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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, May 3, 2008.

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  1. SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Krash
    The High God's Garden

    Krash continued to listen, hearing everything, but analyzing none of it. He did not care for the meaning, only for the raw aesthetics of the sounds. An argument was beginning. Tempers were flaring. Krash might have been introduced to the sounds of battle, had his Father not intervened.

    Instructing them to stand in a circle around him, the High God offered to show them something marvelous. The god of sound obeyed, gaging his position by the slight variation in the sound of a breeze blowing through a perfect circle of beings than if one is out of place. He waited, listening for the sound of the magicks that would reveal what the Father had deigned to reveal.

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  2. ActRaiser Jedi Knight

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    Garland obeyed. He joined the circle the Goddess commanded to be made. Reluctantly. He wished he could just make a world of his own. "Hm. This should prove interesting." Things were looking up, and were proving to be amusing. Magic, Thunder and Strength would rule the world.
  3. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    Lord Guriosa IC:
    Location ~Circle of Gods, Heavenly Garden

    Guriosa nodded toward the god known as Auroch and whispered his name toward him. "Guriosa is my name. Lord of Lust, Time, as well as Rebirth and Ressurection."

    After that he went quiet for a while again. When instructed to go into the circle, Guriosa hesitated for a little bit especially as the Supreme One moved past him and toward where he wanted them all to congregate. He wasn't sure why. However, he eventually moved on with Auroch following behind him to the circle and got into place with the others.

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  4. DarthSolar Jedi Master

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    Approved by the almighty Elu.

    Name: Nocturnal - The Missing God
    Gender: God
    Status: Darkness, The Moon, Memory and History.
    Primary Weapon(s): N/A
    Sacred Item: Shroud of Nocturnal ~ A truly represents the darkness quality of Nocturnal; it permanently removes the wearer's specific identity from all history and memory, making it seem as if the wearer never existed. A side effect is that the wearer may never be able to reclaim his former life.

    Personality: A withdrawn and dreary figure, Nocturnal show's little. If any, intrest of his fellow immortal siblings although he knows he will have to forge relationship sooner or later. A Nihilist, he see's the mortal world as being nothing more than a plane of diffrent shades of grey. Due to these traits he's been gifted with the title of the 'Missing God'

    Eyes: Two, attention grabbing Sapphire blue that seem to shine in the dark.
    Hair: Short and well kept, dark Fauxhawk.
    Skin/Fur: Alice blue skin.
    Appendages: The normal that can be accounted for a human.
    Markings: Neatly worked black patterned lines around his left eye.
    Aura: His aura boasts a strong sense of nostalgia to those around him, much like how memory's can sometimes effect certain people. Strangely the happiest feeling from him can cause pain and a sickness as if they have missed out, but the small amout of happiness lies deep within.

    Extra Goodies~

    Number: 4
    Color: Dark Sapphire blue.
    Totem Animal: Masked Owl
    Weapon/Item: The Dagger.
    Symbol: http://www.symbols.com/pics/big/43/4302.gif
    Basic prayer among followers.

    Night among strangers. Secrets in the dark.
    Pray to Nocturnal. And hope in his blessing.
    So he shall look favorably upon us.
    And grant us sight in the darkness that is our world.

    Shadow Hide You.

    Mortal Form~

    Alias: A Stranger.
    Race: Human, he finds that they can get around much easier.
    Age: Mid-Twentys.
    Sex: Male.
    Eye Color: The same old, dark Fauxhawk.
    Hair Color: Blue.
    Skin/Fur: Caucasian / A small dark goatee.
    Markings: None
    Uniqueness: Never seen during the day, always the night and submerged in shadow. Also the effects of his Aura carry on in the mortal world.

    Mythological Companion~

    Species: Masked Owl
    Name: Asio
    Sex: Female
    Description: A dark furred masked Owl, that can be accounted as the only true friend the god has.
    Primary Role: Spying, Messenger, Friendship

  5. spacelady Force Ghost

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    Mar 16, 2003
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    IC as Genatii

    "It seemed very unprovoked, maybe the shark just has anger issues or maybe, he felt threaten?"

    Genatii nodded slowly as she felt Meyatae sit down at her foot. "Hm...that is quite possible and I suppose it would be foolish of any of us to expect everyone to get along perfectly. There are bound to be arguments or even 'duels' from time to time."

