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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Sabith, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006

    IC: Thoth
    Location: Ancient Egypt deep in the great pyramid

    Sitting before a large desk the blue eyed figure called Thoth continues to write his last book. Only a few more lines need to be written till this ancient book is completed. His eyes shine with a bluish glow that no human would have. In truth he is not a human, for is the last living immortal and soon not even he will be in the world. The ink that writes with is the color of blood and drips a single drop upon the parchment that he is writing on. He knows his time will soon be over and as he looks towards one of the candles he can hear them coming.

    ?Oh how long have I waited for this day!? Speaks the man to himself, in the shadows he can hear the voices of all those that have been taken from the world. Today is the day when mankind would over throw the last of the so called gods. Today was the day that mankind would take control of their own destinies and steer the course of the world for themselves. Loud banging began to ring though out the chamber as a great many warriors began to ram the stone door that blocked them from the prey.

    Dipping his pen back into the ink Thoth continued to do his work. Each name he wrote would bring the death of another mortal or the banishment of another Immortal. The words burned in his mind and as he wrote he pondered would death no longer record those that have died? Was it his doing that the souls of so many had been taken or was it possible he just knew? Could it be that he held no true power over life or death? The sounds grow as the stones began to shake. Thoth did not care about what would become of him for he had already seen his own end. Yet he pondered could an immortal actually die?

    In the last century everything had changed the first among them had been the great Woyden. Sacrificing his own life to insure those that had followed him would gain victory. In the north ragnork had already come for the Immortals. Then it went to the east taking even the mighty Zeus from his mountain top home. Now only Thoth remained upon this world and though even the mightiest had been taken he pondered the fate of the immortals like himself.

    A voice came from the shadows of his heart and he knew it was to be Hades ?They have come for me and all is dark?. Picking up speed Thoth continued to write his names. Hades, Marcus, Alexander, Judas?yet his mind once more wondered upon what it truly meant to be an immortal.

    It was true he could live though nearly anything and was immune to most diseases. There was no sword that could rob him of his life and a great many beings would kill for such a life. To never worry about death from the most common. Yet mortals did not understand the truth about immortality. It was not blessing as mortals believed it to be.

    Thoth had lived centuries but could not share it with another. His family had been taken from him so long ago it no longer mattered. Other beings where but illusions to the immortals, a wisper that faded way in time.

    The stone began to crack as the men outside continued to ram the stone black. Soon he would come face to face with the darkness of his own heart. Looking back he recalled the day of his immortal birth. It had been a terrible day for his people. The flood had came and claimed everything that had once been important to him. It had came and consumed the mortal world he had known and left him with nothing. Most Immortals he had known had told him similar tells of their births. Few Immortals believed it was worth the trade.

    Suddenly a loud crash echoed in the chamber as the stone door gave way. The men had managed to enter to take the last breath from the last Immortal. Thoth would not fight them and as the first sword punctured his chest Thoth began to write the last name in his book. Finally he understood what it meant to be an Immortal. Like mortals he could be wounded, broken, and burned. His body could be destroyed but in time he would be reborn.

    His mind began to fade from the
  2. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    Sounds really awesome, expect a CS.
  3. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Name: Chandler Michael Billings
    Nickname: Chan-man
    Sex: Male
    Race: Angel
    Birthplace: Upper New York State
    Age: 17(For now)
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Silvery Blue
    Build: Slightly Athletic
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Clothing: Loose fitting, usually either black or white.
    Other: Reincarnation of Michael, the archangel.
    Items/ Weapons: A sword.
    Feats: Calming Presence-2, Pet(Phoenix)-3
    Flaws: None as of yet.
    Bio: Chandler was born your typical mortal kid, well at least for the first thirteen years. On his thirteenth birthday he came home in an intensely foul mood, as his mood worsened so did the storm overhead, by the time he got home it was a full blown tempest. After he finished his homework and ate dinner he fell asleep, when he awakened he found himself surrounded by a bright light that illuminated everything around him. He also heard the voice of a powerful entity speaking from above him. This is what he heard. "You Chandler Billings are the reincarnation of the archangel Michael, the banisher of the usurper. You are to take up his mantle and fight against the forces of darkness, take up the fiery brand and smite the demons that will try and take over the world you are destined to defend. You will also find that you can effect the weather, when your mood changes you will notice that the weather moves to match, use this power well. You will also be given a phoenix, it will aid you in your mission." Not knowing if it was God or not Chandler got out of his bed only to discover a sword on his bedside table and a magnificent crimson plumed bird on his window sill. From that point foreward he has kept a watchful eye on his surroundings looking out for any demonic activity, waiting for his chance to remove it's threat for the world.
  4. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    Immortal Major NPC'S
    Character Sheet
    Name: Lucian Ragnus
    Nickname: N/A
    Sex: Male
    Race: Demon
    Birthplace: Rome
    Age: 20
    Hair Long White
    Eyes White
    Build Slim
    Height 6'2''
    Weight 160
    Clothing: White Tux
    Other: , (has scar over left eye)
    Items/ Weapons: Twin Silver Daggers
    Light (2)
    Death/Life (1)

