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Saga - OT Will He... Won't He? Fic-gift for WarmNyota_SweetAyesha One Shot H/L

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vek Talis, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Vek Talis

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    Oct 12, 2018
    Title: Will He... Won't He?
    Author: Vek Talis
    Timeframe: ROTJ A few hours after the party with the little fuzzballs on Endor.
    Characters: Han/Leia, Wedge, Chewie, Luke
    Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars and never will.
    Notes: This is for you, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha I hope you enjoy the snark, snark. :p

    "I'm gonna kill Lando," Han said as he and Wedge walked carefully over the top of the Millenium Falcon. "'Not a scratch', he says. I'll dump him in a nest of Nexu kits and tell him, 'not a scratch, buddy'."

    "I was there, too Han," Wedge said carefully. "It was tight in that space station. Buddy of mine nearly crashed when the passage he flew down just stopped."

    Chewie howled as he tinkered with the welding equipment on the opposite side of the Falcon.

    "Oh, pipe down you big furball," Han yelled. "I didn't mean to get his crazy droid killed all those years ago, either. You think that's stopped Lando from blaming me for it."

    They'd just won the biggest victory over the Empire. Palpatine was purported to have been there. With the Emperor dead and another of his expensive toys smashed, maybe something approaching peace might return to the galaxy. And yet, the price had been great.

    "Would you look at-" Han sighed, then kicked a piece of metal that had once been attached to something. "My ship. I'm gonna kill him for this."

    Now that the serious fighting was over, Han wanted to get out as quietly as he could. He'd had time to think, since the battle on Endor. He really wasn't the staying, make a family type. Leia needed somebody better. Well, not better, cause Han was a pretty fantastic guy – ask him, he'd tell you – just, more stable.

    With his reward making a dent in the cargo hold of the Falcon, Han wanted get out while he could. The kid would understand. Leia... not so much. That was one more reason he wanted repairs done yesterday.

    "Hey, Han?" Wedge asked, drawing him from his thoughts.


    The Rogue pilot pointed to the sheared metal. "What did that dish atop the Falcon do, anyway? I've always been curious."

    Han stared at Wedge, then down to the broken piece of metal, back up at the pilot. Absently, his jaw dropped. "I had a dish?"

    "So... not the right question, then," Wedge said, holding up his hands, palms forward.

    In the background, Chewie snorted.

    Han glared. "Go stuff an Ughnaught in it, you big fuzzball." Chewie growled and Han pointed. "Get that hyperdrive coil welded back so we can get outta here, Chewie. I'm not waiting till I get old and grey."

    "Too late." The new voice was gruff, but feminine. It curled Han's toes and forced a smirk on his face at the same time.

    "Kriff," he swore under his breath.

    "What. Are. You. Doing." Leia's voice rose with each word until it was nearly a scream. "Scruffy. Looking. Nerf. Herder!"

    "I can explain," Han said, nearly tripping over the Falcon on his way to the ladder.

    "I, uh, have to see to my team, General Solo." Wedge suddenly had an itch to get. That was just like another man. When the women showed up hotter than the Tatooine suns, they scattered like the winds.

    Quickly, Chewbacca found somewhere else to be, too. He growled something about helping Wedge with some repairs to Rogue ships.

    "You too, Chewie?" Han said grimly as he watched his friend go. It was like twisting the knife in his back.

    Before long, Han was alone in the hangar, with Leia and a box in her hands. Her glare was enough to melt butter. On Hoth. He matched it. "What? Did you expect I was gonna play house and live the happily ever after? News flash, sweetheart: I got things to do in this life that don't revolve around Your Highness."

    Rather than engage, Leia pushed past him, stormed up the ramp into the Falcon. Han followed. At a safe distance, of course.

    Leia stopped, set the box down at a food prep station, then dropped into a chair. "I should have known you'd run out on me, sooner or later. I guess I just didn't expect it to be this soon."

    "What?" And Han had been expecting more of a fight. "Listen, Your Worship, just because you got under my skin once, or twice, doesn't mean I gotta stick around and play house man to the Queen of Everything." Despite himself, he dropped into the booth opposite her and gazed into her soft brown eyes. "You'll get over me. Someday." He gave her that scoundrel's grin he was too good at.

    "I don't want to 'get over' you, Han," she said quietly. "I just-" Her head bowed further over her chest. When her hands reached up to her face, Han's eyes bulged. Was Her Worshipfulness actually crying.

    "Leia, I-" he rushed forward, touched her arm. Warm feelings flooded into his chest. His heart began to thud, his palms slicked with sweat. Rarely had he been so close to a woman before. And certainly not one who cared as much for him. Not since his first, anyway.

