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    IC: Jedi Rescue Task Force

    Coruscant Orbit

    The battle that Padme and Bail had seen was still raging as they left, two different task-forces of the same fleet battering away at each other. On one side, the damaged Resolute-II was continuing to recover Jedi shuttles, while other ships of the Open-Circle Fleet moved to flank it and cover it from retaliatory fire from the newly-christened Empire's forces. And said forces were receiving more and more reinforcements as time went by. The Valour may have been smoking from taking so much fire from the Jedi reinforcements, but its own reinforcements were more than making up for that.

    Large numbers of Imperial warships were moving forward, all firing on the Open-Circle Fleet warships. They may have been shooting to disable (per orders from Amedda and Isard) but they were still pumping waves of blue fire into the shields of their 'enemy'. And their 'enemy' was quickly becoming outnumbered once more. The element of surprise was long since gone, as the Jedi warships were being surrounded by the Coruscant Defense Fleet, battered though it may have been.

    "We can't keep this up much longer sir," a crewmember called out, as a new Imperator class ship destroyed a Carrack class cruiser of the OCF.

    "I know! Where's Skywalker?!" the Captain shouted back.

    "We lost sight of him approaching the Temple sir!"

    "Blast...was his shuttle hyperdrive equipped?"

    "Yes...but we can't leave him!"

    The Captain turned to glare at the man who had said that, making the lower-ranked crewman flinch.

    "I don't want to leave him. But we don't have a choice in the matter. If we stay any longer, the entire Coruscant Defense Fleet will surround us and we won't be able to leave. We have to trust that Skywalker can escape...order a general withdraw, we're heading for Alderaan."

    "Yes sir..."

    And with that, the remaining warships of the Open-Circle Fleet withdrew with their Jedi charges, leaving Coruscant to the Empire.

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    IC: Dantooine Patrol
    Dantooine Orbit, Dreadnought class cruiser

    All things considered, the crew of the Ravager had a fairly easy and stress-free job. Ever since Master Windu had driven the Seppies from Dantooine, the small patrol force left behind had been left alone for the most part. With the Seppies forced back away from Republic territory, Dantooine had once again become a bit of a rest spot, letting war-weary troops recover in a low-combat zone.

    Thus, when they got a priority message from the surface, it came as a very rude surprise.

    "RSS Ravager this is Dantooine harbor control! A freighter just launched without authorization, and is carrying a Jedi. We have no way to stop it ourselves, so its up to you!"

    Naturally, the crew had heard of the announcement related to the Jedi. And that meant that the freighter just now coming into view was a priority target.

    "Launch fighters and move us on an intercept course, block their escape route," the Captain ordered, as her old ship moved forward.

    As the ancient Dreadnought moved at its stately top speed, a handful of V-Wing interceptors launched from its recently added hangar bay. The fighters sped forward towards the freighter, while the Ravager herself fired blue warning shots. It remained to be seen how the pilot of the other ship reacted however...

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    IC: Mace Windu
    Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    As the group approached the exit of the temple, with Mace carrying the youngling, he could sense their temporary relief. He knew it wasn't over, though. He had sealed the secret passageway leading directly outside the temple, but the troopers would discover the latch eventually. Finally, they reached the end of the passageway. There was a small door that seemed like a compartment. As Mace opened it, he noticed the floor, which was already outside of the temple, was 3 meters below the passageway's exit and door was too small for them to jump at the same time. They would have to jump individually to get out. Mace jumped down first, as he planned to catch the younglings as they jumped after him. Timhos would remain behind to jump last. The first child jumped and the master caught him effortlessly. The next one was preparing to jump when Mace's sharp Jedi senses warned him of danger. He turned to look around and saw a trooper who was seemingly ordered to look for them at the outskirts of the Temple. Just as Mace turned to see him, the trooper turned to see the master. In just a split of a second, he fired his blaster rifle, aimed directly at the master. He barely was able to ignite his lightsaber and block the shot, sending it back directly at the trooper's helmet. It was closer than he would've liked, but the trooper's body fell to the ground lifelessly. Mace knew more would come quickly, and so he pressured the younglings to keep jumping. After a few minutes they were all outside and running away from the Temple, finally escaping...

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    IC: Padmé Amidala
    Enroute to Alsakan

    Soon after the skiff reached hyperspeed, Padmé left the cockpit and began to sort through the mess they had left behind on Coruscant. A small living area gave her the refuge she sought. She was more than a little overwhelmed, but she wouldn’t let it show. Her face remained serene as she watched the stars through a small porthole. Her thoughts wandered, back to the smoke filled skies of Coruscant. She had watched as the flames destroyed what she had fought to preserve. Disbelief still blurred the memories, though the truth had now settled in.

    The Empire had already taken the Republic’s place, even in the sky. The ships that had once flown together – as allies – were turned against one another. Anguish knotted her stomach. War and conflict would be inevitable. Any hint of prosperity and glory that the Empire could achieve would be lost in the battles.

    The Alsakan Senator’s interest had helped reassure her. Padmé replayed the conversation with Bail and It was indeed an opportunity. Even if she had misjudged the Alsakan Senator’s goals, she would find a way to rebuild the Republic. She couldn’t let the Republic die. She wouldn’t.

    Padmé would fight for every last planet, every last civilian the Empire attempted to claim. As would the other senators, however many that was. The only ones she had heard from were Bail and Mon Mothma. She silently hoped the other Senators and the Jedi would arrive safely. They would need all the help possible.

    Pulling her eyes away from the small window she turned back to the cockpit’s entrance and glided towards it. A soft beeping started as she made her way back to the co-pilot’s seat. She looked to a small alcove, in it a personal comm system. A name blinked in a vivid blue. A message from Isard, from the Empire. Without a second thought she opened the message and braced herself for the information it contained.

    "<Text Message Begins> <BREAK> Armand Isard to Senator for Naboo Padme Amidala <BREAK> Please forgive a message rather than a personal contact but I am well aware of what concern a visitation by the Director of Intelligence causes even to people who are entirely innocent of any wrongdoing <BREAK> My wife and daughter are forever complaining that my position plays extreme havoc with their social lives <BREAK> You have always been spoken of to me as one of our most level-headed Senators <BREAK> You also share a birth world with our late and much revered Supreme Chancellor <BREAK> He was one of the people who spoke of you in those terms <BREAK> I was also in his confidence regarding his plan for a 'New Order' which we have just seen implemented by the change of nomenclature from 'Republic' to 'Empire' <BREAK> To my understanding the change means very little more than the full implementation of the promises he made during his campaign for election to the Chancellorship <BREAK> I for one very much wish to see the corruption, inefficiency, and waste of resources swept away <BREAK> It seems to have become endemic in recent years and was never fully tackled by the Ruusan Reformations in the first place <BREAK> That is why I supported our late Supreme Chancellor and will support Mas Amedda as our new Emperor

    Her face fell as she read the first portion of his note. He supported this new Empire, where she couldn’t. His words seemed nothing more than a sugar-coated version of the truth. The fire of defensiveness rushed through her. There was nothing she wanted from these so-called ‘Imperials’, and there was nothing they could say to change her allegiance. Padmé took a breath to clear her thoughts and continued to read.

