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Multi FF table at CIII

Discussion in 'Cleveland, OH' started by jedi_master_sal, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. jedi_master_sal

    jedi_master_sal Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 20, 2002
    Hi folks!

    I've been looking into getting a booth for my chapter at CIII. It's free for clubs (providing LFL picks you-if they dont' then no booth at all).

    Anyway, I wanted to know if some of you would be interested in going in on the booth together. Tht is to say man the booth. We have several in Pittsburgh that will and one even from Rochester. (Some of you may remember Nicky and her husband (plus baby) from Comicon earlier this year.)

    I'm also going to ask the WV FF and possibly Wash. D.C.

    You don't need to commit to anything at the moment. Right now, I'm putting out a feeler to see if some might be interested in this. When it comes to how much time you would need to volunteer, well I have good news! It's completely up to you. I just want to get an idea of who might want to volunteer. Once we find out what the schedule of events is for CIII, I'll send out a notice to those who volunteered or were interested. You'll have two weeks from that time to look over the event list and decide when you would be available. We're not talking much here, maybe 2-4 hours over the course of the whole con. (Not every day, just 2-4 hours total for the four days) Sorry, I had to repeat that. Anyway, the idea of havig a multi FF table os to one, get our names out there for other fans who might be in our respective areas but don't know of FF or our chapters. Also, it's a stopping point for other FF's.

    Above this, I'm setting up a campaign to have each chapter make pins of their club logo to trade. This would only be for trade and not for sale as that's against the rules for having a free table. That participation is not mandatory however. If you do want to join in the pin trading LMK. I am estimating that each chapter would need anywhere from 100-200 pins each. This covers the on average 5-10 members per chapter who are going to CIII. (I'm taking into account those most active, not the many inactive chapters). So far I'm getting very positive response from this with a couple of chapters in Europe and some in the states being interested. Should this go through, I think it would be prudent to only trade with those chapters who participate in this rahter than just give them away. It would be a cool convention exclusive and only something we FF chapters are involved in.

    Also, some other minor benefits to having a table:
    ? A place to rest your feet and possibly temporariy store your purchases while at the con, instead of lugging it back to your hotel room.
    ? If you are scheduled first, you get in first before EVERYONE in line! (This is the biggest one to me)
    ? You will have a special badge to wear while manning the table (this has to be passed of to the next person, no keepers-sorry-but you'll look official) I'll scan it in after the con and send the file to everyone who volunteered so they can make a replica badge if they want.

    There's more, but I'm forgetting it right now.

    Anyway, if you might be interested in being part of our Multi FF booth, please PM me.

    One last thing, if your group wants to have a banner to show, that's cool, I'd just need either a jgp or picture of it. I have to compile a graphics list with samples as well as a "resume" of sorts about the clubs involved, for LFL to approve. Once I send in the list to Mary Franklin, they will make the determination based on the resume and graphics used, as to who will get a table.

    There is a deadline for me to submit the graphics, resume and list of volunteers. I need to have this in to LFL no later than December 5. So if you are interested, I'd need to know by Thanksgiving and I;d need to have the graphics list and any info you might want included about your specific chapter on the resume by then as well. I will also need to have at least 1 persons contact info at that time. It must be someone you elect as leader for your portion. Doesn't have to be your CR, if they don't want to do this, just someone who is responsible.

    Thanks and I look forward sharing in this experience with you.

  2. paxdelere

    paxdelere Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 27, 2004
    can i as a non-established member, yet interested attendee participate? sounds like a great place to create a home base for contacts, storage of purchases, which will be many i'm sure, and site for contacts for someone like me (interviewer).
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