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Beyond - Legends Beyond the Saga Saga - Legends Twin Suns Bed & Breakfast and Other Stories [UDC IX]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Kahara, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Title: Twin Suns Bed & Breakfast and Other Stories
    Author: Kahara
    Timeframe/Genre/Canonicity/Characters: various

    Summary: Series of drabbles for the Ultimate Drabble Challenge IX. New and old AU’s, Legends, New Canon, movie characters, EU characters, OC’s.


    Week 1: "Twin Suns Bed & Breakfast" (Rey; post-ST)
    Week 2: “Partners in Crime” (Corran/Mirax; Legends)
    Week 3: “Travel Light (Let the Sun Eclipse You)” (Taj Sinopa -- OC; Legends/undetermined)
    Week 4: “Fill Your Heart With Love (Travel Is Homecoming)” (Rose; post-ST, Twin Suns B&B-verse)
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  2. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Week 1

    “Twin Suns Bed & Breakfast”

    Post-Episode IX and contains spoilers for the movie

    35-36 ABY, New Canon (will be AU the minute we see any kind of sequel to the sequels :p ); vague mention of Legends characters

    Characters: Rey, Chewie, Ben Solo, Jannah, Lando, Meetra (aka the neighbor from the end of Episode IX), Finn, others mentioned

    Summary: Rey starts to rebuild her life on Tatooine, staying at the old Lars farm. It actually goes pretty well. This has probably been done, but if so here’s another one.

    (Alternate summary: Welcome to the Episode IX Group Therapy Huddle)

    A/N: Since imperfect drabbles are allowed this time around, these are all a bit over the 100-word limit! Someday I’ll learn to be economical. ;)

    1. Adamant

    “For the last time, I really will be alright.” Rey burrowed her face into Chewie’s shoulder. There wasn’t any point trying to squirm out of a Wookiee hug, and she didn’t want to anyway. She missed him already, the pain bittersweet.

    Chewie was home. They and the droids were the last Skywalkers, the last Solos.

    What was she thinking? Tatooine was so empty.

    Rey felt the weight of two extra lightsabers. Time they were brought home to rest. Time to blaze a new future with her own.

    “The others will help. I’m not really going to be alone here all the time. This is what I need to do, for now.”

    “Take care of the Falcon, cub.”


    2. Abide

    “Thought you might show.” Rey wasn’t surprised he waited until after the first round of helpers departed, taking the Falcon back to Chewie. Finn, Poe, and Rose had filled the homestead with banter and life.

    “Is this penance? Because if so, it should be me in the middle of nowhere.” Ben Solo ran an incorporeal hand over his face, looking particularly uncomfortable. And he was usually awkward.

    “No. This… shouldn’t be left to ruin. But I’m not staying forever, I don’t think.”

    “Just be as happy as you can, Rey.” His fingers twined around hers, not warm but bright. She sensed -- didn’t feel -- the kiss on her brow. When her eyes cleared of tears, he was gone.

    3. Afield

    “When Finn told me about this, I didn’t think of gardens!” Jannah admired a tree laden with dusty-lilac japor blossoms. She and Rey rested in the one-room “greenhouse”. They were recuperating from a generous meal, thanks to Lando’s culinary curiosity and the farmers’ market.

    “Yeah, it’s nothing fancy. But the vaporators are enough for this and some hydroponics.”

    “You like it here.” Jannah was ever perceptive.

    “Yes.” Rey smiled, glancing at the uneti tree seedling. “Though sometimes it’s lonely between visitors.”

    “Makes sense. I’m so glad that Dad and I were reunited, and we can help the others find their families. But it’s wonderful to go home and be with my company too.”

    4. Aghast

    “Anya’s saying it’ll be a duststorm -- err.”

    Meetra from up towards Anchorhead stopped mid-sentence at Finn’s appearance.

    “Rey! Do you know where the spares are for the sonics? They’re acting weird; think Forten overloaded the system. That bantha incident.”

    Finn was shirtless, as many of Rey’s visitors were due to the heat and no Tatooinian would be due to the sun -- and decorum.

    “We found it, Finn!” Five more Human males bounded out of the house, not a stitch above the waist between them.

    Rey had had a time convincing Meetra that Poe was not her husband before. The older woman looked horrified.

    Then Rey’s sweet neighbor bellowed, in the way of desert dwellers everywhere, “PUT ON SUNSCREEN!”