    <BREAK> There is one additional reason why I support the formation of the Empire which I will attempt to get you cleared to be aware of when I have an audience with His Imperial Majesty later today <BREAK> I find it compelling and overriding of any other considerations <BREAK> However it is never discussed outside of a fully shielded office and the supporting evidence never leaves this building so you would have to visit here <BREAK>

    She shook her head, unsure of the proposal. Were they going to trust her, or was it simply a ruse? The choices weighed themselves in her mind. She would never openly ally herself with the Empire; but it would give the Republic a foothold. It might be too late, she realised with a chill. If they truly had intended to give her their trust, her fleeing to Alsakan could destroy any hope of learning their plans.
    Padmé blinked back to the message and read the first few words, a second chill gripping her.

    I know that you met Anakin Skywalker and have kept in touch with him since.

    She breathed and continued with the paragraph. The smouldering temple and smoke filled skies echoed in her mind’s eye.

    Although seen leaving the murder scene in company with Jedi Master Windu Security Holos show that he did not arrive with the assassins <BREAK> It is arguable that he became aware of the plot and went there to prevent the slaying but arrived too late <BREAK> We are keeping a very open mind particularly as he is known to have been a close friend of our late Chancellor <BREAK> Security Holos from the Jedi Temple show him assisting the obviously innocent to evacuate and leaving aboard a shuttle <BREAK> To my current knowledge he is safe and well <BREAK> <Text Message Ends>

    Relief flooded her. He was safe, for now. Even more relieving was that they didn’t seem concerned about his ties to the Jedi or Republic. Padmé closed her eyes and let the news sink in.

    When she opened them the tangle of emotions in her chest seemed to have lessened. If he was safe, she could focus more readily on the Senators and their plans. She absent-mindedly placed a hand on her stomach and turned back to where Bail was sitting.

    She conveyed the information without any emotion, not wanting to give her stance before Bail judged it himself. “The Intelligence Director, Armand Isard, has sent me a message. He claims to want my support and that he has sensitive information relating to the Empire’s formation. He asked me to meet with him in the Senate Offices. I’m afraid if he did intend to ally with us, we have already closed off a valuable source of information by leaving. Of course it could just be a plan to stop our efforts.

    “He also said some of the Jedi have left with Anakin, and are safe in a shuttle off-planet.”

    She pondered over the message again. It seemed far too cordial to be false, but she would have to find a way to prove it wasn't. She hoped they hadn't condemned her already.

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    IC: Timhos Gantry
    Under the Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    I breathe heavily, as we move down the passage as quickly as we can.
    Shuffling along, I'm not much help, and, via the Force, the younglings are taking most of the burden of supporting Zell. The passage is a maze of tunnels, crossing each other apparently at random, and it's difficult to feel my surroundings. I'm glad when Master Windu catches back up to us, because I'm not sure I could have continued to find the way through this maze. But at the same time, it is a reminder of how slowly we have been moving.
    Finally, we reach the point where the passageway links to the outside, depositing us a fair distance from the Temple. But Master Windu, now leading the group, relays the bad news. The tunnel ends narrowly, and several meters from the ground, he tells us. We'll have to drop one at a time. It is another delay, increasing the chance that we might be discovered.
    Windu jumps first, landing with hardly a sound, like a true Master. Tanyata, the youngling who had told me of Zell's condition, jumps next, into the waiting arms of Master Windu. Gruk goes to jump next, with Anji following. Zell will go after her, so Master Windu does not have to support two of the younglings at once, and I bring up the rear, as the 'second-most experienced' of the group.
    However, as Gruk jumps, something goes wrong. I hear a blaster fire and Windu's lightsaber hiss into being, deflecting the shot. Somehow, he catches Gruk as well. He calls up an all clear, but warns us to hurry before reinforcements arrive. Once we all manage to get down, we hurry out of the old building, into the depths of Coruscant.

    "We need to get well away from the Temple," Windu tells the younglings.
    Tanyata looks up at him. "Shouldn't we find some different clothes? We're awfully...conspicuous." She stumbles over the long word.
    "A good idea." He smiles.
    He stops in front of a small storefront, selling clothes for tourists and the remnants of last year's fashion, and leads us in. We hurry towards the back of the shop and Windu begins to gather some relatively nondescript items of clothing. I casually brush my hand along the rack, and suddenly, the world slips away.
    It is an old coat, patched many times. The man who owned it once had loved it dearly, though it was despised by his friends, and it saw him through many dangers and times of distress, and happiness too. And then, in a random accident, he died. And the coat passed through many hands, ending up here.
    I pull my hand away quickly. I'd unconsciously traced my way back through the item's history. My psychometry could distract me at a crucial moment, and I couldn't afford that.
    Master Windu has noticed, however. "Timhos, that coat is fifteen different shades of neon. Hardly an inconspicuous choice."
    "Sorry, Master. The past just caught up with me."
    My hand again brushes across the rack, but I make sure not to let myself become distracted by the past. The materials are quite diverse, leather next to silk and tweed, Tomuon and Veda-cloth, trevella and zeyd-cloth.
    Once suitable clothes have been found for us, we change quickly and hurry on, hiding our robes in the shelves. As we exit the building, Master Windu leaves some credits and makes the shopkeeper forget our arrival there.
    "Master, we need to find medical help for Zell," I remind him. "He's getting worse."
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    IC: Mace Windu
    Coruscant depths

    As the younglings and Padawan Timhos looked through clothes to buy, Mace eyed a blue robe, took it and put it on as he removed his old, torn and blood-dirty brown robe. He put the hoody on and paid the merchant a wealthy fee to keep his mouth shut.

    "Master, we need to find medical help for Zell," Timhos reminded him. "He's getting worse."

    This is exactly what the Master was thinking about. He smiled faintly. "You read my mind, Padawan." He replied, as he began observing his surroundings. They were deep in the city, surrounded by merchants and crowds of all kinds of aliens walking by, minding their own business. Mace knew he wouldn't find medical help anywhere nearby, and the Padawan's condition got worse by the minute.

    He took out his communicator. "Anakin. Anakin, do you read me?"

    "Let's move. We need to find some place where we can rest. We need to at least move away from the crowds to a quieter place... I sense Anakin has not left the planet. If he's close, he'll come to us." The master said, turning to look at the rest of the group.

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    IC: Story Update

    Floating a mere handful of lightyears from Coruscant was another ancient city-world. Alsakan resembled its more well-known cousin, and if one wasn't well informed in the difference between the worlds, they wouldn't be able to tell them apart. This was a major sticking point in the relations between the twin-worlds, and Alsakan had gone to war with Coruscant more than once over it.

    However, they had been stalwart supporters of the Republic, if not their old enemy, even during the Clone Wars. This was readily apparent when the refugees arriving from Coruscant saw a massive fleet floating in orbit of Alsakan. One of the largest Planetary Fleets in the Republic, it had been gathered in orbit of Alsakan in order to keep the planet safe from the turmoil shaking the Galaxy in the wake of the formation of the Empire.

    It was this fleet that greeted Obi-Wan Kenobi as he came out of hyperspace, nearly colliding with a Consular class corvette. The small ship quickly dived to avoid hitting the speeding fighter, nearly colliding in turn with a larger Victory class Star Destroyer. As Alsakan's fleet began to wildly twist and turn to avoid collisions, and figure out if they were being attacked, several of the ships flared their engines and moved forward.

    The red-white ships began to surround the fighter, not knowing who was on board the craft. All the Alsakani ships knew was that this fighter was a Confederate craft, and a few of the crews even recognized it as the ship of General Grevious. Reports claimed he had died fighting the 'traitor' Obi-Wan Kenobi, but anything coming from Coruscant was doubted on Alsakan, even more so now that they were on opposite sides once more. Thus, the fact that various classes of starfighter and ships were moving forward.

