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Star Wars 129 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Shadow's Fall

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III.
    Bastion, The Emperor´s Private Chambers

    Kira Romar. She had indeed become powerful. And estranged from her order, obviously. What had been ordered on Roon had not been an attack. But a slaughter. Under a Jedi´s guidance. Tactical a smart move, but not really one with the codex. If he could win such a woman for himself. For his Empire . . .

    Roon had cost many of his elite troops their lives. Troops he had never allowed to be brought there. He did not need to investigate the matte.r he knew whose authorization he would find under the appropriate documents in the end. The Supreme Commander Moorlish Veed had adapted swiftly to their new allies. Too fast. And Nyna Calixte had yet to show her true loyalty was with him. His attention returned Emperor Fel looked up and raised a brow. Turning his attention to the puzzle the Head of Espionage had given him, he immediately knew who it was who had been captured on Anaxes. Not many Knights could have made it there despite his orders. And actually . . . he was missing only one.
    ?Kessler.? The Emperor concluded without giving Calixte another glance. Then he realized what was so strange about these two reports. No connections were visible at first sight. But first sights were worthless. He smiled. His prodigal knight, traitor and loyalist the same time. And just as he had heard of the young Jedi once more, the young Jedi who had dared to face him without the slightest fear a year before above Borosk and whom he had seeked to find ever since . . . just as he had found her, the one Imperial Knight who knew her from his past appeared again. The force had many ways to express it´s will. Not all were subtle. Roan Fel III. smiled about the opportunity handed to him and turned his back in Nyna Calixte. ?Bring him here. Immediately.? He only said and heard her acknowledgment, as he was on his way into the gardens. The Dark Lord would arrive, soon. Preparations were to be made. First, he would meditate.

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    Emperor Roan Fel III.
    One day later

    He had prepared to finally meet the Dark Lord of the Sith. His ally. The Empire´s savior. The monster that had in the few month since their alliance had been founded killed uncounted numbers of people. Yet, the Sith did not unleash their full fury. They did not show their real cruelty, and Emperor Fel knew all to well what that meant. They were not in this war to fight a war against Jedi. They were here to stay. They had long-time plans. And they involved his Empire. And quite possibly his throne.

    And Darth Krayt was not the only one. Veed was a man of growing ambition. He had always hungered for more and long ago Emperor Fel had realized that this trademark of his finest military mind would sooner or later grab for his throne and the resulting conflict would very likely only one of them survive. Emperor Fel was confident to be this one. In the end a monarchy was build on authority a man like Veed would never understand. "Is everything prepared for our guest, Antares?" The Emperor asked, as he entered the hangar. The young Knight nodded and looked over to the twenty assembled Imperial Knights who would await the Dark Lord. An honor unlike any other guests every had, on Bastion. Roan Fel nodded in agreement and sighed, as he was given the information that the Sith shuttle had arrived. He was in time.

    Of course he is. If he had shown us one thing so far, then that he is a Master of timing.

    "Take formation and none of you talks until I ask him to, understood?" He said to his knights, whose strong feelings he could feel about this meeting. The alliance had not been his choice. But it could win him the war. And that was the most important thing for his Empire. The attack on Bastion had shown what future the defeated would await by the hands of the Galactic Alliance. And it had shown that the Jedi were not abl
  2. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cal Mirras
    Runaway Prince

    It was a job, a real job. Cal could not believe it; his time and training was finally paying off. A Hutt, he wasn?t sure whom, had contracted him on a job; he liked this newest prospect. It was better than scraping scum off of the bottom of a transport or going to bag small game in a forest just so a greedy corporation could level the place and build some luxury condominium building or even an assassination of some secretary of a secretary of a minor official. No, it was not like that at all; now this was an actual mission, one of decent importance and possible fortune. However, with the promise of great reward came great risk. The Hutts were rumored to be nasty gangsters, never accepting failure on anything. If Cal wanted to get his reward, he would have to tread carefully or he would end up having his corpse fed on by parasites somewhere in a dark alley.

    Apparently there was another mercenary on the job with him, because he had been told that there were two shuttles to the Reaper, the ancient yet somehow still in use by the Hutt who had hired him. Nodding to the thugs as he walked by them to the awaiting shuttle, he started to think about what he was up against. Although he didn?t know the mission profile or any information for that matter, he could guess that he would need firepower . . . a LOT of firepower. However, Cal had made sure that he had all of his equipment in place and working slick as grease before coming. Although he never had a burnout or technical failure in his weapons during the heat of combat, he still wanted to prevent a major malfunction from occurring at the wrong time and then paying the price for it.

    As he boarded the shuttle, the pilot gave him a dirty look. Cal just grinned at him, not trying to further anger the pilot. These gangsters must hate humans, he thought to himself. As the shuttle lifted off from the hanger, Cal watched the procession of military vehicles fly past; hundreds of ships, new and ancient alike, fly in the same direction like wasps around a nest. Very impressive. The Hutts certainly are on top of things, it seems. When the shuttle broke the atmosphere of Runaway Prince, Cal stared out at the growing fleet amassing in the area. One of those ships had to be the Reaper, but Cal really didn?t care. He was still lost in the moment of the job. It might finally allow him to break free of the wannabe mercenary and give him some decent jobs for once.

    When the shuttle touched down on the Reaper, Cal walked down the ramp and headed to the lift to the Hutt?s chamber. He did not want to anger his client, so he had made sure to show up early. Pulling the DL-44 blaster out from his sack, he checked it over once before putting it back. No, a heavy blaster pistol would look too ordinary; he had to impress his client a bit more than that. He traded the DL-44 for the X-45 sniper rifle he had in the pack as well, and also slung his stun blaster to a side holster on his hip. It was time to show the Hutt what he could do, and for that he needed to show that he had fearsome weaponry that would back up his own reputation.

    As he entered the chamber, he realized that the other mercenary was already there. It was a Trandoshan, a member of a species that was notorious for its mercenary skills. It was lugging around a huge LS-170 blaster, which looked rather frightening. However, Cal knew that he had enough firepower in his combined weapons to overpower the other weapon, so this made him a bit more comfortable.

    T'doshok not hunt... cheap. But T'doshok hunt...better.

