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Saga "Trials for a Master" - AU

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    Sep 25, 2013
    Title: Trials for a Master
    Author: mirialanjedi
    Timeframe: Following Order 66
    Characters: Luminara Unduli
    Genre: Epic
    Keywords: Luminara Unduli, Order 66
    Summary: What if Luminara Unduli had survived Order 66?
    Notes: George Lucas gets all the credit.
    Author Note: I just love Luminara. She's my favorite and I love reading anything about her, so I thought, why not write her?

    Chapter One
    Swirls of green and white danced in bright circles in the Jedi's vision, creating a kaleidoscope that would have been beautiful if not for the headache.​
    Luminara Unduli sat up, closed her deep blue eyes and rubbed an olive-colored finger across her temple, which was mainly obscured by the rich brown fabric covering her head. Her eyes opened again and found that she was laying on the ground, just behind a thick clump of dark green bushes.​
    I must have fallen back here after I was shot, the Jedi Master thought. She glanced down at her legs splayed out in front of her. The left side of the brown dress was torn and slightly burned. She felt an immense pain in her left thigh, and cringed at the thought of the damage caused by clone troopers.
    She stood as quickly as she was able, gritted her teeth and winced. One hand fell to clasp her left thigh, covering the wound. Luminara sucked in a deep breath, and dared herself to look. The heat from the blaster rifle had cauterized the flesh, preventing more blood loss. However, she knew that if left untreated the wound would kill her.​
    The Mirialan woman looked around and surveyed the surroundings. She had escaped the beach and recklessly fumbled her way through the neighboring forest. Luminara's dark lips frowned. The beach had been a death trap. Between the Separatist army and the clone troops firing at them, the Jedi stood no chance. She had watched as friends fell beside her, all the while blocking attacks from all sides with her lightsaber.​
    Luckily, an explosion of some sort had gone off nearby, throwing Luminara in the air and away from her attackers. Most of the surviving clones and droids had been seared by the blast. She had quickly scrambled to her feet and raced for the trees, knowing she would have the advantage if she could climb. However, she was shot while trying to run. She had barely retreated into the forest before falling unconscious from the pain. She had been fortunate enough to fall behind a patch of bushes, effectively preventing clones from finding her.​
    Climbing would now be virtually impossible with an injured leg. But - she was not doing herself any favors by standing around thinking. She needed to find help, perhaps a Wookiee village that had medicine. As far as she knew, the furry natives of Kashyyyk had been caught by surprise as well. She had seen several warriors gunned down by the clones.​
    Luminara began walking, grunting with each step and keeping a hand over her thigh. It would be a beautiful sight, she mused while looking around at the forest, if the situation were not so dire. The forest was a beautiful mixture of greens, yellows, and whites. The trees were impossibly tall and thin, close enough together that she would have to grab onto each trunk to pass between them. It was oddly quiet, with only the soothing sounds of birds calling to one another.​
    She did not know why the clones had decided to turn on the Jedi - but she knew the answer was never simple, the journey never easy, and the outcome rarely happy.​
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    Chapter Two

    Luminara had limped for what seemed hours, but could not have been that long. Her blue eyes, containing what appeared to be a deep sadness in them, had kept track of Kashyyyk's bright sun set against an azure blue sky. It had barely moved, and was still in its peak position in the middle. The heat was finally getting to her, making her feel like the heavy brown robes were on fire. Sweat was already cascading down her face in response to the sweltering conditions and the pain. The air was heavy and hot, making her gasp for each breath that would keep her heart beating.

    She was starting to feel faint again, and knew her time was running out. The Jedi stopped limping to lean against a wide trunk crawling with vines. She bowed her head, pressing a hand to her chest. If she died now, she knew that even in the afterlife she would feel unsatisfied. If only she could survive just a while longer, to try to find out some answers, to try to justify the deaths of so many Jedi. She owed it to the Order to hang on for as long as she could.

    Just then, she heard a pair of voices, distinctly male and mechanical in their tone. Clone troopers. Luminara licked her dark lips, peering through the trees to find the source of the noise.

    A pair of clones passed by, yards away and oblivious to their surroundings. They were so sure, so confident with their blaster rifles out in front of them. The black and white stripes of their armor indicated they were not from her own group, but rather scouts out on a hunting job.