    5. Aforetime

    Twin Suns Bed & Breakfast. So, I guess this means you’re setting down roots.”

    “That’s a perfect way of putting it.” Rey remembered the binary sunset, and the twin spirits of her mentors.

    Finn helped her steady the japor wood sign she was painting. They worked together companionably, intuitively. Rey and Finn had spent time together over the last year, but almost none of it alone together.

    She drew in a breath.

    “The money from the New Republic is enough to hire an assistant. I’d like to travel.”

    “Would you like to travel in a disreputable starship? The hyperdrive is dinky and the captain is a sore loser at dejarik.”


    I’ve gone by the (probably non-canon) assumption that Rey inherited the Lars homestead from Leia, via Luke.

    The uneti tree seedling in Rey’s greenhouse is from a cutting that Poe gifted her; it comes from his family’s own tree which was cultivated from a fragment of the Great Tree that once grew in the Jedi Temple.

    The New Canon info on Lando’s life between the OT and Ep IX mentions that he had a daughter who was kidnapped by the First Order and never found. ( I’m going with the idea that Jannah is his daughter and they’ve spent a lot of time since their reunion investigating for other parents and children affected by the kidnappings. It does tie up the loose ends on both their stories a little too neatly, but let’s have some happiness in this future. :)

    Jannah’s company:

    Meetra is my Legends-EU-reference name ( for the woman Rey talks to while visiting the Lars farm at the end if Ep IX. - at least in my headcanon, this is the Anya that Meetra is talking about (so there is one little bit of Legends ;) )

    I’ve also decided that Chewie just flat out owns the Falcon these days, and that Finn at least sometimes acts as copilot. They have all the best arguments. :D
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb first set. So happy you're doing these!! Twin Suns is a perfect name for a Tatooinian B&B [face_laugh]
    Love your headcanons for Lando and the Falcon continuing with Chewie and Finn who would IMO make an awesome co-pilot. [face_thinking]
  4. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Nice work! What an interesting concept!
    I like the idea of the twin suns/ twin mentors, and how now it's her time to set her own course. I wonder if the vision of Ben will stay with her as he establishes her own life here.
  5. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I love this idea!! It's so cute and fun!
    Haha... no, I don't think there is a point. But also, awww.... it is bittersweet!

    I look forward to more of their stories!
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    Dec 21, 2016
  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
  8. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
  9. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    Cool concept, Kahara! I look forward to more antics on the Lars homestead. Nice blending of the of the OT and ST.
  10. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Squee! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! :D

    I've always loved Tatooine, and I loved that Rey ended up at the Lars homestead, and I really love what you've done here. The idea of Rey settling down with the help of her friends, opening a B&B (and Twin Suns B&B is just the perfect name...I would love to stay there!), even gardening... I love it all and can't wait to see where you take it! [face_love]
  11. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I already meant to comment yesterday, but then I forgot.

    Gez, I am so glad that you are back at writing. For I have missed your tender, gentle approach on beloved SW characters.

    Your Rey is a very sweet woman. Full of love, passion, ideas and life despite all the bad things that happened to her.
  12. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Thank you very much, I’m happy to be posting a bit again. [face_dancing] Glad you like the name! And I wanted to give at least somebody from the OT a happier ever-after if not a perfect one! Finn would be fantastic at co-piloting IMHO -- though he’s probably had enough of saving the galaxy, life on the Falcon would never be boring for long! ;)

    That imagery really struck me when I was going over the events at the end of the last film. I’d like to think that Rey will find her own way, but Luke and Leia will always be important to her. Same with Ben. I don’t think he’ll be sticking around long and that may have been his last appearance. But he’s still a part of Rey’s memories, just like everyone she’s cared for and lost. Thanks, always appreciate your insight! :)

    Thank you, I had a lot of fun coming up with a sorta-cozy AU-ish future for the gang. :) It’s a nice, mostly happy place to visit. So I’m sure we’ll be back there for some of the future sets!

    I love this comment! :D

    Thanks, I always enjoy finding some humor in things! :)

    Thanks, that's always great to hear! [face_dancing]

    Glad you enjoyed reading! :) It’s nice to find and strengthen the links between those timeframes. And I’m sure this ‘verse will be back. Hoping to include it in every other drabble set or so. Guess we'll see!