    The Trandoshan certainly was cocky, that was for sure. However, without knowing exactly hw good he was, Cal decided not to get on his bad side in case he ended up being on the wrong side of the trigger of that giant blaster. Flipping his hair a little bit, Cal stepped forward, rifle in hand. He opened his mouth to speak, but waited a few moments for the Trandoshan?s words to take effect on the inhabitants o
  3. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Darth Chalon
    Aboard the Dark Reckoning

    Beaten, embarassed, humilated by the Jedi and their troops. They were a shame for the Sith. Unworthy of their Dark Lord´s mercy. He hissed and allowed his long tongue to escape his mouth. A wave of his hand send the troopers to the ground. What did they dared to guard him, as if they had the right to keep him from doing anything. A look of him, made them reconsider their attempt to grab their guns. They withdrew, as he entered the Medbay.

    At least the fatman had gotten what he deserved. Suffering and disfigured. If anybody could disfigure the disgusting excuse for a Sithlord. Darth Chalon had been proud when Darth Atavus had replaced him. Had been faithful to their new Lord of Roon. So powerful. So majestic. And now fatman felt in charge again. Fatman felt strong again.

    Fatman was probably a deadman once he reached Korriban. And as soon as they left the Deathwind Corridor that would be soon. Very soon. And Darth Null knew it. He said it into his face. Easy enough if Null had none left Chalon could spit in. Or maybe he felt secure because Regentis was there. Chalon hissed only, as he was called fool. Hissed again as he was given the command nobody could deny to him. He hissed a third time, a long hiss, as Null gave him orders. But the orders were indeed some he could not refuse to obey. ?Find the Jedi who did this to us. Find Kira Kara Romar. And make. Her. PAY!? Null faded out, just as his yell ended. Darth Regentis looked at Chalon and smiled. ?You heard him. A reasonable command, I would say.?
    ?Weeeeakling.? Was all Chalon replied and he left the Medbay. Gnawing on some flesh, and spitting hatred from his eyes. The scent of burned Sith was disgusting. He tuned around and left.
    Outside he ignited his red blade and turned to the trooper to his right. He cut of both the mans legs with a swift strike. All assembled Sith and troops stared at him suddenly. And with a scream Chalon unleashed blue lightning on the suffering man. Heightening his agony, until, under the pain of the second wave, the man died.
    Chalon turned to the men. He needed no Darth Null to give him command. ?Thizzz man did nozzzing to me. Imagine what I will do to any of you, if you dare to no obey my commandzz.? He hissed into the room. And slashed out, as he felt the trooper to his left considering to shot him in the back. Then all just stared at him. He smiled and nodded. ?Good. Bring uzz to Rylozz. We need to contact our mazterz.? And he needed to learn where Kira Romar had gone to.

    And kill her. Slowly.

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  4. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Gabrin Marr

    Rodia, The Palace

    Things had gone to hell quickly, to say the least. This was far from a mission failure however, very far from one. But he had a feeling the plan was going to be completely thrown out before the day was done. Still, if he acted now Rodia would still be theirs.

    That would do for now.

    Whistling, the deformed Miraluka Jedi called over a nearby squad leader. They were taking down the elite guards quickly enough, but if Rodian soldiers where allowed to keep gunning them down like fish in a barrel from atop of the walls, this battle wouldn?t last long.

    ?Sergeant, I need you and four of your men to help me take out the sentries on the walls. There a stair case a few hundred feet from here. As for the rest of you HUG THE WALLS.? Marr ended with a shout, flicking his wrist into one of the many orders that the soldiers had been looking for as he ran off to the staircase to his far right. The rest of the troops in his command, would thin out, and instead spread to the protected walls and sides of the Palace interior while refusing to give up the initiative. It would be easier for their forward line to broken through, but it not would allow his commando?s ample flanking ability and control over their own flanks. The Rodians would become nothing more than the right side of a barn for his troops. Unless their commander caught on to what he was doing.

    Marr was already atop the staircase, his lightsaber humming softly in his hands, with 5 soilder behind his back, as he saw, through his Force Sight, his troops carry out their orders and take their postions. May the Force be with us.

  5. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007

    The Nikto grunted and looked around again. "I don´t want anything of you. My Boss thinks you two need to talk, though. When war is coming, people like us need tostands together." He shouted through the door. "That´s what he says at least." The Nikto added to himself. Then he hammered at the door again. "They are already invading the city. So decide quickly, man. Bork the Humble sends me. You heard me? He is a good man to be a friend of you." He advertised his offer, but so half-hearted it was obvious he only did because he had been asked to do it. Ordered to do. Like all Nikto, he the tendency to follow commands to the letter, even if he did not understand them.

    The name of Bork the Humble would have needed no explanation, anyway. Every person who had lived for sometime on Christophsis knew him. A man of questionable status, but the unchallenged greatest single crystal smuggler on the planet. He had made millions by helping others get their loads off the planet. And getting his share of the sales, obviously. The mone had brought him influence and influence hadbrought him status. And these days many people argued if he had done a lot good or a lot bad to Christophsis. When the war was coming he had obviously a lot to loose. And men like Bork always had a lot to offer.

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    Co-GM Note:
    Peng´s update was on my comp for a few days, now. To all others under my GMship, especially those not yet posted: I´ll update you on Sunday, Monday at latest.
  6. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole
    Above Roon

    He had entered the shuttle without a further word. Nodding to the others and sitting down he stared down on Roon and felt the chest tightening. Gone was his cooky smile and fast tongue. All he felt was disgust and anger. Nova-Squad. The names kept coming for units, platoons and troups they could send into hell. He had watched the 5th Recon Sqad getting teared apart here on Roon. Commander Strikre had been the last. Lying in the hospital-ship of the fleet for seven days, his arms severed by a Sith. He hadn´t made it. None of his men had. Sarina hadn´t made it. The Noghri were dead, too. And the only thing keeping Jacen Cole alive was the knowledge he had made the Empire pay for it. 49 kills on the field. They hadn´t been as satisfying as the aftermath. when he had walked from wounded to wounded. Had send his own to the ambulance teams, while executing all imperials and sith he had found. Nobody had objected. They had all understood. He had no idea how many it had been. But when he shot them, he did no longer see the faces of red evil grins before he pulled the trigger. He saw those of Kira Romar and Vice-Admiral Vale. Monsters far worse then the Sith. Or every bit as bad, but the worse hypocrats.

    San Jul was saying something. Jacen had a hard time listening. Orders. Vale. "Yeah, sure." He only replied and checked his weapon again, staring down on the huge dustball that was Roon. He wished someone would blow it up, soon.

    Nal´ta was silent to. The Wookie talked, but his droid was not very loud when translating. They all had survived Roon. their bodies had. "I can´t wait to see who we have to kill this time." He said, suddenly. Surprised himself. The others nodded. He hoped he would resist the tempting opportunity to draw his weapon and kill Vale, when he stood before him. The Butcher of Roon. The brute equivalent to the Reaper of Roon, as they called Romar admiring. He had seen her, slaughtering enemies. In her black dress, with her pale face and blade. A monster. Just like the Sith. All force users seemed to be. Destroyer of Worlds. And souls.

