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    Title: My Padawan, My child
    Author(s): GKilkenny
    Timeframe: EU Obi-Wan is mostly 14 later
    Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Yoda, SG1 Stargate
    Genre: PG
    Keywords: Jedi apprentice/Star Gate

    Summary: Obi-Wan and his Master are sent to find two townspeople, who have disappeared, Obi-Wan discovers a Stargate and goes looking for them and disappears too.

    Notes: Although the Stargate team are in this story, it isn?t really about them, they are just for background and I do not own any Jedi or Stargate I just enjoy writing, just for fun.

    Qui-Gon?s mind kept repeating those fateful last words, spoken by the search party.

    [?We have searched everywhere, and every out going ship; your Padawan has simply disappeared.
    We are at a loss to know what has happened to him?]

    He strode quickly through the corridor, to the room of a thousand fountains; he kept his head down so no one would bother him.
    Once he had found a quiet niche, he sank to the ground and opened himself to the force.
    Stretching out with his senses, he worked his way along the bond he should have with his apprentice. It was cold and silent.

    There was a void, an unmistakable ache, a yearning for the presence of his child, his Padawan.
    The boy who had opened Qui-Gon?s heart, and made it whole again.
    This emotion, that he tried to smother, was stronger than any feelings he had ever felt for his other apprentices.

    [What happened?] he thought. [Where is he, why can?t I feel him?]
    Qui-Gon sat in silence for a while, until he felt the unmistakable presence of Master Yoda.
    Qui-Gon did not turn; he just sighed and spoke quietly. ?What happened? do you sense anything?? he asked.
    ?Know I do not! But sensed I did, a state of great confusion in your Padawan, before disappeared he did.? Yoda stated.
    ?Yes I sensed it too, and I also sensed his feelings of unworthiness, just before the bond closed down.? Qui-Gon agreed.

    Qui-Gon turned to face Yoda, ?Just two weeks ago, he was so excited. He was looking forward to the Padawan Tournament.
    He had been training hard, and he was looking forward to the competition. I just don?t understand what happened? he uttered?.

    Qui-Gon thought back to his first encounter with young Obi-wan as a boy. It was while Qui-Gon was laid up at the healers.

    ~Memory sequence~

    [Qui-Gon, had been ambushed in a warehouse on Sempra 4, he was shot in the head and had been temporarily blinded.
    When he was rescued and brought back to the Temple, he had ended up in the healers ward.
    While Qui-Gon was waiting for his eyesight to return, he struck up a conversation with the patient in the bed next to him, who he could hear breathing quietly.
    It was an initiate who had been injured in an explosion in the science class.

    ?What?s your name young one? he asked.
    ?Obi-wan Kenobi Sir? the boy replied.
    ?How old are you Obi-wan?? he asked.
    ?Ten Sir?
    ?So tell me Obi-wan, what keeps you in the healers?? Qui-Gon asked.
    After a moments silence the boy said?My foolishness?.
    ?Oh! and why do you say that?? Qui-Gon questioned.
    ?Because I lack good sense and judgement, and I put myself in these positions, and then I get hurt or someone else gets hurt because of me!? he sniffed.
    Qui-Gon could feel the dismay and sadness in his voice.

    ?Did some one else get hurt young Obi-wan?? Qui-Gon asked.
    ?No Sir? ?Well not this time anyway.?
    Oh! there have been other incidents?? Qui-Gon asked.
    ? I am just clumsy that?s all.? Obi-wan stated.
    Qui-Gon could tell the boy didn?t want to speak anymore. So he left the conversation alone.
    He fumbled across the table, feeling for his glass of water, he still couldn?t see and
    he was frustrated, because he couldn?t find the water.
    He heard a movement, and next he felt a warm small hand take his own and wrap it around the glass.
    ?Thank You, Obi-wan, it is hard to get used to not seeing.? Qui-Gon said.
    ?It?s nothing? the boy shrugged, and then he said ?It is only temporary, you know that don?t you?? the boy said.

    ?What is tempora
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    Oh, another story...I want to hear more about "clumsy" Obi-Wan and how Qui-Gon came to take him as an apprentice.
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    YAY!! Sounds good, I love SG1!!
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    I love it!

    Poor little clumsy Obi-Wan!

    I love the way you portray both the characters--they're so real!

