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Beyond - Legends To Dathomir, with a Friend (Combo With Adalia)

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: To Dathomir, with a Friend
    Authors: Adalia Durron, Anedon
    Characters: Marie Firestone, Adrian Malek, Ulrika Grau, Daron
    Genre: Romance,friendship, drama
    Timeline: 42 ABY
    Summary: After saving Ilona´s life, Ulrika takes her new friend Daron to Dathomir, where he seeks forgiveness for his sins.
    Author's Note: This story is another collaboration between myself and @Adalia-Durron and related to "From Slavery to Aristocracy" while being set after the "Path of Lies". But it should be able to be read on its own.


    Daron was nervous, beyond nervous. The entire trip here, had been nothing but worries, he hadn't been able to eat or sleep. Instead he had always only been back in that hospital room, pressing the pillow onto Marie's face. Ulrika had tried her best to cheer him up but there had only been so much she could do.

    "We are almost there," Ulrika said as she brought the ship closer to the coordinates Ilona had given them. She hoped that they where true and that Ilona wouldn't send them into a complete no mans land or the village of a hostile tribe. She opened a com channel, the one Ilona had also provided. "Uhm, Hello?" she asked, unsure what to expect.

    Adrian was working in the hangar when his com sprung into action. Surprised but not too much as he realized the signal came from a ship closing in on them. They didn't have too many customers but the occasional travelers or adventurers frequented their place. "Hello, this is Adrian Firestone, do you have troubles with your ship or do you just need some fuel?"

    "Adrian?" Ulrika asked into the com, surprised at how he had introduced himself, but it was his voice.

    "Ulrika?" Adrian let out a sigh, what was this about? He had grown up amidst the rivalry of Ulrika and Ilona, and on occasion had helped his sister with a prank, and sometimes even Ulrika as well, when he wanted to get back at his sister. Was this another of her games? Or an insane coincidence.

    Ulrika was thinking, and to her it seemed probably best not to mention who was with her just yet. In fear that they would fire at them. "Your sister told me you are now living here, but I wasn't sure if I could believe it. Can I land."

    Ulrika's words didn't reveal much, but Adrian saw no reason to deny it. "You can, sending you the hangar coordinates."

    Then he stood up and wiped his hands clean before calling for his wife. "Marie!" Whatever was to come, it was probably best if they did it together.

    Sitting behind the desk where she was attempting to balance the books, Marie looked up. "What? Keep bellowing at me from a distance, cause you know how much I love that!" She called back.

    Adrian entered the room, still breathing a bit heavily from his sprint. "We have a visitor, an old... Acquaintance of mine and Ilona's. Not sure what to make of it."

    She frowned, "who?" She asked curiously.

    "Ulrika Grau," he wasn't sure if he had mentioned her before, probably a few times in passing but they had never talked about her directly. Or had Ilona mentioned something? "She is a member of the lower nobility just as I."

    The name rang a bell, but Marie couldn't recall from who or where. "Know the name, not the story." She stood, "this was giving me a headache today anyway." She smiled, "staying with us?"

    "Not sure, maybe," Adrian chewed on his lip. Then he continued, "Ulrika is Ilona's rival of sorts. They have been at each others throats forever. When they where younger they had quite a prank war, now they mostly seem content just despising the other." Then as to not worry his wife he added, "I never had a problem with her."

    Marie pursed her lips. "Ok, the guest house, away from the main one. The one where the Jedi stay when they come here, ok?" She offered, not wanting a prankster in her home, she'd spent too much time with the Shadow Sabers to want that again.

    "I suggest we wait and see, then decide whether she can stay in the guest room, the guest house, the dungeon... or the rancor pen." Adrian adds with a twinkle. "But I'm not even sure if she wants to stay, she might just want to have a look at us."

    "Look at us? Are we a side show now? This could be interesting." She skirted the desk. "Then let's go put on a show." She pecked his cheek as she went past.

    "Oh, of course," Adrian´s grin grew a bit. "We will show her something she won't forget so fast."

