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Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by falcon-prime, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Come one come all!

    The July meeting is going to be held this Sunday... July 13 at 3 PM.

    The meeting will be held at Willow Park! Here is the Map that Lori posted in the saber threads as to the location.


    Bring your own food if you want to eat.

    Topics of discusion...
    Post Relay information.
    Nominations of officers.
    Club updates.
    Members awards.
    New Location for meetings
    And a bit more....

    Thanks everyone!
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    The image formatting is different on these boards, Phil. ;)

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    Meeting Minutes:

    Relay - Success! We raised a bunch of money! Thanks to all of those involved.
    If you have any constructive-criticism, or ideas for next year's Relay, make your voice heard!

    Relay Choreo - Since the lighting was... bad, we're going to re-tape the choreo routines from Relay. Theres a thread on this, check it out if you were involved.

    Saber Class - New waivers will be coming out soon. So be on the lookout for those.

    Social events - After the summer movie season, we need some stuff to do for social events. Any ideas? Post 'em!

    Meeting Location - More news on this later, but we are still looking for possible meeting locations. So if you have any bright ideas, give them!

    August Meeting - Location is still up in the air. It will be OCSWS' 6th Anniversary so we can make it something special. Maybe beach? park?

    Comic-Con - Picture will be Sunday sometime. If the info is not posted by then, check at the Fan Force table, on the Mezzanine level.
    It was voted to use club funds to get some nifty flyers made to hand out at the Fan Force table (and if they're not all used, we have flyers for other events.)

    Now for the big one...

    2009 Officer Nominations

    August is the month for electing the new officers for next year. We have between today, and that meeting to nominate people.

    All of the details are in the Nomination thread

    Trivia Quiz:
    Matt provided a hard quiz. Phil and James tied with 4 points. Phil got the prize, and James will hook us up with a quiz next month.

    Liz (LizardJedi), Val (TheCrowbar), James (crazybirdman), Don (zhi-don), Lu (Myst Windu), Shawn (Shades), Lori (Jedi Loreen), Matt (mdtillard), Phil (falcon), Mark (Darth Carcinus), Chris (Dog_Gumbo), Carrie (CarrieAsLeia), Jim (MandalorFett), Darrin (DKF Vader), Shawn (srbjediknight), Joelle (Madchengeist), Ckatt (Ckatt), Lianne (Liannikan Skywalker), Jen (Jedi-Jeanne), Justin (StarWarsFanatic), Chris (PacMan), Carole (Arkady) [yeah I saw you sneak in there]
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    President: Phil
    Vice President: James
    Treasurer: Don
    Secretary: Lori
    Sergeant at Arms: James, Joe (Grif)
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