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Beyond - Legends To Wish, to Dream (SJRS Holiday Challenge 2013)

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    Feb 23, 2012
    Note This is my entry for the December/holiday challenge. It is a bit longer than I anticipated but it turned out rather well.

    Title: To Wish, to Dream
    Timeline 20 ABY
    Characters: L/M

    Challenge Details
    Write a fic where Luke and Mara are celebrating the holidays. It can be in any time frame, AU or canon and any length. You must include:
    - Horrible weather
    - The phrase "Do you remember when..."
    - A holiday tradition/event that is unique to YOUR family
    - A reference to something that has happened to YOU this past year.

    “I still don’t see why you can’t tell me where we’re going.” Mara said, frowning as she fastened an earring. “You’ve got me all dolled up, I think you can give me a hint.”
    Luke gazed at his wife in wonder as she stepped out of the bedroom.
    She was dressed in a stunning black dress with long sleeves and plunging back. It draped down to mid thigh, showing off her gorgeous legs. Her feet were clad in matching black knee high boots.
    She was simply a stunning sight to behold—drop-dead gorgeous, he amended. Was it any wonder he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her.
    Plastering on a carefree smile, he responded, “Love, if I told you it would ruin the surprise.”
    She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at Luke’s coy response.
    He simply kept smiling, that oh so innocent yet devious smile. The one that said he was certainly up to no good.
    “You’ll like it.” Luke took her hand lovingly. “Have I ever steered you wrong?” Then he gave her ‘the look’—giving her those wide, blue to die for eyes.
    “So you keep saying, darling…”
    She released a sigh. She didn’t know where exactly they were headed all decked to the nines, but she couldn’t deny she was intrigued.
    “I love it when you get that look.” He rumbled.
    Mara let her hands drop and cocked her head.
    “Which one is that?”
    “The one you get when you’re investigating something that sparks your interest.” He reached up to stroke her cheek. “Did you know, your brain is the sexiest part of you?”
    Mara stared at him and this time couldn’t control the eye-roll.
    “It is.” He insisted gently, his eyes smoldering with warmth.
    She smirked, eyes turning to the pure snow falling outside their window. Luke followed her gaze then glanced down at his wrist chrono.
    “The snow’s really starting to come down.” He murmured. “We better get going while we still can.” He headed toward the door to retrieve her long, red coat.
    A hovertaxi arrived just as they step outside of their building.
    “Right on time.” Luke said with a smile.
    Mara arched an eyebrow questioningly.
    “Why do I have a feeling we’re not spending Winter Fest with your sister?”
    As much he loved his sister, his wife now held a dearer part in his heart now. It swelled as recalled the hard-work she had gone through for his and Leia’s birthday earlier that year.
    He smiled slyly. “You’ll see.”
    Unknown to his wife, they would indeed not be spending WinterFest on Coruscant. In fact, he had gone out of his way to send their luggage on ahead to its destination. It was their first WinterFest as a married couple so he decided he wanted to spend it elsewhere.
    Mara said he didn’t have a devious bone in his body, well there more than a few tricks up his sleeve to come.
    “After you.” He gestured to the open taxi door.
    She slipped inside with Luke following in after her. He could feel the warmth emanating from her body as he pressed his against hers. His woolen jacket acting as a small, bothersome barrier.
    “Something wrong, dear?” She asked, smirking slightly.
    “Only the pounding of my heart. I’m afraid it might be something very serious.”
    At the playful tone, Mara chuckled.
    “Really? That does sound serious.” Her eyes smoldered as she leaned in toward him. “Is there...” Her hand played along his arm. “Anything I can do?”
    “A kiss might help.”
    “Sir?” a voice interrupted, startling the couple.
    Mara and Luke jerked apart. He tossed a glance at their cabby.
    He gave a sheepish grin. “Sorry, to the Spaceport.”
    “Yes, Sir.” The man answered, and pulled away from the pedwalk.
    He turned back to her, his hand resting on her thigh. “Now, where were we?”
    “I believe you said something about a kiss.”
    “Mmmhmm.” His fingers grasped her chin gently, tipping it upward.
    “Though to be honest, I’m not sure how that’s going to help your heart palpitations,” She pulled away coyly. “Maybe we should get you to the hospital.”
