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    An RP about two Winchester brothers named Sam and Dean who are to stop the demons from taking over the World. With the help of some allies, they would need serious items like salt, weapons, and anything else that would kill off the demons. They would also need to survive in order to bring the World from the demons' hold...

    There will be those who will be willing to help the Winchester brothers. And there will be those who will try and defeat them. It is a time where Good vs. Evil will happen, and a lot of lives will be at stake. But if demon humters rise up and defeat the demons, the World will not be taken over by them.

    Anyone can play as the following characters:

    -Dean Winchester
    -Sam Winchester


    - You must PM your character sheets to the GM
    - You may play as the following characters or make up your own
    - Don't control another player's character. Control your own.
    - No Godmodding, which means that no players should be mega-powerful than other players.
    - Less swearing. Keep PG-13.
    - Be kind in OOC.
    - Most of all... Have Fun! :)

    Character Sheet:

    Species: (Human, Angel, Demon)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.