    Feats (Gets 5 points to start)
    Resources (4), Followers (2)

    Flaws: Disfigured- Blind (1-left eye)
    Thirst (blood) -2
    Phobia to Darkness-1
    Weakness to silver- 1

    Bio: Lucian had always enjoyed life as a child for like so few he was born to a wealthy family. Raised in Rome his American family had ensured he had all that he ever wanted. At the age of ten though when his mother had passed away Lucian now found himself alone in the world.
    When Lucian was only 12 his father had begun to beat him and for everyday for the next 3 years Lucian would awake to find himself bleeding and broken. Then shortly before his 15th birthday everything would change. On that day dark clouds had covered the nights sky and when Lucian?s father came home he saw his son standing with knife in hand. The next morning Lucian had awoken to find himself covered in blood and a strange taste in his mouth. The police that had came to investigate the death of the wealthy man found only blood.
    As time passed Lucian began to learn he could do so much more than other mortals. He had the ability to bend light and cause others to fight. He was nearly unstoppable and twice he should have died. It has been five years since his father?s death and finally he has learned the truth of what he is?.

    [color=blue]Character Sheet
    Name: Alexander Dayus
    Nickname: Xander
    Sex: Male
    Race: Angel
    Birthplace: New Orleans
    Age: 19
    Hair: Short Black
    Eyes: Black
    Build: Slim
    Height 5?9??
    Weight 145
    Clothing: Black Leather Jacket, black shirt, and black jeans
    Items/ Weapons: Samurai sword
    War (1)
    Darkness (2)
    Flight (1)
    Weather (1)

    Feats (Gets 5 points to start)
    Fearful/Calming Presence (3), Resources (1), Followers (1)

    Disfigured- Black Angelic Wings (2)
    Weakness- light (1)

    Bio: Born in the city of New Orleans Alexander had lived a normal life. Raised in a middle income family he had known many hardships. At the age of 17 everything had changed for him. The hurricane had taken everything from him. His family and friends had been lost in the storm and the day it happened was a day he would never forget.
    On that day he had changed, as the storms winds had destroyed so much his own body began to change. Large black wings had busted forth from his skin and his blood began to burn. The winds began to get worst and then the shadows began to come towards him.
    The cold ice of the shadows began to seep into his very being and then the waters came. The next morning all he had known had been lost to him. All light seemed to hurt his eyes and it even felt as though it would burn his skin. Forced to live mostly in the shadows Alexander began his new life as an immortal.[/color]>
  5. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
    Gm Approved

    Character Sheet
    Name: Desmen Yur
    Nickname: The Shade
    Sex: Male
    Race: Goetia/Demons
    Birthplace: South Africa
    Age: 17 (Looks 11)
    Skin: Black
    Hair: Shaven off
    Eyes: No pupils, pure white.
    Build: Slim
    Height: 4' 2''
    Weight: 93 pounds
    Clothing: Open Military jacket, Baggy Green Army pants, Military Cap
    Other: Circular, jagged scar on his chest
    Items/ Weapons: Shadow Claws
    Powers/points- Darkness 3
    Feats: Fear: 2
    Resources: 3 (From Conflict Diamonds)
    Flaws: Disfigured: Eyes have no pupils, they are just pure white
    Phobia: Fears being alone
    Bio: Desmen grew up in a small fishing village during the African Diamond Wars... His life was peaceful for the first ten years of his life, it all ended soon after his tenth birthday. African Rebels stormed into the village and slaughtered all of Desmen's family. They took all the village's young boys, including Desmen, with them to their camps. They drugged Desmen, they fed him poorly, gave him ground to sleep on, they made him kill a prisoner, they destroyed Desmen... It wasn't long before they made him fight, Desmen was shot in an assault on a bridge, his spirit was totally crushed and as he laid their bleeding... he transformed. Darkness swelled around him and everyone around him was killed instantly. When he stood back up, he was no longer Desmen Yur he was a shadow, The Shadow, and the world would suffer him.
  6. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    GM NOTE:
    We will begin playing on wednessday as I believe we now have enough players to start the game but I will give a bit more time for anyone who is instreasted to send their CS to me before the offical games start. Once the game begins they will have to wait for the next chapter of the game to begin....
  7. CryoDragoon