    "No, you need to go," she said, standing and pulling away from his touch. Her back to him, she quietly sobbed into her hands.

    "Hey, wait a minute," Han said defensively. "You're gonna play the crying card and make me feel like a pile of bantha poodoo?" He shook his head vehemently. "Uh-uh, sister, that ain't gonna work."

    He hurried around so he could stick a forefinger in her face. "You got control issues, you know that? And I'm a scoundrel, remember? Why you'd even want to stick around a worthless smuggler like me is anyone's guess."

    "Why? Oh, I don't know, Han. Could it have something to do with the fact that I fell in love with your heroism and selflessness?" Leia lashed out, shoving his hand away from her face. "You keep the good buried so deep, when it does come out, it shines like a star. You can be a wonderful man, the man I love. If only you'll try."

    She turned away again, drying her tears on a handkerchief carefully concealed in the sleeve of the heavy cloak she wore.

    Han paced, allowing her words to cloud his judgment, as they always did. Could he really give up the life he'd led for so long? It seemed ridiculous when Leia wasn't around. With her standing so close he could reach out and touch her...?

    His hands slid around to cup her shoulders. She started, gasped, then her right hand came across her chest to rest on his left. "I've always been on the move," he said quietly. "It's hard."

    "Some of the best things in life are, Han," she said. Suddenly, she whirled, so she faced him, gazing longingly up at him. The cloak, she opened; it slid off her arms onto the floor. The dress she wore was tiny and silky. His eyes slid up and down her light curves and up, past her bosom. At last he realized he needed to breathe. In some ways, Han liked her better in the camouflage she'd worn on Endor, though. It might have made breaking up harder. Or something harder, at any rate.

    "Nothing's easy, Leia," he said carefully. His throat was threatening to close up on him. He licked his dry lips, then glanced over at the box.

    Leia wriggled out of his grasp. "Will you at least share what I brought?" From the box, she took some candles.

    "What were you planning to do with those?" he asked.

    "Stick them somewhere," Leia responded dryly. Next, she reached deeply into the box and carefully removed a pie. "Double chocolate Hutt pie with whipped Tynna cream and muja sauce."

    "Mmm." He licked his lips again, but in a different way. Then, he scrunched up his face and scowled. "Hutt pie. That's rich. Maybe the dessert'll freeze me in carbonite."

    She dipped her forefinger in the whipped cream, placed it tantalizingly on his bottom lip. Before he knew what he was doing, he'd taken her finger into his mouth, savoring the sweet taste.

    "Then I'll just have to come save you again," she said softly.

    Han's heart raced. His finger trembling, he scooped up a bit of the whipped cream. "I guess we shouldn't let this thing go to waste." Leia watched his finger intently as it rose from the pie. Her lower lip quivered as she wet it, then gazed into his eyes.

    "Can you stand to eat the same pie everyday, flyboy?" she whispered as his finger inched its way toward her.

    That was the real question, wasn't it?

    "I think I can handle it," Han said, his grin widening. He reached forward, whipped cream ready to drip from his finger. He'd just about gotten to her lip, when Leia glared.

    "You 'think'?!" Her hand came up, shoved his finger away. "You think I'll settle for that, you puddle of slime?" She turned away, taking in sharp breaths.

    "Listen here, Your Worship," Han said, turning back toward the pie. "Maybe it's me who's gonna have to settle. Maybe you're not fun enough for a man like me." When Leia huffed, a new idea leaped into his head. Abandoning decor, he slid his hand into the pie, brought it out covered in chocolate goo.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Leia stared, wide-eyed. She turned sharply back toward him, her hands leaping up, palms out at him. But half her mouth arched upward, encouraging him.

    "Don't you dare," she said as he stepped toward her. When he reached out, she ducked under his left arm and rushed to what was left of the pie.

    "That's right, Princess. Sink to my level," Han said when Leia grabbed a handful, too.

    She ran her other hand down the length of her dress, which didn't take long. "This is fine Caamas silk, you scoundrel," she said, but she was trying to hide a lilt in her voice. She tried to dart away, but he grabbed her around the waist with his left arm and smeared the side of her face with chocolate.

    "You-," she said and struck out, ramming home her handful.

    Now, they were both laughing, Han with whipped cream up his nose. "Come here, Your Highness," he said when she spun from his grip.

    "You're a horrible, horrible man," Leia said before trying to get back to the remains of the pie.

    He caught her again, too easily. "You have a little spot, right there," he said and kissed the side of her mouth, getting some chocolate in the process.

    "You have one, too," she said and kissed his nose. She drew back, laughing, as some of the whipped cream had gotten on her upper lip.

    He looked down at her, then drank in her entire presence. She looked ridiculous, face smeared with chocolate and whipped cream. But it was something he at last knew he could see, enjoy and appreciate, every day for the rest of his life.