    As they approached the Kenobi, Jacen Cole straightened his uniform and stood up. He might have broken, but he wouldn´t show. Then he laughed out, looking at the others. "Who of us is actually in charge?" He asked. Jacen hadn´t asked and if someone had told them, he had not listened. He saw the others giving each other puzzling looks. Then all four of them laughed out. "Have they actually degraded or promoted me?" He added and they laughed even louder. "What are a hundred Sith dead on Roon?" He asked. "A good beginning." The wookie said. "Just another day." Cole replied. They still laughed when they left the shuttle and entered the turbolift to get to Vale.

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  7. Darth_Vaders_Sock

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    May 10, 2009
    IC: Ayano Ebele
    Location: Aboard the Shadowstrike, approaching the Orinda Marshalling Point

    The sound of the engine changed again- a static noise which rose higher and higher until it was beyond hearing before dropping to a low comfortable purr- sounding a little like a Nexu that she had seen once, Ayano couldn?t help but reflect. It was very soothing.
    Her breathing slowed and she gradually became calmer, despite the presence of the fully grown Sith. But he had not moved, had maybe even fallen asleep. Reaching out with her imagination, she summoned her pets and they came at her call.
    Blood curled up at her feet, purring as she stroked his fur. Feather perched outside her hiding place, guarding her and ready to attack anyone who came close. Munch wriggled out of her grip and began to flick his tail playfully- she giggled as he began to chase it around and around before rolling over and pouncing on it excitedly.

    She knew she wasn?t allowed to imagine things. But as long as she never told her trainers, there was nothing they could do about it. She?d even set Feather on one of them once and he hadn?t noticed, even when she?d plucked out his eyes and ripped open his chest with her large talons. Although it had been disappointing to see him walk off after her lesson without a scratch on him.

    She scooped Munch back up into her arms and the creature began to settle down, kneading her and curling up beside her chest before falling asleep. She could feel the rumble of Blood?s breathing against her feet as he slept too?Even Feather was in a light doze, only with one eye open so she could wake instantly and attack anyone who came close.

    She could hear the voice of the ship too?it was singing to her?singing?

    Ayano yawned, and felt herself drifting off. She shifted her position into something more comfortable and felt her skin brush against something furry. Blood!
    She curled up against the fur, burying her hands in its softness and dreaming.


    She jumped out of her skin, almost wetting herself in fright. She reached for Blood and Munch, but they had disappeared, Feather with them; she was lying in an overhead locker with a fur lined cloak for company.
    The sound of the engines changed and stuffing her fingers in her ears, she curled up and screwed her eyes tight shut, waiting for the noise to end, not having a clue what it was, but wishing it would go away.

    The ship yelled at her, and she yelled back in her head, trying to block out its screams.


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  8. mmart23

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Jedi Master Jak Fisto

    "Blasted starfighters", Jak griped as he rolled out of harms way barely evading a stream of starfighter laserturret fire. While in midspin, the broadcast came from Master K?Kruhk. Jak's eyes widened as he manuevered his craft to dodge the frigate then called to Tharus over his Com. "Take over Tharus. I'm getting an incoming order from Master K'Kruhk". Pensive during the message Jak captured the mission order: to travel to Empress Teta and find and retrieve Guildmaster Joon before the Sith can. "Got it. Let's finish this Tharus. We have been commissioned for a mission to Empress Teta".

    Tharus Antilles

    "Sure thing Master Fisto", Antilles said as he operated the pilot and artillery controls blasting as many starfighters in their perimeter, dodging his way around the seemingly neverending laserfire. He began to take some fire from behind, a blast grazing his right wing as he added, "But hurry. I won't be able to keep this up for long". Encouragement came seconds later as Fisto confirmed hearing and understanding the message and mission intent. Tharus smiled as his Master commanded him to finish this and get ready for the mission to Empress Teta. Ever the adventurer, as if embedded in his inner chemical makeup, Antilles said, "Let's do this Master".

    The two then engaged in unison against the enemy forces eager to seize victory and press on to find Joon on Empress Teta.

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  9. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    IC: Delith Wiggins (Alias: Xtol Dauntes)
    Rodia: On the Surface, The Palace

    Music: [link=]Infiltration[/link]

    From is spot in the shadows, Del surveyed the battle. His Jedi allies were advancing more quickly then had been anticipated, he would have to move quickly to complete his role. He aimed the grappler gun he was holding straight up, and fired. The hook sped quickly along the walls of the palace, coming to a stop and grabbing hold as it hit the roof of the main building. Almost as quickly, Delith was pulled up in tow. He came to a stop at the highest floor of the main building, and gently swung to the balcony that he had been careful to select. He could still hear the sounds of battle below as he crept along it's length, counting on the distraction to keep the attention of any eyes that might spy him.

    Sixteen meters later, he encountered the first pitfall in his infiltration plan. A long section of the balcony had fallen away, perhaps from some battle, or perhaps from age. It didn't matter though, he'd run into problems like this before, had trained for problems like this. What's more, he was properly equipped for problems like this. Turning back, he walked five paces, and turned again. A grin crept across his face, this was something he always enjoyed, if just for the rush it brought to his sensations. The Shadows had done a lot of experimenting during their time within the order, and had figured out some interesting, if not extremely useful ways to combine different aspects of the force. This particular one, while not always practical, was just what he needed for this situation.

    He started off in a run, threw the force into it, then shot his left hand towards the wall as he came to the ledge. His hand stuck to the wall, but slid along it. His feet transferred to the wall when he ran out of balcony, and he sped to the other ledge nearly ten meters away. As he neared it, his hand lost it's friction, and he gave one last burst before coming to rest on his target. The drain on his fortitude was more than he expected this time though, and he stumbled to the ground in a clumsy looking heap. He lay there for a minute to collect himself before he returning to his feet. He smiled... "I'll have to be more careful in the future!"

    TAG: LordT

    IC: Denak Sal (Darth Nocturne)
    Aboard the Shadowstrike, approaching the Orinda Marshalling Point

    Music: [link=]Intruders[/link]

    Denak woke to the sound of giggling, but stayed motionless in his seat. "A child? Seriously?" he thought to himself. "And it sounds like a little girl too... i'll have to teach it to ask permission when I land, maybe teach it a lesson as well." He drifted back into his much needed sleep after that, fully content that he would hear her if she tried to cause any trouble.