    CryoDragoon Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    Both are GM APPROVED

    Character Sheet

    Name: Alexander Cavanaugh
    Nickname: Alex (by his friends and closest and most dedicated followers)

    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Race: Goetia (Demon)
    Birthplace: London

    Hair: Black, reaching down to just above the shoulders, combed back.
    Eyes: Deep blue, ?like the ocean?. Wears blue-rectangular-framed glasses, with a yellow string for when they fall.
    Build: Weak. He is a very-frail looking person, but dresses himself in such a way one cannot easily see this. He nevertheless has quite broad shoulders and rigid, large feet and ?piano-hands?.
    Height: 189 cm (6,2 ft). Even though he is weak, and walks with a cane when he walks, he still is quite an imposing figure when standing because he is so tall.
    Weight: 54,43 kg (120 lbs). He tries to eat well, but just can?t seem to gain any weight to reach a healthy level.
    Clothing: He dresses well, favouring a suit, dress shirts and the more ?neat? clothes above casual ones.
    Other: n/a

    Items/ Weapons:
    Wheelchair: He mostly rides in an electric wheelchair, as he is very weak (also see: flaws)
    Cane: Could be used to walk a bit (which isn?t advisable for him, because his muscles are very weak), or could be used as a weapon (which, again, wouldn?t do much harm? He is THAT WEAK, see: flaws)
    Revolver: an 8-bullet magnum revolver, short barrelled. Hidden in a compartment in his wheelchair.

    Moon: level 3: He can things and even people lighter or heavier by simply wishing for it. He heals at a faster rate when the moon shines on him, and he gains strength and speed (albeit just a little bit) when standing in the moonshine.
    Water: level 2: He can manipulate larger bodies of water (such as a swimming pool).

    Pet ? 2 points ? an average Cat, called Castor. It?s a mackerel tabby cat, about 8 years old. Alex loves her (yes, it?s a she) very much, and when inside of his house, she is very often seen sleeping or simply lying on his lap. There is no doubt that she would try to defend him in the event of an attack.
    Calming/Fearful Presence ? 3 points ? His appearance itself: the physique of a young man, trapped inside a wheelchair, yet appearing wise and more powerful beyond his physical age and strength, provides a certain presence in itself. His voice does the rest: he can make people shudder in fear by simply raising his voice, or he can calm them down, as though by hypnotism, by assuming a more genuine, sincere tone of voice.
    Followers ? 2 points ? He has only a few followers, one of which is a very devote one that will probably be forever faithful to him, and follow him wherever he goes (also see: NPC).

    Weakness ? Weakness to physical, level 4 (the four points are distributed as follows: two in feats, namely: followers; and two extra in powers, namely: water).
    Wicked power, indeed, can only be gained for a high price, and it is too much for any human to bear. His physical body has been weakened extremely much, but this has not weakened his resolve, however. He has bad eyesight, and therefore needs glasses to see correctly. He even has weak lungs, yet despite this still has a mighty, booming and authoritative voice. This does, however, force him sometimes to break off in mid-sentence to breathe. He also has very weak muscles, and needs help to walk and to stand for longer periods of time, or to pick up more heavy things. He has an electric wheelchair to move around, but uses a cane or help from someone to move small amounts (get into bed, go to bathroom, etc.).

    He was born in
  8. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002

    Name: Julian de la Croix
    Nickname: Jules, Lucy
    Sex: Male
    Race: Goetia
    Birthplace: Manhattan, New York City
    Age: 32
    Hair: Dark, but greying
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: Athletic, tall, muscular but lean.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 190lbs
    Clothing: The height of fashion, very GQ.
    Other: The reincarnation of Lucifer, Prince of Lies, Tester of the Faithful, General of the Renegades, Bane of YHWH
    Items/ Weapons: Flaming Angelic Sword.
    Love (2)
    War (2)
    Death/Life (1)
    Flight (2)
    Feats: Resources (5)
    Flaws: Perfectionist, Phobia, Deformed (2 wings)

    Bio: Born to Manhattan elite, Julian climbed the ranks of New York society, spurred on by his need to dominate, to win at all costs. He is rich, handsome, influential, the talk of entertainment television and celebrity gossip. Since childhood he knew he had an almost unnatural gift for influencing those around him, and he took delight in corruption and humiliation.

