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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Yautja, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Yautja

    Yautja Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 5, 2008
    You wake up in unfamiliar surroundings. You have no idea how you got here. The sun feels different; the air is odd; new sounds and smells surround you. The numbness leaves your body as you get up. You find that you are wearing everything that you were wearing last, and you have all of your equipment. You see two moons in the sk? wait, two moons? This definitely isn?t where you come from. Suspicious, you grip your weapon tightly and venture out into the wilderness.

    In this RP, you have been ripped from your respective world and time in the Multiverse, and are in a completely different world. You have no idea how you got here to begin with, but it will be revealed over time. Alliances will be formed, wars waged, and mysteries answered.

    The environment is entirely open to interpretation, unless a map is made. You can start wherever you want, but try to be in the same area as someone else, so you can interact. The environment also has to make sense: obviously, you can?t be in a rainforest one second and then in an arctic wasteland the next! Remember that the world in general has the same notions as Earth: cold in the north, taiga, temperate forests, rainforests, savannas, etc.

    Both magic and science work here: magic works if you are from a race in which magic is naturally dominant, and the same with science.

    There are both modern cities and old ruins, which may be part of an older civilization that originally lived in this world, and relics and other weapons can be found here.

    You can?t create your character so that they have every single piece of technology, and more primitive guns can run out of ammo. You can search the cities, depending on their technological level (all of them are abandoned) to find more technology and equipment.

    Template races (i.e. Xenomorphs, symbiotes, goua?ld, werewolves, etc.) are all human based, as humans are perfectly basic. You can be any race you want to be no matter what, as this world is timeless. Any race ever thought up can be used, including subraces (such as Dark Elves and Regular Elves).

    Your character can do whatever you want (ex: a Replicator will try to reproduce, a Borg will try to convert, etc.) as long as it doesn?t conflict with the rules. You are allowed to form alliances with other races and characters depending on who you get along with.

    There are, in fact, males and females of each race, which may be able to form a breeding populace, but mutation and hybridization are possibilities; they can happen, and probably will.

    Also know that if an issue comes up, I will have the last say.

    Try to make new characters by the by, this is supposed to be original and new.

    2. You cannot have a super-powered, unstoppable character. The only one that will fit this bill is the main antagonist.
    3. Be as original as possible. Please try to use YOUR OWN character(s); do NOT rip off anything from films or video games. You can, however, use a race or species from a film, etc., but the name, personality, and appearance should be original.
    4. No powerplaying or godmodding. End of.
    5. You cannot deliberately kill off another person?s character without asking permission first.
    6. You can have up to five characters, but try to limit the number that you have; too many characters = mass confusion
    7. Your character MUST be evened out fairly. Ex: your character cannot be super-super powerful as that would be unfair to other players.
    8. Once you finish your character's template, PM me first and I'll approve you.

    Finally, your character should more or less follow this template:

    Name: your character?s name
    Race/Species: your character?s race and species. (ex: American/human; none/Xenomorph; Norse/elf; and so on) also note if the character is a hybrid (ex: Yautja + Xenomorph; human + elf; and so on)
    Age: your character?s age. This does not have to be exact.
    Gender: your character?s gender: male, female, etc.
    Proportions: your character?s height and weight. This does not have t
  2. Insanity_Pirate

    Insanity_Pirate Jedi Youngling

    Apr 27, 2008

    Name: Antonio Banderas (Not the real one)

    Race/Species: Mexican!!

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male... Duh....


    Very Tall (6'5")

    Hair/Eye: Black hair, hazel eyes

    Alignment: Good



    (Gimme a break. I couldn't find anything cool...)


    Elemental Control
    Twin Colt .45 1911's (2ND AMENDMENT!!)
    A thick 15-inch bowie knife (5 handle, 10 blade; full tang)

    Weakness: Even though he's trained in self defence, and (illegally :p) carries 2 colt .45's, he's still just a human, able to be affected by simple human things. Isn't as strong as a predator, nor can run or jump as fast.

    Bio: Antonio was born in America, but due to relative problems, had to move back to mexico with family when he was 1. He spent 4 years with them there, before they were brought back to the states, where he spent time integrating. It wasn't very hard; they lived on the border, so he still picked up english and can speak/read/write spanish or english well.