    Could you PM me with updates--I dont want to miss any!
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    Valairy_Scot Yes another story, there isn?t a lot of Obi on the boards being updated
    so I wanted to keep Obi-Wan going.[face_dancing]

    MASTER KAYM I like Stargate too especially Daniel.:cool:

    Qui-GonJinn1 Thanks I will PM you

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    Oh, ya gotta love those trans-dimensional stargates. :D Ohhh, I do want Qui-Gon to be able to find that stargate, too, so he can 'rescue' his little, lost padawan. And I do hope that an SG team is on the other side to find him.
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    Thanks ardavenport Qui-gon is not perceptive
    in the Unifying force.
    So it might take him a while.

    Obi-Wan on the other hand can find trouble
    walking through a door.[face_laugh]
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    :D brilliant as always my creative friend =D=
    i loves it i loves it so much and want many a answeres you cliffi you,
    more more now i says :_|
    my poor obi were for art thou come back pleas,
    Qui-gon get off your backside and save the mite please
    love it brilliant [:D]
    i hope are obi aint hurt [face_beatup] [face_praying]
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    Thanks for reading a post is on the way.

    Note: Because Obi has disappeared most of the first few chapters are memories of their time together before he disappeared, so you can get an idea of how much Qui-Gon loves his paddy.[face_love]

    Qui-Gon sank into the force allowing his memories to take hold again.
    ~Qui-Gon?s thoughts~

    [Obi-wan was an enigma, it was hard to explain the intricate workings of the boys mind.
    He was very bright, but on occasions he would be a very confusing apparition.
    Yoda would say that it was the boy?s visions that got him into most of his predicaments.

    Yoda had been working with him to help him understand his visions, but Obi-wan
    felt there was something wrong with him; because he had weird visions, so he was very secretive about them.

    Qui-Gon became very interested in Obi-wan after meeting him in the healers ward;
    Obi-wan was like a magnet, which seemed to draw Qui-Gon to him.
    He watched him grow and the boy was on his mind constantly.

    Obi-wan was eleven when Qui-Gon first spoke to Yoda about taking him as his Padawan, he remembered Yoda stamping his cane on the floor ?very young he is, very powerful is Obi-wan.
    Know how important it is do you? his training must be done with care and control? Yoda stated.
    ?Master you make him sound like a bomb waiting to explode? Qui-Gon chuckled.
    ?Expect the unexpected with Obi-wan you should? Yoda said.

    ?Then do I have your permission, to take him as my apprentice?? he asked.
    ?Thought you told Obi-wan that take him as your Padawan you would not?? Yoda mentioned

    ?I think he tricked me, used reverse psychology on me, ever since he told me that he knew I didn?t want another Padawan, that?s all I think about? Qui-Gon admitted.

    ?Permission granted" Yoda chuckled and under his breath he whispered ?Smart boy that one is?

    Soon Qui-Gon understood what Yoda meant about Obi-wan, the lad was studious but was prone to bouts of depression.
    Qui-Gon realised it was because of his visions, that Obi-wan would be calm one minute and explode the next.

    He never hurt anyone, but he would hover over the ones he believed were in danger, which in turn made the ones he was watching anxious and nervous.
    He became a loner because his age mates didn?t want him looking at them it gave them the creeps.
    Any time he even glanced at someone they would think he had seen something and perhaps they were in danger.
    It got to the stage that they thought he was actually causing most of the accidents through his visions.

    During those first few months of his apprenticeship, Qui-Gon discovered a great deal about his apprentice.
    He was so eager to please, and if Qui-Gon gave him an assignment to do, it would be his main focus of attention until it was completed.
    Obi-wan was nothing like his last two apprentices, Qui-Gon?s first apprentice was a girl and she was an average student who struggled with some lessons and excelled in others, she didn?t really stand out in a crowd but was methodical in her studies, she never gave Qui-Gon an ounce of trouble.
    She had gone on to train her own apprentice.
    The second apprentice another boy was a tough and arrogant lad; he had an alluring personality and delighted in causing grief for the teaching Masters.
    His focus would wander and he would not study unless he was strapped to the chair. Qui-Gon always thought it was pure luck that the boy had reached Knighthood.
    He had become a Knight, but preferred to work alone and so had not taken an apprentice.

