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Star Wars Unclassifiable Limited Run CLOSED When Dawn Comes - Things Change..........

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Adalia-Durron , Dec 17, 2020.

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  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU/Costume/Props/EUC Mod. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Life Day was fast approaching and the Force itself seemed in a cheery mood, as though it had thought of something humorous to it, that would cause some consternation and possible revelry in the lead up to the day. It reached out, to two worlds, making adjustments and then sitting back to observe the results.

    On one of those worlds, the Jedi Temple was silent, but not dark when you take into account it was the depths of night. The Masters, Knights, Padawans, Initiates and even the guards were slumbering. A soft light washed the entire structure both inside and out, rooms glowed softly but the occupants glowed more. The energy of the Temple rippled and as it did so small white balls of energy left each body, gathering together and, in a swift movement, they departed for distant places.


    Moments later a group of soft red glowing balls appeared and slowly but surely they descended upon the Temple, one by one they each chose which of the recumbent forms they desired and replaced those departed, occupying the sleeping forms. The forms and souls united, even as they slumbered, and the morning should prove an interesting endeavor for each.

    Meanwhile, on the other world the Force had touched, the darkness of the Sith Temple is being bathed in a soft white light. Just as on the world of the Jedi Temple the energy of the Temple rippled as the balls of white light moved through the halls and rooms, each ball, like their red counterparts, choosing and occupying the sleeping, currently soulless, Sith there. When the dark morning comes, these Jedi Souls will awaken in Sith bodies. And just as the Sith in Jedi forms, interesting results were bound to occur.


    This was strange, but it seems the Force had ideas on how to show 'the other side' what colour the grass was and to allow them to decide if it was indeed greener on the other side. Time would tell, when dawn came the newly arrived Sith Souls will have occupied the Jedi Body forms as well as the Jedi Souls occupying the Sith Bodies.


    Yep, this is a bit of fun for two days over the weekend, each of you have been paired up with a Counterpart from the other side. Whilst this is not compulsory, it will be for Points (prestige or Jedi) and its up to you how much participation you put in, if at all.

    You will wake in the body of your pairing, not knowing what has happened and when you look at the others around you, you will see them as their original form, not the Soul inside. Basically Body swap! Talk to each other, talk to you new body's owner. Get to know them ;)

    You will have one chance to look in a reflector and see yourself as what you would be if you'd chosen the opposite path. You will be allowed to choose that image to show us, if you so wish to do so. You will spend approximately 30-35 hours in your opposing form, and in that time you will explore you new surroundings, interact with each other keeping in mind you don't know you are speaking to your own kind. Maybe a couple figure it out? Who knows? This is VERY fluffy RPGing, and the basic rules of God-modding and abuse etc are all attached.

    The more creative you are, the more points you may well earn. If you choose to say 'woke up feeling funky, went back to sleep' - that's fine. But when putting "IC 'your name' add 'as your new partners' name so we all know who we are looking at and who we are dealing with!

    This will open Friday Australian time, and like I said, its not essential to play but we encourage you to give it a go! This has all been approved by both @Sinrebirth and myself. Special thanks to @darthbernael for his input and creativity.

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  2. DarthIshyZ

    DarthIshyZ Chosen One star 8

    Jan 8, 2005
    OOC: Do we know who is who in the body swap? Can we PM our alternate?

    OOC : @DarthIshyZ You won't know who you are, just that you aren't who you are in and that you are not home. PM away your alternate, talk to each other if you need and or want too! PM Me questions! Most of all, relax and have fun, this is NOT serious stuff here.
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  3. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU/Costume/Props/EUC Mod. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    I'm going to go first to give you all the idea, you have about 12 hours to think about this but if you feel ready post when you want too.

    IC Adalia Tehanis - Jedi Master - counterpart @Sinrebirth - Sith Lord Darth Insipid
    Location: Sith Temple.

    She was awake, but not fully. That few precious moments between slumber and awakening was perfection to Adalia. As her awareness spread, she realised she was not laying in her bed, she was sitting up all be it flopped to one side. She frowned. Maybe she’d gone sleep walking, was she that tired when she’d crawled into her simple bed at the Jedi Temple? Slowly she opened her eyes and what greeted them was more than a surprise. Keeping her reactions minimal, she felt shock.

    Slowly she sat up and unhooked her leg from over the arm of the seat and looked around, the room was vast, stone, cold and bathed in a soft red light. She was upon what looked like a throne of sorts, as she looked at it she noticed something much more alarming, her hands were not her own, her legs were not here own. Now struggling not to react to much she realised she was not the right shape, the shape she’d been when she’d closed her eyes the night before.

    She was a man.

    Swallowing hard she closed her eyes. ‘Don’t panic, don’t panic’ she mused and quickly put some basic meditation techniques in place. Letting her breath out slowly she opened her eyes and scanned the area, she was alone, for now. Was this a Sith Temple? Whose body was she in? Who had done this to her? What did she look like?

    Standing slowly, she stepped off what appeared to be a raised platform and scanned the area, nearby there was a plinth that seemed to be made of the shiniest parasteel. Slowly she approached it, hoping to find her reflection so she’d get a better idea what she was dealing with. Slowly her refection became visible, blurred but recognizable. She knew that face, and her blood run cold for several heartbeats.

    She was in the body of Darth Insipid.

    TAG @Sinrebirth and anyone who wants to get into this.....
  4. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 5

    Aug 11, 2013
    OOC: Alternate thread title...

    Being Darth Malkovich :p
  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid, formerly
    Jedi Temple, apparently

    It had been a typically productive evening. He’d worked on some obscure lore to the wee hours of the morning beside a bottle of expensive blood-red wine (Zeltron), but he wasn’t expecting a hangover. There was a paramour somewhere in the room, yes, but they had drank themselves asleep many hours ago. Insipid had simply deposited them behind the couch; he liked to keep his Sith pursuits and his sexual ones separate, after all. One could hardly concentrate on a Dwartii Sith text when there was skin on show.