    Among the ships was the massive Glory of Alsakan, the Mandator-II class Dreadnought that had been assigned to the planet. This particular ship fired a barrage of blue turbolaser fire at the fighter, none of the shots aiming to hit the craft, just hem it in even further. This was not what Obi-Wan Kenobi had been expecting. Not at all.

    Meanwhile, on the surface of the city-world, a group of Senators were meeting, discussing what the future of their planet(s) would be. They had been at it, ever since it had been announced that the Empire had been formed. It may not have been that long, but they were doing their jobs just as expected of them. And right now, that job was figuring out what to do, in the wake of the announcement.

    "Who here actually believes what Amedda and Isard are saying?" one of the Senators said.

    Naturally, his answer was silence. They wouldn't be here if they had believed what the Empire was saying. Nor would they be 'Senators' any more, they would be the newly instated Moff's.

    "That was about what I expected. So. What will we do now?"

    "The Empire, as much as we may dislike it, is a legitimate government," another Senator pointed out, "we can't do anything about that, not from here or Coruscant. Our 'colleagues' still there won't let us."

    "And starting another war is certainly not in our interest," a third Senator said, "and our esteemed colleague, the Senator of Alsakan, can tell us how fighting a war with Coruscant over control of the Republic (or Empire) goes."

    For his part, the Alaskan Senator didn't even flinch. His planet did have a history of fighting losing war's with Coruscant over control of the Republic. Anyone with any grasp of Core History knew that much. However...this might just be the thing that changed that. They didn't have to fight Coruscant. There were other ways.

    "While a war isn't in our interest, we don't want to join or serve the Empire...correct?" the man asked.

    Again, the answer was silence.

    "So I thought. We also can't argue that the Empire is the successor to the Republic in legal terms. And none of us want to join or form another Separatist movement."

    The Senator took a breath. This would be the big part of his speech...and what would likely see them through the tough times ahead.

    "Knowing this...I propose we begin drafting up a new Constitution. The Republic as we know it is gone. However, we can form a Government in Exile. While I would suggest waiting for Senator's Organa, Mothma, Bel Iblis, and Amidala to accept my invitation, I still propose we begin work to declare a Republic in Exile."

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    IC: Anakin Skywalker - Coruscant airspace

    Anakin was flying in from above the Jedi Temple when his communicator crackled to life. " Anakin, do you read me?" Recognizing Master Windu's voice, he let out a short sigh of relief.

    "Yes, Master, I read you. What is your location?" He could sense him somewhere below, but it was Coruscant, and the shuttle he was flying was a far cry from his starfighter in both speed and maneuverability. Even so, he took it down to the level of the Temple while he awaited the Master's reply. He sensed that Master Windu's presence was surrounded by others, most likely the rest of the younglings that hadn't made it off the planet in the first wave. Good thing I brought the shuttle, he thought.

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    IC: Mace Windu
    Coruscant depths

    Fortunately, Anakin's voice was heard through the comm in minutes. "Yes, Master, I read you. What is your location?"

    Mace was relieved to hear the young Knight's voice sooner rather than later. "We are about 5 kilometres away from the Temple's southern exit, hidden in the crowds. Padawan Timhos and some younglings are here with me. One of them is in critical condition and needs medical attention immediately. Locate the nearest possible point of extraction and we'll meet you there." The Master ordered, as he urged the group to start moving through the crowds. "Let's be as subtle as we can be. Blend with the crowd, younglings, and we'll be out of here soon." He picked up the injured youngling and started walking casually through waves of people.

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    IC:Timhos Gantry
    Somewhere on Coruscant
    Master Windu leads us on, trying to blend in with the rest of the citizens while we wait for a response from Anakin. Zell has stopped talking and even moving, falling into unconsciousness, and though he wouldn't admit it openly, Master Windu's arm feels damaged. Carrying Zell certainly can't be helping with his own injury. I use the Force to lift Zell the slightest bit, trying to take some of the weight off Windu's arms, but he turns sharply, the fabric of his robe rustling, and tells me to conserve my own strength. I stop, reluctantly.
    Suddenly, Master Windu's comm chimes. He moves to the edge of the walkway, and sets Zell down gently. We continue on a bit, then stop separately.
    "Yes, Master, I read you. What is your location?" Anakin's voice comes through the device.
    "We are about 5 kilometres away from the Temple's southern exit, hidden in the crowds. I have Timhos and some younglings here with me. One of them is in critical condition and needs medical attention immediately. Locate the nearest possible point of extraction and we'll meet you there."
    I feel him approach us, carrying Zell again, and we continue moving.
    I feel Anji tugging on my robes. "Master Timhos?" she says quietly.
    "Something feels wrong. Like we're being watched."
    Master Windu hears. "I noticed them a moment ago. Troopers, wearing robes to disguise themselves. Over on the balcony to the left." The younglings turn to look.
    "Don't ...all look at them. They've seen us. We need to move, now!"
    We move of into a side street, and then turn again, picking up speed. I can feel the troopers moving, well behind us, slowed by the crowd, but still gaining.
    Windu clicks his comlink. "Anakin! Change of plan. We've been spotted, we won't make it to an extraction point in time. I'm taking them to an old safe house. You'll know the one. Can't be sure they aren't listening in, you understand."
    The streets feel smaller, the buildings seem to be leaning towards us.
    We turn into a smaller alley, the walls slanted and the passage tight, brushing my sides and making walking difficult.
    I note the paths. People have come this way before, along the years. Those in need of refuge.
    Master Windu stops, and I nearly run into him. He mutters to himself, apparently trying to find the entrance.
    I focus more carefully on the paths. A few simply passed through the alley, trying to evade pursuers, but the paths of most, throughout the years, turn to the right, putting their limb at a specific point and then entering a small passage to the building.
    I reach my hand up, pushing where I feel the spot to be, the Force guiding me. A faint click, and the smell of stale air. The passage has opened.
    Master Windu looks up. "How did you know how to open it?" he asks as we hurry in.
    "It's what the past did."
    The building is apparently abandoned. I hobble into the room and collapse where I feel a small couch. My hand comes away covered in cobwebs, and I feel no recent paths. Nobody has been here for many years.
    Tensely, we wait, hoping Master Skywalker received Windu's transmission and that the soldiers do not track us here.

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    IC: Vice-Admiral Karreal Thom
    Coruscant Orbit

    The Valour was still flying. Though the powerful blasts of cobalt energy had damaged the hull and shields, they were far from being unable to fight. Karreal had received orders from both the newly-crowned Emperor and Isard to disable the ships; and along with those orders came reinforcements. The Open Circle fleet was struggling to hold up underneath the Empire's heavy fire.

    “Ma’am!” Karreal whirled around to a row of crew members. A young man watching the radars looked to her. “They’re leaving.”

    She stepped towards them and scanned the radar, before pacing back to the centre of the bridge. Her mind was fully focussed on the battle now. She barely gave notice of the crewmen and a cold edge crept into her voice. “Continue the attempts to disable shields and then focus on disabling the hyperdrive generators. And track their trajectory if possible.” she instructed. “Open a channel to the rest of the fleet."

    “Yes ma’am,” came the acknowledgement from behind her.

    Another rapid round of blue headed towards the fleeing ships. For a brief moment, Kay almost gave the order to follow them. She shook her head. The notion was foolish; even if they located them the Valour couldn’t hold the fight on its own. Their shields were already nearing a dangerous low. The other fleets on the route would have to take over.

