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Discussion in 'Archive: Fan Audio' started by WinterRose, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. WinterRose

    WinterRose Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 6, 2001
    I'd tried everything. And I mean everything. Unplugging the stereo speakers, both on the wall and on the CPU, toggling controls and toggles through arcane and hidden windows files... Nothing got rid of this high pitched whine that liked to hitchhike right into my recordings nowadays. It's really held me up. Well, one morning I went to record an audition piece from here and got the whine once more, and I was sick of it. Completely sick of it. I'd been working with an 'on the motherboard' soundcard for a while now, and a substandard motherboard for my needs at that. The bus speed was completely inadequate, reducing my 2.4 gig chip to an overclocked 1.9. Phooey on THIS I said, and went right out to get me a socket 7 board that would run at speed, and accept my old soundblaster live! Value soundcard that I did better recordings with in bygone days.

    Well, after a complete re-install of my system, re-configuration, installation of the old soundblaster and a few experiments, the feedback whine is at long last GONE! I cannot say how pleased I am now that I can finally get back to work on the audio adaptation of 'Good Omens' I've been doing in my off-time. And perhaps I can get back to doing some real work for you guys here. HOODIEHOO!!

    -Edward Gore

    Also for you folks that need, especially you Mr. Butler that may want re-do's of the parts I did that had the whine in it, so noise reduced that I came out a little too quiet, I'd be happy to re-do em and send em along for a re-edit in if you wanna.
  2. Nathan_P_Butler

    Nathan_P_Butler Author, Star Wars Tales #21 star 4 VIP

    May 23, 2003
    Well, at least for me, everything's done. In fact, Nothing Changes: The Producer's Cut was just released, so you'll be able to hear yourself in a full cut now. :)
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