    And then one night it all came back to him: the War he led in Heaven against the Almighty, his condemnation to Gehenna, the location of his sword and armor. In all these memories, one face recurred. It was the face of his brother, whom he loved more than anything, his brother who decided to fight against him, who captured him and deformed him and cast him down like a bolt of lightning from Heaven.

    He was back, and so was Michael.
  9. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    GM NOTE: I will only be allowing only one more person to join this rpg for the start up. Yuul_Shamar will be that player. I will still be accepting CS but no one may join until the next chapter.

    Each Starting Character will have a color.
    Chandler Michael Billings
    Lucian Ragnus
    Alexander Dayus
    Desmen Yur
    Alexander Cavanaugh
    Brianna Lauren
    Julian de la Croix

    [hl=black]Chapter One: In the Beginning[/hl]

    Darkness engulfed the two figures and the ring of metal roared across the heavens as a great battle raged on. The cries of death reach across the greatest seas and the blood began to pour down onto the world below. A single star shined brighter than any other had come for him and the two beings began to do battle against each other. Yet only one would remain and for a moment they would see each other?s face. Chandler Billings had awoken that morning with the image of a face still in his mind.

    The dreams had been coming more often than in the past and Michael had found himself being drawn to the big apple. He did not know why but the answer would soon come to him. In his mind the face was a kind one and though he felt that he had loved this man in some form or another he had no idea why they had fought.

    With no car or mode of transportation Chandler had found himself at the mercy of the divine host and others. Sticking his thumb out into the air Chandler hoped this next car would be willing to help. His sword hidden from view Chandler found it a bit more difficult to move. Slowly the car came closer and began to pull to the side of the road. The man in the seat was an old farmer and the truck looked older. ?Where are you headed boy?? asked the man with a single stick of grass in his mouth.

    Tag: chanbill5390

    Light was the foundation of creation and in the battle that engulfed the heavens it was light that filled the sky. The sounds of rare raged on as the death cries of his brothers soured above the world below. Immortal Blood began to pour down onto the world below and eventually an everlasting fire was created.

    In the distance a single star began to rise up against him and slowly the star began to grow brighter than any other around. The star had come for him, their swords a blazed with angelic flames the two beings began to do battle against each other. Yet only one would remain, the stars sword came down but in that moment he only saw a face. The face was a blur but it had filled his mind.

    Awaking in a stage of freight [color=firebrick]Julian de la Croix [/color] could almost fill his body falling once more. The room around him was still only a blur and like the face in time it would come into view. The day ahead of him would be along one that much was sure. Yet something had changed in the world and he could almost feel like something was coming. Rising from his bed [color=firebrick]Julian[/color] saw that he had received a single message. The light on his machine was blinking red?.It always was blinking red. Choosing to ignore the message [color=firebrick]Julian de la Croix [/color] decided today was the day.

    [b]Tag: BobaMatt [/b]


    The cold wind from the south blew upon [color=purple]Desmen Yur [/color]. It?s touch was like death itself and yet something about it was different. It had taken him nearly a month to reach this so called new world of America. In the distance he could see the statue of Lady Liberty standing tall and a symbol of the freedom so many longed for.

    In his mind the images of death had come and the souls that he had slain seem to almost speak to him. Why had he not died was a question he had often asked himself and for [color=purple]Desmen Yur [/color] today >
  10. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Julian de la Croix, Manhattan

    "What's wrong, Jules?" said the Ravishing Redhead. That's what he'd been calling her since the night before, both because he liked alliteration and because he couldn't remember the woman's name. He turned to look at her. She was a beautiful woman, even bleary-eyed as she was, with her hair tousled by sleep and the prior night's activities. Julian scanned the floor, briefly. Where were her clothes?

    No matter. She didn't need them. "Nothing," he said, "Bad dream."

    "Aw, poor baby," the Redhead said. "Wanna talk about it?"

    "No." She was already infuriating, and he'd only been awake for a minute. He stood quickly, unashamed of his nudity - and why should he be? - and poured himself a cup of coffee. He turned and took in the Redhead (Danica? Danielle? Daniela?), savoring the sight of her eyes taking in every inch of his body. It was too easy, really. Frankly, Julian wondered why other men found women so vexing. There was something in her eyes besides lust, though. Was it...pity?

