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Roch, NY SW Ep 3 is going to have to be 4 hours long

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Robotech, May 20, 2002.

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  1. Robotech

    Robotech Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 25, 2002
    With only one more Star Wars movie left, there is still tons of things that need to happen.

    1. End of Clone War
    2. Anakin goes 100% Dark Side
    3. Ben fights Anakin, leaving him almost dead. Anakin rebuilt as Vader.
    4. Birth of Luke Leia
    5. Wipe out the Jedi
    6 Palpatine takes control and creates the empire.

    The only way I can see all of this getting done in one movie is to make it 3-4 hours long.

    I can see the very beginning of the movie show Clone War end. Movie begins with the final battle.

    Anakin is not totally dark yet so he has to be pushed further. He'd have to join with Palpatine and become a sith. Once he is Vader, he'd have to help eliminate the Jedi

    Somewhere in there, Palpatine has to take control of everything.

    Since Vader didn't know he had kids until he met Luke in Ep4, Padme will not show signs of being pregnant until they are separated. A time jump will be needed to show Luke & Leia's birth and them being taken to the two planets. Padme takes Leia to live with Jimmy Smits on Alderaan and Ben takes Luke to live with Owen/Beru (possible stop at Dagobah to drop off Yoda. Luke's "I've been here" line.)

    If they weren't tied to just one movie, I'd say have the end of the Clone War up to the creation of Vader be one movie and the other movie is the creation of the Emprire/fall of the Jedi.

    Any thoughts on how it might be done.
  2. Paul_B

    Paul_B Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 27, 2001
    While I do agree that a lot of story is left to be told, I highly doubt the last film will be longer than 2.5 hours. Lucas has a way of telling a story where he can leave enough bits and pieces out of it and it still "fits" within the saga. Look at the time span between Ep1 and Ep2 - ten years. A lot has happened to the characters in that amount of time that we don't know about. I'm sure it'll be the same for the Ep2 to Ep3 gap. Mace and Yoda have already acknowledged that the Jedi are overwhelmed and dwindling in numbers, and we saw numbers of them die in the arena battle... I'm guessing Ep3 will pick up a few years after Ep2 leaves off and within that time frame the clone wars will have probably run it's course. More Jedi have died, Palp gains greater control, and Anakin has been further corrupted by the Dark Side. Do we need to see all that? Probably not. It's pretty much a given based on what has already been said in Ep1 and Ep2.

    My biggest problem with the prequel trilogy is that they are trying to tell too much back-story and there isn't enough time to tell it all. I still have a lot of un-answered questions after seeing "Clones", and I have my doubts that everything will be cleared up in three years when Ep3 hits theaters.


  3. RogueSquadronWingnut

    RogueSquadronWingnut Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 7, 2002
    I'm just looking forward to Episode Three Period. We all know what "has" to be done to finish out the trilogy but theres a lot of things that we're missing out on and its right underneath our noses.

    1 - The Empire is forming...Hello Army Scene at the end!

    2 - Anakin has already been getting SOME kind of help from Palpatine. Remember the line said by Anakin to Palpatine "Your Guidance not my Patience" Bada Bing

    3- Paul was right, we did see a heavy loss of Jedi in the final battle. Book estimates that almost 200 Jedi were involved and how many survived...8-12 range?

    Ah Well, never know, thats the miracle of Lucas' brain...except for the Gungans

    STAR-WARS-FREAK-JPB Jedi Master star 4

    May 27, 2001
    Well, there are something's that do not have to actually be in a film. Things can happen soon before or after the movie, or off camera and be implied. Also remember Lucas loves speed, at least most of the time, lots of things happen quickly on screen. Things do not have to take very much screen time to be told. The way I would deal with Anakin is to have everyone think he died and then at the very end of the film there could be a seen showing Palpatine talking with his new apprentice about his future plans or something like that. So everyone that knows does not have to actually be told of course, and for all those that see it in the future before the trilogy will be somewhat surprised if they do not already know. Or better yet don't even show him after the fight at all.
  5. Qui-GonJohn

    Qui-GonJohn Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 23, 2001
    They almost have to show the audience that Vader is Anakin after the third film .. otherwise why would yoda and Obi-Wan go through the trouble of hiding the children if they thought Anakin was dead. They know, so the audience may know as well. The shock will be lessened for the audience, but not for Luke when he has the truth revealed to him. Hopefully this will make a impression on the first timers as in when in other films and TV series where the audience knows a secret and is them shocked when the character thay have been following finally finds out. It's a form of suspense serial show that works. .. and we all know how much Lucas used to like those old serial shows.

    As far as the other info goes .. I agreee .. they can do E3 after the clone wars is over and not really show the battle, but they should show Bail Organa and Obi-Wan in some for of fight or helpful situation to tie Obi-Wan to Organa so we understand why he gave Leia to him, and also know what she is talking about in her message to him in ANH. So perhaps we will see the "end battle" of the clone wars.

    The battle with Obi and Anakin prolly won't be that long. Most of Lucas' saber battles are not that long. And it will most likely start as a battle between Obi, Anakin,a nd Dooku, with Palpatine looking on. Then durring the fight an arguement breaks out between ani and obi about what to do and whose side to take. The 1976 book talks about the rise of palpatine and the origin of vader as falling into a pit of molten stuff durring a battle with obi and a sith lord. I always thought this was the reason for placing ani and obi there and now we know that dooku is the sith mentioned. So far these movies follow this brief prelude to the 1976 book, and i have no reason to believe he will alter this point either.

    My guess would therefore be that we see the "end battle" of the clone wars while showing a tie between obi and organa, perhaps the "end battle" is on alderan. Then we have some filler material and a mid to end scene with obi, ani, dooku, and palpatine in a battle where dooku dies, ani falls into molten stuff, and obi is forced to leave cause now he faces palpatine alone and can't defeat him. Palpatine recues ani, and he becomes vader. Obi reports to yoda and mace, they go after palpatine now knowing that palpatine IS INDEED the person behind all this and they MUST remove him from power. But they fail, because we have an end battle with vader killing mace and yoda and obi getting away just in time. basically they flee to "regroup" knowing that they cannot defeat vader and palpatine alone. Then we hear palpatine and vader "plotting" to hunt down and kill the remaining jedi, but we don't actually see this, and the movie ends with a new hope for the future .. amidala's twins. Leia is given to organa, yoda, ben, and luke levae for dagobah, they drop yoda off there (hence luke familiarity with dagobah) then obi take luke to owen and beru on tatooine.

    That all fits fine into a 2 hour film.

    but i guess in the end we can speculate all we want to .. we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. Paul_B

    Paul_B Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 27, 2001
    The real question is... will we be seeing Palpatine fight (with or without a saber)? I mean, let's face it... he's pretty much played a political role in the prequels, and then in ROTJ he shoots lightning from his finger-tips... there has to be more to him than that... some reason that he's so powerful with the dark side of the force. I wanna see him in action, in his prime. I'd like to see a Mace/Yoda/Palpatine battle with Mace biting the big one and Yoda getting his a$$ kicked!

    There also needs to be some kind of "twist" in the story-line with these prequels to make them work within the SW saga. Empire had the Vader/Father revelation and a hint of there being another Skywalker (Leia)... so far the prequels do not have any kind of charatcer relationship like that. I realize that it's tough to do with these three films since they need to follow a pattern to fit the original trilogy and make it all work... but there has got to be some kind of tie-in that gets releaved to us in Ep3. It won't "feel" like SW without a story development like that.

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