amp;quot;No Leia, I am your father" A pass-around Vader/Leia AU **Mulitple Updates 6/22**

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    Ok, here it is...

    Though her father wore his mask, Leia could sense rather than see his shock, which was followed by amazement and joy. These emotions were crushed and the darkness returned.

    Her mother, or the phantom that claimed to be so, gazed back, with a look of one who has both seen and suffered much, and yet has triumphed beyond imagination. It was interesting to see the two faces. One scarred physically and emotionally, given in to his anger, and the other, with looks of sympathy and love. Love and peace radiated from her mother like light, and for a brief moment, Leia felt tempted to touch her mother's hand, just to see if the light could be felt in that manner. An angry look from her father acted as an invisible choke chain, and the dark princess glowered.

    "Forget not your mission!" Vader onimously intoned.


    "You!" He whirled to face his wife. "You betrayed me. I told you to never use that name again. Anakin Skywalker died of his wounds twenty years ago.

    "Has he?" Amidala coolly raised an eyebrow. She smiled again, and the love filled the room. "He has not completely been eradicated, nor can he be, for without the trace bit of Anakin, not even Vader can exist."

    The former queen continued. "I still see Anakin, the intelligence that I at times could not fathom, the jokes that never falled to bring a smile to my face. As long as any of the good qualities of Anakin exist, Vader has not completely won. The only way for Vader to 'win' would be to destroy the wit and wisdom that my dear Ani had. I do not believe that you can do that to yourself."

    Leia could see that her Father was moved by her mother's love, touched by it, beginning to reach for it. Suddenly, a chill went up her spine. Darkness was approaching. Before, it had felt cold, but it was a glorious coldness, now the cold was torturous. She glanced over at her parents. The three locked eyes.

    "Palpatine knows."


    Well, I finally posted...evil college...evil work...evil obligations...DRL, you are dead! See my sig...Anti-Darth Real Life is to be unleashed tonight!

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    Uppityty up... Just posting so I can find it later... Looks like I still have some catching up to do.

    Ah, it's amazing the way the world turns! :D

    Alrighty, I just got caught up... Now, Miss Justice, it's time for me to start demanding...

    Get writting!
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    Miss can be very bossy. ;)

    Expect more writing tomorrow...have a major exam and paper due... (summer classes...don't you love them. *rolls eyes* )
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    Bump. Finally found my old writing disk...I'm fixing up that old post, and I'm going to try to do a rewrite of this.
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    Thank you for doing this, Leona, it's about time EoJ got back into writting. :D

    *prods EoJ when she's back*
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    "Palpatine knows." Amidala felt for her daughter; her dear Leia. She wanted to hold her, protect her from the conniving mind and will that was Palpatine. She was still her precious little girl, though now a grown woman. Without thinking about it, the spectre had reached towards Leia. This seemed to heighten her ex-husband's aggression.

    "Stay away from my daughter." warned the rumbling voice of the battle-scarred Sith. "If you really cared about her, you would have come to me, and not hid from me to save yourself. You lost your life because you clung to it; she gave me her life and has gained it." Vader concluded, sounding like an evil version of a grammatically correct Yoda.

    "Ani, please..." Padme pleaded, but her husband ignited his saber in response. "How your essence was prevented from becoming one with the Force, I know not, but this time, I will ensure it. You could not save your daughter, and you shall not save yourself."
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    Bad Vader, BAD!

    That was nice, Empress, but evil of you to write a short post AND make it a cliffhanger. I don't know how you manage it, but it's annoying!

    Of course... that means you're going to have to write the next post real soon, you know? [face_devil]
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    The door opened at that moment, distracting Vader. Padme became invisible, though still present, unbeknownst to her former husband and her fallen daughter.

    Sate Pestage, cheif advisor to Emperor Palpatine entered the room. His thin hand reached into his cloak to bring out a digital reader, pulling up the Emperor's message.