    On Obi-wan?s twelfth naming day Qui-Gon took him on his first mission, the lad worked well with Qui-Gon and their bond grew solid.
    However because Obi-wan visions, he had extra lessons when they were in the Temple which involved controlling his visions.
    Master Ramjosh was from Obi-wan?s home planet and had some idea of what the boy was going through.
    All force sensitive beings from their planet had the ability to sense flashes of the future in some small way, but Obi-wan?s connection to the Unifying force was the
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    ?I am honoured to be your Master, we have tried to guide you and help you cope with this task the force has given you, but you must confide in us if you cannot cope.
    We are here to share your burden; I am here always to comfort you my Obi-wan?.
    Qui-Gon said as he squeezed Obi-wan?s shoulders.

    He could feel the lads muscles tighten and his body began to shake, Qui-Gon could sense he was at breaking point.
    He pulled Obi-wan into his chest and wrapped his arms around the boy; after all he was only fourteen and was burdened with visions that an adult would have trouble dealing with.
    Obi-wan collapsed into his embrace and the flood of tears began to soak his tunic.

    That was the day Obi-wan told Qui-Gon how he had manipulated the force into helping him achieve his dream of being Qui-Gon?s apprentice.

    So nice to see Qui being comforting rather than distant and aloof. I am enjoying this.
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    Wow another brilliant post:D
    i love the flash backs their my favorites,[face_love]
    Obi-Wan a visionare eh?:confused:
    I hope he's ok![face_worried]
    Gkilkenny you have a very nasty history of tourturing and killing my favorite boys [face_shame_on_you]
    so i have a few things to say.....[face_thinking]
    please (in a pleading my life depends on it tone) please dont hurt them pleaseeeeeeeeeee [face_praying] breaks down and drowns her computer in a salty sea of tears):_|
    cant wait for the next installment :D
    I want answers
    (taps her fingers patiently on the desk)
    @};- @};-
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    That was nice. Obi-Wan saved Qui-Gon's life! ^^ And yes, could you PM me? [face_batting]
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    Valairy_ScotThanks. Some times I can make Qui-Gon a softy
    Now is one of those times.;)

    obi-gonjinn Gkilkenny you have a very nasty history of tourturing and killing my favorite boys

    Aww I only kill e'm a little bit they come
    good in the end[face_laugh]
    I will not kill anyone I promise.[face_talk_hand]

    MASTER KAYM Obi-Wan is always there for his Master
    lets hope his Master is always there for him[face_whistling]
    I will PM you.

    no-one Thanks for letting me know your reading:D

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    Chapter three

    ~Another memory of his Padawan assailed him~

    It was the time they had gone to the planet Dantooine.
    Their mission was to convince the townsfolk of anchor meld, to relocate their families into the City.

    The Governor of the City wanted to declare the north sector of the settlement unfit for population, there was a disturbance in the planets atmosphere and the small settlement of anchor meld was directly in the path of fierce electrical storms.

    Their meteorologist had tried to explain to the hundred Families living in the area, that there would be continuing violent storms over a period of a year.
    But the town leader was not convinced; he and his followers thought it was a ruse, to get them to give up their land. So the Governor asked for Jedi help in convincing them of the peril they were in.

    Qui-Gon convinced the families to take shelter in a cave for the night and then forge on to the City in the morning.
    Obi-wan had voiced his concerns for the town?s folk, when he sensed feelings of concern from some of the people in the cave.

    ?Master there is something wrong, I sense that not all the villagers are here in the cave with us?

    Qui-Gon asked the leader, whose name was Condor if everyone had come inside the cave for the duration of the current storm. Condor was adamant that all the villagers had been told to come. He assured the Jedi that every one was in the cavern.

    ?You need not worry yourself Master Jedi, although we do not believe these storms are lethal, we have promised to take shelter in these caves, but the population of anchor meld will not bow to the Governor and leave this place, even if you do say the storms will last for a year.
    We do not believe the Governor, and we do not believe the Jedi.
    I have watched the Jedi work before, you do as the Republic and Senate order you to do.
    You have no emotional ties like we do to our home, as far as we can see the Governor is just using you, so he can claim the land for himself? Condor stated.

    ?You are very cynical Condor, what makes you think we do not care? Qui-Gon asked him.

    ?You show no emotions, you show no passion of any kind, I don?t believe the Jedi even have feelings.
    Your always so stiff and regimented, even the young apprentices look more like disciplined robots, than sentient beings.
    I have been to Corruscant, and seen your Jedi. I never see any of them smile or laugh, and you accept death without a sound or a tear.? Condor stated.

    ?I would like to refute what you are saying Condor, but we are pressed for time.
    My apprentice has voiced his concerns that all the villagers are not in the cave?. Qui-Gon explained to Condor.
    ?Will you do a head count please!? Qui-Gon demanded.

