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Star Wars Senate Aflame

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chewbacca89, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Escape Pod in Corellian Space

    "Excellent, Watcher Two, Rusty is uploading the data right now to Senator Vizsla and Master Finnwerk. Do you want me to pick you up before we head back to Duros?"

    Mir maneuvered the escape pod away from the battle, figured out his coordinates, and killed the engine and power once he was safely away from any possible danger. He had turned everything off on the escape pod to reduce any chance of being detected by other vessels. Mir activated to the group comm channel with Sol and Malkuth. "Watcher Three I'm sending you my coordinates, I've shut down the escape pod and..." Mir broke off the sentence as he noticed the Vong Empire vessels beginning to leave Corellian space and go into hyperspace. "Looks like their done and already moving out. Watcher One, what's our next move?"

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  2. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Shira A'dola
    Space surrounding Sarapin

    Shira rubbed her face wearily, tired grey eyes going through numerous data records. She hadn't slept in days. She had too much to do, between making sure the Empress' defenses were airtight, overseeing her protection personally, trying to figure out where James' holocron had come from and how it got from Point A to Point B and any other points between the two. And she was having a ghastly time ordering a new spider droid, since hers had been destroyed in the first attack.

    Her comm-unit flashed, signifying the Empress' desire to speak with her. Sighing, she gathered up the files and slipped them into her bag which she slung over her shoulder. Calling her glass of Corellian Ale to her hand, she sipped it as she walked down the corridors to the Empress' office room. Sensing she was talking to someone inside, she simply sat and leaned back into a chair by the door, knowing the Empress will call her when she's ready.

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  3. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Commander Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Corellia, With Hapan Task Force

    This isn't good. Fuel's running low.

    Kal did the mental math in his head though his Predator's onboard computer told him everything that he needed to know. Not only had the battle for Corellia been a long one, it had been a draining one. Nerves, torpedoes...fuel. According to his calculations, he wasn't going to have enough fuel to make it to any of the nearby Imperial worlds for sanctuary.

    The problem isn't just the battle. We had been at the end of our patrol before the Vong jumped and when they did, we were forced to join in. No proper refueling. And so...we're low.

    He made a check with the other members of his remaining fighter wing. Same situation all across the board. It was going to be impossible for them to make it to a proper, Imperial refueling station or any kind of Imperial-held world to rearm and refuel. The reinforcing fighters and bombers that had participated during the middle of the battle were not in such dire straits though so they could make it. Trying to think of a solution, Kal contacted the one Ardent frigate that hadn't made the jump yet, thinking that it would be able to carry their squadron and a half. He got a negative; the hangar had been damaged due to the explosion of the Gorgon so there was no way that it could properly hold them with its current shape.

    With no other option, Kal turned to the Hapan Battle Dragons. If his memory was correct, the Battle Dragons could hold three squadrons of starfighters each easily. It would still be difficult to fit a full squadron and a half in one of them, but if he separated his squadron, had a few Predators dock with a Battle Dragon each...

    Kal contacted the Battle Dragon that he assumed was the overall command vessel, it having been the one that had allowed him to bring the refugee ships over so that they could safely make the jump to lightspeed. Bringing it up so that he could read the name, Kal activated his comms, "Lorellian, this is Commander Dallin with a request. I have a squadron and a half of TIE Predators that can't make any kind of jump due to low fuel. I'd like to request your assistance to ferry our starfighters to the closest Imperial world or any neutral station so that we may regroup and refuel. Your Battle Dragons are the only ones that can do it."

    "Commander Dallin, standby."

    Knowing that he would probably have to wait for his request to be denied or otherwise, Kal obediently did so. Of course, if whoever was commanding these Battle Dragons denied their request, it was nearly a death sentence. Kal could probably risk shoving what fighters he could into the fast frigate's damaged hangar bay or even dock onto the hull itself but with nearly two squadrons of Predators and the damage it had would be risky to say the least.

    Fortunately, the voice came back on the line with good news. "Commander Dallin, you and your fighters will be allowed to dock."

    Sighing in relief, Kal replied, "Many thanks. I'll divide our fighters and send a portion to each Battle Dragon so that we don't overfill your hangars."

    Once he broke off with the Lorellian, Kal sent word to the rest of his squadron and started dividing them up. Factoring the number of Battle Dragons and the remains of his fighter wing, he could send a flight of Predators to each Battle Dragon which should be able to accommodate them comfortably. With that plan in mind, Kal's fighters broke away from their patrol and, splitting into flights of four Predators, soared towards their designated. For Kal's flight, he chose to dock with the Lorellian. He may need to speak with the overall commanding officer of this task force to go over details of where and when his pilots could be dropped off.

