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Star Wars CLOSED Turning Point - The Betrayal of Darth Revan

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 15, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Mheri

    The moment that Shysa came to, she would feel it.

    Panic, hammering at her in the Force.

    Mheri's, Tarre's, Cassus, too -

    A shock to the Force, and Cassus was unconscious.

    A twist of the Force, and Tarre was pained.

    Mheri's voice. "THEY'RE TAKING THE BABY!"

    She'd be awake, then - strapped to the table, by her ankles and wrists, yes, groggy from sedative.

    Scherp's voice. "Covering fire, the other patients were actors anyway; liquidate them all before we rendezvous with the Tears of Taris."

    Blaster fire, illuminating the curtains -

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Mama Bear

    "My son." Shysa tried to get up, but she was groggy, unable to move-

    "Let me have my son, Mheri; Tarre!"

    Shysa pulled on her restraints hard-


    Trust in the force.

    Shysa used the force to pull herself up-


    Shysa broke her restraints and leapt to her feet, she wobbled unsteady, and moved quickly despite the blaster fire on the other side of the curtain, yanking it off the rails and throwing it to the ground. She reached out with the force and grabbed the nearest guard with the force, throwing him across the room into another guard as the force fell on the retreating form of Scherp . Shysa moved quickly, needing to save her baby; their son from that man. They had already hurt Tarre and Cassus-

    "Mheri stay here!"

    Shysa threw more guards into one another, turning a blaster on another as he died-

    "You have no idea what you've done you monster." Shysa wasn't angry, she was protective, and the door down the hallway screeched to a halt and closed, Shysa limping her way to the man who had her son in his arms. "Give me my son before you rip your arms from your sockets old man." She stood there breathing heavy, looking for a weapon before she realised she was the weapon.

    "Give me my son back!"

    Shysa reached out and grabbed Scherp with the force, hard, protective.

    I just want my baby back-

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Scherp

    The Force grip took him, hard, and he tumbled back, keeping the child afloat. Silver-armoured Sith Troopers were down, and then with a practised yank of the Force, her child leapt into the waiting hands of the red-armoured commander. He gestured nonchalantly as he turned, a powerful Force push slamming into Shysa -

    The medications in her system would draw at her ability to recover with the Force, dropping her to one knee -

    The shuttle was evident, ramp open, and above, a single dagger-shaped vessel.

    A Centurion-class battlecruiser.

    Any Sith Lord who managed to hold on to one of these was able to make themselves an instant warlord. Twelve hundred metres of firepower, the last Dark Lord, Darth Nihilus, had become a galactic threat with merely one of them - until the Jedi Exile stopped him. All thought destroyed, there was one here. Right now, above Sernpidal.

    Scherp grinned at Shysa, scrambling to his feet as the Sith commander mounted the ramp, and then his view of Shysa was obscured by a rushing blur of speed. It was Mheri! A vibroblade in hand, she pushed off the armour-plate of a downed trooper and leapt -

    The Sith commander turned, surprised, clearly -

    But one thing Shysa had likely forgotten is that Mheri was a full blooded Mandalorian.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Shysa

    Trying to help

    "No you can't take him!" Shysa yelled out, struggling to get up. "That's my son. You can't have him-"

    She swallowed hard, and then sensed something; someone hurtling towards them. Shysa startled; realizing it was Mheri-

    "Mheri be careful!"

    There was a snap-hiss and a red blade swung up, one handed as the trooper held the screaming babe in the other arm. Mheri dove, a blow that would have separated her from her body had it connected, gathered her feet beneath her, and kicked out with one boot, slamming into the back of the trooper's knee joint, which twisted badly.

    He cried out, tumbling, the baby flying, and Mheri leapt forward, catching their child -

    And the Sith Trooper came to his knees, inverted the lightsaber, held above his head, and stabbed down at Mheri's exposed back -

    "No!" Shysa screamed out as the Sith Trooper aimed for Mheri's back. She got to her feet quickly, and propelled herself with the force as fast as she could; getting between Mheri, their baby and the Sith Trooper, she willed the force hard to stop the blade in its tracks-

    The Sith Trooper flew back, up the ramp with such force that it slammed shut after him -

    A few moments before it went dark.

