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Lone Jedi (pre-Ep I, JP, action, adv, humor. OC+Jedi Council, Obi, Qui & Sith!) COMPLETE!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Darth_Ofidis, Sep 9, 2002.

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  1. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    So, here's the start of my 3rd fic. This one features my own character Jedi Master Lonith Sard with guest appearences from all your favourite Jedi (and one or two you love to hate). I hope you enjoy! :)


    Lone Jedi

    By Simon Gillen

    Jedi Master Lonith Sard smiled as he swept his saber around his body in a graceful circle. The sky was stunning as it set on Coruscant?s horizon, lighting the buildings in oranges, pinks and greens as it moved lazily down. His movements were smooth and effortless, despite the age of his bones and a persistant creek in his left knee. It was times like this that he felt truly at peace, one with the Force.

    ZAK! ?OW!? Justin jumped as he zapped himself with his safety blade. Lonith?s smile broadened, ?Be mindful of your movements, young one.?

    ?Yes, Master.? Justin replied sullenly as he continued the simple kata.


    ?Mora, watch your hands, you mustn?t hold your saber by the blade.? Lonith gently instructed another of his diminutive students as he passed through the fast parry four position.

    ?Yes, Master.?


    ?Mind your leg, Kuldoon.?

    ?Yes, Master.?


    ?Pick it up, Oomgec.?

    ?Yes, Master.?

    Lonith didn?t even have to open his eyes to admonish each student as they tripped over themselves, fumbling their strokes. He was glad to have this time with them, in the short year he had taken them they had already improved. Finally, they came to rest. Lonith turned and brought his saber up in salute, the students returned it before shutting off the safety blades.

    The Jedi Master looked at them all with pride. ?Very well done, young ones. You are all growing stronger in the Force, soon Master Yoda will be taking you for deflection training. Practice hard.?

    ?Yes, Master.? They all bowed in unison before moving off to one side where cool water had been laid out for them all. Lonith had to restrain from giggling as he approached Justin, the oldest member of the class. Several of his classmates could not stifle their mirth, however, and were rolling around on the ground. Justin was looking at them strangely. ?What?? he asked.

    Lonith put his hand on Justin?s shoulder. ?You?ve winged your hair again, Justin, it?s smoking a bit.?

    ?GAH!? Justin clutched at the blackened ends of his golden hair. The other students were holding their breath so as not to laugh. Master Sard just guided the distressed initiate inside. The other children waited until they were both well out of earshot before they all burst out laughing, the smoke from Justin?s head still hung sulkily in the air.


    Lonith halted in mid stride as a familiar figure stalked out of the turbolift, followed closely by a young padawan. Lonith grinned at the dark look on the figure?s face and pulled Justin to a halt. ?Bad news from the council, Master Qui-Gon?? Lonith inquired as the two approached.

    Qui-Gon Jinn came to a sudden halt, almost about to pass the old Master. His slight scowl was replaced by a genuine smile, ?Ah, greetings Master Lonith. Yes, you might say that, my padawan and I have just been sent off again on another mission.?

    Lonith squinted in annoyance, ?Yes, these are troubled times, my friend. Even I cannot remember a busier time for the Jedi Knights, more and more of the order are being committed to quests, even some of the council members have been forced to take up a few.?

    Qui-Gon nodded, ?I understand, but I?m afraid that my padawan and I aren?t rested enough from our last assignment, it?s hardly been a day since we returned.?

    Lonith?s gaze turned to Qui-Gon?s student, who was scuffing his feet impatiently, and smiled. ?Greetings, Obi-Wan, how have you been??

    ?Well, Master Lonith.? Obi-Wan replied.

    ?Very good, I hope your Master?s trained you to watch your saber around water.? Lonith said sternly. Obi-Wan?s face managed to turn bright red.

    Qui-Gon rolled his eyes, ?Unfortunately, he hasn?t seemed to grasp the concept, Master.?