    Luminara moved as swiftly and quietly as she could with her injury. She was only a blur of green and brown, darting from one trunk to another. She settled on a tree that was just slightly in front of the clones. The Jedi waited there, the fingers of her right hand digging into the tough bark of the tree while her left gripped the lightsaber.

    "Did you hear something?"

    One clone had stopped walking, his helmeted head turning in Luminara's direction. The gun he was holding was more deadly than the one that had injured her. Clearly the clone army was intent on its mission to destroy the Jedi.

    The other, clearly the more dominant of the two, sighed in annoyance. "Keep moving. Probably just an animal or something."

    Luminara's eyes widened as she knelt behind the trunk. Kashyyyk had a vast collection of some of the deadliest predators in the galaxy. Daylight was quickly slipping away and she knew better than to be caught outside alone with a wounded leg. She chided herself for not thinking of this before.

    No matter. It was time for some answers, and these clones were her best bet at finding help. She knew she could control them with the Force.

    The Jedi Master rolled into the path of the clone troopers. What happened next was very quick. The green blade of the lightsaber had already hissed to life when the first clone shouted, "What the --!"

    Their first shots were deflected, bouncing into the surrounding grass and away from Luminara. She rolled forward again, swinging the lightsaber up with her. The first swing destroyed the first clone's gun, taking off his hand as well, just as intended. The second swing split the second clone's pistol in half, and also burned through his arm, leaving a stump at his elbow.

    The men cried out in anguish before slumping to the ground in front of her. Luminara quickly extinguished the lightsaber and thrust out her hands, all ten tattooed fingers splayed out as if holding something.

    Forcing one's way into a person's mind is an interesting thing. It is unpleasant at first, being that you are connected to the person's mental pain and emotions. Then, for Luminara, it felt as if you were gripping something -- a bit like trying to saddle a wild animal. You feel the power, the unlimited possibilities, the drive to live. It is simply a matter of controlling that power.

    "Now," the Jedi breathed in a tone that bordered superiority, "you will tell me everything. Why have you turned on the Jedi?"

    The first clone was a bit weaker than the other, so she pressed more firmly on him with the Force. He gave a gasp of terror, before bowing his head.

    "The Chancellor has initiated Order 66. The Jedi are now enemies of the state," he offered simply.

    Luminara's brow hardened and her lip curled up. "Why?" She pressed harder.

    "They have attempted to overthrow the Senate, to take power for themselves," the second clone breathed.

    Her mind was racing, but she had little time for answers now. She needed medical attention first. These two would die soon as well.

    "You will take me to the nearest village, and you will not try to kill me. You will not report to your commanders. You require just as much help as me now. Is that clear?"

    The clone troopers nodded robotically. The mind trick had worked this time, but her power was slipping away with her strength. Best to keep moving.