    Marie frowned, "what are we showing her? You seem quite invested." She stated with a raised eyebrow, she was getting an almost sense of anticipation from him.

    As Adrian entered the hangar again Ulrika‘s ship was already about to land. He ran a hand through his black hair to get it at least somewhat straight. He would never admit it but Ulrika had been his first crush, though of course nothing had ever come of that.

    He looked at his wife, "ready for this?“

    Marie folded her arms and popped her hip to rest on one leg as she looked at him. "Ready for what? What is going on here Adrian?" She asked noting he'd attempted to smooth his wayward hair for some reason.

    "I'm just a bit nervous, Ulrika well. She can sometimes be quite troublesome." He stopped messing with his hair and gave his wife a reassuring glance.

    "Might be best if I go ahead," Ulrika said to Daron as she climbed out of the pilots chair and walked down the ramp.

    Marie gave her head a shake, "I got your back dear." She rolled her eyes, there wasn't a woman alive who she'd not pick up a 'troublesome' sense from.

    Ulrika approached them, wearing a sort open flightjacket over her usual tanktop and pants. She looked good, Adrian had to admit.

    Ulrika tried her best not to stare at Adrian and the woman next to him, she guessed was Marie. Both of them wore the traditional Dathomirian leather garb, showing off some of their clan based tattoos. Ulrika did her best to force a smile, best start this meeting on the right foot. "Adrian, its nice to see you," she said, before turning to Marie and giving her a nod.

    Feeling that he had to introduce then, Adrian quickly said, "Ulrika, its been a while since we've last met. Meet my wife Marie. Marie, this is Ulrika Grau, an ace pilot of the ORSF." He decided to leave out the fact that Marie was their clan leader for now. That was a bomb they could let go off later.

    Marie regarded the woman, she felt a sense of arrogance from her. "Pleasure." She said evenly.

    Great, not going too well, Ulrika though. Well they could still break the whole thing of before anyone would see Daron. Maybe that was the best idea. No, they couldn't go back now, she had to salvage this.

    "Well congratulations to the wedding," she said, possibly the dumbest compliment imaginable. Turning to Marie she added, "he is a great flyer as well. You've made a good catch." She gave her a twinkle.

    Adrian felt how his face turned red and decided to say nothing to this.

    "Catch?" Marie shook her head, "I didn't catch anyone." She drawled, why didn't she like this woman, was she jealous? "Interestingly enough I was flying before him."

    "Something we share then," Ulrika said confidently, now running her gaze over Marie. Between her and Adrian she was unsure who she found more attractive, but she swallowed hard to press those feelings down. "Did you fight in the Vong War?" she said instead, wanting to keep the conversation going.

    Marie gave a slow nod with her arms still folded. "I did, with the infamous Wild Knightz, you?" There was something, she was hiding something, but what?

    "With the Peace Brigade," Ulrika said, knowing that it would cause a reaction.

    Seeing the danger Adrian quickly interfered, "Ulrika went undercover during the war. She faked a desertion and worked behind the Vong lines as a spy."

    Marie raised her eyebrows first a then gave another nod. "Nice, I just fought the Vong head on." She shrugged, "so ....what can we do for you?" She asked glancing at the ship. "Are you alone?" She could feel someone and they were certainly not as confident as Ulrika was.

    Ulrika took a deep breath, so this was it. She knew Daron would have listened in on their conversation so far. So it was no reason to hide it any longer. "Actually, this time I'm only the pilot. And even though I wanted to see Adrian again. I'm mostly here for his sake..."

    As she had expected Daron slowly walked down the ramp of the ship and towards them.

    "Daron..." Adrian muttered, unsure what to feel. There was a part of him that had always felt pity on the young nobles, and it got even stronger as he saw how gaunt Daron looked. The time in prison had done a toll on him. But at the same time, he had tried to kill Marie.

    Marie took a soft breath in, holding it as the man descended and recognising him instantly. He was thinner and clearly prison had not been kind. "Daron?" She asked curiously, "um...why?"