    Condor huffed ?Very well then, I will? and he stormed off to the back of the cavern and started his head count.
    Just then the electrical storm worsened.
    The lightening strikes crashed down in multiples, the mouth of the cavern became a brilliant flashing light show, as strike after strike charged the air around the surrounding hills and plains.

    Obi-wan jumped to his feet and stepped towards the opening, raising his hands to his head.
    Qui-Gon and Condor turned at the sound of a whimper and a strained ?NO?, both men looked at Obi-wan.
    He was shaking his head and saying ?no-no-no-no-no? each time he said no was in unison to the lightening strikes, and his whole body was shaking.
    Every one in the cavern was watching the boy; it appeared to them that he was petrified of the lightening.

    Obi-wan?s actions amazed Condor, because he had just finished telling the Jedi Master that he thought all Jedi were insensitive, and had no emotions.
    He was about to say something to the Jedi Master, when said Master strode quickly to his apprentice.
    Qui-Gon placed his hands on the boy?s shoulders and turned him around away from the lightening.
    ?Obi-wan? he whispered, so only he could hear. ?what is it? what is wrong, you have seen lightening before, what is wrong?? Qui-Gon asked as he looked into the depths of Obi-w
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    Aw poor Obi-Wan!! And Condor, grr! I don't like his arrogance. [face_frustrated]

    This chapter was very good! Thanks for the PM!! :)
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    That was very good - poor Obi-Wan and consoling Qui-Gon, and non-understanding villagers until it was too late. Very well done.

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    poor obi-wan and sweet sweet qui-gon awwwwww you soppy fan fic writer you!
    and condor give an axe people a gun a rake anything let me sort that one out! [face_frustrated] [face_beatup]
    yet another beautifully written installment can't wait for more
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    MASTER KAYMYou are very welcome another
    musy post coming.[:D]

    Valairy_Scot Thanks heaps I know there is no Stargate yet
    but it is coming.[face_dancing]

    obi-gonjinn Thanks my friend, I have given you so much angst in my previous stories , I thought it was about time for a mushy Qui and Obi.=P~

    Heres the next chapter......

    This section is rather longer than my usual posts I didn't want to break the memory up.

    Qui-Gon came out of his reverie, at the sound of approaching footsteps. Yoda was coming towards him with a data pad clutched in his hand. Qui-Gon watched him approach.
    ?Information come to light it has Qui-Gon? Yoda stated.

    Qui-Gon jumped up to his feet ?What is it have they found Obi-Wan?? he blurted out.
    ?Found him we have not, but strange object on the planet Ossus, has been found.?

    ?A strange object, what sort of object.?

    Yoda handed him the data pad.
    The message on the pad was plain;
    Master Jinn, Please return to Ossus. A large round object has been found in a cave, behind the water fall in the mountain. The object is a portal, origin alien, from ancient times.
    Signed Master Ramiro

    Qui-Gon was about to speak but Yoda beat him to it. ?Transport waiting for you now,
    meet you there Master Windu will, with your bags ready and packed for the journey?.
    Qui-Gon bowed to the aged Master and took off towards the space port.Yoda was right as he got to the waiting transport, Mace was there with Qui-Gon?s bags.
    He handed two bags to Qui-Gon, who looked at Mace somewhat confused.

    ?The smaller one has fresh clothes for your Padawan, find him Qui, and bring him home. May the force be with you,my friend, and have a safe journey??

    Qui-Gon sped up the ramp and went to find his cabin; he was certain this object whatever it was, would be a clue to finding his missing Padawan.
    He just had to find him; he couldn?t bear the thought of living his life without Obi-Wan. He was so tired from worrying he thought he would try and rest on the journey to Ossus. He would not dwell on negative thoughts, he would only think positive.
    Once settled into his cabin he ordered some food and a drink, and after he had finished eating, he settled on the bed for some rest.

    As he was dozing, he began to think of his sweet innocent, and naive young Padawan, and a smile flittered across his face, at the memory he was now thinking about. He sunk into the familiar eddies, remembering a very recent assignment he and Obi-wan had completed.

    (Obi-wan was so excited he had never been to Ragoon before, the rulers of the planet had invited Qui-Gon to the ceremonial festivities of the coming of age of their daughter, it was going to be a splendid affair and the celebrations would last for several days.