    The clones led, and she followed, the green lightsaber at their backs.
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    Chapter Three
    How absurd, Luminara thought, as she tried to activate her holoprojector for the tenth time.​
    It was of little use. The device that had faithfully connected her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for years, for whatever reason, refused to work now. She felt as if Palpatine himself was personally blocking her signal. The thought occurred to her that perhaps the Republic army could somehow track her location through the device, and so she had flung it away from her. That had been an hour ago.​
    The pair of clones she had enslaved were quiet during the long trek to the Wookiee village. She kept a firm grip on their minds as they walked, but it was very taxing on her energy. Her vision was now blurry, and she felt as if she might collapse at any moment. The humming of the lightsaber was the only sound.​
    Her thoughts turned inward. It was a ridiculous story that the Jedi had tried to overthrow Palpatine. First, because there were not enough Jedi for that to happen. The Clone Wars had all but obliterated the Order. The clone army far outnumbered their Jedi generals but still required leadership. The Jedi knew how to wage wars without completely destroying planets. The clones, on the other hand, would rather blow droids to bits, regardless of the consequences.​
    Second, the only reason the Order would ever attempt a coup would be if the Council felt that Palpatine was out of order. While it was true the Supreme Chancellor enjoyed power, Luminara had never felt that he was evil. Third, she had received no warning from the Council since being stationed on Kashyyyk with Master Yoda. Yoda was, afterall, the senior member. He surely would have warned her. These types of revolutions didn't just happen overnight.​
    And yet -- clone troopers never lied. It was programmed in them since their conception on Kamino. They were bred to be utterly obedient to their Jedi commanders. This was the piece of the puzzle that most confused Luminara. The clones had not been telling her a lie.​
    She would have reflected more on the issue, but the trio had arrived at their destination.​
    The first clone pointed up with his remaining hand. "Up there," he informed her.​
    Luminara narrowed her eyes at the scene. A troop had apparently already moved through the area. The platforms that led to the Wookiee villages nestled in the highest braches of the wroshyr trees were completely destroyed, collapsed in a smoking pile of debris. The clones must have meant to keep the Wookiees trapped in the trees.​
    The Jedi woman sighed. Here was a problem. She could probably use the Force to leap to the nearest branch, but it was a risk. She was completely drained, and her leg was not in the best condition to climb. Wookiees were best at navigating wroshyr trees, better even than Jedi. Even if she climbed, the clones would have to stay on the ground. She couldn't simply float them to the top, and they certainly could not climb.​
    Luminara considered killing them. It was the easiest way. If she didn't take them out, they could possibly find their way back to their company, and then lead them back to her location. Or, they would die out here from their wounds. In so killing them, she could not get any more information, and she didn't feel like trying to capture more clones. She doubted she could do it again. There could be more than two of them next time.​
    Somehow, killing them like this didn't feel right....something in the Force was telling her no. Like a hand pressed to her back, something was telling her to do something else...​
    "Hands up, Jedi!"​
    The robotic voice of the all-too familiar B1 droid made Luminara close her eyes. Not this, not now.
    She turned to examine three droids headed towards them. Two B1 models, and the towering figure of a super battle droid. Their guns were trained on the Republic figures. The situation was no longer in Luminara's favor.​
    "We've got droids, sir!" The first trooper had not lost character in the circumstances, at least. The two clones had set themselves into defensive positions, their muscled legs spread apart to launch themselves at the offenders. Luminara had to give them credit for bravery. Or stupidity. Now that the droids had arrived, she was no longer their target...for now.​
    Just as she crouched into attack stance, gunfire sounded and blue laser bolts ripped through the air. There was a flash and the sound of circuits frying, and the droids were knocked to the ground. Their cases were riddled with smoking holes.​
    Luminara turned to behold five clone troopers coming in from the right. She shook her head, amazed that she had not sensed them. Her mind was in such an exhausted state, she knew she could not fight them off.​
    There was a shocked pause. And then -​
    "Take that Jedi out!"​
    Luminara plunged the green blade into the back of the first trooper, using him as a shield. Blaster fire from the clones penetrated his body, and he slumped from her grasp. Next, she lashed out behind her with the blade, performing a half-hearted backflip. The helmeted head of the second clone bounced across the ground, his body also riddled with burns.​
    Then she was blocking fire from the five remaining troopers, cringing as she barely dodged in time. She felt her back press against the trunk of a tree, and knew she was finished. There was no escape, and she was so tired....​
    Suddenly, leaves were raining all around her. The clones had stopped shooting at her. Instead their helmets were fixed above her. There was a wild roar, and Luminara felt her heart leap. Wookiees!
    The gigantic, fur-covered natives were swinging to the ground, tackling clones and roaring angrily. Her vision focused enough to witness a Wookiee snap the neck of a clone, and then she fell back against the tree.​
    A huge, muscled Wookiee with black fur landed in front of her. She felt hot breath on her face, but could not object. Then she fainted.​
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    Chapter Four
    When Luminara finally came to, she realized that she was in a prone position. The comfort and relief that came from lying down felt like what she would imagine death to feel like - easy. As if all the cares of life had finally passed away, as if nothing mattered in the end.​
    But, there was still that throbbing ache in her thigh. That was how she knew she couldn't have died.​
    One hand crept down to push aside the dark robe that covered her waist. Instead of the nasty burn she was expecting, Luminara felt a cool, wet bandage. The wound was not nearly as painful as before.​
    Her hand wrapped around the lightsaber clipped to her belt and she opened her eyes. She was staring at a beautifully carved ceiling made of polished brown wood. She felt a cool wind blowing on her face and heard the distant singing of a bird. The Jedi realized she must have been saved by the Wookiees after all.​
    She sat up in the bed someone had placed her in, rubbing one of her eyes. The room was small, plain, and dark. The only source of light came from the window across the room, which was open and allowing moonlight to stream inside. Kashyyyk was known for its three beautiful moons, and they were all glowing peacefully in the warm night air.​
    The Jedi rubbed the soreness from her lower back, and glanced around the room. It was similar to the one she had stayed in when she had first arrived on the planet, but not exactly the same. She felt such an odd sense of peace in her heart... it was quite alarming.​
    So she had survived the day. Now it was time to thank her saviors.​
    Luminara opened the bedroom door to find herself in a quaint living room. The Wookiees had lit organic lamps to give the room a warm glow. In the center of the room, the trunk of the wroshyr tree twisted all the way through the ceiling, leading to another complex of houses. The only modern technology in the household was a computer terminal sitting against one wall. An outside balcony wrapped around the room, complete with a platform lit by more lamps. The trail, composed of twisted branches and thick clumps of leaves, no doubt led to more houses.​
    The Jedi was not alone. A female Wookiee, smaller than most males and covered in soft brown fur, was busy stirring a brewing pot of stew. She turned when Luminara entered the kitchen, and garbled something at the Jedi. Luminara had learned only a small amount of the Wookiee language. It was not one of her favorite subjects.​
    It was clear that the female wanted her to sit at the table, however. The table looked ancient, made of petrified wood, and Luminara was afraid she might break the wobbly chair she was directed to. However, it was a set built for even Wookiees.​