    Grandpa Marcelino (An American native) took him shooting when he turned 14, and died when he was 16, secretly leaving him with his favorite pair of colt .45's, since he knew the other members of his family would simply pawn them instead.

    Personality: Toni is quiet, calculating, and reserved. He won't usually make his discontent known, unless something is really bugging him. He will speak and hold a conversation with someone, though never of his own volition. He rarely leads, and usually follows. Therefore he's handy in a pinch.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  3. ActRaiser

    ActRaiser Jedi Knight star 1

    May 11, 2008
    GM Approved.

    Name: Oradn
    Race/Species: First One(Babylon 5)
    Age: Around 1,000 years.(still young.)
    Gender: beyond gender(but appears male)
    Proportions: Tall, and thin. As if underweight.
    Hair/Eye: Pupiless, black eyes
    Family: Unknown. He has a collective group of over a dozen people who have raised him.
    Appearance: Wear's black clothing. Tight fitting black clothing. He has no hair, and has purely black eyes.
    Weapons/Powers: He has the power to manipulate energy and sub-atomic particles to perform magic like feats of ability. Even restore life, heal wounds, and perform alchemical feats, such as turning lead into gold, or crude materials into finely crafted weapons. He also has the ability to generate temperatures ranging from extremely cold, to overly hot, causing fires and burning. He has enhanced strength and enduranced, and regenerates injuries far beyond human ability or even possibility.

    Weakness: Oradn's powers are scientific, despite appearing magical. Thus, he may have trouble fighting real supernatural enemies.

    Brief Bio:

    Oradn, is considered a teenager in his race. One thousand years old, he recently formed into this strange new universe.

    He sees things with the wonder of a child. Extremely bright, he honestly may nevertheless take things the wrong way due to ignorance. He wants to learn more about the world he lives in.
  4. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Elcris Dramag
    Race/Species: Hybrid, Dragon and wizard
    Age: 18 in his species years, roughly 3000 in human years.
    Gender: Male
    Height- Anywhere from 5'6" to 8'6"
    Weight- Anywhere from 180 lbs to 380 lbs
    Hair- Dark, messy, brown
    Eyes- Bright silver
    Family: A high ranking group of advisers and soldiers in the realm of Gatrak. All of whom are deceased including his brothers and sisters.
    Alignment: Good
    Draconic- Golden scales, slightly curved horns, spiked tail, silver eyes, bluish-white feathered wings. moderate muscle for a dragon.
    Human- Medium height, light muscle, light tan.
    -Clothes: Light tunic and loose fitting khakis
    Weapons/Powers: A single sword crafted out of a dragon's horn, he can also use 11 different elemental magics.
    Weakness: His emotions and painful memories can easily be used against him.
    Brief Bio: Born in the realm of Gatrak in a small slave village to a dragon and a mage. His father was killed by the overlord of Gatrak, Davron. He was freed after killing his master in a fit of rage and was later trained in a series of powerful magics. He was suddenly ripped from his domain by an unknown force watching his family get destroyed by Davron's forces. He now wanders the currents of time and space. He anxiously awaits a time where he can go back to before he was 'taken' and avenge his family by destroying Davron and his forces.
  5. Yautja

    Yautja Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 5, 2008
    Name: Lord Azreal
    Race/Species: Mostly Yautja with some mixed blood.
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    - muscular, typical Yautja built
    - 7'6", never weighed
    - Braided black hair that has mini skulls hanging around
    - Eyes were once black and white, but now are blood red
    Family: None
    Alignment: Was once Chaotic Good, but the forces of evil has twisted him into Chaotic Evil.
    Appearance: A tall Yautja Warrior. Like most Yautja, they wear their armour and mask all the time. His Yautja armouring is drastically different. First, it?s black and dark red and it features some tech from the Protoss and Tau.
    Weapons/Powers: (Note: This is long, but that doesn't mean he's an all powerful character.)

