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    IC: Fiona
    Kyle's Corner, 1923

    "Fiona" she answered, smiling and putting down the glass and towl she reached for the bottle of Black Label and poured Jack another glass.
    "It's pretty quiet in here until much later, we tend to be on glass polishing duty till then. So you here on business? A salesman or something?"
    Putting the bottle back in its place Fiona resumed the cleaning. Alice seemed a bit hostile to the guy, which she didn't understand as Alice was normally friendly to everyone.
    The song playing changed to an old David Bowie.

    ....But her friend is nowhere to be seen,
    now she walks through her sunken dream.
    To the seat with the clearest view,
    and she's hooked to the silver screen.

    It was a song she'd heard a few times, pretty good, couldn't remember the name of it though.

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    Final GM Note

    Hello everybody. I have a rather sad announcment to make. I´ll have this game closed. I appreciate everybodies interest and I liked what you did with your characters. Fin´s work has been amazing. But after my third attempt to write an update I must confess to myself that I have overestimated my ability to do these things in english.

    No matter what I try, my updates don´t turn out to be what I want them to be. And the process is frustrating and very slow. Therefore I have realized, that I cannot manage a game in english.

    I am sorry for all those who have been excited about this. Especially DarkLordoftheFins whose support and dedication to a game he knew very little about has brought this game so far.
    And I really believe you all would have made this a great game, if I wouldn´t have failed to provide the necessary skills to perform it.

    Thank you all for your interest. My sincere apologies to all of you.
Thread Status:
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