    The Open Circle ships that hadn’t blinked into hyperspace were still being barraged with rounds of laserfire. One of the remaining ships lost its shields, two of its engines being instantly targeted and blasted into oblivion. Within seconds it too vanished, the damage not enough to stop it. It left the space above Coruscant empty, save for debris and the Imperial fleet.

    Karreal pursed her lips and watched the empty space for a moment before turning back to the crew. "Keep alert, there may be more ships."

    She walked to the comm and punched in a code. "Vice-Admiral Thom of the RSS Valour requesting contact with High Command. The Jedi have fled from Coruscant, travelling galactic east. Several ships' systems were damaged. The Valour was unable to pursue. Ending transmission."
    With a quick motion she ended the message and looked to another crewman, working with the comm system. "Send a repair request to the nearest shipyard."

    He nodded, quickly beginning work on the task. Karreal moved back to the centre of the bridge and waited for her response.

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    IC: Story Update (again)

    While the rest of the Galaxy continued on much as they always had (though there were problems with the formation of the Empire), Byss prepared for war. Numerous warships of varying classes and ages floated in orbit of the dark-side choked world. There were Imperator class Star Destroyers, the first of their kind having been discreetly transferred to Byss. Captured Confederacy ships, Munifcients, Providences, Recusants...all repainted a flat-grey like their larger counterparts. Dwarfing even these ships were the larger Kuati warships like the Procusator and Praetor class battlecrusiers. Thought long-retired, they had been gathered at Byss and modernized to provide a heavy striking force, should they be needed before newer warships could come into production.

    These ships floated in orbit, guarding their prize. The Imperial Citadel, home of a large cloning facility with a singular that Chancellor (now Emperor despite Amedda's claim) Palpatine survive. Inside the imposing fortress, Count Dooku walked the halls towards the cloning facility. He had landed earlier to make sure he was in the Citadel to greet his Master whenever his spirit arrived. If it arrived...even Palpatine himself had not been certain he had mastered essence transfer to the point where he could 'detach' his soul and transfer to one of the clones.

    Yet even so, Dooku entered the cloning facility, silent apart from the machines supporting the lives of Palpatine's bodies. As the Count walked amongst the many pods, he saw clones at every stage of life. A handful had aged to the point they were older that even he was, and would have to be disposed of. The younger clones were ready to be 'born' however, though not one of them showed any sign of life.

    "I wonder just what you were planning Master," the Count mused, having not been privy to this particular plan until very late in the war.

    None of the clones answered him...though Dooku hadn't expected them to. He would continue to wait, wait and observe the turmoil shaking the Galaxy. And when his master returned...they would swoop in and take the Empire and Confederacy back and resume their roles as leaders of the Galaxy.

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    IC: Alsakan Forces
    Alsakan Orbit

    In the meantime, another fleet of ships was scrambling to corner an intruder in their midst. Aboard one of the Alsakani ships, a Jedi Knight felt the rattling as the engines flared, wondering what was going on. This Jedi Knight was Onyx Black, assigned to Alsakan earlier in the war, now she was grateful for that. As anyone would be, knowing what had happened to Jedi on the front lines and on Coruscant.

    But now, she had to figure out if they were under attack. The blaring alarms kind of gave that impression, but it could be something as innocuous as a ship suffering engine failure the fleet needing to move out of the way. So, in the effort to discover what was going on, the Jedi ran to the bridge. She would emerge in time to see a barrage of blue fire shoot out into space, though the target was too small to visually see.

    "Hem that fighter in men! Don't let him escape!" the Captain shouted.

    "Yes sir! Glory of Alsakan reports that they have forced the fighter to move towards their ship!"

    Into this, Onyx Black came, though who knew how she would react. And, with the target of all this fire being a Jedi Master...could she sense him in the Force?

    IC: Clone Commando CC-342

    In another Core World, a group of Clones marched down the streets. Alderaan had yet to declare support for the Empire, but it still had some Republic forces stationed on the world. 'Protectors' as the planet had determined it would abandon any weaponry after the end of the Clone Wars. This particular group were Clone Commanders, sent to arrest their liaison with the Jedi Order.

    "Who actually believes this osik about the Jedi being traitors?" one of the Commando's questioned.

    "Not our place to question it, we just follow our orders," the Commander replied.

    "Even when they are a load of osik?"

    "Especially when they are."

    A handful of the Commando's laughed at that. They weren't the mindless drones the Spaartii clones were, and it showed in this type of talk. Questioning the orders could be continued treason, yet none of them cared. And why should they? Commando's took too long to train and were too valuable to not give them some more leeway than regular Clones had.

    And this particular group had their work cut out for them. Despite what the Commander had said, none of them really wanted to arrest General Jezrai...but orders were orders. Even so...

    "Shab it all. We know that some of our brothers have supported the Jedi. The entire shabla Open-Circle Fleet rebelled," one of them complained.

    None of them argued that point. Each of the Commando's was in their own world right now...their indoctrination and morals waging a fierce war to see what would happen when they reached the home of their General. Which they did within minutes of the last question.

    "General Jezrai!!" the Commander called out, "we are here to..."

    At that he trailed off. The Commando's had finally reached a decision...and kriff the consequences.

    "Escort you to safety. We aren't going to turn you in to the Empire."

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    OOC: I thought even in this 'what if' RPG Anakin had killed Dooku... Guess not! :p @Skywalker_T-65

    IC: Mace Windu
    Abandoned Warehouse,

    The building was completely empty, just as Master Windu thought. No signs that anyone or anything had lived there in more than a handful of years. Mace knew better than to get comfortable, though. He knew it was unlikely the troopers had lost sight of them, and that they were probably preparing their attack at that very moment.

    "Don't make yourselves comfortable. This isn't over. I doubt the troopers lost sight of us so easily." He said sharply to the rest of the group, as he walked around the area, scouting it. "This was a warehouse for the Black Sun about ten years ago. I dealt with their black market dealers who had their spice hidden here. I figured it would still be empty... But I chose this hiding place for a specific reason: there is a way out of here unknown to everyone but me and the now jailed Black Sun spice dealers. Even I had trouble finding this secret door, which leads directly to Docking Bay 84 in the Coruscant Spaceport. As you may have noticed, the floor of this abandonded building is completely black," he continued explaining looking for the hidden door, his eyes on the floor as he walked and felt it with his feet, apparently searching for something. "There is a switch so small that it is barely visible to the naked eye. It opens the former Black Sun's hidden passageway. Only those who know of its exact location or those powerful in the Force will be able to find it..." He said, focused, moving his feet swiftly and calmly through the floor. It seemed like the Force was guiding the Jedi Master, showing him where the trigger was. "There." Triumphantly, he moved his right feet in a circle pattern and a low 'click' echoed through the warehouse. "Now, you'd think the door was somewhere near the switch. It's not. The door's unlocked, now you'd have to find it... But I know where it is, only because I've been here before." Mace walked towards another part of the black floor. He leaned down and opened a small, square-shaped door which was the exact same colour as the floor. The door was built around the floor, and there was no way to discover its existence by merely observing the floor.

    "Seems like today you've learned a lot about secret passageways, children." He said, a crooked smile on his face. Master Windu, although generally a very serious Jedi who hardly ever smiled, had his way with younglings. "Now, go. Go inside." He ordered, as he gently pushed the younglings down the hidden path. "Padawan. You, as well. Take the injured child and go inside."

    "But Master, I sense the danger. The troops are probably about to---"

    "I said go. That's an order, Padawan. Docking Bay 84 is ancient. It will be abandoned. Take the comm and contact Anakin when you're there." Timhos hesitated, but took the comm and went down the path.