    The invitation had come about, because Qui-Gon had saved King Tun-las?s daughter several years ago from kidnappers. Lasandra had nearly died and it was only for Qui-Gon?s quick thinking and connection to the force that had saved her. Her Parents King Tun-las and Queen Tashmet were forever grateful.

    The King and Queen had a large family; there were three other sisters younger than Lasandra. Kimy, Tasha and Siena. Lasandra was turning twenty one, and she had met a young man who she was going to marry, so it was a double celebration.
    The two families, consisting of Aunts, Uncles, nephews? nieces and cousins, made for quite a large family gathering.
    This was the first time Obi-wan had been to something other than, a boring negotiation or life threatening mission. This was going to be his first holiday with his Master.
    They had arrived in the early morning, and Qui-Gon had decided to walk to the palace. It was a beautiful sunny day, and he knew the road took them along side the ocean. He knew his Padawan had not seen the ocean or beaches before. So he thought it would be a treat for him.

    Obi-wan?s whole body seemed to be trembling with excitement, as he watched the ocean crash onto the fine white sand, bubbling across the sand with a wh
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    Such a cute flashback, though Obi-Wan is awfully "young" for 14. Young, or very naive.

    His child sat there pondering this revelation for a moment then made an? Arghing? sound.
    ?They wanted me to shake my juicy and pleasant to taste bottom, and come to get my tunic, in the nutty!!.....That?s rude? he stammered.


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    Valairy_Scot Thanks.
    I suppose in this day and age he wouldn't be so naive

    But I kinda thought Obi-Wan would be sheltered in the Temple.
    Their main focus, learning to be a jedi. Not going out with girls.

    After all look what happened to Anakin when he got involved with a girl:eek:8-}
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    I know it is a bit slow in finding the stargate, but we will find it soon.[face_peace]

    Chapter 5

    Qui-Gon hurried down the ramp; he had been on this planet only a few weeks prior, with his Padawan. They had been on a fact finding mission. Ossus had been the site of an ancient Jedi Temple before the move to Corruscant, part of it was still intact and many older Jedi historians and philosophers came here to study the ruins. It had been a teaching assignment for Qui-Gon to introduce Obi-wan to the ancient Jedi culture.

    Obi-Wan was an avid reader of the ancient texts, in the library on Corruscant, and his thirst for knowledge was commendable, his curiosity though, often led him into difficult situations, however Qui-Gon could not object to his passion for knowledge.

    He would just teach his Padawan to control his urges to explore the unknown with a little less fervour. Qui-Gon could sense his Padawan was beginning to control the unifying force, and even had a better connection to the living force than when he was younger, when he would believe everyone was in jeopardy and be rash in his decision to save everyone from impending danger. His Padawan was growing and it pleased Qui-Gon that he was the one teaching Obi-Wan.

    There was a settlement near the old Jedi Temple and the townsfolk helped the Jedi with the dig, they were a friendly people, they all had some force abilities, but not enough to become Jedi, but their knack for discovering buried artefacts was uncanny. In between digging and searching the Temple, they had cleaned it, and it was eerie to walk through the halls of a long since deserted temple and feel like it was still in use.

    Master Ramiro was the head Historian, and he was delighted that Qui-Gon had brought his young apprentice.
    ?I have heard quite a bit about your apprentice Qui-Gon, you two appear to be quite a team. From what I am told he is very interested in history, perhaps he will become a historian or philosopher when he attains Knighthood.?

    Obi-Wan was studying a rock behind Ramiro when he heard what he said.
    ?Master I mean no disrespect to your calling, and it is true, that I like to know about the history of the Jedi, but if I may be so bold to tell you, I do not want to be a historian or a philosopher, I want to be just like my Master.? Obi-Wan insisted.

    Qui-Gon smiled at Ramiro, wondering what answer the Master would give to that statement.

    ?I see young Obi-Wan, so you want to be a stubborn, obstinate, unmovable, and mul-ish rock do you?? he winked at Qui-Gon.

    Obi-Wan crossed his arms over his chest, and raised him self to his full height, (which wasn?t very high) and put a determined look on his face. ?Master Qui-Gon is not stubborn or any of those things, he is a Jedi warrior? he said standing as ridged as a board.
    Qui-Gon and Ramiro watched the formation of a smaller version of Qui-Gon and laughed. ?It is alright Padawan; Master Ramiro is only joking with you?

    ?Yes young Obi-Wan, I have known Qui-Gon for many years and you are right he is a formidable warrior, and a good friend.?