    Lonith chuckled, ?I?ll always remember that day you dropped your safety blade
  2. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    An amusing start, with a hint of darkness to come! This takes place -before- Episode I? Then Obi-Wan must have had other 'water trouble' with his lightsaber before the infamous swamp scene. :D I liked the way that Obi-Wan pointed out that Justin's hair was smoking, only to have Lonith remind him of the time that he tried to make toast with his practice saber! And it's true that a little discipline goes a long way. Good beginning; I'll be on the lookout for more.
  3. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Oops, I meant to make the timeframe clear. This story happens about 1 or 2 years before Ep I.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jane Jinn, this one won't be quite as dark as the last two, but I can promise action and suspense all the way (that is, if everything goes to plan).

    If I remember the water scene correctly, Qui-Gon said something like 'don't forget again'. The 'again' sort of implies that he has had some trouble with water in the past. :)
  4. jedi-jaya

    jedi-jaya Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 1, 2002
    [face_laugh] Wonderful Darth! Humour with a little hinting at dark things to come. I'll be waiting for the next post.
  5. Masterpool

    Masterpool Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 11, 2002
    The image of Ian Mckellan and Liam Neeson talking together is just awesome! The dialogue that you are providing for them does them proper justice. Qui-Gon seems like Qui-Gon but it's a nice twist to see a mentor figure to him.

    I have a feeling that this will be your best fic yet!!!

    How can you finish one fic than take up two more right after?!? Whoah.

    Looking forward to the next post...
  6. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    I have a confession to make: I'm not doing both at once. I thought I'd take a break from Beholder and Lana and do this one, I wouldn't want the characters or my writing style to get stale. ;)
  7. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    I promised some action didn't I? ;)


    Lonith watched Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan take the centre of the arena as the small, blue, Ortoloans drifted into the Master?s Box in hoverchairs, their own stubby feet unable to keep up with the long-legged beings that accompanied them. The entire Council had turned out for this spectacle, along with Chancellor Valorum. The Jedi Master felt troubled a moment when he noticed that the Chancellor?s Blue Guard were nowhere in sight but shrugged. He was surrounded by the 12 greatest Jedi of the order, what could he possibly have to fear? Lonith was still troubled, however. It was thinking like that that got people killed.

    ?This is so wizard, Master.? Justin commented breathlessly.

    Lonith grinned, ?Now, now, young one. Combat, even ritual combat, is not to be taken lightly. Jedi have been known to die performing a Kai-Kan.?

    Justin rolled his eyes, ?Yes, Master.?

    Lonith looked at the audience around him. Though a few of the young initiates had turned out for the performance, most of the crowd were made up of political figures from the member planets. So, the Jedi have been dragged whole into the political arena, Lonith mused. Valorum is making a bold move, is this some form of intimidation?

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan shed their cloaks, folding them neatly and placing them to one side. They turned to the Master?s Box and bowed before facing each other, igniting their sabers. After a quick salute, they dropped into their pre-determined ready stances. Lonith immediately recognized the battle as Master Uther versus Darth Zhor, certainly a striking performance, both historical figures had been master duelists of their time.

    Justin gasped as Obi-Wan, playing the part of Darth Zhor, leapt over Qui-Gon, slashing downward only to be blocked by a simple drop stance parry one move. Lonith counted out the strokes in his head: Attack four/drop stance parry four, attack three/parry three, bladelock?

    Both opponents pushed against each other to force the enemy backward. With a sudden burst of strength, Obi-Wan thrust Qui-Gon away, tripping him with his foot. The Master rolled with the blow as Obi-Wan followed, cutting the floor where his opponent had been with several viscous swipes. Attack five, attack 4, attack five?

    Though his student jumped in his seat with every thrust, parry and swipe, Lonith found himself getting bored. There are only so many times that you can watch the same fight being performed before becoming blasé about the outcome. Even more so after ten centuries of development had rendered the lessons learned from such obsolete. A form VII master would have finished the fight by now, yet Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were forced to sweat under the harsh lights for some politicians personal amusement.

    Lonith scoffed as his eyes wandered around the hall. The Jedi were not some political football, why in my day? Lonith stopped, looking past the cheering crowd to a strange figure. He wore a grey robe, typical of political aides and accountants the universe over. A serious expression was plastered across his face, like his features were made of wax. He did not cheer or jump with the ebb and flow of the fight before him, indeed he barely looked like he was paying any attention to it. At his feet was a dull silver, unmarked, briefcase.