    As he approached the hangar, Kal flicked a switch to bring his Predator's wings back into docking mode while he activated his repulsorlifts. Drifting through the magcon field, his TIE hovered over the gathered Hapan starfighters and Kal glanced left and right to find a proper landing zone. He found one though, as he expected, it was going to be a tight fit. But with his piloting skills, he landed the TIE easily.

    Getting out actually proved to be the hard part. After he had shut down the systems to his Predator, Kal popped the hatch and climbed out of his fighter. He felt the weakness in his knees as soon as he tried to climb down and, though he felt a bit of embarrassment at accepting their help, he needed the assistance of two Hapan crewmembers who had come over to help him climb down to the deck. And when his boots did touch down to the deck itself, his legs gave out entirely when he put his full weight on them. Again, he was fortunate the two Hapans were there to catch him.

    Kal was, admittedly, surprised at how weak he felt even though he shouldn't. Despite all his years in the service in the Empire, he had never participated in a battle that had been as long or as exhausting as the one that just occurred at Corellia. Between the stress, the fear, the loss, and just the physical exertion all around, he was beat.

    Sitting on the deck, with his back leaning against the ball cockpit of his Predator, Kal gave himself a moment to recover. Unclipping his helmet and pulling it from his head, Kal placed it next to him and swiped his hand through his hair. Sweat was tossed from the top of his head and showered onto the floor. Though a ride was generous enough from the Hapans, Kal certainly wouldn't mind a shower, a bed, and food to be thrown on top of that. Something else that he'll make sure to ask for.

    During that time, Zander finally came over and Kal only got back up to his feet when his wingman extended a hand to help him up. Accepting it, Kal was hauled back to his feet. "Thanks Zan. Glad to see you made it too."

    "Glad to see at least one of our squadron leaders made it out," Zander replied which, again, reminded Kal just how many of their people were lost. In a more joking tone, no doubt to help ease the mood, the alien continued with, "Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten this sweet ride."

    Kal forced a corner of his mouth to raise in a smirk before he killed it. Back to business, he told Zander, "Find Five and Seven and see to our fighters. I'm going to see the commanding officer and see what I can get. What world they can drop us off at and, while we're here, maybe some food and a place for us to rest."

    "Sounds good." Rubbing at his chin thoughtfully, Zander looked at some of the Hapan crewmembers walking about. "I certainly won't mind staying a little while."

    Kal chuckled lowly. He knew all too well about Hapan culture and the superiority of the females. And considering this was a Hapan flagship, the women-to-men ratio favored the former when it came to the crew members. Patting his friend on the shoulder, Kal went towards one of the security personnel that was currently overseeing them. Just because the Empire was on good terms with the Hapes Consortium and the rest of the Neutrality Party, it didn't mean that they were just going to have free reign over the ship. Considering the betrayal of the Gorgon and who else knew in the Empire, Kal understood the need for security.

    Reaching the trooper who's rank - and gender - seemed to mark her as the leader, Kal crisply saluted her and asked, "I would like to speak with the captain of the ship."

    With her helmet, Kal couldn't see how she reacted to his request; whether with disgust, annoyance, or simple cool, professionalism. Nonetheless, she held up a comlink, no doubt intending to contact whoever was in charge and ask for permission to bring him to the bridge.

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  4. Jumpin_Jesus

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    Oct 9, 2012
    IC: Sol Holle
    Corellian Space

    "Watcher Three I'm sending you my coordinates, I've shut down the escape pod and...Looks like their done and already moving out. Watcher One, what's our next move?"

    Sol watched the coordinates pop up on a screen and began to make his way towards Mir. As the ship made it's way towards Mir's escape pod Sol flicked a switch on his belt to open comm channel with Glover. "Glover, warm up the ship and and test all the weapons please."

    The droid's boring accented voice broke though the channel, "Are we going to Corellia Master Solomon?"

    "Yes, we are. Has anything happened on your end?

    "Nothing of significance near me, master Solomon. When shall I be expecting you back?"

    "Most likely in about an hour or two. I am working on picking up Mir and then we have to get our next orders from Malkuth which will probably involve an old house he has on Corellia."

    "Very good master, I shall run all system checks until your return." There was a beep as the droid closed the comm channel. Sol stretched his hands over the console and began to move the Obsidian Falcon near the escape pod. After several minutes of some very technical flying and maneuvering the Obsidian Falcon was finally docked with the escape pod.

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  5. awesomejedi

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    Nov 7, 2012
    IC: Lanna Shakal
    Aboard The Lorellian near Corellia
    Lanna was exhausted. She knew it was ridiculous; all she had been doing all day was observing the battle, but it seemed as if she could feel each death in her….mind? soul? She wasn’t sure if the sensation was real or imaginary, but she guessed the former. Lanna knew that many Hapans believed she was Force sensitive and there seemed to be evidence to support their claims. I have no interest being a Jedi or and Imperial Knight, though. Politics has its ups and downs, but I love what I do. This is my battlefield.

