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FF:NZ Star Wars EpisodeII.Attack Of The Clones

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by pukindogs, May 16, 2002.

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  1. pukindogs

    pukindogs Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    I was there in the summer of '77 when Star Wars was released in NZ.,waiting for 3 hrs. at the long now gone Cinerama in Queen St. I sat front row, right side of the picture theatre and as the room went dark ,the 20th Century Fox logo trumpeting aloud,those now famous words appearing A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away and that image of the Star Destroyer rolling down the screen I was hooked for life.
    The Empire strikes back & Return of the Jedi only wet my apetite for more.So when the news of the prequels were to be made,after the Special Editions came out '97 ,Bring it on.
    But alas,Phantom Menace an abomination of immense proportions almost put me off but I thought he'll make amends(george lucas)We'll see.
    Wednesday night ,Midnight ,a friend invited me to join him to go see Attack of the Clones,even though I had doubts afterit especiallly after that abysmall The Phantom Menace but I heard good things about this one.
    Well I should have listened to my instincts.Once again Lucas drags the good name of Star Wars, down to a level of wooden dialogue,overkill of visual effects & CGI,contrived storyline,inept directing ,there is so much wrong with this movie I'm lost for words.Will some one tell him before he totally ruins the Star Wars Legacy that all the special effects that money can buy can't make up for a poor(actually lousy)script,lack of plot,sub standard storyline.Please stop now George Lucas.Let this be a warning ,if he is still in charge for Episode III I'm afraid all will be lost and people will only remember the sad excuses he tried to pass off as movies.
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