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Discussion in 'Archive: Fan Sites' started by Brandon Rhea, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 26, 2004
    Welcome to the Jedi Council Fan Sites board! Thank you for visiting this board! If it is your first time, be sure to read through this entire thread as it will help you out and make your visit far more enjoyable and worthwhile.

    The purpose of Fan Sites is to have discussions on individual fan sites and websites in general. If you post a thread about your site, you should expect to get real feedback. While threads you post about your site are, in effect, an advertisement, the advertisement aspect is only a minor detail of the board. Members are here to critique your fan site work, pointing out errors and mishaps and giving you legitimate feedback. You need not worry, though, as the criticism will be respectable and constructive.

    There are also frequent discussions about various topics such as coding languages, message boards, host sites, and the development of web designing over the years, among others. Feel free to take part in any of these discussions, as your input is highly valued. ;) Be sure to also keep a look out for our social thread! It offers you a chance to get to know your fellow fan site creators and form new friendships...and possibly even members for your site. :p

    Please be sure to read the rest of this introductory post, as well as the rest of the thread, as it will assist you in posting your fan site. I would also like to especially thank darth_nemesis, as well as SaraKenobi, jedi-mind-tricks, DVeditor and Nar Cranor, for their help in the creation of this guide.

    The following question and answers were written by darth_nemesis

    I have a question, where do I go?
    Well, there are several places. The PM boxes of darth_nemesis and Nar Cranor are always open, so do not hesitate to send a PM our way. We cannot guarantee that the question will be answered, but we will at least direct you into the right direction. Jedimasterbac will also be glad to answer any PMs sent his way, so be sure to do that as well. Also, you could check out the General Q&A thread here. Simply post the question there and someone will most likely answer if they happen to know. ;)

    How do I promote my fan site?
    Well, the best way to do that is to post a new thread. However, there are a few guidelines in which I would suggest you follow in order to get the best response out of your thread. It would be wise to use the following outline in your opening post:

    Name of Fan Site: (What you call your site)
    URL: (The "" which points to your site)
    Description: (explain what your site is about).

    The Description is possibly the most important. Your first post should always have some sort of description. In the description, include (but not limited to): What your site is about, what you have to offer, what makes your site unique, why should people join your board, the different sections on your site, etc. The description does not have to be a certain length, but a well sized, descriptive post will really help you out. For a couple of good examples, click the following links: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 and Example 4

    I would also suggest that you place a link to your thread either in your signature and/or within your profile here on the boards. That way, you will gather more attention for your thread. You may ask why not just link to your offsite? Well, because if you link to the Fan Sites forum thread, it will offer the people a description of what they are about to visit, as well as bring in traffic to the Fan Sites forum, which helps both of us out! :D

    It is also a wise idea to continually update your thread. When you make an update/
  2. Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 26, 2004
    Fan Sites Index
    This is the Fan Sites forum index. If you have already created a thread about your site, please feel free to send your information to Jedimasterbac to have your site properly indexed to your wishes. Please be aware that this index is going through a significant overhaul in an attempt to put together the largest possible listing of fan websites on the internet. Until that is done, Jedimasterbac will be maintaining the index here. If you have any questions, please feel free to send him a private Message. While we are located locating new sites every day, you are again welcome to send Jedimasterbac a PM with information about your site in this format.
    Site Title & Link:
    General Description:

    Also, please make use of the following common terms and abbreviations list below. Many are common terms used in the Fan Fiction forum and Index. Also many new one's are included in the list from different fandoms. If you have any that you'd like to see added and used in this list, please PM the Index Keeper for this forum and changes will be made.
    H/L - Han/Leia
    L/M - Luke/Mara
    Ani/Ami, A/P, or A/A - Anakin and Amidala (Padmé)
    Obidala - Obi-Wan/Amidala
    EU - Expanded Universe (all of the books)
    PT - Episodes 1-3, the prequel trilogy
    OT - Episodes 4-6, the original trilogy
    TPM - The Phantom Menace
    AotC - Attack of the Clones
    ANH - A New Hope
    ESB - The Empire Strikes Back
    RotJ - Return of the Jedi
    inter-trilogy - between the two trilogies
    AU - alternate universe
    OC - original (author-originated) characters
    EU - Expanded Universe
    GFFA - Galaxy Far, Far Away
    humor - lots of silliness

    (A further list of terms and abbreviations)

    LOTR - Lord of the Rings
    HP - Harry Potter
    RP - Role Play
    Sci-Fi - Science Fiction
    Fantasty - Fictional
    Collectors - Collectors of merchandise.
    PHP - general-purpose scripting language used for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. (Hypertext Preprocessor)
    VBScript - Visual Basic Scripting.

    Jan 2007

    Site Title & Link: Battlestar Galactica: The Colonial Fleet
    Administrator(s): Errant_Venture
    General Description: Hello all, I'd like to pimp out the website of an organization I helped co-found a month ago at Dragon*Con, its the Colonial Fleet boys and girls. Basically we're a BSG costuming group and our goal is to increase awareness of Battlestar Galactica wether its old or new, find like-minded fans and to put on one helluva BSG event at next years Dragon*Con.
    Genre: Battlestar Galactica
    Keywords: Costuming, Battlestar Galactica

    Site Title & Link: Star_Wars_Fanatics
    Administrator(s): WolverineoftheOrs
    General Description: A nice little forum, which has been going for some time now. It's just never taken off, but the potential is there. Feel free to sign up and help the forum grow.
    Genre: Star Wars
    Keywords: Star Wars
    Notes: Message Board

    Site Title & Link: anakin and his angel
    Administrator(s): JediJen-aaha
    General Description: Anakin and His Angel has been around for nearly six years. This is a Prequel Star Wars website centered around Anakin & Padme Skywalker. We have been providing fans with the latest news, interaction, media, and information for a long time, but I have to admit, things are slowing down. Most of my staff (and even myself) have become busy with our offline lives. I need more people to come and join me to keep AAHA running. I wish to work more on AAHA rather than just News, Links, Wallpaper Calendars, etc... And to do that I need more people to post News, and such.
    Genre: Star Wars
    Keywords: Anakin, Padme
    Notes: A Star Wars
  3. Brandon Rhea

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    Jun 26, 2004
    Webmaster Resources

    This is a compilation of the latest and greatest resources and just about anything else that's helpful in the process of making your Fan Site. You can find just about everything you need to know in making a fan site in this thread. Feel free to add your own links and suggestions to the mix - just please keep the discussion of programs and such to their respective topics.

    Code Tutorials & Resources
    Software Tutorials & Resources
    Design Resources
    Web Hosting
    Websites Features
    Miscellaneous Resources

    This resource has been compiled by jedi-mind-tricks and Jedimasterbac.

    Code Tutorials & Resources

    Software Tutorials & Resources
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    Brandon Rhea Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 26, 2004
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