    She was deep in thought when her aid, who for once was faithfully standing beside her instead of off doing who knows what, nodded in the direction of the comm system. “Her Majesty would like to speak to you, Senator.” Lanna nodded absently and walked over to the comm where she could see the Queen Mother’s blue holographic form. Lanna bowed deeply and the Queen gave an acknowledging nod. “Cousin,” she said with a pleasant smile, “I’m glad to see you are well.” Lanna smiled in return. “Thank you Your Majesty. I am likewise glad to see that the nobles are causing you no trouble.” Her Majesty sighed dramatically. “The nobles are…the nobles.” Lanna nodded in understanding. She knew that the Queen Mother probably wanted to say that the nobles were bothersome idiots. At least, that’s how Lanna would describe them. “Will you be coming back to Hapes, or are you heading to Coruscant?” “Actually, with your permission, Your Majesty, I will be going to Megeeto to rendezvous with the Grand Admiral of the NGE.” The Queen Mother thought for a moment, before nodding. “Of course. Afterwards, report back to me.” Lanna nodded. “Yes, Your Majesty.” The Queen Mother cut the transmission.

    Lanna went to the bridge and looked out the view port. She noticed Captain Malana talking into her commlink, so she walked over to her. Malana looked up with suprise. “Senator. There are some TIE Predators who are asking us to ferry them to a place for them to refuel and regroup.” Lanna waited. “And?” “Well, it’s just that..” Lanna cut her off. “Just that what?” She shook her head, “No, wait. I don’t want to hear it. Let them dock.” Malana nodded meekly. Several minutes later the Captain reported that the Predators had boarded.

    A few minutes later Lanna got a comm from one of her Security people. “Senator, Captain Dallin of the Empire wants permission to come to the bridge to speak to the Captain.” Lanna rolled her eyes and looked down at her elaborate green Hapan clothing that reminded her that she felt out of place here amongst a sea of uniforms. “Why I am I being asked this instead of Captain Malana?” “You are technically in charge of everyone in Hapes excluding Her Royal Highness,” she was needlessly reminded. Lanna rolled her eyes again. “Of course. How could I possibly forget such an minor detail? In the future, don’t bother me with questions that can be answered by someone else.” She continued, becoming more serious, “1Send him up. Make sure you have at least one guard keeping an eye on him.” Despite the fact that the Neutrality Pact had a truce with the Empire, Lanna wasn’t going to let some Imperial wander around her ship. This time it was the Security officer that sounded annoyed. “Of course, Senator. I will escort him to the bridge personally.” She then moved back to her position in front of the viewport, staring out at space, waiting for the Imperial to arrive to speak with the Captain.

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  6. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    In orbit over Corellia


    The Vong fleet was finally positioned around the planet, and the Imperial fleet had been reduced to the point that only a relatively small amount of vessels were required to contain it. The Golan VIII stations had finally given out, one exploding entirely and the other sagging and dipping towards the ground, a burning comet that would kill millions when it landed.

    The blockade appeared to be complete, and the battle lost...

    Then a burst of energy ripped apart the ship that Mir and Sol had boarded - bar a white sphere which had detached itself from the hangar - and completely tearing it apart. Although Mir's 'gift' made a pretty explosion of the Bothan II Assault Cruiser, the tide of the battle didn't truly turn, but for a brief moment the Vong paused, shifting positions and reinforcing flanks which had been damaged by the detonation within their lines, fighters rushing to fill the gap..

    With the distraction, the remaining Star Dreadnought Implacable opened fire, revealing a reserve of power which belied a warship that had been extensively modified. Malkuth blinked as the light-show caused two Nebula-class Star Destroyers and a Dragon to liquefy, and then that portion of the Imperial Fleet was free, leaping for hyperspace and leaving only a handful of engagements at the fringe of the solar system and the refugee screen, which itself was breaking for a screen of Hapan Battle Dragons which were too few to assist in the battle. Vong vessels were lightly harrying them, but still moving to surround the planet.

    Five Turbulent-class Star Destroyers arrived, too late, began a recovery of army units, and the Vong re-distributed to engage them, destroying one outright. But they weren't pinning the TSDs between them and the planet, instead they were shifting to the TSDs were not between them and Corellia.

    And then the Vong surprised Darth Malkuth, and simply shelled the planet for all it was worth. Cities melted, turned to glass, and then were re-pulverized in the ultimate gesture of nihilism. Malkuth grimaced, the waves of death lapping at him, and then took the pain inside him, banking it as any Sith would. He lost control for a moment, with an arc of lightning bursting from his finger but he managed to control it before it touched the console. Shaken, he wondered what his encounter with Naire had cost him.

    They didn't directly attend to the reinforcements of the five Turbulent-class Star Destroyers that scooped up the survivors of the army, didn't tangle any further with the spirited defenders of the refugee screen, they simply finished their terrible bombardment, turned about, and freed themselves of the gravity well and re-oriented towards a jump point. Malkuth went to tap his comlink, but a message came through first.

