque scenery; the rolling, verdant hills, the crystal lakes, and the imposing elegant structures surrounding them.

    "Leia always did say this planet reminded her of Alderaan. I can see why."

    "It's gorgeous." She turned to face him and took his face in between her hands. "This is a wonderful place for a honeymoon."

    He grinned. "I'm glad you like it. Not to mention while we're here, we'll be sure to get five-star accommodations and all the peace and quiet we need."

    "Ah, yes, your connections with the Hapans. I would never have thought Luke Skywalker would actually use his connections." She pouted, but took his hand in hers. "But since you did such a wonderful job, I see no problem with it."

    She looked around a bit. "No welcoming party?" Mara announced with a side-long glance to her husband.

    Luke frowned. "Should be one." He checked his chrono.

    "Luke!" A flavorful male voice called out.

    He raised his head, locking eyes with Prince Isolder. He smiled and called back, "Isolder!"

    The Hapan prince approached them and clasped Luke's hand warmly. "It's good to see you, my friend."

    "Good to see you too, Isolder." He looked around. "I would never have thought you would come here personally to meet us though."

    "Well, for Luke Skywalker," He gave a dashing smile. "I thought it was only appropriate. You are the reason I have my lovely wife, Teneniel."

    Mara arched a brow. "Doesn't that credit go to Solo?"

    "Only a third."

    Luke laughed.

    "Glad to see you've loosened up quite a bit." Isolder complimented. "I remember you when you were still so stoic."

    "Marriage is doing well for him." Mara said, patting Luke's hand. "Only a week too."

    "Well, then I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy Hapes to the fullest." Isolder gave Mara a long look of appraisal. "And let me say my friend, your taste in women is still extraordinary. I was saddened by the fact that I was not able to attend your wedding." He shrugged his shoulder elegantly. "But that is the life of a Hapan heir."

    "Yes, it was unfortunate that you couldn't." Luke agreed.

    "Very. I would have liked to meet your intended much sooner. It seems our paths always tended to not cross." He looked back to Mara. "I have not been off Hapes quite enough."

    "Well, I wasn't usually in what you would call Republic circles." Mara said, waving the Prince's apology off.

    "Yes.." He looked back, watching Astarta pull up in a luxurious looking speeder. "Please," He gestured toward the vehicle. "I'm sure you would like to retire to your suite. We can, perhaps, continue this conversation later—at dinner if you are amendable."

    "Of course. I haven't seen Teneniel in awhile." Luke bent down to retrieve his bag, and then attempted to do the same for Mara's.

    "I can handle it, Luke." She picked up her bag. "I'm a big girl."

    He sighed, accepting it. This was after all the woman he had chosen—and he loved her for it. She was willful and proud, but also strong and bold. Mara was an amazing woman that he absolutely adored.

    He caught his wife's eye. Mara smirked. "C'mon, Farmboy, let's get a move on. I don't feel like getting baked."

    He flashed her a smile. "Right…After you."

    Mara climbed into the speeder, hopping nimbly and seated herself quickly. She cast her husband a fleeting glance and caught a blush tingeing his cheeks, a small grin gracing his lips. She arched a brow. Naughty, naughty Jedi. She admonished. Not till later.

    Luke cleared his throat and climbed in after his wife, Isolder taking his place in the passenger seat next to Astarta.

    "Master Jedi." Astarta acknowledge briefly, turning her head over her shoulder slightly. "Madam Skywalker."

    Luke nodded back. He was amazed that the woman had even acknowledged him. He had met Astarta years ago, but never before had she gone out of her way to make conversation with him. No Hapan woman ever had; he supposed it had to do with their mindset—the idea that males were far below the intellectual equal of women on Hapes.

    Turning forward, she started up the speeder, heading for the palace.

    Mara leaned in. "Chatty, isn't she?" His wife whispered.

    Mara…Be nice.

    I'm always nice, Skywalker.

    If that's your attempt at nice, I'd hate to see what naughty is.

    Care for a demonstration. She ran her hand surreptitiously along his thigh.



    Faintly, he could hear the prince trying to make conversation, unfortunately for him the two were lost in their own world.

    "Luke?" Isolder looked back. "Are you still with us?"

    He stifled the urge to blush. "Uh, yes, sorry…"

    "No need to apologize. I'm sure you have other things on your mind."

    Had he heard that right? Luke wondered. Had Isolder covertly insinuated he was having thoughts of the more sexual nature. Surely, not. He must've misheard the prince. He cast a glance at Mara. Though Isolder wouldn't have been far off, his wife was a captivating woman and it would have been hard not to be having those kinds of thoughts. This was their honeymoon after all.

    All the sudden, he had the urge to unbutton the top button of his collar. He was feeling quite hot—and was it sure wasn't the sun.

    Mara smirked.
    Thirty minutes later, the speeder pulled up to a quaint little bungalow. Well, little was an understatement. Even this guest house was large in comparison—after all nothing could be done subpar on Hapes.

    The guest house was done in the traditional style of many of the structures on Hapes. It abutted a nearby lake that was situated on the palace grounds. Luke had expected nice accommodations, but for the prince to risk his mother's wrath by placing them so close to her seat of power, well Luke was quite startled.

    "Don't worry about my mother." Isolder assured him. "You are my friend, and I shall do what I please when it comes to my friends." He got out of the speeder. "Since Teneniel and I could not make it to your wedding, please look upon this as a wedding gift."