    "Was it about your parents?" she said.


    "Your nightmare."

    Ah. So simple, this one's mind. He decided to play along, to see where it went. "Yes," he said, in his most somber tone, "My parents...I think about them...I still...remember them..."

    The Redhead leapt up from the bed, covered in the topsheet - what reason did a woman like that have to be modest? - and embraced him. "You're so've accomplished so much since...I mean, it was a tragedy..."

    Julian rolled his eyes, but returned the hug. He didn't need or want anybody's pity. Nonetheless, it helped to play the part of the stoic.

    "What's wrong with your shoulders?"

    Julian reached back to feel her hands on his back. Two bumps had appeared over night between his shoulder blades, one on each side of his spine. They were sore.

    "They're nothing, probably. Could just be stress, you know, knots."

    He kissed her head and turned her away. She returned to the bed and sat on the edge. Julian took a deep swig of coffee, fighting through the pain as it burned down his throat.

    "You've got a message," the Redhead said.

    "I know." Jules was putting on a pair of boxers.

    "Where are you going?" The Redhead asked, a twinge of worry in her voice.




    "What could you possibly need to read that bad?"

    "Milton. Here," he tossed a few bills from his wallet on his shelf, "Cab fare."

    And he left.

    TAG: Everyone
  11. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: apologies for late entry

    GM approved!

    Character Sheet
    Name: John Renning
    Nickname: Flare
    Sex: Male
    Race: Malikian/Angel
    Birthplace: Southern Illinois countryside.
    Age: 27
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brilliant blue, seem to have a glow about them.
    Build: Medium, not overbuilt, but no weakling either.
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight 174
    Clothing: Has a red sash tied around his head, wears usually loose Khaki pants and a red shirt.
    Other: Has a small tatoo of a flame on his upper left arm.
    Items/ Weapons: A masterly crafted sword, it seems to give off a white glow.
    -Fire: 3
    -Flight: 2
    -Fearful/Calming Presence: 4
    -Resources: 1
    -Deaf: 2(left ear)
    Bio: John Renning was borne in southern Illinois, but his true birth didn't take place untill later. Up to that point John had gone to the local schools like the rest, had been one of the main players on the local basketball team and overall had had a decent life. Until he turned fifteen that is. The party had long ended and he had gone to bed only to wake barely an hour later at the sound of weather sirens.

    A storm had formed literally out of nowhere, and he heard his parents screaming for him to get up and into the basement. The television in the living room was turned up so loud he could hear it up here, it was on the local news station, who was giving live coverage. The first bit Renning caught was about how suddeen the storm had hit and the shear number of tornadoes forming. As he ran down into it his parents were getting his younger siblings to get up and it was then the beast of a storm bore down on them. The last thing he heard before blacking out was the insane noise of the storm itself and a loud poping pain as his left eardrum broke open under the pressure.

    His pain was silenced as piece of debris was hurtled down the still open basement door and slammed into John's head, causing him to black out. It was during his dream that he had during that blackout that he learned what he was and why this had happened. When he awoke he was furious and then saddened greatly when he found his family dead. He found himself walking aimlessly, a part of him wishing he had died with his family, the other mad at himself for bringing this down on his family and likely many friends as well.

    He later found he had been presumed dead, not that it mattered to him, for the next few years he felt like not being able to live normally was a punishment to him. As years passed he slowly began to forgive himself, as well as learning the abilities he had. When he found his afinity with flame he started going by the nickname Flare. To this day though he remains deaf in the left ear from the storm.
  12. CryoDragoon

    CryoDragoon Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    IC: Alexander Cavanaugh, aboard a cruise ship en route to New York City


    The hell itself had poured itself down upon him. Strapped inside a chair, trapped inside a wall of steel with one single door, magma came streaming down, setting the scene ablaze, as if the odourless air was gasoline vapour. Alexander tried to move, but the straps were too tight. He tried to scream, but the hot air climbed up his nostrils and scorched his lungs from the inside. The air itself exploded, melting his skin away The blackened, charcoal-turned tissue cracked as blood streamed out. And then he died?

    There was a thud. Not unlike the falling sensation one has sometimes when falling asleep. But this time, the jerk was welcome. Alexander?s heart pounded away in his chest, and he gasped for air ? it was fresh. he felt a fluid trickle down his nose ? but it wasn?t blood. He sat up carefully, inspecting himself. Sweat was everywhere.