    "Looks like their done and already moving out. Watcher One, what's our next move?"

    Malkuth found his voice, having lost it for what seemed like hours but had really only been a dozen of minutes. "One here. I've plotted their course." He glanced at his monitor, saw that a chunk of Coronet City had been untouched by the bombardment and his stockpile within his warehouse remained. "My warehouse will have fuel and supplies for your ships. Get yourself sorted, engage stealth measures, and get after my beacon. Full power to the engines, get yourself down to Corellia now we can't let them get away." He had managed to save a lot of fuel when he lost control, having drifted for some time. He could tell from the feed he had from Watcher Two and Three that their ship was substantially lower on fuel than his, due to having jumped to Duro and then to Corellia.

    The Vong armada, old ships and new, began darting into hyperspace towards a distant target - Sacorria? Slapping his controls, Malkuth rushed into hyperspace, having a head-start this time to following them. He knew he was taking a massive risk with his beacon, with the fact that it could be detected.

    But only a true Sith would sacrifice himself for the cause.

    The eternal war could not be won by one Sith.

    The greatest of the Sith had realised that, at the end - that though they may pass, there was always the Order. And if your actions prevented the Order from continuing, then you had betrayed nothing more than yourself.

    Selflessness had to be at the heart of a real Sith, or they would go down as nothing more than a footnote; one more madman or woman who had risked all and seized nothing, because nothing had been built, just taken.

    Empresses Suite

    Sinreb Irth I mused over her questions, but had more to report; information gleaned from the Imperial HoloNet. "The Army has evacuated its kin, retreated to Coruscant; the Navy, around the Implacable, has fled from Corellian space... refugees have gathered with Hapan relief forces. The Vong have shelled the planet and fled."

    "Your decision has been made."

    He gestured, revealing a star-map in his palm, showing more of the Corellian Sector. "Sensors have detected a beacon, of a ship of Alliance origin, chasing the Vong fleet to their next target; Sacorria. You have a new choice; to defend Sacorria, or not - a world bereft of any political import beyond a high security prison, but with 600 million civilians... but again, you betray your location with such a message."

    The hologram closed his blue eyes, for a moment, searching isolated, and hushed-up, reports. "To the second statement, the Vong seem to have stolen several ships in docks, during their initial strikes... but there is also something of a worry; the Star Destroyers and the Cruisers were all stolen from Kuat... the Vong seem to have infiltrated that world, and you will need to remedy that, your Majesty."

    The hologram of the comatose Emperor turned aside.

    "I cannot tell you anything else, for now."

    With that he vanished.

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  7. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    NGE Flagship

    After receiving clearance to land in the massive ships hanger, Daniel brought the Spirit into the equally massive hanger. He didn't even bother to count the number of TIE Predators, the shear numbers making what the Savior carried look like nothing. Guiding his old freighter to an open landing spot, Daniel set it down gently, years of practice making the landing extremely soft. Powering down the engines, Daniel got to his feet (making sure his lightsaber was secured to his belt) and lowered the landing ramp.

    As he walked out of the Spirit, his Starstreak escorts set down on either flank, though the pilots didn't disembark. They were ready for a quick launch if needed, as who knew if the Vong could track the NGE fleet. As for Daniel, he walked towards the hanger exit. As he neared the exit, his Force senses picked up a pair of grey-tinged signatures approaching him. Looking around, he noticed two members of the NGE equivalent to the Imperial Knights approaching him. The Shadow Guards were wary, which was understandable.

    The Neutrality Pact and the NGE may have been on good terms (certainly better relations than either had with the Alliance, occasional NGE patriots who...strongly disliked neutrals aside), but Daniel would have been surprised if they hadn't sent an escort for him. Daniel nodded at the two Guards before asking a question.

    "Where is the meeting room located? I am unfamiliar with this class of ship," the Senator asked.

    The female Guard answered, "Follow us Senator."

    Daniel nodded again, and followed the two other Force users. The small group walked through expansive hallways, passing the busy crew of the warship. Whatever else one could say about the Empire, they had a highly professional military. Surprisingly quickly though, Danielreached the meeting room. The same Guard who had answered his question knocked on the door, announcing that he had it was just time to see if the Empress was available...