    Mixed lineage
    Azreal is mainly 75% Yautja, but the other 25% is his mixed and matches from the other species. Being a general, his genetic modifications are definitely superior. He has Xeno and Tyranid exoskeleton features on some parts of his body, half of his hands and feet are replaced with Tyranid and Xeno mixed claws and feet. His body is also modified to be more endurable and stronger than troops like these. His other Protoss and Tau mix were for intelligence and communication ability. He is also one of the few gifted ones to be infused with some Kazja (my original race of superior intelligent, wise, and magical beings) blood, enabling him to use some extent of magic.

    Powers of Hell
    A demon came forth one day and bestowed the powers of hell itself upon Azreal (more will be elaborated in history). Azreal, lusting for more and more power, gladly accepted this power even if it meant killing him. And so, the powers of hell were absorbed into him, making him the avatar and leader of Hell. These powers are not to be trifled with nor taken lightly. Azreal had gotten these powers many years back, and had devoted his life to training and revealing all of its power and secrets. He had honed them to such an extent that he could kill a normal being by just pointing his finger. He has obtained the ultimate form of demonic mana, black mana with thin yellow streaks within it, called ?Hades Mana?. This mana can eat up many forms of energy ?including other types of mana!- and strengthen its destruction capabilities. He is also a near grandmaster in the arts of destruction magic, a rare deviation of dark magic that has powerful offensive capabilities. The demon that lives within him makes his regenerative abilities and durability increase greatly while it also strengthens his armour, bonding him to it. This bonding has numerous advantages?such as the armour is able to regenerate as well. And the armour, is not soft. It?s extremely durable after it is infused with the powers of hell itself, and like a cloak of flames, it constantly burns with ?Hades Mana?, deterring even the most persistent of attackers that count on melee at best. He has a whole range of other demonic powers, but it has not been recorded.

    Demonic prototype General MPB (Multi Purpose Battlesuit)
    Because he had attained the rank of General and held this post for many years, he was granted to use a prototype General type MPB. This battlesuit had incorporated Tau and Protoss tech into a Yautja suit. The suit now had 2 gattling ion cannons on his shoulder, upgraded from the single shot shoulder cannon of the Yautja. It had stronger armouring and provided a life-support system just in case with jet boosters. The Yautja invisibility still remained as well as the Yautja twin serrated claws. But now, the claws were more durable and could be infused with the focus crystals of the Protoss. The Mask also featured advanced targeting systems, air filters and multi vision scanning. But now sadly?the armour has been twisted by the demon. Now the armour is black and yellow, even the mask. Not much has changed, except for the fact that there are spikes protruding out at some places, long and short ones. It also has more demonic outlines, as well as symbols of hell itself. The armour is also now a hell ?no pun intended- lot stronger and more durable. It amplifi
  6. Yautja

    Yautja Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 5, 2008
    Name: Emperor Bloodstorm
    Race/Species: Prototype Genetic Experiment (Tyranid Hive Tyrant + Xenomorph Queen + Others)
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    - 6 feet (when on sixes), 10?4 feet (2 feet)
    - 1.5 tons
    Hair/Eye: None/Crystal Blue (four eyes)
    Family: A lot of siblings before he was taken
    Alignment: Chaotic Good, takes justice into his own hands.
    Appearance: One of the most intimidating sights in the battlefield. A hulking giant that looks like a balanced mixed of a Hive Tyrant and a Xenomorph Queen. The Hive Tyrant?s skin color was white while the Xeno?s is blackish blue. A long tail with 4 arms accompanied with a scary face?
    Wears a very strange mix of armor. Its armor is composed of a combination of several types of armors. Protoss customized modified giant Zealot battlesuit mixed with Tau XV-88 Broadside Battlesuits, Tau Crisis suit tech and some Yautja tech. The armor overall is made from the combined materials and mixed with some other experimental minerals as well.
    Weapons/Powers: (Note: Once more, very well detailed powers, but he's not uber powerful.)

    Omega body added with cybernetic engineering
    Bloodstorm is actually much taller and longer than this, but because of the mixture of 2 supremely powerful alien species strengths, his body?s muscles, bones and such were thoroughly compressed ?again and again- to exert maximum power, endurance and durability in all aspects and to go beyond. Able to take tremendous amounts of damage and pain without flinching and able to dish out just as much (if not more), he is also impossibly fast on 2 legs or all 4?s, betraying his giant size. Another strange thing about Bloostorm?s anatomy, it has a lot of engineering. By adding some unknown materials of extreme durability, these parts allow Bloodstorm to exceed his limits. His Omega body is already incredibly powerful, but it is these parts that help him progress swiftly in power. The longer he gets used to these strange things in his body; he will feel less and less pain as time goes by as well as strengthening his body much further.

