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NSWRPF Archive Final Fantasy XXXV ? The Invasion

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by jedipassion, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007

    Final Fantasy XXXV ? The Invasion
    Log open?.
    History of Vana? deil selected?
    Video Feed initiated?

    Video feed of the dark lord selected? Error? Audio barely active continuing with Video Feed?

    Video Feed ending?
    It has been 250 years ever since the ending reign of the Shadow Lord and his beast hordes and now we are at peace. Until one sighting of the mark of the beast horde caused a disturbance. The Federation of Windhurst was the first to notice the oddness of the hordes. Then Republic of Bastok, then the Monarchy of Sand? ora at first it didnt seem like it was a problem?

    Error Error Audio Feed disrupted ending session?
    Story End.

    From the royal guard or fresh into adventuring you are the adventurer, you have one mission now to do what you can to make a living. Now you walk the across the great tree of Windurst, the grand palace of Sand? ora, or even past the past the great industrial line of Bastok to make history after graduation from the weapons academy.
    1. No God Moding
    2. No Powerplaying
    3. I will terminate your character if you do not tell me if your going to be away for a certain or maybe longer amount of time, I?ve grown tired of dealing with people who say they will be there and aren?t there for over half the time which causes a hold up in progress. So your time limit will be 2 weeks if im not told in two weeks your going to be away for a while then I will kill your character off and you will have to make another template FROM SCRATCH resubmit it to me and give me a reason as to why I should let you back in. (nah im just kidding just please do try to let me know when your gona be gone)
    4. Ignore rule 3 (except for the last part in parenthesis)
    5. Have fun
    6. Pm CS to me.
    7. If you need help with this its somewhat based off of FFXI so look to that for some of the info.
    Weapons: (are stronger and improved so get creative on them but don?t overdo it.)
    Job: (This will be an ALL for ALL system so any race can have any two jobs)
    Sub-job: (please don?t make like a monk/blm job combo I made that mistake once and didn?t do to good.)
    Skills:( allowed up to four)
    -4hr (extreme skill only use able ever 4 hours (earth time) so post time used and include time zone)
    -3hr (same as 4hr only every 3)
    -2hr (same as 4hr only every 2)
    -1hr (same as 4hr only every hr)
    Separate Skills: (like dual wielding(which everyone will have) and lock picking)
    Nation/Kingdom you are from: (Sand? ora, Bastok, Windhurst)
    Magic: (for magic users only which includes summons and you may only have 5 summons)
    Ninjitsu: (only 5 allowed)(ninjas only)
    Machina: (will be allowed but only 1) (all can use)

    Jobs: All the jobs in blue are from FFXI so lets givem a round of applause (claps)
    ? Bard
    ? Beastmaster
    ? Black Mage

    ? Blue Mage
    ? Corsair
    ? Dancer

    ? Dark Knight
    ? Dragoon
    ? Monk

    ? Ninja
    ? Paladin
    ? Puppetmaster

    ? Ranger
    ? Red Mage
    ? Samurai

    ? Summoner
    ? Thief
    ? Warrior

    ? White Mage
    ? Alchemist (think FFX-2)
    ? Pirates- Any
    ? Gladiators(think roman gladiators with full body armor)
    ? Berserker
    ? Scholars- (they can dual wield magic so like fire and thunder would be able to be casted at the same time)
    Races: (don?t have to be from here but are usually from here)
    Elvaan- mainly from Sand? ora (think of elves from LOTR only without the mystical connection but are very proud of their heritage and are good archers)
    Humes (Humans)- Bastok (just regular humans pretty much)
    Galkas- Bastok ( big bulky race that have characteristics to lions its hard to tell a female galka from a male, best at combat, very strong but slow in consequence)
    TaruTarus- Windhurst (the adorable small race of windhurst, very hard to tell their age since they mostly look like children, very very strong with magic)
    Mithras- Windhurst( the cat like wemen of windhurst very stealthy be
  2. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    heres my CS

    Name: Ragnarok Karon
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragonkin
    Weapons: (two of them)
    Job: Pirate
    Sub-job: Puppetmaster
    Skills: Warrior?s Spirit- when low in strength user with this skill is able to fight on.
    Shipmaster- able to pilot a airship/ regular ship
    Pirating- Increased endurance on ships
    Looting-more loot from defeated enemies
    -4hr Puppet fury- Puppet summoned lasts longer
    -3hr Pirates Assist- increases str. While helping others
    -2hr The price for treasure- uses gil to buy off beast and hold him from attacking someone
    -1hr Puppet Clone- puppet produces a clone of itself (vanishes after half an hour)
    Separate Skills: dual wielding, pirating, bargaining
    Nation/Kingdom you are from: Bastok
    Magic: Puppet Summon, Cure I, Curaga I
    Ninjitsu: N/A
    Machina: Machine Solider that looks like him with prosthetic skin and weapons only difference is that this machine cant summon or use magic but can repair mechanical objects
    OVERDRIVE: Transforms from human state to dragon state flying into the air and burns all enemies.
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