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  8. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004

    Name: Byalfin Dyur
    Species: Bothan
    Gender: Male
    Languages: High Galactic, Basic, Sithese, Huttese, Yuuzhan Vong, Mando'a, Bothan
    Home Planet: Bothawui

    Skin Color: Furred, see below
    Hair/Fur Color: Bronze
    Eye Color: Yellow with flecks of purple
    Height: Medium height for a Bothan but otherwise non-descript
    Clothing: Likes dark robes, not much else to add

    Bio (pic):
    The atypical Bothan, but from a family line nobody could pick out. When the Ossus Project was sabotaged, he was rumoured to have slew several pro-Alliance Bothans but these reports have never been corroborated. He was apparently at the retainer of the pro-Neutral Bothans, those including the True Victory Party. His actions, for whatever reason, were one of several such pivotal moments which saw Bothawui secede from the Galactic Alliance with the other former Confederation systems. It has largely remained neutral since 128 ABY, and continues to be neutral even now. Due to his import, Dyur has arisen to the top of a shadowy organisation within the Bothan Spynet, which the government has, time and time again, sought to rein in. Dyur now acts as the liaison between Bothan Space and the Neutrals, including Hapes, Abydos and other systems throughout the galaxy.

    Faction Affiliation: Neutrals
    Force Affiliation: None that is detectable, anyway
    Military Position: Spy
    Political Position: Spy - don't tend to get medals for those

    Type: Blaster, small number of shots, high yield, designed to be compact and, due to its minimal number of shots and tibanna gas mixed with a stealth isotpe, nigh undetectable by modern sensors; several illegal razor bugs; flechette rifle; stokhi stick
    Lightsaber: None

    Skill Set:
    Force Strengths: See affiliation
    Force Weaknesses: Ditto
    Non-Force Strengths: Sneaky, particularly light footed and quick witted
    None-Force Weaknesses: Not the most brawny; for a Bothan, not strong. Against humans, strong on their scale of things.


    IC: Vader
    En route to Sacorria

    His confrontation with the infiltrators foiled, he now had the orders for plan two, received while he was wildly trying to avoid destruction-by-exploding-cruiser. His white pod - Sphere, as he liked to call it - had taken a chunk of damage, but he nonetheless rendezvoused with Naire's flagship. He passed Naire's shuttle and the escort - the entirety of her flagships complement of fighters, including the most advanced fighters in the fleet, from TIE Defenders, TwinTails and Annhilators - and set down. The crew, the self-mutilated idiots, rushed to greet him. Accepting a command cloak from the supplicating Devaron, he draped it around the hooks on his shoulders and strode forward for the bridge.

    By the time he arrived, Naire had fought her way through the battle to the Palace, her fighters taking up positions around her, and a trio of assault shuttles depositing a company of soldiers to surround the wing of the Palace she had taken as her own.

    As he reached the bridge, a human who had shaved her head and even carved away at her nose inclined her head; Commander Parva Lah. Vader grinned at her, and he could tell by the way her lip curled that she disapproved of his cybernetic eye and her gaze even fell on his hand, meaning she even knew that was cybernetic. Just like a true Yuuzhan Vong.

    A flurry of reports flooded in; the Implacable carving an escape route, the remaining refugees fleeing for the Hapan Battle Dragons that had arrived in-system, and of course the arrival of the Army Reserves, five elderly but lethal Turbulent-class Star Destroyers. All meant very little to the now victorious Vong armada.

    "Naire's orders are to proceed with phase two. Shell the planet, wreck it, and move out; leave the Palace for Naire."

    The bridge crew went wide-eyed, but the captains did as they were told. He had not ordered the death of Naire - he absently wondered how that would go - and it was in keeping with instructions she had given the captains in detail. That it was completely illogical did not phase them. To the Empire, the trio of what had been tentatively identified as Rebels, and the 'Neutral' Hapans, he intended to suggest that the Vong had power struggles of their own and they were vulnerable.

    As such, he made an addendum. "Target Naire's escort; kill half, if possible."

    Lah scowled, but Vader simply looked at her, all but daring her to countermand his orders in person. She simply looked away, and he nodded to himself, watching the armada bombard the planet. He absently reflected how differently this engagement would have gone if the Imperial Royal Fleet had been here in full force, instead of heading elsewhere to assist in the relief efforts over Hapes and Muunilinst. Strictly speaking, the original Imperial force outnumbered and outgunned their armada, but with subterfuge and feints they had defeated it all. He smiled to himself at Naire's dark genius.

    Enough damage done, he issued the command.

    "Take the fleet out."

    With that, the Vong armada pushed for the fringes of the system, leaping towards the next target; Sacorria. The jump would be a slow one, he was informed, because several ships were damaged and he required the whole armada in case the Empire pounced. It mattered little, because he had to check the fleets vessels for the true goal; Relus, the second planet of the system which had once included Byss... the world which had been renamed Byss by the 'New Sith Order' during the Shadow War. A small force had to be drawn from the forces he had available, but a potent one. One of skilled warriors... one which he would inevitably join.

    And then they could find the ancient weapon within that system, a planet which had a long and terrible history with the dark side... with the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

    He smiled to himself.

    Elsewhere on Corellia

    Byalfin Dyur was a spy. A damn good one. The 'Shadowed One', his history was as shadowy as his skills. Often a report was given of how Dyur had killed a target, appearing from nowhere, only to vanish shortly thereafter, leaving his signature item; a black rose.