    Thank you very much! [face_dancing] Tatooine is one of my favorites too; there's something really special about it. Though I'm sure teenage Luke Skywalker would heartily disagree! ;) The B&B idea just wouldn't go away, but it was one of those that I thought would never get written... happy to have been wrong about that! :) I especially wanted to show the characters still being part of each other's lives after the big battle is over and the credits roll. Something different from the OT to ST gap, where everyone drifted apart and stopped talking. (Good thing I believe strongly in a multi-Star Wars-verse. :p )

    Aww, thanks! [:D] Glad to be dipping my toes back into the writing pond! And I really liked Rey's character in the movies, partly because she was tough but she wasn't just tough. She cared deeply for others and had so many emotional journeys on her way. So I'm really glad if my telling here captured some of that! :)
  13. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Week 2

    “Partners in Crime”

    Starting around 6/7 ABY and going to 20-something ABY, Legends, can somewhat fit into canon (though I didn't research that much and I'm envisioning it in some happy AU-verse as you get later into canon)

    Characters: Corran Horn, Mirax Terrik, OC's and Legends characters (mentioned)

    Summary: Mirax and Corran are a horrible, awful, unholy (wonderful) influence on each other.

    A/N: Kudos to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha for her Mini Challenge, Legends Couples Whose Journey Begs to Be Written. I got the prompt for Corran/Mirax, and I am writing another, somewhat longer story for it that may someday see the light of day. But that also sparked the idea for this drabble set, so thanks Ny! :)

    Lots of inspiration credit also to the current "Things You Said" challenge running in the OTP thread here:♡-the-otp-pairing-thread-♡-challenge-15-posted-things-you-said-4-26-p-54-1327.50033896/page-54#post-56613709. I didn't pick one of the exact prompts; mine is more along the lines of "Things You Said When We Were Making Trouble". ;)

    6. Raid

    “Horn, this isn’t the mess hall.”

    “Well, no. We worked through dinnertime. Buuuuuut… there are fresh sweesonberry rolls.”

    “Wait. Are we breaking into the kitchens?”

    “Ssh, BR-01L will hear. Okay, let’s split these.”

    “If we get caught, I will leave you holding the bags of baked goods.”

    “Yeah. Stang -- go!”

    “They lost us.”

    “Back to reports.”

    “What. Was. That.”

    “Dulcinea. Culinary artist. Thisspiasian bigger than a Vendaxan cobra.”

    “You rob her kitchen regularly?”

    “Not always me.”

    “Rogue Squadron quality time. I can’t decide if that’s sweet or obnoxious. Does Wedge know you’re all miscreants?”


    “Tssk. And now you and I, partners in crime!”

    “Eat your pastry, Terrik.”

    7. Pirate

    “Excuse you. Just because of my father’s career, I’m the one who has to play pirate? I don’t think so. Your squadron, your plan, your charade.”

    “Okay, okay. But I’m not wearing the hat.”

    “Oh yes you are.”



    “It’s tacky.”

    “Someone should have thought of that.”

    Fine. Did you just take a holo? I can’t believe you.”

    “What holo? I’m checking my ‘besh messages.”

    “Ta-da! How’s my look, Terrik?”

    “Oh dear Force.”

    “It’s distinguished and intimidating!”


    “Can’t please everyone. Okay, let’s review our plan for after we capture that supply ship.”

    “Right now, the only plan is whatever we have to do to make your terrible fake goatee stop.”

    8. Smuggle

    “How did you manage to sneak that into the medcenter without squashing it?”

    “It’s a gift. Also a life skill.”

    “Not your usual smuggled goods.”

    “Physics and psychology are still physics and psychology.”

    “Have you got a jakrab hidden away too?”

    “You never know.”

    “This is amazing! I haven’t had stonefruit milhojas since Klotho’s back in Coronet -- it’s just the same.”

    “The Diktat got on her back about something. She’s got a hover-diner here on Chandrila.”

    “You might be an actual sorcerer.”

    “But I only use my powers for good. Or bribery.”

    “So I seem bribable?”

    “Just kiss the bringer of contraband edibles, Corran.”

    “You don’t actually have to bring pastry for that. Not that I’m complaining.”

    9. Maraud

    “Exit four Empire Reborn dirtbags in a tracered Thalassian barge, pursued by Force illusions.”

    “I can’t believe they’re falling for this. We just passed headless orbaksman Borsk Fey’lya.”