    Ulrika took breath to say something but Daron gave her a nod and she stopped herself.

    The young man stepped in front of Marie, the fear he had felt on the way here, it was mostly gone now and he felt calm. This was it, she would decide his fate, as it was her right and whatever she said, he would accept. "I, want to apologize," he said, slowly. "To say sorry for what I did.... I, was pardoned by the Eriaduan government, but I don't feel I deserve this mercy. So I came here to face yours. I'm putting my life in your hands."

    Adrian threw a glance at Marie, unsure of this. Wondering if the force told her more than Daron's words gave away.

    She slowly unfolded her arms giving her head a slight shake. "Apology accepted and you've done your time Daron." She declared, sensing the man's genuine remorse. "As for your life, it's your choice, not mine." She'd always considered Eriaduan Law Enforcement rather harsh and had let the past go a long time ago.

    Ulrika had already been preparing herself to step in, to defend Daron from whatever punishment Marie would decide for him. Just as she had tried to talk him out of doing this trip in the first place. Wether with words or even with her blaster she had decided she would fight for him. But it hadn´t come to it. So instead she stepped foreward and placed a hand on Daron´s shoulder while giving Marie a thankfull glance.

    Daron was unsure what to say, his emotions overcame him and he felt tears in his eyes. "Thank you," he said slowly as they began to run down his cheeks. "Thank you, I don´t deserve this. If there is anything you want from me..."

    Marie sighed as she glanced at her husband. "You made a mistake, bound by an antiquated system and traditions that so need to be changed." Another shake of her head, "You deserve a second chance, everyone does." She turned back to the village, "did you want to spend a few days here, recover, recuperate and see that you don't have to be what the past tells you to be?" She looked to Ulrika and was impressed by the woman's clear need to protect Daron. "What I want from you is for you to forgive yourself."

    "Been telling him that for quite a while now," Ulrika said as she looked at Daron. "What do you say handsome? Should we take the beautiful ladies offer and take some rest here?"

    Daron looked up to her, the woman who had done so much for him. "That would be nice," he said quietly before turning back to Marie. "I would like to stay, if Ulrika can as well."

    "I don´t see why she couldn´t." Adrian said, giving Marie a look.

    "Fine with me. Adrian will show you to the guest quarters, I have some work I need to get sorted, so maybe we can catch up at dinner?" She took two steps backward, "sort it please Adrian?" Turning she headed back to the paperwork, it needed doing badly.
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    The shower was wonderfull, real water cold and fresh, after several days of space travel it was exactly what Ulrika needed. If for no other reason than to cool herself a bit. She wasn´t sure if Marie had sensed her attraction, she hoped she hadn't as she didn't want to look bad again in front of their hosts. But Daron, he must have noticed something, or had all her attempts to flirt gone over his head?

    Ulrika had had several lovers in the past, both men and women, with several of them she still held contact, some where even still her friends. But to none she had ever felt comfortable enough to settle down. Hers was a restless soul, unwilling to let herself get tied down with someone. Yet that didn't mean she did not care.

    Stepping out of the shower she dried herself with a towel before inspecting the clothes laid on her bed. She had asked Adrian if she could try out a Dathomirian outfit and so she now slipped into the short leather skirt and top, before having a look of herself in the mirror. She looked good she felt. Maybe even Daron would notice...

    He waited for her outside of her room. Dressed in a leather tunic and pants, giving her the same small, sad smile that had first caught her attention.

    "Looking good," she told him.

    His face turned almost as red as his hair, "thanks... can return that."

    Ulrika gave him a smile, she was well past the point where a compliment like that would have her blush. "Well then lets go, so we don't let our hosts wait."

    In the dinning room Adrian worked on the food and turned to Marie who was setting up the table. "I'm glad we could solve the situation with Daron. I felt pity for him, to an extent I still do. He is still alone now, his family cast him out. He doesn't even have a last name anymore."