    Denak was startled to wakefulness by the ship's arrival alarm, he shot his hand to the left control panel to silence it. The alarm ceased, and quiet returned to the cockpit. He waited a second longer, then brought the ship out of hyperspace. Seconds later he was within com range of the Star Destroyer Overlord, the Sith Flagship.

    "Shadowstrike requesting permission to dock in main hanger bay..."

    He sent over the com channel to the Overlord, now he would play the waiting game...

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  10. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Floating Fortress - The Eye, Above the City

    Droids welcomed Kai Lonati in the giant orb out of black metal floating above the city. Droids of various build. Some guards, many protocol models.
    ?My name is C5C5, I am the Prophet´s personal assistant droid. We are honored to welcome one of your order is here on Axum. The Prophet will grant you an audience immediately.? The droid nodded and turned around, leading the way to the inner sanctum of the vessel apparently made entirely of crystal.

    On the inside of the floating fortress was a spherical chamber with tables and seats shaped out of the vessels natural material. Cold iron. Also several droids were present, here. Droids the galaxy knew from history holos at best. And they were proof the Prophet had at least foreseen Kai Lonati´s coming. And had prepared. TD-K battle-droids stood in every corner of the room, waiting patiently as the Jedi Knight entered.

    Just as he had stepped inside the door behind him slowly closed and from the ground a repulsor lift appeared, carrying the creature known to the galactic underworld as the Prophet.

    It made a bubbling sound. And C5C5 translated dutifully. ?The Prophet greets you and says he is honored by your presence. He wonders what it is a simple plant like him can help a man like you with, though.? The droid said. The doors shut everywhere around them. They were alone in their, now.

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    Indeed, they did not question [b]Darth Chalon[/b] after the incident. They avoided him. Following his orders to the word. Fear, was a powerful tool. Even though if he fell asleep, they all would probably taking the chance to kill him.

    It was all irrelevant, when they The moment they appeared from Hyperspace was the moment they were hit. ?Alarm! Incoming!? Someone screamed from the cockpit. [b]Darth Regentis[/b], besides Darth Chalon the last Sith on board having the rank of a Lord and being able to give commands yelled something about emergency procedures, as sparks came flying from the system. ? . . . down, we´re . . . oin` . . . own . . . ?

    Outside the [i][b]Dark Reckoning[/b][/i] had jumped right into the [b]Second Battle of Ryloth [/b]in the Sith-Imperial War. And three [i]ShaShore[/i]-Class Frigates and a [i]Scythe[/i]-Class Cruiser were returning fire to the thirty six outdated [i]Nebulon-G[/i] cruisers of the Ryloth Defense fleet. The Republic fleet had been send to unite with Third Fleet of [b]Vice-Admiral Vale[/b], when they had run into a fully prepared, Sith controlled Ryloth. Instead of retreating, they had attacked. And the Ryloth Fleet was taking heavy losses, even though in the long run it would prevail.

    The old gunship of the [i]Mikaru Shipyards[/i] - [b]The Dark Reckoning[/b] had been unlucky enough to return to real-space amidst two of the [i]ShaShore[/i]-Classes. Lucky not to hit them, the GA ships had lost no second to open fire. And had hit the smaller frigate in various essential parts.

    Just as these information were gathered and forwarded to the Sith another explosion ripped through their ships. A black uniformed officer of the Emperor grew pale next to Chalon. ?Prepare for emergency landing. That were the engines.? He sighed and grabbed himself a seat.

    [b]Tag: Sir_Draco[/b]



    Music - The War comes to Christophsis[/link]

    His officer nodded and patched him through. The voice coming from the other side was laughing, easy-going and somewhat odd. "Hey Felix old pal, is that you? Can´t believe you´re here at Christophsis, where the party will be at! Man, how are? Haven´t heard of you in ages?" It was Colonel Tahnan´s voice. No doubt. But he did not sound like himself. A few long seconds passed, then all Wolatrians understood and began hurrying towards combat-alert positions without>
  11. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
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  12. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    [hl=black]Darth Krayt
    Korriban, Depth of the Tomb of XoXaan

    Tatooine. The sand and the heat and only a little piece of the world visible through his mask. His other mask. He runs and jumps. Stronger and faster than the other tusken he is unstoppable. And then he hears it´s cry. Stopping, laughing instead of fleeing like all the others, he stands still. He hears it. Coming. From somewhere nearby. It must be a huge one. A giant of hunger and flesh. his hand goes to his side and he withdraws his blade. A blade of steel and with a grip of bones and the sand hurls around him as a giant shape appears in the storm approaching.

    A dragon. A Krayt Dragon. Lord of the desert. A scream and he runs towards the beast. Forcing his blade deep into the beast. Blood sprays on his face, aging with every thrust of his blade. His muscles growing, spikes ramming through his skin, making him suffer as he stabs deep into the dragons flesh. Until he reaches the heart, all muscles and bones pushed aside. He grabs into the mass, the blood growing darker, as it is spitted out of torn arteries. He is covered by t, now feeling himself becoming something else. The Vongs spawns making him a monstrous thing, a thing that should never have existed. He does not stop, though. Cutting and crawling into the mountain of flesh, until he reaches it. The pulsing heart of the Krayt Dragon. And with a triumphant laugh he bites into it. Bites deep and swallows the piece without chewing it. Repeating the same move again and again, until blood spills from his mouth, as he laughs out. He is no longer a man. He is a Dragon. The Lord of All . . .

    As his eyes open, he still feels the blood on his skin. The taste of the heart in his mouth. I tastes like power. Absolute power. Raising his head, he feels the cold of Korriban crawl into his bones again. His soul expanding into the dark he calls his home now.



    The Dark Lord of the Sith felt exhausted. his body barely carrying the weight of the decades any longer had shaped the galaxy according to his vision. And now, so short before it all came to pass, he felt his life thinning. Like to much water for the poison, his soul seemed to be drained. His head hanging, his helmet now on his legs, he coughed out and slowly breathed out.

    Nobody had ever seen him like this. Nobody ever would. His wound from Hapan had not fully healed, yet. Almost a year, after it´s infliction. The suit, the spawns were still raging inside of his blood, his body. He had always to keep them contained. Eternal vigilance was the price for his prolonged existence. And the existence of Darth Krayt was the existence of his dream. Order. Perfect order. A galaxy united through the Dark Side. Through him. Through the One Sith. One Sith. One Galaxy.

