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Beyond - Legends What are Jedi and lightsabers? Minor challenge Ulon Glost

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    Aug 21, 2006
    What are Jedi and lightsabers? Minor challenge Ulon GlostAuthor: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 4 ABY
    Characters: Ulon Glost and OC’s
    Genre: challenge
    Summary: Ulon Glost discovers something or notDisclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the Mouse
    What are Jedi and lightsabers?
    For Chief Ulon Glost the galaxy didn’t change. He heard about the death of Darth Vader and the emperor when he was with a team on a survey mission in the area near the Tulrus Island on Mustafar. He had his work and was glad that the man eating Tulrus was killed by a hunter years ago.

    He was back in his office when the indicator on his board lighted up indicating an incoming transport and headed to the exit in time to see a decrepid looking transport landing near the loading zone for ore.

    insectoid eyes lighted up displaying more colours than the usual green when he saw an old friend coming out of that transport. But who was his companion? That was something to be investigated and he stomped towards the two. “Halfir Majeski what brings you to our mine?” An appendage shot out and came to rest on the pink hand of the human looking man.

    “Employment by another Hutt,” Halfir Majeski replied shaking the appendage. “And this is my assistant Jesin Fialka.”

    “Welcome to Mensix Corp Halfir and Jesin,” Chief Ulon Glost moved his appendage to the equally pink and slightly sweaty hand of the young man. “Another Hutt? Tell me Majeski, is Jabba no more?”

    “No,” Halfir grinned. “But can we get to a place that’s a bit more comfortable.”

    “Come into the office,” Chief Ulon Glost chirped. “I am always forgetting that your frail skins don’t have the protection of armor. Get some lava flea armor the next time when you visit the shops in

    “Fralideja? What’s that? And lava flea armor?”

    Ulon Glost saw Jesin looking first to Halfir and then focussing his green eyes on him. “I wear these plates to protect me from the heat when I am telling my crews where to get digging to get the next batch of lava. And see, they don’t get scorched that much. Only yesterday I had some dumbwitt junior swinging his collector a bit too much my way and spilling some here.” And he began to chirp in a way that was understood by Halfir as laughter but not by young Jesin when he indicated patches on his
    leathery skin.

    “Don’t pay attention to that Jesin,” Halfir grinned when his protégé paled despite the heat that tried to turn his face quite red and sweaty. “Mister ‘heat resistant’ will get us inside and show us more of the mine. And I can satisfy his curiosity about Hutt this and Hutt that.”

    “This way ‘slave Majeski’ and your assi,” Ulon started to return to his office and turned his head when he heard the young one.

    “My friend isn’t a slave and I neither. We are hauling ore for the Hutts. Until his death caused by some Jedi scum it was Jabba who provided us with some credits to pay our debs and now we have Zinno. And Zinno is a real nasty…”


    Ulon saw Halfir making a sign that indicated silence. ‘What is that supposed to mean?’ He didn’t know but the information about the new Hutt-boss was interesting. And that Jesin spoke with a halting voice when he said ‘Jedi scum’ indicating quite the opposite. “I have no love for Jedi either. Two of those fighting scumbags destroyed one of our collectors and the entire control-station with their sizzling weapons.”

    “Lightsab,” Jesin started but was silenced quickly by a hand on his mouth.

    “Hey did you see lightsabers too?” Ulon got now very curious when he observed the two humans.

    “He didn’t and is too young to have seen Jedi,” Halfir spoke rather loud. “Let us complete the ‘paper-work’ and load the ore. I remember now. We have…”

    “Urgent business to get back to Tatooine as soon as possible,” Jesin nodded eagerly. “And I don’t want to spend a night here. My bunk is preferable.”

    ‘A face that’s red and sweaty and those shouts, there is more to this young assistant but I don’t suppose they will reveal more.’ Ulon continued to the office knowing that the humans would follow him. ‘I will show Jesin the holos and sec-cam pictures of that destruction.’

    - - -
    “Those are Jedi? WOW look! Are those lightsabers? Who is that?”

    “Master Kenobi and he is fighting against Anakin Skywalker or as he became to be known as Darth Vader.”

    “But he is redee…”


    Ulon Glost saw the eager looks on Jesin’s face. But no, the young man didn’t know much about the working of lightsabers or the Force. Or was he hiding something? Ulon just busied himself with the
    ‘paper-work’ and ordered one of his employees to start loading the required lava-ore on the transport. And he listened to the whispered conversation between the two. The fight was very interesting for young Jesin.

    “Will there be Jedi again?”

    “No it isn’t safe for Jedi with imperials still ruling but maybe. I will tell you more when we are back on Tatooine. Drink that juice. I think Glost is ready. You don’t want a sweaty night here.”

    “No. I want to leave as soon as possible.”

    Ulon saw a green light on his board indicating that ore-loading was finished. ‘Why are those southerners that efficient? Now I cannot take Halfir and Jesin on a trip to that site.’

    “The ore is loaded Chief?”

    “Uh yes,” Ulon chirped quite neutral and continued “next time you come here I will take you on a tour. Jesin seems quite interested in the old battle site.”

    “He was a history student,” Halfir ruffled the hair of Jesin.

    “I see,” Ulon headed to the exit with two – now very eager to leave – humans following him. And he saw them hurrying past him and running to the opening ramp of the transport.

    “See you next time Chief Glost.”

    “Uh thanks Chief.”

    “The Force will guide you,” Ulon had gleaming eyes when he saw the startled looks on Jesin’s face before he boarded the transport. ‘He knows more about Jedi but what? I will see next time when the Hutts send them this way.’

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    Wow, Ulon and Jesin are pretty amazed at the Jedi and their lightsabers. :D
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    Very cool response to the challenge! =D=
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    Brilliant! I especially enjoyed the Hutt joke!
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    And you can see why in the part of the Kerebuy hawk adventures that's now posted
    Thanks all for reading[face_dancing][face_dancing]