    Lonith ignored the strange man, letting his eyes wander to other parts of the stadium? wait. Another man sat across from Lonith, though his features were different he wore the exact same expression, as well as the same clothes, and a dull silver suitcase sat at his feet. Lonith stood and looked about. There were more? three? six? seven? nine? the Jedi Master had a very bad feeling.

    ?WOW! Master, look!? Justin pointed down at the fighters.

    Qui-Gon had disarmed Obi-Wan, the young Jedi flipped backwards toward his saber, pulling it to his hand with the Force while in mid air. Lonith remembered the sequence, Obi-Wan landed smoothly, aiming a vertical chop straight at Qui-Gon?s head.

    ?JUSTIN! DROP!? Lonith threw himself ove
  8. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Wow, that was certainly action-packed! I like the idea of droids being able to fit into suitcases. I have a feeling that the 'men' who brought them were not men at all, because of their waxen features. Or were they the victims of some kind of mind-control? Good characterization here, having Lonith be bored by something he'd seen too often, and then glancing around the arena in time to notice nine of those cases.

    So, what are the other droids doing? Where's the Chancellor, by the way? Without his guards, he'd be hard-pressed to fight off an attack, or even to avoid getting trampled by the crowd. Though, if the Chancellor is the focus of the attack, then why are the upper floors of the Temple under fire? Perhaps he's not the intended victim after all.

    Hmmm! :D
  9. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Life has intruded on me once again, I was hoping to have both this and the next part done at the same time, my apologies.

    Jedi Master Adi Gallia rushed into the light, her fellow council member Plo Koon hot on her heels. Explosions and heavy blaster fire rocked the landing pad, large droids hovering above pouring fire down into the Temple. Master Koon nudged Adi?s shoulder, pointing off to one side. A large shuttle hurtled off towards the Senate building in the distance. ?That will be the Chancellor and the delegates, come on, we must hurry!?

    Master Koon ran after his swift companion as she sprinted towards an empty, undamaged, Jedi Carrier, a relatively small assault craft built to the exacting specifications of the Council. Adi hopped up into the cockpit while Plo jumped into the rear compartment. She gunned the engine, speeding up into the air and towards the heaviest fighting.


    Jedi Knight Kel Dorin blocked another massive bolt as the hovering robots closed in. Their arms were massive cannon that raked the Temple roof with scorching fire. The young initiates huddled behind him as he tried to get them under cover. On his left and right, scores of Knights and Masters battled frantically with the army of shielded droids. Chips of metal rained down on them all, kicked up by the enemy?s blasts.

    One of the soldier droids took another bead on him, he steadied himself as the burst of fire exploded fourth, spinning his blade to counter each. Many of the blasts were more dangerous to the children behind him, Dorin rocked on his heal as his saber was battered by the salvo. The children whimpered slightly as he was forced backward.

    A blue torpedo smashed upward through the robot?s shield, shattering it into smoking debris. The whine of antigravity engines roared to a fever pitch as a Jedi Carrier crested above the railing. Master Koon somersaulted out of the ship, landing deftly in front of the young Knight as Master Gallia swooped away in persuit of more targets. ?Master Koon,? Dorin bowed hastily, ?These initiates got caught in the crossfire, where can we take them??

    Master Koon considered a moment, then pointed over to a nearby door.

    ?Up there? But Master?? Plo interrupted Dorin?s speech with a single gesture, then pointed insistently back at the small door. Koon silently thanked the Force that his respirator concealed his wide grin.


    Lonith pulled the assassin droid away from Qui-Gon, hurling it over his head and back down the corridor to explode against a wall far away. Master Yoda followed a similar tactic, shoving another droid into an empty storeroom and slamming the door closed behind it. A muffled WOMPH and a little smoke was the last they saw of it.

    Obi-Wan charged down the corridor to come at the last droid from behind while his Master distracted it from the front.

    ?Obi-Wan!? Lonith yelled after the impetuous student but the young padawan was too focused to listen.

    Kenobi scraped his blade across the assassin droid?s shield repeatedly, unable to cut through it.