    Quadruple layer protection
    He has 4 stages of protection on and in his body:-
    1) He has compressed, dense and layered (similar to Wolverine?s) bones with a strange type of material that is non magnetic. It is extremely durable and impact resistant, only able to break if the opponent is ridiculously, ridiculously strong.
    2) Has genetically modified tough and craggy skin, this layer is also reinforced with Tyranid modified chitin and Xeno exoskeleton. It is also very tough.
    3) Genetically modified outer layer of exoskeletal structure. It is made from Kazja diamond layer genes, Tyranid?s genetic form of the hardest armouring and the Xeno?s thick armouring. This armour is designed to take large amounts of punishment if exposed but it is mostly effective at dispelling and weakening enemy magics by at most 40%.
    4) Probably one of the most durable, powerful and devastating battlesuit ever to be created by any faction of the Multiverse. This suit fits Bloodstorm?s gigantic figure perfectly, and this is his first line and last line of defence. Combined with his other 3 layers of protection, to hurt would take at an ungodly concentrated force or consistent powerful attacks. This suit is no plaything. Its durability is comparable and is rumoured to even suppress the strongest materials in the Multiverse. (More will be elaborated down there.)

    Regenerative ability, Acid and Venom
    Has incredible regenerative abilities. Bloodstorm can even regenerate minor limb losses (fingers, eyes, toes?) and has a special ability to drink the blood of others to regenerate major limb losses (but it takes a lot of blood). Thanks to his Xeno Queen mix, he has a superacid blood (pH -10) and has the ability to spew acid on the anything he desires from mouth. His sharp teeth and jaw muscles can bite through metals stronger than titanium like butter and inject a potent cocktail mix of acid and venom into the bloodstream. If the extra potent venom doesn?t work, the acid will eat through the skin or a
  7. The_FNG

    The_FNG Jedi Youngling

    Apr 2, 2008
    GM Approved...

    Name: Antony Pegannini
    Race/Species: Italian/Human
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Proportions: 6? 2??, 186 lbs/tall and solidly built
    Hair/Eye: Black/Hazel
    Family: A member of the Pegannini-Franco family from Old Italy, Antony grew up in a strict household, learning to ignore the two extremes of ?good? and ?bad? in favor of ?profitable?. At the time he was transported, his uncle Reno had recently died from lead poisoning.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Appearance: Slate-grey suit coat over a red silk shirt; dark-grey pants, black leather shoes. A leather holster rests underneath his left arm, holding his pistol and knife. His black hair is slicked back on his head, giving it a shiny appearance.
    Weapons/Powers: 14 round 9 mm pistol, two extra clips; 5 inch switchblade/persuasion
    Weakness: Doesn?t like heights.
    Brief Bio: At the time of his disappearance, Antony and his family had been in the middle of a private ?struggle? with their neighbors to the south, the Serpinos. He had been en route to a local drugstore to collect protection money when he?d suddenly felt light-headed, fainted, and woken up far from where he?d fallen.
  8. Yautja

    Yautja Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 5, 2008
    (Time to kick this off!)

    IC as Bloodstorm

    Bloodstorm woke up, his crystal blue eyes adjusting to the light, but slowly everything faded into view. He hissed slightly, in confusion and pain. He reached behind his back, using his four arms to push himself up. He stood up, but he became dizzy and collapsed again as numbness consumed his entire body. The last thing he could remember was falling asleep on his bed next to his beloved Empress in their Imperial Palace on Hive World Macragge.

    Past that, he could remember nothing. Ugh, it ached to move, he struggled again to get up. He saw the glints of his blades still fastened to his back. He happily noted the blades had not cut him in the process of getting where it was that he had ended up. The smell of this place was not like any on the Hive World.

    Oh it pained him to think of complex things such as interstellar travel, nor did he have any real mental capacity to do so. It was his lot in life as the Emperor of an entire world. Another throbbing pain suddenly became apparent in addition to his physical and emotional pains. Hunger...

