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    The Griffins would like to offer West Michigan Star Wars fans an exclusive online ticket offer for their March 31 STAR WARS Night, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the first film.

    LOWER BOWL tickets ARE ONLY $10 when purchased through this online offer, that's a SAVINGS OF $7 OFF THE BOX OFFICE PRICE!

    As most of you already know, we will be featuring between 25-30 costumers, including Darth Vader taking part in our ceremonial puck drop with the Red Wings Jiri Fischer. Also joining us will be Storm Troopers, Tie-Fighter Pilots, X-Wing Pilots, Sand People, and Jedi Knights. The second intermission will feature all the Star Wars characters on the ice and a skating storm trooper helping host a special Jedi Knight vs. Tie-Fighter Pilot Go-Kart Race on the ice.

    To purchase tickets:
    * Log on to
    * Enter USERNAME: starwarsnight07
    * Enter PASSWORD: dagobah
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