    Yoda shook his head, ?Why are the young padawans always so reckless??

    Lonith reached out with his hand, ?Will you take the other side, Master??

    Yoda nodded and added his force power to Master Lonith?s.

    The robots arms creaked as they were pulled out wide by the Force. Metal groaned, durasteel plates buckled and tore before the droid snapped in half, pieces flying in all directions. Qui-Gon shielded his face as he leapt forward. One swing of his blade slashed the timer on the robot?s self destruct device.

    Yoda stalked up to Obi-Wan. ?Think you of that which you are doing, hmmm??

    Obi-Wan looked down at the Master in confusion, ?But I was helping Master Qui-Gon??

    ?Hmph!? Yoda grumbled, ?And help at all, did you??

    ?I thought I could??

    ?Enough, young padawan,? Qui-gon interrupted, ?If you hadn?t rushed in, couldn?t I, Master Yoda or Master Lonith have dealt with the last assassin more effectively??

    Obi-Wan looked down the corridor at the smoking wreckage then back a
  10. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Well, at the least the Chancellor is safe, but, oh, what a price to pay! It almost sounds as though the perpetrator wanted to weaken the Jedi instead; killing knights and blowing up their ships.

    Interesting, the way that the droids were impervious to lightsabers and had to be put out of action with the use of the Force. So, the Jedi got one and managed to keep it from self-destructing? Good! I liked the way that Obi-Wan still had lessons to learn about not being so impetuous.

    Sounds like the children are safe for now, but where does that door lead to?
  11. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Just an UP!

    I should have more for you all later tonight.
  12. jedi-jaya

    jedi-jaya Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 1, 2002
    Yea, more! And it certainly was action packed! :D

  13. Masterpool

    Masterpool Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 11, 2002
    I like how Lonith Sard is giving pointers to Yoda!! When you're good, you're good.

    Obi-Wan was handled well in these installments.

    Is Kel Dorin going to make more appearances?

    Great job
  14. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    I can't believe that I've written all this and I'm just at the beginning!

    Lonith quickly inspected his lightsaber as the floors of the Jedi Temple swished past. 203? 204? 205? almost there.

    ?Calm you must be, Master Lonith.? Yoda looked up at his old student with a slightly amused expression.

    Lonith smiled, ?I?m sorry, Master, but the children play constantly on my mind.?

    ?A teacher?s duty to his students is above all, but not to blame you are for their predicament.? Yoda instructed, ?Still have the visions do you??

    Lonith nodded.

    ?Always in motion is the Future, events are never set in place.? Yoda reassured Lonith.

    Obi-Wan leant over towards his Master, ?What are they talking about, Master?? He whispered.

    ?Quiet, Obi-Wan, if they wish you to know, they?ll tell you.? Qui-Gon answered.

    Obi-Wan stood up straight, holding his hands behind his back, breathing out slowly, trying to calm down as the turbolift seemed to crawl upwards.


    Justin clutched at the bruise on his arm as he stumbled back down the empty corridors. He hadn?t been able to find a Knight anywhere on this level. He stopped when he turned back down the corridor that led to the arena and stopped. The hallway was full of debris, one of the killer robots lay in pieces nearby. Suddenly, a dark skinned Jedi skidded into the hall from a side passage, his purple saber activated. A mob of Knights followed him. Justin recognized the famous Master immediately.

    ?Master Windu!? Justin staggered forward.

    The Jedi Master ran over to the injured boy, ?Are you hurt, initiate??

    Justin took his hand away from his shoulder, ?It?s just a bad bruise, Master, I got caught in the crowd when Master Lonith told me to get help, but I couldn?t find anyone.? The young initiate was close to tears.

    ?I would have been surprised if you did, all the Jedi Knights were called to the upper levels.? Master Windu considered a moment. ?Did you witness what happened in the arena??

    Justin nodded. ?The beginning, Master.?

    ?Then come with us, you can catch the turbolift to the council chambers, I?m sure we?d like to hear your testimony.?