    “Sometimes with complicated imagery, my subconscious fills in the blanks. People are more focused on the whole band of Sanyassans with torches than the details, anyway.”

    “I’ll remember that while preparing my father’s defense against charges of raiding Lady Twerpe-Tagge’s country house sweatshop in a scary clown costume.”

    “Noted. Are the kids alright?”

    “Yeah. Buzzing a lot. I think they’re just excited to leave this dump. We’re all outside the perimeter. Are you?”

    “Yes, why -- Mirax!”

    “They’ll never prove it wasn’t bad wiring.”

    “The place was a firetrap.”

    10. Steal

    Corran? I almost stunned you! Why are you sneaking around with… a crate of compressed packing material? Corran Horn, are you the thief who’s been making off with my shipping groundnuts?”

    “It’s a long story?”


    “Ganner Rhysode is terrible.”


    “An A-wing full of decompressed Force ghost poo might not improve his attitude, but it will mine.”

    “Something something, revenge is not the Jedi way...”

    “He told Valin he’ll always be a failure because he can’t float rocks.”

    “He said what? We should handle this like adults and have a talk with Rhysode. If this happens again, we will. For now, though, may I interest you in this crate of squonkbladder pods? Shipping groundnuts are the weak-spice option.”


    BR-01L and Dulcinea are OC’s, since I can’t recall or find who was in charge of food on the Home One. And I’m sure the total staff there is more than just them! -- think snake mermaids.

    Vendaxan cobra (fanon) - very large poisonous snake species from Vendaxa (

    ‘Besh messages (fanon) - if there’s a name for text-based messages in Star Wars, I don’t remember it. ;)

    Stonefruit milhojas (fanon) - researching this story led to browsing pastries of the world, which led to this recipe: TL;DR, milhojas is a kind of layered pastry that is made in many (mostly Spanish-speaking) countries worldwide. (Wikipedia: Never tried it, but it sounds truly decadent! Stonefruit is a general term for many kinds of fruit, including peaches. (

    Klotho is named after one of the Fates from Greek mythology. - Empire 5 or 6, The Emperor’s New Boogaloo Was Already Taken. Known for slave trading alien species as their source of income; most of them were caught after the whole Crystal Star… thing ( but I’ve assumed there were a few that scattered.'lya - Mirax's dad, ex-pirate, what's not to love.

    Lady Twerpe-Tagge (OC, I guess :p ) - one of the Empire Reborn stragglers, somehow vaguely related to these guys:

    Further into headcanon territory, the buzzing kids are of various insectoid species that were enslaved to make embroidery that Twerpe-Tagge was selling on GalacticEtsy or something of that nature. Inspired by the presence of Grake ( on Hethrir’s ship, and I've long fanon-ed that the insect-like students in the YJK class (I think it was) were her kids. So here they are in vague reference form! :) - short story is that he's Mirax and Corran's kid and adorable. :)

    Squonkbladder pods (fanon) - stinky air-filled bladder-like pods from a swamp-dwelling plant. They can expand in dark spaces and then burst into liquid and dissipate if they come into contact with light, making a lot of unpleasant noises and smells in the process. Named after the squonk, a not-entirely-serious lumber folklore creature from the late 1800’s or so. (
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love how you write Corran Horn and his friends
  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great banter and intriguing details conveyed through dialogue! =D=
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  16. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Not only great writing, you also listed up nicely where you get your ideas from & wrap them into stories.
  17. JadeSphera

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    Dec 10, 2018
    I love Corran and Mirax. And these were a delight to read [face_love]
  18. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    I'm always a sucker for banter and troublemaking, so these drabbles were really fun to read. :D And to write them all using only dialogue is impressive! Nice work. =D=
  19. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Nice drabbles, Corran and Mirax are a fun couple. :)
  20. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Thanks, earlybird! :D That means a lot coming from a Horn family chronicler such as yourself!

    [face_blush] Aww, thanks! I really had fun writing that back-and-forth in their conversations, so I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.

    Thanks so much! :) I love putting little bits of Star Wars lore into my writing, and some real-world stuff as well at times.

    I love them too, it was a joy to revisit these characters! [face_dancing] Thank you very much.

    I always love a troublemaking pair! [face_love] Thanks, that is exactly what I was going for and I'm so happy you liked it.