    Inevitably he’d collapsed in his chair, but that was not abnormal, and a quick Force check of his surroundings had assured him he would not be ‘Plagueis’d in his sleep... and yet, when he woke, he was distinctly uncomfortable. As a man who could snooze anywhere, in any pose, no matter the body he had, to experience discomfort was a surprise.

    He stretched against the bed, curious was to why he was even in one, and realised the unpleasantness involved how solemn his surroundings her. He’d be exchanged the warmth and depravity of his private study for... a room? There was white stone evident, his eyes realised, as well as a smattering of personal effects. He was also attired... warmly.

    He sat up, feeling peculiar and initially blaming the wine. He refreshed himself with the Force, but it didn’t respond the way he would have expected; firstly, he could not tug it to do as he pleased, and even when he exerted himself to do so, he still felt odd. He stood cautiously, stretching out with his feelings and spying a brown Jedi cloak hanging neatly from a warm but relatively austere room...

    Have I been kidnapped?

    Well this was about to be a very interesting day. He stepped out of the bed, glancing down absently at his garments merely to note they were different -

    And froze.


    He’d never body-hopped in his sleep... it wasn’t even possible, not with the amount of power and concentration such an act needed. He spied a mirror on the wall, and swept forward to it hurriedly.

    As he did, his eye caught the sole personalised shelf in the room. Trophies for various sporting events, a commemorative X-wing design, a lightsaber charging, a holo-pic of various men and women he recognised as former pilots of some of the galaxies most proficient squadrons -

    He realised who he was before he even saw her face in the reflection.

    “Oh kark.”

    He was bloody Adalia Durron.

    Insipid froze, looking back at the bed.

    Please tell me Kyp isn’t here.

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  6. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    Semajj offered a soft chuckle as he swished through the waters around him, kicking his legs he picked up speed and stared into the blue abyss. The Ongree was not completely sure where he was, though something in the deep expanses of his memory told him this place was familiar to him.

    He turned subtly as a school of fish sped by him, and he was not sure if it was the force or some other instinct that told him the creatures were mindlessly content going about their own business as they always did, not a care in the world. The Jedi offer a small grin at these beautiful living things, so small and so insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe, but no less beautiful, no less real. He passed a hand near them gently, and it seemed they did not notice him.

    As the gathering disappeared in the distance, Semajj swam up and caught a glimpse of the sun shining through the deep waters. Despite this he felt a chill in his spine, and something told him to return to the ocean’s depths. He did as his instinct told him and directed himself downward towards the seaweed and the sand. He came to rest just above ground level, barely poking the dirt with his toes. Something was wrong, he felt it, he knew it. He looked around only to notice that he was alone, the pale blue of the ocean was growing darker by the second, and just like that he felt something tug at his ankle. He looked down to see the plant life growing at an exponential speed. Quickly he was completely entangled in it and unable to move except to look up and see a giant blue Goober Fish staring down at him. “Red” he wanted to say, though he only heard a trumpeting sound coming from his mouth. He raised a hand, not even noticing that he had apparently grown two new fingers. How did his pet fish get so big so quickly?

    Then the beast ate him in one gulp.

    IC: Semajj Nosrep- Counterpart @DarthIshyZ
    Sith Temple, Ishyz quarters

    At this moment Semajj’s mind returned to consciousness, it had not been the first time he had such a dream, though that ending was completely new to him. Briefly he wondered what it meant, but ultimately, he settled into a breathing exercise to clear his mind and avoid panic. Reaching out with the force, he recognized something strange was going on. There was life in the room, but not that of his friend Red. It felt to him as if someone had filled the place with plants. Had one of the younglings played a prank on him again? Or one of the Knights? Sarge? No, there was something darker beyond the immediate warmth of life, something he could not quite figure out.

    He subtly shook his head, only to feel a massive cramp in his neck. He shot up in bed and opened his eyes the moment he realized that this did not feel like his head. It was too large, too awkward.

    Not to mention he was not even supposed to be in a bed to begin with, he had a mat on the floor to sleep on. But this felt like a bed, and a rather large on at that. For a few seconds, the Jedi could not really see his surroundings, the room was dark of course, but it also felt like something was wrong with his eyes. He tried to rotate one of his eye stalks, but this limited line of site did not change at all. Curious, he thought, have I come down with some sort of ailment? But then how did he end up here?

    The Ongree reached out with one hand to the side and grabbed something that looked like a rope. Unfortunately, it seemed to have a thorn or something on it, and he flinched away from the strand. Bringing his hand close to his face he saw a small cut, nothing of note besides the fact that he now had the wrong number of fingers. After a moment puzzling this, he used the force to look inward, and thankfully he detected no poison. After a wave of relief passed through him, he slid to the edge of the bed. His vision was beginning to clear as he saw the large viny plant that had wounded him, and recognized that it had several sharp thistles on its exterior.

    With some hesitation he got to his feet, and immediately lost balance, though Semajj's Jedi reflexes prevented him from face planting and he managed to grab a nearby nightstand. What was happening to him? This was not his head, these were not his feet, this was not his room. Glancing at the dark nightstand again, on top of it he saw what looked like a small leafless tree, or chunk of wood standing on end. Semajj knew immediately this was no mere trinket. It was whispering incomprehensible but obviously evil words in his mind, and he instinctively recoiled from it. Reluctantly he reached out and removed the lightsaber from its stand.

    Where am I? Semajj thought once again.

    He held it in his strange five fingered hands and ignited the weapons blood orange blade.

    Who am I?

