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Phx Movie Quotes, Please

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by MJ_Keehan_Sundve, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    "I'm sorry John, they get that syrup in 'em, and they get all antsy in their pantsy"

    Super Troopers.
  2. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    16 candles:

    Samantha: When you don't have anything, you don't have anything to lose. Right?
    Randy: That's a cheerful thought.

    Samantha: Donger's here for five hours, and he's got somebody. I live here my whole life, and I'm like a disease.

    Long Duk Dong: What'sa happenin' hott-stuff?

    Lumberjack: What's your last name?
    Long Duk Dong: Dong.
    Lumberjack: What's your first name?
    Long Duk Dong: Long.
    Lumberjack: What's your middle name?
    Long Duk Dong: Duk.

    The Geek: So, what's your story? I mean, you got a guy, or...?
    Samantha: Yes, three big ones, and they lust wimp blood so quit bugging me or I'll sic them all over your weenie ass!

    Samantha: I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek!
  3. MJ_Keehan_Sundve

    MJ_Keehan_Sundve Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 12, 2002
    Armenian Jedi... My boyfriend would LOVE all of your quotes! They are all his favorite movies!

    Here's one:

    You think you know someone until you end up in Thailand missing a kidney. -Bringing Down the House

    One day, men will look back and say I gave birth to the Twentieth Century. -From Hell/Jack the Ripper

    Always trying to get me into the bathroom! -Noises Off

    It is infuriating that your unhappiness does not turn into fat. -Charade

    But darling, Niagara Falls?
    It does? Well, let it! -Arsenic and Old Lace

    ...Part of me wants to take her out, talk to her, be real nice...(the other part wonders) what her head would look like on a stick! -American Psycho

    I realize now that I was a *** damn ******* poser! -SLC Punk

    *cough cough* I think I have the black lung, pop. It's not very well ventilated down there. -Zoolander
  4. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    Heh... Noises Off.... I played Freddy... "Have we got any stuff, that stops the stuff, that stops the stuff? I mean, if it goes through everything..."

    I also love Better Off Dead...

    Y'know, it's a shame throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that...


    He put his testicles all over me...
    Yes, you know... it has 8 arms and swims backwards...
    oooooooooh.... an octopus... You meanTentacles...

    I want my two dollars!

    Right Off!
  5. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    One of the wittiest, funniest, most underated movies out there....Kat rules! :D

    10 things I hate about you...
    Patrick: Well maybe you're not scared of me, but I'm sure you thought about me naked.
    Kat Stratford: [sarcastically] Am I that transparent?! I *need* you, I *want* you, oh baby, oh baby.

    Michael: I got the scoop: "Hates him with the fire of a thousand suns." That's a direct quote.
    Patrick: Thanks Michael. Very reassuring.
    Cameron: Well, you never know. Maybe she just needs a day to cool off.
    [they all duck as a soccer ball flies past them, aimed at Patrick's head]
    Patrick: Maybe two..

    Walter Stratford: Hello, Katarina. Make anybody cry today?
    Kat Stratford: Sadly, no. But it's only 4:30.

    Cameron: I burn, I pine, I perish.
    Michael: Of course you do.

    Kat Stratford: You're not as vile as I thought you were.

    Mr. Morgan: Yes, Ms. "I Have An Opinion About Everything"?

    Patrick: Don't get your panties in a twist
    Kat Stratford: Don't think for one minute that you had any effect whatsoever on my panties.
    Patrick: Well then, what did I have an effect on?
    Kat Stratford: Other than my upchuck reflex, nothing.

    Michael: The @#&% hath hitith the fan... ith.

    Ms. Perky: So, I hear you've been terrorizing Mr. Morgan's class... again.
    Kat Stratford: Expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action.
    Ms. Perky: The way you expressed your opinion to Bobby Ridgeway? By the way, his testicle retrieval operation went quite well, in case you're interested.
    Kat Stratford: I still maintain that he kicked himself in the balls.

    Walter Stratford: Where do you think you're going?
    Bianca: Well, if you must know... a small study group with friends.
    Walter Stratford: Better known as an orgy?
    Chastity: It's only a party, Mr. Stratford.
    Walter Stratford: And hell is only a sauna.

    Kat Stratford: You don't always have to be what they want you to be.

  6. wardenx

    wardenx Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 23, 2003
    "Tie two bird together and, though they have four wings, they cannot fly." The Blind Man in the Magic Flute.
  7. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    10 things I hate..

    heh heh... fun movie...

    I still like the original.. ;)
  8. MonMartha

    MonMartha Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 9, 2003
    OK, does anyone remember this one?

    "By Grathbar's Hammer, by the Suns of Wurvan, You shall be . . . AVENGED!"

    I know, not as funny as Dane walking off the bridge, quipping that he's looking for a pub, but, . . .