    The female served her a bowl of the hot stew. Luminara graciously accepted the chipped bowl, hoping the female understood Basic. She seemed to, because she barked something in a pleased tone.

    As Luminara was eating, she was aware of a thumping coming down the balcony. She observed the dark-furred Wookiee who must have picked up her unconscious body and brought her here. She quietly ate while he was served his own bowl of food from the female, who was clearly his wife.

    Luminara waited until he had eaten a few mouthfuls before she spoke.

    "Thank you for saving me."

    The Wookiee met her eyes evenly and put down his spoon. He gave a slight nod of his head, fangs potruding from lips darker than her own. There was a pause as the female sat down between them.

    "I don't mean to rush the both of you, but I've had an upsetting day." Luminara wondered how much of this they actually understood. "I need to find out what is going on here."

    The male growled something, glancing at his wife. He gestured to the terminal in the wall and Luminara understood the words "Republic and "Jedi". She nodded, conveying that she understood. She would have to do some research on her own.

    Whatever had been blocking her own signal was not present here. The HoloNet was cutting in and out on the screen, but from the news headlines constantly pouring in, she understood that the entire galaxy was in an uproar.

    This is what she gathered:

    First, there was the shocking revelation that Mace Windu had tried, according to reports, to kill Palpatine. Windu had been killed, along with other Jedi Luminara was aware of: Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar. The most shocking story following this was that Anakin Skywalker had been killed after attempting to take Palpatine's life as well. Luminara's heart was heavy to hear this. Skywalker had been a friend once, and one of the war's most famous Jedi.

    Luminara knew that something was terribly wrong with these reports. She knew these Jedi. They were not bad people. They must have had good cause to try to seize power.

    There were more horror stories. Jedi killed on planets across the galaxy. Friends she had served with. Ki-Adi-Mundi had tried to kill his troops. Stass Allie had been helping Separatists. Plo Koon had crashed into his clone army.

    On and on she read. Jedi executed for turning on the Republic. Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of her best friends, had apparently attacked his own company after killing General Greivous. Luminara's chest grew tight.

    Aayla Secura and Luminara's former Padawan, Barriss Offee, had both been killed for planning to poison Felucia's water supply. Unduli bowed her head, hoping Barriss had found peace in the Force. It was all she could do to restrain a cry.

    There were more. Master Yoda had been killed for attempting to rally the Wookiees against the clone army. Luminara herself was listed among the dead.

    After reading most of the reports, she wondered how many were actually true. Palpatine had named himself Emperor, consolidating the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Luminara watched the video of his Senate address, noting his withered features and blood red cloak which covered his head. He was the very picture of evil.