    It was a bit of harmless theatre for the Bothan, but he never failed to leave one.

    With a smirk, Dyur reflected, that this battle was nothing more than theatre. The Vong didn't have the numbers to occupy the planet, or even to blockade it for a long time period. And so, when the Vong armada began to spread out around the planet despite all but winning the battle - but not caring enough to finish it - he knew where to go. Gunning his speeder bike, he picked his way across the devastated landscape, avoiding the wreckage of many a flaming AT-AHT or AT-MT, and arriving at the Palace as his spynet reported that a highly protected shuttle was coming down from the Vong fleet.

    He had studied enough about Naire to know that she was a nihilist, not a conquerer. She wouldlove to surround herself with nothingness, and usurping the Empress' latest throne would be delightful justice. The Empress was descended from Sistros, the so-called sage who had ruined Naire. That was all Dyur knew, even with all of his legendary spy skills, and networks, a century in the making and then some.

    Dyur was in the palace in moment, and a venerable swarm of fly-spy-droids confirmed all he needed to know; that Naire herself had came to claim the Imperial Palace. As the bombardment sung out, he simply covered himself in a shell of rumble from the palace, waiting it out. Naire wouldn't kill herself, he was sure of that.

    When it was over; and it seemed to take quite a while, he checked what was left by connecting with the Imperial Holocam Network. An Imperial capital, even a relatively knew one, had more cameras than a studio, and he worked out that one district had survived at the fringes of the capital. That the rest of Coronet bar the Palace was gone made no difference to him; Dyur had seen more death than most people had... long had he been inured to it.

    But he was steadfastly committed to neutrality. And Naire simply didn't believe in that. She was content to shatter the quiet neutrality of Bothawui, Hapes, Remsi and Abydos, a neutrality which had saved them from the decade-long chaos that was the Sith-Imperial War; the emergence of Darth Krayt and his legions of One Sith and Sith Troopers. Naire had struck Hapes as one of her opening plays. She didn't care about whose side you were on... because she intended to kill them all.

    Dyur grimaced, and noted something interesting on his 'pad. Darth Malkuth had once owned a warehouse within the surviving district, at the edge of the city, and his sources suggested that he had stockpiled fuel and munitions there. So he had little doubt that the Rebels would make use of that, if there were any here - and the sudden destruction of a Bothan II Assault Cruiser had suggested there were a few skifters loose out there.

    He opened a channel, and made sure to encrypt it on Imperial, Rebel and Neutral frequencies only; it'd get to the right ears only - those of Naire's enemies. He added a forceful little program that meant it would literally force its way to the highest ranking officials, and even a little AI to it so its initiative would send it to the right places.

    It read as follows:


    Any neutral commander worth their salt would recognise who the Shadowed One was, and believe him.

    Any Imperial worth their salt would be able to access the surviving Imperial Holocam network, and see what was happening.

    Any Rebel worth their salt would feel the roiling mass of horror that was in the Force, more tangible than the aftermath of a world-burning bombardment.

    Naire was here.

    Why? Dyur didn't know, or care. But he'd have her head if he could help it.

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  9. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Escape pod in Corellian Space

    As Mir pulled himself through the cut-out hole Sol had made for him and made his way to the pilot seat, Malkuth's voice crackled over the comm channel.

    "One here. I've plotted their course. My warehouse will have fuel and supplies for your ships. Get yourself sorted, engage stealth measures, and get after my beacon. Full power to the engines, get yourself down to Corellia now we can't let them get away."

    "Roger that, One." and Mir began to activate the cloaking as he noticed Malkuth had suddenly engaged in hyperspace, following the Vong. Once the cloaking was up, Mir put the remaining power to his engine and sped straight for coordinates of the warehouse. He spoke to Sol "Hey get your ship to meet us at the warehouse..." he then diverted his attention back to Malkuth,"...Watcher One are you going after them by yourself, or do you want us to refuel and rendezvous with you while your keeping tabs on them?" Mir wasn't sure what Malkuth had been thinking when he jumped into hyperspace with his beacon on. As the Obsidian Falcon entered the atmosphere, an encrypted message appeared on the Rebel channel, and it read


    Mir let out a small breath as he realized the significance of this. At first Mir questioned the legitimacy of the message but he quickly quashed it as he knew that only Rebels could access this channel. Quickly he spoke into the Watcher comm channel, "Watcher One! In case you didn't get the message, I've resent it to you. Naire is still on Corellia, are you sure you still want to keep pursuing those Vong, whatever your original intentions may be?"

    Mir spotted the warehouse and pulled the Obisidian Falcon into it. He settled the ship down on it's landing gear, opened the boarding ramp, and as he made his way off he whistled as he saw the immense amount of ammunition and supply Malkuth had in this hanger.

