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Saga We don’t want a Jedi in the house! Minor challenge: Beru Lars with fanart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, May 9, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Title We don’t want a Jedi in the house!
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Saga ROTS
    Characters: Beru
    Genre: Minor challenge
    Summary:Beru saves a young boy.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the mouse.

    We don’t want a Jedi in the house!

    A landspeeder was stirring up dust and adding that dust to the already hazy atmosphere of the dusty planet called Tatooine. The woman behind the controls didn’t mind. She was Beru Whitesun Lars and returning to her home and glad to be there before the next dust-storm would stir up more dust than she liked. She had left that home early to go to Anchorhead to get supplies and be home before noon. She was very relieved that the fireworks that had dotted the sky yesterday in the early evening were gone. The war had come very near to Tatooine with a group of droid-ships of the trade federation being pursued by a republic taskforce led by Jedi generals. She was coming home with collected mushrooms and had seen those fireworks when her husband Owen was activating the perimeter defences of the homestead for the night. And just as suddenly as the fireworks had begun they had ended.

    Beru was reaching the perimeter of their property when a vaporator caught her attention. Something was missing from the top. She steered the landspeeder towards that vaporator and saw what had nicked it. It was an escape-pod with red and white markings now tangled with the remains of the top. Those markings identified it as a republic escape-pod. A hatch was half open and a piece of beige cloth could be seen.

    Beru listened and heard a soft whimpering sound coming from that escape-pod. ‘Someone is alive.’ And that had her – a Tatooinian raised woman told to help beings in need – exiting her speeder and rushing to that half open hatch after getting a crowbar from the backseat.

    “Hello! Can you hear me? I will try to get you out,” Beru saw a young man – more a teenager – curled up on his side with one foot in an awkward position trapped between wreckage. Dried tears – mixed with soot and dust – marked his face. He was dressed in beige tunics, pants and short brown sturdy boots. A simple leather belt with some pouches and a kind of tool attached held the tunics closed. All clothes were showing rip and tear, with some brown spots indicating dried blood. He reminded her about her brother Haro but had short cropped hair. She put the crowbar between the hatch and the rim of the escape-pod and began to move the tool. Groaning metal resisted first but Beru’s strength had the hatch opening more. She heard more groaning and whimpering. “Easy I have you out soon.”

    Eyes fluttered, opened in slits and closed again.

    Beru pushed at the hatch and felt it swinging open. She knelt down and used her hands to take the teenager in a strong grip.

    “Oww!” a soft moan escaped from cracked lips.

    That ‘oww’ had her halting for a moment. “It will hurt but I will have you soon safe and in my transport.”

    “Owww!” Eyes opened revealing deep sorrow and closed.

    “Hang on,” Beru pulled harder and had him out and surprised by his skinny form and weight she lifted him with ease in her arms. “You are just like my brother Haro. He was a skinny kid too when he was fifteen or so.” She carried him to the landspeeder and settled him in the passenger-seat. “Easy now.”

    “Oww” eyes rolled away and lids closed.

    Beru listened and heard the breathing. “I will have you soon somewhere comfortable where I can examine your injuries. I have a small medkit here but that won’t be enough.” She slid behind the controls and turned the landspeeder to the homestead.

    - - -

    Beru had the landspeeder in the garage. With the same ease she lifted the unconscious boy out of the passenger seat and started towards the workshop when the door opened to reveal her husband.

    “Beru, you are home,” Owen halted in the door when he saw who she was carrying. “Who is that?” Eyes focussed on the boy and recognised the tool hanging from the belt. He had seen a similar tool a few years ago. “He is a Jedi.”

    “A Jedi?” Beru shifted the weight of the boy when she felt him stirring back to consciousness. A soft moan was heard and a hand was moving towards the shining tool. She was loosing her grip.

    “He is and we don’t want a Jedi in the house,” Owen came into the garage grumbling with a gruff voice. “The soldiers of the empire will be merciless when they find him here. And he is injured and needs the care of doctors and a hospital. Get him in the airspeeder.” He came towards his wife and took the legs of the boy gently in his strong hands being mindful of the injured left leg.

    A hand was now firmly curled around the lightsaber.

    “If you think it is safe,” Beru entered the workshop with her husband.

    “Beru,” Owen soothed. “Take him to a Mos Eisley hospital. He will be safe there. The town is a sanctuary for those wishing to avoid undue attention.”

    Beru nodded face lightning up when she remembered visiting the Egvards family one year ago to see their daughter getting the keys to a low rent apartment in Mos Eisley and the papers to get studying at the University hospital, situated in the new quarter at the edge of the town. “I will take him to University hospital. Tonia Egvards is studying there. She has no love for what the galaxy is becoming.”

    Owen remembered Tonia too. “That’s the girl who doesn’t want to become a moisture farmer like her parents. The Jedi will be safe under her care.” He helped Beru to place the boy in the passenger seat of the airspeeder. “Get going.”

    Beru entered the airspeeder and a soft smile was on her face when she saw the hand now relaxing. “We don’t take that away from you but you have to hide it somewhere after I have brought you to Tonia.” She engaged the repulsorlifts and guided the airspeeder out of the garage.

    - - -

    Beru saw a hand moving again to the lightsaber. The boy was stirring back to consciousness. He had slipped in and out of consciousness during the flight to Mos Eisley and had lost it again when she had put him on a hoverstrecther that she had found in the parking lot after piloting her airspeeder down. She was now moving the hoverstretcher towards the ER-rooms a bit annoyed that no nurse or hospital worker had come. Or had that to do with the ‘walkers’ and ‘larties’ she had seen in various spots and outside in the streets near the hospital? She had to stop for a white clad human guiding another hoverstretcher inside. ‘That man has a nurse guiding him in. He must have arrived with that rescue-vehicle I saw.’ She paled when she saw two clone troopers – faces visible – moving towards the ER-rooms and to the man on the hoverstretcher.