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  7. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU/Costume/Props/EUC Mod. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis-Durron - Darth Insipid
    Sith Chamber

    Turning back Adalia began to assess her surroundings, take in all that was around her both good and bad. The room was cool, damp and the red light filtering through made it look deceptively warm. The chair, no, it was definitely a throne by it's over powering size now caught her eye. She stepped toward it, and took note of her gait, it was decidedly not hers and felt strange. Once beside the throne she stepped up and touched it, noticing how large and over sized it really was. She rolled her eyes, "size issues." She said, jumping in a startled way almost immediately. Her voice, not His voice! She bit her lip, 'note to self, you're a man you twit'. Adalia hoped this wasn't permanent as her attention went back to the throne and it gave her cause to wonder. 'Size issues?' she mused again before lowering her gaze to her waist, dare she find out if her perception was true?

    TAG @Sinrebirth
  8. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Darth Bernael as Ananta Chetan
    Jedi Temple

    He woke, which surprised him. He hardly ever slept, there was no need. His kind only ever usually slept when they needed to rejuvenate from injuries. Sitting up, he noticed the differences in his surroundings, ‘So, someone has some jokes they need to explain.’ he thought.

    He slipped out of the bed, standing, so a new room, and new clothes too, hmmm.

    The occupant of this room apparently eschewed mirrors as much as he did so he did not bother to look. Glancing at the closet space, he took out one of the darkest colored of the robes, slipping it over his shoulders, letting it settle into place.

    He wandered around the room, trying to determine where he’d been deposited. The most he was able to discern was that it seemed to be a lighter place than the Sith Temple, which didn’t say much. The room itself seemed to be that of an aesthetic being, very little to give away who or what lived here. Somewhat similar to his own quarters, but brighter, in a sense.

    Finally, in one drawer, a book, with a nameplate, engraved, To Master Chetan, Thank you.

    Hmmmm, a Jedi, so this must be the Temple. I wonder…’

    He reached out, feeling the Force reacting differently than it usually did, but since he was able to access both sides, he used a combination of them to send his thoughts to the Sith Temple, and his spaces there. He felt a presence in them and sent a thought, ‘Did someone kidnap you as well, and deposit you in the Sith Temple?’

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  9. DarthIshyZ

    DarthIshyZ Chosen One star 8

    Jan 8, 2005
    IC Serapis - Counterpart @ConservativeJedi321 - Jedi Master Semajj Nosrep
    Location: Guardians Of Light Jedi Temple

    He awoke with a groan. His bed had gotten so hard! Had it somehow frozen overnight? No? He was on the floor. He'd rolled out of bed? He would have felt that. Must still be dreaming. Well, let's explore this dream. He got up and looked around. How rediculous is this? His brain must just be not coming up with details because all he saw in his dream was a mat on the floor and a few other things.

    Well, at least there was a book case. What kind of books has my dream self come up with? Peace, The Jedi Way, a book on negotiation skills, self help, how boring is this? He picked one up and threw it across the room. It landed with a satisfying thud. He picked up a couple more and threw them.


    What the kriff?


    Air bubbles? Looking, looking, looking... a bowl. A fishbowl. Why did his dream come up with a fishbowl? Well, let's explore. He walked over to it and looked at it. Such a strange breed. He picked it up to throw it, too. But stopped. It had weight. A dream shouldn't assign weight. Putting it down he wandered a bit more. It wasn't hard to do, there wasn't much. What kind of sane individual wouldn't have plants around?

    He did feel strange, though. He felt... lighter. Why did it take him this long to look down at himself? Perhaps because we always expect that we'll always look that way. No reason to question it. He had feet. Real, lightweight feet. What the kriff? He held his hands up and... different. Torso, different. Chest, different. Face... he had an honest-to-gods face. And nose holes below his mouth?? Was his face upside-down or was his body? Where were his eyes, thought? Ears? He had stalks where ears should be. Eye stalks! On the side of his head! What the kriff?? What the kriff???? Panic was setting in.

    Typhojem. That's the only explanation. The Sith god is torturing them all again. He'd done that several times over the past few years, sending dilusions to them all. One time he was powerless to stop someone from cutting off his eyestalk. His heart was beating faster and faster. He screamed! A raspy scream... he coughed once, twice. Tried to clear his throat. One throat! This was not happening! He spoke a few words, "Peace is a lie, there is only passion..." Still raspy. What did Typhojem do to him?

    He ran to the door and opened it. He needed to talk to someone. Anyone. He turned left, how he normally would to go down to the common area. He heard voices and followed them...

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  10. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 5

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC Ananta Chetan as Darth Bernael
    A dark, dark place

    Then...put your little hand in mine
    There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb...

    Opening one eye, I remembered I didn't have an alarm clock that played off-world music before turning it off. Disoriented but awake, I sat up instead to mediate. Listening to my breath, I suddenly realized I didn't have a pulse, that my skin was cold and my mind filled with lurid thoughts lusting for knowledge.

    I laid back down. A damp stone slab greeted my cheek. The sound of dripping water came from the ceiling above. Rot and decay saturated the air. I smelled like a corpse.

    Bolting from my room, I Force-drew my saber to a snap-hiss, bathing the outer corridor in crimson light. Tightening my grip on the hilt I experienced a surge of raw power like I had never felt. Force-pulling an adjacent door from its hinges, I sliced it in two mid-air and heard myself utter a low guttural chuckle.

    Did someone kidnap you as well, and deposit you in the Sith Temple? Who spoke these words? Tempering my self from unleashing more random destruction in the hallway I instead closed my eyes to focus and mentally follow the voice to a familiar place and face.

    Do what must be done. Do not hesitate, show no mercy. Why would I speak such words and to whom was I saying them?

    Gathering myself, I heard voices gathered together down the passageway, which triggered two tentacle-like proboscises that curled out and extended from my cheeks. Aghast, I also felt a hunger like I had never felt before, which made me shudder and salivate simultaneously.

    Breakfast....I need breakfast.

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  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Adalia Insipid Durron

    As his female voice echoed around the room, he realised, thankfully, that Kyp wasn't here.