    Thanks, it was really fun to write for an old favorite pairing here! :)
  21. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Week 3

    “Travel Light (Let the Sun Eclipse You)”

    About 2-6 ABY, Legends

    Characters: (all OC’s this time around, except for a few references) Taj Sinopa, Pakhné Joslenn-Sinopa, Yaro Sinopa, Chatoyant Runica, Zoïsite Runica, Llinos

    Summary: A young Amaran would-be spacer’s path to the stars is a complicated one in the final days of the Empire. But Taj isn’t letting that stop him.

    A/N: The characters of Taj and Llinos both come from my Kam/Tionne story, Constellations, which takes place in an AU where the NJO was founded a little earlier and on Ossus. That doesn’t really matter much to this set, but if some characters sound familiar you’re right. ;)

    11. Professor

    “I’m doing my application. Seriously, this time.”

    Pakhné grinned at the sight of Taj’s russet head bent over the datapad.

    “All it took for my fluff-sprite to settle was the possibility of babysitting the cubs.”


    “Soon you’ll fly away on the breeze,” she added, laughing at his scrunched snout.

    “I don’t even know what name to put! You literally named me after your Jedi professor.”

    “None of us would be here without him.” She touched the blaster burn through her eartip. “But that’s not the only reason. Professor Kint never stopped trying to make the Galaxy better, even if it was just by pushing us to learn. He never forgot who he was. Change it if you need, but...”

    “I’ll remember, Ma.”

    12. School

    The graduation ceremony was stuffy in Yaro’s opinion -- nothing like the celebrations on Mrlsst. He could barely make out Taj below, his stature smaller than ever among the neat lines of mostly Human students.

    The Cinnagar Academy’s Flight program kept up appearances, though they trained merchants and not military pilots. Perhaps he made too much of it, but he remembered the absence of stories from Taj about his fellow students. No friends, no romances, not even rivals. Yaro worried that while he and Pakhné had lost the possibility of graduating, their son had been cheated of the camaraderie and joy of their college experiences.

    The second the ceremony was over, an auburn blur vaulted off the stage with a wild bark of joy, sending the ranks into disarray.

    13. Gifted

    “Come on, Chatty. I know you have someone in mind -- you wouldn’t look pathetic if you didn’t.”

    Chatoyant drew a spiral pattern in the frosted side of his glass.

    “Do you even remember what ethics are? I can’t throw my students into harm’s way.”

    Zoïsite looked too sympathetic. It would be easier to be angry at her if she had adopted the coldness of their aunts when she took over the “family business”.


    She waited, of course.

    “It’s his call. I’m not sugarcoating this.”

    “Of course.”

    “The Amaran kid. I was right, the guild wouldn’t even consider him.”

    “Like your school won’t consider a sphinx for tenure anymore.”

    “Be a wasted talent if he took any other job on offer. Doesn’t mean I like it.”

    14. Karma

    “Okay, I’ve got this, I’ve got this.” The canoid male was nearly hyperventilating. Llinos suspected that he did not have this. Professional safecrackers weren’t prone to dropping their tools and crawling around under furniture.

    “Birthday -- no. Fancy speeder -- no. GAH! There is no way this palooka is smart enough for a good password.”

    “You can guess. Or you can help a girl out of this misery cube and get the code from someone who sees it daily.”

    After jumping thrice his height in shock, the intruder was quick to free her. Too quick to be streetwise. Llinos wasn’t going to gripe.

    “Why tell me?” Maybe he wasn’t without hope.

    “Moff Loud-Shirts has ticked me off more than any prize is worth.” Plus, this kid obviously needed a keeper.

    15. Gambit

    “Raining convor pellets, you expect me to break into a Na’anyx codebox?”

    Taj’s tiny, bird-like passenger climbed down his sleeve, gripping hard with her claws. Her wings fluttered, and he prepared to catch her. Llinos really didn’t look up to flight. She scratched at the box irritably and Taj sighed. They’d barely gotten away from the Moff’s security for this, and it wasn’t going so well.

    “Zoïsite needs me to trade that datacard to Carkollu. Which isn’t happening with it in the box.”

    “Sure.” He had the impression the reptavian was rolling her eyes. “I -- might have a lead who could crack this. There’s just a little problem.”

    Taj’s ears quivered in anxiety. What now?

    “The Moff just had him thrown in the hoosegow.”