    The thought alone gave him strength. and in the dark he heard the laugh, almost a giggle, but one with a profound evil in the way it sang to him. [b]"Master."[/b] He gasped and saw only the fading idea of [b]XoXaan[/b] in the dark, appearing and vanishing again. He gasped out and raised again. Suddenly stronger, revitalized by his anger. Anger for the moment of weakness he had allowed to take him. Anger about his own weakness. Only fear he had fear. For fear would destroy him, as it had always destroyed those strong and worthy. It was the weakness of Emperor´s and Kings. Of Lords. Even of himself. A scream in the dark echoed through the halls of Korriban and over his body crawled waves of blueish lightning as he spread his arms away from his body, his hands closing to fists.

    [i]I am Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith. Answer my command![/i] The thought was enough for the crystal cube before him to suddenly glow and the pale mask of Darth Nihilus to appear before him.


    The Dark Lord smiled, suddenly the powerful and tall figure again, lurking over the world of Ko>
  13. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Kai Lonati
    The Eye, Above Axum

    Looking around, all he saw was aplant nad many droids. A plant, strong in the force. He had seen Revwien before. But none ever having interest in profit or power. No, this was something different. Droids made to kill Jedi, actually. No living around. Nobody Kai could read. And considering his welcome comitee, he guessed that whatever cover he had prepared, it was already blown. The Prophet knew exactly who he was talking to.

    "I am looking for a colleague. And old friend. Kira Kara Romar is her name. A Jedi Knight who grounded Roon recently, more or less on her own. A dangerous woman. Even to herself. And if someone looks for someone else, I´ve been told you were the best place to start." He turned his face to the Prophet. "I can pay. Not only with money. Also with much more valuable things. So, do we two have a deal?"

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  14. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=skyblue][color=dark-blue]Above Axum
    The Eye[/color][/hl]


    Amidst his floating fortress, one could feel anxiety from the plant that was called the Prophet by the galaxy. It extended one of it´s branches and held it into a drink that looked alcoholic right in front of it. The hand . . . what one could call a hand when it comes to a plant . . . began to soak in the fluid immediately. Then the blubbing sounds came again. The droid nodded and translated. "The Prophet knows what you are looking for. Your desires, he says, make you powerful. Yet they are hard to veil." The Droid turned back to the plant and then continued. "He actually knows where to find your friend. But he questions the wisdom of sharing that information with you, considering he had tense relationships with your order and masters in the past. He asks what guarantees you can give, he won´t regret it, if he tells?"

    The Droid looked at Lonati without a single feeling in his face. But something was building inside the room. A danger. And the plant seemed to move more rapid now, as it appeared to eye the human man standing in the middle of the room.

    Tag: DarkLordoftheFins

  15. -Yun-Harla-

    -Yun-Harla- Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 2, 2006
    IC: Princess Marasiah Fel
    Shuttlecraft, Deep in the new Nagai Space

    "Yes, I can," Princess Marasiah Fel replied to Verden Pinder, her large brown eyes wide with fear. She stood next to her Master Elke Vetter and tried to keep quiet for the most part of the journey. Snarky even as a child, her recent somewhat withdrawn behaviors were the only indication of just how scared she was that she intended upon showing anybody. Exposed to abduction and ransoms plenty as a child, she knew that the consequences of this mission failing would be drastic. It would be unwise for her to draw attention to herself in any form and being the daughter of the Emperor already did that plenty for her.

    As the shuttlecraft neared the GA-owned Anobian hangar bay, Sia continued gazing out the transparisteel window. One of her small hands fell to the hilt of her custom Imperial Knight saber. It was still a practice saber, capable of causing little more than minors burns upon an opponent, but somehow just holding it made the girl feel safer, more powerful. From childhood she had been surrounded by her father's most loyal subjects, and she could not wait for the day when she too would be allowed to don the red armor.

    Feeling the child's fear, Elke took Sia's left hand and gave it a slight squeeze. "We'll get you to safety Princess, or die trying," she said through the Force. A small smile crept up the corner of Sia's mouth and Elke simply nodded. She was a woman of few words and her focus was on the mission to get Princess Marasiah Fel back into Imperial Space.

    And so they stood together for a while, listening and feeling the death in the Force around them. Until suddenly the hangar bay came into view.

    "Are we there yet?" Sia asked impishly, trying to divert Elke's and Verden's attention for a second and hopefully lighten up the situation. But all it took for her to hear an answer was to notice their expressions. The journey had only begun and upon meeting Norn Dukai at the hangar, Sia's real adventure home would begin.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Kahn_Iceay
  16. SkywalkerShine

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    Aug 16, 2007
    OOC: I deeply apologize for not posting earlier. I've been very busy with school and all. I promise, I'll post as soon as I can.

    Plus, where do you want me to start?
  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Inquisitor Ignis
    Orinda, aboard the Overlord, hangar bay


    Inquisitor Ignis stood, arms folded, and stared into the abyss. There was little to add. Little to say. The Sith Inquisitor did not mince words. And so he waited, and stared.


    ?This is Overlord Control. You are late, Darth Nocturne. Proceed aboard immediately. The Inquisitor is not one to wait.? As the Shadowstrike was given access, a group of slate gray Imperial Star Destroyers detached themselves from the main armada, forming up at the points where ships were most likely to decant ? the last Sith and Imperial forces had arrived in-system.

    They had time. But they had to acknowledge that they would be together when time ended ? when the Galactic Alliance died. Master and apprentice. Hunter and hunted. Darkness and victim.

    It was succulent ? and Ignis could taste it. And he was sated.

    But? prowling at the edge of a thousands? Sith awareness?

    Something nibbled.

    Spies, no doubt. Deep space GA probes. Flittering around at the edge of reality ? but they, too, served the Sith.

    For they were the Heralds of the Sith Empire.[/blockquote]

    TAG: DarthHelinith, EKW, JEDIGUNSHIP


    IC: Admiral Tarsul
    Battle of Corsin

    [blockquote]Kaj and Tharus were not the only ones to receive notice of their mission from Jedi Master K?Kruhk. Admiral Tarsul, a Fargul commander who had fought at both battles of Taris and had a taste of the reversals the Jedi had inflicted upon the Alliance, also received the transmission, and flew into a rage, surprising his CO, a small Sullustan named Ennab. She cringed, and it took all her courage not to flee from the bridge as the massive Admiral slammed his fist down on the display.

    ?Get me a channel directly open to Master Fisto. Now.? The bridge crew silently obeyed, even as the flagship Tycho Celchu rocked under fire. If the Alliance lost Corsin the Empire would be able to dart across the gap between the two great hyperlanes, the Hydian and Perlemian, and assault the Core from another flank ? and they could simply not afford to fight the Empire on two more lines.