    The sun - it had been blocked out by the Star Destroyer in orbit.

    The Tears of Taris, which had cried laser fire upon it's namesake.

    Tarre's voice rang out. "We need to get inside now!"

    Shysa turned to Mheri and their son at Tarre's voice, and moved over to help them. She placed a hand on Mheri's back and looked down at their son.

    "It's okay Cassius. Let's get you and Mama to Papa okay?" She cooed softly. She limped slightly, and helped them over to Tarre as quickly as she could, they needed to get inside-

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Tarre Vizsla

    "Cassius!" Tarre said, as she cooed. Mheri grinned, and came to her feet.

    "I love it," Tarre said, but his eyes were on the shuttle. It had bounced up into the sky, and began to reorient, weapons coming to bear. "Oh come on!"


    The blade was white, as it had been for many years since the Kyber was given to him.

    He stepped in-front of his family, as Cassus called him back.

    "I protect all that you wish to take from me, and the galaxy."

    As he said it, the blade turned black.


    It turned certain.

    The shuttle opened fire, and even if Tarre knew he couldn't block it all with his blade, he would with his body -

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    At last

    "Tarre, use the force." Shysa told him quietly. She passed Cassius to Mheri, and moved forward. "Let me help-" She reached out, and placed her hand on his shoulder; reaching out with the force-

    The Force came together, and it invigorated them,

    A hand on Shysa's shoulder, heavy, but supportive, would show Avner.

    He didn't have the Force, no, but he had a luminosity like those who were strong in personality but not in the ways of the Force.

    But his light, it shone with the radiance of Bastila Shan and Revan.

    He was their son.

    He smiled warmly at her, and nodded at Cassus.

    "Your secret is safe with me, and I entrust you with mine."

    The Force came together, and the light spread across the entire world.

    The cherry on top was when Colonel Scherpa held up his hands. "I formally surrender the Second Sith Empire to the Galactic Republic."

    That's good." Shysa replies to the colonel. "I was starting to wonder if this would end in more bloodshed." She looked approvingly at Tarre, and kissed him on the cheek before looking back at Avner. "You're secret is safe with us as well. Please pass on my regards to your mother. We fought together once."

    I will," he said, smiling, and drawing her into a hug. "She told me to look out for you, and trust you."

    Avner stood back up, sketched a salute at the Sith-Imperial Colonel. "I accept your surrender. Now, if you'll let this family leave, we can get to negotiating a real peace treaty."

    He pointed up. A Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser had arrived, with a full escort of corvettes and frigates. "Because Admiral Onasi is going to start blowing up military targets soon, and I'd rather have your eight sectors join the Republic as one unit."

    "Yes, sir," the Colonel said stiffly, something murky within him. One moment a Sith collaborator, the next betrayed by them, another, their informal Head of State? Where had the Tears of Taris fled to? Could they trust the man who had started this all off on Sernpidal all those years ago?

    Tarre placed a hand on Shysa's, and another on Mheri's, breaking whatever internal thought process was overwhelming them all. He squeezed them both. Cassus grinned, broadly.

    "Let's go home," Tarre said, and he kissed Shysa on the lips, then he kissed Mheri on the cheel, and then he kissed their babies forehead, who, in all of the excitement, had fallen asleep.

    Shysa hugged him back, and stepped away as he spoke. She was glad Bastila had such a thoughtful son, amd turned to Tarre when he had put his hand on hers. She relaxed, fully for the first time in almost a year. And snuggled against Tarre after he kissed her, reaching out to bring Mheri close enough to kiss as well.

    "Home sounds perfect." She turned to Cassius, and his grandfather Cassus.

    "Thank you." She whispered to the old man, and for once, she was looking forward to what happened next.

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    Nov 15, 2004

    Mandalore was a celebration.

    Not that the people of the world cared for auretiise treaties, but the signing of the Sernpidal Accords signified the official end of the Sith Wars.