    "No doubt this will cause a lasting effect on both of them down on the Mortal plans, even if it is just a 'duel'. Violence isn't something i do."

    "And neither do I. Especially when one is in love." The Goddess smiled sweetly in return to the God. By the way he seemed and what he controlled, she doubted there would be many disagreements between the two.

    She then focused on the High One when he spoke to the rest. "Come now, all of you. Form a circle here in front of me, I will be on the outside of it and yet I want you all facing in and looking at the ground. There is a lesson I must teach you. And a world I must reveal."

    Quietly she moved with Asur toward the circle where the High God motioned to. She stood at Asur's side, watching the others do so as well and awaited what he had to show them.

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  6. DarthSolar Jedi Master

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    Jun 4, 2008
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    IC Nocturnal

    The lone immortal stood beneath the shadow of the largest tree in the garden. He felt drowsy, apathetic and feeble. The sun brightly lit the courtyard around him illuminating all the beauty it possessed, it made him depressed. The fact he should have to be forced to meet his siblings and in this setting, he had no true desire to ally himself with any others. He was happy with being known as the Missing God, it suited him, it was who he was.

    The gentle silence was cut in two as hostilities between two other immortals erupted, a shout, a crash, the sound of splashing water that was slowly becoming annoying. Peering around the tree he saw another of his kind. A goddess dressed in black much similar to his own, apart from he was wearing a robe that was slightly tacky.

    Shifting his weight he kept within the shadow of the tree and strolled along to the other loner.

    "Don't tell me you would rather sit here and play around with water when you could be watching the childish antics of our fellow brethren." Refering to the on going fight.

    "Nocturnal... And you are?"

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  7. Darth_Joesha Jedi Master

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    ic: Teleute
    Heavenly Gardens

    "Don't tell me you would rather sit here and play around with water when you could be watching the childish antics of our fellow brethren."

    Teleute looked up to see one of her siblings standing beside her, she smiled softly and then stood.

    "What interest have I in the brawn of my brethren? What use has muscle against words?" She replied, raising her eyebrows slightly. She did not jump when the High God bellowed, very little surprised her. "Either way it matters not, our lord has taken care of matters."

    "Nocturnal... And you are?"

    "I am the Dark Lady, Teleute; Goddess of Truth, Redemption and... Death." She hesitated for a moment upon revealing her most important aspect, perhaps it would have been more wise to keep that to herself. "I believe we should take up our place in the circle."

    With that she moved towards the other gods and took up her place in the circle.

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  8. DarthSolar Jedi Master

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    IC Nocturnal

    "I am the Dark Lady, Teleute; Goddess of Truth, Redemption and... Death."

    "Death?" He replied with a rare smile appearing, "How... Interesting." Still keeping within the shadow of the tree he studied the appearance of the goddess before she began to speak again.

    "I believe we should take up our place in the circle."

    His attention was now towards the circle that was growing, his only problem was the sunlight that surrounded the area. How he despised it. "I guess that would be for the best." Agreeing but not liking the idea, pulling the hood atop his robe over his head, it covered his face in a cooling darkness.

    As he stepped out of his safety zone, it appeared as the shadow of the tree followed him, he wasn't willing to let the sun weaken him in front of the others. "I don't intend to make many friends this day." He said from behind to goddess as they arrived.

    Taking his place in the circle he quickly surveyed his 'brothers and sisters'

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  9. Darth_Joesha Jedi Master

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    Apr 22, 2004
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    ic: Teleute
    Heavenly Gardens

    "I don't intend to make many friends this day."

    "Friends? Oh my dear brother, I do not think that friendship is possible for any of us. After all we are family, and what family ever gets on?" Teleute joked while waiting for what ever was going to happen to happen. "In all seriousness I did not expect to either."

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  10. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: The post after the next one as The Supreme One shall be unlocking God Mode, so you all know. :) And for this post, I also refer you all to Pg.1 to the World Map of Kranjua.

    High God IC:
    Current Activity ~Revealing

    Upon seeing them all congregate in a circle in the way he told them, he mentally smiled to himself. It was finally time. He had already informed the Mortal world of their coming of age and that very soon they would be in control. And very soon they would be in deed. Just one last lesson before he unleashed them upon Kranjua.