    While the Master-Padawan pair had created some space in the conflict, the two of them didn?t have time for the Admiral to open a channel to Fisto and engage in conversation ? let alone a rant. The comm. channel opened, and the Admiral appeared in K?Kruhk?s place. ?Master Fisto, I forbid you departing the Corsin system. More Sith are arriving all the time, and they?re tearing through our fighter wings. You either stay, or we lose Corsin. I refuse to allow both of you to leave.?

    The other Knights in-system were currently fending off the ground-invasion, keeping it away from the major cities and were heavily taxed ? they could not get off-system. Either the two agreed to separate ? which was a surprisingly hard question to ask of their first tour together ? or they fought for the system ? a system which they couldn?t hold onto indefinitely anyway.

    And as a flight of dark hulled Fury-class fighters emerged from hyperspace between two of the Imperial Pellaeon-class destroyers, in all likelihood the two of them were about to take on four Sith anyway ? they had to dedicate to this battle, compromise, or focus on the mission on Teta. These critical decisions were being placed on a generation which was in the middle of maturation across the Order ? and cracks were showing between the military and the Jedi. An unwanted war was being waged, and one which was being fought by Jedi principles ? the military felt as if their hands were being tied. As the Empire grew closer and closer to victory, the desire to cut loose was becoming more and more harder to stem, with little shatterpoints forming across the Alliance war effort.

    Corsin was one of those shatterpoints.[/blockquote]

    TAG: mmart23


  18. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: Peng has been updated already, SkywalkerShine wanted to post tomorrow and will be updated seperatly, then.


    The officer nodded and as the Jedi made his way to the wlall, they followed him. The rest of the Squadron took cover at the wall, shooting at the approaching Rodian soldiers while doing so, slowing the mens efforts to reach the small task-force. Still there was no sign of reinforcment, but the soldiers had all served in many battles and where no longer shocked if something did not go to plan. The Rodians instead, while cruel hunters and skilled fighters were surprised by the cool response their "ambushed" enemy showed and lost too many troops charging into the court. Soon the green skinned reptilian aliens took cover and returned fire only.

    Behind Marr his men pressed themselves against the walls. "We´re right behind you Master Jedi," Keean shouted over the noise of battle to the blind Jedi. And they charged hteir weapons, ready to attack the repeating-gun on the wall when he commanded them to.

    Above this scene Jedi Wiggins slowly came to his feet on the balcony, as he heard voices from within´. As he looked around the corner a Rodian, carrying a lightsaber but no marks of the Sith stood before a group of soldiers unlike the Jedi Shadow had encountered them so far. "We will wait until they´re inside and strike, then. Remember the Jedi is our prime target, but none of them shall be allowed to survive." The Rodian said in accented basic. The men nodded and without a further word took position in the hallway. They had force-pikes and blaster rifles and their black armor identified them as an Elite Force, while their behavior made it clear they were imperials. The Rodians were surpringly well prepared and had obviously reached out for support. The question was, when they did that. Because not even the Jedi had known about the attack on Rodia, before they had been given the target. They had been meant to surprise the Rodians.


    Behind the Elite Troops a huge gate was sealed and behind it, the cold and determined presence of the Sith was felt. Darth Ventius was there and with her a feaful and restless presence, no doubt belonging to the Grand protector of Rodia. Their target.

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  19. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III.

    The Sith was dangerous, That was what he had expected and that was what his entrance revealed to be true. A show of force, of personal power, but combined with a humble and respectful approach. Darth Krayt did make his point, but not in a way it could be used against him. A man who knew all too well who he met and how he wanted to handle him. And Roan Fel knew next to nothing about him. He looked at him, now not in the midst of battle like back on Hapan. But the eyes could deceive a man. In the force the darkness of the Lord of the Sith was a vibrating cold touch. One could almost feel it´s corruptive power. While on the outside he looked less than a leader, but more than a warrior. With his blades and his massive armor. Tall. Strong. And old. Even the little skin one could see hinted his age. This man had sustained himslef for far longer than a natural timespan. Someone maybe around when his father and the founder of his line ruled the Empire. A very different Empire. Back then.

    "The honor is on my side and all of Bastion is eager to learn more about it´s savior. And our ally. Lord Krayt, we have much to discuss, indeed. I suggest we waste no time, in doing so." He waved his hand, offering the Sith to follow him. The question wa,s if his entourage would accompany him. The Emperor doubted it, but would be eager to see this man exercizing his authority. He added a generous smile, before adding. "And I am sure there are many things you wish to tell me."

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  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Coruscant Temple

    Still with arms folded he stood before Master Sazen and felt the Council Members concern. The Jedi had been betrayed by the Galactic Alliance. The EMpire had sided with the Sith. He saw the problems, but wondered if the Council did not see the solutions. It wasn´t his part to speak of it, though he only nodded. and listened. The Vong had followed the potential power behind this to the Companion Galaxy Besh? A strange place to hide, controlled and dominated by two military powers. One of which was exactly who he was send to investigate.

    "I´ll have a look on my way." He said only. Not spending any further words about it. The Jedi Master suggested Queen Jool then. Zoren showed one of his rare smiles. "I prefer few people to know the exact terms of my transportation. I think I´ll take another approach, thank you." He said and nodded. Unfolding his arms, he want over to the dossier about Nas Choka´s fleet. Actually he knew both Jedi. Even if the Jawa only by reputation. Master Nejeco though had been famous and had trained on Coruscant for a while when Zoren had still been a Padawan. One of many Barabel Jedi that the order held.

    "May the force be with you, Master Sazen." He said and nodded, leaving the room without further gestures, his dark robes wrapped around him.

    Later . . . Starport

    The point of nobody knowing the terms of your travel was not to disguise or false identity. It was simply that nobody could know it in the first place. Because you took a transport nobody missed. He filed an official request for a confiscated starfighter with the bureau of bordercontrol and got the clearance almost immediately. Requests from the Jedi Temple had the habit of being worked on fast. He wanted a R-17 Corez fighter of Aldarian build. Two had been confiscated. He made them fuel it, giving him access to the hangar and then got there. But he entirely ignored the fighters, everybody expected him to take. instead he looked for something nobody would request, or think of. He found an ancient YT-2400. Once the prime of space tranports the vessel was now at least 100 years old. The datacard siad it was flightworthy and had an x1 hyperdrive, although weapons had only limited use and it´s sublight speed was, compared to newer models, incredibly low. It was perfect. nobody would care for it when it vanished and even with they would think it had been sold on the black market. Also nobody would expect a Jedi, who had access to all kinds of vessels, to use such a ship. Boarinding it, he request permission to start from the toweer, posing as a fighter. He had chosen main traffic hours, where nobody would spot a single ship on the logs and an hour later he was in hyperspace towards the Companion galaxy Besh. Where the Nagai threat originated. And where the Jedi Master and the Jawa Jedi had followed the shadowy figure behind this all to . . .