    All four Jedi jumped from the turbolift as the doors slid open, lighting their sabers. A hundred Jedi surrounded the temple roof, hard pressed to deflect the bolts or their attackers. Only a single carrier buzzed the enemy?s line. Lonith noticed that these droids were of similar design to the assassin droids that had attacked below, except they were much heavily armored and equipped. Their configuration was obviously not meant for concealment, these were soldier droids. More than two hundred of the mechanical menaces lay siege to the temple from the air.

    Yoda pointed to where the Jedi line was failing, ?Master Qui-Gon, over there take your padawan.?

    Qui-Gon nodded running to join the battle. Obi-Wan followed closely behind.

    ?Master Lonith, stay here you must.? Yoda pre-empted his fellow as Lonith looked desperately around for the children. He then pulled his commlink from his belt. ?Master Windu??

    ?I?m here, Master Yoda.? Windu?s voice answered.

    ?Where are you??

    ?Coming up the turbolifts, I have twenty three Knights with me.?

    ?The others??

    ?Master Tiin is salvaging as many interceptors as he can, they should be in the air as soon as the hanger door is clear, what is your situation??

    ?Airborne, the enemy is. Shielded also, robots of sophisticated design.?

    ?I?ll be there to re-enforce in a minute.?

    Yoda put the communicator away as the channel was cut. Master Lonith looked up at the floating droids, ?What do you think of them, Master??

    ?Hmmmm? dangerous, but not invincible. Uncoordinated they seem.? Yoda answered.

    ?I suggest teamwork, groups of three. Their weak spot is the shield generator veins on their back.?

    Yoda nodded and closed his eyes, reaching out to the gathered Jedi with his mind. ?Masters, disable the droid?s shield generators, Knights attack all venerable targets.?

    Suddenly, the Jedi line shifted, each Knight instinctively
  15. Masterpool

    Masterpool Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 11, 2002
    Nice. I like how the various members of the Council were involved in the battle using their different talents.

    The White Knight squadron is a clever idea.

    Can't wait for the speculation on who was behind this to begin.

  16. Cam_Mulonus

    Cam_Mulonus Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 29, 2002
    Another excellent story, Ofidus. I look foward to seeing more.
  17. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Well, of course Jedi have a sense of humour! Yoda especially. I'll bet he's had eight hundred years of initiates imitating his speech and manners, so he'd have to have one.

    Yes, I found that good as well, the way that each Jedi had specific skills that were put to work in the most effective manner. And I loved how Mace commented on how he'd missed the party. :)

    I've just realised that this is before Lonith takes Justin as his padawan. It seems that this young initiate has made a good showing of himself to-day, and that should weigh in his favour. :D
  18. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Thank you all! :)

    I'm half way through the next post, it's a longish one, I'll have to wack it up tomorrow... must sleep, the evil enemy Darth Bed is calling...
  19. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Once more, I do not get the whole thing done in one post, I hope that this isn't a trend.

    ?MASTER!? Justin ran across the room, throwing himself into Lonith?s leg. A horde of children followed him, crowding around the old Master.

    ?It?s alright, it?s alright, my pupils, I?m fine?? Lonith knelt down to face his class. ?Justin, what happened to your arm??

    Justin grabbed his bandaged shoulder, ?When I ran off into the crowd, a man knocked me down??

    Lonith nodded sadly. ?I see? tell me, children, why do you think that man knocked Justin here over??

    The children puzzled at the question a moment before one of them answered, ?Because he wanted to get away??

    Lonith chuckled, ?Yes, most likely, but that is not the REAL reason he knocked Justin down, if he merely wanted to get away couldn?t he have gone around? Why strike down a child??

    ?Because he was afraid!? Justin yelled suddenly.

    Lonith smiled with delight, ?Exactly, well done Justin. This man knocked Justin over because he was afraid, and in his fear he struck down someone who posed no threat to him, indeed, was only trying to get help. I want you to think about what that teaches us about fear, I will expect answers from you tomorrow??

    Obi-Wan sighed as he watched the old Master give a lengthy and impromptu lesson before an important council meeting.

    ?You seem anxious, padawan.? Qui-Gon whispered.

    ?We should be studying the attack on the Temple, Master, not making idle chatter or teaching padawans the finer points of philosophy when they are too young to understand most of it.? Obi-Wan answered, keeping his voice steady and low.