    Some Senators had been killed as a public demonstration for those who dared to speak out against Emperor Palpatine. The Jedi Temple had been attacked, and judging from the images, most if not all Jedi inside had been killed by clones. Luminara stared at the smoking ruins of her home quietly.

    She knew she had to speak to someone. Any surviving Jedi, if she could find them. She couldn't do that on Kashyyyk. If Yoda had survived (and Luminara felt he had), he would be gone now. The events had all happened yesterday. Enough time for any survivors to still be alive.

    How could she get off Kashyyyk? Coruscant would be crawling with enemies, but it seemed the best place to start an investigation.

    Luminara turned to her newfound friends.

    "I'm going to need your help," she said grimly.
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    Chapter Five

    Kashyyyk's sky was stained red at dawn the next day. Bright light played upon the waves, making the ocean appear as if it were full of blood. Luminara observed a large group of clone troopers haul bodies from the water and drag them through the sand. Some were Jedi, others Wookiees, still more of them clones. The droid army had been virtually wiped out in the fighting last night.

    The constant explosions and cries of dying clones had kept Luminara and her Wookiee allies awake for most of the night, but the Jedi had to admit she felt safe in the fortified Wookiee village. She was now observing the wreckage from hundreds of feet away using high-tech binoculars stolen from a clone.

    She focused on a Republic shuttle sitting untouched on the beach. The shuttle had arrived in the early hours of the morning during a lull in the fighting - apparently sent to capture Wookiee slaves and perhaps bring them back to Coruscant. She wondered what Palpatine could want with Wookiees. Perhaps he needed a first-hand account on Master Yoda, or wanted to torture the natives into revealing the village hideouts.

    It didn't matter. She was going down there to put a stop to the enslavement, and earn a free ride to Coruscant.

    Her Wookiee host had assembled a team of his warriors to help in the liberation. Armed with powerful bowcasters and long knives, Luminara was certain they would make reliable fighters. Some would die, unfortunately, because the clone technology outmatched strength. She only hoped she didn't end up face down in the sand today.

    The Jedi Master carefully wrapped herself around the massive back of the dark Wookiee, feeling foolish. But she knew it was the only sane way to descend from the trees. Her leg was still healing, and a long drop would do no good.

    The team descended through the branches quietly. Her Wookiee moved expertly through the dense foilage, barely rustling a branch. He was elderly and more experienced than the others, who followed his every move. Luminara closed her eyes through most of the move, praying to the Force she wouldn't fall to her death. She must have gripped his fur tightly, judging by his grunts.

    They reached the ground at last, dropping to the forest floor with a thud. THUD.THUD.THUD. A handful of warriors dropped behind them. Luminara stood on her own two feet and crept cautiously through the trees, leading the pack. A bit of rest and food had done her body and mind good. She felt stronger, more in control, and braver. She was a general, after all.

    The group stopped to hide behind a clump of bushes just before going onto the beach. The clones were busy either getting rid of bodies or loading shackled Wookiees into the transport. If they could pounce while the army had its guard down, they could survive this insane mission.

    "Get ready." Luminara's eyes met those of her Wookiee friend, and he jerked his head. The clones all had their backs turned. Three of them had vanished inside the shuttle while at least twenty were stacking and burning bodies.

    The Jedi began running towards the shuttle without a word, and the Wookiees quickly followed. The sound of feet smashing against sand was the only noise they made, which was covered by the crash of the waves.

    A clone did not turn in their direction until it was almost too late.

    "Look out!"

    Luminara ignited the singing blade, a grim smile on her lips. The first blasts from Wookiee bowcasters broke out. A few troopers fell soundlessly to the ground, and then the sound of the lightsaber slashing the air was accompanied by the death cries.

    From one to another she jumped, stabbing through a chest, or deflecting a shot back to an attacker. The Wookiees were just as skillful with their swords, though the result was far more messy and graphic. The surviving clones were calling for help, shooting as they fell back against the shuttle. The vessel suffered some stray shots to its exterior but was otherwise unharmed. Luminara quickly dispatched the clones taking shelter inside.

    She turned back towards her little group, relieved to see that only two had been wounded, and none killed. It was almost too easy. She looked at the Wookiee elder who had first saved her life the day before, and gave him a small smile. The Wookiee nodded back to her, firing a final shot at a fallen trooper--

    Suddenly the Wookiee cried out as a green burst of energy lanced through his skull. Luminara gave a cry of anguish, and he toppled over in the sand, a plume of smoke rising from his back.