    Gotta hand it to you dar'jetii, you certainly were prepared for something like this.

    As he began refueling and stocking up on anything and everything he could think of, he opened the private comm channel he had with Kad Vizsla and said, "Vizsla, the dar'jetii has gone off after the Vong armada by himself, I've got the jetii with me here and we're restocking on everything here in the dar'jetii's warehouse. Do you want us to regroup with the other Rebels or stay a separate group from them and pursue Naire in the palace, or did you have something else in mind?" Mir didn't bother asking if Vizsla knew about the encrypted message, cause he knew he had received it. "By the way, anything useful from the information that Sol sent you?"

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  10. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Commander Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Aboard Lorellian

    Kal waited patiently as the security officer spoke over her comlink although he doubted that he would be turned away. More then likely, whoever was in charge of this battle group would want to speak with him as well to discuss terms and whatever plans needed to be discussed concerning their presence here. He was, thankfully, proven correct when the security officer put her comlink away and told him that she would be escorting him to the bridge.

    He had to surrender his weapons of course but that was standard procedure no matter where you went or who you met with when it came to security matters. Using only his thumb and two fingers to grasp the butt of his blaster pistol, he slid it just enough out of his holster so that his palm could encircle the barrel in a clear sign of non-hostility before slowly pulling it the rest of the way out and holding it towards the officer grip-first. When she took it, he used the same slow, careful movements to unbuckle the sheath that held the small vibroblade at his side and handed that to her as well. Pilots weren't ground troopers but it didn't mean that they didn't possess their own personal weapons in case they were shot down and found themselves stranded in enemy territory. Besides, Kal took some pride in the particularly decent markmanship he possessed when it came to a pistol but considering his past - and the fact that his brother had enlisted in the Imperial Army and, later, transferred to the Stormtrooper Corps - that was to be expected.

    Once he was properly disarmed - and yes, he was given a pat down to make sure he had nothing else -, the security officer turned and walked off, motioning him to follow.

    It was his first time on board a Hapan Battle Dragon and Kal used the opportunity to use this walk as a tour. It was much smaller then the Star Destroyers like the Manticore that he was used to serving on which he had figured; after all, a Pellaeon-class Destroyer was over three times the size of a Battle Dragon. Though the hallways were spaced out enough for four people to walk side-by-side comfortably, Kal's years serving on starships had instilled within him a sense that allowed him to accurately judge his position on ships of varying sizes and the lengths that he could expect corridors to run. And that sense gave him a cramped feeling within the Battle Dragon that contrasted with the vast innards of a Star Destroyer.

    The same went for the turbolift that they briefly took with an extra emphasis on briefly. The officer still leading him on, he followed her on a path that gave him a straight shot from the turbolift and towards a large, sealed door that had to lead to the bridge. Here, after keying the door open, she stopped and stood off to the side, waiting for him to pass. He understood the meaning immediately; from here on out, she was going to be right behind him, watching his every move and allowing her to react accordingly if he offered even a hint of being a danger to the captain or the crew. Obviously, her best reaction to such a situation would be to put one or two bolts in his back. Not that he had any intention of creating such a situation of course.

    Stepping through the door, Kal took in everything at a glance. Again, small. But being a third of the size of a Star Destroyer meant a third of the systems and displays that needed to be monitored. But the women-to-men ratio that made up the bridge crew...that was just Hapans being Hapans.

    He focused on the one woman that stood in within the middle, however, standing by what had to be the command chair. Wait no, there were two. One of them was obviously the uniformed Captain Malana who he had been expecting to speak with. The other one he didn't know but she easily stood out amongst the rest of the bridge crew. About half a foot smaller then him, dark brown hair, and wearing a more elaborate form of dress that sorely contrasted with the uniformed personnel on the bridge.

    She gave him pause but he thought he recovered quickly enough so that it would hardly be noticeable. Not sure what to make of her presence, he defaulted his attention to the Captain. Stepping over to her so that he was meeting her face-to-face, Kal stood straight and gave her a crisp salute, "Commander Dallin of the 63rd Imperial Fighter Wing reporting, ma'am."

    He wasn't sure what the proper etiquette was in Hapan culture when addressing a superior officer - or a "superior gender" in this case - but he thought this would be acceptable. Despite the exhaustion that was creeping up along his body, he held himself up well and didn't allow himself to slouch even the slightest. Once Captain Malana returned the salute - or at least offered some form of gesture or command for him to interpret to be at ease -, he'd drop his salute, place his hands behind his back, and remain with his back straight and legs slightly spread.