    Marie placed cutlery around, "that whole system is stupid, no disrespect intended." She stopped and turned to face him, "or maybe there is, not sure. It's just too honour based and destructive."

    "Is attempted murder forgiven in Dathomirian society? Or on Coruscant or Bakura?“ Adrian asked. "There are probably many people like Daron in prisons all over the galaxy.“

    "For every crime there is a punishement, but once you have done the time for the crime, you should have a chance to prove your worth. That's how its done here, especially when there are extenuating circumstances like with Daron. He's a product of his upbringing and the world he was raised on."

    "I was raised on the same world mind you, so where Ulrika and Ilona,“ Adrian reminded her. “But you are right of course. We can‘t put too much blame on him.“

    "I might be more upset if he'd succeeded." She grinned.

    "That would be bad indeed,“ Adrian said just before their guests entered. Ulrika beamed in the borrowed outfit and Daron‘s smile was a bit happier than what it had been before.

    Marie grinned at Adrian, "well, you'd not be here right now, would you?" She turned, "welcome, and nice effort at fitting in."

    "Doing our best,“ Ulrika said. "Its one of yours?“ She gestured at the outfit as she sat down at the table.

    Daron sat down next to her, feeling more comfortable now and curious for what they would eat.

    Marie gave her head a shake. "No, we have spares for visitors, I'm funny about my leathers, and they are....." She'd noticed Adrian had not mentioned her current status, "distinctive."

    Adrian sat down at the table while placing a plate with bread, grilled meat and salad in front of them.

    Daron's mouth began to water, after eighteen months on prison rations the thought of real food was almost irresistible to him.

    "Well if that‘s the case,“ Ulrika said as she took some food. "Can I buy this set?“ She had noticed how Daron looked at her wearing it.

    Marie sat down, "consider it a gift, all of it." She looked to Daron sensing his appetite. "Eat what you want, and pace yourself. Adrian tends to over cater."

    Adrian gave his wife a glance but also a smile.

    "Thank you,“ Daron said as he began to eat.

    "Great,“ Ulrika stretched herself a bit before she began with her meal. She looked to Marie, "we are quite similar you and I. I heard you are trying to rescue the slaves around here?“

    Marie gave a small smile as she put some salad onto her plate. "Similar, I'm not saving slaves, I'm trying to change an entire society." She took some bread, "and breaking generations of traditions takes time."

    "I know that, trying to help with things like that my entire life. And only now I feel like I achieved a small victory.“ She made a pause. "Well, we.“ Looking over to Adrian she said. "I saved you sisters life. As well as Daron's.“

    "You did?“ Adrian asked. "What happened.“

    Ulrika took a deep breath and then began to tell them about what happened. How Garth had framed Ilona, how she herself and Daron had become entangled in the situation and how they had made it out in the end.

    Daron occasionally added his own thoughts but left most of the talking to Ulrika.

    "I think I should have been there,“ Adrian muttered. "But I‘m glad it turned out good in the end.“

    Marie frowned, "you have your responsibilities here love." She said quietly.

    "And now the ORSF wants to go to war against the Iron Alliance?“ Adrian asked.

    "Yes, Ilona and her sister in law Aretha are currently traveling to the Kathol Republic and other worlds in the Sector to propose an alliance.“ Ulrika explained. "I think that‘s why she hasn‘t contacted you about what happened yet. I‘m sure she will in time.“

    Adrian gave her a nod, it had puzzled him indeed that Ilona hadn‘t told him about the events herself. "Sounds like her, saving the galaxy almost her first priority.“ he mused. "You two now get along?“

    Ulrika made a face, "Oh, she is still an arrogant, bossy...“

    Daron interrupted her, "honestly, if Ilona were into girls those two would have long since married.“ He gave Adrian and Marie a twinkle.

    "Well lucky for you handsome I‘m still free of bonds like that,“ Ulrika shot back.

    Marie smirked but said nothing.