    ?You are right, but maybe we should be spending more time knocking some sense into our bone-headed padawans.?

    Obi-Wan was taken aback by Qui-Gon?s vehemence, ?Master??

    ?It has only been fifteen minutes since the battle ended, it will be a half hour before the results of the tests on the captured droids and the role call must be made before we find out exactly how many Jedi have fallen today. Then, we will be spending all night in discussion of these events and THEN we must decide what to do about them. Curb your impatience, by the end of tonight you will have had your fill of discussion.?

    Obi-Wan breathed in again, ?Yes, Master.? A sudden thought occurred to him, ?Why does Master Lonith teach the initiates??

    Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow, ?Why do you ask??

    ?After seeing him today? his powers and knowledge are close to Master Yoda and Master Windu?s level. It is obvious they respect him, why isn?t he on the Council??

    Qui-Gon smiled, ?He is not on the council because he continually declines the position, even a temporary appointment. His focus is only on teaching the initiates.?

    ?I don?t understand, Master.?

    ?That is because you have yet to teach a padawan. Perhaps, when that lesson comes, you will understand.?

    ?Master Lonith,? Master Windu stepped forward, ?these initiates have been very brave and seen much today, perhaps it is time for their rest??

    ?Yes, of course, I was just about to dismiss them. Now all of you, down stairs and to your beds, except for you, Justin, the Council will need to hear your testimony.? Lonith ordered the initiates, shooing them out of the room.

    Master Windu smiled, ?An excellent class, Lonith.?

    ?Yes, they make me prouder every day?? Master Lonith paused as a new Jedi Master stomped into the room. He was a tall Ithorian Jedi with rough, dark blue/grey hide, wearing over his robes a grease stained apron. Lonith recognised the new arrival as Master Tor, the Temple?s resident technician.

    ?Sorry I?m late,? Tor grumbled in his native language, ?But cleaning up the grease-spots you all left in the arena is keeping me busy, I?ve left the cleaning droids to it, but I had to re-program them to identify the pieces properly.?

    ?Time for subtlety we had not, Master Tor.? Yoda explained as the rest of the Council took their seats. ?Perhaps more you can tell us of the attackers.?

    Master Tor pulled a datachip out of the sleeve of his rob
  20. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    ?You are right, but maybe we should be spending more time knocking some sense into our bone-headed padawans.?

    Bwa, I almost fell out of my seat laughing at that! How right you are, Qui-Gon! Here I was, enjoying Lonith's lesson and wondering that he had the presence of mind to instruct the initiates after such a harrowing experience, and admiring what a good job he was doing, giving the lesson at their level and not talking over their heads, and Obi-Wan starts complaining about it! I felt like whacking him myself!

    So, Lonith has refused to become a member of the Council so that he can remain as the initiates' teacher? I do like his priorities! Also, this information makes me wonder why he suddenly chooses to take a padawan at all. He'd have less time, if any, to continue teaching all the initiates. Still, the will of the Force and all that, hmm?

    I thought it was very human of Obi-Wan to be disgruntled that his name wasn't mentioned along with the other masters in connection with who found the droid. Not very Jedi-like, perhaps, but still human!

    The plot thickens! :)
  21. Masterpool

    Masterpool Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 11, 2002
    I agree with all of Jane Jinn's points. I have to say that I like this portrayal of Obi-Wan, it always good to have someone snooty around!

    What really struck me in this post were the references to all the different technology industries and the mention of a Coruscant stock market. Very interesting stuff!

    So this was the first encounter the Jedi had with destroyer droids eh?

    This story just keeps getting better and better
  22. Cam_Mulonus

    Cam_Mulonus Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 29, 2002
    I really liked the appearance of the Galactic Stock Market! Perfect!

    Hmmm... Ponder, I do, what is to come.

    I really like the way you've written Yoda's speech. Some people try, but fail miserably to come up with what Yoda would say. You did an excellent job, however.
  23. Darth_Ofidis

    Darth_Ofidis Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 13, 2002
    Thanks again, all. :)

    ?Master, I have just heard??

    ?Yes, the Jedi Temple here on Coruscant has been attacked utilizing a powerful droid army.?