    Just as the Padawan and the rest of the younglings entered the passageway and Mace closed the door behind them, an explosion sent the door to the entrance of the warehouse flying away, and five troopers entered, all aiming at the Jedi Master and prepared to engage.

    The former Grand Master ignited his purple-bladed lightsaber, and the hissing sound of the Jedi's weapon seemed to startle one of the troopers for a very brief moment.

    "Sir, the target is on sight. Permission to fire." One of the troopers spoke through a comm. "Permission granted, soldier."

    Before the trooper could even look up again to aim, the Jedi Master was already in the air. He jumped high, and came down right in the middle of their formation, decapitating one of them before the others could react. When the remainig four troopers turned their blaster rifles to shoot at their unexpectedly close opponent, Mace stabbed another trooper in the chest as he simultaneously used the Force to send the third one flying to the roof, crashing and breaking his neck. Two troopers remained. He could sense their fear: as trained and skilled as they were, the troopers were terrified of the Jedi Master. They stepped back, firing. Mace Windu deflected the blaster bolts as he approached the troopers. He Force-choked them, again simultaneously, but let go of them before killing them. The pair dropped to their knees catching their breath, and Mace kicked their rifles away.

    "You have eliminated Master Windu," he said almost peacefully, waving his hand at the troopers as he did.

    "We have eliminated Master Windu." Both troopers replied calmly, as if they were speaking to a friend.

    He then used the Force to create a massive push and unleashed it, sending them flying out of the warehouse and back to the streets where they came from.

    The Jedi Master had used all his remainig energy disposing of the troopers. He was clearly exhausted this time; his injuries were finally catching up to him. He knew he also needed medical attention as soon as possible. His fight with the Dark Lord had left him very limited, combatwise. He couldn't take much more. This would have been much easier if not... My injuries... I can't fight again before healing up, he thought. Fortunately, his injuries could be cured. He simply needed the bacta before they continued to get worse. He walked slowly---almost limping---towards the hidden black door, opened it and entered, closing the door behind him.

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    Beast Squad


    Name: CC-342 aka Kov'nyn [KOHV-neen]
    Bio: The leader of the Beast Squad. Earned the name Kov'nyn (translates into headbutt) when he headbutted a former squad member during a training session in order assert his leadership. Since then, he's never had to headbutt another squad member. Original member of the Beast Squad. Called Kov for short. Kaminoan clone, trained by the Cuy'val Dar.

    Name: CC-343 aka Dini'la [dee-NEE-lah]
    Bio: The explosives expert for the Beast Squad. Earned the name Dini'la (translates into insane) due to his unusual liking for killing, and insanely unorthodox methods during training sessions. The Cuy'val Dar say only he could pull off such crazy tactics and still be alive. Original member of the Beast Squad. Called Dinii (translates into lunatic) for short. Kaminoan clone, trained by the Cuy'val Dar.

    Name: CC-512 aka Jarkiv [JAR-keev]
    Bio: The medic for the Beast Squad. Earned the name Jarkiv (translates into charisma) when one of the Cuy'val Dar sarcastically saying he has so much jarkiv for his 'bland personality'. Although his 'bland personality' ironically fits the stereotype of a 'heartless sniper' due to his preference to use a sniper rifle. Regardless he does have his small jokes to go with his quiet persona. Formerly a member of the Haran Squad, joined the Beast Squad when two members of the Haran Squad were killed during a mission during the fourth month of the Clone Wars. Called Jar for short. Kaminoan clone, trained by the Cuy'val Dar.

    Name: CC-809 aka Shonar [SHOW-nar]
    Bio: The slicer for the Beast Squad. Earned the name Shonar (translates into wave) due to his ability to seemingly be like another wave in the ocean of a battle. A similar reference to the 'motion of the ocean' phrase. Former member of the Ruus Squad, joined the Haran Squad when three members of the Ruus Squad were killed in a mission during the first month of the Clone Wars. Three months later, Shonar and Jarkiv joined the Beast Squad. Kaminoan clone, trained by the Cuy'val Dar.

    OOC: I will get my post up in a bit, just wanted to get this up for the Commandos
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    IC: Vydraa Jezrai
    Location: Temporary Homestead on Alderaan

    His eyes flew wide awake.

    He sat still, legs crossed.

    He could feel the familiar presence of the Beast Squad nearing his homestead.

    He frowned as he couldn't tell from their sense of anxiety was because they were here to kill him or not.

    Earlier he felt the immense disturbance in the Force, and had learned from the Holonet of the 'coup', clones killing Jedi, and the Republic becoming and Empire. He tried to comm Yoda and other members of the Council but no one had replied. Because Alderaan hadn't chosen a side he didn't feel the need to make haste right away yet...especially when an attempt on his life hadn't been made yet. Of course that was due to him being at his homestead alone, and the order finally made it's way here, as it was evident in the nearing presence of the Beast Squad.

    Over the years of the Clone Wars, Vydraa had worked closely with numerous Commando Squads. Inadvertently he became the liason between the Jedi and the Commandos. It wasn't a widely known fact, but rather kept quiet within the Council. As a result, he wasn't known to many people, even Jedi, throughout the war. With the clones, they took a liking to him as well as he did with them.

    Although there was one squad he worked with the most, and that squad was the Beast Squad. It was because of them, he developed the idea for the self-dubbed 'Art of No Lightsaber' where he focused on learning other forms combat, using different weapons, and utilizing the force rather than rely on his lightsaber. Such forms of combat were learned from the commandos themselves, who being trained by Mandalorians, have given Vydraa priceless knowledge. Although Vydraa never strayed from his studies with lightsaber combat, as became inspired to learn all of the forms. He wanted to be the most versatile combatant, one that could outwit any and every opponent.

    Even more so, the thinking of the commandos and their Mandalorian heritage has begun to make Vydraa think of the Force as a whole rather than Light and Dark. As a result he has learned a few 'Dark' techniques but still, he remains with Order as it's only thing he's known, apart from the recent knowledge he has gained throughout the years of working with the commandos. The closeness, he knew, was felt by both him and the commandos, and he had hoped they wouldn't attempt to kill him especially after all they've been through. He even thinks of himself as one of them, so this was a crucial moment for him.

    As they drew nearer, he could hear the footsteps close in on the door. Then a voice spoke, one he recognized as Kov.

    "General Jezrai!!" he called out, "we are here to..."

    Vydraa held his breath, ready to make an escape should it come to that. The moment seemed to go on forever but finally he heard Kov speak again.

    "Escort you to safety. We aren't going to turn you in to the Empire."

    And he let his breath out, body filling with relief. He stood up and made his way to the door, and opened it slightly. He waited briefly to see if their guns would point up and fire, but they didn't. Instead Kov took off his helmet and gave a small smile. The rest of the squad did the same.

    "Come on, you think we'd believe all that osik? Even if it were true, we know you wouldn't be a part of the so-called 'coup'" Kov sarcastically said the last word with quotation marks.

    "Besides I think we'll have more fun if we are against the Empire, more likely have more blood to spill!" as Dinii said with a hearty laugh, and gave Vydraa a slap on the shoulder.

    Vydraa smiled and returned the slap and said, "I'm glad that you guys have seen through the woven lies. But more so I'm glad you decided not to turn on me. For awhile I've considered you guys...vode." and he held out his hand to Kov. It was the first time Vydraa had called them vode. He'd been meaning to tell them that, and now was a good time as any to say it.