    Five decades plus of carnage and chaos, led by Dark Lords of the Sith, Manda'lor's and the corrupted Republic, twisted into an Empire that warred upon itself.

    Fifty years ago there had been tens of thousands of Jedi; now, a mere few hundred.

    Fifty years ago there had been millions of Mandalorians; now, they were half that number, and their Taung brothers had been rendered extinct.

    Fifty years ago the Sith had been an unpleasant legacy from a millennium ago, festering in the Republic and Jedi but firmly in-check.

    With a powerful military and Jedi presence now set up over Korriban to prevent the Sith from ever returning, as well as the Empire agreeing to join the Republic and complete the hyperlane between Telos and the Aparo Sector with their membership, the galaxy was learning how to rebuild from the wars.

    To be reborn.

    To birth.

    The three of them settled on Mandalore.

    Shysa, Tarre and Mheri.

    They actually crossed the line to love each other, and there was the potential of even Tarre and Mheri having children together one day, but their child, and Shysa, remained the center of their little life.

    Cassus Fett was hailed as a martyr, reported dead by Mand'alor the Preserver to ensure that the Republic had no vibro-axe to grind.

    Known as Kadikla now, Cassus was merely a grizzled war veteran, commander of the Protectors, a hundred-strong Mandalorian contingent that patrolled their space; even as others

    Shysa's comrades on the original mission to Sernpidal from a decade ago; Adenn Aka, Roan Cass & Greer Gali - they were reported Killed In Action when the Sernpidalian authorities assisted the Republic investigators.

    Her Jedi friends who had returned to Dantooine and been judged by the Jedi Council; Atin-Kot Kouwr, Zeseem Dunkel and Yula Loranth - the mystery of their fate was never resolved, and they were reported as Missing In Action. The Republic and Jedi had little stomach for sweeping the still-dangerous Unknown Regions for three exiles, and they were left.

    Avner Shan, son of Bastila and Revan, became Chancellor.

    Revan never returned from the Unknown Regions; nor did Meetra Surik, who left with him.

    The last Centurion-class battlecruiser, the Tears of Taris, in all it's death and destructive potential, was never found.

    Loose ends became years, would become decades.

    Eventually, an aged Bastila Shan came to see Shysa.


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    Thank you for playing this game, and for, as and when, allowing the GM to really turn things on his head! The desire to continue beyond the capture of Darth Revan, to spiral plotlines into the future, was caused by your brilliant RPing.

    Mentions for @QueenSabe7 and @Master Vo

    Thank you for joining in as and when you did, no game can begin without a cast, and I appreciate the sheets because to be honest, about seventy percent of my games is what the players bring to the proverbial table and that shapes so much of the future game and ideas.

    In essence.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera, Cassius Fett Vizsla

    Shysa glanced at her son with a smile as he stood nearby, waiting to greet their guest. He wasn't Mand'alor yet, but he was shaping up to be a good leader. Someone that his people could be proud of.


    Shysa smiled at him when Cassius glanced her way, and he returned the smile. His father and other mother were away, so he was greatful to have his birth mother, his first mother with him.

    "Are you alright mother?" Cassius asked,

    "Yes. I'm just thinking how proud I am of you." Shysa looked away as a figure approached, Bastila. Shysa knew it had been years since they had seen each other. She wasn't sure why she was coming to see her new. Shysa moved to greet her, a little shy even after all these years.

    Bastila Shan was an older woman, now, her wars had taken much from her, including her husband.

    But, peace reigned, and the Dark Wars were a distant memory, two generations having grown to adulthood without having experienced them, and a third, Cassius' growing to age.

    She didn't have a walking aide yet, but clearly she would soon need one permanently, the slightest hunch evident in the old woman's pose. "Shysa," she said, wordlessly, breathless, and smiled. They were the last two survivors of the mission they had lead that saved the galaxy; the capture of Darth Revan.

    They were heroes.

    She drew Shysa into an embrace, a very un-Jedi thing to do back in the days of their battles with Darth Voren, but nonetheless that is just what she did. But her son was Chancellor, so perhaps Bastila was the most un-Jedi of the hidebound Jedi that had brought low the galaxy.