    When he took her in his arms again, he leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers. Quickly, they warmed up and her hands slid around, up his back.

    "Is that a proposal, flyboy?" Leia asked when the kiss ended.

    "Maybe," he said, then leaned forward to kiss her neck.

    "It's a good one." Her voice was smokey; he felt her chest heave against his, then back at every breath she took. "We should clean ourselves up," she said.

    "We will," he promised, then tasted of her lips again. Her hand slid down to his butt, as his caressed the small of her back. "Later."

    When she broke the embrace, she stepped back. Han's pulse was erratic and they both sucked in sharp breaths, their eyes darting across each other's bodies.

    He reached out for her again, but she took a step backwards. At once, her hands were at her shoulders. The silky dress fell from her and she stepped toward him, a hungry smile lighting up her eyes.

    "I love you," he said.

    "I know," she said. She ripped buttons off his shirt as his hands slid around her waist. This relationship might not last, but they were both going to put their best feet forward into it. At least it wouldn't lack for passion.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Luke's heart was heavy. At the same time, unimaginable joy coursed through his veins. Anakin, his father, had come back to him, after the years of terrible fighting and manipulations. Vader had cut off his hand in Cloud City, then Luke had nearly killed him on the second Death Star.

    But in the end, Luke had helped redeem Anakin. He knew he wasn't totally responsible. The man who had been Anakin Skywalker had done most of the inner work himself. But it delighted the young Jedi to have seen the fruits of his labors. He'd tried his best to kill Vader, but spare his father.

    Now, of course, came the onerous task of what to do with his father's body. That was where the emptiness and sadness lay.

    "Han," he said, walking up the Falcon's ramp. "I could use a hand, Han. My father-" He stopped short when he saw...

    "Double Hutt pie with whipped cream and muja sauce." He gaped, wide-eyed at what was left of it. Chocolate lay everywhere in little puddles. Stretching out with the Force, he caught a familiar – and familial – vibe. Leia was here, somewhere.

    That's when he heard the faint giggle. A silky dress lay on the floor nearby.

    "Whoa," Luke said softly. "I'd better not interrupt." He decided he had better things to do... elsewhere.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    @Vek Talis ---- SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and [face_rofl] So in character and delicious, on so many levels.
    Han's I gotta get outa here while the getting's good -- and Leia -- she knows exactly how to get under his skin for keeps. [face_love] =D= [:D] THANK YOU FOR THIS! [face_dancing] =D=
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  3. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    You indeed got the characters right, especially their quirky humour. You also added a great deal of fun into it and some romantic fluff.

    And I do adore your Luke, who turned a blind eye and walked away without disturbing the couple.
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    Dec 21, 2016
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    Jan 6, 2016
    Loved the 'pie fight'.....glad it was chocolate. Cute. Nice writing. Lynda V.
  6. Master_Lok

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    Dec 18, 2012
    Like they walked off the big screen. Great work, Vek.As usual.;)

    And they have chocolate in GFFA? [face_dancing]

    This was fun.
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    This was adorable!! Han and Leia are so the characters we know, their volatile but loving relationship is so clear here. I could see all of this happening! Aaaannnd now I want pie.

    This cracked me up! I loved Wedge and Han's interactions too!

    Great job and thanks for participating in the exchange!!
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    Nicely done. Luke definitely doesn't want to interrupt. lol!
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    Oh, this was so much fun, where do I even begin! [face_laugh] [face_love] First off: Han and his ship! His incredulousness over Lando's inability to return the Falcon 'without a scratch' had me cracking up. The "I had a dish?!" line had me laugh out loud. Having Wedge and Chewie there to aid in the banter was just an awesome scene to read. Yep; that completely happened next. :p

    Then, I can completely see Han having a crisis of commitment. Thankfully, Leia came to set him right - the "melt butter on Hoth" was another great line. I appreciated how volatile their dialogue was - there's so much passion in their relationship, in every possible way, and that was perfectly portrayed here. Leia actually breaking down in tears hit me especially hard - she's been through so much in the last few days, from the end of the war to the revelation of her heritage and realizing her relationship to Luke. Han leaving out of fear was just the last straw for her. But, they regrouped beautifully! I have to echo the above in giving kudos for writing a tastefully sensual scene - not always the easiest thing to do!

    Continuing with the fantastic mix of moods, I really appreciated Luke's profound moment of introspection and grief being interrupted by realizing just how . . . occupied Han and Leia are. Yep - he most definitely doesn't want to interrupt. [face_laugh]:oops: What a great way to end the story with a smile!

    This was wonderful work! Thank you so much for sharing. :D =D=