    (misspell corrected: I've been reading too much Alan Rickman fanfic! :-D)

    Alexander Dane: Could they be the miners?
    Fred Kwan: Sure, they're like three years old.
    Alexander Dane: MINERS, not MINORS.
    Fred Kwan: You lost me.

    Jason Nesmith: You used to pull your punches!
    Alexander Dane: It's "Scene-Stealing Hack," thank you.
    Jason Nesmith: "Raving Egomaniac"?
    Alexander Dane: Can't think where I got THAT from. . ..

  9. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    Stop that, right now... I mean it... (also from the same movie, and curiously enough, regarding the previous quote...)
  10. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    anybody want a peanut?(--yes i am aware it's a different movie but that's what it reminds me of)

    are there rocks ahead? if there are, we'll all be dead!

    but if i must stay on track....
    Never give up, never surrender!
  11. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    Fezzig, are there rocks ahead?
  12. Lord_Reaper

    Lord_Reaper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 8, 2002
    "WOAH, that was some kinda' thing"

    "I'm not a witch I'm your wife"

    hehe.. movies are fun.
  13. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    dude. princess bride is the best movie. damn. so good. how can anyone not totally fall in love with it?

    you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.

    my way isn't very sportsman like.

    what gate key? i have no gate key?
    fezzik, tear his arms off.
    OH you mean that gate key.

    sorry indigo, i did not mean to jog him so hard.

    there's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world. be a pity to damage yours...


    my name is indigo mantoya. you killed my father. prepare to die.

    oh you wish to surrender to me, oh then very well.
    for the last time surrender!
    death first!
    do you promise not to hurt him?
    what was that?
    what was that?

    damn it's sad. i know. but i know that freakin movie BY HEART. ah.
  14. DarthFeldman

    DarthFeldman Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    "dont ask us.. were just the knockers!"
  15. DarthFeldman

    DarthFeldman Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    "this is my BOOMSTICK!"..ash

    "Hoggle is hoggle's friend"...Hoggle

    "Sara, go back to your room, play with your toys and costumes, forget about the baby"...Jareth
  16. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002
    I still like my version better...

    Give us the gate key.

    I have no gate key.

    Fezzig, tear his pants off...

    Oh, you mean THIS gate key...
  17. Armenian_Jedi

    Armenian_Jedi Jedi Master star 7

    Mar 14, 2003
    "Mr. Brown? Isn't that a little too close to Mr. $#!&?" ~ Mr. Brown ~ Reservoir Dogs

    "I have made fire!" ~ Tom Hanks ~ Cast Away

    "........." ~ Wilson ~ Cast Away

    "Can't we all just get along?" ~ Jack Nicholson ~ Mars Attacks

    "You can't handle the truth!" ~ Jack Nicholson ~ A Few Good Men

    "Revenge is a dish best served cold." ~ Unknown ~ Kill Bill

    The word and quote doesn't belong there...period. Changing "s" to "$" doesn't cut it.
  18. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    lots of good movies on this weekend:

    Steve(late night call to Linda his ex from the payphone booth at a bar):
    Linda, uh, it's me. I had to call you. It's about midnight. I was just having many beers. And, uh, I just wanted to say what I should have said at the dock. I f-ing chickened out when I acted casual, like Mr. Casual. I should have said it.! We belong together. And what really pisses me off is that, now that we're really talking, you thought i proposed to you only because you were pregnant. What's that about! I mean...(people pounding on door)hey, this is not the bathroom!
    And you know maybe if I had said some of these things at the dock it would have made a difference because, but I think we made a big mistake because, we had good times and we had bad times, but we had times. And I would like to start over. I would like to be new to you. I want to be new to you. I want to be Mr. New. So call me back if you want to. But this is the last time I'll call. And, if you really needed to know how I feel, how I really feel, that's how I feel. I love you. And that's something you should know, so I won't bother you again. So, good night. And good bye. And call me back. Good bye.

    Steve: (at Linda's door) I was just... *nowhere near* your neighborhood

    Troy Dyer: [answering the phone]Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent.

    Troy Dyer: He's the reason Cliff Notes were invented.
    (ok favorite scene here:)
    Troy: What happened to your normal clothes?
    Michael: Wow. Lelaina look at you, you look? where?d you get that dress?
    Lelaina: Oh ahm I dunno I just bought it, but I think I?m gonna go change?
    Michael: No don?t. you look beautiful, you look like, you look like?
    Troy: a doiley
    Lelaina: I?m gonna change.
    Michael: No. Don?t change.
    Troy: And don?t go thinking for yourself either lanie.
    Michael: Hey, what is your glitch?
    Troy: My glitch?
    Lelaina: You know what, we?re already late?
    Michael: No, no, no. Hang on a second. Look, do you have like a problem with me or something? Cause if you do, then let?s just get this out. Alright, seriously........Have I stepped over some line in the sands of coolness with you, because excuse me if somebody doesn't know the secret handshake with you.
    Troy: There's no secret handshake. There's an IQ prerequisite, but there's no secret handshake.
    Michael: (shocked) No, wait, this guy, you?ve got like like this whole thing with the world, don?t you?? Boy No, no?that?s great, that?s really wonderful but guess what, I?m a human being, ok, we?re human beings, people, ok we?re not like ah, like intelligent quotations or whatever.
    Lelaina: Just ignore him.
    AT THE SAME TIME: Michael: No.///Troy: Done.
    Michael: Come on let?s go. You don?t need this.
    Troy: You don?t know what she needs.
    Michael: I think I know what she needs in a way that you never will.