    That would have been awkward.

    He stepped over to the wardrobe, spying it at last. He wasn't going to go wandering around the Temple in... well, in his bedclothes, as stylish as they were... not.

    What was wrong with sleeping in minimalistic clothing?

    Jedi prudes, he sneered.

    With a nod, he regarded her clothes. He wasn't looking at undergarments, there was no way he was doing that. He spied something tucked at the back of the attire, and recovered a black-Jedi robe. A Halloween outfit, probably, though he knew Addie was prone to darker tendencies she was similarly incorruptible. He checked it, and decided it felt better than what he was wearing.

    He saw the mirror in the corner of his vision, and felt the need to nudge it aside so it wasn't reflecting him. He wasn't ready for that.

    With a strip that he spent most of time with his eyes shut, he slipped into the black-robes, and shifted a few times.


    He needed the undergarments.

    It was one thing taking them off, but entirely different putting them on!

    He had a juggle and just sighed.

    This best not last forever.

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  12. BookExogorth

    BookExogorth Force Ghost star 4

    May 4, 2017
    IC: Edo Vilsa as Darth Hades
    a bed

    Edo tossed and turned in her bed, restlessly trying to stay asleep. The day before had been a long tiresome day of research, which, though enjoyable sometimes, was less so when it turned out that one of their Jedi had caught an illness that rendered them blind, at least temporarily. The council had asked if she, being Miraluka, could assist the Jedi and perhaps teach them force sight. She hadn’t met the Jedi, but of course she agreed. Naturally, she then took all of her time researching teaching methods and general information about vision and force sight in general. She had copied all the audio files to her data pad for further perusal, but couldn’t shake the feeling that this morning, she would be woefully underprepared to teach that Jedi.

    Oh well, she thought. It’s time to get up now anyway, no matter how off you feel.

    Edo sat up, reflexively opening her eyes.

    She stared at the room around her.

    She let out a small, “What,” in a voice that was most certainly not her own.

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  13. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep- Counterpart @DarthIshyZ
    Sith Temple, Ishyz quarters

    Semajj sat quietly for a moment, transfixed by the live blade before him. The crystal whispered darkly in his mind and he instantly wanted to leave the weapon behind. At the same time, he recognized that he was in a strange place, and there was an external darkness that would threaten him with or without the weapon. He decided it would be better to have something to defend himself from these potential evils.

    Deactivating the blade, the Ongree took a glance around the room, even in the darkness he could tell that the interior space was lavishly decorated. The bedsheets were a dark grey that contrasted with the lighter walls. To its right was the nightstand he now stood by, above that a potted plant with tendril like vines that swayed back and forth. There was a portrait above the Bed of a tall Ithorian, standing proud with one fist clenched and the lightsaber Semajj now carried in his hand pointing forward in a threatening pose.

    It was then that he noticed that the very design of these sleeping chambers, and all the gilded splendor that went along with it was pointing towards a tall wooden statue of a female of the same species that sat before the wall in front of the bed. She carried what may have once been a flower in one hand, and the other was raised before her holding an orb. The image looked vaguely familiar to Semajj, but it took a few seconds for him to connect the dots. It had been nearly two decades since he had last seen such an image, during his travels as a child one of his old master’s brought him to a museum on Takobo, a colony world. If he remembered correctly this was an extremely ancient idol personifying Ithors “Mother Jungle”, very few similar pieces still existed today, and it surely must be priceless.

    After the ‘Ongree’ got used to his new feet and stature, he moved towards the door of the small bedchamber, and upon opening it was blinded by a fiery light, and for a moment made out the image of a monstrous beast that was rearing to attack him, he raised the weapon to defend himself, but after his eye’s adjusted again he realized it was merely a shrub illuminated ominously be the brazier behind it. A second later another pair of braziers activated on either side of it allowing the Jedi to see the room he had entered more clearly. For a moment he thought it was an arboretum, but upon closer inspection he realizes it was meant to be a surprisingly large anti-chamber to the sleeping area. There were many plants to be sure, maybe a half dozen shrubs like the one he had first seen upon entering the room just sheared into different images. Some were similarly monstrous, while others had a more subdued elegance. He saw a small garden in one corner, though he was not much of a botanist he did recognize one of sickly yellow stems as being poisonous thanks to an unfortunate experience he had with a similar herb as a child.

    On the opposing side of the room, he saw a few comfortable chairs, and a small table with a data pad on the floor next to it. Unfortunately, the screen was cracked, and it did not seem to activate when he tried. Looking around once more, Semajj thought that as a whole the bedroom was far bigger than he had initially assumed, though to be fair he was not expecting to wake up here to begin with.

    At this moment he heard a loud gulping noise, which startled him. He turned to the door of the Anti-Chamber only to see a large lumpy carnivorous plant with a rodent’s tale sticking out of its mouth. In a moment the last remains of that creature were slurped up, and Semajj could not help but feel the cruel trap was grinning at him as it did so. Suddenly Semajj lost his curiosity and wanted to get out of here. He grabbed a green robe off the armrest on one of the chairs and threw it on. As he approached the door however the sprout took a nip at him. Why you no good weed! He raised his lightsaber, only to think better of it. Wherever he was, whoever he was, he was better than this. He still could not understand the words the crystal was sending into his mind, but at his refusal to act he got the distinct impression that he should be very happy that he cannot understand it.

    There must be a trick to this, he thought as he reached out to calm the plant with the force. Just as he tried however, he heard the distant sounds of something breaking, and sensed another being draw heavily on the force. Semajj took another glance at his toothy foe and he just knew that if it had a tongue it would be licking what passed for its lips. “Dank Ferrik” the Ongree reluctantly cursed. He decided to call on the force, and resorted to blowing the door off its hinges, immediately followed by a force dash out of the room before the greenery could react.