    "Thank you, Your Highness." Mara said, climbing out.

    "It was my pleasure—and please, call me Isolder." Another smile.

    "All right. Isolder it is."

    Her husband stepped to her side and extended a hand. "Thank you, once again."

    "Think nothing of it…" He beckoned. "Come…" Isolder turned his head over his shoulder. "Astarta, I believe you have the keycard."

    "I do, my Lord." She responded and walked briskly to the cottage, extracting a keycard from her belt-pouch. She mounted the three steps before the doorway and approached the door, sliding the keycard into the sensor.

    "Madam Skywalker." She turned to face Mara. "Would you please approach the door; you hand print is required."

    Mara looked around. "Just mine?"

    "Or your husband's." She handed her the card. "With this and the print recognition, you'll be able to gain access to the guest house."

    "Seems extreme." Mara said, feeling Luke getting closer. "What about others? Like servants or whoever you get to take care of this joint."

    Astarta gazed at Mara. "They will also have access, but different system is set up for servants. They will only come around when you require them."

    "All right…" She stared at the palmpad then said, "Wait a minute, how did you get our prints."

    "I can answer that," Isolder spoke up. "I requested them from the New Republic databases. I outlined the purpose of them, though they were a bit reluctant."

    "No doubt, that's Fey'la's doing." Mara muttered.


    "I believe it was Leia who made it possible."

    Mara and Luke exchanged glances. She shrugged. "Let's do this." She walked up to the door and put her hand on the pad. She watched as the scanner ran over it, a green light illuminating at the top to signal the success. The large door made a whoosing sound as it slid open.

    Luke stepped up to the door, poking his head in to get a look at the living-quarters.

    "If you do not require anything else, we should be going." The Hapan woman turned toward the prince. "You have a late afternoon appointment, Prince Isolder."

    "Of course." He said, and then turned to Luke and Mara. "Once again, please make yourselves comfortable. Consider my staff at your disposal during your time here." Isolder clasped Luke's hand one more time then turned to Mara and gave the back of her hand a brief kiss.

    With anyone else, Luke might have been jealous, but this was Isolder. He knew the prince was just being courteous to Mara in his own way.

    Mara extracted her hand from his, the whites off her top teeth showing. It wasn't an affronted look, but more one of amusement.

    Astarta gave them a quick nod before she and Isolder made their way back to the speeder.

    "Well, that was…interesting." Mara commented. She'd heard a lot about Hapes and had read much intel on it during her days with the Empire, but experiencing it personally was quite different.

    Her husband raised an eyebrow. "He's a good man." He gestured with his head. "Come on, let's get situated."

    She hauled her bag over her shoulder—she packed extremely light. "Yeah, let's get out of these clothes and into a cold shower. I'm baked."

    Luke smiled.

    "Get your mind out of the trashpile, Skywalker…"

    "Well, that's a first…you usually don't like me in your head." He commented and followed her inside.

    She rolled her eyes.
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    Hey, I know you! Hi! :D I don't think I've gotten a chance to read this on so it'll be fun to catch up with over here. Since these forums are PG only, I'll have to check out any 'adult situations' over there! ;) I love L/M's banter. And so do they. I love L/M honeymoon fics. And poor Luke. Still so naive...or is it all an act? [face_mischief]
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    Who knows...I think he's gained a bit of experience.

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    Hi! I follow you over at FF.n, yet I have never commented (I have a personal thing against that website). I read this over there and I love it (including the adult situations :D) .

    Luke and Mara are so fun at this point in their relationship and you capture that wonderfully!

    I hope to see more of you over here!
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    Hopefully you will. Ginchy has agreed to look over the chapters to see if they're tame enough.

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    Yeah, you might want her to check out that shower scene. lol!:p
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    Is this a one shot or will there be more chapters?
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    There will be more...
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    "Ginchy" and "tame" are two words I'd though I'd never read in the same sentence :p You can get away with some risque stuff on here (like mild PG 13 stuff), and I think the majority of this story will be fine, but it's always good to get someone else to look it over if you are not sure -- I know I still do.
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    Touche. lol
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    Okay after much debate, here's how I decided to do it. Since some of this is considered M. I will post up to a certain point, when I reach a chapter I think is M I will redirect you to I will post the link after that chapter when I decide on that.
    "Impressive..." Mara murmured, setting her bag down in the foyer

    The newlyweds were left alone, looking onto their accommodations. The entryway opened into a wide foyer with a high-vaulted ceiling and marble flooring, which then flowed into the enormous livingarea. The main room had a sunken in floor, with three wooden steps leading down onto an expanse of plush grey wall-to-wall carpeting. Tasteful egg-shell furniture was situated pleasingly around the room, so as to give it an elegant look.

    "Certainly don't do things halfway, do they?" She commented, casting a look at Luke over her shoulder.

    Luke smiled in return. "That's Hapes for you."

    She shrugged. "You won't hear any complaints from me." She looked around interestedly. "Okay, so we have the main living area…" She spotted a door to the right.

    "I'm assuming that's the kitchen….which means the door to the back is the…bedroom." Mara grinned.

    Luke cleared his throat. "Yes, looks to be..." He took a few steps forward, a descended into the livingarea. Tilting his head to the left, he commented. "Ah, diningroom's right here."