    “You have not seen me.”

    Beru heard a soft voice coming from the dishevelled man who must be in great pain. She saw and smelled burned clothes. A left arm was in a crooked position indicating a break in both bones. It was encased in a vacuum splint. An IV-bag was held by the nurse.

    “I have not seen you.”

    Beru observed the blank faces of the clone trooper replying in a monotone voice.

    “I am just a humble freighter-pilot. Have a speedy recovery.”

    There that was the soft voice again marred with pain. The reply was crisp and full of authority.

    “You are a humble freighter-pilot. Have a speedy recovery.”

    Beru fully expected the two soldiers now turning to her and her patient but heard again the now very soft voice.

    “That boy and woman there are of no concern. They are farmers and pilots. Let them enter ER-room two.”

    Beru saw the clone troopers turning her way.

    “Move that stretcher to ER-room two woman!”

    Beru did as ordered and entered ER-room two not surprised at all when she saw the other stretcher being guided in the same room. ‘That man – probably a Jedi too – will help the Jedi-boy I brought in.’ She began to smile when she saw the attractive brunette in the ER-room. Tonia Egvards was there with her teachers and turned immediately to her.

    “Beru, get him here. My teacher Rodney Jaffe will take a look at his injuries.”

    “Tonia,” Beru hurried to the woman. “I am glad to see you. I have found this boy in a crashed escape pod. And he is a Je…”

    “I know and he knows,” Tonia indicated the other stretcher. “He has done all to keep you and him safe and we will do the same. Don’t worry. All of us here in this room have no love for the new empire. That is Bernie Jaffe. He is Rodney’s brother and stationed here with his rescue squad. He called twenty minutes ago that he was extricating that man from a wreck.”

    Beru saw the resemblance between Tonia’s teacher and the medic that was now busy with removing the straps. She made place for the teacher and Tonia and walked to the other hoverstretcher. She wanted to thank the man and was shocked when she saw the medic beginning to cut away what was left of the clothes.

    Bernie Jaffe bowed down when he heard a whisper.

    “I have an allergy to Bacta and the Jedi too.”

    “Rodney; don’t use Bacta on your patient,” Bernie ordered with a loud voice.

    “You know a lot about that boy,” Beru was now at the side of the man and took the offered hand in hers. “I have to thank you for saving him and me.”

    “I had to,” the man gripped Beru’s hand and continued in a soft but clear voice “That Jedi-boy is related to my race. I felt Jedi dieing everywhere when I came out of hyperspace near my destination in the middle of a bunch of seperatist and republic ships. I was headed to Tatooine with a load of ore and became witness to the destruction of his Jedi-cruiser with parts of that cruiser hitting my freighter causing more mayhem. And it wasn’t the battle causing the destruction. That had ceased for some reason I don’t know. I saw an escape-pod blasting away and shortly after that a lightsaber cutting through a transparisteel window. That decompressed a part of the cruiser and was – after I saw a lot of bodies in space – the start of the destruction of the entire cruiser. I tried to repair my freighter ordering ‘Messy’ around.”

    “Messy,” Beru had a fleeting smile on her face but was saddened by the tale of the man. He had been a direct witness to destruction of Jedi. She had heard the speech of Palpatine declaring the Jedi to be traitors to the empire.

    “Messy is my old astromech and helped me. We tried for hours but to no avail. I was forced to land on this planet and the freighter just quit helping me when I was nearing Mos Eisley.”

    “And I saw your freighter going down and ordered my crew to go. Messy will be taken by my crew too.” Bernie turned from his patient to Beru. “You can visit them but now we have to get busy.”

    “Don’t worry Beru.”

    Beru saw Tonia turning for a moment before she and Rodney disappeared with their patient through double doors marked OT 2.

    “Go home Beru,” the injured man whispered. “You can now leave the hospital. No one will bother you. Don’t worry about the boy and me.”

    “Have a speedy recovery,” Beru released the hand of the man after giving a soft squeeze and headed outside towards her airspeeder.

    - - -

    She fully intended to visit Tonia and the two men but another Jedi – Obi-Wan Kenobi – arriving with a baby had her quite busy. She had with Luke Skywalker a Jedi in the house and her husband vowing that he would keep Luke away from Jedi stuff.

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    Very nice one shot indeed. =D= Great to see Beru's natural compassion
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    She was coming home with collected mushrooms and had seen those fireworks when her husband Owen was activating the perimeter defences of the homestead for the night. And just as suddenly as the fireworks had begun they had ended.

    Mushrooms will lead to her doom one fine day. :(

    Anyway, great story with nice interaction between old beloved characters and new ones.
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    Lovely! @};-

    Beru has such love and compassion to share and you really show that here. I love that this happened right as Luke was brought to them.

    Wonderful story and wonderful drawing!

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    Nice story. The drawing caught my eye. The Jedi looks like my son.
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    You will see more of him when I start drawing him and the characters interacting with him

    Thank you all for reading[face_dancing]

    And the new ones have been in the drabbles and will return in a new story
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    I always have a soft spot for fics set on Tatooine, and this is a nice look at Beru! She's such a strong and compassionate woman. Great interaction between the canon characters and OC's. I like the name Messy for the droid. Lovely drawing, too!