    "His Imperial Majesty commands that the sometime rebel princess, Leia Organa, be brought before him immediately and witho---" Vader, still in a foul mood, began choking the man; Sate grabbed at his throat, trying to remove the invisible fingers. "You dare not kill me, Vader...I have the ear of the Emperor and his authority in this; or have you already forgotten what happened to you the last time he disciplined you?" An opened mouth corpse could produce a warmer grin than Palpatine's lackey. Disgusted by the man, Vader threw him to the ground.

    "She will go with you," he growled reluctantly, "and I will speak with the emperor about this, I assure you. You will not live much longer, old man, if I have anything to say about it."

    Sate's yellow eyes blinked, and he backed away. "You challenge the wrong person, Vader. The wrong person indeed." he replied as six stormtroopers entered, handcuffing Leia. "Follow me to the Emperor." he ordered. Leia complied, though whispering to her Father through the force "I will not dishonor our name through this, Father; you will have reason to be proud of me."

    Even the stone heart of Vader was touched by his daughter's loyal statement. "I know, my child," he replied with a note of sadness as he watched her being lead away to his Master. "I know."
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    Now this is what I'm talking about -- longer and meatier, just like a true post should. :D

    Cliffhanger resolved, hope Vader is able to rethink his relationship with his late wife -- you can't just kill and keep killing everything and everyone you've known before, right? -- but at the moment I'm converned for the "meeting"...I have a bad feeling about it. [face_worried]
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    Luke Skywalker continued on patrol, his tauntaun grumbling at the rapidly dropping temperature. "Steady girl, we'll be back before you know it." he began, when something black--like a meteor--fell from the sky.

    "Echo 3 to Echo 7. Han, ol' buddy, do you read me?"

    "Loud and clear, kid." came the Corellian's reply.

    "I've finished my circle, and I don't pick up any life readings; there's just a meteor I want to check out that hit the ground near here."

    "Sure it's a meteor?" Han pressed uncharacteristically.

    "Sure I'm sure; it's too small to be a transport." *A transport for anything human, anyway.*

    "Stay there, kid; there's been reports of probe droids being sent after us; I'd feel better if both of us took a look." Luke, annoyed, brushed off Han's concern.

    "Don't worry about it, Han; just go back to base and take your repo--" a laser blast struck his comlink, burning his hand. He screamed and the comlink dropped to the ground. His tauntaun reared, panicked, and threw Luke; the Jedi padawan fumbled about for his lightsaber, extinguishing it, only to gawk at the stranger's face.

    "The Emperor's Hand has found you, boy." she purred with the same warmth of a hunting Kashyykian tigress.

    "And now, The Emperor's Hand will send you into the Force where you belong."
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    Sheesh... Mara needs some teraphy... Talking about herself in the third person isn't very healty. :p

    At least I'm assuming that's a certain EU-based red-haired weird woman. Could be some other random Hand (*avoids really bad joke*), who knows? :D

    I loved the dialog, so very similar to ESB but with just that diference enough to make it fit perfectly with the story. Good work Empress. Of course, I also have to thank you for posting three times today -- making up for lost time are you? :D

    I'm sure not complaining. ;)
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    Palpatine was satisfied. Mara Jade would soon eliminate Luke Skywalker; Lord Vader's son. He had known it ever since he had heard the boy's name. What were the odds of a young man, born around the time of the conversion of Anakin and the death of Amidala, would have greater force abilities than any Jedi before him and exceptional piloting skills?

    He was Vader's son. That much was certain. And, on the slight chance he was wrong, then, that would mean there would be one fewer threat to his illustrious reign. A reign that would last for millenia; for he intended to live forever, Lord Vader at his side...and when Lord Vader became too weak to serve, then another would take his place. He had considered telling Mara Jade to kidnap the boy and bring him here, but then he would have to keep Vader away from his son, and his apprentice would grow suspicious. No, it was better this way; as long as Vader never learned he had a son, his apprentice would not get ideas of rebellion.

    Sate Pestage entered the throne room. "My Master, I have brought the rebel leader, Princess Leia." he announced, bowing at the waist.

    "Good." Palpatine smiled. "How did Lord Vader react? Was it as I anticipated?"

    Sate grumbled. "Yes, my lord; he was angry, as you expected; he tried to choke me with the Force and I besee--" he stopped. "I suspect Vader of disloyalty, my lord."