    Mara joined him. The set up was very similar to the great room, except the chairs and the table were done in a darker colored wood with the fabric beige instead of white. There was a sparkling crystal chandelier hovering over head. The table itself was already set up with place sets for two; crystal goblets, ornate dishes with silver flatware.

    "Well… I guess we better get settled." His wife said, turning back to her bag.

    "I'll get that…" Luke offered. "Why don't you go...check out the house a bit more?"

    Mara looked as if she was going to argue, but nodded. "I'll go check out the kitchen…see what we have to work with."

    "All right..." Luke said then retrieved her bag.

    As her husband started away, Mara watched him leave before retreating herself. She really did want a look at the kitchen. If it was anything like the livingarea, she was sure it would be stunning. Plus, she was starving; all she'd had was ration bars the whole way there. Most people would think Mara preferred them by the way she always carried them around on her person, but frankly they were tasteless and she couldn't stand them. They were practical, but beyond that they had no flavor value at all. Her stomach growled as if in anticipation of the delights that awaited her. The food like the accommodations, she knew, would be top notch.

    Mara stopped in front of the kitchen door; it was a bit different than she thought it'd be. It had several switches, but the one that held her curiosity the most was one that said: retract. Being inquisitive at the moment, she flicked the switch and stepped back as a jarring and shaking sound emanated from the wall. She then watched with interest as the entire wall retracted to the side, opening like large blast-shield doors and sliding into pocket-like openings. The doors ceased their retraction moments later, revealing a voluminous kitchen with arched ceilings, mocha colored countertops, and dark wooded cabinetry.

    A large refrigeration unit was set off to the left with a multi-cook top situated along the back counter. While off to the right, was a door to what Mara assumed was the food pantry. An island counter in the middle of the kitchen, a large vase of flowers sitting on top of it.

    She crossed over to the counter top and leaned over to smell the exotic blossoms. They were fragrant, a slight fruity smell to them. She leaned back and her eye caught a slip of paper which was tucked deep into the bouquet. She plucked it out and opened up the small card.
    We wish you a long successful marriage and
    may your life be as full of joy as ours is.
    Teneniel Djo and Isolder.

    Folding the card back up, a smile touched her lips.

    "What's that?"

    Mara nearly jumped, stifling a yelp. She turned around quickly to glare at her husband. How had she not heard him coming!? Surely she hadn't become that soft yet.

    He smiled sheepishly. "Sorry."

    She remained silent but continued to glare at him.

    "Oh, come on, Mara, I didn't mean to frighten you."

    "You didn't…I merely…was caught off guard." She sighed. "I should know better than that."

    Luke's features softened. "You don't have to do that anymore you know."

    "I know, I know…We've gone over this several time…but old habits die hard." She smiled wryly. "What's this galaxy coming to when Mara Jade let's a naïve Jedi get the drop on her…."

    "Not to an end." He countered softly.

    "Not to an end." She agreed, her green eyes dancing animatedly.

    "Now…" He gestured toward the card. "What's that?"

    "A card…from Teneniel and Isolder." She explained and passed it to him. "It came with the flowers."

    Luke read it quietly and folded it back up. He looked to the vase and a smile quirked the right side of his mouth.

    "Thoughtful, wasn't it?"

    " was." He responded then turned toward her. "Have you gotten to check out the kitchen?"

    "I was about to before I saw the flowers. Haven't taken stock of what we have yet."

    "I'll check out the 'frigeration unit, you check the pantry." He suggested, tucking the card into his shirt pocket.

    Mara nodded then headed to the pantry to check out the food stuffs while her husband went to look into the unit. Luke took stock of the unit, noting several types of fruits, creams, a container of milk, several bottles of wine, along with a tray of various meats and cheeses. The cooler side of the unit was mostly bare—Luke assumed this was done intentionally. Most of their meals would probably come from the palace.

    No doubt, he had Isolder to thank for that small luxury.

    He closed it and stepped back, calling to his wife, "What've we got?"

    "Not a thing…cupboard's bare...guess they want us to take it easy." She responded. "Which is not exactly a bad thing…Just seems like a waste of pantry...I mean the thing's huge. What about over there?"

    "Bare except for a few things…I'm assuming their standard honeymoon fare type things…" He smiled and met her in the middle of the kitchen.

    "You assume."

    "Well I've never been married before so that's all I can do."

    She took his hand. "I guess I'll let you have that one."

    "Thank you."

    "Where to now?"

    "I would say back to the bedroom."

    She shook her head. "Too early."

    "Maybe, take a look outside. We're on the lake…the views bound to be spectacular."

    Mara pursed her lips in thought. "Maybe afterward…I'd still like that shower."


    "Care to join me?"

    Luke arched a brow. "I thought you said too early?"

    "You're just there to wash my back, don't get ahead of yourself, Farmboy."

    "If that's the story you're sticking with."

    She gave a mock scowl. "If that's the tone you're can forget it." Mara turned on her heel and made her way to the bedroom.

    Luke watched Mara retreat into the bedroom and stood there for a moment before entering himself. By the time, he had entered, the door to refresher was closed and the water turned on. She was quick; he had to give her that. He set about unpacking their things, listening to the drum of the water against the shower floor and hint of singing coming from inside the refresher. Mara's voice cut through the torrent the shower made. He smiled. Her voice was absolutely beautiful.

    Body to die for and a stunning voice. Yes, his wife was easy on the eyes and ears.