    ?Perhaps his leash should be shortened, my Master.?

    ?No, this is working to our advantage at the moment. You may proceed to Corellia, keep him under surveillance but do not act without my specific instructions.?

    ?Yes, my Master.?


    ?Justin,? Master Windu asked after the student had finished his account, ?when you were in the hallway, what was your impression of the assassin droids? Did they look to be singling out specific targets, or were they shooting people at random??

    Justin considered a moment, ?It was very chaotic, Master. I didn?t see them much in the press? I think they were just firing at random, that is until Master Qui-Gon arrived.?

    ?What did they do then, think as hard as you can.? Master Windu pressed.

    ?They? they stopped firing in our direction completely. I? I remember because the blaster bolts stopped flying overhead??

    ?Programmed to attack Jedi specifically, think you?? Master Yoda questioned Mace.

    Master Windu nodded, ?Yes, it would fit with the attack on the Chancellor by the other four. We may be twelve Jedi, but even I can?t believe that the delegates would have escaped completely unmarked if they were the specific target of the droids. Also, if they were the targets, why didn?t all nine attack the Master?s Box? It is my feeling that we were the targets of this attack.?

    ?Excuse me, Master, but what would anyone have to gain by targeting us? The death of a few Jedi, however tragic, seems trivial for such an application of resources.? Obi-Wan observed.

    ?Puzzles us this does, Obi-Wan.? Master Yoda admitted. ?Little motivation there seems for such, but attack someone did, with little thought to who may get harmed. A bad feeling, I have, about this.?

    ?I have a theory, Master Yoda, if you?ll permit?? Master Lonith asked.

    ?By all means, old friend.? Master Windu answered while Yoda nodded sagely.

    ?It is common knowledge that the Jedi order is currently stretched out a little thin across the Republic, despite our efforts at secrecy. It is also common knowledge that we are becoming involved in Senatorial politics, our obvious backing of Chancellor Valorum on many occasions despite the recent accusations makes this plainly evident to any being with even the smallest understanding of politics.? Master Lonith explained, ?Could this attack be aimed, rather than to harm us physically, to discredit us in the political arena??

    ?An interesting theory, Lonith.? Master Windu lent back in his chair, ?without our support, the Chancellor would have been voted out by now? but I fear that your judgement is clouded in this issue.?

    ?If you are referring to our previous discussions on the matter of the Chancellor, Master Windu, while I agree that he is an excellent man and a capable politician, he cannot be an effective leader with the current cloud hanging over his head.?

    ?Time for this, it is not.? Yoda interrupted in exasperation with his fellow Masters, ?Agree with your theory I do, Master Lonith. Much sense it makes of the crisis, considering most of our current suspects have representatives in the Senate.?

    ?Or even worse, a test,? Master Tiin added, ?of a new weapon, if one wished to succeed from the Republic, you may need soldiers capable of facing Jedi with a reasonable chance of success.?

    ?I don?t see the Jedi Order agreeing to go to war over such an issue?? Master Ki-Adi-Mundi disagreed.

    ?Stranger things have happened, Master.? Qui-Gon interjected, ?We must consider any eventuality.?

    An insistent bleeping from the holoprojector interrupted the deliberations. Master Windu tapped the controls on his chair, answering the call. A tall, grey haired, man in stately robes flickered into existance, standing in the exact center of the room.

    ?Chancellor Valorum.? Mace nodded in greeting.

    ?Master Windu, Master Yoda. I wish I could call under less trying circumstances, but I h
  24. Masterpool

    Masterpool Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 11, 2002
    Hahaha. I was wodering if that was the same guy...

    The intrigue continues! I like Lonith and Mace's argument over Valorum. It's good to see that Qui-Gon isn't the only Jedi who sees things differently.

    Korvos and the Sith. Great villains. I can't wait to see Maul in action again!

  25. Cam_Mulonus

    Cam_Mulonus Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 29, 2002
    Fode and Beed! AWESOME!!! That's cool how they started as big reporters before getting down to podracing announcing.

    I can't wait for Maul!!! MORE MAUL!!!

    We all wait in anticipation, Ofidus!
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