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London, ON Grape & Wine Parade 2009

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by legoman, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. legoman

    legoman Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 14, 2002
    The parade is on Saturday, September 26. Line-up at 9am, parade start at 11am. As of now, we are meeting at the same place as last year, Alexandra Elementary school, around 8-8:30am. If this changes, I will update everyone ASAP. Please post in the Niagara forum if you will be coming, and who you will be dressed as. As usual, bring $10 + food for after the parade.

    Alexandra Elementary
    84 Henry Street
    St. Catharines L2R 5V4
    (plug into mapquest, google maps etc. for directions)

    Hope to see everyone there!
  2. Rabellaka

    Rabellaka Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 20, 2002
    Excellent, good to know that it's being organized. As always I'm going. Two days before my birthday this year.
  3. jedidougcdn

    jedidougcdn Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 31, 2008
    I'll be there. :)
  4. legoman

    legoman Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 14, 2002
    The parade is now 3 weeks away. I would like to get a final count of who is coming.

    If you will be marching, I need to know which costume you will be wearing. (We have extras that can be borrowed. Please ask if you want one.)

    If you will be bringing food for the potluck, please let me know what you will be bringing so I can make sure we don't have too much of one thing. Drinks (more than just pop), plates, cups, forks etc. will be needed. These might be easiest to bring if coming from out of town. I have one dessert item covered, and I believe Chris and Deb are supplying beef on a bun again.

    We could still use 1-3 people to volunteer to march out of costume to assist with water, maintaning marching order etc.

    Also don't forget to bring $5-10 to help cover the cost of building rental and for a donation to the shelter.

    **NOTE** We are unable to get Alexandra school again this year. We are working on getting a new location. I will update everyone as soon as I know where.
  5. Lord_Robert

    Lord_Robert Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 20, 2005
    I wish I could go but I can't get the time off.
  6. Hbrika

    Hbrika Jedi Youngling

    Apr 4, 2007
    I?ll see if I can come to this. I?m in Tecumseh. It?ll be a long haul :p

    Some info I found about this parade

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