    A few days after they had arrived and had settled into a routine of study sessions and sabre practice lessons, Obi-Wan was becoming a formidable opponent in the sparing arena, he was more confident in learning new moves, and his Kata?s had improved.
    All in all Qui-Gon was impressed with his Padawan?s advancement.

    A commotion caught Qui-Gon?s eyes, as he and his Padawan were just finishing a workout. Qui-Gon walked over to Ramiro who was deep in discussion with the Town leader and the local authorities.
    The leader of the Settlement was worried because to of their young people had disappeared there had been a wide search conducted but it seemed as though they had just vanished into thin air.
    The leader and the authorities were asking the Jedi to help in searching for them.
    Qui-Gon and Obi-wan had offered their services and had been investigating the dis-appearance; however after a long exhaustive search they were frustrated that they hadn?t found a
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    So heres the next chapter 6

    Qui-Gon roused the security officers of the town, and they headed to the river where Qui-Gon had last felt Obi-wan?s force presence, very close to the massive waterfall.
    Qui-Gon looked at the waterfall, and the ferocity of the water cascading down over the mountain made him shiver. The fierceness of the water rushing past them distinguished Obi-Wans aura.
    They searched all around the falls and began to search down river following the current over the rapids and into slightly calmer water and there snagged on a tree branch
    was Obi-Wans back half submerged the water, they searched for several hours, but no sign of Obi-Wan was found. He had probably drowned in the River just as the two young people had.
    Qui-Gon was distraught he knew it was of no use searching for his Padawan, the bond was dead, it was silent it was like he never existed.

    It was so strange, because there was no pain when the bond disappeared, and Qui-Gon had felt or sensed no tearing of the bond, as is usual when one side of the bonded pair ceases to exist.
    It was as though there was a power failure and the lights had gone out. There was no sense of anything just silence. Qui-Gon had reluctantly gone back to Corruscant as there was nothing he could do on Ossus and he certainly didn?t want to stay there and feel nothing. However he still felt hope in his heart and the force was not discouraging him?..

    So now he was back on Ossus at the request of Master Ramiro, who according to the information sent to the Jedi Temple had found the object that Obi-Wan had eluded too. Qui-Gon met Ramiro at the space port, and they boarded a hover car and went out to the River. Qui-Gon held his emotions in check, when they reached the spot where he had found Obi-wan?s pack.
    But the Hover car sailed past and continued on to the mountain, and in the distance Qui-Gon could see the massive waterfall cascading down the mountain, as they got closer they could see the water crashing down hard onto the rocks below.
    Master Ramiro stopped the craft and got out with Qui-Gon following.

    ?Come Qui-Gon I want to show you something, they started to climb around the base of the waterfall, strangely the water was cascading over their heads and had formed a wall behind them; they were actually climbing inside the waterfall.
    It was amazing from the ground it appeared like the water was crashing down hitting every rock, however once they had climbed over the boulders and headed towards the mountain wall, they found they weren?t getting wet.
    Ramiro pointed to a staircase carved out of the mountain wall, it took them deeper behind the waterfall. A large cavern, opened up before them, there were many holes in the mountain where the water trickled down, and other holes were just beams of sunlight fell into the cave.
    Qui-Gon remembered one of Obi-Wans visions.
    ?Obi-Wan said there were beams of sunlight shining down on him, and yet it was dark? Ramiro nodded his agreement.
    They did not need torches to see, it was eerie just as Obi-wan had described.
    They walked for many minutes and the cavern wound around until they couldn?t see the waterfall anymore. As they came around a large section of rock Qui-Gon was shocked because in front of him was a large ring shaped object, just as Obi-wan had described.

    ?What is it?? he asked Master Ramiro.

    ?Well it appears to be some sort of door way to the galaxy; there are writings on the cave walls and drawings, depicting beings going through it and coming out in other parts of the universe. We searched through the Old Temple here on Ossus and there are many old texts that we unearthed that tell of a Star Gate, and how evil beings came here to destroy the Jedi, but where overwhelmed by our force abilities.?

    ?Why is this thing still here then, why didn?t the Jedi destroy it?. Qui-Gon asked.

    ?According to the writings, The Jedi discovered it a millennia ago and when the beings came through it they were captured by the Jedi, eventually the beings were released once it was discovered they had no powe
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    I liked it, all the more so now that I get to see Obi-Wan interacting with the StarGate characters. Thank you for your time in writing. Keep up the good work.@};-
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