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Unclassifiable Traitor Game: Star Wars Edition

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Thuro, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Thuro

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    Nov 7, 2013
    An alternate world. An altered dimension. A time and place of no rules. This is where our strange tale of Traitors and Agents take place.

    The man in the Dark Helmet had followed in his massive monolith to the tiny sanded world intent on blowing it up along with the stolen plans.
    But on the trip there the Princess had sequestered herself away in the heart of the great machine, the power room intent on blowing the monolith the same way the Dark Man was planning with the planet.

    The planet below. Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Ben as he calls himself these days) was just finishing up haggling with Solo about prices when the Death Star blotted out the sun in the sky above.

    "Obi-Wan Kenobi. Flee the planet immediately, this station has the ability to destroy the planet. I've locked myself in the power station and I'm going to detonate it but it may be too late.

    "Kzzzzsh." The sound of a signal overriding her transmission could be heard.

    "Even if she destroys this station I can fire one last blast and destroy you." He paused for a mont then added. "My old master."

    "What do you propose then Darth?" Ben said, purposely using the honorific to irritate his former apprentice.

    The voice on the comm was silent for a moment and then a single two words came through. "Traitor Game."

    The old man thought the matter over then said. "Who shall be our Agents and who shall be our Traitors?"

    The answer came back immediately. "I have spies all over the galaxy. The two in the cantina will be my Traitors. You will have to find your agents old man."

    "And the stakes?"

    "The plans. If I win the Princess shall stand down and I'll destroy this planet with you in it. If you win I shall leave the plans with you and we shall cross swords another day."

    "Very well. Let it begin."

    So ya wanna play a Traitor game. Here's how.

    1) When a game is set to begin, there must first be a Sign-Up Thread. In it, all prospective players post to express interest and choose what character they want to role play as. Some games want characters to fit to a specified theme, so be sure to read carefully before making a character selection.
    Unless otherwise stated in the Sign-Up Thread, characters can come from any media, any genre, or even real life. Be sure to use this to your full advantage for playing a character you want.
    2) The game thread proper is created, normally with a clever title. "The Traitor Game: Massacre on the Doorstep!" (Not a real title.) There, the rules for the game are reiterated and the characters are gathered.
    3) Soon, the Traitor(s) strike(s), killing off one character. Frequently, the first kill is some character that was controlled by the host of the game (commonly referred to as a First Kill NPC). This is done to allow those who signed up more time to play the game. The banished and dead can usually interact with those still alive through means defined in-game.
    4) Within the voting phase, the Agent(s) send(s) in their guess for that round.
    5) Rinse and repeat steps 2-5 until the Traitor(s) is/are found or all other characters end up dead.

    Main roles
    • Traitor- A character working to kill off members of the larger group. When more than one Traitor is included, each one works with the other to determine who dies and by what means.
    • Agent- A person in this role is allowed one guess per round to determine who is a Traitor. This is done by PMing the host of the current game. The results of their guess (whether they guessed correctly or not) are revealed in-thread. If a game has more than one Agent, the Agents act as a team. They confer on the guess and submit that guess to the host.

    • NPCs- Use of Non-player characters (or NPCs) should be limited. An NPC is any character included in the game that is not on the list of players. There are plenty of characters with which to interact, so NPCs aren't really needed for that purpose. NPCs can also be disruptive, depending on what they do. If you want to use an NPC, make sure it's for a good purpose. If you're unsure whether or not to use one, PM the game's host.
    • God-Moding- No god-moding. Can the host really enforce that? Not really. But people will complain and you might be held in contempt. It is definitely not recommended to go against this guideline.
    • Communication- If you suspect you know the identities of Traitors or Agents, do not contact them privately for any reason. If you are an Agent, please do not reveal classified information after death. In general, anyone can talk to other anyone else for purposes of coordinating stories or story elements or even to discuss the game.
    • Quoting- Some people have complained in the past regarding people quoting whole posts when responding to just a portion of it. It unnecessarily clutters up the page and sometimes makes it difficult to follow your train of thought.
    Some Traitor Gamemasters allow OC's. For this first Traitor Game I will not allow it but in future games I might.
    OC stands for original character. I.E a character you created.
    Sign-up are made by posting an introduction to your character. Characters can begin playing the moment they post an introduction.
    First kill will be in a week. Use the the time to learn the behavior of your fellow players.
    Note. I did not create this game. All credit goes to a man named The Purple Skull.

    Edit: Apologies for the empty boxes. Something is malfunctioning with the forum software.