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  14. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Darth Azathoth as Kev-Mas Colcha III
    Kev-Mas's Bed Chamber, Jedi Temple

    Azathoth awoke slowly and groggily from his slumber. He had always loathed the necessity of sleep, a stopping gap in his eternal march of progress, an annoying condition of his form. He had been up late into the wee hours of the morning, studying intensely another set of scrolls his Master, Darth Insipid, had gifted him. He wondered absently what hellish training he would put him through today, his mind began to race in slight excitement at the possibilities.

    He sat up as rubbed his eyes looking around the room properly for the first time. The room was rare plain and barren, a small desk laid to one side with a mirror standing on the adjacent wall, a wardrobe erected next to it. This wasn't his chambers, far from it he did not recognize this room, it certainly wasn't any room he had seen in the Sith Temple. He looked down at his clothing, a thin white robe laid over him, nothing he had ever worn before or even owned, his wardrobe was a rather simple a set of plain Sith robes with the odd two or three more ornate designs he preferred to wear. But this, he would never wear anything so white.

    He wandered over to a nearby mirror, confused as to what was transpiring. He gazed into his face, well it wasn't his face. He opened his mouth in shock, he wasn't even human anymore, it appeared he was a Thrysian of all things. He began to clasp at his face, his thoughts became scattered and wild as he tried to piece everything together.

    He was in an unknown room, wearing unknown clothes, in an unknown body.

    There was only one possibility.

    This was some sick training regime or experiment Insipid had conducted on him, how typical. The challenge must be to figure out how to change back, but that didn't solve where he was. Surely some hidden complex in the Sith Temple, he knew that its secrets were far more numerous than he would ever find out. Although it was odd the walls were made of white stone.

    Yes, yes it was all adding up now. He tried to reach out into the Force to converse with his master as they often did, but something was off, the Force felt restrictive to his impulse, not bending to his will as it usually did. Had his master somehow hampered his Force abilities as well? A truly grueling test to say the least.

    Azathoth spied the door, he went over, feeling the handle as he twisted and pulled. It wasn't locked, rather odd he half expected it to be. Although there were enough challenges in this little test, to begin with. He then left the small confines of his room, walking down the connecting hallway to see if there was anything or anyone he could find.

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  15. Mira Grau

    Mira Grau Force Ghost star 5

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Titus Fenton as Lord Saadi
    Sith Temple

    Titus looked at his own right hand as he held it up in front of his face, concentrating he watched as it changed its colour, resembling his own human hand in an instant, then a blue Twie'leks in the next. When he had first woken up in this new and different body, in a different room he had been utterly convinced he was still dreaming. It couldn´t be something else. Now he was unsure, his father would call a situation like this a 'deus exmachina' a radicall change having come out of nowhere. Something to throw the reader of balance and move a story in a new direction.

    He had paniced, in both mind and spirit and as he did, fighting of the sheets he was covered in he had realized that his new body wasn´t that of a human, or at least, it wasn´t usually one. Titus had encountered Clawdite changelings before, but he had never expected one day wakeing up as one of them. It seemed easy, if he concentrated on changing his body in a certian way, it would actually happen. At least as long he remained in a humanoid form. He wasn´t sure what other potentialy boundaries and impossibilities where out there, so for now he had decided not to drive his experiments too far. For now changing his form to the one he was most comfortable with: His own.

    One thing he had noticed he couldn´t change where his clothes and so he had searched the room he had woken up in for something else to wear. Yet in the dresser he had found everything was black and dark, which had put the first lingering questions about the occupation of this bodies original owner in his mind. Yet he had to take something and in the end decided for a black outfit that at least in its form resembled the clothing a Jedi would wear.

    Then he began searching through the rest of the room while stopping several times to test out something new with his new body. He asked himself how far he could, and should go with this. For now it was probably the best to stay in his own form. What he found tough convinced him that whoever usually lived here was a darksider, probably even a Sith.

    Thinking back he belived to have heard other Jedi talk about a Clawdite assassin in the Sith´s service. Could it be that, somehow he now inhabited that Sith´s body? But how? And why?

    There was probably only one way to find out more, so he opened the door to the outside of the room and carefull looked into the corridor that awaited him

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  16. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Force Ghost star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha III as Darth Azathoth

    Kev-Mas awoke to a shocking revelation. It had seemed that he was moved during his slumber to an unfamiliar room. Or was he? As he reached out through the Force, everything felt different. Darker. More insidious. Yet at the same time, it felt... familiar?

    This troubled him, as he rose to use the fresher and he noticed something even more alarming. He wasn't wearing the typical white sleeping robes he usually wore to bed, but instead more elaborate, ornate black ones and when he glanced into the mirror before turning on the water to wash his face off he realized that he was... human? A human with some noticeable scars from dark side corruption, at that.

    It all started to make sense. Somehow, some way, the Force had willed him into the body of a Sith.

    But how? Why? Would he ever be able to return to his own body? Was this Sith occupying it at the moment?

    A cold shiver ran down Kev-Mas'... well, Azathoth's actually, spine.

    Alas, he might as well make use of this situation for the best. Kev-Mas was a Jedi Shadow. He was a master of stealth and subterfuge, and he had just been handed the best disguise he could possibly ask for, and placed deep into enemy territory. The perfect infiltration. Even if he had never intended it, he definitely now intended to make use of it.

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  17. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore : counterpart - “Tython” @Tython Awakening

    With an almost negligent gesture, the zabrak switched off his lightsabers, causing their vermillion blades to vanish from sight, then smoothly joined them back together, finally clipping the extinguished weapon to his hip. Maticore's fiery gaze regarded the smoldering heaps that had been two training droids, which now lay ruined. He huffed in annoyance and snarled, lips curling.

    The training exercise had been disappointing, yet again. Though these droids had been agile and dangerous, armed with both blasters and lightsabers, all set to kill, they had not provided a satisfying experience, through no fault of their own. They were simply inferior combatants in the end. Predictable, even.