    "Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?" Daron asked after a while. "How is the life on Dathomir. I only knew stories so far, that males are enslaved and the like. You don't seem to think like that, or is all of this just a trap?"

    The last bit wasn't said serious, and Ulrika decided to pick up on it, "if it is. I'm sure as a woman I'm not in danger right?" She gave Marie a twinkle.

    "No trap. Misty Falls is different, but it's been shaped that way, and still changing. Change takes time." Marie explained and then turned to Ulrika, "don't be so cocky, you break a rule out there, not even I can save you." She warned, hinting to her status.

    Ulrika swallowed, she felt the underlining message. With a softer tone she said, "well I don´t intend on breaking your rules. Especially not when your clan is clearly doing the right thing. You must have a wise leader."

    Adrian tried his best to hide his laughter as he added, "she is wise indeed. And beautiful. Though be careful, she is quite addicted to sweets... I hope you have some to offer to her," under the table he gave his wife's belly a friendly poke.

    Marie jumped slightly before turning to look at Adrian, her eyes narrowed slightly, "I hear she has a temper too."

    "That for sure," Adrian chuckled. "Its why I love her."

    Ulrika smiled, then turned to Marie, "then you are the sweet tooth Ilona asked us to bring some candy with us from Eriadu." Over the whole excitement of Daron meeting Marie, Ulrika had completely forgotten the package she had been given. "She said its some of your favorites."

    Marie continued to glare at Adrian in a playful way, "I am that and I am the Clan Leader here." She declared, "I look forward to sampling that."

    "You are the clan leader..." Daron muttered, now even more greatfull that Marie had forgiven him. "Your people made a wise choice."

    "Bags still in the ship," Ulrika said. "Consider it a payment for the clothes.... I hope there isn´t an specific ritual nessesary to meet a clan leader. Cause if it is, we probably failed it." she added with a twinkle.

    "I wasn't elected, and there is, and because you failed, this fact, your last meal.....enjoy." Marie smiled.

    "Well, guess its a decent enough last meal," Daron said, finally spotting a true smile. "Better than many others might have gotten. Even though it lacks some spice."

    Adrian chuckled and threw a glance at Marie, "well the Dathomirians aren´t used to our way of eating. They can´t take things too spicy."

    Ulrika leaned over to Marie, "you know the truth about that? The Eriaduan kitchen is actually pretty poor, we just pour enough hot souce over it that we don´t taste a thing."

    Marie winched. "Food is not meant to be drowned till it all tastes the same." She glanced over her shoulder, toward the back of the home. "Fluffy doesn't need her food spicy."

    "Fluffy?" Ulrika raised an eyebrow.

    "Our adorable little pet," Adrian said with a miscivous look. "She likes strangers, especially devouring them."

    "Only when they disrespect the Clan Leader." Marie added before biting her roll.

    "She almost ate Ilona the first she came, do you remember?“ Adrian asked his wife.

    Ulrika giggled, "You don‘t happen to have a recording of that incident?“

    Marie shook her head as she swallowed her food. "Technology here is not common, we have a bit but the fact is we live a pretty primitive life. The workshop is mostly for offworlders." She shrugged.

    "A pity, would have done everything to see that,“ Ulrika said.

    "So the war is still on?“ Adrian asked.

    Ulrika gave him a coy smile, "it will probably only end when we die, if even that. If the goddess wills it we might fight on in the afterlife forever.“

    "Honestly, you two should just admit that you like each other," Adrian said firmly. "If not in a romantic sense then maybe in the spirit of sisterhood."

    "That´s good," Ulrika said. "I think in a way we already did that long ago. Now its more a sake of pride and fun."

    "But we are unkind guests if we ignore the true figure of authority at our table,“ Daron said. "Forgive us Eriaduans our little chat over a woman very dear to us. Surely there are things for you to tell and ask us as well...."
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    "That was, nice..." Ulrika said as they were lying in bed together. The dinner had continued and afterwards they had talked for a few hours before their hosts had gone to bed and they had returned to their rooms.