    "Because he attacked you?" Palpatine laughed. "Sate, you old fool, in this matter, you know nothing." Palpatine believed him, but wanted to ripen the jealousy and bitterness growing in Sate's heart. In his Father's heart.
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    Mara Jade reached for her own lightsaber. "A pity you're such a beginner; this might have been fun if you had any real ability." she taunted him, but he forced himself to be calm, to not give in to his anger.

    Mara began with a few offensive cuts, trying to increase his battle lust, which in novices often meant increasing their anger. Luke countered with a few sound parries, and one shaky one; she was beginning to get beyond his skill already.

    "How tragic for you that your Master didn't live long enough to train you better." Using a special move, she knocked his lightsaber out of his hand, cutting it in four pieces with her own.

    Originally, she was supposed to arrest Skywalker, take him back to Coruscant and the emperor. Now, she had only to kill him and bring his head back as proof of the dead. The Emperor wanted there to be no mistakes.

    Mara felt something small, yet powerful leap on her back. Before she could do anything, she felt a strong manipulation of the Force as she fell into unconsciousness. The alien leapt off.

    "Disappointed in you, I am."
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    YODA??? :eek:


    What just happened? :eek:

    You're SO EVIL to leave me hanging! :D
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    Too bad; I don't think I'll write any more today...

    :p :D :cool:
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    Oh, very well. A little bit more.

    Yoda used The Force, and the unconscious Jade was lifted up into the air. Luke watched in wonderment. "Come, boy, come." Yoda called. Luke shook himself out of his wonderment.

    "I'm not coming with anyone I don't know."

    "Came with Obi-Wan, you did. Know him, you did not; but came you because you must. Imperative it is. Come you shall."

    "Imperative?" Luke scoffed. "What are you talking about?"

    "Know of what I speak, you do, though stubborn, like your Father, you are." Yoda sighed. "Easier to reason with a 10 year old, it was...."

    "You knew my Father?"

    "Your Father I know." Yoda said, after giving Luke a long look.

    "I don't believe it--whoever you are..."

    "Yoda am I."

    "--Yoda, why should I believe Vader is my Father? Can you tell me that?" Pain flooded Luke's eyes.

    "No, no!" Yoda replied, whacking the youth with his gimer stick. "No more will I tell you today; much anger in you, like your Father."

    The stick smarted, but the emotionally distraught youth was able to take the pain. Something was drawing him to the strange green alien, and he felt he had much to learn from him. Yet, the anger in him was festering, and he saw Yoda's eyes regard him in disappointment.

    "You are not ready."

    Mara Jade began to stir.

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    Oh, Yoda's being interesting as always, though his grammar hasn't improved a tiny little speck. ;)

    "Easier to reason with a 10 year old it was"?? I think that maybe too much time spent on Dagobah has begun to cloud Yoda's sense somewhat. Silly green fella!

    thanks for the posts today, they were great! :D I'm hoping to read more by tomorrow, perhaps? O:) [face_whistling]
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    Yoda quickly used the force to convince Mara to be quiet and still, though he doubted that this would keep her so for long. The Emperor would soon sense what was being done to his Hand and attempt to undo what Yoda had done.

    ?Wait here, young one, prepare for return journey, I must.? Yoda sighed. There was too much anger in Skywalker?s son. The risk was too great to attempt to train the headstrong youth so late in life. He laid Mara down in the snow, and returned to his ship.

    ?That boy is our last hope.? Obi-wan pointed out. ?The other has fallen. You know this to be true.?

    ?Quiet, you must be, Obi-wan. Regret telling you of Qui-Gon?s discovery, I do.? Yoda retorted. ?Dangerous it is to train this boy. Tainted by darkness his soul is.?

    ?It will surely be tainted by darkness if his Father comes for him and trains him. He is the last of the Jedi.?

    ?No! No Jedi!? Yoda replied, offended. ?A padawan he is. No more. No less.?

    ?To be a padawan, he must have a teacher.? Obi-wan pointed out. Yoda sighed. ?Think about it I?? he sensed a disturbance in the Force and ran toward Luke.


