Lit How much of a rival was Xixor?

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    Oh not just the Empire. Typer picks fights with Xizor, Jabba and the Rebels as well and at the same time. The way he behaves himself the only reason he might get away is because the Stormcommandos, Boba Fett, Guri and the Rebel Alliance Commando teams, might get into a firefight on who gets to kick in his Ryloth Palace door first.
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    Late to the game, but,

    If you're doing the Bond movies, Black Sun isn't SPECTRE, it's Quantum, the Craig movies' successor to it. SPECTRE was always an outside threat - even if some of their members acted like legitimate members of society, they never had shadowy advisers planted in the world's governments. Quantum does - their shtick is that they're embedded into society at the highest level, with easier access to the British Prime Minister than even M seems to have. That's what Black Sun is for the Star Wars galaxy. Not crazy, world-shaking events, just an invisible web of influence that the leaders and Vigos use to increase their wealth and power.
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    Unfortunately for Black Sun unlike in Bond movies, the highest world leader is an extremelly powerful and cunning dictator. Unlike the weak morons in Bondverse.

    As for SPECTRE, there is none. But I assume a good leader and or founder for such an organization could be the guy that made the ShawkenDevice, with enough funding and henchmen he could became a credible threat, capable of threatening the Galaxy like Dr Evil with his inventions.
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