    "It was," Daron replied. The sparks had been flying between them for quite a while and now that Marie had forgiven him he had finally chosen to act on his feelings and accept the invitation Ulrika had proposed during their travel.

    He sat himself up and the sheets feel of his upper body, still gaunt from his time in prison, but that seemed to hadn't turned Ulrika off. At least if she hadn't just made this offer out of pity...

    Ulrika noticed Daron getting lost in his thoughts and so she sat up as well, and grabbed the dropped tunic Daron had worn during the day. It didn´t fit her perfectly but it still had some of his warmth to it. Sitting down next to him she laid a hand on his shoulder, "are you okay?"

    "Yeah, yeah I am," Daron said, quietly. But then he decided to talk about what was on his mind. "I mean, have thousands of things going through my head right now. I´m a free man, forgiven by those I wronged. But I´m still an outcast, Daron nobody, with not a credit to my name. I don´t know where to go and what to do. I don´t have a goal ahead." He looked at Ulrika, "what should I do with my life?"

    "That´s your decision, and yours alone," Ulrika said. "You might have lost your wealth but you have also rid yourself of the family who used you only as a tool."

    "True." he nodded slowly. And it was true, a part of him was glad that he had left that part of his life behind him. And yet, he felt unsure, almost helpless at the prospect of this future. He looked at Ulrika, she had been with him for the last few days and yet he already trusted her more than his own siblings. Maybe she could give him the stability he needed, be a friend, a lover, a girlfriend, maybe one day even more. He forced a smile on his lips, "you know, Ilona would probably go insane if she knew what we just did."

    Ulrika giggled, "half the reason I did it, handsome." But then she became serious again, "I think she wouldn´t mind. Maybe even be amused by it."

    "I guess," Daron raised an eyebrow. "But we would make a couple, the trouble making ace and the pardoned attempted murderer."

    Ulrika felt a sting in her hearth, she had feared it would come to this. That Daron would see more in her offer than it had been. She had experienced this before, this desire to settle down, to be together, other lovers of her had expressed it. But to her... she took a deep breath, better set it straight before poor Daron would get further delusions. "I... I´m not the person for that. Be a couple, living together, holding hands everywhere, doing everything together."

    Daron swallowed hard, so that was it, she had only helped him out of pity, not because she was interested in something more, something real. He wanted to spit at her, to storm out of the room, tell her she where she could stick her pity. But he couldn´t, even if she had only done it out of pity, she still had. Her hand still rested on his shoulder, she was still there.

    "I, just don´t want to be tied down," Ulrika explained, glad he hadn´t slapped her like others had in the past. "I want to live my life as a free woman, not make any commitments, at least not in this regard."

    "So I am just one of many?" Daron asked. "A nobody you will forget soon enough."

    Ulrika suddenly became deadly serious, "you aren´t nobody. And neither is anyone else I ever shared a bed with. I haven´t forgotten them, many of them are still my friends... with the occasional benefits."

    Daron slowly placed his arm around her shoulder, not wanting this contact to end. But he also knew that this, Ulrika´s way of life wouldn´t work for him. "I would be glad to have you as a friend. But... this back and forth... it's not what I want in life. I want a partner to spend my life with, not just an occasional lover."

    Ulrika nodded slowly, she knew most people thought like that. "Then I´m probably not the right one for you, Daron." For the first time she used his name instead of calling him 'handsome'. "We could still be friends."

    "We are friends," Daron said. "You have been very kind to me."

    The smile returned to Ulrika's face. "That´s what I´m here for." She stood up and straightened the tunic. "Mind me borrowing that for the night?"

    "No, there are more in the drawer," Daron said, returning her smile. Only now feeling how tired he was. It had been a long day.

    At the door to her room Ulrika turned around to him again, "well that see you tomorrow. We have a lot to look at and to explore."

    "Looking forward to it," Daron said.

    "Oh and when it comes to earning yourself a few credits," Ulrika said with a grin. "Marie could use someone to helper her out with the paperwork."
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