    Glancing saber burns and blaster burns marked his torso and arms, and yet he ignored these wounds as mere inconveniences; nothing a few bacta patches couldn’t solve. In Verily, there was nothing left to do here, so he turned in a smooth motion and exited the training room. After a quick shower, the zabrak returned to his spartan quarters, applied the necessary bacta patches and proceeded to his meditation mat.

    Wearing only his loose training pants, Manticore lit the nearby bowl of incense, then sat himself in lotus position before placing his weapon before him. Closing eyes, he began to pre-empt his meditation with a simple circular breathing exercise. The Lord of Hate was in need of an answer, for either a worthy training partner or an adversary who could provide the required experience before being slain. In the past, the darkside of the Force had revealed unto him a likely target. Hopefully this time, it would once again show him favor.

    Moments passed and there was no familiar stirring in the Force.

    Manticore modified his approach, by focusing on his burns and wounds as guides. A short time passed, then for a moment, he felt something odd, almost as if he were dozing-off, which was something he never did. 'Feeling' a bit troubled, Manticore suddenly opened his eyes.


    The zabrak felt…strange, in a way he couldn’t quite describe, for despite his great deal of experience, he had never felt this kind of strangeness before.

    There was no residual pain in his body, in addition, he felt lighter of body- and there was something brushing against the nape of his neck. Manticore reached back and felt the strangest and most unexpected thing with his hand.


    He had to admit, that he had not expected that - or the pang of alarm that it caused. What he felt certainly did not feel like his hair, not to mention he was supposed to have none at the moment. Clearly, it could not have grown instantaneously. That very thought caused him to check the rest of his head, almost on reflex.

    The zabrak’s eyes grew wide as he nearly jumped up with a start.

    Never mind the hair atop his head. His horns were GONE!!! How was that even possible!!??

    Too many disjointed thoughts were suddenly rushing through his mind, when he casually raised a hand to rub his face.

    The zabrak froze in mid action.

    His hand was fleshed colored, and and certainly did not look like his own.

    “What…!!??” He rasped….no not rasped. His voice was much clearer than his normally gravelly tone.

    ‘What’s... happened!?’

    This time Manticore looked down at himself, immediately seeing that he was no longer himself at all -physically at least- then he gave the room a quick once over.

    Only now did he hear the sound of what sounded like a babbling brook, which was actually a fountain -he noticed the absence of incense, saw a work bench with machine parts and tools, a robe and tunic of green and brown colors, and many other unfamiliar items.

    This was not his room. This was not his body.

    “What in the Force….?”

    He recoiled at the voice that was not his own. Something terrible had just happened - and he had no idea what or why.

    “No, no, no, no no, no…..” he repeated, clearly hoping this was not the nightmare scenario his mind was beginning to construct as an explanation for…whatever this was.

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  18. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU/Costume/Props/EUC Mod. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis-Durron - Darth Insipid
    Central Chambers.

    She shook her head slightly. There was no way she was going to check her theory, that would be....strange? Weird? Wrong? All of the above she decided. This body felt younger, younger than she was that was for sure, and for a fleeting moment she wondered if it was as fit as she'd been back in the day, dismissing the thought to test it immediately. How had this happened? What had Adalia, as a Jedi Master now, done to deserve this? Sure she had darker thoughts than most, and was considered intimidating, but who knew how to even do this? Closing her eyes she reached out to find someone, anyone. Things seemed vague, she could feel lighter beings nearby but not who they were. Everything seemed fuzz, distant and very unclear.

    Part of her wanted to stay put, to sit back in that throne and just hope and wait fo this nightmare to end, but something told her that wasn't going to happen. Something told her there were lessons to be learned here, and this was possibly a learning experience set by someone much more powerful than herself or any of the Jedi Masters she was associated with. Was the Force capable of such a action on its own? Maybe? She didn't know.

    Turning she looked toward a door, it was vague, but someone was coming, she felt it. She wasn't afraid, not a Jedi trait, no, but she knew she had to stand her ground as if this was another Sith Lord all they would see is Lord Insipid. Could she be that man? Could she fake that kind of venom and cruelty? Only time would tell. Lifting her head, she attempted to look arrogant and proud.

    Now she waited.

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  19. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Darth Bernael as Ananta Chetan
    Jedi Temple

    Bernael shook his head as he finished his inspection of the room. His anger bubbled below the surface at the fact that he’d been apparently kidnapped. Reaching a hand up to rub his face, he paused as he took in the hand. His head cocked to the side as he tensed his hands. A growl, not as deep as he was used to came from his throat as he talons did not slide out as he expected. ‘So, not just kidnapped, but someone has body swapped me. Someone will pay…’ he thought.

    And then his stomach grumbled. That truly gave him pause, he’d never really felt that, not in his thousands of years of life. ‘Interesting, so this is what hunger is like to others.’ He knew he’d need to step out of the room and find something to eat. Pulling the hood up over his head, hoping it helped mask the mix of his own dark thoughts and what seemed to be the thoughts of the body he’d taken, lighter and more peaceful.

    Opening the door he sniffed the air then frowned as he noticed that this body also had a limited range on it’s senses, ‘Ugh….human….’ Gazing up and down the corridor, he heard voices coming from one direction so he turned that way and headed down the hall. Soon it emptied out into a communal space, kitchens and tables to one side. Nodding in what he hoped was a friendly way to the couple Jedi he saw there, he turned to the kitchen.

    As he entered the space he paused, ‘What in the Seven Hells does this one like to eat?’ he pondered. And then the body itself seemed to move, showing him the way. It retrieved a bowl, a container with what looked like twigs and nuts in it, a glass, and a container from the cold storage that appeared blue in color. His mind roiled at the thought of the combination but the body seemed prepared to eat it so he sat at a nearby table, pouring the forest floor into the bowl, then a touch of the blue stuff to soften it, and a glass of the blue stuff as well.