    He leaned in and kissed her lips softly, whispering against them, “Being near you just sometimes makes it hard to breathe, my heart races, and sometimes I can’t think.”
    “I think I’m experiencing similar symptoms; especially the not being able to think.” She looked pointedly at his hand blatantly stroking her thigh. “But,” She looked toward the front. “I think we’d better hold off before we give our driver a show.”
    Luke gave a winning smile and dropped his hand from her thigh. He then reached up and placed it around her shoulders, pulling her to him.
    Mara leaned her head on his shoulder. “So...”
    “You don’t know what I was going to say?” She said, sounding slightly miffed.
    “You were going to ask where we were going—again.”
    She scowled.
    “Sweetheart, I know you all too well.”
    “Spoilsport.” She muttered.
    The couple arrived at the spaceports; stepping out of the taxi. Luke promptly paid the drivers then took his wife’s hand in his and guided her along the route. She eyed the looming building then her husband.
    A question formed on her lips, but she didn’t voice it. Instead, Mara shook her head inwardly. She, of course, still suspicious. What could possibly at the spaceport that would require her to dress so elaborately?
    As much as she was dying to pry the information out of her spouse, she knew Luke probably had gone to a lot of trouble with whatever was about to take place.
    They passed through the main entrance and down the various hallways. She noticed they were passing the much smaller hangars and heading for the area where the more massive transports were usually docked.
    She glanced at Luke once more. Her husband’s face remained serene, passive, though she could feel the undercurrent of joy radiating in his Force aura. His happiness was obvious despite his lack of outward tell-tale signs.
    “Here we are.” He announced, as if sensing her thoughts.
    The couple stopped at the open doorway of a large hangar where a large, uniformed security guard was stationed.
    “Master Skywalker.” The man said with a nod. “We’ve been expecting you.”
    Mara glanced at him. They were expected? Hmm.
    Luke bowed his head in return and gently tugged on her hand once more.
    They passed under a large archway and down a short corridor until they reached the wide open space of the hanger. Snow fell down in a flurry, resembling a small, burgeoning blizzard. In the midst of the blizzard, a large transport was docked; one that resembled an elaborate luxury cruisers. It was oblong shaped with a curved underbelly and streamlined, shining top hull. A large ramp situated in the middle of the cruiser was extended, allowing a small cluster of people to board the transport.
    Some wore stylish traveling clothes while others were dressed similar to herself and Luke.
    But all were decked out for something obviously grand.
    “Step lively folks,” An attendant called out. “The captain requires all passengers board the transport, so we can avoid the storm.”
    “C’mon,” He reached up to dust snow from her hair. “Let’s get out of this snow.”
    “Oooh, is my Farmboy cold?”
    He muttered, “Maybe,” Then cleared his throat. “But that’s beside the point.”
    Mara just grinned.
    They passed through the hatch and down the large corridor without much resistance. At one point, a guide appeared and instructed them to follow him to their suite. Luke lovingly took her hand, and smiled down on her in adoration, never breaking a step.
    She stared up into his eyes, mesmerized, and utterly breath taken. They held a hint of lust, but at the same time that boyish innocence she’d come to adore. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it. In that one act, everything else seemed to melt away.
    “Sir? Madam? We’re uh here.” The guide said nervously.
    Luke looked up bashfully. “Sorry.”
    “It’s no problem, Master Skywalker?” He turned and used a keycard to gain entrance to their room then passed it to Luke, issuing, “Enjoy your stay, Sir,” before leaving them alone.
    As Mara started to take a step forward, she noticed her husband had not yet joined her. She glanced back at him with concern in her eyes.
    “Go on.” He urged, a soft look in his eyes.
    She hesitated moment before stepping inside the room and taking a sweeping glance around it. She was stricken breathless for the second time that day.
    The cabin she’d stepped into wasn't some small, cramped one but a spacious, luxury suite. She had been in plenty of luxurious places--her honeymoon included--but the room before her was gorgeous beyond words.
    It was done in a nouveau, contemporary style; with clean,straight lines. The main room was done in crisp colors of blue and white to resemble a winter wonderland. Slope-backed sofas and chairs were strategically placed in a semicircle with etched glassed tables intersped among the pieces. A enormous crystal chandelier resembling frozen rain drops hung above their heads.