    Kov's smile grew, and he responded "As do we...vod" while giving Vydraa's a firm forearm grasp. Vydraa exchanged the same grasp with Dinii, Shonar, and Jar.

    "Well it's time we move, I doubt Alderaan is going to wait that much longer to make a decision on their allegiance, and I certainly don't want to be around if they side with the Empire. I've tried comming Master Yoda but I've heard nothing yet. I will try to reach him, but for now we should make our way to our ships and get off-planet."

    Vydraa closed the door behind him and drew his hood up. Already wearing his hybrid commando armor with his two lightsaber and two shotos hidden holstered in his forearm plates, he began making his way to the spaceport with the squad following behind him. He reached for his comm, attempting to make contact with Yoda once more.

    Master Yoda, can you hear me? I'm still on Alderaan but making my way off-planet. They haven't made a decision on their allegiance but I'm not sticking around for that. What is our next move?"

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    IC: Timhos Gantry
    Ancient Safe House, Coruscant

    "Don't make yourselves comfortable. This isn't over. I doubt the troopers lost sight of us so easily." Master Windu says. "This was a warehouse for the Black Sun about ten years ago. I dealt with their black market dealers who had their spice hidden here..."
    But before that, long ago, the ancient Jedi used this place as a refuge, a safe haven. Their paths still remain here, oblivious to the passage of time. And another path, a friend of the Jedi, guarding the house, passing down the responsibility along the years...until the last of the descendants allowed the Black Sun to use the site, long lost to the Jedi. And Master Windu came, years ago.
    Master Windu continues, telling of the passageway that leads to a spaceport.
    I can feel where the trigger is, feel the paths that have used it as an escape from this world, or a way to return.
    A click. Master Windu has triggered the latch. He guides us towards the door, joking about secret passages. Suddenly, I feel the paths of the troopers, at the entrance to the alleyway. And if I feel their paths there, they have likely already reached the door.
    "Master, I sense danger! The troopers are outside!"
    "I said go. That's an order, Padawan. Docking Bay 84 is ancient. It will be abandoned. Take the comm and contact Anakin when you're there."
    He places the comm into my hand, then gives me a push towards the exit.
    A sweep of metal, the door is closed behind me. I start to hobble forward.
    Faintly, dampened by the thick metal, I hear the sounds of battle raging outside. I'm not leaving Master Windu.
    "Tanyata, Anji, Gruk. Take Zell ahead, I'll meet you there. Don't exit the passage, wait at the end."
    I hear the door slide up, and turn, igniting my saber. Has Master Windu fallen already?
    "Padawan! I told you to take the younglings!"
    It's Windu. He's alive, though he feels worse for wear. And not happy with me at all.
    "We'll discuss this when we get to safety. Go!"
    I walk along as quickly as I am able. The passage bends slightly almost immediately, and the younglings are waiting behind it.
    "Can none of you follow orders?" Master Windu says, exasperated.
    We continue on towards the landing bay, and the hope of escape.
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    OOC: Random Comments, I recommend you search for Docking Bay 84 on Wookieepedia if you're not familiar with it. You can take advantage of Timhos' special past-sensing powers in here.

    IC: Mace Windu
    Docking Bay 84,

    Mace Windu walked through the passageway and only a couple of steps inside he saw Padawan Timhos approaching to him, his lightsaber ignited. It was obvious that he refused to leave the Jedi Master behind.

    "Padawan! I told you to take the younglings!" He snapped, bothered at the fact that the Padawan disobeyed his orders. "We'll discuss this when we get to safety. Go!"

    They advanced slowly towards the slight bend in the passage. The younglings were there, waiting for the elder Jedi. They were cuddled up and afraid.
    "Can none of you follow orders?" Master Windu said, exasperated. "Come on, let's move."

    The passageway was dark and empty, just as the warehouse before it. The group of Jedi continued to walk through this cold corridor. To them, it seemed like they walked for hours, but in truth it was only 45 minutes.

    "There, the exit." Mace said as he pointed to a small door at the end of the tunnel. They walked the remaining meters and finally reached their destination. Master Windu opened the door to find a clearly abandoned docking bay. The place seemed indeed ancient, as Mace had stated before. Spiderwebs could be seen at every corner, and the floor was more dust than actual steel.
    This docking bay was not only abandoned, it was forgotten.

    "We are safe here." Master Windu said, his voice echoing throughout the docking bay. He walked towards Padawan Timhos and grabbed the comm. "Anakin, I'm transmitting our location now. It's an abandonded docking bay. It's somewhat hidden, so you'll have to focus on spotting it. We'll wait here for your arrival."

    The Master turned to the Padawan, looking at him directly. "Padawan, your actions were not acceptable," He said, frowning. "I know your decision was made with noble intentions, but you disobeyed my order. What do you think would've happened to the younglings---especially to the injured one---if we both had died during that fight?" He asked firmly. "You know the answer. Remember, every order I give always has the intention of saving the most possible lives. You need to think ahead of the situation in hand. Focus on the present and the future, as well as the past, as I know is your specialty."

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    IC: Ahsoka Tano
    Dantooine orbit, Hung Jury

    Ahsoka slid into the top cannon of the Hung Jury as a squadron of V-wings headed their way. She opened up and fired on the V-wings disabling their engines and weapons with carefully calculated shots. One blew up and took another one down with him. "Captain Snarky, let's get this crate into hyperspace. Or I'll come down there and commander the ship myself."

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    IC: Timhos Gantry
    Docking Bay 84, Coruscant

    We step out of the passage into the docking bay. The ground here is more solid than in the tunnel, metallic.
    The bay is quiet, eerily so. Abandoned.
    I feel paths here, but only faintly; ancient ones, long-dead beings who passed this way once. A battle was fought here years ago, and many paths cease here. But all long ago.
    Master Windu informs Anakin of our arrival, then speaks to me.
    "Padawan, your actions were not acceptable. I know your decision was made with noble intentions, but you disobeyed my order. What do you think would've happened to the younglings---especially to the injured one---if we both had died during that fight?" There is a hard edge to his voice. "You know the answer. Remember, every order I give always has the intention of saving the most possible lives. You need to think ahead of the situation in hand. Focus on the present and the future, as well as the past, as I know is your specialty."
    "Yes, Master. I understand. It won't happen again."
    Windu's comm buzzes. Anakin must be contacting him, and he wouldn't do that unless it was an emergency...

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    IC: Anakin Skywalker - Coruscant Airspace

    Anakin slowly edged the shuttle forward, keeping an eye on the patrols while he waited for Master Windu's reply. "We are about 5 kilometres away from the Temple's southern exit, hidden in the crowds. Padawan Timhos and some younglings are here with me. One of them is in critical condition and needs medical attention immediately. Locate the nearest possible point of extraction and we'll meet you there."

    Anakin looked out over the crowded walkways. Point of extraction? 5 kilometres was hardly enough distance to land a shuttle without someone noticing. Moving the shuttle back under cover of the buildings, he started on a parallel course to the one they had taken, scanning the area. He knew there would be patrols in all of the docking bays to intercept any survivors, and he couldn't exactly land a shuttle just anywhere. Thankfully, Windu appeared to have taken care of the "point of extraction".

    "Anakin, I'm transmitting our location now." Anakin watched as the coordinates scrolled across his display. "It's an abandoned docking bay. It's somewhat hidden, so you'll have to focus on spotting it."

    "You don't say," Anakin muttered.

    "We'll wait here for your arrival."