    ?What on earth ? ? He muttered as he looked around the room, totally flabbergasted by the bad dream he just had. The adrenalin had started to fade away.

    He looked outside the window, a great harbour extending to the far horizon before him. Yes, he was on his way to New York, the capital of the world. He?d hopefully find some support to his cause there. He grabbed his cane and tried to stand up when suddenly his door opened ?

    ?Now Mr. Cavanaugh we wouldn?t want you to hurt yourself now wouldn?t we.?

    It was Brianna? ?My? How overly protective of you? I may be weak but I?m not that weak??

    He stood up and started to walk towards his friend. Slowly but surely. Feet by feet by feet. How ironic? He saw her looking at him worrisome, and realised that he was still covered in sweat, too much for his body to produce, and that it had totally drenched his nightwear. He laughed.

    ?Makes you wonder where it all came from, ey? Don?t worry, though? ?t was just a bad dream.?

    He walked on, going for the showers. Hoping she wouldn?t ask for details.

    ?We should be getting ready to dock with in the next two hours and everything is already set out for you, sir.?

    ?Of course? I?ll be done by then.?

    He closed the doors of the bathroom behind him, hung his cane on the doorknob, and grasped the wood beneath the sinks. It could support his weight. Painfully slowly he undressed himself, and lowered himself in the bath using the specially-crafted handles. He screwed open the temperature-set water tap and hot water began to pour out. His body tensed, remembering, in fear, his dream, but relaxed a bit later as his brain switched on again. He would have to look into this more at a later time.

    Two hours later, he walked up to the deck of his ship, Brianna beside him, supporting his sickly frame, now wrapped in expensive designers clothes. He stepped up onto the harbour?s mooring plank, and stood in awe of the city before him.

    ?So? Where exactly were we expected??

    The big apple extended before him. Buildings everywhere.

    This was a Labyrinth.

    And it would be high time to get some order in this chaos?

    TAG: GM, the rest
  13. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Chandler Michael Billings

    "Just to the Big Apple for fame and fortune." Chandler joked with a small chuckle. "Naw, I'm heading to New York City to visit a friend of mine, he lives a few miles outside Staten Island. Could you give me a ride?" he asked hoping that the old farmer would be able to comply. He looked around at the sky around him. "Looks like there's a storm coming." he said in a low voice as he observed the dark clouds forming on the horizon. He then snapped back to waiting for the farmer's response.

    TAG: Farmer (GM)
  14. Tog

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Desmen Yur

    This "New World" felt bitter and cold, there seemed like none of America's promises were true. Desmen stood on the ship looking at the Lady of Liberty in the distance.

    [/b]?This America is filled with such wonders and like the rest of the world it?s filled with so much life. Tell me my dear fellow what do you see when you look upon her face? Do you see love? Do you see Justice or do you see hate??

    The African Boy looked up at the man to his side and tilted his head, "What love is in that face, she lies to people that come to this miserable hell... and there is no Justice in this world," Desmen said to the man."As for hate... it is all I see..." The African said as he looked back out across the sea to the Statue and he giggled. "I believe this land will be fun indeed..."

    Tag: All and Any
  15. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Hey guys! I don't want to crowd the place with OOC posts that aren't CS's, but I just wanted to let you all know that I actually live in NYC, so if any of you guys need any input on details/etc, feel free to PM me for anything.
  16. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    OOC: I will do an update by Wednessday....
  17. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Sorry for the double post, but things are moving a little slow here...

    IC: Julian DelaCroix, The New York Public Library, 42nd and 5th

    Evil be my good.

    Fascinating and terrifying. Julian had read through the Bible, Muslim and Jewish texts, the writings of mystics and Satanists, and now...John Milton's Paradise Lost. Pieces fell into place around him, although it was still all a bit much to take in. All that drove him forward was a bizarre certainty about his true identity. He read stanza after stanza of Milton, well into the evening. When he noticed how dark it was getting, Julian walked at a clip to the front of the library, borrowed the book, and proceeded home. He read on the subway, he read in the elevator, and he read as he walked down the hallway to his apartment. He poured himself another cup of coffee without removing his eyes from the page, taking in every detail of Lucifer's rebellion, vague flashes of memory pulsing through his brain, Yes, that's right, or No...that's not how it happened... and he again savored the feeling of the coffee searing his throat.