    Title from the song “To the Sky” by Owl City. In other words, it was time for a title and I combed through my playlists for inspiration. :p

    Pakhné’s name comes from an Ancient Greek word for “frost”. ( Her family is one of those that lived on Naboo and traded in trained animals, as seen in The Wildlife of Star Wars.

    I’ve had it in my writing notes for a long time that Taj was named after Jedi-in-hiding-turned-professor Taj Junak ( because his parents were among the students he was able to save during the Mrlsst uprising. Pakhné and Yaro would have known him by his alias as Shellery Kint, but my headcanon is that they found out his real name after and named Taj after him. Kind of a combination of honoring their former teacher and giving a one-finger salute to the Empire at the same time.

    Their surname, Sinopa, means "fox" or "fox kit" in Blackfoot (Siksiká). At least, according to a whole bunch of unsourced online baby name sites.

    Yaro’s name was inspired by the plant yarrow, which has some interesting history and lore around it: It also means “arum lily” in Spanish.

    Note that Taj’s homeworld ( remains under Imperial control until at least 6 ABY or later from what I can tell. The Cinnagar Academy and its piloting program are all fanon inventions -- the Empire had a stranglehold on fighter piloting, but it seems like there had to be some way for people to get certified in driving the space delivery vans and such.


    Zoïsite’s name comes from the French spelling of zoisite.

    Their surname of Runica comes from this thorny plant: Also discovered that it’s the feminine form of “runic” in Italian, though that’s a happy coincidence.

    There’s a whole fanon post that I need to finish on various alien species that are lumped together under the label of “sphinx”. Someday!

    Llinos is an Elellumiwi (fanon species) and resembles some fossil ancestors of birds from this Earth (ex:, though her species is more finch-sized.

    Na’anyx (fanon) - the species of sphinx that Zoïsite and Chatoyant both belong to. They are from an uncertain homeworld and have lived on Empress Teta for almost as far back as the recorded history of the planet goes. Named after the cheetah, AKA Acinonyx jubatus.

    Carkollu is named after the Carcolh, a monstrous slug creature from French folklore. ( His species is probably pretty well hinted from that. :p
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent revisiting prior original characters and your end notes continue to be quite informative
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    Jun 29, 2004
    This has been an AWESOME collection of drabbles so far! Wow! I'm really enjoying how unique and varied your characters and genres have been, and can't wait to see where the prompts take you next!

    In particular, I enjoyed . . .

    Aw! What a great Wookiee hug! Would you want to break away, even if you could?

    I loved the line about the last of the Solos, as well as the Skywalkers. Very poignant!

    Oh but this is perfect! What a fitting ending, and a great way to honor her adopted legacy.

    I loved how Rey pitched her offer. :p And of course Finn is going to say yes! They really deserve the chance to explore and enjoy their friendship and live now. Beautiful!

    Ha!!! This was my favorite set so far. Corran and Mirax and some classic Legends goodness, just how I like it! These really hit the spot! [face_love]

    Oh Wedge is fully aware of the fact that he's a kindergarten teacher more so than a squadron commander at times! [face_laugh]

    Oh yes he is! [face_laugh]

    Fair. You need say no more than that!

    I love how well you were able to tie in and use the prompts! They really were perfectly suited! [face_love] =D=

    Aw! Fluff sprite. [face_love]

    I loved the heavy feeling of legacy you were able to work into this drabble. In the best of ways! This whole set was fantastic, and it was great getting to know your OCs, but I liked Professor the best.

    Again, you're doing an awesome job with these so far! It really is wonderful to see you writing again, and I can't wait to see what you have to share with us next. [face_love] =D=
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  24. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Week II - I LOVE how you manage to do three challenges in one! That's impressive! And the banter between Corran and Mirax is fantastic! I've always loved their relationship and you show it so well!

    Week III- excellent set!
    This made me laugh, no I don't think they are prone to doing that, but the mental image was sooo good. Also I feel like nothing gives away being nervous like repeating "I've got this." lol.

    But I really loved Professor. There's so much warmth and heart in such a short story.
  25. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    I love the title for this set! Now I'll have to listen to that song. :D

    And I love the set itself too. Great mix of emotions and settings and all the characters have so much personality even in these short moments!

    I really loved this line because of the sheer joy in it. I could feel Taj's exuberance.

    Another wonderful set! =D=