    Snapping out of it, he shook his head. Get it together, Skywalker! You've got to start unpacking the rest of this! He reprimanded himself.

    Luke switched over to another bag—Mara's—and pulled it open, absentmindedly sticking his hand in a pulling out a fist full of something silky and soft and small. He went to examine what he had pulled out and found himself clutching blue laced panties. His eyes widened and he dropped the garment as if it had burned him.
    He chided himself on his skittishness. Women's underwear shouldn't have been a new thing to him. After all, he was hardly a virgin, hadn't been for some time. During his youth, early on in the Rebellion, they'd all been living on borrowed time, so as a young man; he'd indulged and found comfort where he could.

    Though, this wasn't just any woman he was attempting to get close to. These underwear didn't belong to just any woman, they were his wife's. He couldn't help but be unnerved by the intimacy that was in them. He stared at the silken undergarments, scrutinizing them.

    Suck it up, Skywalker…You're going to see her in something similar tonight; can't have you acting like a gawky teenage boy.

    He quickly made work of the rest of her clothes, including two weeks' worth of bras and panties—both in various colors. Many he assumed were a matching set due to the style and color. He situated them neatly in a drawer to themselves; doing his best to fold them. He put the rest of her clothes away, taking care to hang dresses, skirts, and dress shirts in the closet.

    Out of all the things he had learned growing up, it was neatness. He supposed it was combination of growing up on the farm and serving in the military.
    When he was done putting away their clothing and shoes, he stowed the bags away on the top shelf of the closet. The only things that were left now were the various hygienic products. He'd left them sitting on the nearby dresser. He could chance going into the bathroom to put them away—it bothered him to see the items lying out—but he wasn't comfortable enough to walk into the 'fresher while Mara was taking a shower. Not yet.

    Taking a breath, he decided to check out the lakefront. He walked over to the double doors and opened them wide. Luke stood there for a few seconds before he stepped out onto the covered veranda, starring out onto the lake, watching it glisten from the sunlight. He suspected that at dusk this view was outstanding. It would be nice to spend the evenings with his new bride gazing out at the sunset. He'd cherished moments like that when they had traveled to Garqi for a few days—a brief respite before taking on the circus that was Coruscant.

    The news networks had, of course, had a field day with his sister's announcement of his impending nuptials.

    His stomach soured when he reminisced what they had tried to turn his and Mara's marriage into. They treated it like a joke; a marriage of symbolism when it was nothing of the sort. Avid supporters had been too blind and narrow minded to contemplate that their marriage was a one to be cemented out of love.

    He shook his head. That didn't matter. All that mattered was how he felt for Mara, and how she felt for him. No one else's opinion mattered.

    "Luke..." A voice called form behind him.

    He turned to look at his wife. She was standing there in towel, dripping wet from the shower. Her red hair was darker and lay limpid across her shoulders. He stood there mesmerized, taking in the subtle curves of her body under the towel, watching the water run over her fair skin.

    "Luke? Luke?" A pause. "Skywalker!" Mara sounded annoyed by now.

    He snapped out of it.

    "Sorry. You were saying?"

    "I need a change of clothes; I completely forgot to bring them into the refresher with me. Could you get me a change?"

    "Uh, sure..." He responded then turned and walked over to the dresser. "Anything in particular?"

    "Anything will be fine."

    Luke riffled through the drawers and pulled out the desired items then walked them back over to her. When he placed them in her outstretched hands, she leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek, saying, "Thank you…I'll be out in a bit. Think of something for us to do, all right?"

    He watched her disappear back into the 'fresher; the gentle sway of her hips and enticing rear an attractive sight to behold. He grinned slowly. Yes, he was indeed a lucky man.

    Years ago he would never have dreamed he would be so lucky as to have a woman like Mara. His many relationships which had often ended up in bitter disaster had only confirmed his relegation to the realm of bachelorhood.

    Luke crossed back over to the doors and shut them, flipping the latch. Het flopped down on the bed and closed his eyes, waiting for Mara. In his mind, he could see her standing on a balcony on what appeared to be Coruscant. The sun brought out the highlight in her hair as she faced toward it. She had her head to the side, her gazing locking on him.

    He stared back into beautiful jade-green eyes.

    "I'm ready!"

    His wife was exceptionally fast as far as getting ready was concerned. Mara stood outside the fresher staring at him as she had done in his vision. She was wearing an olive sleeveless top and grey cutoffs, both which clung close to her body. Her hair was pulled up into a high pony tail with a few tendrils falling down around her face. Her green eyes shone twice as vividly without the encumbrance of her red locks.

    At his gape-jawed look, she grinned and said, "See something you like, Farmboy?"

    Luke cleared his throat, ducking his head.

    "Oh, come on…Don't give me that innocent farmboy routine." She placed her hands on her hips."…you weren't that shy when you were checking out my rear."

    "I refrain from answering that."


    He smiled. "Self-incrimination."

    Mara smirked. "Oh, you've got something that incriminating to fear?"


    "You know, Luke, I'm not going to get mad if you tell me what's on your mind." She said, approaching him. "I'm glad you're finally embracing the fact that…you are a man—not just a Jedi." She cocked her head to the side. "Something I've been trying to get you to see for a long time. Better late than never, right?"

    Mara stepped up to him, standing toe to toe, and placed her hands on his biceps, grasping them through his long-sleeved shirt. She could feel the hard and solid muscle beneath her finger tips and gently rubbed her palms against them.