    He began working on a strategy to find the enemy, faster than through an usual investigation. Knowing that little about the Nagai made contact inevitable. But schemers had weaknesses. Like all powers in the galaxy, every strength had it´s weakness mirroring it. And whoever had made this war happen had been a major shcemer. When you gave a schemer something to use, they could usually hardly resist to pick up the bait. So here he was . . . fishing in the see of war.

    Even Zoren had to admit, the metaphor amused him in a sad and strange way.

    Tag: Sinrebirth (we can jump forward to wherever I land, you can expect a PM form me soon)

    [b]Kai Lonati[/b]
    [i]Axum, The Eye[/i][/color]

    "He actually knows where to find your friend. But he questions the wisdom of sharing that information with you, considering he had tense relationships with your order and masters in the past. He asks what guarantees you can give, he won´t regret it, if he tells?" The Droid faithfully translated the Prophets words. [i]Words[/i], so to say.

    Kai spread his arms in a peaceful gesture. "You know who I am and t>
  21. mmart23

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Master Jak Fisto and Padawan Tharus Antilles: IC

    Jak had little time to respond under the circumstances. With a grimace the Master said, ?I understand your position Admiral. But you must understand mine as well, as I must answer to you and my Jedi Superiors alike. One loss in exchange for another is unacceptable. We must win both objectives. We shall split up. Padawan Antilles is a brave and an amazing pilot. Tharus would serve you well here. I will go to Empress Teta alone?.

    In earshot Tharus felt pride as a smile formed on his face. He responded, ?I will not fail you Master?.

    ?Don?t fail the Force padawan. That must be the focus of your action. I am but an instrument. Be true to the Force, avoid the temptations of the dark side?, Fisto commanded.

    ?Of course Master?, Tharus said respectfully. ?As for the moment, let?s shred these Sith parasites?, bearing down on the approaching enemy fighters.

    Tag SinRebirth
  22. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Grandmaster Kol Skywalker
    Coruscant, Triumvirate´s Chamber

    The Grandmaster had to smile as his statement shocked the man to his left bad enough to call another of the anonymus members of the Triumvirate by his name. Holur. The Bothan had not been a surprise. Actually despite the questionable idea of breaking the democratic rules, Kol had made sure to know who was behind Bastion weeks ago. But it was an elegant way for him to introduce that knowledge.

    He listened patiently to the three men arguing. And then the threat came. As expected. Trying to make it look like anybody still cared about the Yuuzhan Vong. When they all knew the Moffs on Bastion were hungry for something else entirely. They wanted it all. ?Unless? Master Skywalker? you are suggesting it is acceptable to murder the ?non-civil? members of the Imperial-Sith coalition? Veed perhaps? Darth Krayt himself?"
    Holur lost his control. In anger he spoke. ?Not that we need the Jedi. Perhaps we?ll accept the Empire?s terms ? and hand the Yuuzhan Vong over to them with a Jedi side order??

    "Excellent. We will then make out counter-proposal to the Empire. And all of this will actually be decided through diplomacy. Offering the Emperor and the Moffs the Galactic Alliance for the Sith. The Vong will be demilitarized, which is only fair under the circumstances Bastion has brought to my attention. I won´t allow them any more to be a practioner of Genocide, as I will allow you. We will insist on local democracy staying in place and the corrupt comitee here will be replaced by another corrupt comitee, called a Moff Council. The Sith will be outnumbered, the citizens will suffer no more losses, once we have convinced the military to lay down their weapons. As soon as they learn of you undermining the chain of command on Bastion and considering what we have done for them, I see no problem there." He nodded. "Then again, as soon as your involvment will become public, Holur . . ." He spelled that name out very clearly, making it obvious he now knew who he faced, "you will face a trial for treason, anyway. So maybe it doesn´t matter to you, then. I think your people have the habit of letting you avoid disgrace. And I accept cultural traditions." Hinting a smile at the idea of the man deciding about his own suicide here, Kol sighed. "If you are guilty won´t even mastter, with half the Jedi Council as witnesses of the prosecutor. And the perspective of an end ot the war, through sacrificing you." He had not wanted it to come to this. But avoiding to face the lack of democracy had brought innumerable problems to his Grandfather´s Jedi order. History saw the cooperation of the Jedi with people like Daala and Caedus as a sign of insecurity. He agreed. "Or do you think the head-of-states are stand above law? Stand above being charged for treason? I heard Palpatine considered that a legit view on things." He folded his arms. "So, I guess we will have to make our proposals then and see what the Empire decides. Somehow I doubt they´ll give up the whole Galactic Alliance space to please their Sith allies and kill a few Vong. Especially since they do not seem to be to fond of the alliance themselves." And with that Kol began to move backwards. "Then again, you wouldn´t know. You do not talk to them. I do."

    Kol´s eyes grew grim, as he looked at them. He wasn´t bluffing. He didn´t play games. He would not protect a dictatorship, because it called itself a democracy. He would not protect murderers. What they had done at Bastion, to their war effort and the Jedi order . . . could not be excused. And surely his Order wouldn´t. "So, are we settled on this, or do you wish to discuss the alternatives to us splitting your Galactic Alliance to avoid further damage?" Raising his brows, he looked at the three shadowy figures. "Because I had the foresight to terminate a date with a member of the Imperial Mission right after this meeting and I would hate to let him wait
  23. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Vilt Wa

    Vilt opened his eyes, staring straight ahead with a look that could easily have blown a hole in a solid sheet of transparisteel. He was finally ready to take on the Galactic Alliance on in full combat, and to wipe their measly blot out of the galaxy. Although he was a new Sith Apprentice, he was eager to earn battle experience and prove his mettle to his Master, who was also taking a part in the battle but on a different front. Vilt himself was going to have to work on his own, something that he relished thinking about. He might finally get a break-through and show that he was a worthy Sith apprentice.

