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Beyond - Legends Wrinkle In The Force - Balance - (Post-ROTJ EU, Sky-Solo, Mara-Jade)

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    Title: Wrinkle in The Force – Book 1 - Balance
    Author: windu4
    Timeframe: post-ROTJ
    Summary: Luke Skywalker has brought balance to the Force by killing the Emperor and redeeming his father. However, fate has something else in store for the galaxy. When the 2nd Death Star is destroyed a rift between a galaxy far, far away is opened to a dimension similar to our own. Just how much can nine simple beings change the future of GFFA?
    Characters: Everyone and Anyone from GFFA.
    Disclaimer: I do not own GFFA or the Firefly Universe. I’m just playing in the sandbox. This NaNoWriMo is more of an excuse for me to put my own unique spin on the post EU world. While I’ll be using the same characters and many of the same ships I’m definitely going to be approaching this far differently than most.


    Imperial Center

    She woke up with a scream and one simple yet terrifying realization. The Emperor is Dead. She had had felt nothing but his presence for the past twenty years. It had always been an icy cold prong sticking in the back of her mind. It had always been painful but it had been a necessary presence. Something to restrain the white-hot anger she had felt as a child. Yet that presence was gone and all she felt was a dull ache alongside an increasingly odd feeling. For the first time Mara-Jade felt as if she had a choice. Almost as if her mind was suddenly clearing of a fog she had felt for years.

    Yet this was the least of her worries. Mara-Jade was the only Emperor’s Hand in the Core Worlds and this meant she was the highest ranking. In about an hour there would be a meeting with the Inner Ruling Council, the Grand Moffs and the Emperor’s Guard. Mara-Jade needed to be there for that.

    The assassin swung from her bunk to the floor and stood to her feet. She had just returned from Tantooine after her failure to assassinate Luke Skywalker. At first she had assumed that the Emperor wished to see her immediately but instead she was here. At first she had assumed that Palpatine hadn’t wished to see her because she had failed. Yet now she was beginning to think that there were more complicated reasons.

    If one thing could be said for Mara’s master it was that he always had a contingency plan. Palpatine could never truly fail because he always predicted every possible outcome for a situation. His foresight was why he had risen to become the most powerful man in the galaxy. Mara didn’t know how he had died but she knew that it wasn’t over. It couldn’t be.

    The Hand strode down the hallway; emanating such a strong sense of purpose that no one dared approach her. The Imperial Center was in a state of array. Officers were running around in a constant state of panic, stormtroopers stood at every door way to prevent looting and there was an occasional blaster bolt that indicated the death of a deserter or traitor. Shortly after Sidious had perished Ysanne Issard had magically gotten her hands on a list of rebels on the capital. In a matter of hours every protestor, traitor or politician with an even slightly ambiguous stance was in the process of being arrested or even murder.

    It was chaos but there was some kind of odd sense of direction to it.

    Mara had decided against wearing her typical clothes and instead wore a pair of dark robes that Sidious had given her. Mara-Jade knew she wasn’t a Sith and lacked the desire to become one but she did know about the affect it had on people. Mara-Jade could instill her own sense of fear and control over the people in this room. It wasn’t long before she stepped in front of the entrance of the Inner Council Chambers where the emergency meeting would be taking place. Her chrono and datapad had been beeping incessantly for the past hour. Mara-Jade sighed: she was late.

    Mara stepped to the door and to her surprise saw the door guarded by two ugly, grey creatures. They were short; standing at roughly 1.5 meters and massive ridges protruded over their eyes. Mara’s green eyes met one of the creature’s yellow ones and it opened its mouth to speak. “This meeting is for the Inner Council and Grand Moffs only.”

    Mara frowned. “I am the Emperor’s Hand. My presence is paramount for this meeting.” She reached into her robes to pull out a datachip to verify her identity but the low growl of the Noghri persuaded her not too.

    “There is no Emperor.” The Noghri hissed.

    “Do not test me.” Mara-Jade warned, putting a hard edge to her voice as she did. The dull ache in the back of her head began to intensify and Mara gritted her teeth in pain. “I am the Emperor’s Hand. As long as there is an Empire there is an Emperor. You will let me by or you will suffer the consequences.”

    She took another step forward and both of the Noghri hissed as they stood to their full height. Yet the confrontation never came when the door behind them opened and a tall, broad-shouldered man with short reddish-brown hair and a beard stepped outside. “Step aside, Noghri.”

    Mara felt a sudden sense of relief as Kir Kanos approached her. He was a member of the Emperor’s Guard and their lives complimented each other’s in various ways. They had not interacted much in the past since Mara served as Palpatine’s weapon and Kanos as his protector but they were on the same side. Perhaps Kir Kanos could explain the madness that was going on. “Kir. I’m glad you’re here.” Mara said. “Have I missed much of the meeting?”

    Kir frowned and glanced over his shoulder at the Noghri. He then set his hand on Mara’s shoulder and guided her away from the two guards. “Mara….the destruction of the 2nd Death Star set a chain of events in motion that are hardly predictable or preventable.”

    “The destruction of the Death Star….or Palpatine’s death?” Mara questioned as she tried to relax. Her head was now pounding now and she could barely focus.

    “We are….we are not certain if Lord Sidious is dead.” Kir murmured. “Unfortunately, there are certain people who are and they are moving forward with plans that he would not approve of.”

    Mara grimaced and suddenly found herself leaning against the wall for support. “Is this why you are not letting me inside?”

    Kir sighed. “Another loyalist would only make the meeting more tense. For now I am going to do what I am told but I have prepared a contingency plan so that we can find our master.”

    “Whose in control right now?” Mara questioned.

    “The Warlords.” Kir said. “They are following the lead of someone who claims to be a Grand Admiral. He somehow managed to show up at the Imperial Center in time for this meeting. He has a strong track record, a high ranking and the manpower. He is the one in control.”

    “His name?” Mara continued to ask these questions even as her headache began to intensify. If she focused on this conversation than perhaps her head would stop pounding.

    “Thrawn.” Kir Kanos said.

    Mara did not hear him nor did she respond. For the moment he said that word her head exploded with intensity and she fell to her knees. Mara gripped her head in her hands as she suddenly saw a very familiar face approach her. He was shrouded in robes and his face was covered in shadows. All she could see were his sickly yellow eyes and the crooked sneer that crossed his face. Darth Sidious than slowly raised his right arm and pointed at her with a jaggd, crooked finger. “KILL LUKE SKYWALKER!” He hissed and then she was back in reality. Kir Kanos’ hand was on her shoulder and he gave her a reassuring squeeze.

    “What did he tell you?” Kir said softly and Mara-Jade suddenly knew that Kir Kanos understood.

    “….what did he tell you?” Mara-Jade instead asked, not trusting herself to reveal her thoughts.

    “I believe that we are both following the will of the Emperor.” Kir Kanos also avoided answering her question. “I don’t know how you plan to do your deed but the entire Empire is at your disposal. You can do your duty and I will do mine but we must stay in contact.”

    Mara somehow managed to stand to her feet. “Understood.” She said.

    “What do you need?” Kir asked as he continued to guide her down the hallway.

    “Nothing you can give me.” Mara said. “What I need is Talon Kaarde.”
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    Do you know how intriguing and great this looks? =D= =D= =D= I will be watching this avidly!!!!!! [face_dancing] [face_dancing]
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    Nice start! It's always fun to read about Talon Karrde, so I look forward to this!
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    hmm, so Mara knows about Talon Karrde in this? Interesting.....
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