    The redhead was gone, but the message light on his phone was still flashing. Deciding that he ought to check what was going on, he pressed Play.

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  18. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    OOC: Sorry for the late post...

    New York
    As the message machine began to play the missed message Julian felt a tingle thoughout his whole body as a raspy voice came over the speaker. "Mr. DelaCroix it is important that you learn the truth meet me at midnight atop the highest point in this...New York." A moment later the machine caught fire and for a split second memories flooded back to Julian the face of his brother...

    [color=purple]The young man had started to giggle as he spoke "I believe this land will be fun indeed..." [/color] silence remained for the next few minutes as the men aboard the vessel began to moar it into place. Soon they would be allowed to disembark but their was a few things that needed to be done first. If they examined the lower decks the bodies of three men would be found murdered.

    With the ship moared and members of the cruise slowly leaving [color=blue]Alexander [/color] began to wonder if lady luck would hold out just a bit longer. If she did then the bodies wouldn't be found until after everyone had left or at lest make it more difficult to discover what had happened aboard. "Well young man, my name is Alexander and I hope you enjoy your time in america. I know I will." Smile Alexander as he turned to the top of the vessel and then he saw the wealthy owner of the ship.

    Alexander Cavanaugh "Oh lookie here we have the honor of meeting [color=seagreen]Alexander Cavanaugh [/color] the owner of nearly a fourth of the worlds trade companies. At the rate he's moving at you would swear he wanted to rule the world." At this Alexander chuckled but even from this distance he knew he had spoken the truth because like himself and the man next to him Alexander had something special about himself.....glowing eyes.


    [color=skyblue]Out Side New York

    "Well young man you might want to get in the truck before the storm hits we should be in New York before the sun reaches midday." The man smiled as he moved afew things off the seat next to him. One of the things was a bible. "So tell me you religous?" Over the course of the next few hours the man would only say a few things to Chandler he was a friendly man and very religous. In fact at one time he had been a minister but that had been another life for him.

    Entering the city the maze of what it was stood before Chandler and the man was kind enough to even give him a few dollars to get a bite to eat. One thing was sure Chandler could already feel the darkness entering the city. Soon the storm would hit and nothing would be safe, looking all around himself the images of two figures kelpt emerging. A man named Alexander who was amoung the wealthiest in the world and a man named Julian who seemed to be the eye to this apple.[/color]


    New York Airport
    Exiting from his plane [color=chocolate]John Renning[/color] had spent the last few hours sitting next to a young child. It was one of the few moments that he had been relieved he didn't have all his hearing. The airport was filled with people of all kinds and seemed to never stop. He did not know what had made him come to this city only that he was suppose to be here.

    A flash of memory came to him as he recalled the terrible storm that had changed his life forever and looking at the local newspaper he saw a figure that seemed familler....yet he never met the man he would swear the two of them had once been connected in some way. The Image was of a man named Julian and the fact that the people had loved him so was easy to see why. Physically he seemed near perfect in everyway and then there was the fact that the man seemed to truely wish to enlighten the people but at the same time their was something wrong about him....

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  19. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: John Renning

    John looked down at the newspapr, experiancing a flash of that cruel memory that shattered his previously normal life, he shoved it aside. He felt like he recognized this man somehow. He did not linger on it though, he made his way to get what little baggage he had and leave the airport to find a place to eat, airport food was expensive to say the least and he did not have much in the way of funds.

    For a moment he though of flying but knocked the idea aside the moment it came up, someone would easily see him so for now he waited to try and catch a cab. Something had drawn him here, he just did not know what.

  20. CryoDragoon

    CryoDragoon Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    IC: Alexander Cavanaugh, New York docks

    Alexander walked down from the ship, carefully checking his feet as to not step or glide over something, or fall down the white stairs leading up to the top of the ship. He had almost reached the bottom when he heard a

    "Well young man, my name is Alexander and I hope you enjoy your time in america. I know I will."

    Heh? Another Alexander? Oh well? It?s a small world after all?

    Alexander slowly walked onto the mooring platform. The man, Alexander apparently, greeted him with a hugely happy face and an almost suspiciously happy tone of voice. It almost sounded ironic to Alex, and his typical chuckle didn?t help to disperse the unease he felt. Alex kept his cool.

    "Oh lookie here we have the honor of meeting Alexander Cavanaugh the owner of nearly a fourth of the worlds trade companies. At the rate he's moving at you would swear he wanted to rule the world."