    Shysa smiled at Bsstila as she was drawn into a hug. She held her tight, enjoying the familiarity in the force. They were both lucky to love this long she figured.

    Pulling away Shysa squeezed her arm gently. "It's so good to see you Bastila." Shysa told her. She turned to her son Cassius.

    "This is my son Cassius." Shysa introduced, and Cassius clicked his heels and bowed.

    "Honored to meet you Msster Jedi."

    "The pleasure is all mine," Bastila said, looking around for somewhere to perch; she was old, and felt it.

    "Might we have some privacy, Cassius? I'd very much like to speak to your mother in private."

    Shysa gently took Bastila arm and looped her through it as Cassius nodded and left. Shysa led Vastila to a nearby bench, and helped her sit down as she sat beside her with a smile. "Cassius is a good boy. He's been able to grow up in a time if peace, of which I am greatful."

    Bastila smiled kindly. "I am happy to hear. Our youth... it was far too hard. The Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War... the Dark Wars..." She was suddenly very somber. "To think, I may have killed friends on both sides of that time, just for youthful indoctrination to the Council."

    She shook her head. "Don't mind me, Shysa. I'm fine, just... regretful."

    Shysa gave her a sympathetic look. "Yes. But I don't know if you or I knew any better. I was lucky to get away and have a family. So we're you." She took Bastila's hand in hers. "I forgive you. You need to learn how to forgive yourself."

    Bastila smiled, sweetly, and patted the younger woman's hand. "Thank you. I do think I came for forgiveness, and didn't expect to receive it. My husband was Darth Revan, fundamentally." A slight sigh. "But nobody has seen him for nearly three decades now. All I can assume is whatever threat he found in the Unknown Regions, he stopped it - because it isn't here."

    "You deserve it." Shysa replies."And Darth Revan or not you loved him. Would you like me to help you? I can pool some resources together to see if anything comes up."

    "You would?" Bastila's eyes lit up. "A Mandalorian scouting force?"

    "Yeah of course." Shysa laughed. She wrapped an arm around Bastila. "Whatever you need."

    "Who would you send?" She looked concerned. "The Unknowns can be dangerous, I had to convince Avner not to run into them after his father -" Bastila was suddenly short of breath -

    "It's okay Bastila. Deep breaths." Shysa said softly. "I need to think about this. We need someone discreet and effective..."

    She nodded, smiling. "Don't send Canderous, for the love of the Force. He's the opposite of that." Not that Mandalore the Preserver would go himself, but it was a thought. "I imagine Cassus would like to get out of the limelight a bit more."

    Her eyes met Shysa's. Clearly Bastila knew that the war criminal Cassus Fett lived. Perhaps Avner had said something, all those years ago. But there was no censure, nor threat. The war was a long time ago.

    Shysa laughed. "Noted." She paused and gave Bastila a measurex look. "I think Cassus would rather stay close to his grandson. We did name Cassius after him." She explained. "Your also welcome to stay here as long as you wish."

    Bastila laughed with her. "Thank you, Shysa. I appreciate it." She drew the woman into a hug. "To think where we started, all those years ago. I don't even recognise myself."

    A slight pause. "I don't know whether we should just leave my husband be. Do you think we might end up poking whatever it is that is, or was, out there?" She strained aging eyes. "I can't see in the Force that far. It's so far."

    Shysa smiled. "I don't either. I didn't think I would make it this far to be honest with you." She admitted.

    "You should focus on the here and now. We don't know what's out there. They could be friendly too." Shysa replies. "Trust in the force Bastila."
    Bastila was a little tearful, but she sucked in air, and calmed herself.

    "Introduce me to the rest of your little family," Bastila said, warmly, offering a hand to hold and walk with. "We deserve to focus on our happy ending, once and for all."

    Shysa took her hand and helped Bastila stand, gripping it tightly. "Gladly. They'll really like you. But Cassius might drive you crazy with questions." She winked.

    Bastila squeezed her hand. "Onwards, my dear Shysa."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    And they all lived happily ever after...

    For now.