    His glowing white-gold body seemed to waver for a brief moment and then the ground they were all staring at in between them all seemed to ripple like water and then revealed a world. The world. Kranjua. This is what they were in charge of, this is what they would all together control through their plans and actions. Sounds were allowed for Krash's sake. The scene was high from the sky but steadily panned closer to the roaring and yet gently rolling sea. Seagulls flocking to and fro in the sky, fish seen darting around in the giant blue. The sight should please Megalodon Rex, the Supreme One mused.

    It slowly kept moving, the scene, and it reached the coastline, where none were...some simple ships were glimpsed in the distance...probably fishing boats. The land was in full view now.

    Iladar, the Kingdom of the Faeries. Jungles, forests, a wild and untamed beauty. And there they were, the small faeries flying to and fro. Mischief and pranks spreading in their wake. Yet merriment seemed to be predominant throughout.

    It shifted to the west now to Tulmar, the Kingdom of the Zavicha. A mountain range, plains, a few areas of mildly rough terrain. Controlled strength seemed to emanate from the beings walking around, their powerful tails trailing behind them. The discipline radiating throughout their society.

    It shifted northward now to Bejesh, the Kingdom of the Oorgho. An eerily cloudy sky that was almost always there, plains, mountains. Strength also came here, but savaged...power-hungry. Fear. Constant trials...a land with rife with trouble, but somehow enjoyable to the race. Blood could almost be smelled through the scene.

    Again the land changed, this time to the east to Ardrin, the Kingdom of the Larrikin. The cat-like race ruled here among the vast plains, the rolling hills, the serene savannah. A primal cunning still existed here and was used to great effect among them. For the most part, it was peaceful. Order was in power.

    To the north now to Silivesthel, the Kingdom of the Elves. Wisdom was everywhere and so were beautiful and great forests. The cities were intertwined with the trees and the ecosystem there. Peace was enjoyed, but a powerful guard was established on all the borders, always alert and watchful.

    In the same area was Sutherr, a Peaceful Kingdom. All races lived in mostly contentment here, going along their business. The most unrest it got here recently was minor political squabbles. Gardens were of amazing beauty in this land. Love was strong.

    In the same region now was Irillym, the Kingdom of the Itherinys. There was some land here, but also plenty of water. It was mostly sea. For this was the land of the strong race that could live both on land and in water. They were seen swimming and strolling. Warriors are seen practicing in many places.

    To the east was Qushuris, the Unstable Kingdom. Another place where all the races lived pretty equally though perhaps the Itherinys & Chree had a small advantage here. However, conflict ruled supreme though not much glimpsed in the scene for this was mostly just showing the kingdom itself.

    A little further east was Kajayos, the Kingdom of the Shenzai. Their painful rituals, dark wisdom, and great combat prowess was obviously seen even through the brief glimpses shown. Rough terrain and many coastlines are seen here.

    Going quite a ways to the west past Qushuris and slightly northward was Nees'liia, the Kingdom of the Chree. It continued, again, both land and sea as the Chree coul
  11. DarthSolar Jedi Master

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    IC Nocturnal

    The view that had appeared had caught the god by surprise and set him in a trance like state: Kranjua, so much had he had to learn about the mortal world during his childhood and now here it was in front of him, he felt exposed towards the others. Mentally he was out of character.

    But the novelty soon began to wear off as the view came across the races, he had no real interest in a specific race. They all felt the same to him, they all had something that Nocturnal knew. Then it came to certain scenes, he was attached towards a lot of them.

    The sweet memory of marriage the bitter history of war. And then, like a stone in the middle of a gentle lake. The vision was gone.

    "I hope you enjoyed what you saw, all of you. For that was Kranjua. That is what you are in charge of. Tell me what you think and then I will give you a final lesson before handing the reigns over to you all."

    "Oh, everything and more. Beloved father." Responding in a rather joyless and sarcastic tone. "Although i would of preferred to have seen more of the world under the blanket of night, but we can't have it all. Can we dear family." A forced smile could just been seen from underneath the dark cover of his shroud.

    "But impressive dear. Father."