    A sigh as he realized he forgot the spoon, got up, retrieved it, and returned to the table. As he got close the smell of the food and the drink reached his nose and he had to stop himself from retching ‘Gods, beings eat this stuff? Give me a healthy Force user to eat over this any day!’ By the time the thought finished, a spoonful of the mixture was in his mouth and the body ate even as his mind continued to roil. And then another thought rolled over him, 'Peace is the way.' That he knew was not his so somehow the body retained some of its owner's essence.

    Reaching out to the Sith Temple, and the one he'd sensed in his spaces there, again he sent an image of the breakfast table and the question ‘How is this ever palatable???’ He let the body finish even as he heard others entering the communal spaces, letting his mental senses out, trying to feel who or what was around him.

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  20. DarthIshyZ

    DarthIshyZ Chosen One star 8

    Jan 8, 2005
    IC Serapis - Counterpart @ConservativeJedi321 - Jedi Master Semajj Nosrep
    Location: Guardians Of Light Jedi Temple

    Searching as much as he could, he could not discern the location of the voices. He knocked on a few doors, too. No answer. He knew he wasn’t alone, but there was no one in the halls right now.

    His breathing was short. His heart rate was high. “Get ahold of yourself, Jwob.” he chided himself. “If this was Typhojem, he’d have arranged for more torture by now.” He needed to get back to his “room.” Regroup. He walked in and looked some more. It appeared to belong to someone. It’s sparse, but personalized.

    On the meditation stool (if that’s what they’re called, he really didn’t know), he found a datapad. He picked it up and looked at it. Before he turned it on, he saw an image in the black screen of what he looked like. “That’s enough of that,” he thought. The pad gave notice that this being had a ship and an astromech, an R4 unit, in the local hangar. Maybe the droid can give me some idea of what’s going on.

    After putting down the pad, he looked at his body. “Well, Jwob, its good you didn’t meet anyone. By most standards you’re practically naked.” He was in just a pair of sleeping shorts, nothing else. His skin was orange and smooth. He appeared to be amphibious. Feeling his neck, that estimation was confirmed by some gills.

    “Well, let’s get you dressed, froggy.” He walked over to the only unit that could be considered storage for clothing items and opened it. There was tan and brown. “Jedi. Wonderful. That explains a lot. Excuse me, Monk Froggy, let’s go.” He pulled out some items from the drawer and put them on. Simple pants and tunic, just to get covered. Looking at himself, he considered it done. He picked up the pad, and turned to leave.

    On the way to the hangar, he looked at the pad. He found a rudimentary astromech translator in case it only spoke that language. He also found a map of the place. He stopped. Got oriented. Found he was going exactly the wrong direction. Turned around and started again. In no time at all, he was in the hangar bay and identified where they kept the droids.

    Walking to the droid corral, he looked at the lot of them. R2s, R4s, R5s… which one? He looked at the pad and it identified an R4. That narrowed it down to three. They were in a group in the back. He went to the group and said “Hello.” The one that answered, well, that must be his. He asked it to follow him. Walking to a semi-private area away from the techs, he sat down with this unit.

    He looked at the droid and said simply, “Tell me… about me.” There wasn’t much of a response. He looked at the translator on the pad. It said, “You’re Master Semajj Nosrep, Jedi Master.” He asked for more. None was forthcoming. He grabbed a nearby diagnostic tool and plugged it in. Almost nothing there. Well, that’s disappointing. It did identify the droid as R4-B4. He scoffed. “Before what? Well, follow me,” he said, “We’re going exploring.”

    He looked back at the map on the pad. He found a place that appeared to be a common area. If there was anyone who wanted to discover with him what the hells was going on, that would be the place. He was just about to leave when he had another thought. He went to a data port, searched through the archives for some good music. He plugged B4 into the wall and loaded a few things in.

    “OK. Let’s go explore.”

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  21. Tython Awakening

    Tython Awakening Force Ghost star 4

    Oct 12, 2017
    Came the Dawn

    I awoke feeling strangely fatigued, as if the fatigue was not my own. Taking whatever I could gather from the dream last night, I lay there, eyes still closed, grasping at the straws of lucid dreaming, trying to piece together any comprehension that may have surfaced from force-filled realms.

    These are the force-filled realms of dreams

    I reached out, eyes open now. My head and face, somehow different, crested with horns. Odd the feeling was at first. No this was not a prank; I have awoken in a different body, that of a Zabrak, a Dathomiri. Dreaming still or not, I closed my eyes once more to grasp at some understanding, any, for what I perceived before myself.

    I remembered the last time I stood in front of the mirror. The wizard, the wizard of Taris, how he visited me as a youngling, now occupying my dreams, and reminding me of my childhood on Taris. We played in the field of dreams. We played in the field of dreams.

    Now standing, I noticed I knew not of this body and personage. Yet, I did. Once more, stepping towards the door, and allowing this personage, this being into my waking consciousness.

    I am Darth Manticore. Hear my words, so that ye shall yet understand this journey.
    I stand before you, my healing-factor unfailing,
    snuffing out every vestige of pain this world may yet encumber on thy brow.
    As Darth Manticore, I moved almost reflexively into a lotus position to take a meditative pose. I knew then and there I would be living as Darth Manticore and carrying out his will.

    I noticed my skin and musculature were decisively different from that of my normal Taris youth. I felt lithe, agile, no longer prone to clumsiness, as if the tasks of the day were laid out before me, organized, every move and every slight twitch occurring in organized symphony from the previous.

    I have plumbed the depths of Sith space, double-bladed lightsaber at my side,
    of a color vermilion.
    I visited the tomb of Tulak Hord at the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban,
    feeling the power, in awe,
    of the elder darkside masters. His prowess joined with mine. His eyes joined to my sight.