    "Yes, Master. I'm on my way." He'd already passed their location, so he brought the shuttle around, and came in from the opposite direction. He slowed as he approached, until the shuttle came to a full stop at the exact coordinates he had been given. Looking around for a moment, he realized he was hovering above the docking bay Master Windu had spoken of.

    "Master, I'm right on top of you. Can you open the bay enough for me to bring the shuttle down?"

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    IC: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Above Alsakan

    Obi-Wan had sensed no danger before dropping out of hyperspace. Perhaps he hadn't been looking for it, since he trusted Master Yoda's counsel, since there was no reason to expect danger from a place like Alsakan - unless, of course, you were Coruscant.

    The sheer size of the Alsakan fleet caught him off-guard, as did the immediate sense of alarm and danger. He fought to bring the unfamiliar craft out of a collision course, then another, then another, and, distracted doing such, mistook the Force's warnings as being directed towards him.

    Laser blasts illuminated the darkness around his ship, but didn't damage his stolen fighter. The shots had come from a ship he tentatively identified as the Glory of Alsakan... which he knew practically nothing about. What he did know was that there ought be a Jedi assigned to the planet, though who it was he didn't know. That was, if Alsakan really was safe. If they hadn't been turned on and killed. If they were even still there, after all the losses on the Rim.

    When it became clear a moment later that the dreadnought wasn't firing to hit, Obi-Wan divided his attention between the controls - flying towards the Glory - and activating the communications to the ship that had fired on him. While he'd gotten a message to Master Yoda, it wouldn't surprise him if the communicator decided to break on him now; things had a habit of going wrong at precisely the worst moment.

    He activated the comm and spoke immediately: "Attention, Glory of Alsakan, this is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am travelling in General Grievous' ship and I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop firing at me." He took a breath to centre himself and reached out to the thousands of people in the ships above Alsakan, trying to feel the spike of danger that would come if they turned on him.

    But there! A Jedi, on the ship ahead. It was a relief, after sensing so many deaths in the Force, that still some Jedi lived. Hopefully Obi-Wan would continue to be one of those living Jedi, but that mostly - at the moment - depended on the dreadnought not incinerating him.

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    IC: Bail Organa
    En route to Alsakan

    Padmé left the cockpit not long after entering hyperspace, and Bail gave her the privacy she deserved by not following her out just yet. There was a great deal to do, but they needed the other Senators - former Senators, he supposed - before they could move forward. For now, he did what he could. In this case, that meant going through the multitude of datacards in his pockets and hoping that his aides had saved the rest of the data. They would be en route to Alderaan, hand-delivering some of the more sensitive data to Breha.

    Breha. Bail could only hope that she was safe, that his walking out on the new Emperor wouldn't cause their detachment of clone troops to attack her or their people. That was the real danger of this split - at any moment, the Emperor could order the fleet to bombard the planets they protected, the ones that seceded, and they would be helpless. The royal Alderaanian guards may need to prove their reputation soon.

    He blinked away those thoughts and returned to the task at present. The separation from the new Empire was going to be a long, long journey, but they had to start rebuilding a government sooner rather than later. That meant choosing a leader, sorting out which of the tens of thousands of systems were with them or with the Empire, and likely it would be as slow as in the Republic of old. and to build a government that would survive the Empire, that meant supporting the Jedi.

    Bail put down the datapad as Padmé came to speak with him.

    “The Intelligence Director, Armand Isard, has sent me a message. He claims to want my support and that he has sensitive information relating to the Empire’s formation. He asked me to meet with him in the Senate Offices. I’m afraid if he did intend to ally with us, we have already closed off a valuable source of information by leaving. Of course it could just be a plan to stop our efforts.

    “He also said some of the Jedi have left with Anakin, and are safe in a shuttle off-planet.”

    He rubbed his chin as he considered the information. Isard's message was unexpected, especially confirming that some of the Jedi escaped, which was only good news for the Republic-in-Exile. The supposed sensitive information, on the other hand... the man could be speaking truthfully, but there was no way he'd let Padmé return to Coruscant.

    "It is likely a ruse, but if what Director Isard says is true, then it would probably be safe to return. You could claim you left out of fear for your safety and not from an intention to abandon the Empire, but I don't think it's best to go back until we have a solid grasp of the situation. Even then, someone else should go in your place.

    "As for the Jedi... this is good news. We'll need their support, and likely their protection. I just hope we can protect them until they assemble."

    And in the meantime, hope that the Empire wouldn't destroy them all.

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    IC: Mace Windu
    Docking Bay 84,

    "Master, I'm right on top of you. Can you open the bay enough for me to bring the shuttle down?"
    Mace Windu heard Anakin's voice through the comm. "Stand by, Anakin. Let me see what we can do."

    As the Jedi Master said this, he started looking for some switch around the bay which would open the massive doors acting as ceiling. He found it on the left corner of the bay, and walked towards it rapidly. He moved the switch to open the doors, but it didn't work. The doors were so ancient the switch didn't work. A loud metallic crack was heard, indicating the doors wouldn't even nudge.

    "We'll have to open the doors manually... And by manually I mean with the Force." The Jedi Master said sharply to Padawan Timhos. "That includes you, as well, younglings. I'm injured and exhausted; I can't open the massive doors on my own right now. I know you have only just started your training and can do little invidividually, but all of you together can make a difference." He continued, explaining. The younglings seemed confused and a little surprised that the Jedi Master was asking this. "You're all very strong, younglings. I can feel your potential. I know you can do it." His words were loud and full of hope in an attempt to motivate the younglings.

    Together, they use the Force to open the bay's huge doors and allow Anakin to enter. Slowly, the space for the shuttle to land becomes wider and wider.


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    IC: Onyx Black - Corusca - Alsakan Orbit

    Onyx ran to the bridge of the Corusca, arriving just in time to hear the captain shout, "Hem that fighter in men! Don't let him escape!"

    Onyx looked out through the viewport, seeing a barrage of fire, but no target. "Yes sir! Glory of Alsakan reports that they have forced the fighter to move towards their ship!" So it's a starfighter...

    Turning to the captain, she asked quietly, "Captain, why are we attacking a fighter? Is it a threat to us?"

    The man looked up, then back at his control panel. "General Black. We don't know what that fighter could be carrying, and it is our duty to keep our planet safe. Not to mention the loyal senators who have gathered here. I am sure you would not wish us to risk all of that for the peace of mind of one pilot?"

    Onyx lifted her chin. The captain's condescending tone clearly indicated that he considered her unfit for her current command, and she had never taken well to being put in her place. However, instead of responding, she turned her attention to the distant starfighter. Perhaps she could figure out what it was that had caused her to question the fleet commander's decision as soon as she arrived. Stepping away, she seated herself, then closed her eyes and let her body relax, focusing her energy toward that goal.

    Her concentration cracked for a moment as the captain again issued orders to his crew. She absorbed enough to know that the pilot was in imminent danger, and she quickly refocused her efforts, her brow furrowing as doubt began to creep in. Just as she was ready to give up, Onyx felt a connection as the pilot sensed her, and she leapt to her feet in an instant.

    "Captain, get me a comm channel to the Glory. And hold your fire."

    Clearly exasperated, the captain did as he was told, albeit unwillingly. When the connection was established, Onyx quickly said, "Glory of Alsakan, this is Onyx Black. That pilot is a Jedi, and does not pose a threat to any of us."

    IC: Anakin Skywalker - Coruscant Airspace

    "Stand by, Anakin. Let me see what we can do," Mace Windu replied a moment later.