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  12. ActRaiser Jedi Knight

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    Garland began to answer prayers from the kingdom of Bejesh. A cloud formed in a massive face, speaking above every city in Bejesh. "I am Garland, the Lord of Magic and power. Bejesh, foul Bejesh is undermining my plans for the future of Kranjua. I give this COMMAND now. Bejesh must pass as law the prohibition of murder and the causing of pain through tyranny. Bejesh, foul Bejesh has brought fury into my heart. No more war will be brought to innocent lands that Bejesh would seek to conquer only to spread death and conquest. If Bejesh does not stop from its oppression of other races, I, Garland, will deny your sorcerers their spells. I will send my wizards from all of Kranjua to wipe you as a nation off the face of the Earth, and the magicians will divide Bejesh amongst themselves with Oorgha as slaves.

    Garland begins to promise guidance to the rulers of the world through his wizards if they will sponsor magic in the countries throughout the world.
  13. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: Act, The Supreme One just revealed the world to you, it never said that you were able to interact just yet. lol :p

    Though that is very very soon now. lol
  14. ActRaiser Jedi Knight

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    Can I edit it later when you allow us to so I don't forget what I have to say?
  15. DarthSolar Jedi Master

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    OOC: Even if its a void post, i don't think a god would openly show himself. It's makes a lot more sense for us to work in strange and mysterious ways.
  16. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: It's a void post, but you retry it when the time comes if you wish. Though that is a rather abrupt introduction. lol And it is left to each God and Goddess to act in any way they wish. Just know that the other Immortals might not like your own actions and may work against you.

    Also remember since you're new, you don't exactly have many followers just yet. Alright, lets cut down on the OOC chatter now and waits for others to post. :)
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    IC: Auroch

    Sometimes it was helpful to take up the affectations of the mortals he was destined to patronize. He had realized that early, and applied it now. Thus, like a shepherd, he sat impassive as vistas unfurled before him. Where his thoughts were betrayed, it was the gentle shifting of his weight onto and off of his staff, and in the small tilts of his head. On the other hand, one might?ve argued that he was over-stimulated internally that his body was left a near catatonic afterthought.

    His primary concern was the terrain. The possibilities in Iladar and Silivesthel were explosive. Already, he?d dreamed up half a dozen plans to impose order on those places bursting with life. His thoughts were just as quickly consumed by the savannahs Ardrin, which he would convert into a bread basket. Finally, though, it was Sutherr that captured him in a way no other place could. That could be his home, all the better for the synergies that could exist between the races. Having finally turned his attention to the inhabitants of the world, he began cataloguing them just as quickly: who most suitable for pest control, harvest, irrigation. The considerations quickly overwhelmed. All of it was bursting with the incredible but unproven potential that was characteristic of raw, untapped talent. It would be his to refine.

    ?You want us to maintain the balance?? he said.

    If it was obvious to whom he was speaking, the rest of his question was intentionally vague. He?d watched tensions boil over in the course of a few short minutes, and had seen plenty of boasting prior. Though he didn?t preclude the possibility of working with the others, and in fact hoped for it, the place was rife with naked ambition. The only way to gain an advantage in such an environment was to keep his motives secret?thus the double talk. If the response chose to address it, he might find out something valuable. If the question was taken at face value, he?d at least how much interventionism their ?father? planned in their affairs.

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  18. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: Ok people. I need to know now.

    If you're still here and interested in this game. PM ME IMMEDIATELY! Or IM if you have the ability to.

    I need to know so this game's future is more clear.
  19. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: Those of you who've responded, thank you. I got a good response and almost at the minimum that I wanted. But only almost. It has lengthened my consideration of this RPG to July 6th.

    Those of you who've not send me a PM and are still interested, send one to me stating your continued interest now to save this game!

    I may still restart the game with who've I got, but it's debateable. I might not, a true 50/50 deal. And that's where we stand now.
  20. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: Thank you for the output everyone! Seeing whom responded and whom did not, I have come to the conclusion....

    To sadly end this game. Due to the output, it was enough to get me to extend my deliberations till today for an official decision, but it wasn't quite there to make me keep this going. I am sorry for all those wanting to keep it living, but I believe it is time to let it down. Despite its unfortunate suddeness.

    However, GaT may return in the future. We shall see.

    Thank you for those who did participate and don't be too mad!

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