    Smelling a fragrant bowl of incense, likely prepared the preceding night, I stood upright.
    I headed out from my abode, noticing the surroundings on the native Dathomir.
    All was good.

    I approached a caravan for a ride into town.
    The rider paused as if to count the horns on my head.

    Now was the time to seek out others like me.
    And all around, the Winter sounds of Dathomir engaged my senses,
    heart and mind, ethos to pathos,
    enveloping and embracing.

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  22. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep- Counterpart @DarthIshyZ
    Sith Temple, Hallway.

    Semajj found himself in what he could only presume was an apartment complex of sorts. The doors were widely spaced, and the Jedi assumed that most of the living quarters were similarly sized to the one he had just left. As he turned, he saw a mouse droid scurry by, though upon noticing him stare at it the machine quickly turned around and fled. The Jedi began to move in the direction of the noise he had heard and looked around cautiously as he did so. He saw that the next door he passed had a small piece of grey clothe hanging outside it, and the door after it was painted pitched black with some strange war paintings drawn over top.

    Not knowing exactly where he was going, he called on the force to carry his awkward legs and began to pick up speed as he turned a corner.

    Eventually he came upon the destruction he had previously heard, a door torn off its hinges, some decorative furniture overturned and the air crackling with force energy that shocked even him. Semajj activated his blade as he saw the Anzati standing before him, and the creature looked like death itself. “Who are You!” He demanded in a surprisingly harsh tone. Just as he said these words he noticed his muscles begin to ache slightly as he entered a traditional Form V stance. Realizing he likely was not going to perform as well in combat given the current circumstances, he moved into a more defensive Form III pose, only for the pain in his muscles to intensify. Had this body never before practiced ANY of the traditional lightsaber forms? Trying to keep his tone calm, and the evil whispers at bay the Jedi spoke again. “Who are you, and where are we?” Could this be the being that had kidnapped him?

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  23. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Adalia Durron
    Jedi Temple, Jedi problems

    He checked the charge on the lightsaber a few times, and left the room, unable to help himself but peer around the corner. He had thought he'd feel more comfortable in black robes, but by the Force he hated bras. He'd dabbled in wearing women's clothing for a laugh once, and they had pinched in all the wrong places. It wasn't a memory he had wanted to be reminded of, but the patriarchal designers seemed to think that the underarms had to be tighter to lift the top of the shirt up, and that just exposed his belly, and - a shudder at the memory, as he shifted to be comfortable.

    Shut up. You've body-hopped a dozen times. You were just fine in Helinith's body for those few times.

    But this felt different.

    It was Adalia.

    He shook his head, and summoned that Jedi serenity he was supposed to possess.

    If he was indeed Adalia, then he had no need to sneak or skulk, he could just act like he was supposed to be here.


    He nonetheless reached out in the Force and found at least one Jedi signature, probably more. His heart sank a little, but he wandered the halls, trying to find that gait Adalia had that spoke of her warm certainty, a kind of soft confidence that had always gotten right under his skin.


    It was his skin now.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, and whoever wants to bump into Adalia Durron and panic
  24. DarthIshyZ

    DarthIshyZ Chosen One star 8

    Jan 8, 2005
    IC Serapis - Counterpart @ConservativeJedi321 - Jedi Master Semajj Nosrep
    Location: Guardians Of Light Jedi Temple

    Serapis was enjoying having this droid follow him around like a portable sound machine. He’d moved on to some other edgier stuff in what had been downloaded. If things go back to normal, he may buy an astromech himself and install some better speakers.

    He was following the map as best he could. There were no labels on the hallways. More than once he’d miscounted the turns and had to walk back a few steps. It appeared he had just two more turns and he’d be… wait. There’s not supposed to be a crossway here.

    A heavy sigh

    He turned back again and started going back where he’d come from. He’d hoped having this music turned up would have attracted some kind of attention, pro or con.

    Finally he found where he was. Appears he was halfway across the temple in… a restricted section? This’ll be fun! What kind of restrictions do they have for the youngling Jedi?

    He’d gotten himself turned around correctly when he should bump into none other than Master Adalia, the Jedi Grandmaster. He certainly was a bit taken aback. Though, she didn’t seem herself. She seemed rumpled and not-quite-herself… darker, if that was possible.

    Still, what if this was the Grandmaster? He stammered out, “Uhhh, hello Master Adalia! Are, uh, you wondering why I’m in the restricted area?”

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  25. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Force Ghost star 7

    Oct 3, 2016
    IC: Darth Hekate- @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha 's Sith Counterpart
    Location: Jedi Temple, Warm's quarters

    The smooth sound of Sonny Rollins on the saxophone at 9 in the morning woke Hekate with a severe headache. She hadn't even gone to bed all that late! The Sith Nursery Holiday has been going on all day, and all the small talk and drinking hot cocoa left her exhausted. Reaching a hand out to turn of the blasted alarm clock, all she did was turn up the volume and just cut to the end. Thank goodness!

    Relishing the blissful silence, Hekate casually got of bed. That's when it hit her, she was not in her quarters in the Sith Temple? Come to think of it, this had more in common with the private quarters of a healer. A healer with bad taste in music, jazz was inferior to classical. Looking around, Hekate really began to wonder where the heck she was and who had moved her stuff. Her lesson plans and Tim Burton art books where nowhere to be found. They weren't under her bed, they weren't in the immaculate bathroom. Instead, the only reading materials were light side medical treatises. BLEEEHH! TO make matters worse, where was her stash of apples, dry pasta and or role playing guides.

    This was way too weird, and it was about to get worse. Feeling thirsty, she went into the bathroom and took one look in the mirror before things fell into place.


    Staring back at her was not a human Sith, but that of a Togruta Jedi.

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha , @Sinrebirth , and @Adalia-Durron
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