    The genetic hybrid slowly pushed himself up, using his tail to support him. A small flicker of paranoia in his mind quickly raced through his mind. He drew the four bone swords, the blades radiated purplish psionic energy. Something bad was afoot and Bloodstorm intended to find it. He began to lumber through the dense tropical rain forest he had somehow landed in...


    IC as Lord Azreal

    Lord Azreal opened his blood red eyes, observing his surroundings. Raindrops splashed on his head and he could hear the sounds of a typical jungle setting. A monsoon was underway and he had somehow been caught in the middle of it. His advanced arsenal of weaponry now was rendered useless, but he didn't really care. What mattered was that there werren't any other presences around him. Thus, he settled down by sitting under a large kapok tree, his arms and legs crossed while he inspected his equipment. His armor was still intact and all his weapons...but the latter was all out of ammunition!

    Where am I and how the hell did I end up here? thoughts raced through the mind of the former Yautja general. A minute ago, he was in his secretive base on an unknown planet not to far from Hive World Macragge. He was training a regiment of new demonic Yautja recruits and suddenly...he ended up here! Aside from armor and weapons, he lacked rations and supplies. He would have to make do with the stuff he can find here. Build a shelter, gather food, and find some way to escape off this planet or realm he somehow ended up in. Hopefully more light would be be blinded by darkness and obscurity once more.

    Tag: Everyone
  9. Insanity_Pirate

    Insanity_Pirate Jedi Youngling

    Apr 27, 2008
    "They never had JUNGLES near El Paso..." A deep, baritone mexican voice commented. The normal velvet of it was stained with confusion, and indecision. A brown male stepped out from under a large, asparagus-looking tree, which smelled oddly like cooked steak, mixed with paint-thinner. It was an unsettling odor. He walked forward into the moonlight (Fully clothed, I might add) and carefully listened for any sound that might betray his presence or location, yet was unpleasantly unsuprised when he could hear nothing else, besides the local wildlife amdist their usual routines. He walked out into a tiny area devoid of trees, and was alarmed to see his skin glowing bright green, and tingly. Alarmed by the odd electric sensation, and obvious unnatural discoloration of his skin, he looked up to see if he was under a large green light... Or worse, like something radioactive. "Oh my god...." He said, when his hazel eyes focused in on not one, but *2* fiercly glowing moons, in the night sky. "THERE'S something you don't see everyday..." He mumbled numbly, standing in the clearing still. Immediately, he concluded this must have been a dream. He HAD pulled a longer shift than ever at work earlier the day before, and he DID remember falling asleep. Walking out and half-expecting to be confronted with a dream-evil version of his most hated geometry teacher Mrs. Trimble, weilding a cleaver that was really a gigantic test with an F- on it. He started to panic slightly, when she didn't. This seemed to real to be a dream...

    A small rock, jutting out of the ground cleared everything up for Antonio. His foot caught it in mid-step, sending him face-first down the hill in a whirl of flailing arms and legs. He could not see where he was going in the darkness, but felt the tree-trunk that stopped his tumbling acutely. "Madre de dios!! Aye, mi cabeza...." He groaned in spanish, clasping his head with both hands. "Wait... That HURT!!" He cried out, in alarm. In dreams, he never felt pain, making this reality! He got up rapidly, now standing stiller than a granite statue. Now that he was paying more attention than ever, to every sound made. Everything did truely seem too realistic to be a dream. Every cry, every smell, every feeling... It was geniune. "Where in god's entire kingdom AM I?" He whispered, glowing as brightly as an emerald under a flood light, now.
  10. The_FNG

    The_FNG Jedi Youngling

    Apr 2, 2008
    IC: Antony

    Antony's head flew upwards at the sound of crunching branches. It sounded close. He crouched low, using the tropical fauna to manuever towards the source of the shout. His hand was shaking as it drew the pistol strapped in the pancake holster under his armpit.

