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Before - Legends Time's Perihelion

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by John de Grene, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. John de Grene

    John de Grene Jedi Youngling

    Mar 18, 2013
    Hello, gang. I'm very new to this so I thought I would try it. I began writing the following and will continue with it if it is of interest - so simply let me know that you are interested in me continuing. It does not have a title (although I invented one for purposes of this thread) and if you have ideas or would like to collaborate, please let me know. -John



    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a unity of planets unlike any known until its time. It had no more or less intrigue than any one world, certainly not since the days that different species learned to explore their worlds beyond their atmospheres and find union with others that had varied degrees of likeness.

    All of these worlds shared their ideas and many truths were verified to be the same everywhere, such as science, mathematics, and a concept known in a unified vernacular as “The Force.” While known throughout the galaxy by millions of different names, The Force applied itself naturally to all living things. There were artful practitioners of The Force that arose as a selfless cult dedicated to helping and serving those across the galaxy and they added stability to the many worlds who had agreed to share a republican existence. The practitioners of this art had natural physical and mental characteristics that gave them abilities different than those they served and they spent a lifetime training themselves for that function.

    The cult grew and numbered in the tens of thousands. They established their temple of learning on the capital planet of the Galactic Republic, Coruscant, where they learned, trained, and dispensed their wisdom and aid. The Jedi, as they were called, were governed by a council of 13 Masters, no single member having more power than another on the Council. The Jedi Council governed affairs for the Jedi through a simple majority and all Jedi accepted its decision, reflecting the same manner, respect, service, and justice that it dispensed throughout the galaxy.

    Within the ranks of the Jedi, members focused on many different disciplines of The Force, as no person would ever be able to master its infinity. The galaxy and its truths were old and all within it were by comparison very young. Those that practiced The Force felt that it took a lifetime to ascend from a padawan learner to the base level of mastery, Jedi Knight. Those attaining the level of Knight understood for the first time that their understanding of The Force was then only in its infancy. It would take another lifetime, until the rank of Master, that a Jedi would again learn how little of The Force she or he knew.

    During the course of the Jedi Temple’s first Millennia of existence, those that practiced The Force fell into one of two basic philosophies; those focussed on the unity it provided and those who focussed on its living elements. There was no dissention between these camps as all Jedi were educated the same and committed equally to peace throughout the galaxy and in their own ranks. Those focussed on the unity that The Force provided took a stoic stance towards life and The Force. They believed in emotion and exhibited it, but felt that practicing The Force should be done dispassionately, making the Jedi better arbiters between enemies. Those who focussed on the living Force were mindful of the infinite streams of change and possibilities provided by its constantly flowing nature. Their attention was more attuned to every moment as it presented itself and, by their nature, these practitioners were less contemplative as their counterparts, allowing The Force, their instincts, and training to guide their decisions in the moment.

    So it came one night to the padawan Kuro-i, very near the time that he would be apprenticed to a Knight, that he wrestled in his sleep. Anxiety among padawan was rare because it was usually the mastery of one’s feelings that determined one’s readiness to be apprenticed. However, Kuro-i was not experiencing the anxiety of a dream but rather having his most intense vision given to him by The Force. A vision, to a practitioner of The Force, was more than having a dream or seeing an image, it was to experience and feel it. It was as though the practitioner was living the experience through those in the vision. Sometimes, the images were clear; sometimes they were blurred visual impressions given articulation through intense emotions. In his vision, Kuro-i sensed a great Jedi warrior battling against a seemingly insurmountable number of skilled enemies and winning. His energy surged through his arms and legs as he slept, causing him to slightly convulse and twitch in his sleep until, with a great jolt and gasp, Kuro-i awoke.

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  2. JohnnyG

    JohnnyG Jedi Youngling

    Mar 22, 2013
    OK, so I don't know why nobody has typed anything about this! This is just about the best written thing I've read out here, although you really haven't gotten into the plot. I can't wait to read the next chapter and I hope it proves as intriguing as this chapter is well written. So, regardless that nobody chose to type a thing, know that you have earned at least one new and dedicated follower. Please, write this next chapter ASAP!