    ?Oh, I?ve heard that one before, my friend? And yes, I am, in fact, trying to take over the world. See this boat here? That?s nuclear, man? I could blow up the whole city of New York if I wanted.?

    He smirked. Of course he exaggerated, but oh well?

    ?Juuust kiddin'... So: who are you? And, more importantly: what do you want? I?m a very busy man? owning nearly a fourth of the world?s trade companies.?

    He tried to smile as friendly as he could.

    ?Administration?s a Hell, you know.?

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  21. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Julian de la Croix, Upper East Side

    It was another of those swirling sensations of certainty that told Julian he wasn't being entirely crazy. Of course, the fact that his answering machine caught fire at the end of the message was enough to convince anyone that something funny was going on.

    Still, he wished the crazy person on the other end of the line had been more specific.

    Julian assumed that the guy didn't mean New York state, so that confined it to the city. He knew that the highest point in the city-proper - Manhattan, that is - was way the hell up in Washington Heights. The highest point in the whole city, though...a quick Google search showed Julian that that was in Staten Island. Staten...effing...Island. Todt Hill.

    Julian rolled his eyes, rubbed them hard with his thumb and forefinger. He checked his watch. It was still kind of early, he wouldn't have to leave for some time. Still, decided to start taking care of things now. He flipped open his phone and called his assistant.

    "Yeah, Jeff, hi, look, I need two guys to watch my back, tonight. I'm going to Staten Island. Yes, I know nobody goes to Staten Island, Jeff, I just need you to work with me and stop asking questions, okay? I'm meeting someone on...Todt Hill. Yeah, it's a forest. I know. That's why I need guys to watch my ass, right? Good, now you're thinking, eh? I need you to send some people up that park in Washington Heights, you know, the one that's the highest point in Manhattan? No, I obviously don't know the name right now, but you've got the Internet, right? Send some guys there, and tell them to call you if they see anything funky. Then you call me. Okay? Stop asking questions. Bye."


    Now it was time to figure out what to wear.

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  22. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Chandler Billings/Kevin O'Donnell(For posting purposes)

    "I am religious and at the same time I'm not, I guess I've become a bit disillusioned by things lately, all of the disasters that I've been hearing in the news and such. That and I really haven't been to a church since my parents split up. But I still thing God is out there, watching things, probably trying to figure out whats going on at this moment, trying to find out how best to deal with things." Chandler said to the farmer.

    The rest of the ride into the city was quite, no doubt because of the borderline blasphemy that Chandler had said.

    Entering the city the maze of what it was stood before Chandler and the man was kind enough to even give him a few dollars to get a bite to eat. One thing was sure Chandler could already feel the darkness entering the city. Soon the storm would hit and nothing would be safe, looking all around himself the images of two figures kelpt emerging. A man named Alexander who was amoung the wealthiest in the world and a man named Julian who seemed to be the eye to this apple.

    Chandler then walked by a newsstand and bought a newspaper. One of the headlines "Alexander Cavanaugh Visits New York".

    "Well that's one guy that will probably be easier to find, but this Julian de la Croix seems to be a better choice." Chandler said, he then folded the newspaper and went over to a phone booth and flipped through the phonebook. "de la Croix, where are y...ah hah!" Chandler said as he found the address of the second mystery person. "Well, either they'll sense me, I'll sense them, or we'll just randomly bump into each other." Chandler said, he then approached a hot dog vender. "One with ketchup and relish please." hesaid handing over the money to pay for it, he then took the hotdog and ate it, he then wlaked to the nearest taxi. "Staten Island please." he told the cab driver. He then paid the man afterward and got out. He then kept walking until he reached his friends house. He knocked on the door and his friend opened it just as the rain started pouring down.

    "Nice timing on that Kev." Chandler said. He then walked in and sat down in the living room.

    "So, what's with the surprise visit?" Kevin said as he took a seat across from Chandler.

    "Well I happened to have the week off so I decided to come and visit, that a problem?" Chandler said.

    "Nah, just wondering." Kevin said. "You can take the spare bedroom, I'll make up the bed for you." he added he then left.

    Chandler then got up and went to the window, the wind had picked up and the rain was hammering the window panes, he could see lightning in the distance. 'This is going to be quite interesting. Wonder if these guys I'm supposed to find will think I'm crazy, or try to kill me, not that that will work quite so easy.' Chandler thought. He then went back to his seat and began to fall asleep, e had walked quite a distance before he was picked up by that farmer, he was exhausted.

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    Aug 19, 2002
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