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Discussion in 'Europe Discussion' started by Obi Anne , Nov 4, 2012.

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    So before anything else, just remember


    This new forum structure means that many FanForce chapters can use the same forum, and is a part of making FanForce a stronger community, especially now with the coming release of new Star Wars films.

    All threads within the forum has a tag/prefix. As of now the available prefixes are


    The Europe tag is for subjects that might be of interest for everyone who drops by the forum, for example the release of the new Star Wars films or Celebration Europe II, or maybe just a topic that you want to discuss with people from more than just one part of Europe. In topics with this thread the language should be English so that everybody can understand what's being said.

    Romania and Spain are prefixes for the two FF groups of those countries. In a Spain tagged thread you can post in Spanish, and in a Romania tagged topics you can post in Romanian. If you are only interested in posting within Romania or Spain you can click on the Romania or Spain tag and only those topics tagged with that prefix will be visible. In that way it will be just like when there were separate forums for Romania and Spain.

    What if you come from a country that doesn't have a tag/prefix?

    If more than three members express an interest in having their own tag then it can be made. This is the same rule that we had on the old forums, but instead of getting your own sub-forum you get your own tag.
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    Afraid are you? :D
    I know some are.
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    Keep calm and carry on.

    Aye, aye, ma'am! :D

    It's looking good. Not very busy, but I guess after the Ep7 news, there will be a lot of newcomers / returns...
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    So I've figured out how to add tag buttons on the top of the forum. There are now tags, so if you press the button you will only see topics with that tag.