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Senate Welcome Thread

Discussion in 'Archive: Community Rules and Policy' started by Lowbacca_1977, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Lowbacca_1977

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    Jun 28, 2006

    [b]Welcome to The Senate Floor. [/b]

    So, you found it. At last. You took the left at the Ampitheatre, kept going past the Community Centre and dodged the Census takers till you found us.

    Well, now you're here, I need a moment of your time. This place can be a little strange at first, so I'll try and explain it a bit to you.

    [b]What is the Senate Floor? [/b]

    Or - why we're different. The Senate is unlike any other board in the whole of the JCC forums. We are here to discuss politics, economics, religion, sexuality, and just about anything else one mustn't discuss over the dinner table.

    Now, we ask a few things of all users. Firstly, we ask you to be civil to each other. We're discussing intensely personal stuff; stuff that almost defines who and what we are. So we know it'll get a little heated sometimes. In fact, we expect it - it means you're passionate about your beliefs. There is, however, a fine line between heated discourse and impolite savagery. If it goes beyond adding to the discussion and just degenerates into the personal... well, you've gone too far.

    Secondly - we don't really want one line posts, if you can avoid it. We don't want "I [dis]agree" to be an acceptable response. We want people to post substance, and to back it up. The term "PPOR" - Post Proof or Retract - has become part of the vernacular in many discussions here, and that ain't gonna change. So, if you post simply your opinion, people are going to ask you to back it up. We demand a high standard of ourselves, and of you.

    Yeah, it's that kinda place. [face_wink]

    Thirdly, we want you to learn something here. Einstein once said, "The more I learn, the more I realise I know nothing." That should be your mantra here too. Even if it's something minor, like how certain people see the world, it's impossible not to come away from a posting spree in the Senate without having your worldview challenged, and hopefully changed a little... [face_happy]

    So, as I said, we're here to talk about, debate and discuss, important issues. Before you start, I'd recommend having a look at [link=]this thread[/link]. It's our Rules & Regulations, which thankfully you only have to read once.

    [b]OK... Where do I start? [/b]

    Watch a few debates and discussions to see how and what people post. Then jump on in. Sink or swim, I say. If you're having issues, you can contact a Moderator, and being friendly blokes, will set you straight.


    1) [b]What guidelines should I follow when setting up a new thread?[/b]

    Aside from checking the Rules & Regs and the topics list in the Archive thread, the best litmus test is, "how much discussion can this point make"? We never like threads which start with an article and people are asked to discuss the information contained within the article; we'd prefer you told us what you think too.

    Also, try to avoid being too one-sided in an opening post. Whilst you may feel that way, an attempt at objectivity feels less like it's made your mind up for you and allows people to form their own conclusions. These conclusions form the basis of our longest running, most successful debates and so it's a tried-and-tested formula.

    If you're still not sure, find a long running thread and read the opening post. If you can emulate it, you might have success with your topic.

    If in doubt, either PM a mod or another user who seems to be active in the Senate.

    2) [b]What do I do if someone's attacking me instead of my viewpoints? [/b]

    It depends. This is a political forum, so you have to expect to take a couple on the chin. It would be too sterile if we didn't have heated exchanges. When it stops being about the issues in the thread and starts being about the people, then it's a problem.

    If it gets to that stage, where they're focused on you and not your posts, don't respond. PM a Moderator, and don't engage the person further. The last thing we want is a fight escalating to a flame war. Cooler heads will
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