    "If I may, I'd like to say that on behalf of myself and my pilots, I'm grateful that you've allowed us to dock and take shelter within your vessels," he continued with full formalities and a nod that conveyed his respect and gratitude. "Temporarily of course. We were running low on fuel and it was doubtful that a number of us would've been able to reach the closest Imperial outpost. More importantly are the lives of the hundreds if not thousands of refugees that have managed to be saved due to the efforts of you and yours. Again, you have my thanks and I hope that we would be able to discuss on where and how soon that my pilots and I can be dropped off so that we may no longer trouble you anymore then necessary."

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  11. awesomejedi

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    Nov 7, 2012
    IC: Lanna Shakal
    Aboard The Lorellian near Corellia
    After several minutes the security officer and the Imperial walked through the sealed door that led to the bridge. Lanna’s security officer was walking directly behind the Imperial. The man was wearing what she assumed to be a standard Imperial flight suit and, to her estimate, was about 2 meters tall, maybe not quite that.

    She might have imagined it, but Commander Dallin seemed to be slightly surprised to see someone so obviously out of place on the bridge of a ship standing next to the captain. If there was any reaction, he didn’t pause, and walked to Captain Malana and saluted. After the captain quickly returned the salute he nodded his head respectfully before he began to speak. "If I may, I'd like to say that on behalf of myself and my pilots, I'm grateful that you've allowed us to dock and take shelter within your vessels, temporarily of course. We were running low on fuel and it was doubtful that a number of us would've been able to reach the closest Imperial outpost. More importantly are the lives of the hundreds if not thousands of refugees that have managed to be saved due to the efforts of you and yours. Again, you have my thanks and I hope that we would be able to discuss on where and how soon that my pilots and I can be dropped off so that we may no longer trouble you anymore than necessary."

    Malana nodded in return, it did not seem quite respectful, probably in due to his gender, Lanna noted, but more of an acknowledgment of his rank. “We are pleased that Hapes was able to aid her allies in their time of need, Commander. If you would like we can take you and the rest of your pilots to the nearest Imperial base. Or,” she paused and looked to Lanna, clearly asking whether or not to tell the Commander about the planned jump to Mygeeto. Lanna nodded almost imperceptibly and Malana finished with barely any pause, “we are going to an Imperial world, Mygeeto. If you wish, we can take you there, but if you would like more details, you will have to ask Senator Shakal, who is temporarily in charge of Hapes’ galactic affairs until the Queen Mother is able to reach more stability in the Consortium itself,” she completed, nodding at Lanna. “Most questions you have should be directed to her.”

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  12. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Commander Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Aboard Lorellian

    When Captain Malana glanced towards the other woman, the gesture was all that Kal needed to understand that it was not the uniformed woman that was in charge after all. Instead, as he was soon informed, it was the other woman, one Senator Shakal, who was apparently in charge of current affairs until the Queen Mother is fit to return to duty.

    For a moment, the Commander didn't know how to react with this latest revelation. Whereas Malana, while Hapan, was still military, Senator Shakal he saw as a civilian even if she was the selected replacement of the Queen Mother. Dealing with civilians in a military environment was not something that Kal was used to. Fortunately, like before when she had given him pause, he thought he recovered well when he thought how best to proceed: that being with more formal introductions.

    "Senator." Instead of offering her a salute as he had done for Malana, Kal chose a different approach. His left hand being drawn from behind his back, Kal pressed it horizontally against his abdomen while he held out his right hand away from his body. Drawing back his right leg in such a way that his boot was nearly scraping along the floor of the bridge, he bowed deeply in her direction.

    The movement and rise of mannerisms of the Imperial nobility and social classes that started and then declined with the rise and fall of Palpatine's Empire had been making a comeback even before the NGE's current status as the central, galactic power. During his schooling as a boy, his time at the Academy, and his slow rise in rank, he had learned to adopt and put to use a number of gestures and postures that had served him well at the occasional social gathering that, while uncommon, he had nonetheless attended. A couple of those gestures were even linked to charm signing but he had minor knowledge of that at best.

    Kal hoped that he made the right choice and that Senator Shakal would appreciate it due to the Consortium's more noble structure and traditions. Nothing wrong with putting the extra effort to make an impression and get on her good side - not that Kal's greeting wasn't sincere mind you because it was. The fact that Shakal - and Malana too, despite her military mannerisms - kept to the stereotype of Hapan women being particularly good looking was certainly a plus.

    But such pleasantries were secondary to him. He was more concerned that his more formal greeting would get Shakal to open up a bit more and unveil as much as she could about Mygeeto and what was currently being planned there. He knew its status as an Imperial world, that much was obvious, but he had no idea why a battle group of Hapan Battle Dragons would be heading there. And, yes, he certainly would like to know the reasoning behind that.

    "If you wouldn't mind," he got down to business, back to his military-straight stance from before, "but I am curious as to why Hapan forces would hold any interest in an Imperial world like Mygeeto." A small shock went up his spine at a possibility that came to mind and, somehow, he managed to stand just a bit straighter. "It hasn't been attacked as well has it?"

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