    He had been here for what must pass for two days, at least. Anyway, that's how many times the twin moons in the sky had rose and disappeared. Antony had long ago dismissed this new reality as a dream, that is after he was nearly attacked by something hiding in the trees. He'd gotten off a shot at the creature; or had he fired twice? Three times? Until he could find a settlement, he knew he had to be wary of running out of ammunition. He didn't like the odds of taking down a lion with a knife.

    And now this intrusion. It sounded like footsteps! No companions, no human contact until this moment; he wasn't about to let it pass by. However, what Antony found made the Mafioso's blood run cold. It looked somewhat human: a bipedal creature standing on two legs, but it was taller than any normal human could ever be. When it turned to scan the brush it's eyes reflected the moonlight like red orbs of fire.

    Taking a deep breath Antony chambered a round in his pistol, the bullet loading with a sharp click!

    Tag: Lord Azreal
  11. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Elcris Dramag

    Elcris saw a portal in front of him, it shone with a bright green light. He flew toward the portal, wings flapping slowly in the void of time and space. 'Maybe this one will lead me back to Gatrak.' he thought. He knew speaking was pointless, he was the only one floating around here and he had long lost interest in talking to himself. He went through the portal and found himself in a thick jungle. The air was thick and humid and clung to his lungs. 'Flying is pointless here.' he added, he then shifted to his human form and slowly descended down to the jungle floor. The vines here were thick. He drew his sword and used it like a machete hacking through the thick undergrowth. He walked for what flt like ages, then he sensed something, something he hadn't sensed for ages, a living being. He then went into the direction that he felt it coming from. He slowly approached the being. "Hello." he said keeping some distance between himself and the being. It had a tail and four energy shrouded blades. "Do you know what realm this is by any chance, It almost looks like the Great Batikan Rain forest but I don't recognize some of these flowers." he added observing the plants around him. "Do you even understand me?" Elcris said the possibility that the being may not even speak or comprehend his language dawning on him.

    TAG: Bloodstorm
  12. Yautja

    Yautja Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 5, 2008
    IC as Lord Azreal

    Click! the sound ran boisterously in Azreal's ears as he was immediately on guard. His twin serrated wrist blades, covered with blood red demonic energy, glowed radiantly in the glimmering moonlight while his helmet was turned on heat vision, scanning the nearby vicinity surreptitiously. It only took him seconds to pinpoint the next hot blooded being...a human crouching in the jungle foliage! The Yautja general grinned, humans were mere annoyances to him. Noticing that the human was alone, dispatching him would have been no sweat, but Azreal considered that possibility. Perhaps...this human could offer valuable information about where they were currently. Maybe this entire planet was ruled by humans. If so, Azreal thought, they better enjoy their last days before total extermination. And Azreal would spearhead this campaign...

    Boldly making his move, Azreal turns his head to the direction of the concealed human. With only his wrist blades at his side, he slowly takes the first few steps towards the foliage. Confident that whatever weapon the human possessed was useless, Azreal's blood red eyes passionately and intensely radiate from the tiny slits in his helmet.

    Tag: Antony


    IC as Bloodstorm

    Bloodstorm sized up this creature who had just appeared from the foliage and greeted him warmly. Quite queer in a way, but at least the Emperor of Hive World Macragge was assured that this being didn't come in harm. However, he still kept his guard up as he spoke in a deep voice that signaled centuries of unspeakable wisdom, "I understand you perfectly and unfortunately I know nothing of this realm we both stumbled upon nor can I comprehend how we arrived here. Like you, I am bewildered and sought answers. I wish to return back to my home world." He doesn't put his four psionic boneblades away as he peered down at the much smaller human.

    Elcris Dramag
  13. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Elcris Dramag

    "Well that sucks." Elcris said. "So you mind if we team up to find at least some form of civilization. If I learned anything in the Temple of Draknor its never safe to travel an unknown region alone. It would probably be safer to team up for now." he added. "Worse comes to worse I can try to fly up over the canopy to see if I can see anything useful." he continued. With that he began to transform into his dragon form, his wings extending from his shoulders, his limbs growing, tail lengthening, spikes coming out. By the time he was finished he was about eight feet in length, glistening with his gold scales reflecting the light, the sun bouncing off the soft white feathers on his wings. "I could give you a lift if you need one." Elcris added as he flapped his wings a little.

    TAG: Bloodstorm
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