    More green laser fire rained down on the Wookiee party before they could flee. Clone snipermen were firing at them from the cover of the nearby forest, perhaps encamped high in the trees. Luminara retreated into the shuttle, waving her blade to ward off blasterfire. Only one of her group made it inside with her.

    She swiftly closed the hatch door and a seal dropped down to prevent more bolts from coming in. The Jedi knew she had seconds to retreat before the clones blew the shuttle to pieces with heavy weapons.

    "Let's get out of here!" she ordered in a strained tone. The Wookiee gave a heartbreaking howl before dropping into the pilot seat to operate the shuttle to hyperspace.

    Luminara cut the shackles from the wrists of three other Wookiees on board. The Master wondered what she had gotten them all into. She was sorry for the loss of her friends, but knew their deaths would not be in vain if she could get to Coruscant.

    As the shuttle shot for the sky, she realized she might die trying.
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    Chapter Six

    Luminara had taken over controls of the shuttle while the Wookiees behind her were murmuring to each other. Judging by their distressed vocals, she knew they didn't have much faith in her.

    The Jedi ran a hand over her head and closed her eyes. All they needed to do now was survive the escape from the planet's atmosphere. Because the shuttle had Republic markings, she knew getting into Coruscant would be no problem. But once they arrived, she had no clue what the next step would be. Very possibly she could disguise herself and pretend to be an escort for the Wookiee slaves, but it would require more planning. Now was the time to focus.

    The clones had not fired at them yet, but it was possibly because they were too far out of reach. The shuttle was not equipped with any laser cannons, so getting into a battle with Republic - or rather, Imperial - forces would not be an option. The mission was nearly suicidal, but looking back, Luminara decided she had done the best she could given the circumstances. The Force had been on her side so far.

    "I'll need help navigating to the Core," she said, turning to fix blue eyes on the Wookiees huddled behind her like scared children. Kashyyyk was a Mid Rim planet, meaning it was not a great distance away from Coruscant, which sat in the center of the galaxy. Luminara was half-glad and half-disappointed she was not in the Outer Rim. Probably very few Jedi had been killed further out in the galaxy, but then again she would have traveled twice the distance to reach the Temple.

    One of the Wookiees took the seat next to her and keyed in the coordinates for Coruscant, apparently familiar with the Core. The shuttle broke through the atmosphere of Kashyyyk, and Luminara held her breath.

    It appeared the Republic cruiser was on the other side of the planet, far enough away that the shuttle would slip away undetected. Luminara wondered what kind of rebellions the Empire was suffering already. It was likely the Wookiees had started to form armies. She hoped they could use their advantages and experience in a united front. It was their only chance at victory.

    She activated the shuttle's hyperdrive, and the ship lurched forward. Coruscant would be a little over a day's journey from here. Enough time for her little team to come up with a plan and rest. They deserved it. She could see in their furry expressions the grief that comes with losing friends. She had emotionally removed such issues with years of training, but still felt a small ache in her chest. She realized it was mainly because of Barriss. She had fought alongside Luminara a majority of her life. During the Clone Wars Luminara prepared herself for the very likely chance one or both of them would die. She had never expected it to happen like this, however.

    The Jedi sat back in her seat, closing her eyes to prepare a plan for survival. Coruscant would be covered in clones. Not to mention Palpatine himself and the legion of senators he had won over by now. Perhaps some were spies. Luminara would stick out with her Wookiee companions unless she could devise a clever ruse.

    Stealing clone armor was a thought. But, it would be extremely difficult. Clones were together at all times, backed by hundreds of brothers. Armed to the teeth with any manner of weapons. That would not do.

    She felt a need to keep these Wookiees alive. She felt as if they were now her responsibility. Luminara frowned. The mess was deeply troubling, but perhaps they could help her work out flaws in any plans. It was better to have a team rather than trying to take on the Empire alone.

    The main agenda was to get to the Temple, and then go from there. If any Jedi were left they could help her immensely.

    Until then, she decided it was best to sleep. She took one last look at space, and then closed her eyes.
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    This story is exciting. I love it. More! More! Please update very soon.