    As the ship touched down in the hangar of the flagship Overlord, Vilt walked down the ramp and stared around himself. Everything around him was a bustle of activity, with staff members running around to prepare the ship for the upcoming campaign. A few gave him strange looks, having never seen such a tall Sith member in their life before. Vilt knew that they were just ignorant; if they ever ran afoul of him, they would find that even a Kaminoan Sith was a force to be reckoned with. Sith Inquisitor Ignis was waiting for him and a few other Sith farther back in the hangar, and Vilt wanted to make a good first impression with the inquisitor. Approaching the man, Vilt made a bow of some sorts, which was not as easy to accomplish due to his size. I have arrived, he stated. What are your orders?

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  24. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008

    [blockquote][b]Name: [/b] [u]Tyviin Delaan[/u] (Nicknamed Tyv)

    [b]Age:[/b] 17

    [b]Species:[/b] [link=]Itotkchi[/link]

    [b]Gender:[/b] Male


    Being an Iktotchi, the most notable thing about him, and the first thing that most people note are the two long horns on his head that curve outwards and then back in, making something similar to a C with a flare out at the end. If you get past the red hue of his thick protective skin, and the horns on his head and look at his eyes you will find that they are also odd, being a dark yellow on the inside and slowly deepening to a dark black on the outside. Although this all combines to make a very gruff looking face he is actually a very happy-go-lucky man whose smile doesn?t seem to fit until you get to know him. The lack of hair on his head meant that he didn?t have a padawan braid put in when he was initiated, which he has decided takes away from the whole experience of being a padawan.

    Sticking to the normal garb of the Jedi, he typically likes to don a light grey attire, although he does occasionally wear a light brown one as well. Normally, he likes to wear a light grey over tunic with off-white under tunics in the customary form of a Padawan. Loose fit, off-white colored leggings, matching his under tunic, adorn his legs, tucked neatly into the calf-high sturdy brown boots he likes to wear most of the time. This is tied at the waist with a dark grey belt that hangs loosely from where he ties it about. A very dark grey cloak hangs about him sometimes, but he doesn?t always like to have it one on, because it makes him look much too antagonistic for his liking.

    In all, he is big, even his hands which are almost half again the size of a normal humans hand. Being big and burly might have its advantages, but it also makes him clumsy in some ways, and hardly dexterous at all. Although he is fast, especially when the force is applied to his movement, he isn?t dangerously fast, but he is probably stronger than most.

    [b]Allegiance:[/b] Padawan of the Jedi Order

    [b]Weapons:[/b] Dark Orange Lightsaber

    [b]Biography: [/b]

    The Iktotchi was a native of the small moon of Iktotch, which circled around the planet of Iktotchon born to a couple that had been married several years. Advancing in age and already the parents to five children Tyv was treated not as a gift, but just as one of their many kids. Most of his childhood has been skewed and distorted in his mind, and now he barely even remembers the faces of any of his family. Tyv had been only two years old when a man, he later learned was a Jedi, had showed up at his house, and his parents after a little cajoling had agreed to give their child to the two strangers. In a way they had decided that it was his destiny, and that fate had decided to make him a Jedi. So, even before he knew what was happening he was taken off to the Jedi temple to learn among them as an initiate.

    When he was put in a clan, and started to learn in the ways of the force it was quickly apparent which branch of the Jedi Order he would be leaning towards. Even at a young age, although he could use a Lightsaber proficiently he was not the best at it, but the force was wherein his true talent lay. Quickly he exposed the ability that he naturally possessed in the force, and particularly in precognition and telepathic powers. Although very unrefined and sporadic, it was definitely something that was his high point. Quickly his teachers caught onto this fact and used it to their advantage as he grew up, along with the fact that he was just generally adept to the force. Opposite to this, he never really took much interest in the Lightsaber, although he was proficient in it and he could use it well he didn?t train quite as hard in this as other areas of study.

    As a child, he came to make a friendship with another initiate named Kyenna Vyr, whose friendship has lasted even until now. Some of the others he also befriended, one of which w>
  25. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    IC: Orin Waith
    Location: Imperial Transport, Mygeeto orbit

    Orin could feel the disturbance in the force, it came in short small waves. He could feel the slight displacement of air and the first wave hit. Small darts struck against his crimson armor but he had fared better than his sith counterpart. He could feel more coming his way, yes he could feel them. Though they where not living all things had the force with in them. Each object felt a slight different than another. It was because of this that a force-sensitive could "summon" an object to them or even throw it at another. Then he saw where they were coming from, Bothan's, the displacement of air began to come once more.

    Orin was not accustomed to killing, he didn't like it and never believed in it. Flinging his arm out the young Imperial Knight used the force to push the air back towards the Bothans. The darts that had come his way would be nocked to the ground or flung backwards. He didn't know about the Bothans.

    Looking down at the young woman, Orin knew he needed to act quickly or she might die. Bothan's were among the most skilled at assassinations, their poisons often difficult to obtain and quick to act. Kneeling down beside her he took the dart out of her neck, and placed his right hand upon her forehead.

    Closing his eyes he began to look into her body, not with his own sight but though the force itself. He could hear her heat beating and see the blood spreading. Inside that blood was the poison, it was as he feared, it moved quickly but with a gentleness he began to call it to himself. As a medic he had learned ways to heal using the force. The removing of poison was not easy, the deadly liquid could spread quickly and was often hard to locate.

    Yet that was not the case this time, the Bothan's had not planned to kill with a single dart. They had sent dozen's at them, only the girls luck had managed her from being hit by more than one. Slowly the poison began to return from where it had came. The infected blood began to bleed from the small wound. Then Orin could feel it once more, the Bothan's began to fire upon him once more. He just hoped that it was enough to save her life.

    Forced to dodge the next few waves of darts Orin began to clear his mind, letting it become one with the force. A nano second later his thumb activated his lightsaber and with a snap-his the blade came to life. Like a dance he began to spin, twirl, and spiral. His blade burning away many of the darts and slowly he began to advance towards the Bothans.

    If they looked at his eyes they would only see an empty shell, his eyes large and dilated. Orin always hated having to fight, letting himself be used by the force. It always felt as though someone else was possessing himself and he was only allowed to watch. He knew better, but it still crept him out. Still even with the force guiding him in this way, Orin was not perfect, his form was considered "sloppy" by many of his fellow knights. They had even stated he looked like a drunkard when he used his lightsaber.

    What they did not know was that he had spent years trying to develope this form. Needless to say it still needed to be worked upon but the erratic move moments was hard to predict. Smiling Orin slurred his words as he spoke, he hoped the Bothan's would take his faint. "Wats youse guuys doinsgs.."

    As he drew near he sliced into the bulk head and began to stumble about even more than before. Oh how he hated using his lightsaber but it was always fun to try something new.

    Tag: Sinre (will work on my sith tonight)
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