    Her husband shut his eyes, momentarily shielding his piercing blue eyes from her gaze, then opened them wide to examine her face. He reached up a hand and smiling, cupped her cheek with his calloused palm. "Thank you…for helping me see that, Mara." He breathed.

    They stood there like that for a moment, gazing intently to one another's eyes—the world suddenly shut out.

    Mara made the first move, arching up on tip-toe slightly and pressing her mouth to her husband's and fusing them together. Her new husband responded to her kiss with equal ardor and proceeded to draw her closer to his body, wrapping one arm around her waist with the other at her shoulders. She reciprocated by looping her arms and winding them around his neck, their bodies melding together

    She made a sound that was near purring. It was a pleased tone that emanated from the back of her throat and tried to make its way past her lips. Luke could feel the vibration of her moan against his lips as his wife vocalized her satisfaction. He smiled against her lips in return and she half-laughed, mumbling, "Stop that…" as she tried to extract herself from his embrace.


    "It tickles."

    A brow arched. "Oh?"

    She narrowed her eyes, attempting a displeased look, but failed miserably when her husband continued to expand his smile.

    "Mara Jade is ticklish?" Luke said a smirk in his voice. "How…interesting." He moved in closer. "I wonder…where else she might be ticklish."

    Mara backed away, smirking in return. "You'll have to find out, won't you?" She gave him a come-hither look.
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    Hehehe. I love the image of Luke with the skimpy underwear. Luke will always be a shy farmboy at heart!
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    He is adorable isn't he? Well...that's going to only last so long for this fic. *raises brow*
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    Ooh, squee again! [face_dancing] Yuuuuum! :) :) I love these!!!! kind of fics, yes I do! [face_dancing] Your L/M is terrific and the setting is beautifully described. =D= :D (You're spoiling me, as if I mind!) [face_laugh] [face_love]
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    That's what I do best!
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    More Luke and Mara goodness. This one has extra mush and fluff.
    "Ready?" Luke asked, standing by the front door.

    "Yes, I think so." Mara looked around.

    "What're you looking for?"


    Luke pulled it out of his front pant pocket. "I have it."

    "Oh, okay. Then yes, I'm ready."
    Mara and Luke walked out the door, stopping outside of it, and made sure the door mechanism locked completely before continuing on. Taking her husband's hand, Mara descended the steps leading up to the house.

    When they had gone a few faces, turning toward the lake, she asked, "Does it bother you?"

    "Does what bother me?"

    "That she deferred to me instead of you earlier. That….Astarta, was it?"

    Luke shrugged. "It's part of their culture. I can't get so easily offended. I was lucky Astarta even acknowledged me. She's never
    done that before."



    "Well, if it doesn't bother you, I can accept it too." She tugged at his hand. "Come on…I want to go up that hill." Mara pointed to a large green ridge

    "All right..."

    On their way, they observed the various birds, flora, and fauna surrounding them. Then they examined the lake itself—Mara even going as far to strip off her boots and dip her feet in the water to assess the temperature. She grinned, as if promising to splash her husband if he stepped out of line. He merely rolled his eyes and beckoned her to join him back on the grass. She pouted, muttering, "You're no fun…"

    "I'm always fun." He replied. "…but you just took a shower."

    "Since when?" A raised brow.

    "Well, I did have a fun evening planned..."


    He chuckled. "No, not really."

    She frowned and retaliated by splashing him slightly.

    "Hey!" He protested indignantly.

    "That's what you get for teasing me." She exited the water and picked up her boots.

    After a moment, she spoke again, "This is nice."


    She rolled her eyes this time." Mm? Are you also going to take up grunting too?"

    He didn't say anything.

    "Giving me the silent treatment? Well, maybe I'll forgo giving you my-mmph." Mara was silenced when Luke pulled her close to him suddenly and began to kiss her passionately on the lips.

    The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but when Luke pulled back, she was left breathless.

    "Wow..." She said. "What was that?"

    He grinned. "See. Sometimes that word just can't be avoided."

    "You didn't answer me, Farmboy."

    He brought his hand up to his mouth and made a motion of buttoning it.

    "Fine, be that way." She muttered, plowing ahead.

    It took them only a few more minutes to reach the ridge which bordered the entire lake. It gave the lake and its surrounding area a valley-like look. Luke quickly caught up to his wife, stopping beside her as she gazed up.

    "That climb shouldn't be that hard. It's not rocky…mostly green and hilly."

    Luke nodded. "After you."

    "Was there any doubt." She began her climb up the ridge, her husband only a few paces behind. She had a strange feeling Luke had chosen to go last for some alternate motive, but shook it off entirely. Luke Skywalker was many things; naive, benevolent, reckless, charming (in his own way)…but definitely not lecherous!

    "Mara!" His voice called out.

    She jerked out of her reverie, surprised when they voice came from above her. How had he? Luke grinned. "And people always said had my head in the clouds."

    "Had? Are you sure you're not tuning people out?"

    "Point taken." He reached down to help his wife up. Mara clambered onto the ridge, letting Luke draw her up into a standing position. "I have always been a dreamer." He shrugged his shoulders. "'s my dreaming side that's gotten us this far." He bent over to kiss the back of her hand.

    "I could have never realized anything was possible—much less us—if I hadn't kept hoping and looking to things "naively" as some people so quaintly put it."