    "Standing by, Master." As he waited, Anakin's thoughts drifted back to Padme. He doubted she was in danger, but he still could not stop worrying about her. He had been so tempted on the flight back here to return to her apartments instead of locating Master Windu and the group with him. As sure as he was that what he had chosen was right, he could not keep the doubts at bay. Would he live to regret this decision? Would Padme tell him he had done what was good and right, or would she feel betrayed by him? What if Padme wasn't as safe as he believed?

    As seemed to be the norm, and perhaps for the best, he was interrupted before he could finish his train of thought. The roof of the hangar bay was slowly sliding open, accompanied by a grating sound that he was sure was going to attract patrols. "Hurry up, Master. You're going to bring the entire Empire down on us."

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    IC: Armand Isard
    'Working' Office, Directorate of Intelligence - Coruscant.

    According to the updates, the hunt for Windu wasn't going well. He'd made use of a secret passageway to give the pursuit the slip and was now 'whereabouts unknown' along with his Sentient Shields.

    Well, Isard could definitely do something about that! First order of business was to instruct Commander Havoc to re-open the secret passageway (using explosives - or a recovered Lightsaber - if necessary) and instruct one of the special R2 Units to track the fugitives by their heat emissions, with the specially-equipped Troopers following behind. The second was to order blanket coverage of a twenty klik radius centred on the Jedi Temple by ARC-170s and troop-carrying LAAT/i Gunships; that area also being declared a mandatory no-fly zone, with any non-compliant Speeder or Vessel subject to being forced down - if necessary, shot down or rammed.

    On a hunch, he also requested Coruscant Security Force to disclose any knowledge they held about disused or suspected-criminal-operated Landing facilities within that area - particularly any associated with the suspected traitor and assassin Mace Windu. A platoon of Troopers, with Sniper and Heavy Weapon support was to be sent to each disclosed location. The troops were instructed to only target Windu, not any others with him, and to shoot to incapacitate if possible, otherwise to shoot to kill!

    A little later, Isard was contacted by the Communications Division with the information that Comm signals on Jedi frequencies had recently been detected. The transmissions were encrypted, naturally, but the slicer-droids had managed to brute-force it. Keywords of 'Anakin' and 'Master' had been identified. The Comms people had included the frequency being used and the recovered encryption algorithm (which they hoped was complete enough to permit two-way communications) for his use. Some very competent people in those third-floor offices; Isard noted to himself for their later commendation!

    "Armand Isard to Master Anakin Skywalker! I do not think that you have yet become so deeply embroiled in recent events that a skilled Advocate would be unable to disentangle you. However, if you assist Windu to evade capture and trial, you will, in my estimation, cross that line!

    For your information, Windu has attacked Grand Army Troopers without any form of provocative action on their part. I am informed that some of them were choked to death. He has also used those in his company as Sentient Shields. All of those activities are entirely inconsistent with what I understand to be the Jedi Way.

    It is looking increasingly unlikely that Windu consulted Master Yoda, Master Kenobi or any other off-world High Council member before setting out on his mission of murder. We have the communications records from the Temple, and they show no outgoing communications at all during that time period. There is also the point that the war with the Separatists is still ongoing; so the conditions requiring the Supreme Chancellor to give up the Emergency Powers voted him by the Senate had patently not been met. Those conditions still have not been met!

    I therefore think it entirely possible that Windu has fallen victim to the same malady as overtook the one apprentice who was claimed to have mastered Windu's peculiar Lightsaber Form; and that he may be mentally unstable!

    Isard was guessing a little here, but he'd seen the record of Depa Billaba having been returned to Coruscant from her assignment on Haruun Kal; but not of her redeployment, despite every experienced Jedi having been needed on the front lines. Nor had she been mentioned since! Both argued in the direction of an embarrassing fall from grace.

    Also for your information, Jedi who were uninvolved with the assassination plot (which classification includes the Padawan and Younglings currently being utilised as Windu's Sentient Shields) have nothing to fear from the Empire. The Emperor himself has granted a grace period for all uninvolved Jedi to come forward, without fear of harm, to demonstrate that fact, and either return to Government Service or to settle on a world or worlds of their own choosing - and send representatives from those worlds to the Senate; which has now been renamed the 'Court of Moffs'.

    I personally deeply regret the casualties, on both sides, that occurred during the confusion following the assassination of our Revered Supreme Chancellor. We both know, from history, that such incidents are highly likely to occur at such times of tension; and that actual wars have been started that way.

    Another thing that you do not know about at present is that the violent species you heard about on your very first away-mission as a Padawan has been confirmed as having been active elsewhere in the Galaxy; in what seems to have been an exploratory, probing, attack. We even have holo-recordings of their savagery and brutality. In my opinion, we will need every Jedi we can get should they decide to go from probing to full-scale assault. We will also need to be a united Galaxy, with an even stronger Military capability than we have at present.

    So, Master Skywalker, I ask you to consider your next actions very carefully indeed. I would intensely dislike having to inform Senator Amidala that you had been killed, seriously injured or become a proscribed traitor and suspected assassin yourself! She, and many of her Senatorial colleagues have left Coruscant - I believe for Alsakan - but there is absolutely no reason why they cannot come and go as they please. I have had the Emperor's personal assurance that they have broken no law by absenting themselves from the Court of Moffs, nor are they considered disloyal for taking that action because of a point of principle.

    Isard thought his use of the 'Master' honorific was a nice touch, considering what he knew of Anakin's personality. It was even technically correct, as he had been Master to a Padawan. It also just happened to be the normal formal and respectful mode of address between beings who had not yet got to know each other!

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    IC: Malcolm Shade
    The Hung Jury, Dantooine Orbit

    For being a backwater planet with little to no action, Dantooine planetary control sure responded without a hitch. They were on him like fleas on a bantha's behind as soon as he broke out of the atmosphere and before he could react to their intercept course, they were launching fighters.

    Damn, they were good. Very, very good. A frown crossed Malcolm's rugged features as he flipped a switch and sent the Jury into a series of evasive maneuvers in an attempt to shake the new pests. Several of the pilots were not able to keep up with his antics, but that didn't stop control from sending more at him. He spotted a new set of fighters quickly approaching outside the forward viewport. They were no doubt trying to box him in before locking him in a tractor beam - a routine procedure for any stock or freighter pilot familiar with this sort of thing. Too bad Malcolm was anything but routine.

    What he was about to do might be considered crazy to most, but Malcolm was different. Where a regular pilot might shy away from stunts that might be considered suicidal, Malcolm had a knack for pulling off the impossible - partly due to a certain characteristic that he didn't like to flaunt to the rest of the galaxy, especially when hauling a Jedi. There was a chance that Tano would pick up on his 'trick,' but he had to take that chance if it meant saving lives.

    Taking in a deep breath, Malcolm began to focus as he slowly rested his hand above the lever that would send them sailing into hyperspace. He had to remain calm and focused…he had to feel the space around him and envision their course in order to guide them safely to the other side. It was a monumental task, one that was causing beads of sweat to well up on his forehead as he continued to concentrate. Almost there…he could see it now…an open lane that would send them to freedom…

    A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth for the briefest of moments before the window opened. He might have heard Tano call to him from the hold, but he ignored her and punched the lever forward. The freighter shuddered under his touch as it lurched into hyperspace…blind.

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    IC: Ahsoka Tano
    The Hung Jury, blind hyperspace jump

    Ahsoka climbed out of the cannon and headed towards the cockpit. She sensed and knew exactly what he did and she was a little eerie about this move. She walked up to Malcolm with a serious expression. "Is it my imagination or did you just jump blindly?"

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