    Ice-blue candles, which had been placed on all available hard surfaces, completed the feel. And among a cluster of those candles sat a bucket of champagne.
    Luke chuckled, “I do so love when I can render you speechless,” as his arms went around her.
    “Well, don’t get to use to that.”
    “That’s what you said the last time too.” He leaned forward and nuzzled the shell of her ear. “Now, why don’t you go make yourself comfortable over there and I’ll pop the champagne.”
    She gave him a grin. “I’ll do just that.”
    Mara sashayed over to the sofa, slipping out of her coat and pulling off her boots. She placed them near one of the chairs. She dropped onto the sofa curling her legs under her, watching intently as Luke uncorked the champagne and began to pour it into two flutes.
    He finished the task and walked over to the sofa, passing her a glass.
    She took it gently, sipped at it then set it upon her thigh. “So,” She ran a finger over the rim. “I take it you’ve had this planned long, hmm?”
    “Long enough.”
    He took a seat and she leaned in close to him.She sipped at her champagne again, a soft rumbling of pleasure in her throat.
    “This is perfect.” She murmured then looked up at him. “Honey?”
    “Yes.” He played with her hair.
    “What brought this about?” Not that Mara wasn’t thrilled, but the suspense was practically killing her.
    There was a brief pause before he spoke.
    Do you remember when was was last time that we got to spend some quality time together like this?”
    She tapped the glass with her nail. “That would be after your party.”
    It had been his and Leia’s 40th birthday and all of their closest friends had been invited with the hosting falling primarily on the shoulders of the spouses. He remembered his wife decked out in a green, silk strapless number and positively beaming with pleasure. It had been an evening filled with great food and spectacular conversation.
    He nodded. “Yes, you said…. that you wished there could be more moments like that and our honeymoon.” His hand cupped her cheek. “I wanted to give you a night like that again.”
    Her heart started to melt.
    “Luke..” Tears started to prick her eyes.
    “Attention all passengers, we’ve experienced a permanent delay in our flight schedule. The Captain has determined the increasing wind and snow has made it impossible for this cruiser to take off.” A pause. “On behalf of the Luxury Starr transports, we offer our sincerest apologies and full accommodations until the storm has cleared. Thank you and enjoy the rest of WinterFest.”
    “Well…” She started to say.
    He stood up abruptly and walked over to where he had hung his coat. He wore a determined expression on his face.
    “Luke? This doesn’t have to be a wasted evening, you know.” She lifted her glass. “We still have champagne.”
    He fished around in his coat pocket until he seemed to find what he wanted. “You’re right,” He agreed, turning to face her. “We don’t. Mara..” He started toward the sofa once more with a small box in hand. “I was going to give you this at the end of the night,” As was usually tradition. “But I decided I want to give it to you now.”
    “Luke, we agreed no presents.”

    He gave her sly smile.
    “I think you may make an exception to this.” He opened the box to reveal a platinum passkey.
    “What is it?”
    He frowned. “Isn't it obvious? It’s the key to my heart.”
    Mara let out a loud groan--only her husband could be that corny
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    Hi, great build-up of the yummy suspense. =D= Lovely mushy moments in the hover-cab. But SQUEE! What a beautiful suite they have and being stuck there with a bottle of champagne and big comfy couches [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Delightful challenge response. Quite worth the eager wait. :)
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    Nice. It is a good thing they had a cabin and weren't trapped on the tarmac in coach. Great job with the challenge.
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    Lol. That was a splendid holiday treat! I'm sorry, but I had to groan at the last bit. Farmboy can be so very corny.
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    Yeah it is groan worthy. I was looking for that corny moment when I finished lol

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    Nice! I lke how through the entire piece, it's so clear that Luke is completely besotted by her. Sweet story.
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    Very sweet. And perfectly corny.