    "Well, let it not be said I don't give credit where credit's due." She cocked her head to the side. "You did believe in me when no one else did, and I wouldn't be where I am emotionally if you hadn't given me a chance." She smiled. "There wouldn't be an "us" if you hadn't taken that leap and popped the question when you did." Mara reached up to stroke his face. "You had everything to lose if I said no, didn't you?"

    "You wouldn't have."

    "Oh? Why wouldn't I?"

    "You felt what I felt, Mara. It was electrifying. That's why you didn't turn me down, because you knew like I did: that we had been playing…such a ridiculous game…always skirting on the edge of each other…Never daring to dive in." He shook his head with a sad smile. "I was such a fool…for so long. I couldn't see what was right in front of me...

    "No woman I've known…could ever shine as brightly as you do. No one has ever understood me the way you do."

    "You're not a fool, Luke. Because if you are, than so am I." She stared determinedly into his eyes. "I avoided it too." Mara then frowned suddenly and shook her head. "But, the past is the past…Let's not dwell on what we didn't do. We should be dwelling on what awaits us…not what's behind us." She gave him a seductive grin.

    "You're right..." He turned to face the opposite side of the ridge, overlooking a large rolling field. "This is nice…maybe we can bring lunch up here. Have a picnic."

    Mara placed her chin on his shoulder, her arms resting on his back. "Yes, I think I'd like that."

    "It's a date then."

    "Odd that you should say that, since we've never really had a date per se."

    "You didn't consider Garqi a date?"

    "More like a getaway to assess each other before the wedding."

    He pursed his lips in thought. "Isn't that technically a date? I mean, aren't you trying to feel the other person out when you're on one."

    She sighed. "Skywalker, your definition and my definition of the word "date" is vastly different." She smirked.

    "And you're an expert?"

    She glared at him for a moment then sighed once more. "Fair enough." She leaned into him. "I guess, neither of us has had any real successful relationships we can brag about."

    Tired of standing, the couple made their way into seated positions, legs dangling off the edge of the ridge. Mara leaned in once more, resting her head on her husband's shoulder for comfort. She could feel the muscles beneath his clothing. Something about those muscles… Luke wasn't buff like a body builder, but nor was he sleek like a swimmer. His muscle density was proportioned just right; very natural. She put a hand up to his arm, strangely longing to feel it again.

    Who could really blame her for wanting to touch him, he was her husband—and it didn't hurt that he was built nicely in all the right places. She stole a glance at his waist, forcing herself not to be flustered. At least she estimated it was in all the right places. That time had yet to come. Her face turned red at the thought.


    She jumped slightly.

    "Are you all right?" His face leaned in, appraising her with his eyes. "You look a little flushed." He put a hand to her forehead.
    "Maybe we should get you back inside."

    Her mouth dropped slightly in astonishment—or almost did, she controlled herself very well. Was he blind? Or just that clueless? Hadn't he noticed her or picked up on her thoughts. Force, he was dense sometimes!

    "I'm fine!" She blurted out.

    "You sure?"

    "Perfectly." She ducked her head slight. Why did she should so defensive? This was Luke; the man she had chosen to spend the rest of her days with. "Let's…just stay like this…for a little while longer. It's nice up here…we're alone, no one to bother us." She smiled as she spoke. "No rogues, no smugglers, no Jedi... and absolutely no government to get in our way."

    Luke smiled. He knew Mara didn't resent any of their friends or family. In fact, he could understand this need to be by themselves, the feeling it was to be alone with no one to constantly pester you. He'd dealt with that his whole life since he left Tatooine. He'd had big responsibilities, even when he was barely able to understand the Force itself. He had carried the weight of the Jedi Order on his shoulders for so long in addition to the hopes and expectations placed upon him by the New Republic. But today he was neither a hero nor a Jedi Master. Right now he was a man; right now he was a husband in love with his wife.

    "Credit for your thoughts?"

    He turned to regard her. "I was…just thinking how lucky I am."

    "Luck had nothing to do with it, and you know it, Farmboy."

    "Destiny then?"

    "You know I don't believe in that."

    "Then what?"

    She shrugged. "Who knows? Does it really matter anyway?"

    "I suppose not." He turned his head back to look over the valley. "This is nice. We should definitely come here for a sunset picnic."

    "I second that."

    He licked his lips then said, "We should make it a goal."


    "To see every sunset in the galaxy."

    She scoffed. "Skywalker, that would take a lifetime."

    Luke winked. "Well then we better hop to it."

    She softly punched him in the shoulder and laughed. "In your dreams."

    There was a moment of silence between as they just took in the scenery for a little while longer, soaking in eachother's presence.

    "Well, why don't we head back?"

    "Already?" She frowned.

    "Well, I think I need a shower now. Plus I'm a bit tired. It's been a long journey." He made an exaggerated yawning motion.

    "You're not fooling me. You're just trying to get out this."

    "I'm serious, Mara! I'm exhausted!"

    Mara scrutinized him, making a hmmming sound. She stared into his eyes, attempting to discern the truth from them. Luke's eyes were still quite blue, but there was a hint of red to them and they had dimmed considerably. Satisfied, she leaned back and said,
    "You pass."

    "Thank you, Mistress Jade, for allowing me to adjourn to my chamber. I am most grateful."

    "Oh, stow it! You suck at being facetious. Besides, sarcasm is my thing."

