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    **OOC: Sorry for not posting before. I've been...away.**

    IC: Darth Wrath
    Holo-net substation Interior

    "Someone's tried to sabotage this," Wrath said, finishing off the cables. "Probably whoever took that focusing lens." She moved so Thorn and Jex could look in as she worked. "Not sure how current you are on this but the server relays had been shut down by computer. That means...got it." Wrath managed to bypass it and the holo of Revan appeared for a second before power was cut. "No, now what?" Tess looked in and saw from the dim light the server relay overloaded the system. "The system should not do that, my best guess is the power setting had been changed so short out with everything running normally." She looked again and found a possible solution. "Give me some time, I can dactivate the defenses so we can restore power." Given the mercenaries outside, that might not be welcome news but without power it couldn't be fixed by computer. "Get your sabers ready," she told Thorn and Jex, "the mercs will know something's up."

    Tag: Thorn, Vidious, Tremarius, Jex
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    Sorry all, but due to inactivity I'm resigning from this one. Best of luck to everyone, and I'll see you down the road.
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    Yeah, I'm going to have to go as well. This hit the fan. GL all
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    I'm sorry to hear this is going downhill, for I enjoyed the RPG.

    Just for you to know, I'll be here when you return. :D

    Until then. [face_peace]
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