    Han rode up on his tauntaun not long after Yoda had departed. Luke looked emotionally distraught, and appeared to have some bruises as well. His tauntaun was surprisingly nearby after throwing Luke. He was relieved that Luke was all right, but angry for reasons he did not fully wish to explore.

    "What happened to you?" Han bellowed at Luke. He then saw the unconscious red head lying on the ground. "Who's the girl?"

    "An assassin sent by the---No, wait!" Without knowing why, Luke stepped between Han and his blaster. The blaster discharged, shooting Luke three inches above his heart. Paling, Han cursed himself and the kid. Luke fell to the ground, clutching his chest in pain. Yet, in his anger, he threw Han back 10 feet.

    *Maybe it's not a hokey religion after all* Han mused, fearing Luke for the first time in his life.

    Pulling himself to his feet, Luke used the force to pick up Mara?s lightsaber and pointed its blade menacingly to Han. ?What I say goes, Solo.? He warned darkly.

    ?Kid, take it easy, I didn?t mean to discharge the blaster; you stepped in the line of fire right as the shot went off?.I?ve never seen anyone move that quickly.? Han explained. The anger in Luke?s eyes hadn?t receded. ?C?mon, kid. Just set the lightsaber down and?.? Luke swung the blade at Han, keeping the older man down on the ground.

    ?Enough, this is!? called Yoda in a disapproving voice. He used the force to wrench the lightsaber out of Luke?s hands.

    ?Come at once you must, young one, your actions today have put you in peril.? Still angry, but curious at Yoda?s meaning, Luke considered padding after Yoda. The aged Jedi then addressed Han. ?Order the base to evacuate, you must. Vader will soon find this place.?

    ?I?m not one of the rebels!? Han retorted. ?Their cause is for those with a death wish.?

    ?How do you know Vader is coming?? Luke asked at the same time.

    ?Boarded his Star Destroyer now, he has.? Yoda replied knowingly. ?Seeks you, he does.?

    Han swore. ?He probably wants to kill you for destroying the Death Star.?

    Luke shook his head. ?That?s not why he obsesses over me, Han.? He gave his older friend a warning look before Han could press the matter further.

    ?Your doom you seal, if you stay here, young one.? Yoda warned ominously.

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    Luke, don't be such a prat! Sheesh, why the sudden doom and gloom you silly farm boy? Han was only doing what he thought best and, for the record, I totally agree with him. Get rid of the red-haired weirdo, ASAP. The sooner the best. ;) Go Han!

    So Yoda is re-thinking his choice to let Obi-Wan learn from Qui-Gon, is he? ;) Tsk, tsk. Seems like he hasn't changed as much from the prequel trilogy Yoda as he should have by now... Still so arrogant! *hits yoda with his own gimmer stick* Learn some more patiente you must, mister! Then again with the way the Skywalkers are behaving... He's right to be like that. [face_worried] I have a bad feeling about this...

    Very nice post, EoJ. Thanks! :D
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    (part 1 of 3....)

    ?The choice is mine.? Luke rejoined. ?I can?t abandon my friends. They need to be warned if Vader is coming.?

    Yoda only sighed once more.


    ?Lord Vader.? Captain Piett approached the dark lord, who had decided to begin his search for Skywalker in an effort to redeem the time that he would not have access to his daughter. He had warned Amidala never to bother him again. He could never be that man. Never live that life any more. She had to go away, like the other ghosts in his past.

    ?My lord; we have found an unusual tracing; the craft of the Emperors hand has been located on the sixth planet of the Hoth system. Further scans by probe droids indicate a settlement. Should we set course??

    *So, Palpatine knew about Luke as well?.and wanted him dead.* ?Without further delay.? Vader replied, hurrying to the command bridge. He reached out with the Force to his son.



    General Riekaan, per Luke and Hans advice, had ordered the evacuation. Han was repairing the Falcon, with Chewbacca?s assistance, and Luke was donning his pilot suit. Mara Jade had been taken prisoner, and Yoda watched things from the shadows. With Vader coming, it would not bode well for his presence to be felt, yet he wanted to keep an eye on Luke, and protect him from his Father, if possible.