    He grinned and got up, dusting off the seat of his pants.

    "Duly noted, my love"

    Her heart did a flip-flop motion and her breath stilled at the tender appellation. My love. No one had ever called her anything with such gentleness to it. It was a bit startling. He had yet to even give her a pet name.

    Though there was sweetheart. He'd called her that a few times. Was that a pet name? She always thought pet names were something more cutesy.


    "Sorry. It's just…you've never called me that before. It sort of took me off guard." She explained a hint of red in her cheeks.

    "That's what you are—my love. You are the love of my life."

    She shot him a sharp yet curious glance. "How can you say that so casually?"

    "Because it's the truth. I only speak what's in my heart." He stared at her. "And I know you love me, just the same."

    She stood up. "Of course I do." Mara whispered.

    "See…." He reached over and tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

    Her face softened as she suddenly became shy and self-conscious. "How do you do that?" She asked wryly.

    "Do what?"

    She gave a subtle look of sadness. "Make me feel so fragile."

    "You're not fragile, Mara. You're the strongest woman I know." He touched her cheek. "Now, come on, no more of this melancholy attitude. I'd hate to think I made my wife unhappy on her honeymoon. So please…smile for me. I love it when you do."

    A tentative smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. "There you go again. You always make me feel better when I'm feeling down."

    "Well, I'll take that as a compliment."

    She responded softly, "I meant ever word, Farmboy. Now, let's get going back. Maybe we can even try out that giant tub."
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    Oh, If anyone wants me to tag them please alert me.
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    I love Luke calling Mara "My love". It's just so... Luke. I'll try to comment on the truncated versions here, though I have read the rest of the naughtier chapters already and enjoyed them all.
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    Emerald, this was so tender and real between them. :) :D You capture Luke's gentle sweetness, but also Mara's emotional acclimation superbly. =D= @};-
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    Thanks I wanted to capture a Mara who was still dealing with these Newfound feelings

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    They could see every sunset in the galaxy if they stick to the nice planets only. I think one could pass up seeing a sunset on Hoth, Mustafar, and other "wish I weren't here" planets.

    I swear when I read that my brain translated it as "Oh stow it and suck my face." :confused:

    Nicely done. I think you could tame down the other chapters.
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    Maybe, I'll think on it. AND LOL
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    Okay, so I edited this down so its tamer; I edited out the overtly sexual parts while still retaining the underlying heat of the moments.
    @Briannakin, Jade_eyes, Jedi_Lover, DARTH_MU, ginchy
    Luke entered the house first with Mara following after. He headed straight for the bedroom and began to unbutton his tunic. She smiled as he did, hoping he wouldn't stop there. Of course, she didn't relish giving the rest of Hapes a look at Luke's body—because let's face it, it was a great one—but she was too anxious to see his unclothed form. Upon reaching the door, he pulled off his boots and socks, using the wall to brace himself, and dropped them inside the door. He had disappeared from her view so she couldn't see him any longer.
    Not that that was going to stop her. She contemplated fixing up a snack but decided a look at Luke was too tempting.
    She placed the keycard on the small table in the livingarea and followed her husband into the bedroom. The door to the refresher was already sealed shut, but the water had yet to be turned on. She looked around curiously. His clothes were nowhere to be scene. He must've taken them in with him.
    Her eyebrows rose. So the farmboy didn't like undressing in the bedroom with her, huh. This was news. Well, she'd be damned if he was going to stop her.
    She approached the door and drummed on it.
    "Luke." She called out. "Need a hand?"
    She heard a curse come from inside the 'fresher and a thunk followed by a low groan.
    "Luke?" She keyed the entry. The door slid open to reveal her husband, a towel wrapped around his waist, clutching his head. "What did you do?"
    "Hit my head." He murmured, rubbing at it.
    She sighed, rolling her eyes. "Now, how on earth did you do that?"
    "I was looking for something when you…" He stopped. "You know I can wash myself."
    She smirked. "What's wrong, Farmboy? Hiding something?" She tilted her head and eyed the towel.
    "No. Now, what are you doing in here?" He said exasperated.
    "Don't tell me you're…nervous?" Her gaze raked mischievously over his body.
    Luke frowned. "Is that what you came in here for?"
    "Oh, c'mon, Farmboy." She cajoled. "You can show me the goods, you know. We are married. "
    He sent her a look that said he was not amused. "Mara...I'd like to take a shower please."
    "And I'd like my husband to loosen up."
    Luke frowned again. "Mara…please understand, we haven't even…" He gestured vaguely.
    "And you assume this is easy for me!" Mara frowned this time, placing her hands.
    "What!?" A look of surprise came across his face. "No! Of, course not." He practically stuttered getting the implication of her words.
    "You assume just because I was the Emperor's Hand-." She turned to leave, the happy moment suddenly turning sour.
    "Mara, no." He grabbed her hand as she turned to storm out. "I never thought that…I'm sorry, I didn't meant anything by it."
    "Then what did you mean, Luke!"
    "It's just…" He fidgeted. "I've…I guess I'm a bit intimidated is all. None of my relationships have ever worked out…and none of the women have…made themselves obvious as much as you are now."
    "Made obvious?"
    "You're very open how you feel. Something you've never done before. Even I can sense it…"
    "Sense what?"
    "Your desire." He shook his head. "I've never felt anyone's emotions come off this strong."
    She gave him a skeptical look; her face softening. "Do you obviously not expect me to feel desire for the man who's my husband?"
    "No. Of course not." He laughed bitterly. "It's just overwhelming is all. I've never had a woman feel about me the way you do."
    "I married you. Shouldn't that have been obvious enough?"
    "It should."
    "Being around you….is like sensory overload. Please believe me; I do want you to see me that way. I do want us to know eachother that way." He smiled.
    "Trust me; it's been hard containing what I feel."
    "Then don't hold back..." Mara responded softly.
    She pulled him close to her, brushing aside his current state. As her body pressed closer to his, she felt his desire more clearly. A slow smile crept over her face.
    "There. That's better." She gripped his bare biceps, staring deep into his clear blue eyes. "You're not so nervous as you think."
    He swallowed hard. "It's hard to remain calm…when your wife is pressed so close against you."
    "Yes, I can see how that would be a problem." She toyed with the top of his towel.
    "Mara…" He gave her a look of rebuke. "Don't start something you can't finish."
    "Oh, I fully intend to finish."
    Her face was slightly flushed. Her emerald eyes flashed with unabashed desire. Her lips parted slightly as she stroked his arms and pressed herself to him even more. He reached up and touched her cheek. "I just want this to be perfect between us." He said, noticing the disappointed look.
    She stared into his eyes, seeing the soulful honesty in them.
    "All right. You win." She pulled away "I will see you afterword."
    "I'll be quick." He promised.
    "I'll hold you to that." She grinned, eyes focused downward momentarily. "At least my earlier question was answered."
    Mara turned with a smirk-and started slightly when Luke gave her a light, surprising swat on the rear. "Go on." He urged in a mock authoritative voice. "I can't get washed with you in here."
    She turned eyes round with surprised.
    "Two can play at that. Be ready, Farmboy." She said and left the refresher.
    Mara stood outside the refresher and glared at the door, listening to the water turn on. She folded her arms over her chest. Well, this was definitely no good. She was all hot and bothered and her darling spouse had sent her away.
    She supposed though she had done this to herself. She was the one that had come on to him. It was true she'd seen Luke without a shirt before; but she'd never quite had the opportunity to catch him in the nude. Or as close to it as he had been then.
    Mara had known what would happened--and she'd pressed on anyway. A warm jet of desire had shot through her suddenly, casting her common sense to the wind. There he stood in nothing but a towel, his tanned, toned chest bare. His absolutely adorable look he had as he assessed her presence. Those eyes which she felt she would drown in; such a crystal clear blue.
    Without thinking, she'd drawn them closer to each other, pressing her body against his.The feel of that tone body of his pressing against her.... She shuddered.
    Could he really blame her for her state?
    "Stang." She muttered.
    Her body felt unbearably warm, a satisfying yet torturous molten feeling. She sighed frustratedly and plopped down on the bed. She supposed she had no one to blame but herself.
    She, Mara Jade Skywalker, was sexually frustrated now to the max, and she couldn't do a kirffin' thing about it.
    I could march back in there and get into the shower with him. She thought.
    Once he saw her naked body there was no way he could possibly kick her out. A grin spread across her face.
    "I want my husband. Is that so wrong?" She growled and got to her feet. She needed something to take her mind off of him.
    Food. It wouldn't compensate for a naked Luke, but it'd give her something to chew over instead of how she wasn't getting any.
    She strode out the door; she was a woman on a mission. If she couldn't feed her sexual appetite, she'd feed her stomach. That worked, right?
    Mara stalked into the kitchen and wrenched open the door to the refrigeration unit. She examined its contents and picked some berries, a hunk of cheesy, and a bottle of expensive-looking wine. This would have to do.
    She then proceeded to the cabinetry and found a bowl and a plate. She fished cutlery and a corkscrew out of the drawers. On her way back to the livingarea, she picked up a wine glass from a nearby rack.
    Armed with all the necessary items, she made her way over to a one of the cream colored sofas and sat down, spreading her food on the glass table in front of her. She made it a point to uncork the wine first, gritting her teeth when the cork refused to budge. She could feel the dull throbbing of her libido mocking her. When she finally gotten the cork out, she poured herself a generous glass of wine then set the bottle down and reached for the cheese. She began to cut herself smaller slices at first, popping the thinly sliced pieces into her mouth as she went.
    She knew what she was doing was futile. No amount a food could take her mind off Luke. Her mind drifted imagining him standing in the warm, pulse of the shower; the water beating down over his tanned skin. She dropped the knife, cursing her overactive imagination.
    This was all her own fault! She thought, glaring in her husband's general direction. That and Luke's overwhelming sense of chivalry.
    She sighed. No, I can't fault him for that. Luke's overwhelming kindness and caring, and generally his all around good heart was what made her love him to begin with.
    He obviously wanted to make it special for her, though she couldn't quite understand. She was no virgin. Yet, when she thought of those soft blue eyes peering into her own, she couldn't help but melt.
    He loved her so.
    "I suppose, it's going to have to wait." She murmured.
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    Hi, Emerald. I've never seen /read a reaction like that from Luke, never thought about it, but wow =D= =D= it makes total sense somehow, although if I was Mara I would've gone in there the first time with nothing on ;) [face_thinking] Poor snuggle buns, so marrying him wasn't assurance enough. :( [face_sigh] I do love stirred-up Mara; it's great. [face_dancing] :D