    Laurel: Don't cry at the begining of a date. Cry at the end, like I do.

    Dorothy: I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is.

    Jerry Maguire: What do you want from me? My soul?
    Dorothy: Why not? I deserve that much.

    Kate Mosley: I can be a "bad" girl for you Sam.

    Kate Mosley: Sam, you're always going to be the guy at the restaurant, who, when he gets what he ordered, decides he wants what the other guy has instead.
  19. jada_marnew

    jada_marnew Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 22, 2003
    "........." ~ Wilson ~ Cast Away

  20. mrbunny666

    mrbunny666 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 23, 2002
    Someone find me the quote from FEAR & LOTHING IN LAS VEGAS near the end.
    The one about his attorney being "God's prototype"

    I want that one for my sig.
  21. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    Raoul Duke: There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

  22. Commander_Choad

    Commander_Choad Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 11, 2002

    I am in awe... all bow down before the ability of Princess Skywalker, and her movie quotes...

    I'm impressed... :D

  23. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    If I were a teacher, I would be an elementary school teacher and I would make my class watch Beauty and the Beast each year. Some of the greatest lessons in life are in that movie and it's Disney's absolute best. It's perfection. (and that's saying a lot considering this is from someone who has been a HUGE Disney fan since she was a child and was always obsessed with the princess/fairy tale stories). I like the fact that it ISN'T a story about prince charming sweeping you off your feet. It's about a strong, independant woman that chooses the odd, complicated, tough exterior guy with a big heart, not the good looking, selfish jerk. Real life needs to be like that more often. sigh.

    Narrator: But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.

    Narrator: He fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

    Gaston: The whole town's talking about it. It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas.... and thinking.

    Belle: I want much more than this provincial life. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand. To have someone understand. I want so much more than they've got planned.

    Beast: I'm just fooling myself. She'll never see me as anything.....but a monster..... It's hopeless.

    Beast: I've never felt this way about anyone. I want to do something for her, but what?
    Cogsworth: Well there's the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.

    Beast: I let her go
    Cogsworth: You what? How could you DO that?
    Beast: I had to.
    Cogsworth: Yes, but but...WHY?
    Beast: Because.... I love her.

    Crowd: We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us...

    Belle: Please don't leave me......I love you.

    Ok I know it's not a movie line, but I think the best part of the movie is when Gaston and Beast are fighting and Beast has him over the edge of the castle and Gaston is begging for his life.....the Beast suddenly gets this very calm look on his face, and you realize it doesn't matter to him, he loves Belle, and that's enough. And he just stops and lets Gaston go. It's things like that that TRULY make this a great movie that makes me cry every time I see it. ah. I wish Disney would get back to making movies like this again. sigh.
    -and for the record, I prefer the Beast over when he turns back into a prince anyday. :p
  24. DarkSiderSteve

    DarkSiderSteve Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 11, 2003
    "Were closed"

    "Then what are all these people doing here?"

    "Drinking and having a good time"

    "Well thats what here to do."

    "Youre too stupid to have a good time!"

    fight ensues

    If you can guess what this ones from, you'll be my best friend. ;)
  25. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    Untamed Heart:

    Adam: That's Mars. You just wished on a planet.
    Caroline: Figures.
    (Best quote of the movie, explains everything...)

    Caroline: I am going to fall in love with you. You don't have to love me back. I am going to give you my heart.

    Caroline: He don't make sense, I don't make sense, together we make sense.

    Adam: Once people got use to staying away, they always stayed away. I never got close to anybody.

    Caroline: You love with your mind and soul, not your heart.
    Adam: [Touching his chest.] Then how come I hurt here when you're not with me?

    Caroline: Don't let people stand in your way. They're just people. Like you and me! Well, maybe not like you. I don't know if I have ever met anyone like you before.

    Caroline: My life is like watching The Three Stooges in Spanish!

    Caroline: What worries me is when someone as screwed up as these guys doesn't want me!

    Caroline: He was like an angel, you know? I never knew life could be like that. He was the one thing I followed through in my life, the one thing I didn't give up on. I was good at loving him.
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