    Luke left his quarters to wish Han farewell. After hugging Chewie, he heard his friend?s calm farewell on the ship above. Apparently, the earlier incident had been forgiven. ?May the Force be With You.?

    ?You too, Han.? Luke replied. ?and Han, I?m sorry about?? the older man waved a hand in dismissal. ?Don?t worry about it; you were nervy; you weren?t yourself.?

    ?Where are you going to go??

    ?First, I?m going to pay off Jabba or I?m a dead man. After that, I don?t know.? Han mused. ?Guess I?ll just have to look around.?

    ?Why don?t you return to the Alliance; they could use a good pilot like you and?? he swallowed. ?We might be able to recover Leia.? Han laughed. ?Kid, that girl?s colder than this planet. Why should I chase after her when there are women more willing to throw themselves at me??

    Chewbacca said something in Wookiee. Han scratched his head.

    ?Well, that bar-maid on Stylla, for one?.?


    Leia came before Palpatine, chained so that she could not move her arms at all, and her legs were chained so as to allow her to take steps shorter than her normal gait.

    ?Welcome, Senator Organa.? Palpatine?s corpse-like smile spread across his face. ?It is a privilege to meet with you once more. I hope you didn?t give him too much trouble??

    ?Not nearly as much as he deserves.? She quipped back.

    ?Indeed?? he asked with upraised brow. ?He must have found your ?conversations?most intriguing. He had never brought you before me, as I commanded him.?

    ?Perhaps he knew you would come to rue matching wits with me.? The Senator replied more confidently than she felt.

    ?Oh, I doubt that was the reason.? He watched her expertly. ?I doubt it very much. Worry not, my dear; I will get the real answers out of you soon enough.?
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    (part 2 of three...)

    Luke left Han, his thoughts still weighing heavily in his mind. His reverie was interrupted with the evacuation announcement. ?Imperial Walkers spotted on the North ridge!? They were here already? Luke made for his snowspeeder to join his compatriots, but before he could, there was a huge explosion. The generators had been hit. ?Imperial troops have taken the base! All personnel?? the man?s words died as he did. Luke changed course, moving for his X-wing. A warning rumble told him the corridor would soon collapse; Luke began running to avoid the falling rubble, but too late. He turned on his comlink. ?Wedge, tell the others to take off without me; I?ll try to get out on the Falcon.?

    Was the Falcon even here? He worried as he made back to the main hangar, all the while trying to push a familiar dark presence from him. ?Luke?son?come with me.?

    ?Never!? Luke swore.


    Yoda continued feeling for his young padawan; the boy was trying to reach his friend Solo, but Vader had sensed the boy too, and was coming for him. He had to reach Luke before Vader did.


    Mara noted that her prison cell had been demolished, but luckily she was still alive. Weakened, wounded, but alive. She attributed her good fortune to the benevolence of her master and rose, searching for young Skywalker so she could complete her mission. She knew just where to wait for him.


    ?Wait, wait for me!? Threepio called. Han glared back at the prissy droid. He?d sell him to some rich family in Corellia. Surprisingly, Artoo was following. ?Why are you here? Where?s Luke?? he demanded. Threepio translated for Artoo. ?He says that Master Luke was supposed to fly his x-wing, but was prevented from reaching him; Artoo believed Master Luke might try to leave through the Fal??. Han held up a hand for Threepio to stop. ?He?s not here.? He replied. *Darn it, kid, can?t you stay out of trouble for one standard day?* Han thought to himself. Just then, Luke entered.

    ?Ready, kid? C?mon, let?s go.? Han called. Luke followed, then froze. ?There?s a force user on the Falcon.?
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    Argh! won't that woman just die? And stay dead? Sheesh! She could have been hit by a random block of ice or something.. No one would miss her, that's for sure. :p

    Ahem, sorry... Was just rambling.

    [Kill her, Luke, jkill her! Or you, Han! Just blast her!]

    Right, sorry, back on track. :D

    Nice posts, Empress. It's a bit strange, having Vader and Yoda in there at the same time... It's almost as though he's bound to suffer the same fate Kenobi did aboard the first DS. I hope that doens't happen (please don't die, Yoda, pleeeease) because that would mean Luke would have no one to train hiim... And seing his sudden mood changes, that would be bad indeed. [face_worried]
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    Yoda descended the ramp. ?Come quickly, you must.? Luke, Han and Chewie didn?t wait for a second invitation. They and the droids boarded the Falcon. ?Punch it!? Han told Chewie.

    The whine of the engine suggested that there was a malfunction. ?We?re in trouble.? Han muttered to himself, racing to get to the hydrospanners. He had just opened up the appropriate engine and set his box of hydrospanners above him when he heard a voice that sent a chill down his spine.

    ?Perhaps it would help if you?d connect these wires.? A mechanical, dark voice intoned, gesturing to a set of wires that had been pulled out of their respective plugs. Chewie raised his crossbow, howling in anger and fright. Han leapt like a jackrabbit, his head colliding with the underside of the box. After fumbling about on his holster, Han fired several rounds of his blaster. Vader outstretched his gloved hand and Hans blaster landed neatly in his palm. He used the force on the battle-hardened Corellian. ?Leave that pit of wires and tell Skywalker to come into this hallway, alone??

    Yoda had not been idle. Once Vader had revealed his presence the old Jedi had been moving closer all the more quietly. Anakin might possess more midichlorians, but midichlorians did not translate into more knowledge of the Force. ?You will not go near the boy, if anything to say about it I have??

    Vader switched on his lightsaber, and Luke heard Yoda?s weapon give a familiar hiss. The Dark Lord released Han, who called to Luke, ?get off this ship kid!? Confused, Luke hesitated. ?That would be unwise advice Captain Solo.? Vader informed the Corellian. Han heard a series of laser blasts shooting up the ramp to his ship. *I hate it when Imperials board*. He swore to himself again.

    Luke extended his lightsaber, and charged the invading stormtroopers, his lightsaber barely parrying their shots. Vader was darkly pleased. His son was strong in the force indeed. The stormtroopers fell back at Luke's aggressive assault.

    "No, no! Fear leads to anger, calm, calm!" Ben Kenobi seemed to chide him. Luke tried to calm himself, but his fear of Vader, of his Father refused to fully leave him. He knew if he left the ship, he would eventually be caught and imprisoned, and if he stayed on board, his Father would kill to take him.

    Yoda, meanwhile, was wearying. He had long felt the Force tell him that he would soon join it, and now he believed he might do so at Vader?s hand. The Sith's ability to wield a lightsaber was, if anything, greater than his ability to do so as a Jedi Knight.

    Luke turned and saw the desperate duel; Yoda was jumping and wheeling to continue his battle with Vader, but Luke could sense that the old Jedi was fading quickly; his abilities in battle were no longer a match for a Sith Lord.

    A third lightsaber joined the fray. Underneath his mask, Vader smiled. *You are more like your father than you know, boy?always rushing off to save the weak and helpless?* he mused to himself. ?Well, Skywalker,? he hissed, ?do you think yourself my equal??

    As long as he lived, Luke had no idea why he had joined the fray at that moment; he knew that he heard whispers from the Force in his ears, faintly, as though old Ben was telling him how the young Padawan could counter his former pupil. Surprised and impressed, Yoda leapt back. There was another on this ship; one whom he must dispatch. He was gaining a new respect for Luke and his abilities.

    ?I?m?I?m Ben Kenobi.? Luke replied.

    For a moment, Vader seemed shaken. Had Obi-wan somehow learned how to channel his power through Luke? Had Obi-Wan's spirit entered Luke's body? Vader felt for the source of his son's force strength. Powerful and bright it was, and it repelled Vader. Indeed, the boy was powerful as the Emperor had foreseen, but not with Obi-wan's power. Yet, how could Obi-wan help the boy? He was dead. Perhaps the boy meant only to try to unnerve his Father.

    Yet, Vader doubted this was the full truth.

    ?Ben Kenobi is dead, boy. I killed him myself.? Vader began driving Luke back, hoping to break h
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